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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 4, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EST

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massachusetts and michigan. >> he's really from utah. come on. he went to byu. he owns a home there. he not only owns one home, he owns two homes in lou: jason chaffetz setting the record straight. thank for being with us. kennedy: tonight a war of words, president trump fires off a major twitter warning. plus a new report claiming the the fbi found criminality in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. why was she left off of the hook? does steve bannon think donald trump jr. is guilty? grab some matches. it's time to burn this thing to the ground. kennedy: well, i hope you stacked up on canned soup because it looks like we're all going to die. north korean said in his speech the entire u.s. mainland is within the range of the nuclear strike and the button for
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nuclear strike is always on the table in my office. you should clearly know this is certainly not a threat but rather a reality. oh, little rocketman has a little nuclear button on his litinlittle desk. how dear. our dear layered and his speedy hot dock thumbs couldn't let that jab fly so the president tbeeted, quote, north korea president said that the nuclear button is on his desk at all times. would somebody from his regime please inform him that i too have a nuclear button but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than his and my button works. great. now we have a button swinging contest and hundreds of thousands of people might die because a couple of blow hards are in a twitter fight. so this is either the end of the world as we know it, and i don't feel fine, or the president and
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his genius has stumbled on to the only way to get the world strait from a nuclear armed sweet cheese [ bleep ] to childish taunts that will some day shame kim jong-un to death. the upside is kim takes his plow plutonium ball. the downside is we invade north korea, thousands of americans die on the korean peninsula. kim lobs every missile he's got from guam to vietnam and we respond with the hail of isotopes that puts us on a fast track to haiti. starting a planet ending nuclear holocaust is not going to do wonders for your legacy and it's hard to golf on a glowing radioactive ash heap. good talk. i'm kennedy. ♪
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north and south korea have reportedly spent the last few days trying to organize some exiend of diplomatic chitchat before next month's olympics and that sounds great. well the problem is north korea is reportedly preparing for another long range missile test. so will the president's warning bring us back from the brink or only push us closer? the daily beast column and author jordan chang is back. welcome back. >> thanks so much kennedy. kennedy: you have pointed out that the president in his first tweet had the right response saying that sanctions are finally working, north korea is feeling the chokehold and we're starting to see results. he should have stopped there, right? >> yeah, he had two tweets yesterday about north korea. and the one in the morning was really good. if we're going to have a peaceful solution to this, it's because trump's sanctions are actually going to deny kim the
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money to launch those missiles and detonate those nukes. but we have to talk about it and we have to get support from our friends, the japanese and the south koreans but we have to back away the japanese who have been smuggling oil to the koreans. we're not talking about that. and we're not talking about nikki haley's good words yesterday. kennedy: and she said we will not settle for a nuclear-armed north korea. so that is a red line that this administration has drawn through a number of surrogates including ambassador haley. >> what she did was set the terms for negotiation, basically told the chinese and the russians they aren't going to be able to do what they want at talks. but of course we're not talking about haley's words. everyone is sort of mesmerized by trump's tweet in the evening. kennedy: is it some sort of
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misdirection because he knew what was coming, some of the quotes from steve bannon in this new book? we're going to talk about that in a little bit. i wonder if the president ratcheted it up as a distraction. or the other alternative is that maybe there's some utility here. maybe he's will actually work psychologically on kim jong-un, what do you think? >> i would like to think that there was some thought before hand was it looked like a schoolyard tweet. i think the important thing is if you look at the policy options that trump has on north korea, none of them were helped by last evening's tweet about the size of his button. at this point i don't think it was really related to anything else. if it was, great for the president. i hadn't thought about that. but it doesn't make sense in the context of everything else he's trying to do on north korea. kennedy: yeah. so far i guess it's kind of worked. something has worked. now what about north korea sending a delegation to the olympic winter games.
