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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  February 1, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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a work permit, and that's all you get. lou: >> it'll be released are pretty quick in the whole world can see it. lauren: white house chief of staff john kelly said the classified a controversial memo could be released as early as today, but the fbi director is pushing back. >> the markets in the meantime, facebook and microsoft moving higher after they reported earnings. apple, amazon and alphabet on deck to report today. lauren: take a look at the yield on the ten-year treasury note above to .7% as the fed signals another interest rate hike next month. trying to start coming off their highs late in the day on the
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rise. stock index futures in the meantime number 10. dow futures to dow futures to 11, s&p by four. chewing through despite the rising bond yields in europe, stocks opened higher but the ftse since turning lower down three points at the moment. trying to initiate commit six down days, but it did shoot up overnight by 1.7%. positive economic news. china's shanghai composite down 1%. and then there's this. lauren: is one of the worst flu seasons in history. but just how much is it costing businesses? "fbn:am" starts right now. connell: how about that. look at the time. 501 on the east coast. look at the day ahead at the first of february.
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lauren: how about that. happy february. connell: concerning your home. i'm connell mcshane hussein for sharon is out for the next few days. lauren: connell tried to get in the makeup chair this morning but we got over it. rising tensions on the surveillance memo. fbi urging the white house not to release it. raising stakes in russian investigation. the document contains allegations that top officials during a palm administration abused the authority to obtain surveillance on members of president trump's campaign. connell: the committee headed by devin nunes come by devin nunes, the republican voted to release the memo written by republican staffers. then the fbi put this statement now. the fbi was provided a limited opportunity to review the memo the day before the committee voted to release it. we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact are the fundamentally impact the
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memos accuracy. the president overheard on his way and for the state of the union where he appeared to support the memos released. the way it works to hear, the white house has five days to decide whether or not they will release the memo but could move obviously sooner than that. lauren: so funny to see democrats protect the fbi and law enforcement. meanwhile, the fbi conduct also being questioned in another probe. "the wall street journal" reporting andrew mccabe knew thousands of e-mails related to the hillary clinton private e-mail server investigation and a new offense for a month before then director james comey from congress. that seemed congress. does he most found in former congressman anthony weiner's laptop.
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alike is the subject of an investigation by the justice department inspector general. the "washington post" reported "washington post" reported mccabe met with fbi director christopher ray to discuss the doj investigation prior to the announcement of his resignation. connell: one pack about what david bruno was kind enough to join us this morning. good to see you. get to a storyline mentioned in a moment in the journal. let's start of course at this memo as we may see it as early as today. so the argument, which you know of course, but the argument is a four-page memo by republican staffers, which they say now according to the fbi statement we put up and it could be at best misleading, at worst inaccurate because of underlying information that's classified, which we don't have access to. would you make of the argument that it shouldn't come out because we don't have all the information could be misleading.
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>> first of all, the fbi could be bracing for the impact of the memo and we see it with the fbi statement and deputy air mccabe's resignation this week. this memo in conjunction with the inspector general report that lauren brought up is very damning and the fbi will take it on the chin in many different levels. it is today and i think that's the motivation for this statement we saw yesterday. connell: you're essentially making the argument for transparency. the other side said full transparency would be something we couldn't have purchased to solve the classified information is based on. >> so long as the sources and methods are not deadbolts. sources meaning actual names or intelligence has come from. connell: the classified information we don't have. we don't see the memo based on the classified information.
