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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 6, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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bartiromo when she was there crown prince kind of alluded to some of the changes. charles: he did. modernization. colonel west you are the best thank you very much. >> thank you. charles: all right, lou dobbs is next keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, breaking news, president is in japan, soon he will be in south korea. democratic party is in a worsening crisis, former democratic national committee chairwoman, donna brazile, refusing to keep quiet about corruption in her party. and dirty double dealing by hillary clinton's campaign. >> for those who tell me to shut up, they told hillary that a couple months ago, you know what i tell them, go to hell, i'm going tell my story. lou: here story getting more public attention by the day. and a big story that is getting almost no attention the united states navy is caught up in the
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largest sort the corruption scandal in its history. and scandal is widening. more than 60 admirals. 60 admirals, and hundreds of other navy officers now under investigation for contact with defense contractor in asia who systematically it is charged. , bribed sailors with cash, gifts and prostitutes. and answer who appears to be trying to bury the shocking scandal. and new reports tonight, that special counsel robert mueller has enough evidence to bring charges against michael flynn. is another indictment on the way? greg jarrett will have latest for us on russia collusion investigation. our top story, democratic party, increases. and democratic national committee a utter disgrace. former dnc chair, donna brazile.
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brazil rewrote wrote she continl plate contemplated replacing hillary clinton for the nominee with joe biden after hillary's fainting spell. >> under pressure after secretary clinton fainted to have a plan b . i didn't' a plan b . i supported hillary, i wanted her to win. but, we were under pressure. lou: brazil claims she inherited a party in disarray, and deeply in debt, because president obama had blundered moneys raised by party, president obama, hillary clinton, and de debbie wasserman schultz were 3 titanic, ogoes to stripped party to a shell for their own purposes, and.
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>> clinton corruption does not end there. new reports that an early draft of james comey's statement, exonerating hillary clinton, accused her of being grossly negligent in handling classified information in the first draft. according to the reports of the hill, that said that language was changed to extremely careless weather when comey anno charges again clinton last year in july. change is significant, federal law requires gross negligence in handles of classified intelligence be punished with prison time or finds. joining me now, ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: this is a stunning revelation by the former chair of the democratic national committee, in which she is acknowledging takeover by clintons away year in advance of
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when it would have been proper. as a result. >> i know donna well, she is a very respectable of operative, has govern her heart, soul and life for democratic national committee, she took all when debbie wassermann schultz was pit in there to be hillary's person in the dnc was a disaster. and i have no doubt -- this is all when we suspected, i think that hillary and her people thought they got nervous and had to take charge. hillary is a lot sicker than a lot of people thought she was, and i think that fact she threatens basically trying to fix party by moving her aside with her spell, they denied she was ill. i think says volumes for her, that i think that bottom line that party in disarray. they could say what they want
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about donald trump, we're moving forward, they are moving backwards. lou: and donna brazile, also, taking questions, she it fore knowledge of, and sharing those. >> she was in their camp, no question, she did everything she could to be helpful, i think for her to come forward and say this is all wrong. i think is a very powerful statement. lou: they were that situation, president obama, as i said, i mean, obama campaign, president, he soaked up all of the money, and left them in just a hor endows shape -- horrendous shape, without enough fundraising. >> you look at house. we're strongest position as republicans. lou: a thousand seats av every level have been lost by democracies. >> absolutely, he did nothing to
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change, that whole obama administration -- lou: i would think we can go further. not only did he do nothing. to stop it. he in fact is reasons for it. >> no question. lou: it was a rejection on a mass of scale, no president has seen that kind of defeat at every level of government. >> all self inflectioned and his great legacy the obamacare, a disaster and president in short order has undone all bad regulatory stuff that was very destructive to, and movement forward with stock market is because of the regulations repealed. >> i think we also have to give great credit to president, a significant reluctance went the nation able left wing media, even business press, which is yet again generalo more moderate and balanced.
