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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  January 25, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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me. that's the message. trish: look, we're all very aspirational, as we should be. it's part of what made this nation so great. thank you so much, gina and robin. we're off the highs of the session but still up 70. liz has gotta. liz: we're looking at a snapback reversal, the nasdaq just hit session lows suddenly, both the s&p and the nasdaq lost all their gains and are now in the red on this hitting the tape in what appears to be an attempt by trump to clean up somewhat of a mess that treasury secretary steven mnuchin made yesterday when he had said that a weaker dollar is, quote, good for the u.s. and trade. president trump just saying moments ago nobody should be talking about the dollar. telling cnbc calls for a strong dollar moving markets and the greenback right now. we do have the dollar reversing, going from negative to positive. president trump wrapping up his dinner with global business
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executives just moments ago. the leaders from multi-national companies like adidas, see men's, necessarily -- si men's and many more right there in davos. america, he said, is the land of opportunity, and his america first vision, he says, includes global cooperation. so the president did arrive at the world economic forum very early this morning saying the message he's hoping to send is of great prosperity and great peace. he's already called his visit a success after seeing, quote, tremendous investment in the american economy. we've posted our own countdown camera in davos. bane capital's chair telling us what the vibe is like there. very different with this first presidential visit since bill clinton. and how the world's elite view his america first policy and his own business. plus, they call him vladimir putin's banker, vtb bank
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chairman and president andre costen answering the questions head on, did he try to help president trump build trump tower moscow, and is he a kgb spy at one point in his life? yes, we've got to be the only network asking that question. on wall street, the dow and s&p 500 had been didty with -- giddy with earnings season, but you see the reversal now. the dow, which had been up 206 points, is now up only 60. the s&p down 4. pretty much session lows. and the nasdaq lower by 18. we're less than an hour to the closing bell. suddenly everything's moving, so you've got to stay with us. let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: and we've got this breaking news. departing american express ceo ken chenault is joining airbnb's board of directors. this is the first addition to the board since the vacation
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rental company was founded back in 2008. there i am with ken back this may talking to him at the warren buffett an yule shareholder -- annual shareholder meeting for berkshire hathaway. chenault on that -- actually, no, he is not, he has certainly run the company that warren buffett9 has a huge stake in, amex. also on facebook's board, so he's getting a lot of sort of a new career bump by joining boards of companies. now, despite the market's dollar dive that i just told you about, the dollar had dough, and hen it has now -- then it has now reversed. wall street is looking right now at big losses at least when you compare them to how high we had seen these indexes. the s&p 500 now down 3. it had been up 11. the nasdaq had been up 43, and we've got now it's down 15. so pretty wild swings on this news that president trump inen an interview just said that everyone should be quiet about the dollar, don't talk about it.
