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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  January 26, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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can't tell you because it's classified. devin nunes came with this way of writing a m >> the passenger is peace and prosperity. that's what we have. we have tremendous -- lauren: breakings news this morning, three hours from now the president will deliver his america first speech at the world economic forum in davos, he's expected to say america is open for business. cheryl: also breaking news overnight, the white house unveiling a framework for a bipartisan immigration bill that would offer path for citizenship for the dreamers and secure the border. the democrats went on the attack. lauren: we saw records on wall street. let's check out futures up 37,
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mind you, all three major averages up four weeks in a row. cheryl: in europe stocks opening flat. investors are, of course, awaiting to hear what the president has to say at davos this morning, is he going to talk about trade or the dollar? we expect him to do just that, all higher. lauren: in china shanghai composite up a quarter of a percent. cheryl: and it's official, what flavor krispy kreme customers voted for, we have the winner, fbn:am starts right now. ♪ ♪ lauren: happy friday, it's january 26th, thank you for joining us, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone, another strong finish for the markets, unstoppable.
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lauren: 401(k)'s continue to do well, rich people at davos are getting rich. we begin with breaking news this morning, of course, president trump at davos meeting with the leader of rwanda ahead of major speech. senior administration officials says the president plans to reiterate the u.s. is open for business, he's expected to discuss america's engagement with the world explaining what america first really means on the world stage and he also plans to talk about collaboration in areas of common cause, defeating isis, putting pressure on north korea. this is what the president said moments ago. >> the united states is doing fantastically well. better than we have done in decades. the stock markets are incredible. businesses are coming in back to the united states. i think it's a great message that people are going the like to hear it. cheryl: the president talking
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about historic move on u.s. markets. take a look at the u.s. dollar. take it another down today after briefly bouncing back, remember, the president of u.s. currency will become stronger and ultimately he wants to see strong dollar, secretary mnuchin said a weaker dollar is good for trade. well, fox business will carry the president's davos address, that's life this morning 8:00 a.m. eastern time. mornings with maria, live from davos, that starts at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. >> well, the trump administration is unveiling a long-awaited framework on immigration. we do have the details, a path to citizenship for estimated 1.8 million dreamers over the next ten years, also provides $25 billion for both securing the border, a border wall and security features plus personnel. limits chain migration to minor
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children, no extended family and no parents and eliminates the visa lottery system. cheryl: some are criticizing, the administration's antiimmigrant framework is an act of staggering cowardness which attempts to hold the dreamers hostage to hateful antiimmigrant scheme yet democrats were stuck to get a deal on dreamers, they have it an not happy with that. lauren: there are certain people that will never be happy. also breaking overnight. source close to white house saying that president trump that president trump wanted to fire mueller but lawyer and other aides talked him out of it. the source cannot confirm whether he threatened to resign over the matter but the source added that the former white house chief of staff reince priebus and steve bannon believed trump was going the fire mueller and concerned about
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the political fallout of all of that. white house attorney coob declined to comment, trump says it's fake news that he was going the fire mueller. cheryl: house minority leader nancy pelosi downplaying bonuses. pelosi bashing that the thousand dollar bonuses, calling it crumbs at a town hall meeting on tax reform. [inaudible] >> you get the crumbs and we get the banquet. cheryl: former dnc debbie wasserman schultz also downplayed the thousand dollar bonuses. >> i'm not sure which a thousand dollars that are taxable goes very far for almost anyone? cheryl: we should say a lot of companies, boeing, disney,