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why should we still see the memo based on the classified information? that changes the argument could make it inaccurate or misleading. >> they will have, the dems will have an opportunity to get their own memo out in the fbi has the ability as we saw yesterday with press releases to get information out. transparency is what nuñez is all about and that's why the memos being released. connell: adam schiff made the argument type democrat on the intelligence committee that the republicans altered this memo before it was released. your take on that. >> a rebuttal to doubt rebuttal to that was there with some grammatical changes in the others were at the others were at the request of the dems and the fbi. there's been a statement to rebut the allocation. trades of all kinds of russian news in the papers this morning. "new york times" has a lead
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story zeroing in on the cover-up of the don junior making comments about that is something a lot of people are reading. why mention "the wall street journal" story that brings us back to the clinton e-mail investigation and stay in the fbi sat on those e-mails on anthony's laptop for about a month. when you make of that? >> that is coming out in inspector general report. review in the hillary clinton investigation for a year now coming any day as well. that is carried into the fbi, how it handled it in mccabe is probably the reason why he resigned earlier this week. there's been reports that director ray had told him he is subject to the report and it was a move in preparation for that news. connell: go watch all of this threat today and get some movement later that day. good to see you. david purnell, thanks a lot. lauren: is going ahead to west virginia to speak at the annual
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gop, legislative retreat. lawmakers gathering to discuss the agenda and goals for the new year. top priority is to eliminate tax law. infrastructure bill and defense spending. vice president mike pence at the retreat yesterday criticized democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia for opposing the tax bill. connell: the vice president responding to the accident involving the train that was carrying gop lawmakers to that policy retreat. at least one person was killed, five injured when a train slammed into a garbage truck. >> our hearts go out to the families of the lost in the injured and we thank god it wasn't worse. we are especially grateful for the courageous first responders, police, firefighters,.as the nurses who responded so quickly. connell: the national transportation safety board is treat treating it as an
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accident. stay tuned for that. lauren: more than 45 by 5 million people tuned in tuesday night to watch the first day of the union address. nielsen says that is down about 2 million viewers from last year when trump spoke before a joint session of congress after the election. tuesday's ratings come in lower than upon the state of the union back in 2010 seen by 48 million americans although his last address felt to over 31 million. connell: pretty good number, 45. lauren: face victory to these concerns as the company reported better than expected results for the latest quarter "after the bell" yesterday. taking a look at shares. forecasting higher ad sales despite a decline in the amount of time users are spending on a site. connell: the news feed change is
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controversial. microsoft you are watching in the premarket this morning earnings beat expectations boosted by growth that it is cloud computing business a little bit lower. revenue in the cloud computing business doubled. lauren: more tech giants "after the bell" today. apple from amazon, alphabet in focus. earnings to rise about 15% from a year ago but we're listening for what the company has to say following all these reports the apple tended doing well and apple might be cutting production of it. connell: amazon expected to report another strong quarter thanks to strong demand during the holiday season on alphabet in amazon and higher results expect a criminal for that is google's parent company and ads on its youtube business. busy times. truth be earnings of 13% as well. when we come back, a prominent
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republican says he is not seeking reelection. trey gowdy, the latest for gop members. what does this mean for the midterm election? sarah huckabee sanders has some advice for nancy pelosi. >> i think nancy pelosi looks like that all the time. i think she should smile a lot more often country would be better for it. lauren: our political panel will be smiling. they'll weigh in for that. you know those cameras that take your photo when you go through a red light? connell: that's the worst. lauren: they send you a traffic ticket. there's growing backlash. ♪
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connell: welcome back to get you caught up on what's happening right now could rush issuing a warning about north korean sanctions. russian ambassadors to pyongyang says cutting off oil shipments to the north will be seen as an act of war by the rogue nations. last week the united states
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impose further sanctions on north korea including the crude oil ministry. russia's deputy foreign minister says that no obligation to carry out u.s. sanctions. defense system designed to protect hawaii from a possible nuclear attack has failed another test. this is the second unsuccessful test since june called the sm three come anti-ballistic missile interceptor land-based system designed to shoot down any threats from north korea. the most recent successful test was last february and the red light cameras are coming under fire. seven states considering legislation to prohibit their use. lawmakers say they voted 500 communities in the united states have some type of red light camera cometh them speeding camera program to catch people with traffic laws. we all hate them, let's be honest. thus it's happening right now. lauren: sometimes you can't stop in time. it's easier to go through it. just saying.
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house oversight committee chairman trey gowdy is not seeking reelection and he will return to the justice system. that makes 41 republican lawmakers who will be back next year. compare that to 16 democrats. what does that mean for the midterm elections? should republicans be worried about this? democratic strategist jake mcabee and republican strategist christopher magazine. good morning. >> good morning. connell: good morning. lauren: welcome to the show, by the way. why do you think trey gowdy is retiring? >> it's hard to say. like other republicans in congress come he's really is being a republican congressman next year isn't much of a picnic. the reality is as you said for doing republicans are returning to congress next year. meanwhile, record numbers of congress running next year and record numbers of winning. in the pipeline is a wave of everyday americans who believe in america and want to make a battery that's exciting.