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i think if that happens, and they actually send athletes to an international event, everyone involved at the delegation from coaches and trainers, doctors, and of course the athletes, i think they're all going to defect. every single one of them. >> many of them will we saw in the joint security area, we are the best of the best of the north korean soldiers are, that soldier who defected on november 13th, that dramatic escape, he had uncooked colonels of corn in his intestines which means they're malnourished. even the ones that kim has all of the incentive in the world to feed, he can't do it. we know the sanctions are working. there are other things. junior officials in pyongyang who are part of the favored class. they're not getting their rations. there is all sorts of evidence that trump's plan is working. now it needs to work more. but nonetheless we're on the right path. we need to talk about that though and that's -- kennedy: does diplomacy still have a shot here? >> yeah. as long as we can make sure that
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kim doesn't get money. at some point he's going to have to come to the table because he realized he has no choice. >> and you think he's going to south korea before he goes to china? >> definitely. but he may not go to south korea. the thing is we've got to back the chinese off to make sure they're not going to support the north koreans. trump has the ability to do that. the question is whether he has the political will. there is a peaceful diplomatic solution. it's when the chinese tell the north koreans you've got to give up our weapons. kennedy: i think it's better to punch china in the face than to bomb north korea but we'll see how it turns out. it could go so many ways thanks to the president's unpredictability. thank you so much. good to see you. meantime, the senate stay back in washington for their first day of work in the new year and one of the in of alabama democrat doug jones who famously beat roy moore in last month's special election. watch. >> that you'll faithfully
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discharge the duties of the office of which you're about too enter, so help you god? >> i do. >> congratulations. [ applause ] kennedy: well the party is republicans only have razor thin two-seat advantage, 51-49. lawmakers have a couple of week. that addition to a list of items including immigration and sphrainfrastructure. joining me tonight, my party panel, a fox news contributor, katie pavlich and robbie suave and former new york congresswoman, member of the board of directors, nan ha hayworth. welcome everyone. katie, doug joins is in a precurious spot. >> he is. kennedy: the people of alabama
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are, a vast majority of them are republicans. they don't want him to act like a democrat or in the democratic party's best interest. but it doesn't do him a lot of good to thumb his noise at his party so what does he do. >> think of the people who wrote in another can date. 23,000. those are votes that would probably go to a republican if it were someone besides roy moore who was running. in a reelection campaign doug jones is going to have to think about what he does over the next couple of months. can he come to the table and work with the president on a number of issues. one thing that the alabama voters don't like about him is he is an extremist on abortion. that's not on the docket this year. welfare reform is on the docket and -- kennedy: can he vote like a blue dog? >> i think he can. he has the leeway and the freedom to vote that way. and if he doesn't vote that way, it's bad for him. he has the permission to -- kennedy: does he have permission from the party?
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can he go to chuck schumer and be like hey, man, i have to vote this way. if you want me to win reelection in 2020 i have to vote like a moderate republican. >> if they want a democrat with the d next to their name to be reelected in alabama, he has to have the freedom to do what he needs to do for his constituency. it is a red state despite the democrat winning. kennedy: i think he's pretty hosed. so republicans do have this really narrow majority. it's going to be impossible for them to repeal and replace obamacare. but there are other areas where they could have some consensus. and i think immigration is one of them. what's another one? >> sphrar i infrastructure is tg everybody is talking about. kennedy: too much money. >> right. i hope they would concentrate -- they would look at criminal justice reform, look at revising the fed mall mandatory minimum sentences. very harsh anticrime, antidrug,
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very harsh sentencing coming out of clirn on the bu clinton. they could do mez ray ya renormal, the government has to show that you knew it was a crime which would be great given the number of laws and statutes that people violate all of the time. kennedy: the hillary clinton threshold. >> right. kennedy: if hillary can't be charged, neither can you. >> this would be popular with a lot of people across the aisles, young people don't think that people should be locked up for smoking pot and older americans increasingly don't either. kennedy: people are coming to their senses maybe because they're smelling all of the reefer smoke. who is in a tougher position? >> the republicans are in a tougherrer position, let's face it, because they have their renegades to begin with. they haven't gone away. and now they're down a certain vote. right? so they do have a tough row to hoe even though doug jones, as
