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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 1, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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liz: the monthly jobs numbers will be released tomorrow. thank you for watching. thank you for having us in your homes. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: a jam:packed hour covering several stories from wall street to washington and president trump's trip to west virginia. amazon surging after hours. apple shares also up after hours after initially moving lower on lower than expected forecast for the current quarter. the atlanta fed has come out with a huge first quarter gdp estimate. i can't wait to tell you about it. fox news reporting the fisa memo alleging abuses is expected to
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be released tomorrow. we begin with president trump's peach in west virginia where he rallied the republican party touting their accomplishments and talking about how unified the party is. president trump: paul ryan called me the other day, i don't node if i'm supposed to say this, but he said to me he has never ever seen the republican party so united, so much in like with each other. it's the most of united he has ever seen the party. i have so many friends in this group and there is a great coming together. charles: it seems like president trump and the gop have the wind in their backs propelling their agenda forward. can they capitalize on it?
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i want to ask jason chaffetz. jason, unity has been the theme for president trump, unity in the country, unity amongst the gop. not everybody buying into it, but it feels like the republican party is in great position to do great things. >> after a bit of a rough start the first six months. but the tax package now that we move into the new year, it comes on the heels of the president giving an amazing speech. and based on the cbs flash poll, 75% of the country liked it. and the democrats are looking leadership. they have no message. and the resist movement i don't think appeals to most of of america. charles: i think the american
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people want their elected officials to move forward. we have had a lot of republicans, well-known republicans exiting washington, d.c. and that adds a bigger question mark on whether the party can maintain its strength and control of congress. are you concerned about that? >> we just had trey gowdy announce he's leaving. but having been one of trey's closest friends, he's been thinking about that. become an empty nester, he want to spend more time with his wife. he's between one of the best public servants we have had. and there are a lot of retirements. but the party is bigger than one individual. it gives people time to gear up
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for races. i see no blue wave as having any appeal. the party will survive with the retirements. charles: we have breaking news on the fisa memo controversy. former fbi director james comey tweeted moments ago. all should appreciate the fbi speaking up. i wish more our leaders would. but take heart, history shows in the long run weasels and liars never hold the field, so long as good people stand up. not a lot of schools or streets named for joe mccarthy. charles: the fbi has been questionable in their
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investigation of hillary clinton and president trump. >> if mr. comey thinks this is a witch hunt, these were facts give to the house intelligence committee. they issued a subpoena in august and it took months to pry it out of their hands. it's bases on material given to the intel committee. even though it may hurt a few individuals, it's strong for the country. charles: people want to have faith in their intelligence community. i want to bring in our panel to help us further this discussion. president trump's immigration push. emily jashinsky. and bob, this whole thing with unity i thought resonated very well. i thought it was a fantastic
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state of the union speech. i thought the democrats did themselves a disservice. can it keep the gop united and somehow unite the rest of the country? >> there is no doubt about it, the republicans have a spring to their step. they had a rough start to 2017, but it ended withing a bang. they got the tax bill and the dplilg alaska. history is not kind to presidents in mid-terms generally speaking. and listen, the year got off to a good start for republicans. contrary to other shut-down battles, republicans won because they stayed for the most of part united. charles: the center issue is wall versus daca. i want to play sow sound from
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president trump, his most of recent comments. president trump: 7 in 10 americans support an immigration package that includes a permanent solution on daca. some people call it dreamers. don't fall tine that trap. it's much different than dreamers. i said the other night. we have dreamers in this country, too. you can't forget our dreamers. i have a lot of dreamers here. charles: when he says this, it ruffles the feathers of democrats. i don't know if it helps or hurts the idea that they can eventually find a deal. >> i actually think that line is powerful. it's interesting to see how the president is latching on to the persistent frustration the conservatives have. a lot of outlets commonly refer
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to daca recipient as dreamers. he's frustrated with that because he sees a different side to it. the line that americans are dreamers, too, frames it in a way that people will begin to see it. >> most of americans would love to see some short of a deal done. this is one of those issues where both sides have promised their constituents something. can it be done, will it be done this year? >> i think it will. i don't know what the democrats think they have to sell. if you are one of the people affected by daca and the president is offering you legal status and a pathway to citizenship over a 12-year period, why do you look at the democrats and say why should i give that up because you are opposed to a wall. ronald reagan did some amnesty.
