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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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please join melissa francis and me. we are on after the bell every weekday at 4:00 p.m. on fox business. we have a wonderful time and you "after the bell." right here on fox business. kennedy: political hypocrisy exploding in washington. democratic senator al franken accused of sexual harassment. hillary clinton claiming an investigation into uranium one would be an abuse of power. the house passed the tax reform plan. what does it mean to you? roy moore recently famous forth ten commandments, now it's
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morally 10 women. moore is suffocating under the weight of gossip and his improbable innocence. it's got majority leader mitch mcconnell's panties in a bundle. what can they do with joy boy roy? he's just crazy enough to stay in the race. current senator al franken could resign. there are a couple scenarios. franken could resign and the numbers would most of likely be the same or he could stay and wound his party. the moore situation is far more fluid, and the off chance he wins, it would be wildly hypocritical to threaten unseating him.
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franken's troubles further complicate that he used the hashtag metoo on social media. minnesota democratic senator al frank enforced himself on a radio host on a tour of afghanistan? 2006. >> he came at me. and before i even knew it he put his hands on the back of my head and came towards me and mashed his face against his my mouth and stuck his nung my mouth and i pushed him back and said don't ever do that to me again. i was so angry and i walked out
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of there. kennedy: the accuser also released this photo of franken appearing to grab her breasts on a military plane. as for the photo, it was clearly intended to be funny, but wasn't, i shouldn't have done it. franken is calling for an ethics investigation into his own action. it's important to note he has been a supporter of that that --ofthathashtagmetoocampaig n. trey, you have been part of the swamp as an elected official. how is the senate freaking?
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and what damage control are they doing? >> franken focuses on the picture. it's obscene that they are arguing over what is he doing when the reality is the victim, the alleged victim is saying he physically grabbed me and shoved his tongue down my throat which gives me a bad taste in my mouth. nell have to deal with it. the crazy part about moore is a reflection of our society today is that more people, i think democrats are saying they are more driven to vote for moore because the "washington post" published this allegation. kennedy: it seems like a lot of people have different political reactions based on hot accusations are about. inial alabama we see various
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reactions. how are democrats going to respond to this if you are the party that champions women. >> we have seen a lot of liberal columnist writers talking about bill clinton and saying it's finally time to face facts. it's time for him to resign. but even justice week. michelle goldberg said the same thing. if you think bill clinton should have resigned, here is an opportunity for you to be a lot stronger than you were then. al franken is a proponents of changes to the title 9 procedures in campus colleges that would make it harder for students accused of what he's accused of to defend themselves. kennedy: robby is right. the democrats are ready for
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change. but the numbers are so tight they cannot afford any fussing or foolery with the senate map. do they force al franken to resign? >> i don't think we are close to that. i think schumer wants an ethics investigation because he wants everyone to say the democrats are treating this seriously. kennedy: schumer wants an investigation and schumer says go ahead. >> franken may think the investigation will turn out fine for him. it could go to hell and maybe the resignation. i don't see it at this moment. what i see at this moment is not only republicans but democrats trying to say we are hard on roy moore and roy moore is dealing with women is totally different. but guess what, we are not going to be called hypocrites because
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we are going to look at pall franken. kennedy: he was and the senator. he was a hackie comic. >> at least some have speculate he has aspirations of a 200 run. even if you look at then candidate trump getting caught on audio saying terrible things. al franken is no cultive personality like donald trump, jr. or barack obama. kennedy: he has bent moral bo -e moral barometer of his party. the alabama special election is september 12. and moore's scandal is hurting
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him with voters. democrat doug jones leads moore by 10 points. 9% still unsure. last month moore had a commanding lead. will the sexual harassment scandals sing roy moore? it's interesting because here you have a bunch of possible scenarios where people are asking athleter strange to drop out, get rid of his senate seat so it forces a special election. what do you see happening here? >> he's known for defying the will of the people and thinking he should be in government. so it would not surprise me if he sticks it out. i think it's more possible the voters reject him anyway than people are conceding. kennedy: do you blame "the washington post" for this scandal? >> "the washington post" is something the conservatives have
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beening them to do. go outside of washington, d.c. and investigate things that should be investigated. as i understand it, and i worked as a journalist for many many years, that they have been working on this story a long long time. he has been kicked out of the food court at the mall because he has some sort of weird tendencies. >> this is where media bias comes in. what stories people in the media choose to pursue is bias. kennedy: i think you are right here. the timing and who they go after. so if someone had come to "the washington post" and said doug jones did something really inappropriate with me when i was 14 years old and i was molested by him, do you think the washington post would have written the same kind of
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expose'? >> do you invest the same kind of time and resources going after that story? he's an evangelical. so there is a large degree of hypocrisy. but the second part is -- kennedy: the same thing with franken. it's moral hypocrisy. >> he's not telling people here are the ten commandments and they should overrule the constitution of the united states. kennedy: >> me at 41 years old. in the 1990s when i was coming up paying attention to politics, i can't like republicans because i thought they were the holier than tho uconu party constantly
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beating people down. kennedy: what would you tell franken to put a lid on his own failing. >> i won't talk about my scandals which i wrote about. both of these guys have not really come out in front of it and said this. even when moore was on "hannity's" show. did you do this or not. well be that's not exactly in my character. that's not an answer.