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leave it alone, in essence. we need a stronger dollar, it's better for the country, right? you may not have heard of knee well, but you use sharpies, of course, crock pot, yankee candles, today it is struggling with investors, it's down right now nearly 22%. the very bottom of the s&p 500 after the consumer products giant said times are tough, and it's exploring options for several of its businesses. and struggling to boost sales, a move that could slash the customer base by half. home depot employees, they can now invest in whatever they want, forget newell, the company giving as much as $1,000 to its hourly workers as part of the tax reform bump that the company itself has gotten, joining the ranks of 251 corporations saying that they're using the new tax benefits to invest in their workers and give back to their
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workers. therenot doing too much for the stock, right now one of the worst performers, it's down about three-quarters of a point, but the stock's been on a really significant run over the past several months. let me get to davos. a bumpy ride for the dollar at this hour. president trump and his administration, look, you could call this damage control. see these red arrows? remember at this time yesterday they were all up meaning every single currency on our board was stronger against the dollar because treasury secretary steven mnuchin had said yesterday that he thought -- and here's the exact quote that rattled the currency markets. he said, obviously, a weaker dollar is good for us as it relates to trade and opportunities. folks, trump administration started taking heat from all sides the minute that got out. the "wall street journal" editorial board did not stay silent, today saying, quote: what a spectacle. the man whose signature is on the greenback, that would be mnuchin, tells the world he wants it value to be lower so
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the u.s. can beggar its neighbors on trade. "the wall street journal" op-ed went on to suggest the white house ought to examine the history of strong and weak dollar presidencies, specifically pointing out under president jimmy carter's control, the weak dollar. we saw a complete collapse in the dollar. so now president trump making these comments, and we should continue to show what's going on with the dollar. blake, you're there in davos, switzerland. we saw a very quick reversal in stocks as soon as this happened. they went down, dollar went up. >> reporter: and the president is here in ta vote, liz, obviously, to sell the economic success story, really, that he and the administration see so far in the first year plus of his administration. we just saw a little bit of it a little while ago as the president is dining right now with really a who's who of business leaders from all across europe. the leaders, just to give you a few names here, of adidas, bayer, volvo and nestle. here was president trump just a
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little while ago. >> i just want to say that there's been a lot of warmth, a lot of respect for our country and a lot of money, billions and billions of dollars, coming into u.s. and people are very happy with what we've done not only on the tax bill, but also cutting of regulations. and i think also being a cheerleader for our country. you know, if you're not a cheerleader for your company or your country, no matter what happens, it's not going to work. >> reporter: you mentioned the dollar, and what steve mnuchin said yesterday when he got here to davos before president trump had landed. well, steve was on this, the treasury secretary was on this very set earlier this morning with maria bartiromo. he was asked about that, and mnuchin said he is simply acknowledging the reality. >> my comment was just stating the fact which, in the short term, a lower dollar is helpful to our trade imbalance, okay? and has certain benefits.
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so it was really a statement of fact. >> reporter: really a statement of fact, he says. in an interview a little while ago, liz, the president said he ultimately wants to see a strong dollar. liz? liz: blake, thank you very much. and i don't know if you can see this, i know you probably have a monitor there, but look at the intraday of the tow or the nasdaq or the s&p -- the dow. they all pretty much mimic themselves because we had gone from highs, and then suddenly the reversal on this news about the president trying to do i guess a little bit of a public tongue lashing. but you can see how we started to dive just after about 2:15 in this interview where he said nobody should be talking about the dollar. zip it about the dollar. [laughter] there are a whole bunch of reasons why. you don't want to hurt your citizens of the country by weakening the currency they need to be strong to buy things. all right. right now it's actually just after 9 p.m. in davos, switzerland. president trump has just finished his private dinner. here's video on the screen. there were a whole bunch of
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international business leaders. this after making his rounds on the first day at the world economic forum. as business and world leaders scramble to get in front of the president, i asked the co-chairman of bain capital, big private equity outfit, what the atmosphere's like, how is it different now that president trump is there? he's the first president since bill clinton to visit the world economic forum. here is steve. >> there has been quite a buzz. i actually just saw president trump come in to the davos hall, the congress center, as you know, and a lot of excitement about that. he has a delegation of seven or eight top officials, and i think that's good because they're having meetings with world leaders and talking about trade and economics, and i think more end engagement is better than less. liz: absolutely. before he even arrived though, he sent up a warning flare by slapping tariffs on things like imported washing machines and solar panels. the message he would say being america first. when it comes to trade deals,