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but the component ronald reagan didn't have was security at the border. charles: many republicans feel ronald ray began was stiffed there because he didn't get what was promised to him for amnesty. martha mcsally, let's start with the daca issue. you are on the border state, you have been a proponent of the wall. can this deal get done? both sides seem like they want what they want very badly. >> in the house we have my bill that we worked with a number of our colleagues that's really gaining momentum. a lot of our colleagues say let's bring it to the floor. 150 members have endorsed it. we are continuing to try and move that bill forward so we can have a product that comes out of the house that the president says he supports and meets
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operational requirements for securing the border. indicating the chain migration, ending the visa lottery, and make sure we are not creating another generation of a daca population. we are are at the table negotiating. i think what the president has revealed through his latest actions in leadership is the democrat leadership and their extreme reactions to it, it looks like they don't want to solve the problem. it look like they want to use it as a ploy. charles: what provisions are you making for the daca recipient? how many will be allowed to stay? and will there be a path to citizenship? >> in our bill we have been working on for five months. i was in the bipartisan meeting in the white house with the president. in our bill the current daca recipients are allowed to stay here legally, renewed every
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three years. there is not at special path for citizenship for them. they can take existing paths to citizenship which means marry an american citizen or get an employer base for it. they, work and travel and go to school. we thought it was a good starting ground. and the sweet spot to get consensus with republicans and conservatives, sit down to the table with the democrats and negotiate this issue. our priority has to be to address a real failed border security policies of the past. i represent a border district. we have cartels trafficking through our communities right now. we need real border security with the border wall unleashing everything the agents need to keep us safe. this is the mistake of the past. we have to address sanctuary cities and kate's law.
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charles: i want to ask you, we have the budget battle looming. it seems like president trump and his cabinet want a big, big increase in military spending. is the offset to give the democrats big spending on some of these social issues? and if so, what would that do for the deficit? >> it should not be a democrat or republican issue to keep our country safe. when the men and women raise their right hand and put their lives on the line to defend us, we need to give them everything they need. over 80 people died in training accidents, not combat last year, because of a lack of training hours and manpower. and the thing they need in order to be ready to defend us. i would ask my democratic colleague to the support the truth and do not hold them hostage again to your other pet projects. there is too much at stake.
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>> we know the world is becoming a much more dangerous place. and this is one area we don't want to slack off. coming up, president trump blasts dems for calling pay hikes crumbs. another company announced it's giving its employees bonuses and a whole lot more thanks to tax reform. commission investment pr, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. soi want you to pick a newr truck for your mom or dad, knowing that they could possibly pass it down to you one day.
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retail. under pressure like never before. and its connected technology that's moving companies forward fast. e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. charles: we got hit with these corporations giving bonuses to everybody that nancy pelosi called crumbs. that could be the deplorable. does that make sense, deplorable and crumbs? they seem to have a resemblance.
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she called it crumbs when people are getting $1 thousand and $2,000. that's not crumbs. that's a lot of money. charles: lowe's is the latest to reward its staff. there are 300 tips offering higher wages, retime benefits and bonuses all thanks to the gop tax cuts. jenny beth, i think it resembles the deplorable comment. it expresses a disdain for the average american person out there. the sort of disdain that sparked the tea party movement in the first place. >> it shows nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and hillary clinton are wildly out of touch with the american people. last year go banking did a
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survey and found 59 -- 57% of americans had less than $1,000? savings. 39% had no sayings at all. to those people $1,000 is a lot of money. charles: while she is going with this crumbs thing. schumer tried to shift the topic and say it's president obama's. he raised taxes. but what you are saying is there is a major disconnect between us and the american public. but she is pounding away on the crumbs thing. daneen: the 2016 election was about jobs and the economy. the americans are seeing the results from the trump administration rolling back regulations and cutting taxes. nancy pelosi called it krusms,
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maybe that's her chump change in her purse every week. but this real money to americans. when i left home i didn't have any money. i lived on ramen noodles and was cooking them on a hot plate. charles: i would drain the water, then put in the powder. for a year we lived off that. it's not just the bonuses. i'm watching more and more companies full felt agenda of progressives. paid maternity leave and educational services. higher minimum wage. everything they have continue to fight for even forced down the throats of small businesses is coming to fruition. >> it's wonderful to see these things happening. they are happening because of the free markets. i think nancy pelosi, hillary clinton, they use words like
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crumbs and deplorables to distract from the real story. the african-american unemployment rate was 16.8%. date is 6.8% it's the lowest it's been since they started tracking this. charles: participation for black women is higher than it is for white women. mary says $160 a month is her increase. she says i will likely save most of of it. cb simmons, that's what he or she is getting towards
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retirement plans, $200. ' we'll tell you what that means from the mid-term election coming up. ♪ mvo: with everything that is going on around us and in the nation, we need to work together. we need to do it more often to help people that need help. ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you. fvo: he's encouraged other people to look around and notice one another and take the time for each other. that's his gift. ♪ i'll stand by you.