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apple, have been sharing the wealth from the tax cut. lauren: that's what they are talking at davos still. wal-mart is striking up a major deal in latest push to compete with amazon. cheryl: tracee carrasco has the story and other headlines, good morning. tracee: good morning, everybody is trying to keep up with amazon, japan's top e-mothers company to start e-books and audio books, digital and audio books will be add today wal-mart's website. in return wal-mart will help rakuten, this is a push of wal-mart to compete with amazon. cheryl: you would still need a device to read books from. you can buy it from -- anyway. just pointed out. dell is thinking about going public, is this a discussion
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again? >> dell reportedly looking at purchasing cloud infrastructure company. if the company pursued a public listing, it would be one of the biggest ipo's which would give the companies to pay down debt. dell went public and investment form silver lake. cheryl: they just merged with emc. that was the biggest technology merger in the globe. lauren: let's have some fun. krispy kreme, they announced new limited edition doughnut flavor and i'm disappointed and cheryl is disappointed. tracee: i am too. cheryl: i heard two different flavors. i've heard two -- fake news, what is it? tracee: the new flavor that voters have picked is lemon. that's what voters have chosen. nearly 2 million voters cast online ballots from january 16th through the 22nd, the voters
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pick will be featured on the menu for one week this spring, the choices were caramel that came in second place and blueberry in third place and maple in fourth place. krispy kreme -- cheryl: i wanted blueberry. they were giving me fake news, you're right. darn it. [laughter] lauren: but lemon but lemon it is. cheryl: coming up, president trump is descending, well he has descended on davos and we are just little less than three hours of america first speech. we will talk to our experts about what to expect and how the president has been received so far, do you think that there's going to be a boycott by some on his address this morning and how do you stop teenagers from those dangerous tide pod challenges? one bakery thinks they've got on
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answer. you're watching fbn:am.
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- [narrator] what does your character look like? does it bounce back after each setback? does it stand out by standing up? does it make good on good intentions? character is invisible until it's not. only through action will the world know what it's made of, what you are made of. find out how you can strengthen the character of your community alongside empowered veterans and families of the fallen at lauren: tgif, a deadly hospital in hospital in south korea.
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, killing at least 37, injuring 125. most of the dead have been hospitalized, for respiratory diseases, they were in intensive care unit which was on second floor, the cause of the fire under investigation and officials say the death toll could rise. meanwhile passengers on a chinese bullet train had to be evacuated after the train burst into flames, firefighters rushing to extinguish the blaze which officials say was caused by breakdown of local equipment. passengers ended up on the snowy train tracks but luckily no casualties had had or reported. get this, bakeries across the country they are turning a dangerous trend, social media trend into a tasty treat, you might have seen the tide pod challenge, kids eating the poisonous deterringant packet. bakersers have taken matter into their own hands, baked up a
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doughnut that's been decorate today look like a tide pod. this is less than eating thing that won't kill you, the real tide pods are poisonous. cheryl: kids shouldn't be eating them. go for the doughnut. in just a few hours president trump is going to become the first u.s. president to address leaders at the world economic forum in almost 20 years, he's expected to push his america first agenda and that it does not mean america alone. something our treasury secretary mnuchin told maria bartiromo yesterday. >> it's all about american jobs and the reason we have the largest delegation is to say we are open for the business, we are attractive for business and come invest in the u.s., a good u.s. economy is good for the rest of the world. cheryl: open for business. how is speech going to be received this morning?