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lauren: some of these republicans retiring at doing so because there were many different reasons, but they want to focus on campaigning, but getting stuff done in 2018. it seems there is resistance for everything they do. the message for the the democrats is a pose, pose, opposed. >> absolutely. my theory is trey gowdy has done television long before congress. he wanted to go back to the justice system. good news for democrats they have a chance to put a new message out there and try to get some games. really it is a nasty time in politics. a lot of people looking to move on and do new things. hopefully it will be more than the land from a speech we heard the other night. lauren: am glad you brought that up because they brought back a dynasty, a kennedy and a clayton to respond for his state of the and its not working.
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we will pull up a poll right now. if they were held today amid jake would you vote for republicans or the democratic candidate in your district? it's pretty close. 45% republicans, 47% democrats. jay, could this not be a bloodbath after all? >> polls come and go, but what i heard from joe kennedy was leadership, vision and hope. the message was clear. no matter who you are, where you come from somebody you love company of the place in america. your dignity, worth in this country ought to have your back. lauren: what is the message coming from democrats aside from a pose, pose, pose. listen to nancy pelosi said yesterday. >> our expectations of greatness invasion of the president are not high. he stooped to a new low. we heard more insulting words of
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innocence and prejudice who are president trump's first years in office are wasted opportunity and meeting the needs of the american people. the voice of vision so sad. >> wasted opportunity. 2.4 million jobs were created. a new tax law. the list goes on. what is there to oppose? >> is dishonest with happening here. we appreciate and welcome immigrants that the president's speech was about the law and it's completely unfair to keep going in this narrative that only the democrat party can your resume be waking up in inheriting $20 million never having a job in giving a phony speech. the guy would not know middle class of middle class if it slapped them in the face. they need to go to joe biden to go to joe biden routers some out and try to capture those voters in the middle of the road and
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come to the center of the far left extremist on the message that had. did sony frankly. >> final word here. >> we are talking about polls. for good reason. what democrats are providing an offering always in the future is going to be talking about all americans and giving opportunity for all americans to really achieve the american dream. that's something americans are getting under this president than they deserve. lauren: i felt like the american dream is reignited tuesday night. thank you very much. >> could be with you. connell: shifting gears completely this morning to one of the worst flu seasons ever. connell: a b.c. coughed into his arm. it is costing businesses billions of dollars. we will get into how much this
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morning. the cold weather or not helping flu season. the full winter weather forecast for you coming up. how about the market futures. a quick check before they open on wall street a little. six on the s&p. we will be back. "fbn:am." oh, manatees. aka "the sea cow"" oh! there's one. manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend.
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retail. under pressure like never before. and its connected technology that's moving companies forward fast. e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. lauren: at that time of year if you have flu-like symptoms, stay home. the center for disease control is telling workers are cutting back on man-hours is certainly costing companies. the cost is nine points for a billion dollars in lost product
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committee from an employment firm. the estimated million adults on this for eight hour shifts this year because of the aggressive strain of flu spreading from one of the worst we've ever seen. the cdc has claimed thousands of lives including 37 children. the agency maintains passing it out and going to work because you think you're doing the right thing could make the problem worse for others. it's bad. connell: it's really bad. lauren: my daughter's school is always sending out e-mails. connell: for the little ones it's really scary. if you have to tough it out and make it through the cold weather in the northeast certainly. lauren: foxing immunologist janice dean knows about the flu. she's got some kids. >> you know what, it's winter so i do know that. 50 or so days until spring. here are your current temperatures. more cold air on the way. not the really, really cold air,
5:26 am
buchwald meant to be a little bit dangerous with the windchill across the northern plains and upper midwest. 39 at cleveland, 35 in new york at the cold air across the plains towards the western great lakes. past 12 hours not too much to tell you about. some snow across the central u.s. great lakes, northeast, new england not a big storm system is a traveling. he forecast the windchill, radar will think along with a cold front. not a big deal here. mainly afraid with the ohio valley of the mid-south and we watched the snow across the great lakes antivirus groundhog day. the prognosticator of all prognosticators will tell us if there's six more weeks of weather on the way. connell: i forgot about that. i literally hate groundhog day. lauren: i won't also you hate groundhog day. >> i might very festive hat
