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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 21, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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they want to raise the top rate what they call millionaires. there is just one problem. the effort on part of republicans to get rid of reduction for state and local taxes. now sweeney is saying we might have to rethink that. my special guest looking at fallout what is happening in washington and jersey. trish regan. trish: thank you so much, neil. treasury department announcing new economic sanctions against north korea and companies doing business with the rogue nation, all this a day after the president declared north korea a state sponsor of terror. i'm trick reagan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." we have an update to tell you about a story we've been following about the on "the intelligence report." highly questionable russian uranium deal. new reports that the fbi informant warned the justice department how russia was scheming to gain control of our uranium supply. yet this deal still went through? how does the deal go through when the fbi knows through its
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informant that they're going to be some real problems with a deal like this? in fact we also have herned that that uranium left the united states of america and went to canada, to asia, and to your are. we have more on the bombshell revelation in a few moments. also breaking today, cbs news, as well as pbs firing charlie rose that he had encounters with several female employees. john conyers settle ad sex harrassment complaint with a staff member, that he did so, and we will have that. blake burman, on the sanctions what does it mean, blake? reporter: remember, trish, the president was surrounded by his cabinet, i will put north korea on state sponsor of list and
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tomorrow the treasury department will announce a sanction very large. we got the list from the treasury department. it essentially goes after those who engage in trade, specifically shipping with north korea. in a handful of instances, chinese entities. you might remember a few months ago, back in late september the president had announced an executive order which he said his administration will look at and try to target some north korean entityies that go after the shipping aspect of all of this. this appears to be an example what they were trying to do a couple months ago. yesterday the the head of state department, rex tillerson. in the white house press briefing he had said look, we're putting north korea on the state sponsor of terrorism list they are so heavily sanctioned that this sanction is essentially symbolic. what he said they may be able to do is go after third parties.
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that is what appears the treasury depth has done. this is tillerson teeing it up yesterday. >> the effect of it, we already have many actions in place during the current sanctions. it may disrupt and dissuade some third parties undertaking certain activities with north korea. reporter: coming off this trip to asia, trish, president trump was highly complimentary to xi xinping working to de-escalate the situation with north korea but today's actions released by the treasury department the last moments here, still underscores what the administration is talking about, that some in china need to take a more serious look at north korea. trish. trish: indeed they do. maybe now they will. blake burman, thank you very much. joining with me analysis on these sanctions, lieutenant
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colonel ralph peters. good to have you here, sir. so, we've spoken about this before. china plays a very big role in all of this, doesn't it? and we need to make sure that china is not doing any business with north korea. they have promised us they will not. they signed on to the sanctions. still lingering doubts out there. what will sanctions mean for china and other nations choose to engage in business with north korea? >> i think fact only couple chinese corporations and entities were named, tells us this is warning to the other chinese still -- sanctions but not embarrassing slap to president xi. it is always useful to go after the third parties because the sanctions applied directly on a person or a country, that is all well and good but human bs are ingenius especially when money is involved and they will find ways around it. going after ships, specific
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ships, going after shipping companies, going after banks, that is really are the next, and a very, very important step and ultimately while secretary tillerson is certainly right the effects are largely symbolic, in my view, any sanctions, any additional sanctions can only help. we always talked about this, trish. a a monetary solution is better than war. >> i was saying that earlier today. you want to in this case perhaps lose dollars, not lives so we should be willing to make the economic sacrifice. there are economic sacrifice was be made. all those big corporations here in america that are selling to the chinese or making products over in china wouldn't be able to do that quite as easily but you know, so be it, right? >> yeah. so be it, and also i think our fears of china are terribly overrated on the financial side. we actually hold most of the high cards on this. but, as you know, you said it as
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i do, american-based corporations are focused on quarterly and annual earnings and they really aren't thinking strategically. intellectual property being compromised now, proprietary data turning them over to the chinese, it may let them see profits over the fuse years but decades it will bankrupt them and build china and hurt the united states. strategically i love talking to you, i'm not just a military guy. i know you have to look at the economic, the human, the social side of all this and it is very important. trish: you know, i guess what frustrates me sometimes, colonel peters, people talk about we need to show them. suddenly on the path to world war iii. i feel like there is a lot of steps in between now and then we should be looking at very carefully and this is a big one. this is a biggie. in other words, us clamming down on any business we do with china or anyone else that helps support that regime in any way, shape or form.
