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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 1, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EST

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>> indeed. there's a lot of focus on facebook and alibaba. the earnings this week that these companies collectively with a huge share of this year's gains year's gains on the market for a dominant players last year and overall making up about a quarter of the s&p according to howard silver five. that's a big chunk of the index and they determine how the market does. trying to good to see you, riva. thank you. lauren: throw alibaba and the next is that the genentech and e-commerce company for sure. connell: we will see how it turns out. earnings are interesting to watch from especially the facebook story. >> quality time redoing overhauling the news feeds. this is a quality interaction.
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connell: it was. thanks for having me. maria bartiromo, welcome back to new york. >> have a great day. good morning, thanks for joining us. happy thursday. i am maria bartiromo. thursday, february 1. examine the east coast. technology taking on wall street. apple, amazon, also that "after the bell" tonight. we've got the preview. last night we heard from facebook and microsoft after the close. a rise in profit but investors showed that the concern after the company said users are reducing the time they spent on the social media site for the first time ever. microsoft topped expectations on news that it took a one-time tax related charge of nearly $14 million. the stocks are bouncing. the market spending the day higher. the dow in january at 6% for the overall month. futures this morning take a look. dow industrials at 72 points in the futures that could have pulled the dow down 40 points.
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the dow and s&p are higher with earnings as we speak beating expectations on revenue as well as earnings. european markets looking like this. cac in paris up half a percent. dax in germany of one third of 1%. overnight in a check of the nikkei average are good. japan up one and two thirds%. the other majors as you can see mixed fractionally moving. tragedy on the tracks are poor. the carrying republican lawmakers to their retreat with several lawmakers from their seats. the details as the passenger in the vehicle was tragically killed. we've got the story. lawmakers today at their retreat, the driver of the truck bed this morning. president trump will travel after receiving massive praise for state of the union address. the commander-in-chief was because he works at the party on
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several key initiatives including infrastructure. here comes the memo. the fbi calling not to release the classified memo which they say contains allegations of improper surveillance. the republican side -- the fbi citing grave concerns about certain omissions. white house chief of staff john kelly waiting on the release. >> national security letters in the white house work for me, work for the president. looking on it so we know what it means. >> what do you think? >> it will be released pretty quick so the whole world can see it. trying to the public will likely get their first look at the memo today. all the stories coming up in germany to talk about it is fox networks dagen mcdowell. assistant editorial james freeman and independent women's vice president and ceo heather is here. good morning to you. >> good to be here. trained her great to see you.
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dagen: the luxury of keith. -- heat. i've made a list of all the things you're dying to talk about. dagen: want to talk about your op-ed. why is the case that now they're complaining that there are these omissions and yet they advanced to the mall and busy writing the op-ed, stonewalling congress since august. >> they went to the white house and are getting the president to say i know it's not going to be released. they failed that they don't like to remember this but they do work for had and that is what is really corrosive about the whole story is that since the fbi as an authority unto itself. it is not to the president under our constitution is the executive authority. maria: i don't understand why andrew mccabe is sitting on the e-mails they found on anthony's laptop and think that it is okay to obstruct justice a month
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before a major presidential election. dagen: and given the fact that his wife had received six-figure donation or fund-raising effort by terry mcauliffe who is the corniest of clinton cronies. the timeline is the fbi's was provided a limited opportunity to review while christopher ray had another one of their sunday at monday to more fbi officials reviewed the memo and a 30 minute period that is fox news timeline, but will go into it later. maria: will talk more about it. this is one of the big stories of 2018 in the midterm elections of that in the economy. then again your take on that, heather. wisconsin congressman tom duffy was on that as well as well as rachel campos duffy there with her family. special assistant to president trump and vice president penn
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with us this morning. rnc chairman in mississippi governor haley barbour and sever cisco 49ers president al guido. we've got a big show coming up. our top story tonight is a tidal wave of technology earnings. the busiest week of fourth-quarter earnings so far. together center from apple, amazon all after the post after technology giants report impressive earnings yesterday. facebook be profit and revenue for the fourth quarter. the social networking giant reported earnings of 221 a share. revenue of $13 billion microsoft beat expectations last night on earnings and revenue sec pretty good numbers. the founder and president of endpoint technologies associates along with the fra investment strategist lindsay bell. good to see you both. thanks for joining us. based the estimates in the fourth quarter but users are spending less time on the
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network. concern for you? >> right. enough even spending time on facebook yourself, maria, but in some ways it's less interesting than it used to be. you're hearing mostly only from their friends now rather than random politicians. you don't get to read controversial things that inflame you. instead you are just getting somebody's vacation photos or something and people find it less interesting than it used to be. trained to discuss this than its older stuff that they instagram. this was so five minutes ago, facebook. >> if i were added to that, daily users went down for the first time ever. it was 700,000 decrease, which the cfo was like look it's not that bad. this is in a concerning trend. it should improve over time. ad sales increase. the average price of ads is up
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41%. that's a really impressive number. offsetting the lower number. >> they have a very -- dagen: facebook shares fell in the post-market yesterday, but you see them gaining here because people are realizing this was telegraphed by ceo mark zuckerberg, the changes he plans to make. they are worried about the negative effect that too much time on facebook is having and the whole idea is users are more likely to stick around for ads if they like what they are seeing in you saw revenue per user was up 26% in the recent quarter. six dollars more per user and revenue facebook was able to extract. in my opinion on social media platform, but it's got nearly one point wind 5 billion users. he is worried about making sure those users stick around getting the most amount of revenue out of them.
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>> the number two -- >> i think the problem -- sorry. maria: go ahead, roger. sorry about that. >> high proportion of their advertising under the mobile platform is good. also it's worth looking at the history of social networks, facebook is the latest incarnation in the largest ever. social networks have come and gone over time. they've become popular. they're interesting and interesting and they get polluted colluded in people abandon them and that it's been a history of things that go well in california and a well later on and so on. so it's not inevitable that facebook take over the world. i think there are people looking at the longer term. if zuckerberg does the right thing and some said it will be the wrong thing for investors if you make it nicer, friendlier place, it might not be as much click it as it used to be to
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generate buzz ad revenue. maria: they also have less recognized revenue. a billion people there that they are not monetizing facebook messenger. a billion people there they are not monetizing. as an overall combat there is a runway here i think. >> i'm not sure if i'm reading this correctly, but is zuckerberg basically accepting the business had to get political heat off of him? is that what these changes are about? >> that's a good thing to point to. it is something that is choosing the user over his shareholders and i think that is going to take a little political heat off of and because politicians are worried about how this is going to impact consumers across the country. >> he doesn't want to be seen as a gatekeeper entry silicon valley the way they treat other media outlets. maria: they are peered
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dagen: they rolled out facebook live and the way the tech industry introduces them come and they don't think about the effects until later. with facebook live, you have people committing murders and suicide on facebook live and they were scrambling to add more employees to back this content and monitor the videos on the platform. >> at nasa have a bit of a conflict in order to sell ad revenues come if they really are selling the facts they know so much about individual users and let you target them. when the individual users find out the degree to which they're being monitored and tracked, that that is the disincentive to use their product. they are in a bit of it dawned on train bind between users in ad revenue i'm not one, too. i don't. i don't know if you see a reflection of that. >> the earnings themselves basically say they spoke was an
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inhabited by political or dignity even though obvious that things happen on their platform on their watch. in the end, the numbers speak for themselves. they weren't harmed by political controversy last year. maria: would you buy apple ahead of the numbers? reported "after the bell" the iphone 10 is basically to cost reduction cuts. they will cut production on the iphone 10 basically in half. >> yeah, so about that, apple is probably more different to product mix that you might imagine. the older phones have much lower cost structures than the iphone 10. so that offers them the opportunity to make bad enough it's exactly the same money the similar money on all the models. they are concerned with total units, not so much mixed i would say. true to which of any of these which are by here? >> if i come in and buy, it
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probably means it's at the top right now. >> apple is a good value. >> at so expensive. >> going down into this report, >> s&p 500 at 1223% for the quarter so far. we are going to get some big names. the official is 17%. it's going to keep moving up. great info. thank you so much. to follow in the story president trump headed to west virginia to
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rally republicans. after train accident. the train carrying lawmakers to their annual retreat crash yesterday. we will talk with sean duffy and his wife, rachel campos duffy who were both on the train with her eight children later on in the program. president trumps tax bill. the outlook of the plan time warner mergers as well. right here back in a minute. ♪ oh! there's one. manatees in novelty ts? surprising.
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i know people who specialize in "am i going to be okay." i like that. you may need glasses though. yeah. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade. train to a deputy shot in texas. lauren simonetti with the details. >> unbelievable story. deputies went to a home to investigate a shooting. that is someday found the the suspect and they handcuffed him. somehow he pulled a gun out of his ways and then fired multiple shots. one of the deputy shot in the forearm as a result. it's reportedly okay. an innocent bystander inside the house at the time was also hit. her condition is unknown. the suspect is dead. the causes death has not yet been released. sears is laying off 220 corporate employees.
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most of them at headquarters in illinois. the layoff all part of the restructuring of the business. 500 employees were let go last march and in june. tough years over the past couple of years. take a look at shares now down more than 60% over the past year. let's talk or names. at&t the latest numbers better than you. helped by the tax cuts and new wireless wireless subscribers being added. the ceo randall stephenson said he is confident at&t will now completed its time warner. at&t shares down 11%. time warner is about 2% lower. microsoft also reported last night a quarterly net loss due to the tax changes. the company with the $14 billion charge for the tax reform bill.