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how do you as a businessman perceive that perspective? >> well, i actually think they softened that approach here. gary cohn has been addressing folks in the world economic forum and talking about the fact that, you know, we're free -- we want free trade, but we have to have fair trade. i think those tariffs have not caused a major shock here, and i think there's lots and lots of issues like global warming and the global economies in general, strength of the dollar that's dominating the news here. liz: talk about that. you have used the strength of the bain dollars to buy and sell all kinds of operations, take them private, then clean them up. you're wearing qanta goose. you bought canada goose a couple of years ago. that's been a huge play. tell us what the global atmosphere for what you want to do and bringing in money by making those transactions is really looking like. >> valuations are high, and what we do at bain capital private
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equity, we have a long history of going in, as you know, and working with founders or buying two companies at once, really trying to transform companies. and that model has worked very, very well through 30 years, and the main issue we focus on is making sure we're not trying to make our investment returns on a higher multiple than we paid coming in because the multiples that we are paying coming in now are at the high end. so we've got to bank on really improving the company, improving exports, doing acquisitions, all the kind of things that are in our kind of blueprint playbook and stick to our strengths and be disciplined. liz: this america first tariff move, had it been in place for chinese toy imports which we know has hurt toys r us at least in part, if they were in place, would toys r us, in which bain has a stake, be closing 182 stores or would be alive and thriving? >> you know, again, i don't know if those tariffs would have meant anything because there was
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a lot of disruption over the internet and also disruption from the fact that walmart -- which is a key competitor -- was using toys as a loss leader. liz: okay. >> and that's history from a long time ago, and i think it's very hard to compare what would have happened in a different scenario. but in general, bain capital and i think the world believes in free trade. it has to be fair trade. and i think the trump administration and gary cohn is really talking about, you know, combining free trade with fair trade and making sure the agreements are fair for all sides. liz: fair for all sides. no fairness when it comes to the set isics. it's really unbalanced -- set ins. they're number one, you're part owner of the celtics which is incredible. number one in the atlantic division. they just snapped a four-game, i guess, losing streak last night against the clippers. what do you see for your team here? >> well, we're very excited about the team. it's really exceeded all of our expectations. it's a very young team, and as
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you know, five minute into the season gordon hayward, a fantastic player and great person, broke his leg, and that was really -- i was there. tough to watch. but it's incredible to see how these young men have rallied around gordon and the team and had a fantastic record so far. we're looking forward to every game in the playoffs and seeing them grow and develop, and i think they have a bright future. so everyone in boston's excited, the patriots in the super bowl, it's a very good time to be from boston. liz: yes. rub it in. all the new yorkers here are completely annoyed. [laughter] steven, good to see you. are you going to get to meet with the president, do you think, or be at any international dinners? >> yes. there's a small reception tonight, and i think the president and his team will be there, and i'll be interested to see what he has to say and how he's reacting to being in at the world economic forum. e think it's great because he does have a large delegation, because more engagement is helpful to the world and
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america. we'll look forward to seeing him tonight. and as always, i'm the warmest man in davos. the canada goose jacket -- there's a big storm coming in here, it's very windy, and those that don't have those jackets are really cold out here. liz: yeah, but they're $1,000 richer because those jackets cost $1,000. canada goose. thank you to steven. by the way, here's who's not invite to the trump dinner: anyone russian. he's known as vladimir putin's banker. his bank rumored to have lent money to build a trump tower in moscow, and now he may be the next target, he himself, of u.s. sanctions. coming up from davos, i ask vtb bank chairman and president andre kostin point-blank what's the real story there and which americans are meeting with him in switzerland, because they're not all giving him the cold shoulder. take a look at the dow, it's up 58 points, folks. that is record. in fact, any gain is a record. the s&p, not so much.