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charles: chairwoman ronna mcdaniel said the rnc raised $132 million so far this year. the rnc finance chair steve wynn had to step down among sexual harassment allegations. you guise have been raising a lot of money. you have been in the middle of all this. have things changed with the bad
6:25 pm
news from steve wynn? >> no, i'll tell you why. we have todd rickets. he and his family found ameritrade. he can raise money and keep the momentum going. steve wynn did such a phenomenal job fundraising. todd rickets, perfect choice. but if you look at the total money they raids. 44% of the money came from small donations. obama did that. so this means this is working men and women. that's how obama's claim to fame with the you small donors. >> there are a couple things to keep in mind that are important. the media will play it up every
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time the republicans raise a lot of money. but there is a republican advantage if you look at the official committees. the dnc is in such trouble, given its behavior in the last eviction. >> they didn't like packs. >> all the people who didn't like the outside groups loved them. there disclose to $800 million, the i am gal of the democrats way outraising. here is the important thing -- charles: i don't see it. i see polls. generic candidates winning. name me actual democrats who will win. >> i don't think they are going to win. but what you are seeing is not
6:27 pm
only are you having much higher turnout and republic cabs are more complacent. it means you are getting more democrat candidates. there are 30 congressional races where one of the democrat challengers raised more than the incumbent republican. when you have a primary, that money will be spent in the primary. having multiple democrat candidates will drive them to being the most of left candidate which will put them in a terrible position for the general. >> they didn't help us with tax reform. working men and women. charles: they won't run under the nancy pelosi banner. can they keep this momentum up? you are in the midst of all this.
6:28 pm
how is it going to be deployed? >> i'm feeling it. i am seeing it. look at the tax reform. look at the state of new york. it's putting komo on tilt. look at governor malloy's state in connecticut. charles: thank you both very, very much. a former fbi director fired by trump comes out swinging or that's controversial fisa memo. we have the details next. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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charles: james comey dropping a stweet bomb, tweeting all should appreciate the fbi speaking up. take heart, american history shows in the long run weasels and liars never hole the field, so long as good people stand up. -- joining me now, jason chaffetz. a lot of this but christopher wray has put up a lot of opposition to perhaps release of this, so has schiff. but, it feels like we talked earlier, we need this. as a country we need to see this memo. >> my grandfather was a career fbi agent, i want nothing better
6:33 pm
than have most revered law enforcement agency in worm t woo be the fbi. there is obviously some systemic problem out there, a few weeks ago fbi said they could not find text-messages between strzok and page. they have been misleading the american people, if there was wrongdoing we're open, we're transparent, we're self critical, we look at it, we fight to make it better, not hide, and say this is one agency you should never look under the hood. charles: we learned today that mccabe learned about hillary clinton's e-mails on weiner's laptop a month before the fbi even alerted congress. it just, again every day these things make ut wond -- us wonder how much of their animosity they had against president trump they
6:34 pm
put into action to stop, hurt his election chances or hamper his administration since. >> more comey testify -- mr. comey testified it was a closed case, he promised if they had new information they would provide it to congress. to find out they sat on this information for another month, did not inform congress, did not go through gyrations needed to surf through e-mails and find out if there were more classified e-mails, and there were. they were not doing their job, mr. mccabe does this on heels of you know very suspect donations going to his wife's campaign. when mr. mccabe meets with golfer in mccull of someone underrest vague of the fbi.