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there is a great resistance in acknowledging what happened as a result of election of donald trump to presidency, it is empirical. look at numbers november 8 and today, it is an unprecedented level for the dow, we have never seen the dow move this level in our history. >> he promised in campaign, he was elected a year ago. was he would fix the economy, create jobs and create businesses, make it a better hilo economy, he is doing, that the rest is side bar stuff. lou: reception he has received has been -- in great state of hawaii, which and i think safe to say, very much a blue state obama country. and his arrival in japan, with a great reception on the part of the prime minister. and the people of japan. soon to be in seoul, south
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korea. >> side bar, on world stage he is a significant leader, these country recognize strength, he is a strong leader, whether this country likes him or not. they see someone who is a man of his word who will get things done, his popularity is not as important to him, it will be in time, he will be like harry truman, you look at him, he will go down as one of great presidents. lou: i'll go farther, i don't think it will take long for this people in highly pol polarized divided country, i think you see a til tilt next year, particulay midterm elections, a reflect and barometer. this a country that wants to be healed and i think he is the guy to do it as soon as national left wing media, ends this nonsense, this character
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assassination campaign that they are on, there is a point at some not even left wing propaganda can continue at this venal level to attack this president. when his achievements and accomplishingments are what they look like they will be in a year. >> anyone sitting down with him in this tour, leader of japan, leader of south korea. leaders other you an keys in thr country treat him with respect he deserves. lou: a big test in virginia, authorize fought on governor race, and galespi is 5 behind right now. >> it is closing it depends on who turns out. he is now has momentum, i go with someone. who turns out their vote, a critical thing, can democrats get out a african-american vote.
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the religious right, republicans will turn out, i would bet today, gillespie will win, slight margin. lou: interesting, donna brazile, bridging this evidence against the democratic party, it will b interesting to see if african-american voters of virginia will bloc vote on a blc with commitment they have shown previously or whether they will say, any party that actions like this, what are we doing? >> if they don't turn out, and presidential kind of numbers, then i think gillespie will win. >> all right. lou: ed rollins thank you. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back, a lot more ahead, it is an incredible news night. stay with us. >> president trump promising his massive tax reform legislation will help middle class americans. >> it is for the middle class, and for jobs.
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and i would say maybe even in that order, so middle class is a big beneficiary, jobs and companies are big beneficiaries, but companies they create the jobs. and we really have laura, we had tremendous receptivity to it. lou: coming up, on they can deliver on tax reform. >> and democrats, adwar, former dnc chair donna brazile admitting she considered replacing hillary clinton with joe biden, just weeks before elected day. >> brazil telling democrats to want her to shot up, to go to hell. we'll take up the divided dems, and much more, straight ahead. stay with us. here's to the heroes -- america's small business owners.
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lou: house ways and means committee today began markup of tax reform legislation, there are now discussions on the inclusion of a prevision to repeal individual mandate in obamacare as well. president trump has been interested in doing so. we're also watching for any fixes on state and local taxes. to court votes of new jersey, and new york republicans. a contention issue. joining me now congressman dave
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brad, a member of freedom caucus and serves on house budget committee. he is also an economist. >> i'm trying. lou: congressman, good to have you with us, we're farther than many thought, you are in marked up in the house. the house, ways and means committee. also in prospect of i don't know how many brackets, i lost track. is there anything waiting in the wings? do you think you will be able to get this through, and make it a piece of law it will be a middle class tax cut, and to everything that president or most things that president promised in. >> yeah, i do in bulk, average family income in virginia $60,000, they get $1200, one
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piece we got work to do on is escort. s-corp small. they can bright of write off 30f business expenses, not 70% of compensation, in folks, lawyers, and doctor office that run small, they don't get as much relief. lou: they probably think they are working just as hard as other should get to full benefit of a tax cut like everyone else. >> that is the point to get at, people that are frustrated, so you take angst out in right place, we have stupid senate rules. if you want --