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it had been earlier but has reversed and lost its gains. closing bell ringing in 46 minutes. a legendary invest e or now saying so-called fomo on the stock market's bull party is driving stocks to lifetime highs day after day. is that fear of missing out now making savvy investors like you guys out there do dumb things with your money? our traders are ready to tell you next in the floor show. don't go away. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ liz: so first the employees get to is see memos from their billionaire hedge fund managers, and then they sometimes give it out to the public. well, we just got one. hedge fund legend and founder of oak tree capital howard marks has a memo that was sort of year-end, beginning of 2018 where he says -- this guy's a billionaire -- unrealistic investors are jumping in head first into the markets because they're afraid to miss out on the rally. he adds that searching for returns in these sky-high markets makes them desperate, and we we all know desperation often breeds bad decisions. to the floor show. look, sarge, the dow is jumping 87 points, it jumped a couple of days this week. still, people are fearful of
3:20 pm
missing out, and they haven't if they got in even late. so what's the problem here that you see? >> you know, i, i think there has been a fear of missing out for quite some time. i think the market gets to a point where it has to go sideways, the questions i'm seeing -- i have a large exposure because of the articles i write and e-mails i send -- the questions have to do more with protection. there's less of a fear of missing out right now. i think with more of how am i going to protect this january. i already have this year to date gain i never imagined, myself included, how do we lop off the risk associated with the last four or five days of the month as the pension funds, we all know, will be forced to sell stocks going into january 31st? so there is going to be a sell event before the end of the month. liz: scott, what about this worry that people are going to start making panicked, frantic decisions, borrowing too much on margin calls and then we've got bubbles that are starting to burst? do you worry about that? >> absolutely.
3:21 pm
and, you know, i'm seeing people make decisions both based on fomo to get into the market but also panicked decisions getting out of the market. so people that would make an investment whether it's in the s&p, in the futures market, stocks, whatever it is, what i'm seeing right now is earlier exits from their positions than typically would be. also based on the fear not just of missing out, you know, to the upside, but that fear also to the downside. so i'm not seeing so much of the protection buying in vix options or anything like that, but what i am seeing is kind of panicked decision making getting on the out. exiting positions then getting back in -- [laughter] but it's really -- i seriously haven't seen this in my 25-plus years of trading. liz: that always makes me nervous. guys, i'm so sorry -- >> oh, no. i've got more! [laughter] liz: okay, go.
3:22 pm
really, really fast. >> no, it's not about buying protection. that's what i'm trying to say, it's about lowering your cost basis. it's selling protection. it's jacking down where you got in so even if you get hurt a little bit, you still have a p on your p and l. liz: profits and losses, for those that don't know. scott and sarming, good -- sarge, good to see you. connell and melissa are going to be big names after the bell. we've got 38 minutes before the closing bell rings. dow is climbing up just a bit here, up 91 at the moment. what's at the top? well, boeing and then 3m leading the dow 30 after 3m said fourth quarter sales increased 9%, and its electronics business is dragging growth. but ford finding itself in a sticky situation after reporting disappointing fourth quarter results saying they've got rising commodity costs. we're talking materials, unfavorable exchange rates, lacking on the details traders
3:23 pm
say. all i'm hearing is blah, blah, blah, i'm planning on the break. ford is down about 5%. up next, america's biggest railroad. since the trump economy has helped it chug along in 2018, but will leaks about a new trump infrastructure plan send its trains click clacking down a whole different track, a maybe bumpier one? chairman, ceo and president lance fritz, union pacific, joining us next live here on "countdown." ♪ ♪ but it's about building relationships with one another. because that will manifest change. ♪ i'll stand by you. mvo: anybody can make a difference. it's easy to give back. it's just a little bit of time. ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you.
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♪ ♪ liz: now the dow's up 110. okay, as the president and his administration hobnob in the swiss alps, somebody back home is leaking details of the infrastructure plan that he might roll out at wednesday's state of the union address. while the white house hasn't said that the leaked plan is the president's plan, they haven't yet said that it isn't. so let's just tell you it's got a $1.7 trillion price tag on it,
3:28 pm
and then question hovering over it, how to pay for that. now, adam shapiro just talked about this in the last hour. something call value capturing where landowners around the construction of bridges and rail stations would be targeted with taxes due to the fact that their property is suddenly worth more because of the new infrastructure. they would be extracting value from the perceived success and growth around the infrastructure plan. one company that would be greatly impacted perhaps by the pending infrastructure, union pacific. it runs the largest railway system in the united states spanning 23 states. and right now we've got the chairman, ceo and president of union pacific, lance fritz. lance, we don't know if that was a trial balloon that administrations sometimes send up to see how people react, but let's just first get your reaction. how would union pacific be directly impacted or indirectly by such a plan? >> let's start at the highest level, liz.