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you said, katie, if essentiallye won't be popular among the democrats but he'll do okay by alabama. and they ought to run martha -- kennedy: i think there are plenty that are going to come forward with that. >> alabama got some more bad news out of the senate. orrin hatch, a trump loyalist and long serving senator announced yesterday he's going to be retiring at the end of the year. this opens the door for myth romney, one of the president's . romney has criticized everything and now trump and romney has reportedly warmed up to each other after discussing the gop tax plan. but if mittens doesn't decide to run for that senate seat in utah, well if he does decide, he will totally win it. should the white house be spooked? >> no. there were differences on the
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campaign trail between myth romney and donald trump as there were many differences that people had with donald trump. if you look at the agenda moving forward, if we're going to have a big spending bill, a establishment republican-type agenda, that's what it is, myth romney will fit into that just fin. kennedy: there are a lot of conservative activists in utah and myth romney is a likable candidate, a mormon candidate. a house in the state but he also has a lot of problems for being squishy when it comes to real conservatism. is he electable in that state? >> i think he is. >> would you vote for him? >> i would. i like that he holds the line on sort of the kind of more libertarian side of capitalism and he's not a drone anyist an . it's important to do that in a time when trump is the intel leg
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churl leader of the republican party even if they don't agree when it comes to the votes. kennedy: so how would myth romney vote if he were in fact a junior senator from utah? >> i any he would vote with the agenda. he's capable of being dignified. kennedy: he seems really nice but it's to so counter to what republicans. >> he's a class act. i think in an awful lot of ways, he's got a great track record as governor of a blue state. he's capable as a businessman. i mean he's had extraordinary achievements. he's capable of doing great things on the gov side. and i think what he has to do is, he can't be the voice of the never trumpers. he's got to be in line, keep it classy and he will be -- kennedy: stay classic san diego, stay classic salt lake city and
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d.c. i love when politics get so weird. it's fantastic. the party panel returns in a little bit. speaking of weird, steve bannon unloads on donald trump jr. and jared kushner saying that a controversial book was treesenist and unpatriotic. wait until you hear how the president responded. president responded. arnari fleissner joins me ♪ with expedia, you can book a flight, then add a hotel, and save. ♪ everything you need to go. expedia coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast,
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kennedy: donald trump jr. is now infamous meeting with a couple of russians in trump tower december 2016 was quote treesenist, that's not according to hillary clinton or anyone at the dnc. that is from former white house chief strategist steve bannon and his soon to be released book called "fire and fury." bannon called the meeting unpatriotic. it centered on getting dirt on hillary. bannon was not part of the campaign when that happened but he suggested now that don jr. should have alerted the fed and went on to say of a potential investigation, quote, they're going to crack don jr. like an egg on national tv. but this afternoon the president responded in a blistering statement which said in part, quote, steve bannon has nothing
12:20 am
to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. women this is going to be pleasant. joining me now were former white house press secretary ari fleischer is back. welcome back. >> thanks, kennedy. kennedy: shots fired. who started this one? >> quell, yeah, the big red button that trump was threatening to use, he just used it on steve bannon. i have never seen a statement like that come from a president this that is a 2-by-4 to the head of a former aid. and this former aid if he said those things, he deserves it. now is there truth to what bannon is saying? let's read the exerts, find out what he says. but i bet you that steve bannon is going to be denying those excerpts from those books. kennedy: this book that's coming out, it sounds like a lot of it is based on steve bannon's narrative. and for a while even in the
12:21 am
alabama senate race, when the president and steve bannon chose different candidates for that special runoff, it seemed like, at least from both of their points of view, what they said publicly, that they still had a common name even though they picked different candidates and then the president of course later endorsed roy moore. when did this alliance fall apart? >> well that's why i can't wait to see what steve bannon says. i want to see does steve bannon stand by it or is he going to deny as other people, since these excerpts came out, deny what's been attributed to them in the book. let's give steve bannon a chance, hear what he says about it. but if these are bona fide legitimate quotes, boy is steve bannon -- i mean, how does anybody know what to think about this point. steve bannon was a white house insider. he did see a lot of things. he had a perspective on things. and if this is his point of view, it's going to be