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>> i am glad you are following some kind of rule. >> barely, if you want real tax cut, spending is the swamp, he have not been willing to get at spending, some have 100 scores deal be with spending, fighting think about fight. that is -- fighting the budget fight, that is the reason, there is only so much money to work with. people will be frustrated, they wantug huge numbers, they want g checks coming back, they will be moderate. >> here is the problem, you talk about capping state and local taxes, cappin capper in mortgagt deduction, specific numbers, $10,000. everyone knows the deduction for state and local taxes, these cannot get a hold of if you cut
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the corporate tax to 20%, why can't you tell middle class, working men and women, what they are get. this is a after all, declares te president, a meddle class -- middle class tax cut. >> we got the bracket, they are pretty good up to 12% to 90,000 dollars for a family of 4 to 25% to 260 thousand. you just dealt with middle class esly, that money. lou: they are a lot smarter than you getting swamp fid by the way, when talk down to the american people. >> no, no. no -- >> this audience is very damn smart, they know what they there is a line of bull. >> no, no. lou: they had a diet of it. >> i am with you on, that i'm trying to say, many people don't know from zero to 90, you pay
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12%. inch thiunder this thing, some a you are in 25 dollars, you pay 25% up to 260,000, you pay 12%, then 25%, then 35 percent only on extra income over 26 260,000. we should have a call complai ar out on-line. lou: that is what i'm saying. schmidmiddle class, and small, t get a clear straight forward an her like corporate america, you need to change that in my humble opinion before you come out of markup and move ahead. >> i think we're do it, so people are clear on home
7:21 pm
mortgage deduct that is capped $500,000, but no matter what your house, if you are in it, you are grandfathered. lou: when you have to tell american people they are safe in their own damn home. >> right. >> you are not doing good. you are not doing good, not you individually. >> let me tell folks, this side of aisle is doing better than other, other side raised taxes by a trillion, we're lowers tackings, they raise spending 11 trillion, a of the aisle wants that, we have to be at 100%. lou: be honest, and clear. and talk to the american people. middle class working people, small business, that is where the damn jobs are that is where
7:22 pm
the folks who are work in those jobs. if you are ignoring them this early in process, what the hrl l happen in conference. >> i don't think we're ignoring them, lou, everyone in middle class gets a tax cut, that is a fact right now. >> my point is, they don't know how much it is. you can't tell them. and clear, simple direct, concise way that you tell the ceos and the cfo's and shareholders of corporate america that is a dog gone shame. >> let me be clear, individual have all deduction, rates are clear as crystal can be corporate side 20, we have rates on individual starts at 12. >> you come back, in a week. and let's talk about crystal clear, we'll start crystal clear, we'll go through clarity. >> yes, individual side had all
7:23 pm
these write-offs, that is the hard part, i can't explain that in 5 seconds. >> well, you know, you have a week to get ready. >> all right, i'll get ready for you, a machine gun next week. lou: all right, a lightning round here on "lou dobbs tonight." >> i'm ready. >> thank you, congressman. >> thank you. lou: deadliest mass shooting in texas history could have been worse if not for two good folks who stood up again the violence, steven will ford working on his car across street from first baptist church of sutherland springs, sunday, he heard begin man devin kelley open fire, inside church. he grabbed his rifle, exchange gunfire with the murderer. he wounded him. then flagged down a truck driven beby johnny, when kelly trying o escape. >> shooter got in his truck, and
7:24 pm
men with rifle, came to my truck, as shooter took off, and he briefed me quickly on what just happened, said we have to get him, that is what i did. lou: tech particular law enforcement -- texas law enforce. telling us that shooter was hit 3 times, one sel self-inflictedo head, two by armed citizen who shot him in leg and torso, in bet toal 26 people killed, 1 others wounded. president described shooting as a quote mental health issue on highest level. po wall street, another record breaking day for stocks, dow up 9, s&p yo up 3, and nasdaq gaind 22. they are at, ready? all-time record highs. volume on big board 3.5 million shares this beautiful monday in america, "wall street journal"
7:25 pm
reporting disney held talks to buy some of betwee 21st centuryx cable network, sending shares of both companies higher. >> up next, sewage from mexico gloatinfloating to american beah towns, sickening california residents, why isn't governor brown, why isn't the state of california doing something to stop it? where is the federal government? we'll have the full report for you next right here, we'll be right back. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from
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lou: saudi arabia's crown prince ordering a roundup of rivals. dozens of ministers and businessmen arrested in a corruption crackdown. the royal family demonstrating
7:30 pm
what it means to lead in the defense of iran's spaingsist initiatives against the gulf state. here in the united states the navy investigation is widening. leonard francis is accused of bribing navy personnel with luxurious gifts, prostitutes, and bribes in exchange for classified information. 28 people have had charges filed against hem since he was arrested in a sting operation four years ago. 60 admirals may be implicated.