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a little change right now in the premarket edges lightly higher at 95.05 a share. stock up more than 40% from a year ago, maria. maria: pretty good numbers even though most of the don't care about the fourth quarter looking at 2018 to see the impact of the tax plan. lauren, over and over utah has good numbers in terms of earnings. 2018 outlook. >> driven in large part for the coming calendar year ahead by tax reform. this is something you pointed out what the fed meeting yesterday, top story in the what street journal you are having a handout for monetary policy to fiscal policy and of critical spirit i will tell you the conversations have been are maybe a bear market beginning in bonds and stocks that as yields go up you start to get a chart that looks like the yields going up and stocks going down so
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stocks and bonds fall simultaneously. maria: early january, jamie davin joined us on the first thing he said in the next six months will talk about inflation and higher interest rate. but it's very good reason reason. the economy getting better. >> we want to see earnings coming up in people coming off the couch or back into the workforce who were discouraged during the obama years. that's the story economically. maria: will talk about that. come back with this new controversy. a big story here. the memo will likely be released today allegedly abuses at date issue a stern wanted to keep under wraps and keep trying to push this. we'll talk about it. goobers new offer for two wheels instead of four. you can jump on a bike now. we'll be right back. ♪
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maria: welcome back to the tug-of-war on capitol hill over the controversial fisa memo. i have a classified document alleges top of the fbi could be released as early as today in an interview yesterday with trying to meet from a white house chief of staff john kelly hinted we could see the explosive memo very soon. >> or national security letters in the white house to work for me, work for the president are slicing and dicing and looking at it so we know what it means.
6:25 am
>> did you see it? >> i did. it will be released quickly i think that the whole world can see it. trendy the fbi pushing back issuing the following statement reading in part we have grave concerns about the material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the accuracy. house intel committee member adam schiff accusing chairman devin nunes of altering the memo before sending it to the white house. "washtington examiner," editorial your hugo or wrong. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. i think that the tug-of-war is to be made. the fbi and the justice department, particularly the fbi is the organization being investigated for possible abuses. of course it is going to suggest it should remain on. the truth is that congress is the article want institution of the constitution. it has authority and a duty to
6:26 am
investigate these things and as you heard john kelly said, durably or is looking very carefully at the memo and trying to make sure they are not doing anything irresponsible. there's so much confusion in the public to know whether there was abuse of the fbi or west end. maria: there is any denial and no confusion about what the tax they between these fbi agents. basically texting one another after donald trump after donald trump ones saying we need an insurance policy should he win and to quote the journal this morning, james, the fbi knows what's in the memo because the house was seeking and provide access to documents until christopher ray with a contempt of congress. >> this odd moment where the fbi tried to assert all kinds of abilities to withhold this information from congress is now
6:27 am
saying you're not providing the full story. of course there is a dueling democratic memo that needs to be on the way out to the public, too. when it's all said and done, are we going to see a really disturbing effort by the party in power to investigate political adversaries? >> that's the absolutely fundamental question. what did the obama administration to some extent collude with the clinton campaign in opposition research for the fbi to snoop on the rival campaign. that's an explosive and extraordinary possibility. we don't know on the show in nobody knows who hasn't seen the memo or be investigating this. one of the things being said if the republicans are trying to undermine the institutions of the federal government, the intelligence services, better. two of the most important institutions are democracy and
6:28 am
presidency. those things need to be protect it, too when one of the ways is to get the information out there about the public agenda of dallas. >> the criticism of adam schiff taking a colonel and trying to create a bomb on a vet, byron york who works at the u.s. of fox news contributor reported this. he talked to a house intelligence committee source and the changes made to the memo and unknown number of grammatical and clarifying fixes. one change to the sources and methods, concerns about sources and methods and went to work change requested by democrats for accuracy. those are the changes we are talking about. >> exactly. it is more than ironic that the democrats requested changes in the fbi requested changes. devin nunes in the intelligence committee changed the wording in accordance with what they've
6:29 am
been asked to another democrats are using not other reason for not releasing. maria: they're getting the passionate about it. corey booker releasing the memo. here's what he said. listen to this. >> this theory and fire that has been created right around this is to be tantamount to a dangerous conspiracy theory undermining the important justice department intelligence communities. i might say tantamount to treason mess. maria: it is not treason is to actually dictate an election when you're in such a powerful position at the top of the fbi. it's not corrupt. abuse your power. you might remember this dramatic exchange between corey booker and kristen nielsen last month when she was asked as she remembered what president trump said in terms of the immigration meeting. here is him getting his passion
6:30 am
to. >> what was that strong language? >> with the come in strong language there was apologies. i don't remember specific word. >> i tears of rage when i heard about this experience and for you not to feel that heard and not paying them to dismiss some of the questions of my colleague saying a word he answered a lot of a lot of questions with tens of millions of american who are hurting right now, your silence and amnesia is complicity. >> for you to accuse people yourself of the things you have. had she been you would not have heard the end of it ever. it was belittling, it was demeaning and inappropriate way. maria: here is what she said when i asked her about it. secretary neilsen. >> it was a distraction, i was there to talk about real preps
6:31 am
and their needs to do their job. he didn't ask about what i did on immigration policy. he we wanted to lecture me for 11 minutes. it was unfortunate that it wasted all of our thoughts. maria: hugo, your thoughts on that. >> cory booker is a year away that he's announcing to run for presidential nomination. maria: apparently. >> against president trump, he's began grand standing in embarrassing way first of all with those comments related to president trump's remarks about least developed countries and now on this -- talking about treason, i mean, frankly a lot of people, i think, will regard this as ridiculous and a man who is preparing to make sure that no other candidate for candidacy is running to the left of him and popular with the resistance. maria: on the democratic side we
6:32 am
have cory booker, andrew cuomo. dagen: kamala harris. in terms of people who run, yeah, the list goes up. maria: hugo, thanks, stay with us, back in a minute
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maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday february 1st, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump will head to
6:35 am
vest washington to talk at the republican retreat. he's addressing key issues on the agenda as the midterm elections doom after mike pence targeted west virginia senator joe manchin. >> joe voted no to keep money from your families. that might make chuck schumer and nancy pelosi pretty happy but west virginia needs to let him know that you expect better from joe, you need to let joe know that west virginia deserves better in washington, d.c. president trump and i are going to keep fighting. maria: president trump makes his visit after a deadly train accident yesterday, an amtrak train bringing lawmakers to retreat crashed into a truck killing one person. we have the latest details from the scene coming up this morning. it's the busiest of earning season. we heard from cigna and dow
6:36 am
dupont. we are expecting earnings growth 20% in 2018, we focused on the companies say about the future, particularly technology companies. futures this morning pointing to mix start to trading, dow industrials down 25 points after rebound yesterday, s&p 500 three and a quarter, nasdaq up 4. this after finish the march of january in upbeat tone. off of the highs of the day after federal reserve inflation to rise 2% this year. for month, the dow and the s&p and -- i'm sorry, the dow and the s&p 50 rather were up more than 5% for the month of january, that marks tenth month of gain in a row. in europe stocks are higher this morning, take a look at the markets there. the cac quarante is up almost half percent with 23 points higher and dax index is up a quarter of percent 25 points higher. uber getting new wheels, check this out. there's the asian markets, by
6:37 am
the way. and now this on uber, the company is testing bike-sharing, the details coming up from uber. countdown to big game has gun, super super bowl 52 two days away, closer look at big bucks people spend on bits, all that come up this morning, first, top story this half an hour, the ntsb, now dye scending on the scene of a deadly train crash in virginia yesterday. an amtrak train carrying republican lawmakers to annual policy retreat collided with a garbage truck leaving one person dead. griff jenkins live on the scene in virginia this morning, he has the very latest, griff. >> maria, good morning, we know the identity of one fatality, christopher foley, 28 year's old. look at the scene of the crash happening before noon, you see the debris field the trash truck, trash all embankment, the
6:38 am
three passengers, mr. foley with two others. we talked to some of the members of congress aboard the train, here was their reaction. >> jarring type of sound and explosion but the train kept going normally. >> we attempt today resuscitate him but i don't think that he suffered. >> it's a scene you don't ever want to see. >> the remarkable part of this story, the gop members who are doctors that led into action, members of congress turned first responders and house speaker paul ryan applauding the efforts he witnessed. take a listen. >> i'm just so thankful for the people whose sprung into action today. i'm so thankful -- [applause] >> for the capitol police and members of congress who sprang
6:39 am
into action, thank you so much for what you did today. kind of reminds you how fragile life to can -- can be can be. >> we talked to spokesperson and asked act about the factors that may be in play in this investigation. >> the speed of the train and then the blind side of the crossing you're looking at? >> we will be looking at those factors, that's affirmative. >> ntsb said that it could be here for dais and won't get a report for probably months, amtrak saying the crash is just like this at railway crossings are far too common across the country, maria. maria: we will be back to you as news develops there. rattled by the train accident, the gop retreat continued as
6:40 am
plan. president trump is expected to treat at annual event later this afternoon. vice president mike pence addressed lawmakers last night. he promised his and the president's support during midterm elections during speech during the day, he suggested using the state of the union as blueprint for american success. >> the president said in his words our state of our union is strong because our people are strong and our president layed out america where every child is safe in their home at night and every citizen is proud of this land that we love. and folks, i have to tell you, that's what american leadership looks like. maria: immigration and funding is top concern as gop shapes agenda. heather, what are you looking in terms of midterms? >> well, i think that trump's visit there will be similar to trump's visit to davos, it's a
6:41 am
selling exercise, a lot of this is psychology, he's on a roll, they've passed the tax reform, you saw the popularity of his state of the union message, he's reshaping how the gop thinks about what its agenda is. i think that you're doing to see some things that are unexpected, example, the paid leave proposal which is not normally something that the gop would be initiating, they have a very interesting innovative idea of a way to do it where instead of having new entitlement which is the way it's been talked about before, you would take social security and allow people to access social security benefits earlier which is good for the federal government because it diminishes payments but makes very little material difference, actually huge beneficial to individuals. you have little things like that but you have the big things like immigration and which he's going to get done. he's put the democrats in awful box on this one and the hypocrisy of their claiming that they carry about the dreamers, he has three times more people