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they can not be our friend or trade partner if they're going to prop up a regime we will see in north korea. the sold that's go to war to fight for us, they don't have lobbists out there working to protect them. whereas the wal-marts and other big multinationals looking to improve earnings every single quarter, they do. that is a very important point. ceos in the general in the business world, colonel, they're very shortsighted. they need to get to the next quarter. they need to make money that quarter that year. they don't think about losing $300 billion in intellectual property every year to china because it doesn't matter for that quarter. >> exactly. that is my point. we all have to put it in historical perspective. american automakers, other american corporations are working taking profits and selling things and helping out in nazi germany until war actually broke out. so business is always somewhat amoral but there are times, when the government does have to take
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a stand and business has to fall into line because again peaceful solution is vastly preferable, i don't sympathy the costs would be that great to us. china is bluffing and bluffing. trish: i apologize for interrupt ing. we're on time. you don't want to annoy your banker. i have a theory on that. i'm curious to hear yours, colonel peters. they're holding so much our debt. >> no, we're holding so many of their bonds. i mean, obviously they own the bond, technically, but it is -- trish: they hold our debt. i think in some ways that is actually kind of good. we decide whether or not we want to pay night right. they certainly don't want us to fail to default on the debt, but my point i was trying to make, south korean intelligence now estimates that north korea will have a ballistic missile able to reach the united states within a year. so time is finite. north korea is turbulent of the we saw really interesting
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punishments being meted out to high officials. one of the, some people consider him the number two in influence in north korea he was called on the carpet. we don't know how he was punished but something happened. there is turmoil in north korea. there is turmoil in the region. we're still finding our way for administration policy. trish: plenty of game to go, both parties over the year, real bad mistakes in the way of foreign policy there with north korea because we shouldn't be in the situation that we are in right now. >> you know. if i could make one change to our foreign policy to help us out, have presidents of both parties stop personalizing it. the other guys are not your friends. putin is not our friends. xi is not our friend, never was, never will be, think in realpolitik terms. you have to think in cold-blooded, bottom lines. trish: colonel peters good to see you. >> thank you. trish: more troubling news.
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buzzfeed is reporting that john conyers settle ad after she claims she was fired after refusing his sexual advances. he denies any knowledge of the allegations. here with the latest our own gerri willis. reporter: trish, you got that right. before i get into details, "politico" is house minority leader nancy pelosi is calling for ethics committee investigation into this. here is exactly what we're talking about. michigan representative john conyers, a democrat and the longest-serving member of the house of representatives settling a wrongful dismissal complaint back in 2015 with a former employee who alleged she was fired because she would not succumb to his sexual advances. conyers denying the settlement as you said, as well as reports that he repeatedly made sexual advances to female staff that included requests for sexual acts, touching them inappropriately in public. also aled is that public dollars were used to transport women that conyers had relationships
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with. the story first detailed by buzzfeed is now being widely reported. and the news comes on the heels of the revelation that a secret congressional outfit called the office of compliance has settled 264 harrassment cases on behalf of the legislative arm of our government, totaling $17,240,000 over a span of 20 years. those settles were paid with taxpayer dollars though the information has not been made public who benefited from the settlements or when. importantly here, it is not known whether conyers 2015 settlement of $27,000 actually came from that office of compliance or whether he paid from his own pocket. however, for his part conyers had this to say, quote, my office resolved the allegations with express denial of liability in order to save all involved from the rigors of protracted litigation. the resolution was not for millions of dollars but rather for an amount equated to a reasonable severance payment. and last week, representative
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jackie speier exposed the office to the public for the first time n a hearing said that two sitting congressional members had benefited from the office's largess that made out settlements in sexual harrassment cases. one legislator was a democrat, the other republican. we can't confirm at this time whether conyers is the democrat she was referring to. we'll be asking questions for rest of the day, trish, you can bet on that. trish: thank you so much, gerri willis. joining us with more on this, fox news contributor, deroy murdoch. deroy, how are you and me, every tax payer in america is paying for bad habits of those on capitol hill. >> we're on the hook for misbehavior or alleged misbehavior. two things wrong with this the government, taxpayer money is being paid out in these situations without us having any idea who is involved or who isn't involved. the guilty parties aren't