6:35 pm
-- underrin under the investigaf the fbi, that looks suspicious. charles: your thoughts what when we're seeing? >> charles, i fully agree with need for legitimate oversight. of fbi and fiso process -- fisa process, i am struck eling with the notion of this 4 page memo by half of the committee as an example of legitimate oversight. what is their end game? to clear the air? or put a fog of distrust in the air? they have options to handle this, including internal hearings. referring to inspector general. i don't see what is going to be
6:36 pm
resolved with this 4-page memo other than create a cloud of doubt over the fbi. charles: perhaps bringing sun light to this issue, the comes we have heard from many congressmen who looked at it, saying this is pretty damning evidence of an abusive power. >> right, get rid of the fog, it time for american people to see what is in the memo, then they can decide for themselves whether previous administration abuseds had power. speaking about jim comey, he said that fake dossier wase is licious -- sellacious and unverified. we have doubts that the fake dossier may have been used to convince the fisa court for wiretaps, for fbi to regain the trust of the american people, we need to understand what the problem was, and how to fix it. the fbi says they have grave concerns about the release of
6:37 pm
this info, they need to address it. charles: we'll know probably more in less than 24 hours. >> thank you. charles: coming up major averages ended the day mixed. a lot of things weighing in. i will tell you why you should be super optimistic about the economy next.
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charles: airbnb declaring it will not go public this year. they named a new chief operating officer. l fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from
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charles: another day of wild gyrations, investor dealt with good news and increasing anxieties. folks at atlanta feds hiked first quarter gdp estimate, 5.4%. that would be remarkable. and probably 4th quarter last year revised closer to 3%. and 14 of 18 industries respected growth, new orders 65.4, that is 9th consecutive month before 60, that is a monumental achievement. backlog 10 year best. strong near-term and long-term growth for manufacturing,. manufacturing. ment re-- more and more bit companies announce -- big companies announce manufacture, amgen made an announcement, and there was construction spending,
6:42 pm
overall spending hit record $1.25 trillion in december, paced by private 6 or, construction powered by residential building, cannot keep up with demand. talking about state of consumer, lowe's, wil will do doling out goodis because of the tax cuts. in part continued use of credit cards going up, some people say a red flag with that, i think it is a gaming of confidence. back in 2005 credit card use outpaced debit by 160% that went away, during recession as people spent only what they had in the bank, the lead is beginning to narrow, people are worried but folks are earning more money, they have more faith in the
6:43 pm
economy, they are buying bigger ticket items. and after the bell apple posted result top line 88.3 billion, earnings, a share beating street, iphone sales 77 million. key is average selling praise $796, that is more than $100 from a year ago. better than expected, folks are forking over those thousand dollars for the iphone the. and a amazon up 38 per year-over-year, stock took a hit, but i think that there is a great collapse it makes it up. talk about another area big time money. joining me founder of carrington capital management. and youth sports, again billion county good or bad.
6:44 pm
>> there was an article last year, saying this industry was a 15 billion industry, i think it is an exciting time for the youth across the u.s. to participate at a high level in sports academies and learn their respective craft, learn about life, learn about teammates, get away from certificate sort of texting and video games, gotten trenched -- intrerned witintrenched in builr selfest measmself esteem potenta scholarship to college. we're trying to provide an opportunity for kids to come to our acadamy and really thrive. charles: kyle harrington, thank you. i have a neff wh nephew who is y gate at baseball. to your point, maybe he will get a scholarship.