3:29 pm
we love infrastructure investment because it helps the u.s. economy be more robust. a good highway system, a safe airway system, robust electricity grid, all that ultimately would benefit the union pacific. now, we're a firm believer in user pays, right? we main that tape our own right-of-way and private property, and we'd want the users of those infrastructure investments to pay for them as well. liz: do you get the whole idea that anybody who happened to own land nearby a rail station that you might build or who knows what, that they should then be taxed even though there's no firm dollar sign on just how much they may benefit from such infrastructure? >> so, liz, i haven't seen this leaked report or plan, so i really can't talk about those details. i will tell you in general we're not big fans of higher taxes. [laughter] liz: that's good to know, because i don't think most
3:30 pm
americans are. speaking of the taxes and tax plans, corporate tax cut, how do you see that affecting you guys? >> first and foremost, it's going to impact the u.s. economy favorably. i think it makes our manufacturers more competitive globally and more competitive locally. and that's good for us, right? because that'll, that'll prompt the industrial economy and the consumption economy to grow and prosper. as a result then, that's going to generate more opportunity for us which'll drive capital investment, and it'll drive employment, and our jobs are very high paying jobs. liz: and also when there's more demand, there's more commerce and activity, fuel prices tend to go up. your quarterly numbers, you did get hit by higher diesel prices, correct? what do you do about that when you've got that issue, and yet you've got more carloads because the economy's doing better, and companies are selling more, and they need to move their product. >> yeah. i would tell you if the diesel
3:31 pm
prices increasing because of a robust economy, we'll take that math. we're more competitive than our primary competitor when it comes to fuel economy. we're four or five times more fuel efficient than truck which means we're also more environmentally friendly. and right now truck capacity looks like it's tight, which is a real optimistic part of our outlook into 2018. so if diesel grows a little bit, we've got surcharges in place to recognize that, and it really generally helps our business from a competitive perspective. liz: you -- it's sort of the railroad that shall not be named, is that burlington northern? burlington northern is stealing some of your carload share, as i understand it. western cargo. and, of course, that's owned by warren buffett and berkshire. what's going on there, how do you get that back? can you reverse that tide? >> without commenting on anybody
3:32 pm
else's business model, i would say that we compete aggressively in our marketplace for business. and when we compete for that business, we do the math on can we generate an attractive return off the that business, and will it generate enough to reinvest back into the railroad. those are the markets and the business opportunities that we pursue and take advantage of. right now the marketplace for coal and international intermodal is particularly competitive and aggressive. most other markets that we serve we compete with somebody, a lot of time it's truck. and i think we're holding our own in most of those markets. liz: well, it's great to see a booming economy or at least getting there, starting to really rev up, and i can only see positive things for the railroads. thank you, lance. it's great to see you. >> thank you, liz. it's been a pleasure. liz: based in nebraska, right there in omaha, the choo-choos, the original union pacific. it's america first here and in calf vote according to president
3:33 pm
trump -- davos according to president trump. with the closing bell ringing in 28 minutes and the dow the only one in the green right now, but the s&p might reverse. it's now flat. it had been down more than four points. we're watching this closely. but the pretty much president trump is making -- pitch president trump is making, that america first on the world stage as he meets with heads of state and heads of business, seemingly missing from all of the guest lists where he wants people to hear that message, anyone russian. up next, the russian man many call vladimir putin's banker, andre kostin, with me. you have to hear what he says about the administration's russia snub. he's still finding a way to meet with some of the biggest names in u.s. business. "countdown" coming right back. he names the companies. ♪ ♪ copd makes it hard to breathe.