6:42 am
and now all of a sudden they are not following through, the infrastructure spending, the, the average american particularly the swing voter gets it and republicans will be in line with that. maria: typically in the middle of the presidency, the house loses seat? >> yeah, there's a rough history, i think the hope for republicans is that different environments, so you look at 1982, republicans lost a lot of seat, the economy was terrible, shrank2%, that's not the case, democrats lost a lot of seats n both cases voters were angry about washington messing with health care, it's a better environment this fall as they try to defend the house. dagen: except the democrats even with the likes of nancy pelosi have raised incredible amount of money, grassroots money. ted cruz in texas, democratic
6:43 am
congressional committee has raised last year more than $105 million as record for nonelection year. maria: i thought the gop was raising more money? dagen: that's the rnc, if you get down to individual level and if you look at what's going in congress they are raising incredible amount of money. >> they have obviously the passion. if you are trump antipathetic, you are really motivated out to get to vote where republicans have the problem where they have a lot of their base who say, wait a minute, you now have the house, you have the senate and you have the presidency and still not getting health care and other things done. dagen: real quick, president trump has not tweeted since before the state of the union. maria: you're right. dagen: has not tweeted once, watch the state of the union, he's been silent, he's letting that speech speak. maria: that's good. that's probable what he should instead of getting in the way. a new way uber is testing
6:44 am
bike-sharing, we will tell you about it, back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back, breaking news. the president just tweeted moments ago. we were just talking about this. here is what the president said moments ago, heading to beautiful west virginia to be with great members to have republican party. we will be planning infrastructure and discussing immigration and daca. not easy when we have no support from the democrats, not one dem [roll call vote] ed for the tax cut bill. need more republicans in '18. by the way, i have been saying and i think that the democrats are going to have to explain not voting for the tax bill and they're going to have to explain shutting down the government. >> oh, yes. dagen: u lost my mind on cavuto live from dc on tuesday and actually when i was on with the democrat, they keep saying that the republicans are raising taxes on americans, what they mean these tax cuts expire in 2025, so if they really cared about the health, financial
6:48 am
health of the american people, then they would have gotten on board and made sure it was permanent. that's why that bill was structured that way, it's because they didn't have any democratic support. so, again, i think the republicans need to provide a little bit more pushback on this >> the artificial number that they had to meet was because of democrats putting them in the box, they could -- not do with all of it and more important to take the corporate stuff so that you would have predictability which is so important and something that the obama administration never understood if you wanted to have a viable and growing and thriving economy. >> they are not going to expire, by the way. maria: that's what happened with the bush tax cuts, right? >> even obama extended the bush tax cut ifs for middle class. i think majority leader mitch mcconnell ought to take them at their word and put it on the floor, make them permanent. maria: the american people understand this, people are not
6:49 am
stupid, they understand what has taken place here. thousands of workers walking off the job, lauren simonetti with that story. lauren: not here in germany, maria, ford and voling volkswagen being hit by walkouts, 24-hour strikes over pay and hours, they are encouraged by the fastest economic growth in six years and record low unemployment and the union is demanding 8% pay raise for nearly 4 million of workers, they want the right to cut the hours to 28 to 35. can you imagine? new deal for uber, sharing electric bikes as well as cars, the company is team up with another company called jump on pilot program in san francisco, riders can use their uber app to pick up their e-bike and drop it off at bike rack at designated spot. instead of pizza and wings how
6:50 am
about mexican, chipotle is offering free delivery, they teamed up with team delivery service, all you have to do is download the app and type in chipotle bowl to get free delivery, the service would typically cost $6. if you take a look at uber shares it's not the best year for the company, down 20%. maria: thank you so much. lauren. the staggering amount that experts say will be placed on bets for the big game this weekend, the super bowl, back in a minute stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™.
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maria: the president is at it this morning, breaking news, he tweeted again, here is what he said. march fifth is rapidly approaching and the democrats are doing nothing about daca, they resist, blame, complain and
6:54 am
obstruct and do nothing. start pushing nancy pelosi and the dems to work out a daca fix now. not too different on what you said, heather. then there's this, place your bet, super bowl sunday three days away. americans are expected to wager $5 million on the eagles, but only a fraction of it will be gambled legally in las vegas sports books. joining us right now ceo of sports radar, good to see you, thanks for joining us. >> good morning. maria: that was legal in nevada sports books, what are you expecting the number to be this year? >> well, probably might double. maria: double. >> it's still a very low amount looking to worldwide volume. >> the problem is i gather, the differential between what is wagered legally versus what is wagered illegally and trying to see if one can't capture that and turn it into legal revenues?
6:55 am
>> well, i think this is the mission. if you look now and not only to the super bowl, if you look to the tolal volume we must speak about 300 u.s. billion dollars leaving the country every year and this is a significant amount and this amount is something where, yes, you can tax it and regulate it, the thing is there, and i think it makes a lot of sense to work now on regulation to keep it in the country for the taxes, to keep it in the country for control. maria: sure. >> so there's a lot of informal betting obviously, people have office pools, maybe they get together with friends on sunday and do the different wagers, is there a reason for the sort of average informal casual gambler to move it online or offshore. >> well, look, as you said, it's a social event and you're together with your friends and for me most of that money which is wagered is really -- you are
6:56 am
wagering on your favorite team, $5, $10. maria: small bets. >> small bets, if you're sitting there with your friend watching the match and doing and online bet, i think what you have to do before leaving the country, you have to give the people the opportunity that they can do it here in a legal way. dagen: i would argue that people in instance of super bowl this year, they are betting against least favorite team and that would be the patriots. [laughter] >> that's what you say. maria: everything that she says is right. dagen: they're willing to put money behind the patriots losing. maria: the supreme court is close to looking at this, money leaving the country. >> yeah. >> obviously with these big events, you get a lot of people who don't normally gamble, maybe sentimental gamblers or reverse where they don't --
6:57 am
dagen: angry. >> angry. maria: that's what she meant. i don't want to call it dumb money s there a way to measure, when you look at the way the line is moving which side is attracting nonanalytical gamblers? >> of course, there's a way. sports is very emotional and you are -- you have your favorite team even though you know the chances of your favorite team would be not that likely. take the patriots, i think the neutral line they are favorite of 65%. maria: 65%. >> maybe 68 in some ways, that's a round. maria: thank you very much. finally. you're still here? come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... ...with solutions to help provide income throughout. i get that voya is with me through retirement,
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maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, we have a fen father or motherral panel this morning, it is thursday february 1st, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. a war of words over the memo, the fbi is calling on president trump not to release this classified memo which contains allegations of improper surveillance abuses. they are citing grave concerns about certain omission, despite the warning republicans are standing firm on their call to make this memo public. >> we believe the memo should be released and that supporting documentation that doesn't reveal sources or methods should also be available for the american people to review, this memo lays out facts, these are not opinions, this is not
7:01 am
conjecture, these are facts. maria: several reports say we will probably get first look at memo today. technology taken on wall street. big names like apple, amazon, all set to report earnings tonight after the bell, could be market movers, last night we heard from facebook and microsoft. investors showed concern after users are reducing time they spend on social media time on first time ever. facebook shares are up 1 and a half percent. microsoft down a fraction. busiest day of earning season. we heard from alibaba, both earnings and renew topped expectation yet the stock is trading down 2 and a half percent. black stone on the tape beating expectation, steve told news davos, black stone is entering a new era, they are about to raise $200 billion in fundraising, futures this morning look like this, dow industrials down 30 points, s&p down fraction, nasdaq down a fraction. fractional moves in market after finishing month of january in up
7:02 am
boat note. yesterday all posted pretty strong gains but even though they had strong gains they were off of the best levels of the day after the federal reserve says it expects inflation to rise to 2% this year. dow finished january up nearly 6% for the month with that 72-point minute. in europe this morning the major indices are mixed ftse down 13 points, cac quarante is up 20, that's a third of a percent and dax index is up 12 points, fractional mix. in asia, mix, the winner was japan. super model kate upton slams guests, accusing of sexual misconduct. forget the big game, some people only care about the half time show, we have a look at justin timberlake prepare to go take on the big stage. stay with us for that. all the stories coming up thursday morning and joining me now to break it all down fox
7:03 am
business dagen mcdowell, wall street journal editorial page editor james freeman and independent's women's voice heather higgins, great to see you. dagen: i'm blown away by the intelligent conversation every morning but in particular this one. >> you're warmer today than yesterday. maria: it's smart. it's just smart conversation. i love it. dagen: we think about it and we legitimately care about all of these issues. maria: i love it because our viewers tell us what they care about that so we use that in terms of what we are going to go for and talk about. joining the conversation wisconsin congressman sean duffy along with his wife rachel campos duffy, they were both on the train yesterday, we are going to get the inside story from them, former special assistance to president trump, former press secretary for vehicle pence mark lotter is here and hailey barbour plus san francisco 49ers president is
7:04 am
here al guido. first on capitol hill, the classified document alleging abusive power at the top of the fbi could be released as early as today n an interview yesterday with fox news host brian kilmeade, white house chief of staff john kelly hinted that we could see the explosive memo very soon. >> our national security lawyers in the white house that work for me, work for the president, they are slicing and dicing it, looking at it so we know what it means and what it understands. >> did you see it? >> i did. >> what did you think? >> the whole world can see it. maria: fbi has been pushing back, they issued the following statement. fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy. house intel committee member adam schiff accusing devin nunes of altering memo before sending to white house. senior fellow with the london center monica, monica, great to see you.