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identified. this put as pall over 535 members of congress, 435 members in the house for one thing. secondly, not identifying guilty makes it possible for them to do this and do it again and again and again. trish: without repercussions. >> no repercussions. >> tax pay he pays nobody knows about it. >> it is other people's money f we handled drunk drivers, you pay a fine. nobody knows you're a drunk driver, you keep the license, you smack into somebody else. trish: thank you for jackie speier bringing this up. this is not a partisan issue. one democrat and one republican sitting there in congress right now that has benefited from these slush fund. >> if we're paying money out of our own pockets we ought to know who is involved. if this is private is one thing but if this is taxpayer money we ought to know who is involved. trish: this is tragic that it is affecting women as apparently allegedly has as we've been
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learning from the jackie speier, is this unfortunately, they kind of make themselves a exception to everything, right? >> yeah. trish: with obamacare for example. >> bureaucracies have incredible penchant for self-preservation. that is what you're seeing here. rather than identifying congressman, saying this person has done this, let voters decide if this person comes back or not, there is black cloud over this. no one knows what is going on. the institution protects itself. trish: where does it go from here? >> every day, more and more people. charlie rose revelations yesterday. the business with conyers today. who knows tomorrow. trish: today cbs has fired him. >> correct. gone from hollywood, media and congress. who knows where else. trish: you think about the 1980s, there was lot of news in the financial sector about problems with banks and et cetera. it never caught up to tech and media and to the political environment. you heard stories for years. now it is coming on full force. what do you -- is this, is this
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a watershed moment in your view? >> i think it is. it started with the harvey weinstein revelations so shocking involving 38 or 40 or so women who accused him. trish: might be more than. it might be up to 80 plus. >> that was hoover dam breaking. other people in the hollywood. other folks in media and capitol hill. on and on it goes. trish: abuse of power. >> exactly. trish: as mother of daughters i am certainly, you don't want anyone to have to go through anything look that. >> absolutely not. trish: we'll see what happens. deroy murdoch, thank you very much. >> thank you. trish: we have the markets up 162 right now. hitting all-time high earlier in the session. we're off the lows. we're on track to close in record territory again today. i feel like a broken record. kind of a nice record to be though. this as congressional aides work on the senate tax bill expected to get a vote next week. is it going to happen?
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every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. trish: congress may be in recess for thanksgiving but staffers on capitol hill are trying to finalize the tax bill so it will
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be red for a full senate vote. markets are a little higher. there is little optimism this thing will actually happen? let's see. joining me for more analysis on tax reform. which have david nelson. i don't know. look, i think the house can get it done but the senate? that is whole different thing are investors being overly optimistic right now. >> i think they are. there is measure of tax reform in the market. if you asked me odds four weeks ago i would put it 50/50. right now i'm no so sure. it is difficult task to get it through with senators coming out on the record. senior another ron johnson from wisconsin and flake and corker. they are getting out of dodge. they have no allegiance here who knows what they will do. so it is problematic. trish: can't they do something to make this a little bit better and make it a little less problematic?
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>> gosh they could. trish: lower corporate taxes. i think that sun with thing, that neither party will disagree with. >> that may be what we end up with. we may end up pushing some of this aside, start focusing on tax reform light. if we get nothing done, but getting that tax rate down to 20% where it should be and start to bring home, go to territorial system. trish: yeah. >> start to bring home nearly 3 trillion sitting offshore, that is at least something. that is a step in the right direction. trish: the way the cbo accounts for this stuff. >> we're not using dynamic scoring. >> therefore, i don't know you can ever get that done. how will you pay for it? >> i think without tax reform we could have gdp 2.5%. i think we can get to 3, possibly even higher, if you start to bring the money home. trish: i agree with you. i think you could look at 4 or 5%. i don't know i like the individual side of this so much. my concern is, it works for corporations. i don't know that it works for individuals. middle class gets extra thousand bucks. >> people that work for the
2:22 pm
corporations -- trish: hear me out here. it penalizes high earners, especially in states like -- >> you're in my wheelhouse. you do what ted cruz wanted to do, you have a flat tax across the board. at lower end, you have multiple of the poverty level, no tax, including no payroll tax that is the better way to go but that is impossible to get through this congress. that you have got an army of lobbyists like locusts in washington pushing for every special interest group -- trish: this is the swamp at work. look at private equity. >> the swamp is alive. >> swamp is alive and well. the president, do we haved sound, campaigned over and over again to get rid of this private equity loophole. we don't have it. i showed it to you before. carried interest. basically private equity bankers get away with paying -- >> pay cap gains. tax is very low. trish: instead of income tax. he promised he would fix that. he said he would fix that i combed through both bills.