12:22 am
troublesome for president trump. trump obviously has given him the kiss of death saying that statement that steve bannon has lost his mind. let's hear it from steve bannon. kennedy: where did the president's base go. obviously they're in full support of the president. but they also have embraced steve bannon and his ideas. and they were protective of him when there seemed to be a rift in the alabama senate race. where do the base go? do they go to the president or to steve? >> donald trump is 100% right about this. this is donald trump's base. donald trump created this movement. steve bannon didn't. no aide does. no staffer does. this is all about the person who took a risk, put their name on the line and ran for office. whether you like them or don't like them, whether you voted for them or didn't vote for them, the movement in the country, it was bern my sanders' movement, it wasn't his campaign manager. it was donald trump's movement. and bannon would be artificially inflating anything if he thinks this has anything to do with
12:23 am
him. if steve bannon was that popular, why isn't roi moore the senator of alabama. kennedy: because he was an alleged child molester i guess. let's talk a little bit about, where do we go from here? does bannon have to undo this presidency? does he know where the bodies are buried? does he have the kind of insider knowledge that is so important for presidents to keep quiet that now the lid has been blown off of pandora's box is the president going to face holy hell. >> this comes down to steve bannon, his character, honesty, integrity and who knows what those factors are. i don't know steve bannon. if it's true, then steve bannon has an obligation to stand forward, say him the job, condemn donald trump and stand as other people have in history. scott mcclen land did that. let steve bannon stand on that
12:24 am
ground if that's what he thinks and let people judge whether bannon is right or trump is right. what i predict is that steve bannon is going to deny it. i think he's going to say the quotes were fabricated. he didn't say them. to abandon steve bannon. kennedy: you already have another close run of the president who was quoted in the book as saying -- this is a billionaire who has known the president for years, was quoted in the book as saying, he's not only crazy, he's stupid. the quote attributed to me by michael wolfe is completely utterly false. i have never been interviewed by michael wolfe. if steve bannon does the same, that may be the kiss of death for the author's reputation. but maybe great for a page turn. >> there's also a part in the book where he says that president trump didn't know who speaker of the house john boehner was. that's been shown to be false. the two of them played golf
12:25 am
together before he was president. there are things that are going to wash out. all we know now is a 23-page exert put out by new york magazine. if you're interest maryland politics, these things are rivetting. you want to see what's being said, who is saying what. i think after that donald trump statement today where he just eviscerated, destroyed steve bannon and left him dead on the field, steve bannon needs to pick himself up and let people know, is it true or not true. kennedy: very good. i'm sure we'll find out very very soon. thank you so much. >> thanks, kennedy. coming up after failing repeatedly in their attempts to repeal obamacare, many republicans want to take another whack at it but why is president trump's signature legislative victory so hard to contain? peter pseudoerman explains next. liberty mutual stood with me
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kennedy: new year, same problems. republicans failed to repeal and replace obamacare in 2017 doesn't look like 2018 is going to be different. the gop remains split on how to go about dismantles the
12:30 am
legislation. many worry there's not a lot they can do with the slim majority. that majority went to weight watchers. still some republican leaders like lindsey graham want to give it the college try. but the if gop don't have a solution or an exit strategy when it comes to health care, what on earth is next. here to explain the world's foremost expert on health care, it's peter suderman. it's time for suderman computerman. let's crunch free toes and the numbers. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. glad to be here. kennedy: glad to be here with you. let's talk a little bit about this. because i rail against obamacare a lot because i don't like any form of socialized medicine. having said that, you have to admit that the implementation of it is pretty brilliant because it's almost impossible to get out of. it was obviously designed that way. but it leaves the republicans in quite a conundrum. what do they do now? >> that was certainly the hope when democrats passed this, was they would create a new
12:31 am