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guys, good morning. >> good morning. >> well, robert. i want to start with you, from a political perspective, how do you think the president will be received, some african leaders may be walking out on the president's address this morning? >> you know, i think when you look at it attending an event like this, it's kind of like a perceived tough crowd, there are people who want to come in the back door and not offend any people and then there are folks who want to come in the front door and have the confidence they can win people over and the president certainly peoples to be the latter, i think what we are seeing is that with the understanding that this is about business and about a strong america that you're seeing business leaders certainly react. i mean, you know, as mnuchin said, a strong america is a good for the world economy and if you really care about the things that so many say they do, human rights, equality, and fair
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treatment of everyone, strong america leads to a world that that could happen. cheryl: a forum about globalization, i'm not talking complete protectionism but what makes sense for country but what's interesting because on the business side of this we do know from senior white house official that he's going to be talking about theft of intellectual property, china, anybody, some of the trade law, the trade law, an agreement that are in place and is there law followed saying we are open for business and we are going to engage and collaborate on a business, on the business side with other countries. do you think that's going to be well received by ceo's in the room? >> i think it will. let me do kudos to the organization of davos. first time that we have women cochairs and recent report that i think it's accurate and relates to the issue that the key to unlocking economic in the world is getting more women in
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the economy. let's say that first. secondly, let's talk about davos men and women, the most important things of economic growth is less people being left behind. the economic order is very sick and the people in davos have to begin to understand that. third in terms of trump, the critical thing about trump is he's a probusiness populist and that's something that a lot of people do not understand. cheryl: but, you know, he's also too, he will have to address, we know he's expect today talk about the threat of isis, we expect him to talk about north korea. this is a president that has been tough by terror. isis all but have been dissolved. does he take credit this morning and how does that go over? >> i think it's important for him to make it clear and some of these already know that the u.s.' strong leadership makes all the difference in facing the global threats. all this wouldn't be possible,
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we wouldn't have the security we have in europe and the prosperity we have in europe for the last 70 years if it wasn't for the u.s.' strong position. and i think that the president kind of symbolizes the reemergence of that. as much as the socialists in europe hate to admit it, they need a strong u.s. cheryl: they certainly do, i will leave you with the last thought on that, how do you think business leaders in particular in europe are going to receive that he will talk about the fact that they want businesses to be in the united states. that's the whole point? >> well, there's no question. this probusiness populist has done two things that the business leaders and hopefully people care about economics growth are interested. one, unabashed progrowth tax policy, in other words, we are going -- for the first time see businesses come back to the united states and then secondly, unabashed regulation which is what businesses want. cheryl: the markets have loved
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it, robert, mark, thanks for getting up early, we certainly appreciate your time this morning, we want to let everybody at home know that we will have live coverage from the president's speech at 8:00 a.m. eastern time and make sure you turn in with mornings with maria, 6:00 a.m. eastern time. thanks, guys. lauren: i'm confident, washington post headline, trump wins over global elites at davos. the washington post. first nile diamond and then elton john and now this. ♪ >> latest news, expecting relief from cold weather from the weekend but it's not going to last you long. how long is the question janice dean coming up with the forecast
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♪ ♪ ♪ lauren: one of my all-time favorite songs, retirement from the road, southern rock group will embark on last of the street survivors, farewell tour this may, the rock and roll hall of famers have been touring
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almost nonstop believe it or not since they started performing and reformed themselves in 1987, that was a decade after three members including original lead singer ronnie van zant died in plane crash. special guest kid rock and the charlie daniels band. ticket ifs you're interested go on sale next friday. cheryl: maybe i will listen to a little sweet home alabama, i hear it there will be nice and warmer weather. lauren: this is a happy song. how long is springtime going to last, janice dean, happy friday. janice: happy friday. we will get a little taste of spring and temperatures go crashing down again. there are your currents, 51 in kansas city. i said it before the really cold air is still in canada. that's the good news, it is wintertime, i think we have 53 days countdown until spring. last 12 hours, we do have a bit of shower activity across the central u.s. east coast looks good although
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we will see a wet sunday across the east coast if you're traveling and then we also have potential for showers and snow across the west coast, good news for skiers speciallyily across the northwest into northern rockies, there's your forecast today, looking good across central u.s., 42 in minneapolis, i think they will take that. 38 in new york city, bump up of temperatures as we head into the weekend, let's take a look at it. end up on a good note, 52 on sunday and temperatures drop as the next cold front moves through but not like crazy cold, just winter cold. lauren: your blouse is cheering me up this morning. springtime blouse. janice: springtime. happy weekend, ladies. lauren: what's the countdown? janice: 53. cheryl: so coming up, history has been made by kfc, they've put the new -- picked the new
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colonel. ♪ lauren: cheryl: yes, that's a woman, who we will tell you, is the for the record explore making people sick, serious complaints against truck maker. you're watching fbn:am. ♪ (nadia white) the moment a fish is pulled out from the water, it's a race against time. and keeping it in the right conditions is the best way to get that fish to your plate safely. (dane chauvel) sometimes the product arrives, and the cold chain has been interrupted, and we need to be able to identify where in the cold chain that occurred.