7:05 am
>> nice to see you. mar. maria: thanks for joining us this morning, your take on all of this. >> the memo is about origination. from what i'm hearing is how the fisa came into be and how and why it was used. i also understand from some very good source that is this is the first of several memos, so as bad as this memo might be, my understanding is that there's worst coming down the pike. >> and remember during, when the president first got elected, he tweeted out, i was wiretapped by the obama administration. he laughed at him. in fact, it's true. >> i remember saying at the time he was told that in fact, this was true and now this is all coming to light. maria: they used this dossier which we know was unverified as justification to wiretap the president and his campaign. dagen: information that was gathered using money from the democrats and the hillary clinton campaign. >> and the american people need to know whether or not the top
7:06 am
of the fbi and the doj was corrupted in a political sense. these are institutions that are supposed to be nonpolitical and buffered from all kinds of political pressures, the american people need to know whether that was shot through with corruption, remember harry truman's statement the buck stops here, where was the president of the united states and does, in fact, the buck stop with him. >> you have a couple of really central and seminole issues that are going on at stake here which is are first off does congress actually have oversight control of what goes on at agencies or are they captives of the agencies and if the agency calls something classified and they can take it away. dagen: the fbi is only accountable to itself, so we go back to the days of jay edgar
7:07 am
hoover. >> it raise it is question who watches the watchers. that's what devin nunes and the house intelligence committee, that's what they are doing. >> the other question is, we've had the left hopping up and down for years about fisa courts abuición powers and all of a sudden they are fine wit because it's working in their political interest, but there's a larger principle here about the transparency and appropriateness of using the club of legal process against individuals to potentially -- >> for political purposes. which makes watergate looks like child's play. one to shield hillary clinton from the range of felonies that we know she committed and secondly to undermine donald trump both as candidate and once he was elected. maria: that's absolutely right, go ahead, james. >> amazing for those of us who watch the patriot act debate and
7:08 am
legitimate debates over the year of renewing surveillance powers for the government and all this time we were talking about authority that is were directed at overseas terrorists, could there some day be a possibility that maybe it would be used for domestic political purposes and one of the people who was always watching seemingly be a watchdog was adam schiff, very worried about how the government would use surveillance authorities and now he seems to have another view. maria: you're right. >> i don't want to call him the biggest phoney in washington because that's the tough competition. maria: that's what he acts like. >> adam schiff was all for dianne feinstein, by definition is self-serving and incomplete in terms of every issue, there's two sides to every pancake, this was a very one-sided version of events. maria: you can see right through
7:09 am
that guy. >> the top at fbi and doj were engaged in kinds of activities. never in wildest dreams did they believe donald trump would be elected president. they thought hillary clinton would be elected president. all the evidence would be destroyed and lost to history forever and they would walk free. so what you see from the fbi yesterday, their comments about we have grave concerns, the panic you see from cory booker, the panic you see from adam schiff, all tells you that they never expected any of this to come to light. maria: after a few hours after christopher wray looked at the memo, next thing you know andrew mccabe is out, the outgoing fbi agent along with other senior fbi officials reportedly learned of thousands of hillary clinton emails found on anthony weiner's laptop, they knew that for a month before alerting congress that they actually saw all of those e-mails, this is according to wall street journal, officials reportedly made discovery while reviewing text messages from fbi officials peter strzok and lisa page. so there you go.
7:10 am
they sat on all of that for a month. then, of course, a couple of days before the election jim comey comes out and says, wait a second, we want to make sure we are reopening the investigation because we found thousands of these emails on anthony weiner's -- >> isn't it amazing how many roads go through weinner. the deputy director was holding onto this, so this, again, this points to deep-seated corruption and the american people need to know. the chief law enforcement agency in the country was putting their finger on this. dagen: the man running it now, christopher wray was put there by president trump and you have -- the fbi run by an individual hand-selected by trump. he picked him after comey got fired, him basically releasing this memo. where does it put wray, where
7:11 am
does it put the white house? >> clarifying a little bit, wray is not a long-time trump ally. maria: he was at the fbi. >> he's part of the washington community -- dagen: he wasn't appointed by president obama. maria: by default. >> the appointment was made in order to reassure people that it was not some trump loyalist from outside that it was part of the law enforcement community but i think this is significant that he pulled the trigger on mccabe because as we saw news accounts months ago saying he would not be pressured by the white house into firing. the fact that he's now firing him -- maria: there must be something damming in the memo. >> there's a reason they don't want it out there. dagen: his wife took money from terry mcca low. maria: $700,000. >> the idea that he didn't already know what was in it and
7:12 am
bagged mccabe a lot earlier that tells me that people aren't having honest conversations here. maria: if you're not trusting the fbi like the cia, the irs as well, i mean, you know, this is a free country and for us to not be able to trust the independent agencies are leading the facts take them there and you have a couple of people in washington who are really fighting for the truth. unfortunately south south carolina trey gowdy is retiring, i will not be filing for reelection to congress nor seeking any other political or elected office, instead i will be returning to the justice system. so now you've got devin nunes, devin nunes is afraid to do any interviews because they twist his words. this is -- this is really stunning and this is hardball. >> so the left is very busy claiming that releasing the memos, et cetera, is going to be detrimental to our national
7:13 am
security and trusting our institutions, i'd say it's more accurate to think that we've got a boil that needs to be lanced here. maria: yeah, it's important to get transparency on what actually happen and for wray to use this as opportunity to clean house at the fbi if there is much of a problem as there seems to be indication as there is. maria: if he's independent as he is. >> they need to get priorities in order and they have accountability and not be swayed by political preferences. dagen: it's not just mccabe in terms of trying clean house and i will quote a colleague and dear friend of ours, when you don't like the facts, you criticize the process. that's what the democrats are saying. >> the question is how high does this go, we were talking about it at the top of the hour, we are talking about the top tier of the fbi and doj, to believe that somehow they were freelansing all of this really
7:14 am
-- we know that the obama administration weponizedded the irs, we know that they were spying on journalists over eight years, the idea that the white house didn't know what was going on, we have no evidence of this yet, the idea that it stopped with james comey or loretta lynch, i find that hard to believe. maria: during election season. they are spying on political enemy, let's face it. call it what it is. monica always a pleasure. kate upton revealing mee too moment, a top executive at guess of harassment. and then flaming out elon musk is claiming flame-throwing sales after widely successful viral campaign, back in a minute. easy! (horn honking) alright! alright! we've all got places to go! we've all got places to go!
7:15 am
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7:17 am
we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. maria: welcome back, starting today americans will see bigger paychecks due to recent tax cuts, cheryl casone with details. lauren: well, you have lauren today, maria. [laughter] maria: you're standing right here, my apologizes. lauren: we have the news for you, the paychecks getting bigger as employees adjust to new tax exchange in addition to lower rates, millions of workers are getting bonuses from companies that are sharing the benefit of the corporate tax cut, white house minority leader nancy pelosi has consistently called those raises and bonuses crumbs, president trump is firing back. >> it is not crumbs, that i tell
7:18 am
you. we didn't know this was going to happen so much, nobody in terms of corporations doing what they are doing by the hundreds and millions and millions of people are covered and frankly we thought february 1st was going to be the big date when you're also going to have more money in your paycheck. lauren: vice president mike pence chiming in. >> just amazing to me that after this tax cut passes 3 million americans get another thousand dollars in their pockets in many cases, she actually described that in many cases as crumbs. if you go say a thousand dollars is crumbs, you live in a different world than i live in. lauren: the white house says at least 275 companies have increased wages, announced bonuses or promise today -- promised to hire more workers. toyota is announcing worldwide recall, the company needs to fix local problems that could stop air bags from inflating in a
7:19 am
crash. the recall effects certain toyota preusus, suv's, may to march 2016. spacex ceo elon musk usually lands rockets on a pad in the ocean, this time he went straight for the water and surprisingly, the rocket is still intact. he's tweeting about it. this rocket was meant to test very high retro thrust landing in water so it didn't hurt the drone ship but amazingly, survived. we will try to tow it back to shore. and another for mr. musk in different business, the boring company which is working to raise money to build underground
7:20 am
tunnels. the price was $500 each, $10 million was raised for the boring company in less than a week's time, musk says all flame throwers in case you were curious will be cheap to extinguishers as well. this is the only publicly-traded company of elon musk and up 40% in the past year, maria. maria: thank you so much. the fire extinguisher there. lauren simonetti there. janet yellen will pass the baton to jerome powell. nintendo fans get ready to shell out doe, mario kart to smartphones, goes public for the first time. back in a minute. okay, i never thought i'd say this, but i found bladder leak
7:21 am
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7:24 am
maria: welcome back to the latest now we go to federal reserve janet yellen is set to pass baton to jay powell. in her last decision she left interest rates unchanged yesterday. denise, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> well, thanks for having me on. maria: we are happy you are here. what was your cake on the fed yesterday and what do you expect the markets under jay powell. >> well, first of all nobody was surprised that held steady. they indicated that the economy is stronger than had been anticipated and that there would
7:25 am
be further which was just one word that they changed further rate increases, they will take at least three times higher this year, maybe even four. the fed needs to get the fed funds rate to 2 and a half to 3% over the course of next year and next year and a half in order for the fed to have some powder on hand when the next recession does eventually hit. the rates are going higher, not dramatically so but they will be higher almost than anyone wants to anticipate at this point. dagen: i think we have a 40-year bull market in particular in government bonds, if bonds enter a bear market and have yields going up, how can stocks survive that? are we going to have the dual bear markets potentially? >> it's difficult for stocks to continue to rally in the face of let's say a 4% ten-year yield, there are times in the past
7:26 am
where yields have gone higher and stock prices have gone higher too. that happens at the end of bull markets. before too long, if we get the long end of the year curve, it'll be very difficult for the stock market to continue to rally. i think you're in the last 10%, maybe last 5% of bull market. no question. >> james freeman with the wall street journal, i wanted to get your take on crude oil markets, we've had a lot of investors particularly in this town telling oil producers don't drill so much, maybe profits, keep prices high, producers are kind of said, okay, we will learn this time but they never really mean it, what are you expecting here, a lot more production here in the united states? the. >> i think we are going to be surprised how quickly we get -- we've gotten past 10 million-barrel of crude oil. let's remember it was only several years ago that we were barely 4 and a half to 5.