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tomorrow. we will see you then. connell: i'd rather watch janet and bill murray in all this follows with the top hat. >> i love it when you fill in, kabul. connell: at least i get a chance to speak to the great janice dean on television. lauren: you guys are buddies. >> we are of long island buddies. and i buy him coffee. lauren: janice, i'd like some of that. coming up, a train with hundreds of lawmakers collided with a track yesterday. the latest on the situation with a live report from west virginia. a wave of tenderness and wall street today. at appalachia and amazon and alphabet? we'll be right back. today, smart planning is helping the new new york
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rise higher than ever. as the world leader in unmanned aerial systems, we're attracting the world's best talent to central new york. and turning the airport into a first-class transportation hub. all while growing urban areas into vibrant places to live and work. across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit
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>> adobe release really quick. lauren: the white house chief of staff john kelly said controversial unclassified memo alleging use of power could be released as early as today, but the fbi director pushing back. connell: in the markets in the meantime, all about tech and interest rates, they spoke rates, facebook and microsoft stocks moving higher. they did report earnings already. apple, amazon and alphabet on deck report later today. lauren: we are watching interest rates to .74% as the yield on the treasury at the fed signaled another rate hike in march. connell: features this morning. six on the s&p. off their highs for the markets to the end of the day yesterday. again up this morning. lauren: 1400 points for the dow last month had stocks in europe
5:32 am
six higher across the board. games with the cac in paris up half a percent. connell: after six down days come in and eat big -- the nikkei digit up by 7% overnight. positive economic news in japan. the shanghai composite down 1.7%. watching those markets mixed as fbi and aem continues right now. draper also watching how much super bowl fans are continuing pain right now. a lot. just how much in a day. connell: lorenz said it's 5:32. i know, what am i doing up? lauren: you are having fun. you're sitting next to a pregnant lady and you didn't even buy the doughnuts.
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janice thought you coffee and you didn't buy me anything. janus is lying. she hasn't bought me coffee i don't think. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren. i'm seven months pregnant. trade you that be the headline. congratulations, by the way. let's get to the news. the ntsb sending on the scene of a deadly crash in virginia which was the brutal news we had yesterday. gop lawmakers heading down to the retreat and the charter trading day were on collided with the track on those tracks. lauren: griff jenkins is five then virginia where all of this happened. what e-mail this morning? >> good morning, lauren and carnal. we know now the identity of the one fatality. his name christopher foley, 28 years old again standing in crozet. just a quick look here. you can see the real arms that.
5:34 am
we believe that they've been down with a late arms on it, but the trash truck strewn trash. the cab of the truck at three passengers. one fatality, one seriously injured and one walk away with minor injuries but carrying dozens of gop members on the train. we spoke with some of them. here's what they said about the impact. take a listen. >> jarring feeling almost like an explosion but then they kept going. >> it was an instantaneous pass. we tried to resuscitate him. but i don't think for his family that he suffered. reporter: what was remarkable about this story is that the dozens of members of congress, seven or eight or more than doctors themselves leaping into action in yesterday as they headed back to the retreat, house speaker paul ryan of plotting their actions.
5:35 am
>> i'm just so thankful for the people who sprung into action today. [applause] i'm so thankful for the capitol police, first responders and those who sprung into action for what she did today. reminds you sometimes how fragile life can be. reporter: the ntsb has been here since 4:00 yesterday. they continue to work overnight. they could take days to determine what happened in months before we get an actual report. amtrak putting out a report that unfortunately accidents are far to comment at intersections like this where you see a rural setting. speed playing the fact her. we talked to the ntsb spokesman for a. here is what he had to say. >> the speed of the train collided by the crossing -- [inaudible] >> will be looking at those
5:36 am
factors. that is affirmative. >> all in all, it certainly all, certainly could've been much worse, lauren and connell. one member of congress, jason lewis had a concussion, was treated and released. there were six members treated and released, one a critical, for remained to be evaluated and treated and one has been discharged. back to you guys. lauren: griff jenkins, thank you. connell: more throughout the day on the republican retreat. we shift to the markets when it comes to earnings from the big tech companies. facebook and microsoft reported last night after the valid we will hear from apple, amazon and google's parent company alphabet later today. we are joined by kitty mcgrew president, fox news contributor gary b. smith. good morning. >> good morning, connell. we cannot play word association. you can talk about the stocks.