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>> he keeps addressing the photograph. he's trying to take the spotlight off we may have done, which is grab that woman and did whatever he did. they have got to come forward and come clean. kennedy: are we in a better place because we are airing out these scandals or is it somehow worse? >> i will say that we ought to be careful. i don't think it' appropriate to believe everyone or disbelieve everyone. we should evaluate the evidence each time. kennedy: look at rolling. tony: cover. >> which i was a skeptic of. there are a lot of cases particularly on college campuses. it takes a sober rational informed citizenry.
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>> this is not without attribution, there are names attached. kennedy: you are from now on going to see accuser's names. coming forward and naming themselves. >> and people standing up behind it saying they are trump supporters. saying you are seeing a liberal democrat in alabama trashing roy moore. there is a political war here. remember, steve bannon who was formerly president trump's political visor and the anti-establishment guy on the right is a backer of roy moore at this moment. it put president trump in a bad
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situation where he doesn't answer questions about roy moore. kennedy: i applaud his daughter for making the statement she did. she says she has no reason to disbelieve accusers. i think she is absolutely right on both counts. >> what's crazy, you earlier talked about the 9% undecideds. it could make or break an election. it's shocking to me there are a boatload of people saying this is a liberal hit job. that there is valid evidence. kennedy: that's what makes it so complicated. you have got the swamp and the media. never underestimate the power of that. >> it interferes with people saying honestly, let me look at this and see what's on the table. stick around.
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kennedy: it was a huge day for republicans on capitol hill. the house passing their tax rye form bill. 13 republicans voted against it. the gop claim it will benefit all-american families, businesses and corporations. democrats say it will only benefit the wealthy. so which is it. let me ask the associate professor of economics, brian greg berg at the king's college. >> we talked about this before. the best thing in this bill is the corporal tax cut. it's not just a thanks cut for the wealthy. when you cut takss on corporations they will reinvest money and create jobs. that's what they do when they have money to invest. kennedy: a couple of the hangups
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are the salt deductions. ron johnson from wisconsin, he is the hold-up is the pass-through rate, and small businesses not being able to take advantage of that individual rate. how does that differ from the corporate thanks rate? >> the pass-through rate on consulting firms or lawyers, other small businesses that are incorporated as partnerships. they are usually taxed at an individual tax rate. but this plan says no we'll tax you at a 25% rate. it's lower than it has been. because the top rate for pass-throughs would have been 39% before. the house bill brings the rate down a little bit. johnson is right, it's a lot smaller for small businesses than it is for corporations.
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kennedy: can they reconcile it in the senate? >> i think they can. i don't think the tax cut for small businesses will ever be as le as it is for corporation. the only way to solve this problem is by bringing down the top rate. kennedy: people like nancy pelosi are bullying them. the individual mandate for obamacare is scrapped which i think is great, and the salt deductions. >> that won't fly with the house. i think it will move in the house direction with the property tax. i think you will see a move on that. the other piece was the individual mandate. this is -- i think this is a great opportunity for the senate. they can't make any progress on obamacare. here is a way to repeal
5:22 am
obamacare. what i like about it, this is republicans' intention. but this puts them in a box. if they repeal the individual mandate, they have to fix other things. kennedy: if they do nothing, premiums will til rise. they are not not smart enough to have the democrats take the place. >> they should repeal the individual mandate and commit themselves to doing something else with obamacare. if they don't put themselves in a box they won't get anything done at all. their chances for reelection go down and they are not making the complete better for small businesses. kennedy: are you hopeful if this
5:23 am
does pass and they hammer out a compromise. are you hopeful this will have an economic impact before the mid-terms? >> it's going to take a while. some of the provisions stay in. especially if they phase in the corporate tax cuts. if you want to get re-elected in 2008. but we have been hearing republicans say this is going to pay for itself. no, it's not. it's not going to cover the cost which means deficit and debt is still a problem. brian brenberg, brian-omics. great to see you. hillary clinton says the trump administration's call to versus gate her connection with the russians is an abuse of power.