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♪ ♪ liz: president trump on the ground in davos now meeting with world leaders and business giants from all over the planet. but just not the russians. one russian big wig reportly complaining that americans are dodging russians right and left at the swiss alps shindig to have world economic forum partly because a sanction bombshell is about to be dropped on russian elites including russia's most powerful banker, andre kostin, of vtb bank. chairman and president, andre kostin joins me now from davos. what about that, andre? are americans in davos avoiding the russians? >> well, i don't know. i know that the member of our government was called to say that, but i'm not meeting any officials at least. i'm meeting only with bankers, and we do have meetings with american bankers.
3:39 pm
they're all calling, i know them for more than a todayen years. and business as usual. but i never asked for any american official to meet me because that's not part of my job, frankly speaking. liz: which banks? which american banks are you meeting with? >> you know, we work, we work with a lot of banks, jpmorgan, citigroup, bank of america, bank of new york. so we all have a relationship with them, we all have business with these banks. liz: so president trump is going to have dinner with a group of international business leaders. you're not on -- >> russians aren't included. no. understand it would be dangerous for mr. trump to meet russian bankers. i'm always ask whether i ever deal with mr. kushner, with mr. trump, will i ever gave money to them. never. i never saw anybody from the trump family. i never gave money to anybody from the trump family.
3:40 pm
so that's why i'm probably not included, because i'm not a partner. but i understand mr. trump who's focusing on european ceos and business particularly trying to invite them to informs in america -- invest in america and have a dialogue with european business. russians are not included, definitely. liz: you to know that there is this apparent list that's coming out, and you may be on it, that there will be this new list of sanctions that target individual russian business moguls and oligarchs. what is your reaction to the prospect that you financially may be cut off personally from doing deals outside of russia? >> i am much less concerned -- you know, we all know that we will die sooner or later. are you afraid of this? i think not. sanction list doesn't depend on me. my bank is kicking a very good policy -- conducting a very good policy of transparency, end open, and we have no complaints on the part of american
3:41 pm
organizations that we did violate any regulations of any law. if myself and my bank, which is much worse, to be punished because of the the political elite in america seeing that mr. putin is doing the wrong thing, but i can't very much influence this. i just have to wait and see and then act according to the conditions. liz: you've always come on the show. you've never said no to me for an interview, but the perception is, andrey, that you're radioactive. the kremlin owns more than 50% of your bank, and i'm sure you've herald of the investigation going on -- heard of the investigation going on. you've just said you had no contacts with anybody, the trump organization, you've never lent any money, but there's a guy named felix sader who's done work with the trump organization cooperating with the department of justice and said vtb was going to lend must be for trump tower moscow.
3:42 pm
what do you say to that? >> it's a lie, it's a lie. he's a crook. he's a crook and he's lying. liz: simple as that? >> absolutely. absolutely. as simple as that. liz: and speaking of perception, they think you were a kgb spy. did you ever do spying for the kgb? >> never. never, ever. i swear, and, you know, i never lie to the press. liz: but, andrey, i feel like you're in a very difficult position -- >> why? liz: because you run a bank and now that bank cannot do massive opportunity deals here in the united states. you were with me right here on this set in 2012, and you were, you had great hopes. you were about to open a new branch. right now that's not happened here. you are in 20 other countries. to whom are your allegiances? is it the kremlin who owns a big chunk of your bank, or is it to all of your shareholders to do what's best and figure out a way to get out from under these
3:43 pm
sanctions? >> liz, it's not my fault. it's not my fault. very clear policy, we conduct very clear policy. we are a bank just the same as any other company in the world, and we are part of these geopolitical games, and i think the russian bank is not very much responsible for this. i think it's the american side that decided to go on way of sanctions which i think is damaging for the global economy, for russia, of course. and i can tell you no businessman i know at least says that this was a right and good thing. and i think we are on here, you know, the truth behind us. that's why i'm so calm. liz: i know you have a very tight schedule, a lot of people want to meet with you. if you pass president trump, would you wave hello on the street in davos? >> he never met me, and he doesn't know me. but i can wave him like this -- [laughter] because, well, i think, i think it's interesting how he is conducting his, you know, war of one person against the whole
3:44 pm