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>> the message is peace and prosperity. that's what we have. we have tremendous crowd and a like they've never had before. cheryl: breaking news this morning. the president in davos in three hours from now he will deliver the america first speech. he's expected to say that america is open for business. lauren: also overnight the white
5:29 am
house unveiling framework for a bipartisan immigration bill that would offer a path to citizenship for the dreamers and secure the border, democrats immediately attacking it. cheryl: records on wall street, strong earnings, today new report on gdp, ahead of that right now futures are pointing to another strong open, dow up 54. lauren: this is how stocks are across europe, the cac in paris almost 1%. cheryl: in china shanghai composite about a quarter percent to the upside. lauren: first for kfc, new colonel sanders is a woman, fbn:am continues right now. ♪ ♪
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>> and it is almost 5:30 in new york. january 26th, good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning, everybody, i'm lauren simonetti. colonel sanders looks good. cheryl: whoever she is, we will reveal later with tracee tracee carrasco. president trump set to deliver a major speech at world economic forum in davos switzerland. lauren: one of the speeches america is open for business. >> good morning, lauren and cheryl, right now president is meeting with elaine, wrapped up a meeting with rwanda's president but the main event is the closing address at the world economic forum where president trump will talk about creating business and free nations working on shared goals as he arrived in davos, he spoke to reporters, here is what he said. >> the united states is doing
5:31 am
fantasticically well, better than we've done in decades, stock markets are incredible. businesses are coming in to the united states, i think it's going to be a great message that people are going to like to hear it. >> the president with unapologetic message that america first and america is open for business and despite skepticism from european leaders he's gotten outpouring praise from europe's powerful ceo's, the heads of volvo, adidas, spurring investment. >> biggest investment program. [inaudible] >> i like to thank you first of all for having me but also for spurring on all this growth.
5:32 am
>> he will also call for corporation not just on business but confronting threats like north korea and isis around the world, lauren, cheryl. cheryl: griff jenkins, griff, thank you very much and fox business is going to carry the president's davos address, that's live this morning 8:00 a.m. eastern time, mornings with maria will be live again from davos. that's at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. lauren: president trump is in davos. the white house surprising everybody by releasing new immigration proposal last night. the plan creates, here you go, path to citizenship for 1.8 million immigrants who mostly came to the u.s. as kids in exchange congress would lay out $25 billion for a border wall plus other border security measures, it calls for an end to controversial extended-family chain migration as well as the visa lottery system. well, the reaction to this proposal, it's been swift and often harsh particularly from the left but also from the right, let's break it all down with john hopkins professor
5:33 am
windy and conservative radio host eric, good morning. >> good morning. lauren: eric, you've seen the proposal, do you like it? >> i do like it. i think it's a pretty good balance from a president who didn't want to give citizenship to any daca recipient to 1.8 will get it. lauren: wendy, the key question is something like this can actually fly in congress? >> this is not going to fly at all, this is definitely dead on arrival, the reason i say that because a lot of immigration proponents want to make sure that there's a pathway to families, this would cut that, not only that but diversity visa lottery and also says it's going to cut what it's dubbed as loopholes for individuals and increase in deportation, this is something that's not going to be any stretch -- lauren: what do you want to see instead, wendy? >> well, the first thing i don't want to be attacked the issue with family migration, just to say that you can only apply for your spouse or your children,
5:34 am
that doesn't extend it enough because some people were raised by their grandparents, for instance, right, so those are issues that they need to definitely address, the graham-durbin bill, not bill but proposal was jumping-off point where democrats said we will give money for the wall, but this proposal does not even allow a conversation, so they need to go back and try to restructure this to -- to speak to people's needs and it doesn't do that right now. lauren: what do you think about that, eric? >> well, to the issue of of chain migration, chain migration itself were more than just nuclear family can come in tends to not even be popular among immigrants according to polling. i would say that to that point, i was briefed from the white house yesterday and made point they are keep to go nuclear family, if somebody is raised by grandparents, that nuclear family unit would be allow today immigrate into the country. there is a backlog of 3.8 million immigrants that they'll grandfather in under