5:37 am
facebook was interesting. stock additionally initially sold off. how much time users are spending on the site but that abounds. your take on facebook. >> i think you just summed it up right there. facebook being the preeminent social media platform depends on the use. i've always thought it's kind of a trendy stock and dad i mean i think it is easy over time to create another social platform just like instagram did until facebook.instagram and the user views go down on that. it is solely dependent on that, not unlike the tv networks of many years ago when they used to be the big three and now there's millions of channels out there. i think it is going to be difficult for facebook in the future of the views keep declining because there goes beyond revenue. >> there were so big nothing
5:38 am
could change. other industries over the here. you're not a fan of the stock at the moment? >> i'm not. speaking of big tech companies, microsoft before you move into the apple and amazon of the world. >> microsoft come i look at companies in terms of what kind of milk they have. is it hard to keep out competition? have we had that for years with windows? now there are kind of a hardware cloud computing company. anyone can be a cloud. their hardware has not excited anyone for years. this would be another pass for me. >> we are zero for two so far. how about this. i'll go to amazon. everyone most amazon. every single story we do, the quote, unquote amazon effect in the effect it's having on you pick your industry or your company. what about the stock price came
5:39 am
in the run-up we've seen. >> fantastic and i still love it. it is the flipside of the mill boat story. what is amazon most? that is fantastic, but anyone can do and are not. it's the distribution centers, fact they give product out within two days. who can compete with them? the only one that showed relevant as wal-mart, but wal-mart just doesn't seem to get the internet. i've never gone to to order product. maybe if they change that they will be number two, but as long as amazon keeps expanding and go into new areas like grocery. to switch but i love it. >> we have to go. you like amazon. i don't have time but if i were to ask you about alphabet, google which have been a yes or no on now? >> i am a yes on that for one reason.
5:40 am
google making preeminent strides into artificial intelligence which is the next internet. tree into a two-out, two down. >> or 422,000 hotel rooms in minneapolis. sounds like plenty of supply. super bowl fans having to shell out to get tens of thousands of rooms. fight in the poultry industry. why you may be paying more for your chicken dinner. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at ♪livin in this crazy world ♪so caught up in the confusion♪ ♪nothin' is makin' sense ♪for me and you
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lauren: good morning to the sketch you caught up on what's happening now. the trump administration said 7000 parents can remain in the united states for another year and a half under administrative program known as temporary protection status which allows them to avoid returning to their war-torn country. the nation's largest food suppliers are suing poultry suppliers for colluding to manipulate the wholesale price of chicken. "the wall street journal" reported in cisco and u.s. troops have alleged in separate lawsuit that they overpaid for chicken meat for years due to collusion among suppliers. pilgrim's pride and sanderson farms denied the charges and said they will fight these complaints.
5:44 am
meet alex, america's favorite giraffe who is predicting the winner of this year's super bowl. this is what happened. two heads of lettuce placed above the signs are looking at. one marks the new england patriots the new england patriots and the other the philadelphia eagles. april reached for the light s. are the pats going to win the big game on sunday? maybe. [inaudible] lauren: i haven't figured that out. connell: that's a ridiculous story. the gametime in the meantime for the police in minneapolis. a better story with three days until the super bowl officials say they're ready to keep millions of people safe. that's obviously a big, big concern at any of these large event or particular the super bowl. will carr in l.a. on how they are stepping up security. good morning, will. >> last last time they hosted
5:45 am
one of the major forms of communication at the time. obviously technology has changed quite a bit, so post-9/11 and more recently after the las vegas massacre, authorities in minnesota say they're ready for anything. >> we really need to make sure that as a symbol of our freedom for americans to get together and enjoy the pastimes we have to ensure the safety is first and foremost. >> dozens of members of one personable blanket minneapolis ahead of the super bowl showdown between the patriots and eagles. authorities will monitor the situation from a command center and expect increased patrol. numerous countries commit various bomb sniffing dogs, helicopters and thousands of cameras spread out across the city. >> obviously due to its size, scope, it can be an attractive target. we don't have any credible or specific threat in town but we will continue to actively
5:46 am
measure with our international partners. >> philadelphia and new england coaches have done the text of the nose, felt their game plan in my enforcement. we planned, trained. it's game time for and we are ready. >> authorities take in the event so serious that appeared a number of tons of border patrol agents to minneapolis to x-ray every vehicle going into the stadium. they need the public self if anyone sees anything suspicious they should report to authorities immediately. >> will carr in the l.a. bureau. >> traveling to minneapolis they noticed that security is that the only thing being backed up. hotel prices through the roof. let's talk about it but the ceo of hotel good morning. first of all, and we are excited to talk about this. are there been so big game?