entitlement that like the old ho kill. obamacare was unpopopular throuh president obama's presidency. and only last year did it finally become popular. and so now republicans is what y do. i think they have a couple of options. one, they can prop it up. and you have already seen proposals basically to fund -- kennedy: is that alexander murray? is alexander murray the weekend at bernies for obamacare? >> sort of. what it would do basically is it would fund the cost sharing reduction, basically the subsidies to the insurers that president trump cut off. however at this point even liberals don't want to do this because the effect of subsidiese insurance cheaper for people who
12:32 am
get subsidized insurance, which is most people and in the long run it's more likely that more people will end up covered. another option would be to try to take obamacare apart, tinker with it further. we've already eliminated the individual mandate through the tax bill. kennedy: this is the $6 million man plan where we're swapping out parts and putting in electronics. >> i think there will be a lot of talk about that. i honestly don't think they're going to be able to do that. because the votes aren't there. kennedy: is that graham cassidy? >> what he would do is take the whole thing, all of the money and block grant it to the states. kennedy: i like that. i like that a whole lot more. that's been the libertarian solution for a long time. we're talking about the same time which is fine, you have a lot to say and a pretty mouth. that's a libertarian solution, block granting. no one knows what it means. give a lot of money to the states and federalism. yay, right? >> i have some reservations about it because it would probably cause a lot of
12:33 am
disruption quickly. it wouldn't reduce spending. what it would do as rand paul pointed out many times is basically take money from blue states that expanded medicaid and redistribute it to red states that didn't. and in some ways that's a punishment that's okay, you guys played along with obamacare and now you're going to face the consequences. kennedy: pendulum swings, baby. peter suderman thanks for being here. now, a little more politics with your pop culture, boy are you in luck. because the work shows haven't been political enough. now the gold rn globes are happening this sunday. seth meyers says the show will be politically charged. this is myers first time hosting the ceremony and he promises to touch on the politics in hollywood and washington. he's best known for his late-night talk show where he frequently used the trump administration as a punching bag. how predictable.
12:34 am
is there any chance this is going to be funny or liberal hollywood patting themselves on the back. party panel is back. so, robbie obviously seth meyers has a great opportunity to dispel some of the clownish myths about liberal hollywood. will he take that hollywood, ant impugns all of these powerful men in his industry. i don't think he should shy away from trump. if you can make funny original jokes about trump, please do it. kennedy: don't say he's orange. >> if you could avoid the obvious, that would be great. but i don't know whether he's going to do that. i also don't know if anyone cares about the golden globe. kennedy: don't watch unless it's rickie jerick jer vase.
12:35 am
>> but isn't the post going to win anything, it celebrates -- kennedy: yes, patting himself on the back. steven spielberg. >> i don't mind politicians being made fun of on late-night television. it's important part of our political culture in american so it. what i do not like is people like jimmy fallon and jimmy kimmel getting up lecturing the rest of america how they should behave and vote, telling us details of legislation on capitol hill that they get wrong. it's one thing to make money of people and have a good time. totally good with that. i think people are sick of that right now and they've already told them they're going to be political. they've turned off half of their audience automatically at a time when ratings for these shows are way down. keep it funny but don't lecture america about what they should or should not do and i hope there are no jokes about how americans are bibbinamericans ae
12:36 am
they support the president. >> what a fine line. it's inherent, implicit in the way all of these people so arrogantly and one-side edsly approach their jobs. i'm old enough to remember johnny carson. the incredible talent who never revealed his politics. he could poke fun -- kennedy: he poked fun at everyone and had interesting people on the couch who disagreed with each other. >> with wit. agility. it was entertaining and informative. so much more worthwhile watching than these incredibly arrogant coddled entitled bias -- kennedy: i think there are a lot of smart people in late night but they live in the bubble where they're agree with the rest of the authoritarian force fed overlords in hollywood and it's sad because you end up with predictable material. hopefully we won't see that. we probably will.
12:37 am
thank you guys so much coming up, a new report says congressional investigators have discovered criminality in the hillary clinton e-mail case. could that cause more trouble for the twice-filed presidential candidate. tim carney joins smooth, easy strokes. when you're raising a child... just a little pinch. soft. when you're doing it alone, be strong. thanks, dad. life takes softness and strength, which is why we make angel soft with a balance of both.