5:35 am
chain migration. it'll more than a decade to process new people when they'll be a new administration in place. the fact that the president will try to get 1.8 million people citizenship who he opposed is a good starting point to the white house, though. lauren: i want to pick up on the last point that you made, we are seeing criticism from the right, breitbart news, you know back in september when the president first suggested, you know, amnesty for the dreamers, they didn't like that, they called them amnesty dumb. it's extremely bad idea, white house plan expands u.s. citizenship for illegal aliens to potentially uncontrollable levels. the fear is, eric, that this opens up a pathway for 11 plus million illegal immigrants to get amnesty. >> right, the white house yesterday when they were speaking with me about immigration and were insistent that we have to have border security, they do want a 25 billion-dollar trust fund for the wall, they want to take away
5:36 am
incentives to move into the country quickly to try to take advantage of this law, one of the components of this would be to start having desperate treatment between immigrants who were in western hems sphere in deportation versus eastern hemisphere, they want expieded process for all deportations in order to disincentives mass deportation of the country of illegal immigrants trying to take advantage of the law. lauren: do you think, wendy, he's insisted that he wants a border wall, do you think we will get a border wall? >> i don't think he will get border wall, i think he will get funding to beef up security but i don't think a wall will occur. i need to remind everyone that this is going to be the most comprehensive attack on legal immigration since 1920's, this is not something that will be agreed upon and the good point that you've made, this is not something that people on both sides of the agree, that's fine, we will not have a give-all where both parties are going to be 100% satisfied but we need to
5:37 am
have proposal that takes into account the needs of democrats and the needs of dreamers. right now the dreamers are being held hostage for $25 million and that does not make any sense at all. lauren: go ahead, eric. >> well, you know, the dreamers, they will get citizenship here, 1.8 million of them. the original white house white house prosal was 640,000, boost it up to 1.8 million and apply it to people they'll apply, they will apply to people that are applicable. lauren: thank you so much. cheryl: we have breaking news we want to get to. live pictures that we are getting out of davos, switzerland, bilateral meeting between president trump and swiss president, let's listen in for a moment and see what they are saying. [inaudible] >> we have very strong economic relations, they are strong and growing very fastly. very interesting, more than 500 -- [inaudible] >> more than 3,500 business
5:38 am
locations. half a million jobs and i think, i believe we can even deepen this relations to economies and to build up together solutions to global issue. so once again, welcome, thank you for being here and i look forward a good discussion. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. mr. president, it is a great honor to be with you. davos has been exciting and in addition to that i think we are bringing a lot of -- a lot of things back to our country including tremendous good will, had meetings yesterday and last night, dinner with some of the great business leaders of the world, as you know, and it was -- they are happy on what's happening in the united states,
5:39 am
we are setting records and we will continue to set records, believe it or not, we have a long way to go, we have a lot of upside, tremendous -- we have a tremendous margin up and a lot of people are saying, well, we've gone up a lot and can we go up. we have a long way to go, cut regulations, we've passed the tax bill, the likes of which our country has never seen included in that bill, part of the bill that people don't talk about. trying to get approved since president reagan and we got that and the individual mandate which is a important repeal of obamacare, biggest tax cuts in the history of our country and we also have major tax reform. it's had a tremendous impact on our country and you see it and
5:40 am
everybody sees it and switzerland is just a great place, so many friends in switzerland, great investors and you have a lot of our stock in the united states so i have helped switzerland even richer and i'm happy about that, but the stock market is up almost 50% and i will say this with great conviction that had the opposing party won in my opinion because they would have added additional regulation to already the tremendous regulations we have, i believe the markets would have been down anywhere from 25 to 50% instead of being up almost 50%. we have done a great job and a lot of people are happy about it and in a little while i will be speaking about it. but i just want to thank you for honoring us. we have tremendous respect for you and congratulations on the election. >> thank you. >> tremendous respect for your country and it's an honor to be here, thank you. >> thank you.