7:31 pm
that's an outrageous delay and has created a great chasm of vulnerability in our national security posture. in fact it must be fixed and fixed now. the consequences of these federal investigation that go on forever and result in far too few consequences must end. the federal government must have significant, painful and swift results when they bring charges. this is not such a case. it can still be. but that is up to the president to decide. the border patrol facing new challenges along the southern border. they are forced to contend with drugs, criminals crossing the border, the cartel violence, and the toxic water following sewage spills, putting them at risk for
7:32 pm
illers in, forcing california state officials to shut down beaches and to do so regularly. reporter: we are two problems. one the tijuana river flows north into the u.s. mexican waste is carried naturally on to california beaches. mexico is supposed to tell us when they don't treat it. >> it's like a blob moving forward up your beach and filling your nostrils with a stench of raw sewage. >> we won't accept anymore because we are essentially a sewage or chemical waste dump. >> anybody using this water is exposed.
7:33 pm
83 of 300 agents filed reports of being affected. swimmers immersed in e. coli get physically sick. in february a spill in mexico sent 250 million gallons of raw sewage and trail waste into the u.s. where the tijuana river flows north over the border. 250 days a year officials closed imperial beach. local cities are suing the u.s. and mexico. >> no pun intended, they don't give a crap. governor brown is going around the world talking about the environment. god bless. but what about this. reporter: it's money officials claim they are choosing not to spend on something as basic as
7:34 pm
clean water. lou: we are coming right back. much more straight ahead. stay with us. virginia gu gubernatorial candie ed gillespie vows to keep virginia families safe. >> i believen if someone here illegally commits a crime, they should be deported. lou: we take up the issue with kansas secretary of state, crisco vac. the thrill-seeking biker high above the french alps. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. lou: joining us, chris novak, the kansas secretary of state. in let's get a sense of where you are right now on the idea of daca, amnesty is proposed. the president saying there will be no gift here. that's his pledge. what's your take? >> i think daca is a very bad idea. i'm hopeful it will not be on the table. daca would be a gift, an amnesty
7:39 pm
to 1.7 million aliens who are eligible for it. 800,000 already claimed it. american citizens who are having the toughest time in the job market are young mayor chance in their 20s and 30s. under employment is 19%. why in the world would we want to legalize 1.5 million aliens to compete against the 5 million americans in the same age group. lou: let me turn to the diversity lottery. awful events that have taken place in new york. the worst casualties, death toll since september 11 a few weeks ago. we finds out then that lottery winners, then chain migration all come the together in one
7:40 pm
individual tragically for so many victims. your thoughts. >> the diversity visa lottery is a lottery that's been around since 1986. it was codified against in 1990. lou: chuck schumer introduced the legislation in the u.s. senate. lou: k rirks s wrote a terrific editorial in "breitbart." the president says he wants to end it, does he have the power to do it? >> it will take an act of congress to ends it. you have 50,000 people a year, aliens winning this lottery. 14 million put in for it. the question is where is the u.s. national interest? with other green cards usually there is a national interest, we need someone to fill that job or we reuniting an american
7:41 pm
citizen. but with lottery winners there is zero national interest. this guy in new york, the uzbeki immigrant was not the first terrorist to come in through the lottery. lou: sanctuary cities looming large. how big a role will it play, the issue of sanctuary cities in the outcome of the election? >> i think it will play a big role in the election outcome. i think this will push gillespie over the top in the final hours. you look at it in voting, it cuts across party lines. in the case of virginia you have many cases of aliens who have been either deported and come back or who have committed horrific murders, and people in
7:42 pm
virginia recognize sanctuary cities endanger them. we have 340 jurisdictions already across the country of sanctuary cities. some in virginia. this is something gillespie rightly latched on to and said hey, i can do this. lou: we have seen what a difference a governor can make pushing this issue forward to secure the safety of texans. so it does matter. kris, it's always great to talk with you. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you trust the capitol hill elites to actually really truly cut taxes for the middle class and small businesses? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. now it's time for the video. there we bow bow -- there we go.
7:43 pm
watch as this biker and paraglider link up. while enjoying stunning views, the biker detaching from the paraglider. beautiful. absolutely beautiful. the house moving forward on tax cuts as senate republicans plan to release their tax bill after they mark it up this week. tony sayegh is with me to talk about whether congress is ready to deliver for president trump. we are coming right back.
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lou: joining me now, tony sayegh. how do you feel about what's coming out of the ways and means committee. talking earlier with congressman bratt.