2:23 pm
they didn't bother to fix it. >> money speaks very loudly. overall it is not a huge amount of money. trish: no it is not. >> talking about billions of dollars. trish: to them it is not a ton of money. it will not save the budget but one of these principle things. they have campaigns that need to get financed. and a lot of those private equity guys are financing their campaigns. so they don't dare vote any other way. this is in fact the problem. this is what americans are so upset with. >> borders on the criminal. it is unfortunate but it is the world we live in. trish: how do we think about the market if tax reform doesn't go through? >> i'm actually surprised. maybe i shouldn't be surprised. it's a holiday week. we have a lot to be thankful for. it is this time of year that we kind of let our guard down. the headline risk i think is pretty high. but we have geosynchronous growth around the world. even if you take tax reform aside. earnings are headed north. stocks follow them along with it. trish: i like it. as long as we keep up this level
2:24 pm
on gdp, and hopefully keep growing we'll be in good shape. >> thank you. trish: we have very interesting story out here today. "the hill" has a bombshell report on the highly-questionable uranium one deal, outlining five new revelations, brand new in the scandal. gregg jarrett is here. he has got all the details, all the intel for you next.
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trish: well if you listen to the left, they would tell you that the uranium one deal, there is no there there. it has been dedunked over and over again. more they say that the more i am determined to keep reporting on this because as far as i'm concerned there are a lot of questions and there should be a lot of questions. bombshell reports from an fbi informant now could blow the lid off this entirely questionable deal. as there is new evidence that russia was trying to corner the
2:29 pm
u.s.'s uranium market. fox news anchor, former defense attorney gregg jarrett joins me once again to discuss this "the hill" has been right out in front of this story. they have done really good reporting. >> they have. trish: they have roughly 5000 pages of documents from the fbi informant who was looking into this matter. we now know that this deal, for the russian state atomic energy corporation, to buy into the u.s.'s uranium supply which is perfectly fine by eric holder and you know, tim geithner and of course hillary clinton, this deal should have raised some red flags because the fbi had a pretty significant serious investigation at the time going on into russia and uranium. >> and they knew about the underlying russian criminal activity of money laundering, bribery extortion and so forth a full year before the committee on foreign investments approved unanimously the sale of uranium one, which means, somebody
2:30 pm
covered it up. my guess is it was robert mueller, because he was the fbi director at the time overseeing the criminal investigation of the russian nuclear industry and what they were doing. why didn't he tell congress? he had a duty to do so. they would have stopped the deal. the other question is, did he and rod rosenstein, also involved, two names we're familiar with, did they advise the cfius committee, presided over by hillary clinton which unanimously approved the deal? they had an obligation to tell them and they didn't because under the law cfius can not approve any foreign transaction driven by criminality and this one was. there were at least two convictions. trish: so, there is this investigation going on and robert mueller knows about it. how does eric holder not know about it? does it go right back, do you think mueller was trying to slide this one under the rug? then you're getting, i keep saying clear incompetence here
2:31 pm
if nothing else. i guess the real question we're trying to figure out was there a quid pro quo? >> it's a huge deal so how could mueller not tell his boss, eric holder? to make matters worse, holder's successor, loretta lynch, threatened the confidential informant who had all of the evidence of russian illegality, she threatened him with criminal prosecution if he disclosed it, which he can not. trish: why would they want this deal to get done so badly in the first place. >> it is insane. why in the world do you sell either plutonium or uranium to your enemy, fundamentals of nuclear weapons? trish: the left and hillary clinton talking about oh, russia, russia, they loved russia when barack obama was there. it was the bush administration was more cautious about russia. it wasn't until hillary clinton and barack obama were there, that suddenly our to inchanged, towards russia. remember mitt romney trying
2:32 pm
to -- >> oh, sure. romney was right. trish: he was right. barack obama was laughing, take your 1980s policy back. that wasn't 1980s policy. >> now we have to import uranium because we don't have enough, because we sold 20% to the russians. it's crazy. trish: i just don't understand why on earth -- well, uranium would never leave the country. >> and it did. nuclear regulatory commission is now confirmed and produced documents, yes, it did leave the country t went to places we don't even know. did it go to terrorists? that is another big issue here. but, insofar hillary clinton is concerned there now appears to be mounting evidence that tens of millions of dollars flowed from the russian nuclear industry, into the coffers of her foundation and wallet of bin clinton both before, during and actually after the uranium deal went through. trish: see with have to be asking these questions.