5:41 am
>> thanks, everybody. thanks, everyone. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, everyone. cheryl: okay, president trump having a bilateral with swiss president berset, making comments about trade and obamacare. lauren: we will be right back. at business? d stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at
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duh ♪i was born to be somebody
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cheryl: google wants to make searching ad free. tracee: good morning, guys, google is letting you mute annoying ads that stock you around the internet, you know they are going to be introducing a tool that will let you block those ads saved and looking at website you didn't buy something and you left, so those items this are sitting on online cart, you may see ad for a pair of jeans or a pair of shoes on another website. you will be able to block those on google partnering 2 million websites and apps now. so a little less annoying there. lauren: all right, this is interesting, unusual, ford explorer owners are complaining that their vehicles are making them sick? tracee: yeah, they are saying they are getting nauseous and vomiting because of ford explorers and ford has said that they are not going to do recall and this may be because there could be concerns about carbon monoxide leaking into the car. lauren: this is scary. tracee: very scary but ford says
5:45 am
the vehicles are safe, ford explorers are okay but people are still complaining, this is for the models 2011-2017. now the investigation is ongoing, it's been going on for a few years now since 2016, there have been about 1300 complaints of this happening. cheryl: that is frightening. well, in another note, history being made at kfc. tracee: yes, kfc has a new colonel sanders, as next colonel sanders is giving the character a little bit of country music flair. take a look. ♪ ♪ tracee: country music singer reva mcintyre, first female celebrity in the role, first musician ition and commercial starting next week. mcintyre wears the famous black suit with tie with twist, the
5:46 am
outfit is glittery and kfc because of southern roots and to promote the new smoky southern bash cue. cheryl: oh, yum. >> she loves kfc so she was thrilled. lauren: it's an honor quite frankly, tracee, thank you. cheryl: what kind of a coffee, starbucks coming out with earnings, weaker than expected sales growth in the latest quarter. that report coming after the bell, same store sales rising 2% in the u.s. but that missed the estimates, melissa owner of stock swiss, joins us now. >> good morning, how are you? cheryl: they are not selling chicken but they certainly didn't sell as much coffee as they had hoped in the quarter, what happened? >> well, for some reason they keep falling short of analyst expectations for the last five
5:47 am
quarters they are doing that, of course, they are showing sales but not meeting analyst expectations, the stock is down this morning, traded around 60 bucks last night and now fell around $57, it's around this morning, so the stock could possibly fall today. it really hasn't made new highs since june of 2017 which isn't -- isn't that far off the highs, it was at 64 was the previous highs but considering the bullish market we are in that's not that great. low holiday sales, not enough were drinking the pumpkin spices which personally i loved. cheryl: i had a big christmas tree capuccino. a company that put a lot of money whether was expanding in china, building high-end, spending money on real estate. maybe they stretched too far. >> it could be that. living in new york there's a starbucks every 5 feet it seems.
5:48 am
cheryl: i don't mind that. let's go to intel, let's talk about this, intel despite the security issues wall street was pretty pleased with what they had to say in their quarterly reports, stocks up 20% over the last year, strong performer, what did you make of intel's numbers? >> i have to be honest with you, i'm not crazy about the stock, i'm not bullish unless it hits 40, that's not that far away, this morning around 45, we will see where we open, considering, again, we are in such a bullish market, the last time intel made al-time highs were 18 years, in the year 2000, that's a long time, they have made up a lot of ground in 2017, i will give the stock that, looking at the chart, looking at the technicals and they've had some security flaws which came out. so they are trying to, you know, fix those but the bottom line is the stock is just not performing as well as it should be. you look at some of the customers like microsoft which is flying, flying in this market. cheryl: yeah, melissa, great
5:49 am
perspective as always. love having you on the in the morning. thank you for being here. >> thanks so much. lauren: starbucks need to bring back the tuxedo latte. cheryl: that was good. lauren: you can kind of get one still. we are getting in trouble. we have to get to great. cheryl: i know. lauren: the nfl will include medal honor recipients during the super bowl. and if you do not succeed, try again, mchamon wants to bring the football league.