7:48 pm
i haven't heard the ways and means committee be specific and clear how much the middle class gets and how they will make it fair and commensurate with the corporate tax and small business. >> the president has two bright lines. the first is making sure we have a major middle class thanks cuts. that appears to happen in this ways and means bill. the president understands that we need to make hour on the individual side we give meaningful tax reform to average americans. that's doubling the standard deduction and increasing the child tax credit. the tax credit is $1,600. but if you are making $260,000 today you are paying a 33% rate. under what i understand to be
7:49 pm
the house plan you will pay 25%. if you are making 59,000 you will get a thanks cut of $1,200 as far as your bill is concerned. that's what we are focused on on the individual side. >> the taxes on mortgage, reducing it from a million to half a million. state and local tacks and reducing those. everybody understands what they are losing in that. in those he eliminations. and others in the weeds. why not just have a straightforward statement about what the middle class gives. small businesses is where the jobs are created. >> let's start with the mortgage interest. we cap it at $500,000. mort gainings above that are 6%.
7:50 pm
the vast majority get a meaningful deduction with the corporate plan. it's the lowest top rate we have had in 30 years. there will be guardrails. there is a difference between wage income and business income. business income should be treated a bit differently. we make sure this money is used to grow jobs, and grow paychecks and reinvest in businesses to grow. and a wage growth. so when you look at corporations. we are going from 25 to 30? the wage income is up .01 percent. lou: that's why when you call this a middle class thanks cut, it better be meaningful.
7:51 pm
lou: let me be clear. to survive in the house and senate it seems clear to be clear that a 40% reduction in the corporate tax rate, that's what it is, right? >> yes, but it has impact on the individual worker. lou: i think americans who have had static wages and watched the middle class shrink for 30 years, and turned to this president hoping he will make a difference in their destiny will want to see tangible consequences for them. this is a middle class right now that needs to know what the number is. you can call it a middle class thanks cut. but until most of that money is moving towards the middle class, working men and women and their families and small businesses, it's a horrible miss.
7:52 pm
>> we totally agree. lou: the next time we talk, why don't you have the number for the folks so they can buy into this. >> we have the number. up to $4,000 to $9,000 for the worker it's significant, lou. lou: i want a word other than significant and a word other than maybe. i'm very serious about it and serious about the incentive about bringing back all the repatriated capital. >> and it's in here. lou: i think the problem is me. i don't understand the taxes and tax cuts. so next time if you will lead me through. >> we'll. lou: up next the real russia
7:53 pm
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lou: joining us, christopher bedford. an gregg jarrett. let's start -- christopher, i'll start with you, first of all. the president saying that he is going to deliver to all of those folks with a tax reform plan. how confident are you? you have been studying the proposition. >> donald trump put forward a lot of different solid policies and put forward exactly what he ran on. paul ryan has basically passed the agenda. where it has died is in mitch mcconnell's senate. i think the chances that this gets through the senate this year are low.
7:58 pm
lou: the conclusion there, i don't think i could argue with you vigorously. congress is making it clear he is going to get to do whatever he wants to do to this administration. gregg: the special counsel has three conflicts of interests, uranium one, the russian dossier and any obstruction of justice related to james comey. they are long-time partners and allies there this is as man who never should have taken the job. bring somebody else in. i don't think americans will ever have confidence in the
7:59 pm
integrity of the results with this man in charge. lou: chris, do you see this as a crisis of confidence? >> a deserved crisis in confidence. americans are realizing they are all neighbors, they are all friends. they have conflicts of interest. the things manafort is involved in, it turns out it involves john possess tap everything is intertangled. it will be difficult to find some one who is independent. if it comes up there is no collusion, americans on the democratic side won't believe it anyways. gregg: there should be a special counsel investigating hillary clinton. not donald trump. there is a plethora of evidence she may have committed 14
8:00 pm
different crimes in four different areas. lou: a republican-led congress and senate are refusing to move forward. gregg jarrett. christopher bedford, i hope you will come back soon. kennedy: donna brazile dropping the bomb on democrats. why did she write that tell-all book? the latest on the mass shooting at a church in texas. the house fixing their tax plan as the senate fictions their own. grab a whip, it's time to get crackin'. hillary clinton stinks according to donna brazile. clinton loyalists, that


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