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deal. >> this is such an abuse of power that goes right at the rule of law. moving into the political realm is something we have never seen. it will be incredibly demoralizing for people who served in the justice department, republicans and democrats, because they know better. kennedy: attorney general jeff sessions this week suggested there isn't enough evidence for a special counsel to look into the controversy. but he has directed investigators to report back and whether there is a special counsel necessary. joining me is the author of "the art of the donald." wasn't that fun why it whole abuse of power thing, considering on what she had to say, some authoritarian regime
5:29 am
where political opponents are going to be unfairly investigated. i'm thinking of her husband meeting with loretta lynch or loretta lynch targeting opponents of hers. >> the clintons do whatever they want to do and they don't get in trouble. >> there are two more companies that are going bottom up and collapsing. why are they collapsing? maybe because hillary clinton is not president anymore. the clintons have lost a lot of friends in the last few months. the "new york times" this morning called a dozen different liberal groups and said who is willing to defend bill clinton, and they got nothing. but. they emailed their own staff list necessity would have gone the a bert response. kennedy: the claims of abuse of power, all she is doing is attacking the administration.
5:30 am
but she is not really offering an excuse or explanation for hundreds of millions of dollars that went into the clinton foundation because the of the deals we are talking about here. >> this is the right-wing conspiracy or old news. it's usually one of those. now they are going with the whole left wing game in general. that's donald trump is a dictator. it doesn't explain anything. it hasn't explained the huge amounts of money that changed hands. and the inquired prove question that was intended. people say that hillary clinton or one of these groups. hillary clinton was running for president at the time, i don't think that draws water. it looks dirty and donald trump
5:31 am
can't get her out of this. >> you touched on this. is not not only the corporations under investigation that are going face up. there are month more millions pouring into the clinton foundation. when you hear about tragedies and global today as trophies, who is talking about the clinton foundation saving lives and making things better? no one. it was a scam, and a money laundering scheme to enrich the clintons and concentrate power and favor. >> it's not too uncommon with global charities, that more than ask charities they are clubs for people to hang out and be part of an awesome elite crew. if you get invited to one of those parties, it's pretty fun. things started to crumble around
5:32 am
the election for them. during the dnc there was not a single mention of the good work they do because the work they do is very questionable. kennedy: i'm never invited to those things now that you mention it. the three ucla basketball players shoplifted in china have been suspends from the team indefinitely. >> i apologize to the people of china for causing them he much trouble. i'm a young man but it's not an excuse for making a stupid decision. i would also like to thank president trump and the united states government for the membership they provided as well. kennedy: sure stealing is wrong. but is this fair?
5:33 am
or should the president have said nothing and just let them rot in china. oh, come on, these are ucla bruins. the party panel is back. who is the biggest basketball fan of the bunch? i'm a ucla bruin. i'm a sthiewj fan of the university and the men's basketball program. i think this is really stupid. >> what was stupid, the stealing? not only is it dumb, but it just suggests, sunglasses from louie vuitton, it struck me as entitled rotten young athletes. on the other hand i think they should have been understanding that there are different rules there. while kennedy may be forgiving in the united states. there are places where they will put you in jail.
5:34 am
kennedy: i would have been far more forgiving. >> they are young people, they are college students. we tend to treat college basketball and football players like they are professional athletes. kennedy: they are being groomed to play one year in college. >> they are not paid to go to china and stay in a nice hotel and steal. i don't think we need to be harder on them than that, in my opinion. kennedy: it would be nice for ucla to have a solid season. he's ryan stated and does not take them to the final four, he's not allowed to go to the nba. >> they are young, they did something stupid. kennedy: more than one year in
5:35 am
college for maturity. >> they did something dumb. they have been dragged out on the national scene by the president. the president's tweets if you want to talk about entitled or egotistical. this is the symptom of the illness of america saying why is trump doing that. he should be more presidential. the other side is he's teaching those boys a good lesson. kennedy: i think he's a usc fan. but as far as what an extra year of college can do, miss brother isn't exactly lighting the league on fire. >> maybe you should take it father back to school. maybe he would mature. when i first read about this i didn't know who was involved. i think college athletes should get paid. maybe it's time for another
5:36 am
discussion. kennedy: it's a murky middle grounds. >> separating these things and keeping the college name do not involve athletes who are students. kennedy: would you have had more sympathy for these gentlemen if they had gone into north korea? >> i don't think it would and matter of president trump saying to president xi saying what about those knuckleheads. and then xi finding out what happened. i think in north korea, what happened to otto warmbier was no joke. kennedy: it, no joke. thank you so much, trey, robby and juan. robert mueller, how much will the long-time trump aide free
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kennedy: robert mueller's russia probe is moving to the white house. the white house communications director preparing to meet with mueller's team. hope's long-term history and loyalty to the president makes her one of the most of interesting flairs this
5:41 am
investigation. she has been in the room with the president for crucial moments in the mule ear probe, and she started answering questions about russia as early as 2016. and will she reveal all her cards. dan henninger, welcome back to the show. she is a curious person. she has been with the president for a long time. she is very loyal to him. she has had access to those emails and meetings. >> it's striking that he's talking to somebody at this level this early in his investigation. normally in a probe like this they leave the top-level people towards the end. it suggests to me that maybe we are getting to it. i thought it was going to run through 2018.