2:33 pm
i realize there did school of thought, she is not in the president but this is in the past but the problem is, the past sets the tone for the future. >> right. trish: and if this actually happened and i certainly hope it didn't, but i think there is a lot of reasons to be asking questions, we need to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. >> nobody is above the law. not even hillary clinton. we're all creatures of the law. we must follow it and obey it. nobody gets a free pass just because they ran for president and lost which seems to be her argument and argument of others. trish: gregg jarrett, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. trish: the justice department, everyone, suing to block the at&t and time warner merger. the doj says this merger violates antitrust law and would be bad for competition. in other words there wouldn't be as many players out there. we'll be on that. plus the ftc unveiling its plan to repeal net neutrality laws which could reshape the entire digital ecosystem. stay with me. we'll see you right here in two.
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trish: checking on markets. we're sitting near the highs. dow up 167. s&p trading up 17. nasdaq up 66. there is optimism today, tax reform could get done. i don't know. i have a feeling this might be health care 2.0. we shall see. meanwhile, sales force stock hitting all-time highs ahead of its quarterly earnings report. after the bell the data management company lifting 2019 revenue forecast to 20% increase. its optimistic outlook is on the heels of recent announcement to partner with google on cloud computing. the people in zimbabwe are celebrating after its long-time president resigned, quote, with immediate efebruary. he previously refused to resign despite last week's military takeover and days in protest. he was in power since the country gained independence from britain 37 years ago. at&t is preparing to fight the department of justice after
2:39 pm
it sued to block the company's $65 billion acquisition of time warner. as speculation grows about president trump's involvement in the lawsuit which may be because of his on going battle with cnn which is owned by time warner. here to break it down is fox business senior correspondent charlie gasparino. >> who would say that? would donald trump, we should point out that he is not directly weighing in. i don't think that is what this is about. really? >> yes. trish: come on. >> let's be real clear here. the sort of antitrust argument of, to block this deal is pretty weak tea. you know, you talk about vertical mergers, horizontal mergers. a vertical merger is when you buy stuff that doesn't really compete with each other, right? that is essentially what this is. what they're trying to say what the justice, trump justice department is trying to say,
2:40 pm
because of at&t's distribution, the ability to distribute stuff through directv, the ability of to distribute stuff through at&t wireless or whatever, they could, theoretically, ramp up prices and deny people the content of time warner, including cnn or make them pay extrordinary fees. trish: i think there is something to that. >> really? you heard of court cutting right? trish: then you look at nbc comcast. >> prices are going down. pricing are going down. trish: that is it why these companies want to get bigger and bigger. >> but the problem is technology outpaced, look at that chart, shows you the street thinks this deal will not happen. trish: wow, yes. >> that's the problem with, with the, problem with the antitrust argument is that technology has outpaced the ability to monopolize in this space. by all, by all measures, people are, this is a deal that would
2:41 pm
theoretically help this company, these two companies survive as opposed to putting the consumer in the drives seat. you know, putting consumer at disadvantage of technology because i can get information a lot of difficult ways there. is competing ways there. is competing technologies to deliver, deliver information to me. it is almost nonsensical to think at&t time warner is like the at&t, remember at&t, when it was ma bell? when it controlled all the -- >> i remember. it was really expensive to call my grandmother. >> but that is when it was -- trish: you had to be very cautious. >> now it is not expensive. trish: you can talk as much you want. >> not only because of that but competition and technology. that is the problem with this argument. leaves us why are they doing? well, my guess is, listen i've been reporting this, for a long time, donald trump, and his advisors, one thing you had
2:42 pm
reince priebus, bannon, steve bannon, they are no longer there, with jared kushner who is still there, they wanted to block this deal early on. they actually talked about it at dinner conversations. so i know that for a fact. trish: think it is personal? >> yeah i do. i think it is personal. i think it is -- trish: street believes it is not going to happen. >> i think it is 60% personal. i think it is 40% steve bannon saying this is good populist play, breakup a theoretical monopoly, good for populist base. his base loves it. 60% personal and 40% political. in my view it is like nearly 100% legally nonsensical when you look at. >> i have to leave it quick. >> the street doesn't think it is going to happen. trish: clearly. >> it will cause a lot of pain on the street. trish: these companies will not be too happy. charlie gasparino, thank you very much. we are watching the market today. stocks hitting all-time highs. up triple digits on the dow.