world. liz: it is great to see you. thank you very much, andrey. >> thank you, liz. liz: next time. >> next year. liz: andre kostin. by the way, you may find this interesting, u.s. interest rates are rising, russia's interest rates are dropping but still at 7 plus percent. is the russian reality bubble brewing right now? andre kostin answers that on claman confidential, go to for the online exclusive. by the way, we're going to have more from davos tomorrow. billionaire investor jeff green is there. he is going to join us to share his thoughts on president trump's speech at the world economic forum which happens tomorrow morning. so we'll see you tomorrow. billionaire jeff between right here on claman countdown. in the meantime, the closing bell is about 16 minutes away. well, andre costen might not be getting to meet with president trump, charlie gasparino has
3:45 pm
just learned that the commander in chief made some time for one of his u.s. business pals in davos. up next, the exclusive details on a newly-revealed private presidential powwow. charlie breaking it next. ♪ ♪ when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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liz: we're just getting this breaking news. we have reports that shares of viacom, as you see, are moving higher by 2% on this report from reuters that a merger with cbs could be back on the table. reuters is reporting that ceo bob backish and cbs chief les moonves have had an exploratory discussion about americaing the two companies which is something that shari redstone who is a huge shareholder of viacom, she, of course, the daughter, she's the daughter of sumner who founded it, right? well, the talks are preliminary,
3:50 pm
and no official decision has been made, but redstone would like to see that. it could signal, this meeting, that moonves who's been skeptical of deal could be more open to it now. as long as he gets to control it, i'm sure. >> yep. liz: charlie gasparino, did you just finish. >> i never lie! i never lie about being in the cia. i mean, kgb. [laughter] liz: total opposite. was he sort of blinking when -- do you blink when you're lying or not lying? >> what do you expect the guy to say? if he tells the truth, yes, i'm kgb -- i'm not saying he is, but if he blurted out something that vladimir putin wouldn't like, there's be a cell in the gulag ready for him in siberia. [laughter] liz: if he's lucky. >> get to my story. liz: okay, let's go. >> well, intro it. liz: oh. trump and davos is actually meeting with a ceo or has been wining and dining with business communities after his administration passed this massive corporate tax cut.
3:51 pm
now suddenly companies aren't so worried about meeting with him. i guess in secret, charlie? >> some in secret, some not. this is interesting breaking news. i'm trying to figure out how to fit in trump's, you know, hatred of sharks into this, because there's no sharks in davos, right? liz: no. it's the highest city in the swiss alps. >> trump loves it there. apparently the ceo community -- and this is the real story -- essentially boycotted the trump economic team following his response to the charlottesville riots. remember jamie dimon, steve schwartzman, all the major ceos went off these various business councils. liz: they left because of the white supremacists, they didn't like his reaction. >> they didn't like his reaction which they thought supported white supremacists, quite frankly. that's what they did publicly. since the corporate tax cuts and since he's been pushing the corporate taxes and since they've been enacted, a 180 has occurred. every one of these ceos are now
3:52 pm
embracing trump, some in private, some in public. all of them are at davos. jamie dimon could not meet with trump personally, trump was having a meeting with u.s. business leaders. i think he speaks with foreign business leaders tonight. and guess what? but it didn't matter because jamie dimon went to d.c. last week and met with donald trump, the president, and from what i understand, it was a great meeting, and dimon has said to enthusiastically support trump's business agenda. another ceo that bowed out of that business council, steve schwartzman, the ceo of blackstone, he -- from what i understand -- has been meeting with trump regularly particularly after he got his baby saved, the private -- the carried interest loophole was saved. he's been meeting with him privately. from what i understand, he's part of business leaders, we're getting this from people close to mr. schwartzman, that he's part of the business leaders that personally met with trump today in davos with others. so what you have right now both in private, in d.c., in davos is
3:53 pm
a corporate love affair with president trump after essentially abandoning him, starting out very skeptical. because, remember, donald trump was very class warfare-ish, he had steve bannon railing against corporate ceos. then came the charlottesville response which a lot of ceos, they run public companies, they thought it was bad for business to be associated with someone that seemed to be expressing some sort of positive notion about the white supremacists at that rally. but now post-tax reform which handed businesses, particularly big businesses a massive corporate tax cut, handed mr. schwartzman over at blackstone, basically kept with a few nuances his carried interest loophole, they're hugging it out with donald trump right now. there is -- liz: big group hug. >> this is a big group hug. jamie, schwartzman, you name it, heir all loving donald trump. they're all loving donald trump. liz: not the russians, though.