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charles: justin timberlake, telling reporters his son will never play football. joining me now, fox news medical correspondent dr. siegel. and dr. kelly powers. all right we know a lot of he is echoing the theme of a lot of people, i thought it would be more newsworthy though. we speak with you doctors, we spoke with a guy who runs sports acadamies, more and more parents are saying that rigors of
6:49 pm
football even at a young age are not worth it. >> there is a risk with football. we hear about concussion. but this a tough one for me, i am a big football fan, take necessary precautions and wear helmet at the end of the day there isesque i risk in erving . charles: i forced my son to play, i get felt guilty. it is tough. >> it is really something a parent has a right to tell a kid, questionable he is then going to be at halftime in super bowl. a lot much people watching him promote football. i tell you at nyu, we do a test, if someone might have a concussion, we look at them on sidelines and their eye
6:50 pm
movement. we can tell how bad they are, and whether they need to be off the field, it is the second concussion this causes most damage, you should not go back in the game if they have problem. charles: one thing with the kids. but these professional players, i know they do things with these helmets, there is no way they can really keep their brains safe, they are bigger, stronger, faster. you have a 300 pound running at you. >> i don't know if there is a justification for it these players have a path for the sport -- passion for the sport, you said about concussions and hemorrhaging, like subdural hematoma. charles: talking about oils after two marines died, these are synthetic oils, they
6:51 pm
introduce seizure its had a major impact on military, legal in some states? >> yes, they are, big word is synthetic. synthetic marijuana is say problem. not so much vaping or ingesting, this is a misnomer, synthetic marijuana is not marijuana, this is man-made chemicals, their affects vary from tax cardia -- tacky cartachycardia. >> worse than marijuana, 130 emergency room visits in one week july 2016 in new york from sincsynthetic spice. the chemists make a different variety that escapes detection. charles: let me get your opinion, i have to ask you about right on try, president trump touted if, it seems like a
6:52 pm
compassion @thing. >> focus should be making fda more efficient. i do surgery, i am prescribing opioids, if i could prescribe something less addictive. >> in terms of right to try, we have compassionate use drugs, the trouble is there it too much red tape. gottlieb at fda likes this, less regulations, more dying patient that can get genetic therapies that are emerging on market, if we can get insurance companies to cover it, and the truck drug companies to provide the drugs. charles: good news that fda approval for generic drugs and
6:53 pm
medical devices surged last ye year. dr. gottlieb doing a great job. >> thank you. charles: defense secretary mattissa. inmattis. requesting coming up. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during the ultimate sleep number event, our queen c2 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides is only $699, save $200. ends soon. visit for a store near you. and i recently had hi, ia heart attack. it changed my life. but i'm a survivor. after my heart attack, my doctor prescribed brilinta. it's for people who have been hospitalized for a heart attack.
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that's because tripadvisor lets you start your trip on the right foot... by comparing prices from over 200 booking sites to find the right hotel for you at the lowest price. saving you up to 30%! you'll be bathing in savings! tripadvisor. check the latest reviews and lowest prices. charles: defense secretary mattis announcing his goal to make our military morley that m- lethal, about 50 billion more than trump's 2018 budget request. mattis said that funding is imperative to rebuild our eroding milestary readiness. christopher bedford is joining us and jason chaffetz. you know, everyone acknowledges that our military had deteriorated to the point
6:57 pm
equipment is broken emoral is broken, and our ability to stop our adversaries is in question. they have been emboldened to do things, perhaps, they would not do if we were stronger. how do we get this money through again the opposition. >> after 16 years of shifting our military strategy from a great power to dealing with inevitable see -- insurgency and low level conflict a will take a lot. i think what conservatives right now are thinking, defense hawks that are usually loud have so far been quiet. they started to make grumblings today, conservatives should realize, especially deficit hawks that if they don't think seriously about military spending, their caucus could
6:58 pm
side democrats, defense hawks and more moderate republicans throw in daca repeal up military spending and conservatives will be left out in the cold. charles: jason, do you see it playing out that way, there is no doubt at-this-point, we're in a critical stage with our military. >> we are. readiness it a real issue, we have to b be able too to fight o different fronts this uptick is significant. but the democrats always insist for every dollar increase in defense spending they want domestic spending increases, there is no rationale for it. charles: sequestration comes in something that will maybe this is time chris that to your point, they cobble together a ac
6:59 pm
-- mix, they love to spend money. i think that military side is justified. but the democrats are going to want to spend a lot of money. >> i suspect they will bust through the caps, the democrats are for it, only people that are against busting through sequestration caps are fiscal hawks. and a lot of outside groups like americans for prosperity, and other conservative groups. being stink stingy too few cheerleaders. charles: as interests go up, costs a billion a year to pay interest will be tough. it is what it is. we'll see.
7:00 pm
i hope somehow they find a way to fund our military. thank you both very much appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: thank you at home. lou dobbs is next, keep it here, fox business. lou: good evening. >> i am cam david asman in for u dobbs, we're hours away from release of intel memo, president trump is expected to tell congress tomorrow that he has no objection to release. clearing the way for house intel committee to make the dime public. among our guest congressman sean duffy, saying that every american has the right to see that memo. president trump ramping up pressure on democrats to come to the bargaining table on immigration. >> have to come onboard, they talk a good game with


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