2:43 pm
we're on pace, everyone, for the 60th record close on the dow under president trump. let's go to the floor of new york stock exchange where nicole is standing by. hey, nicole. >> we're seeing records across the board on the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500. i should also add the small caps, russell 2000, all-time high, as the vix, the fear index drops below 10 at 993 right now. the other monumental thing to note, the s&p 500 crossing 2600 for the very first time. we've seen strength in technology and also health care, industrials. those are leading the way, as far as some tech names. apple and microsoft, are actually best performers on the dow jones industrial average today, i have a long with visa and 3m. under pressure at this moment, ge, and also nike are coming under pressure. big picture, people are feeling pretty good. we have two weeks of selling for the dow jones industrial average where we lost 180 points. this week, shortened trading
2:44 pm
week. we so far have up arrows. we have a half day of trading on friday. maybe we'll break the downtrend we've seen with up arrows. i leave you with this, which is the goldman sachs note, a lot of folks are talking about this morning. basically saying bull market will continue in 2018 according to goldman sachs. there was a note titled, rational exuberance. it cites bullishness and above trend global economic markets and that the s&p 500 could drop about 10% if tax reform goes through as planned. it could pull back if it doesn't. but they are still feeling pretty bullish there at goldman sachs. trish? trish: thank you so much, nicole. cbs star charlie rose fired today over sexual harrassment allegations. the morning show he co-hosted, a big profit center for cbs so what the fallout for the stock? we have the intel for you next.
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trish: cbs fired charlie rose after eight women accused him of sexual misconduct. pbs terminated situation with the veteran journalist. these women say, rose groped them. walked naked in front of them. told one he dreamed about her swimming nude. this could be another huge blow
2:49 pm
for cbs hurting from slumping nfl ratings. the morning show is pretty important to them. he was a big part of that. hill very vaughn in los angeles with more. reporter: hi, trish. this follow as flurry of sexual misconduct allegations. cbs president said they terminated him following revelation of extremely disturbing, and intolerable behavior. i often heard things may be different but no one may be able to correct the past once that was acceptable should not be acceptable. eight women claim rose made unwanted sexual advances, lewd phone calls, exposing himself walking around naked and groping their private parts. rose addressed the claim, he said he thought the feeling was mutual with some. women saying in a statement in part, i am greatly embarrassed i based insensitively at times and i accept responsibility for that though i do not believe all of these a allegations are accurate. i always felt i was pursuing
2:50 pm
shared feelings even though i now realize i was mistaken. now his long-time co-anchors at cbs are reacting to the news saying the reports left them reeling. >> let me be very clear. there is no excuse for this alleged behavior. it is systemic and pervasive. >> charlie does not get a pass here. he doesn't get a pass from anyone in this room. we're all deeply affected we're all rocked by this i want to echo what nora said. i really applaud women that speak up despite the friendship. he doesn't get a pass because i can't stop think about the anguish of these women. what happened to their dignity. what happened to their bodies. what happened maybe to their careers. i can't stop thinking about that and the pain they're going through. reporter: trish, one of the victims, rose's former assistant said he told his long-time executive producer yvette vega about inappropriate interactions. according to her they shrugged
2:51 pm
off the whole ordeal. that is just charlie being charlie. trish? trish: wow. thank you very much. hillary vaughn. meanwhile senator al franken still knit off the hook for allegations of groping from at least two women, but listen to what senator elizabeth warren had to say when directly asked if he should resign. >> people are calling for al franken to step down. do you think he should? >> so, look, i was just enormously disappointed about this. al will be subjected to a hearing, in the united states senate and an investigation. we have had for a long time now in the senate, long before i got there, a bipartisan ethics committee, that meets on a regular basis, and he is going to go in and answer. this is a moment in america as i see it, and the question is, whether this is a moment that is big flash, and then, nothing really changes. nobody feels like they have to
2:52 pm
answer. or is this a moment when there is real change? trish: so she didn't answer the question. you heard, she was asked, should he resign? and we heard all about how this was a watershed moment, things really need to change. if things really need to change, then, senator warren, shouldn't al franken resign? she never said. i guess, she is being quote, unquote, political. but is there any reason to protect him given what you saw in that photo? he will go through the bipartisan ethics committee, they make the decision, more bureaucracy, more bureaucracy while taxpayers paid out $17 million to settle sexual harrassment complaints. anyway, i think the handwriting is at wall for al franken, just as it was for charlie rose. thanksgiving just two days away. a lot of folks make last minute
2:53 pm
trips to the grocery store. myself included. i have to get the turkey. is there a better, faster, easier way. jeff flock has better idea for you and me how shopping for thanksgiving will change, next. i think it's terrific.