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retail. under pressure like never before. and its connected technology that's moving companies forward fast. e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. lauren: ready for some football,
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americans expecting to fork over pretty penny in super bowl spending $15 billion in the game between eagles amend patriots this according to national retail federation. 190 million people expected to sit down and watch. cheryl: well, we've got breaking news this morning, fallout continues for unspeakable acts committed by former usa gymnastic dr. larry nassar. lauren: jared with the story. good morning, jared. jared: one day after he was sentenced 175 years in prison for sexually abusing 150 athletes, the united states olympic committee sent message to usa gymnastic board of governors, resign from your positions by next wednesday and adhere to other conditions or usa gymnastics will be decertified. now to avoid this measure an interim board must be in place by february 28th and other conditions met. roger federer, he's the new england patriots of tennis, off
5:54 am
to another championship thanks for blisser that forcedded oant to retire. federer goes through grand slam, tiger woods return to pga tour yesterday. the farmers insurance open, tiger missed fairway in opening shot, near whole in one, par 72 shots behind the leader tied for 86th place. just days after nfl rejected proposed ad for u.s. veterans group for super bowl 52 program that ask fans to please stand for national anthem. the nfl announced 50 recipients for medal of honor, will take part in opening toss ceremony, received his medal for courage at the battle, will flip the coin surrounded by other medal of honor recipients. the xfl is coming back. vince mchamon made the
5:55 am
announcement yesterday. >> we will present a shorter, faster-faced, family friendly and easier to understand game. don't give me wrong, it's still football, but it's professional football reimagined. jared: he's asking fans for input, maybe fewer commercials, maybe no half time, also no criminals in this league even if you had a dwi, you're out. cheryl: thank you, jared. you can catch jared fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115. lauren: we have live report from london coming up on fbn:am
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♪ when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. where life meets legal. lauren: it was another day of records on wall street for the dow and s&p 500. today we get a look at first-quarter gdp and while the global economy is going great, there's caution at least some of it in era of davos, riva gold from the wall street journal in london, hi, riva. >> good morning. describing an atmosphere where everyone is basically worried that nobody else is worried. you've got stocks at record highs, the global economy is accelerating, but a lot of money managers are concerned that it's very hard to know exactly how high you can go and when things
5:59 am
start to shift and, of course, the more bullish the kind of consensus is in the market the steeper the drop when things show signs of turning around. lauren: it's funny how that works, it's anxiety out there. let's talk about currencies. volatility is falling again this morning but the euro crossing 1.25 for the first time in three years, so what exactly is pushing the euro higher today? >> it seems as though it can only go up all year latest fall is ecb mario droghi which seemed not too concern about the rise to have euro during press conference. he was upbeat in the economy and he mentioned while perhaps we should worry about volatility in currencies, it wasn't going to stop him from the slow normalization of policy here. lauren: all right, riva gold, thank you so much, have a good weekend and we will see you next
6:00 am
week. >> thanks for having me. lauren: thank you for joining us on fbn:am, we will send it over to mornings with maria which starts right now from davos. ♪ >> live from davos, switzerland at the world's economic forum, here is maria bartiromo with the special edition with mornings with maria. maria: good friday morning, everybody, from davos, i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday january 26th, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. pitching america first on the world stage n just two hour's time president trump will take the global stage selling global leaders in davos that the u.s. is open for business. >> i think it's going to be very well received. a very positive message. the united states is doing fantastically well, better than what we have done in decades, thst


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