5:42 am
but trump's lawyer says two days after thanksgiving mueller will have interviewed most of of the senior people in the white house. i'm wondering if there isn't all that much he has come up with and he wants to speak to hope hicks about what she heard. she has been at trump's side and in the room. early in the campaign and even in the early days of the oval office it was like a rolling circus. people wandering in san juan dering out. anyone month listens to trump knows his conversations are circuitous, and she may have access to emails. by suspect robert mueller's lawyers are sitting down with her expecting her to give you abcd on trump's conversations on this subject. >> what would you ask her, if you were one of the people in the room with her.
5:43 am
what's the first question on your list? >> my big question is how do you explain or account, did the president ever explain to you why he praised vladimir putin so many times during the campaign. to most of of us it made no sense. i don't think any of this would be going on right now had trump not lavished so much praise on putin. invaded crimea and eastern ukraine. no one understood it. so everyone has defaulted that he had a deal going with putin to undermine hillary's campaign. i don't think that was it at all. but trump to this day mass not explained his admiration for vladimir putin.
5:44 am
kennedy: how clear of a picture do you think hope hicks can give into the president's psyche and motivation for, you know, something like that which there may be deeper meaning and we realize? >> if there was a deep per meaning it would have come out by now. others like on the national security staff would have had confidential conversations with reporters. i don't think donald trump is sitting down with hope hicks explaining to her at great length his geopolitical plans for vladimir putin. i don't think much will emerge from this. kennedy: but those conversations he had and not staying on message. clearly she would be in the room for some of those distractions. and for example, some of the bigger conversations he had with the present of australia in the first few weeks of his term. >> she and donnelly were in the room when he had conversations
5:45 am
with paul manafort and carter page. all these people have been wandering through donald trump's life and hope hicks has been in the room and at his side. kennedy: does she remain loyal to the president? >> she'll remain loyal to the president and tell the truth. she is not going to sit there lie together special prosecutor. that would be a crime. but what hope hicks has in her head is snippets of snippets that may help robert mueller connect some dots. but what dots does he have at this point? he indicted paul manafort for things that happened before the campaign and george papadopoulos for lie together fbi. his job is not to explain what happened. he's a prosecutor. kennedy: he won't have the same flowery press conference james comey had explaining why he wasn't recommending charges for
5:46 am
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kennedy: do you remember that google executive who was approached by uber? he's in the middle of deep yogurt. he's so obsessed with ai that he applied for a patent to recognize artificial intelligence. he believe humans will be marginalized and controlled by
5:59 am
the technical forces of the future. he believes the fear of the super intelligence is unfound. but if you are willing to center a church around praising something that might destroy humankind, isn't that hedging his bets? he's a wing nut whose goal is to bestow right on machines. maybe this is proof humans are designed to worship and he's hoping they will be so flattered by his gesture. more likely they will have no patience for this a threating pucker butt. good luck, anthony, the only sing later i hav --the only sino
6:00 am
offer you is a single finger. email i'll see you on cavuto on business this weekend. >> good evening. president obama has returned from his successful 12 day trip to asia but the swamp dwellers in congress apparently grew comfortable in his absence. we'll soon see how much progress they've made on the president's agenda. it looks as though republicans are now down one more vote in the senate. senator ron johnson of wisconsin coming out against the senate tax plan. the first republican to do so. that is yes the same ron johnson who owes his re-election to wisconsin voters who embraced president trump in last year's election. also tonight although


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