3:54 pm
[laughter] they don't get to hug him. >> you know what i like about the russian guy? [laughter] he made it sound like if i see donald trump, i run to other side of street. [laughter] liz: no, he was smart. he said he wouldn't recognize me because i've never met him. >> no russian ever met with donald trump ever! they might have met with donald trump jr. but not donald trump himself. [laughter] the other thing is i think it's interesting that, you know, he was, like, running -- he wants nothing to do with the trump story. corporate america right now loves donald trump. and now, why wouldn't you? liz: giving back to their employees, and the employees like him too. and look at this market right now. another record for the dow -- >> sharks, and he hates sharkings. liz: 25 points. and we do not quite have it for the s&p at the moment. it is slightly green, but we need to see. just about a point and a half higher. closing bell is six minutes away. >> oh, i can't? liz: no, you can't, sorry. ♪
3:55 pm
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liz: three minutes to the closing bell on the s&p even though it's up it's not quite at an all-time record. it needs a couple of tenths of a point. it just made it. it has to be at 2839. almost there. rapper 50-cent. he's sitting on $7 million in bitcoin. here's the thing. he didn't even know it. he says he forgot that way back in 2014, he took payment for sales of his album animal ambition in bitcoin. he ended up getting about 700 bitcoin. that means he's now worth in that bitcoin pile $7.5 million. how should he invest it? let's bring in bill, ceo and cio of capital management. suddenly you fall into 7 million today. what do you do with it? >> well, that's -- that is a wonderful dilemma. you know, the old saying goes if you want to end up with
3:59 pm
$3 million, start out with 7 million. liz: exactly. >> and so the first thing to understand is we're very late in what's been a wonderful bull market, which for the professional investment community just got recognized in the last three years and for the public is just getting recognized now. so you're late in a cycle, so you want to make your cycle in something that you wouldn't be embarrassed to own during the next decline. and that's a key fact. and the things that are available at good prices and are out of favor are mostly things that are depressed because of fears of the way that their industry is going to get disrupted by the fame companies. liz: well, you say you like walgreens and tgna is that ticker symbol. bill, we're going to put that up on our page. but, bill, you're right. it is interesting to see,
4:00 pm
especially when, yes, this is another record that bill gets to watch over there. 141 points but any gain would've gotten us there. i'm going to have to say the s&p is too close to wall. in fact, i'll let melissa and connell sort that one out. i'll see you guys tomorrow. connell: yeah, we'll take care of that and more. stocks responding into the close another record high. second day in a row. tenth time this year. i've been counting. melissa: that is amazing. connell: it is amazing. s&p and nasdaq they are fighting to join that record territory. the s&p just a little bit lower. i'm connell mcshane in today for asmand. melissa: and i'm melissa francis. here's what else we're covering during this very busy hour ahead. a full day for president trump in davos, switzerland now just wrapping up a big meeting with foreign business leaders pushing for more investments in america. before that holding two high profile meetings earlier.


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