7:27 am
the activity that's taking place with fracking, horizontal drilling technologies, we have become the most technological driller in the world and brought price lower, almost any franker worth any sort of capabilities whatsoever is able to produce crude oil at 25 and $35 per barrel and you have a huge number of wells that have been drilled and are capped, so it's going to be difficult to let crude oil get much above 62 to $64, wti, at that point, the amount of hedging that will be established to protect prices going forward are going to be very large, from here on out, although i'm bullish on commodities generally, i think that the ability for crude oil to rally much beyond where they are where prices are now is very, very limited.
7:28 am
maria: we should point out that goldman sachs is raising brent crude price over next months to 75. >> i wish them luck. maria: denise, real quick, if you are going to see rates go up, anywhere to hide in stocks? so you say we are in the last 5 to 10% in stock market rally because rates are going up, what do you want to buy, how do a allocate capital? >> cash is not such a bad place to be, one does not have to be fully invested all of the time. high-dividend paying shares, if you make me buy the things that real industrial activity, steel, copper, shipping, trucking, the things that even i can understand make sense to me. would i high in high-tech, i would let other people wiser to that. that's beyond my kin. maria: those areas that are tie today economic growth, denise, thank you, good to see you, sir, thank you so much, denise. >> thanks for having me on. maria: looking forward at
7:29 am
president retreat, we are taking a look at the top items of the agenda. bringing sexy back to super bowl. highly-anticipated half time show, what the pop star has in store for the big game, right here. .. ..
7:30 am
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7:32 am
ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. good thursday morning and welcome back everybody. thank you so much for joining us. it's thursday february 1. the top stories right now. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump has a west virginia this morning. he will address key issues on the agenda this year is the midterm election is learning. -- looming. >> nancy pelosi predicted economic armageddon, remember that one should mark it is just amazing to me that after the tax cut passes through millions of americans get another thousand dollars in their pockets in many cases and she described as crumbs. people say a thousand dollars is crumbs, you live in a
7:33 am
different world i live in. >> earnings in focus and a big way. the single busiest day of the fourth quarter season they reported earlier this hour they beat expectations there. the stock is under pressure as the company expects to spend up to $7 billion on new technology. expenses going up. we are watching for earnings this morning futures pointing to a mixed open dow industrials is worsened. we are expecting a decline at the opening of trading. down 30 points on the down dow and seven points on the nasdaq. this after the markets finished the month of january. they all posted gains. they did and off the height of the day at the federal reserve executive said it expects inflation to rise to 2% this year. europe stocks are looking this way this morning.
7:34 am
in asia over night mixed performances as you can see. japan was the highlight. now this. kate upton is telling her me to a story. the supermodel accusing the cofounder of a guest of sexual misconduct. he teased his upcoming halftime show on social media already. and mario kart racing to a new stream. the popular videogame well soon be available on your phone. all of the stories coming up this morning. at the top story this half hour. president trump will address republicans. heading to beautiful west virginia to be with the great members of the republican party. we will be planning infrastructure in planning immigration and daca. we have no support from the
7:35 am
democrats. not one democrat voted for a tax cut bill. need more republicans in 2018. mark, good to see you. what are your expectations in terms of this year going into the midterm election in terms of priorities. adding it's really simple. you talk about where we want to go. and really the message it boils down to results over resistance. more money in your pocket more money to spend, and jobs growing in the strength around the world. is a pretty good message to take to the american people. >> vice president mike pence bastion of the democratic senator yesterday after he voted no on the gop tax reform bill. >> i looked him in the eye and i told him joe, the people of the mountain say are counting on you. let's get this tax cut done
7:36 am
together. but joe voted no. he then fired back with the statement which reads in part. the vice president's comments are exactly why washington sucks. i'm disappointed in his comments but will continue to work to make washington work so that everything works together. as the former press secretary to vice president pentz -- mike pence. going into the midterms he and his colleagues are and had to explain why they voted against the tax cuts. and what is disappointing is that he put chuck schumer and nancy pelosi ahead of the needs of those in west virginia. they will have to explain themselves. i know chuck and nancy want this to be about wall street. it's about walmart.
7:37 am
the people that are starting today and won't have more money in the paycheck to really have a difficult message. we know it typically typically when you look back at history you usually do lose seats from the party in power in the midterms are you expecting that. that is a historical norm. but it would suggest that hillary clinton would have been elected president in 2016. that's because of the leadership and the ideas that he is sitting in the white house right now. i think they really have a strong record to run on. while we do face a historical norm in these areas i can do the math looks good in the senate and i think results matter and when the only thing that the democrats are going to offer as resistance and as the only thing they are setting up for right now. the only thing they can see and four is not standing. it's a very difficult message for people in the midwest they are seen manufacturing jobs coming back.
7:38 am
jobs coming back and raises and more money in their paychecks. it's not the kind of liberal policy that the typical -- typically support. you also have the abuse of power story on the other side. when you look at what has taken place at the other side at the fbi. then there is a negative in terms of debt. a lot of people raising the red flags about debt being one and had trillion dollars in that tax package. now the treasury is going to be running out of cash in early march. that is according to the new report from the congressional budget office. what is your reaction to this. that is just part of keeping the government open and honoring our commitments. here is another thing that we have to remember. president trump last year in march introduced that that balance in ten years. he wants to take care of our debt and deficit and when you
7:39 am
look at the other side here is a great example that's not really getting covered. in the negotiations over the current budget they are once again demanding that any extra dollar we spend to rebuild our military we also give another dollar to social welfare programs that they support. that's not the way that we need to be doing business by just raising and continuing spending. we need to look at ways to control spending and cut spending and other areas and meanwhile a democrats who claim to be about debt and deficits are just demanding more spending on the domestic side and is not really needed right now. you do expect that the budget will be balanced the budget blueprint did balance at the end of that ten years. and so those are very big signs. he's very committed to getting the balance back. we know you have to raise
7:40 am
money for the military. where do you cut back. i think what you have to do is this is what the president has been very committed to. we have to grow ourselves out of this. when you look at the growth that we head in the economy. and we will actually see more revenue at the end of this then we started with wii to rethink how washington works so much right now is all dedicated to how much money do we spend on a program. how do many people do we serve in a program. we need to reset washington to look at not success on how much we spent but how little we spend. you don't want -- you tell me but he wanted to cut, by the way?
7:41 am
you're not going to do that in an election year right? >> there is just not gonna be inability to get this done this year. is something we've been talking about for many years. it something long-term that we have to look at. one would hope. we need to see the memo and the information out there. let the people decide whether there was any kind of malfeasance. and i want to stress the highest level is a small group of people the rank-and-file of the fbi our doing great work. putting their lives on the line and we honor that. if it was any kind it would be put out there for the public. needs to be investigated. there are thousands of great fbi agents. there is no doubt about it. great to see you sir. a new voice in the me to movement. she is slamming the cofounder of the gas for harassment.
7:42 am
and then nintendo piling up another franchise. the new plan to bring the videogame icon back. [music] mvo: you're not doing work to help somebody, you're gaining something from meeting mr. adderley. it's a calling to not only everybody in this neighborhood in miami, but to the nation how great we are. and how great we can be. ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ and i'll never desert you. ♪ i'll stand by you.
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>> welcome back, a supermodel is accusing the cofounder of the gas fashion line of sexual misconduct. good morning that is kate upton. she is taking to social media to publicly accuse paul marciano of sexual misconduct. is disappointed that such a brand on instagram she wrote
7:46 am
she shouldn't be allowed to use the power in the industry to harass women hashtag me too. she did not give any further detail and despite the use of the hashtag she did not specify if she was a victim of any misconduct. you don't have to rely on the airlines to tell you if and when your flight is delayed. google fights is trying to put its app to work. it will also tell you why white your flight is delayed and it can track down the best prices as well. but the amenities that you won't get if you buy one of those economy based fare tickets. taking a look at shares of the alphabet. there up a third of 1% in the premarket. and the company is reporting the latest earnings.