2:54 pm
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your kids go to college and you start trading. >>yeah, 5 years already. 5 years, hmm. you ever call your broker for help? >>once, when volatility spiked... and? >>by the time they got me an answer, it was too late. td ameritrade's elite service team can handle your toughest questions right away- with volatility, it's all about your risk distribution. good to know. >>thanks, mike. we got your back kate. >>does he do that all the time? oh yeah, sometimes he pops out of the couch. help from real traders. only with td ameritrade. trish: with thanksgiving just two days away, many americans are scrambling for the last-minute items to make the feast but with the technology bringing it right to your smartphone, no excuse; right? no more standing in lines.
2:57 pm
jeff flock is doing some thanksgiving shopping apparently right now. maybe i should too. jeff, how is it going? >> i have been following a professional shopper all day. that's tina right there, and she has just spent the last -- i don't know. 20 minutes, half hour shopping for somebody so that they don't have to. this is the new app called shipped. and we're outside the meyer store here in suburb chicago and what happens is you get on that app, and it's essentially an uber for getting your groceries delivered. you have quite a hall here. >> yes. we did. freshly made apple pie and more things for thanksgiving. >> you know, if you look at things, trish, in terms of where people click online grocery, amazon gets more clicks than anybody else. i think it's about 50 plus%. but if you look at the size of the order, actually, the amazon orders are pretty small. it's actually the supermarket platforms and like this one
2:58 pm
where people get -- you've got a whole thing. and don't let me hold you up because i know this is stuff where you have to do. so this is where people can get their whole order, the whole order is upwards of 140, 150 bucks. and they seem to trust you to pick out good stuff for them; right? >> absolutely, and we take great pride in doing that. >> yeah. and, again, i don't want to get in your way here, but i'm looking, and i see there's perishable stuff in here and, you know, things that you have to pick out like you're getting them a loaf of bread. sometimes you like to get my own bread because my bread's going to get crushed here. >> nope. we make sure everything's packaged and handled very carefully. >> i will leave you with this here, trish. here at the meyer, a midwest store, 200 stores across the midwest, six states. they got this thing up to speed in four months. now they have 10,000 households -- or 10 million households and just celebrated your millionth delivery;
2:59 pm
correct? >> yeah. and we're really excited about that. and this is the bottom line, trish. this is a gigaeconomy. you have a special needs child. >> i do. >> and a regular job would be hard. and this lets you schedule your own hours. >> yeah. and i'm able to schedule where i need to and take off when i can't work. >> i'll let you go. someone else getting groceries delivered to their house. we did that earlier actually, trish, and people were quite happy not having to stand if line themselves. trish: i like it. have you done your shopping yet? >> me? trish: yeah, you. >> you know, i don't eat very much, trish. i'm fine myself this thanksgiving, so there you go. >> well, you're welcome to come over. and happy thanksgiving, everyone. trish: after pardoning earlier last hour, the president pardoned turkey, president trump and the first lady are about to leave the white
3:00 pm
house, headed to their mar-a-lago resort there in florida, so i'm sure they're looking forward to that. i'm looking forward for a day off. i'll be here tomorrow, of course, and i'll be on fox news on friday. liz, over to you. liz: you know, i hope our viewers are tuning in to you and me as bakers are cooking or baking. no lack of business news ahead of thanksgiving weekend as the markets charge to all-time highs in this final hour. look at this. the dow up 167 points. you're looking live at the white house where the turks have been pardoned, the phone calls with world leaders have been made, and now we are waiting on president trump to hop on marine 1 to begin his long thanksgiving vacation weekend. he's headed to florida with his family. we're going to take you live to the white house if he stops to speak with reporters, we want anything he says about the tax reform plan. well, the internet may never


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