5:47 am
as of yesterday we had 80 hotels available. this morning only 70, but last week we had 55 hotels available so a lot of people don't know this, but the nfl will block an 18,000 of the 42,000 rooms in advance and if they don't fill the baathists are releasing them. starting to release some rooms and you can take advantage. lauren: at what price is the question. we're looking at the screen. normally 70 bucks a night to stay in one of these hotels. this week in its $900 a night. is this justified? >> you know come a year prices are a little bit high. we show prices much lower than you see right now. if you're willing to drive 40 miles from the you can get a room for $76. if you want to stay at château red will come aegis by six rentals for 10 bucks and stay up all night. lauren: that the real thing?
5:48 am
connell, was laughing. lauren: talk about air bmv. some owners are also raising prices. how does that affect you? >> air bmv is not a competitor. i'm competitor. i'm at the expense of a specialized in group rates for big events and small events. air bmv helps keep rates down as you can see. in houston and a half at 80,000 rooms and they had a million people go there. minneapolis because of the weather, because of air bmv, other factors demand is slightly down for this year's super bowl. because airbnb helps us do that, i'm a big fan. lauren: are you going to the super bowl? >> i've done several times. we do and we do and i thought to travel for the rams, chargers can adjust, redskins, but none of our teams made it so i'm not.
5:49 am
tranter april the giraffe predicts the teams will win. are you going to make a prediction now? >> it's hard to bet against the patriot considering how many day one, but i would like to see the eagles take it just to give it to somebody else. no offense to my friends in boston. i'm sure they're greedy and want another one. tom brady has the hall of fame locked up. he doesn't need anything. lauren: thanks so much for waking up early with us. tranter excellent final question, by the way. look at cheryl. lauren: make sure to tune in tomorrow because cheryl casone will be live from minneapolis with the latest on the prep for the big game. tried to get some red gold. you guys are talking about tom brady a little bit. he wants you to know that is not over the hill at age 40.
5:50 am
>> they want me to retire so bad. i don't get it. i'm having fun. the teams doing good. connell: he's a day older than me. lauren: one day? connell: i am here at the kinetic teleprompter not getting hit by 300-pound lineman. lauren: i can change that. tranter the s&p is up for. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ we use our phones and computers the same way these days.
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connell: back within sports for you this morning. tom brady was for the break the new england patriots questions wednesday paid one reporter turn out yet another one about his thoughts about retirement. tom having none of that could instead turning the attention to super bowl sunday. >> why does everyone want me to retire so bad? i don't get it. the teams doing good. not thinking about retirement. >> 40 years old, read the nfl this season. gets better with age. also says he also says he's always hoped he could play into his mid-40s could not going away anytime soon. racing in the meantime says they would be no grain grows. formula one also booting podium girls, celebrating with the winners could this season starts for formula one on the 25th of
5:55 am
march, the australian grand prix. change is better. former national mike fisher is coming out of retirement. he hung up the skates at the end of last season but has now decided to rejoin his team, make another run at the stanley cup. she encouraged him to make him return to the ice. carrie underwood says this is happening. fish's backers so proud of you, baby. we want the car. fisher says he will only come back to play this season then nothing after that. the draft specs which is a good question early in the show. that's exactly right. lauren: i encourage everyone to google it because they don't really make sounds. connell: diatom and the occasional snort. and i like you redeem carrie underwood treats.
5:56 am
lauren: we will go live to london just ahead on "fbn:am." ♪
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lauren: at the case of the bitcoin blues, dropping 30%, the biggest drop in three years.
5:59 am
sub preschool joins us now. a lot of spelling, 73. >> indeed, her driver pinpoint one reason because the market is so opaque that the number one thing people are talking about right now in the bitcoin this regulation. there is a fear of legislation crack down anything most recently facebook said it would stop putting up allowing ads for crypto currencies in initial coin offerings on its platforms. all of this is combined to make a varied irish, very big return down pretty sharply today as well and has lost about half of its value since the middle of december. of course if you bought it even three months ago you still make money. tranter before you've gone and got out that their son bryce at this thing. you mentioned facebook. marketwatch has a story about the four tech companies joining the 500 williams dollars club.
6:00 am
>> indeed. there's a lot of focus on facebook and alibaba. the earnings this week that these companies collectively with a huge share of this year's gains year's gains on the market for a dominant players last year and overall making up about a quarter of the s&p according to howard silver five. that's a big chunk of the index and they determine how the market does. trying to good to see you, riva. thank you. lauren: throw alibaba and the next is that the genentech and e-commerce company for sure. connell: we will see how it turns out. earnings are interesting to watch from especially the facebook story. >> quality time redoing overhauling the news feeds. this is a quality


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