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12:41 am
fbi's probe of her e-mail server scandal. an explosive new report on the hill claims gop lawmakers have secured written proof the fbi believes there was evidence laws were broken when clinton and her top aides transmitted classified information via her e-mail server. one key witness admitted to the fbi to erasing an archive of clinton e-mails after they've been subpoenaed subpoenaed by c. the most glaring was the fbi drafting a statement exonerating clinton. an agent yet to interview dozens of witnesses, a move that suggested that the probe was rigged from the outset. i'm not sure what could possibly give them that idea. joining me now to discuss, commentary editor tim carny.
12:42 am
welcome back to the show. >> kennedy. kennedy: what is the most glaring standout of this new information for you? >> for me it's the continued delusion of these e-mails. it all goes back to the fact that the federal law requires the public records to be preserved. that's why you're supposed to do it on government e-mail and the government, the state department should be able to preserve all of these and then they would determine what is a public record and what is hillary e-mailing about yoga. we know that 30,000 of these e-mails for destroyed was hill ry decided they weren't public record and we'll never see what was in them. hereby we're finding out things that were destroyed after word of the investigation got out. either it was out of paranoia or hiding something that hillary world deleted the e-mail before the proper authorities could look at them. kennedy: and they used interesting parameters when they deleted the e-mail and chose
12:43 am
which ones to keep. there were certain key words, certain e-mail addresses to whom the messages were sent and received. it was very shady and there wasn't oversight because some of the lawyers were longtime loyalists who switched positions from being lawyers to chief of staff, from human abedin to cheryl mills. brian has not been named but we can assume it was him or someone who worked for the outside server company, he was given immunity and now it sounds like through this investigation he was given immunity because he lied and they immune niez d didy could get more information. >> this reminds us of, you know, how martha stewart ended up in jail and how some of these guys, like george pop lop lues gets in
12:44 am
trouble. a lot of times they're looking for an underlying crime. somebody lie to cover up something that may or may not be legal. maybe they're lying to cover up something politically damaging. and they end up going to jail for that. in most places if you're to lie to an investigator while you're under oath you're not going to jail. but on a federal level you can. an immunity if they're getting more information out of them, i would rather learn more about who was avoiding the federal records laws -- kennedy: or who told him to delete everything. >> i would rather learn more about that. kennedy: i want to know who was standing over his shoulder telling him to do that and when they did it. it almost doesn't matter when. it was if you lose the presidency, i guess. thank you so much. great having you. coming up, a colorado dog broke the internet but did he also break into her mom's marijuana stash? we have the answer and a list of
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kennedy: on this very day in 1920 the boston red sox traded babe ruth to the new yorkian keys for $150,000. it was considered the worst trade of all time until president obama traded five
12:49 am
guantanamo bay detainees to the taliban in exchange for bo bergdahl. bo couldn't hit the conserve ball and the only time he walked was when he abandoned his post. this is the topical storm. bo, i am your father. what a [ bleep ]. topic number one. we begin tonight in colorado where holiday eating has left everyone shocked by what they see when they lock in the mirror. this is joleen. who are all of those dogs. he's seeing her reflection for the very first time or she's just gotten into mommy's stash of edibles. i'm going to go with the edibles for 500. oh, joleen, get the dog, get the cute dog. the dog is so flat and shiny. the video has been watched by over 200,000 people. she's wracked up 33,000
12:50 am
instagram followers. and youthis time next week you'g to be locked in the kennel with chewbacca mom and double rainbow guy but at least you'll get to chase grumpy cat. alaska airlines was forced to cancel a flight after a rat walked onto a plane at the oakland airport. witnesses say he didn't stay long because of the outrageous baggage fees, cramped leg room and tiny portions of cheese. but the federal law requires an exterminator to come in and clean the plane. so while 140 passengers had to get off -- there's a picture of the rat taken before boarding. oh, there he is. hey, guys, it's me, steve bannon. we don't really know if he was the white house rat. all we know is that the leaks have stopped since he left, which could be a total coincidence.