7:47 am
finally nintendo making three major product announcements yesterday. one of them is a mario kart game for the smart phone. that will be released next year. another is an online subscription service. that will cost you between $4.20 depending on your plan. it will rival xbox live as well as the playstation network and finally plans for an upcoming movie an animated movie. i should mention at the switch. they are also that there up a hundred and 23 percent. my favorite is still pac-man. another important sign of importance for the mobile video game makers. it is certainly an issue trying to get children to stop
7:48 am
staring at the screen. an ongoing battle. you see executives that they say they try to limit at home. >> this is why we are up in arms. even facebook. i'm just saying i agree. they're all good readers. basically begging parents to start parenting and one of the most important things to remember about social media as it takes away all your downtime and being bored which is the genesis of learning to be self entertaining and being creative. if you don't let kids be bored than they are never going to develop those skills. it's one of my new year's resolutions. i was gonna say i think
7:49 am
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there is a little tease there of justin timberlake. just three days left before the big game. they are focusing on the common ground at halftime show performed this year by justin timberlake. the president of the san francisco 49ers. this is gonna be a big game. what are your expectations. the world's largest sporting event. we were honored to host super bowl 50. there can be putting on a great show. obviously one of the greatest quarterbacks to every -- to ever play. against the eagles. i think everybody is looking forward to the halftime show. total entertainer. he has done the halftime shows
7:54 am
are tremendous. getting all that stuff out on the field. this is a big money event. the twin cities are sane big business and a major security overhaul as a result of hosting the game the home of the 40 niners. as you just mentioned. tell us about what you saw that in terms of the big money coming into the city and around the game. the economic impact that happens from this event. if hundreds of thousands of people that descend on your area and they are spending money in the restaurants and they are holding up in hotels. we did over $220 million in economic activity. they have posted the most
7:55 am
events in any stadium in the world in the last four years. over $500 million from long -- large-scale events. i would imagine the minnesota region is get a b fantastic. they have the infrastructure there to make sure that everybody can get around. at this point what they're doing is making sure that they are spending a lot of time on security. they are making sure that all people that are descending on this feel safe and secure. >> the homeland security secretary told me the other day when i saw her at the state of the union she was going to minnesota to make sure that everything was safe. how sustainable is that money that comes in. how long-lasting is that. it's hard to say the amount of people that tune in to watch the game and then the nfl in itself has a tremendous amount of parity.
7:56 am
the patriots had played in a lot of super bowl's. the eagles fans that's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. look at what the nfl is doing. people are mad about the whole controversy around dealing so what is that. how does that change. >> there is a tremendous opportunity right now. they have more than ever had at the top 50 watched programs. fox is taking on thursday night football. there is no question we have to do a better job of reaching out to fans. the cross carrier now you are able to stream on multiple devices. i think the nfl we will spend the entire off-season think about thinking about how we do that.
7:57 am
and creative artists agency. tell us about elevate sports and what it offers. >> is a groundbreaking joint venture. if you take caa one of the world's largest sports and entertainment companies. the sports players they also do a number of sponsorships. then you take joshua harris and david blitzer. you partner with the san francisco 49ers on the geographic footprint. having all of the tech partners. we really think we have something unique to offer in the marketplace. we will be right back. with expedia, one click gives you access to discounts
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8:00 am
us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday february 1, your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, pushing his agenda forward, president trump will speak at it republican retreat in west virginia later this morning, among issues to talk about infrastructure, and 2018 midterm elections vice president mike pence spoke yesterday highlighted major success the white house has seen in just the first year. >> you think about the progress that we've made in just one short year. the results speak for themselves. we got a story to tell men and women, and i hope as i gather at this retreat you put into
8:01 am
practice that proverb that says iron sharp as iron one he person sharp as another i hope you have the opportunity to reflect the also think about the difference that it is making in the lives of working americans maria: president speech amid a war of words over the classified memo fbi calling on president trump not to release this classified memo aengs of improper surveillance abuse of power fbi says they have grave concerns about omissions reports say we will likely get first look today. >> apple, amazon alphabet to report earnings after the bell tonight, could be market movers last night from facebook and microsoft, after the close, as you can see, premarket, mixed showing microsoft lower the others are higher, this morning, with facebook up 2 1/2%, reports keep coming ups reporting earnings revenue beat
8:02 am
expectations stock under pressure down 3 and three-quarters k% company says going to be spending up to seven billion dollars on new technology. broader markets like this this morning, time warner hits the tape, with a beat on revenue, dow industrials down 14 points right now s&p 500 up two 1/4 nasdaq down 8 points, this after a pretty good day and month of january,in fact markets finished month of january,on strong note yesterday, dow s&p, nasdaq posting gains, did close off of highs of the day, federal reserve said expects inflation to rise to 2% this year stocks higher the ft 100 down 6 cac quarante up 6, dax down a quarter of a percent, 36 points lower mastercard revenue beating expectations, as you can see, bottom of your he screen asian markets mixed nikkei average best in japan, up one and two-thirds percent, get ready to railroad -- monopoly game lets you runaway
8:03 am
with everything from free parking to park place, get into that one, cheaters edition coming up this morning to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell,"the wall street journal" paim he haddior james freeman independently women's voice president ceo he heather. >> good to see you -- >> i have to say, i really like original monopoly. >> i do. >> what -- >> i like the hat. >> the symbol. >> what else on your minds this morning. >> big day of news. >> lot happening, earnings, stocks are not cheap, but when you have high expectations, and you keep beating them, i mean, the value stocks should o go up whisper generating more earnings, makes sense. >> open all-time high. >> we point out down in in avenue market after earnings people looked at numbers went okay, this is what mark
8:04 am
zuckerberg wants. >> they have all runway the stock is trading much lower than amazon trading like 86, 90 times earnings a great story. >> across the board, capex going to drive performance. >> opening purse strings after sitting on cash the showdown on capitol hill controversial mem highly classified document allegations beautician of power top of fbi, could be released as early as today interview yesterday with fox news brian kilmeade white house chief general john kelly hiptsdz we will see that explosive memo could see it soon fbi pushing back first stonewalling not giving the documents that congress is asking for, but right after, it became clear may see this moechl today fbi issued a statement in part, we have grave concerns, about the material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the contrast, house intel committee mep schiff accusing
8:05 am
chairman nunes of altering memo before accepteding to white house join is from republican national committee chairman former mississippi governor bgrgroup understood going partner haley barbour thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> reduction to this latest back-and-forth on fisa foem. >> any time security, we are talking about -- the government spying or taking information, that is otherwise classified, you have to be careful, but what is going on here, is congress is doing its job of looking at how things are handled, and just like we ought to be careful about intelligence generally, we need strong oversight over that intelligence that is the best way to make sure that they donl what they aonly do wh suppose to do makes total acceptance we need to find out what happened. >> i wanted to ask about that
8:06 am
maybe observation on media folks in our industry a lot of them spend a lot of time, trying to make classified information public a lot of news organizations, by by a lot of people to make it public in this case, i would say a lot of our media brethren not that eager it seems to pull out this piece of classified date. >> another indication of the balkanization of the immediate that people take sides liberal jeed elite has views conservative groups have theirs in this case what we are doing protect american people if government agencies whether respected like fbi, or any other government agency, not playing by rules it is congress' job through oversight to put a stop to that, one of the ways you put a stop to it you sign the
8:07 am
sunshine on. >> this is heather. >> hi. >> how are you i am so glad for you that when you were arrested for having a gun that you were in mississippi not new york. went through tsa so fortunate not here the question that i have for you what do you think presuming memo gets released what becomes the relationship between the fbi and doj and oversight committee? >> well any time an agency of government gets criticized or there is oversight that shows that they did something they should not have done didn't do something they should that creates tension, that is human nature. >> you want to explain that, because heather talked about you getting arrested we want to make sure obviously not elephant in the room tell us what happened. >> well, before christmas i moved a handgun from one place to another by putting in my
8:08 am
briefcase. and that was before christmas i didn't think about it on the second 2nd of january i caught a plane absent mindedly had not taken handgun out of briefcase showed up through security, and security people did just exactly what they were supposed to do found it, they treated me just like anybody else, and i don't know if arrested is technically right word but i sat down with them made a statement it was totally unintentional care less than expected i did it they did right thing i will tell you about security people federal and local, they were professional plight did what they should have done. >> thank you for addressing it thank you heather, midterm elections around the corner dnc running on fumes paperwork
8:09 am
by federal election commission tallied dnc fund raising to 66 million dollars half what rnc estimates 132 1/2 million dollars, haul, is coming up, so coming off this forgiving showing according to n. butc, dnc ceo mcconnell reportedly out of a job less than a year give your take what you see happening with regard to this to fund-raising part of the story. >> well, i think i go we need to be very careful that we don't leave out a huge part of the story, that is that candidates of the left democrats, socialists not very much funded by democratic party they are the huge outside organizations, there was announcement last week, that the public employee unions tom stay or viefrment afl-cio pledged 350 million dollars just in campaign to
8:10 am
defeat republican governors, so let's don't forget that so much of their money comes from planned parenthood not through party republicans great deal more of our money actually is contributed by individuals to the party, and the party dispenses it not so much with democrats. >>. dagen: on that note it is dagen mcdowell -- that there is money and there is enthusiasm for democratic candidates out there, roshing in texas out raising cruise. >> you have democratic campaign committee raising more than 105 million dollars last year i believe a record for nonelection year, so, again, nancy pelosi might be sitting on hands, at the state of the union address, but there is there is definitely money willing to step up on the democratic side to back up some candidates running in november.
8:11 am
>> no question about that. that was point i am trying to make even if it doesn't come from democratic committee party committee, there are other organizations that are just pouring money into democratic campaigns, republicans were outspent, in the last election we will be outspent in this election. >> you can do you know, donald trump was way outspent by hillary clinton. >> he could do that, because he is president now president trump but, again, that is a he personality of the individual. don't the candidates at this ground level and republican party need to worry about what is happening right here right now? >> they do need to worry about being outspent or outspent by large margin in off year elections like this year the campaigns are much more localized it is much more congressman x versus challengeer y, much more about state district the democrats want to make everything about
8:12 am
donald trump if you don't like donald trump ought to vote against every republican even if best senator best house member ever lad. >> how successful into 2018 election all about resist, resist, resist they don't have a message governor we know what the republicans are going to run on their tax plan, the better economy, can dems win more seats come 2018 if their message is resist the guy in the white house. >> it is much harder it is much harder to win if you don't give people something to vote for. ch there is no question about that. so that we want to go ahead -- >> look, it is it is a long way to these elections, the republicans got a little bounce out of last month. the tax bill and i guarantee going to get a bounce out of president's speech when was really good this is going to be competitive elections, but they will be more and more about the place where they are, the campaign, the state, district. and less about the national
8:13 am
situation than the democrats want to believe, the republicans got to make it about the economy, so they have sense if we need to make it national, too, about the improvement in the economy, the policy they do tend to be get more localized closer you get to elections. >> we want to ask we have been talking about fisa memo nunez trey gowdy doing good work news from trey gowdy. >> i am wondering what we should make of this news that trey gowdy is leaving congress he says he prefers being a lawyer i guess to politician but how do you read it in terms of what does it mean for the fall? >> well, we do have a number of retirements a lot among very senior people many committee chairs, who are term-limited.