12:51 am
wink wink nudge nudge. the real-life airline rat boarded a plane flying from oakland to portland. he's a hipster rat who ordered the cheese ironically and only left because they wouldn't let him bring on his therapy raven. donald topic number three. let's head down to houston, texas where a man was smuggling fireworks inside his car until he literally met his match. yep. check this out. this new year's eve party was going just fine until somebody set off a firework too close to that car. it was full of them. 600 explosives went off inside this brand new dodge charger which is now selling online and listed in mint condition. show me the carfax. i don't believe it. it's illegal to set off fireworks inside houston city
12:52 am
limits but the police did not charge the man for damages because their explosive sniffing dog would have caught it. there she is! no, not sniffing cars though. joleen jumping around like a dog on the fourth of july. where's the fireworks? go get 'em, go get 'em, girl. i'm talking to myself. topic number four. d.j. call lynn best known for his hit song not all i do is win win win notes but now he's hoping to do nothing but ♪ lose lose lose after signing and enforcement deal with weight watches. you can expect his calorie counting ways to last about ten days or until someone brings in a fully loaded bong into the studio. until then he'll serve as the company's social media ambassador and he will
12:53 am
participate in the free style diet program as oprah winfrey. when you're making oprah money, you can pay somebody to freestyle kick the pizza out of your hands, your fat little hands. you get a slice and you get a slice. hey, where did my slice go. it's a small price to pay to look good for gayle. topic number five. hot thahotakotb was apopular cht lauer on the today show. her salary is not favorable. she will reportedly earn $7 million a year. but it's $18 million less than the $25 million nbc paid matt lauer and that's megyn kelly's shoe budget. it's a lot less complicated because matt wanted to be paid in singles and megyn wanted to
12:54 am
be paid in ma nolos. hoda said she received a congratulatory texas from matt lauer himself which we can't show because this is a family prak. but we can tell you that kathie lee gifford honored her with lovely fireworks display after hearing the news. yeah. i'm not expert but next time around they should probably set off the fireworks before the box of wine, kathie. who do you think drinks more? kathie lee gifford or nancy pelosi. i'll let you discuss at home. a new study that claims that swearing is a sign of honesty. well if you were my editor, you'd know that i speak nothing but the truth. the night craft is next.
12:55 am
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kennedy: if you meet someone who never swears or curses, who claims they never swear, chances are that person is a [ bleep ] liar. this according to researchers at the university in the netherlands who conducted a study on swear in society and found that people who regularly use profanity are far more
12:59 am
likely to tell the truth in everyday conversations. or as i like to call it, shooting [ bleep ]. participants were asked to self report their profanity use as well as a number of things they lie about in a given week with the result showing a direct correlation between cursing more and lying less. they did caution, however, that the rate of profanity decreases dramatically when people know they're being analyzed, which is why i try not to ablgh act likea total [ bleep ] when my producer are in the studio. if someone insists on constantly calling you an [ bleep ] outloud, chances are they're telling you the truth. put that in a pipe open smoke i. i'll see you this same time tomorrow so don't be [ bleep ] late. thanks for watching for the best hour of the day. follow me on facebook and instagram. tomorrow night on the show,
1:00 am
ambassador john bolton, and joe concha. a man movement right here. i'll see you - [announcer] the following is a paid presentation for the gotham steel smokeless grill, brought to you by emson. just look at this mouthwatering steak and succulent barbecued chicken. you love that grilled flavor, but actually grilling can be a hassle. you choke on the smoke and dodge the flames to keep burgers from burning. it's frustrating. and then, you have to deal with the weather. and forget grilling indoors. the smoke could cause a fire drill, until now. introducing the gotham steel smokeless grill, the revolutionary new indoor grilling system that's virtually smoke free. that means you can grill restaurant quality steaks right inside your home, perfectly cooked every time. from barbecued baby back ribs to fresh salmon and veggies, even juicy cheeseburgers, all without the smoke.


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