8:14 am
i think the idea of term limiting committee chairs particularly in the house is a bad idea, because i think it costs you good members. but. maria: happened here. >> not for me to decide. >> that is happening here. >> that is right, trey has oem been there about 8 years i just think he itself somebody a prosecutor, been in justice system accomplishes a whole lot more faster than congress does. >> governor haley barbour always a pleasure thanks for spending time with us this morning. >> great. >> thank you. >> thank you. we will see you soon haley barbour there. we're coming right back. and had geico help with renters insurance- it was really easy. easy. that'd be nice. phone: for help with chairs, say "chair." phone: for help with bookcases, say "bookcase." bookcase. i thought this was the dresser? isn't that the bed? phone: i'm sorry, i didn't understand. phone: for help with chairs, say "chair."
8:15 am
does this mean we're not going out? book-case. see how easy renters insurance can be at
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8:17 am
maria: welcome back president trump's first state of the union, shows still a big draw lauren simonetti with details. >> yes he is president trump reaching 45.6 million americans in the speech according to niecen ratings about two million fewer tuning in, than you would see before congress last year still nfc championship game january 1, by about 3 million viewers fox news won the night big win audience of 11. million. -- 11.7 million out with old in with new mcdonald's replacing rock 'n' roll restaurant in chicago new one aimed at millennials 19,000
8:18 am
square feet which he freedomed glass and steal with apple trees poking through the roof, touchscreen kiosks. >> experience future campaign a look at shares mcdonald's up about 40% over the past year monopoly changing things around since 1932, so has cheaters quite frankly so new version, has 15 cheat cards that actually require players to do dishonesty things stealing from bank not playing rent if caught could get slapped in handcuffs put in jail 20 bucks. how good of a cheater are you the question. >> thanks, a break when we come back president trump headed to west virginia this morning for republican congressional retreat wisconsin congressman duffy
8:19 am
weighs in on goals for this year and next the ups delivers beating quarterly earnings revenue expectations this morning boosted by changes in tax bill we break down numbers stock trading down by 3% back in a moment. ♪ forget about me, contindon't, d, don't forget about me ♪ ♪ it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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8:22 am
cheryl: . >> rallying republicans president trump is head to west virginia today where gop
8:23 am
lawmakers gathered for a retreat, with one mission, moving forward with agenda the president tweeted this earlier this morning, heading to beautiful west virginia to be with great members of the republican party. we will be planning infrastructure, and cuffing immigration and daca not easy whether we have no support from democrats, not one dem voted for our tax cut bill, need more republicans in '18, visit after a train carrying law enforcement to their annual retreat crashed wisconsin congressman sean duffy and rachel campos-duffy 8 children on that train join is to talk about it thanks both for joining us you must be shaken up ?ooshgs we were worried about you, tell us how you are feeling how you are doing, rachel, start us off here how is everyone doing the family your 8 children with you -- >> in location we are at in train we felt the we heard sound we felt the jerk but no
8:24 am
won got injured automobile we have had attacks on republicans in past worse things crosses through mind shooken up. >> go ahead congressman. >> in banning back of the train hit happened takes a while to stop our car stopped in front of the crash sight, we watched firsthand as a lot of members congress doctors, emts worked in military how all rallied together jump off train get out start providing aid to the two men obviously criticality injured. >> police said do not exit they smelled oil thought might be explosion guys heck no broke open door. >> they weren't sure isis think a wants to make sure secure, it is clear, this was
8:25 am
a crash, went to help adjudicatory amazing members of congress out tragic. >> that many members of the party one place all sorts of things go through your mind i know being investigated, doesn't look like foul play how is a garbage truck passing tracks when train coming. >> i have that same question very concerned about you know what kind of security precautions taken members family wipe out half congress if this was not a garbage truck an isis truck we have been very concerned. >> can only do is there is -- law enforcement vehicles that cut off every intersection same with buses go through i thought that was kind of ridiculous but after this you can see why it is really important to do that. there wasn't law enforcement vehicles securing that roadway that crossed the traction one of the fie places didn't
8:26 am
happen was happening along the whole trip so i don't know what happened, but tragic someone didn't have a father husband come home to see happen firsthand pretty -- >> terrible. >> thank god you are okay family okay condolences to driver of the truck who died. we want to get the message as well this retreat congressman about panel here we want to jump in what is the message of this retreat congressman? what are you focused on. >> the message is free enterprise works, you reduce regulation lower taxes, economies grow americans do betters when americans stick together work together tax reform or keeping government open as democrats trying to shut it down we can be successful i think donald is going to rally on successes last year talk about what we can get done this year if we stick together how much
8:27 am
further can we go president says halfway through reg tax reform talk g daca fair way also secure border there is a broad conversation not lot of clarity how we do infrastructure a great conversation with with him on that day a great search success begets success i think he wants to nourm us stick together this year. >> success begets unity a naysayers are outliers sense i get people are united, excited the reception from constituents back at home both about the speech and just about the actual you know, economic numbers that people are starting to feel. >> here is james freeman. >> -- you mentioned infrastructure, i am wondering about that, we obviously have some bad memories from object stimulus 3% to trappings
8:28 am
infrastructure waste traditionally in programs you said details being worked out you but if taxpayers concerned about infrastructure, could you give us some reassurance that this isn't another washington boondoggle. >> remember that this is a stimulus bill barack obama took office democrats 800 00-billion-dollar stimulus package for shovel-ready projects remember that we won't have to spend a trillion dollars o build out infrastructure if 800 billion had gone to infrastructure. it didn't you are right donald trump is a builder, he is a guy that gets more for every dollar he spends he will do that for american taxpayer as well i feel comfortable with republican conference and donald trump not a boon doingl with your money we're not a boondoggle with your money we are going to build great things. >> did you post to be nice any did tell you be nice, lawful
8:29 am
laugh. >> you can -- >> rachel help me. >> i am always nice, i just like giving your husband -- >> he is nice to me. >> [laughter] >> only time dagen was nice after tax reform passed okay now one good interview i give you credit for one thing. >> a lot going for you with rachel next to you congressman. >> i did feel like i kept your feet to the fire so i didn't make any mistakes in the tax reform. >> thank you, that is -- we will talk this morning. >> appropriate, and courteous response, congressman but one of the biggest challenges to the president in terms of accomplishing his agenda is not the health it is rule the of the senate keep legislation from ever getting discussed what it does get to the floor under the reconciliation left a bunch of things done in in a
8:30 am
half-baked way or not done at all there is going to be any discussion do you think at retreat about putting pressure from the administration on the senate to a minimum go back to pre1973 rules if you are going to preventative legacy from coming to the floor you need to be there, in person? not phone in from where fund-raiser accept place. >> we had a conversation, last night republicans, house and senate members, mitch mcconnell paul ryan led that discussion that very issue came up about six times, house members frustrated with senate. listen i don't think the senate is going to move on these rules i think mitch mcconnell knows how to navigate the rules, i think bringing them onboard get american people to pressure them to get them to be reasonable help pass important legislation. >> congressman, rachel great to see you both thank you so much we will see you soon,
8:31 am
jobless cams out better than expected 230,000 versus 238,000 estimate, and we have four trillion dollars of technology market cap reporting earnings 24-hour period look what happened lows of the morning dow industrials is expected to be down 100 points opening of trading down a third of a percent s&p 500, nasdaq in the red back in a minute with tech titans on wall street apple horizon alphabet gearing up four trillion in market value reporting earnings in tech sector two-day period dow dupont beating earnings, manufacturing and infrastructure investment activity helped drive the growth back in a minute. ♪ ♪
8:32 am
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i cannot imagine managing my diabetes without my dexcom. this is the dexcom g5 mobile continuous glucose monitoring system. a small, wearable sensor measures your glucose every 5 minutes
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and sends the data to a dexcom receiver. dexcom helps lower a1c and improves quality of life. if you're over 65 and you have diabetes, you should have a dexcom. if you get a dexcom, you're going to be very glad that you did. visit to learn more. good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. thursday, february about 1, your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. initially jobless claims hitting a wire 230,000 for unemployment benefits latest week that is better than the week before, markets are, as you can see, worsening here we are at lows of the morning
8:35 am
here, with productivity out dow industrials down 130 points one half of a percent lower s&p, nasdaq weaker nasdaq down a third of a percent in europe stocks edging back-and-forth as well, as you can see we are looking at lower opening performance here as well ft 100 down a third of a percent ft down, cac quarante down 16 points lower redaction in germany down better than 1% 144 points lower, on the dax in asia overnight, managed performances best performer was japan, nikkei average up one and two-thirds% the busiest day fourth quarter earnings season after close hear from four trillion dollars in market value technology apple amazon google apparent company alphabet on top of microsoft facebook, yesterday, we are breaking down what you need to know ahead of numbers, ahead of the on ups dowdupont better-than-expected fourth quarter numbers under pressure ups down better than 4%
8:36 am
dowdupont down better than 1% president trump to west virginia this morning, to talk to the republicans at republican retreat, he says he will address key issues on agenda this year as midterm elections loom lie shakes showdown congressman devin nunez miami schiff on attack over release of controversial memo reports on fbi surveillance abuses that could be published today stories coming up, top story this half hour, a tidal wave of technology earnings to hear from from apple amazon alphabet after the bell tonight after technology giant facebook microsoft reported he impressive earnings yesterday, as you can see, facebook up one and two-thirds% beat on profit and revenue fourth quarter or theed earnings 2.21 revenue of 13 billion dollars nearly 13 billion microsoft beat expectations earnings and revenue the earnings there, coming 96 cents a share revenue 28.9 billion joining us to weigh in national tech
8:37 am
editor, cfra investment strategist lindsey bell thanks for joining us pete, how would you characterize what you are seeing from earnings from tech. >> well i mean i got to bring down -- apple, is all about the iphone x, you know a lot of predictions on the compact number of iphones what matters most this time is mix the amount of revenue generators apple now getting people significant portion of customers to pay more for iphones, and we are going to get finally a sense of how that is doing, now. >> cut production of the iphone x. >> the thing, last quarter may not necessarily indicate like where that is leveling out basically everyone who wapdz iphone x probably bought one -- wanted iphone x probably bought one reports say leveling out in terms of expectations probably lower than apple is predicting. >> expectations have come down for apple to q1 important
8:38 am
quarter for the iphone x, but i think. >> some analysts saying based on what we have heard there is weak wireless trends coming first quarter calendar year. >> i think going to be a tough first quarter for apple across the board. >> speaking with apple, wireless trends we are also hearing that it is a sell a lot of older phones that may go bike margins big drop in iphone x production isn't necessarily an indicator of overall business. >> i may in terms of basically iphone company look like being apple does other stuff virtually revenue from iphone, tim kok side with iphone x is setting the foundation, for 10 years of the iphone those other reports very credential credit i believe based on on thex very if not responding to features the way predicted
8:39 am
that could sort of bode well -- not -- bode not so well long term. >> a lot of negativity around apple now no doubt about it facebook beat estimates fourth quarter said that users spending less time on the neck more negativity. >> less time but able to extract more revenue per user is significant, about 26% increase in revenue per users 6 dollars more there. and this is really what facebook wants maybe a political response, maybe it is because they have a soul at facebook in terms of delivering more the type of content that it pushes at users trying to eliminate the fake news if you will. and mark zuckerberg forecast this i thought you saw that in way stock reacted down 5% right after the earnings came out yesterday, we are looking at new all-time high potentially at open, so again, marker zuckerberg pretty clear
8:40 am
in january, about this direction that we are taking, in how they deliver nice and information, to the user base. >> yeah. >> revenue per ad up over 40%, too, just like user number was up, a dollar per user important key you know what i think he is thinking about longevity of the company there is a lot of tech companies social media companies have not lasted, and for users maybe not on the -- facebook page as much but going there if enjoying experience more, that number could pick back up. >> i don't think we can underestimate though the stock price performance, in last year, microsoft had a fine quarter it was a good quarter, the stock traded down stock is up huge in last year, all these stocks. >> a great example of -- good messaging, the fact stocks went down came back up, i mean, they have been very clear about what they want to do, with their network getting
8:41 am
rid of candy links that you pass click on just feel bad because some celebrity -- >> it is garbage. >> very conscious of it getting rid of those, very clear about the things being more meaningful even banning cryptocurrency adc parts of messaging very smart to sort of indicate we care about the quality of time we don't just care he engagement we want people to come away from engagement with positive feeling. >> there are businesses built on facebook, and also instagram advertising facebook also owns a lot of linen companies red landed cotton, one that i have been in touch with one of the fourdz of this company make sheets in south carolina again that is kind of advertising you don't want advertising from some bitcoin
8:42 am
-- scoundrel going to lead splb to lose money. >> touching on one of my biggest pet peeves you are dead-on i think quality of instagram ads much better on facebook most people have that experience but facebook on earnings, completely makes that a mystery like instagram is completely blended in to all other stuff this google business, too with youtube, they just they don't block it out in any way, at least microsoft puts linked in in a column doesn't block it out separately we have massive business instagram youtube, playing by different set of rules completely different audience than main company, yet really no idea how performing as a unit. >> more clarity would be helpful for investors margins are different, about youtube cloud all iphones different -- pixel phones into one category. >> so far you have had good guidance for s&p 500 for 2018. >> exactly, numbers moving up
8:43 am
swiftly, at the end of the year start of this year, earnings estimates for 2018 were looking for 11.4% now 16.89% we expect that to get closer to 20% through this period. >> and, we talk about bellwether companies is it good news across the board in tech or is its really giants that are thriving this -- >> no across the board you are seeing -- 86% tech companies reported have beat on the bottom line, 89 beat on top line even more impressive, and the outlook very good for these companies semiconductors. >> a tough week last week one of the weak spots of this market, good to see you both. >> thank you so much coming up power of amazon, stuart varney weighs in on expectations there before that company reports earnings, after the bell tonight back in a minute.
8:44 am
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>> we started out doing highest return type of investing but all of a sudden -- we've got a . >> it keeps getting bigger, as we go down. >> chairman ceo of blackstone group explaining the runway that he sees for the blackstone group the company reporting earnings today, he talked about thank you strategy with be last week in davos, as you can see, it was one of a dozen of companies reporting ahead of he open this morning better than expected blackstone shares up
8:48 am
2% right now nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange very strong earnings a down market at open. >> no debit, forcing obviously stock market futures selling so of this morning, i want to look at two names in dow futures down 143 points ups downside down 5% right now, they were overwhelmed by holidays had to ship 762 million packages more than they estimated despite fact upgraded network, they said they were overwhelmed by amount of packages online shipping during the season they had to incur a cost, of 125 million dollars, on top -- pretty much in brackets you see stock hit down 5% i want to get to dowdupont sales profits beat, sales up 14% going with plan to split company into three companies they said the company spin-off will happen between 14 and 16 months extremely enough
8:49 am
dowdupont capital sold entire ge investment more than 103,000 shares general electric most gilead, eli lilly what did they pick up on fed i thought very interesting, so that is what they are doing at dupont capital in latest quarter. >> thank you nicole all eyes on technology, amazon alphabet apple all delivers quarterly results for busy period and, of course, includes holiday season coming after the bell will one technology giant rise before the rest joining us "varney & company"host you are calling it amazon day. >> i am, i am continually astonished about this company power influence excitement in overly economy certainly stock market look at that close premarket, 1451 dollars per share did you know a year ago, it was 803 dollars? it has gone up what 600 bucks, in space of past year.
8:50 am
it has got a price earnings ratio i don't deal in poe.'s. >> i know the noises you said p.e., we are running you are not getting buzz i go say one thing getting buzzed all over. >> i am your buzzer. >> thank you. thank you, okay you can continue now. >> pe is an astronomical -- >> [buzzer]. >> astronomical 369 no yield pays no dividend, i suspect that tonight's earnings report will be susceptible to slightest degree of disappointment in one iota of disappointment you might see a nasty pullback for amazon whether that lasts is another story watch out tonight. >> not a lot of room for error thanks for being a good sport about it [laughter] >> my buzzer.
8:51 am
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maria: welcome back single busiest at a earnings season big names cigna reporting beat expectations on profit and revenue, shares are up a third of a percent on news majors reporting a mix joining us right now head of strategy at merrill lynch wealth management the earnings back drop for stock market you still like stocks tell us about it. >> we compare equity markets to bond markets we still see much more value, present, within the equity market we don't see it that expensive the tax plan going to grow we
8:55 am
increased number 10% with tax plan think s&p can get to 2800 to 3,000. and this earnings season we think going to be a powerful driver of the market. >> this is great news for investors obviously, about gotten a lot of great news says may be getting more i am wonder for workers we are hoping one thing tax plan does, is drives vote. that at a raises productivity wages, what is the outlook there. >> so we are starting to see wages go up something the economy was lagging wages going up consumers have more money we are having companies announce one time you know, are increases like little bonuses, i kind of joke about it but are more going to save that or spend it i think most just american that you spend it going to be positive for the economy, so with the tax we think capital investment going to improve we have not seen a strong mand a cycle we my might get good push in m&a could benefit small midcap. >> talk about repatriation,
8:56 am
not sure that market was really pricing that in until you got the legislation passed. but i am is not sure people have actually walked through all the ways in which significant to pull investments back here the effect that will have. >> we think, we would think some of it is priced into the the markets but you could be correct, that they haven't priced it all in, when i am out, right now talk to a lot of our retail investors, i am really amazed at him investors are still very concerned about the markets, still very fearful, they see markets at record all-time highs afraid to commit capital so in that sense, i don't think they can hear or necessarily understand part of the tax plan. >> worried about other stuff like -- worried about inflation. >> right, speaking of interest rates what point does 10 year become a serious, serious problem for the stock market with -- because again, it has been certainly a big headwind last week. >> that is a very important
8:57 am
question, we do think 10 year can back up near 3%, the technicians watching 3.2%. >> 3.2%. >> 3.2% you trade above that hold before 3.2%, that could be a game-changer in the direction of rates now we're not calling for that we don't think that is going to happen. we think the markets can handle 3%, but it should we be wrong the markets start -- 3 and one half, 4, equity market would have an impact a negative impact. >> right now you say -- >> correct we leave it there good to see you now great to see you we will be right back. stay with us. to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. fidelity. big thinking in the finger lakes is pushing the new new york forward.
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with blue apron, any night is a chance to see what cooking can do. >> thank you so much for joining us and heather good to see you see you again tomorrow. over to you stuart. irnlg promise to never use the buzz or again maria i'll call this amazon big tech day because those companies are dominating the news just like they dominate the market. it might also be memo day as well. good morning, everyone, a few hours from now, we'll get the financial results from what is perhaps the most exciting company in the world that's amazon, how do they do over the holidays when they captured half of all online sales. the stock is actually moving down a little bit. premarket, but as of now, jeff bezos is worth


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