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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 1, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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anthks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ lou dobbs is next, keep it here, fox business. lou: good evening. >> i am cam david asman in for u dobbs, we're hours away from release of intel memo, president trump is expected to tell congress tomorrow that he has no objection to release. clearing the way for house intel committee to make the dime public. among our guest congressman sean duffy, saying that every american has the right to see that memo. president trump ramping up pressure on democrats to come to the bargaining table on immigration. >> have to come onboard, they talk a good game with daca.
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but they don't produce. either they come onboard or we're going to have to get more people to get the kind of numbers that we need to pass in a much easier fashion legislation. >> we'll take that up with conservative commentator mick michelle malcolm. and president trump policy leading to reversal of fortunes for republicans ahead of midterm, new poll show prediction of blue wave may be bunch. we'll discuss that with one of best political analyst in business, ed rollins, our top story, the expected release of the fisa abuse memo, fox news has been hold president trump has read memo could notify technology tomorrow that he support its being made public. catherine herridge with our report.
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>> we're concerned about national security, we want public to understand and know what is going on. reporter: white house said that memo surge going a final national security check and president sign off. >> a review from all relevant stake holders, intelligence folks and folks in law enforcement. advising president, he will make a decision. reporter: traveling back from g.o.p. retreat in west virginia, official said that they will tell congress probably friday that president is quote, okay with it. and redetectivetions are -- redactions are unlikely. >> i think they would love nothing more than play politics and change the subject, devin nunes helped shepard through reauthorities the. >> democrat came out swinging against nunes. >> made by president, when
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president reads democratic memo it shows that republican memo is flat out false, my guess he does not authorize release. reporter: nancy pelosi went further calling for chairman's removal. chuck schumer sea. >> house committee ranking democrat, schiff accused republicans of making material changes that under longstanding congressional rules disqualify memo release. schiff said that real goal was everyone mining several special counsel russia prep. >> because of serious material omissions, is inaccuracies and give a misleading impression. designed to tar the fbi and tar department of justice. >> a government source disputed charactecharacterization. with a memo release appearing to
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be uncertain, committee republicans try it tamp down expectations. >> make a mistake of over selling, this is vital and essential to see, and important to be out there. reporter: fbi rare public statement warning of the accuracy of memo puts directo wray at odds with white house, and congressional republicans. they thanked director wray for standing shoulder-to-shoulder. david. >> thank you catherine herridge. our first guest said that memo will be shocking to many americans and warrant removal of number of high level fbi and doj officials, sean duffy is joining me now, you heard the one congressman peter king suggest that the memo of being oversold by republicans to which you say? >> well some of my colleagues have oversold the memo, drawing
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conclusions about this will undermine the mueller investigation, i don't go that far. i think when you see the document and four scares of memo, you will say, this lays out a case for misbehavior in fbi and doj it lays out timelines, and looks at names. because of that, i think you will say, what is going on in the fbi and doj, and what do we have to force for changes to make sure that politics are not driving the decisions in the doj but policy and investigations. >> we know that there was a group of people at the department of justice and fbi that hated trump. that were doing everything they could to prevent trump from getting into white house, and also everything they could to prevent hillary from going jail house. but these group -- these individuals, will the memo reveal whether they did use their powers in justice and the
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fbi to change the results of the election? >> so, i don't want to draw too many conclusion, you will see it tomorrow, when you see memo, push back from the fbi. at one point they want to redact anfrothing of the mouth from democrats. it does i salehs you on a case f -- it lays you on a case how information was used it might have been abused with fisa court, because of that the democrats and fbi don't' to released. once american people see it, i believe they will call for changes. >> we know that peter strzok and lisa page, two fbi folks were texting each other thousands about how bad donald trump was. and they were going to have some kind of insurance policy to
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prevent him from becoming president. we know they referred to mccabe as sympathetic if not in charge. and bruce ohr, high up in justice department, his wife worked for fusion gps this came out with dossier, we have the names. >> you have no names that have been made public through the strzok and lisa page text-messages. you can look tomorrow, hope fully, and compare what you have seen from those text-messages and what names might reappear in the memo from internal fbi documents, there is a push back we had from fbi, saying, this information might not be accurate or might be missing leading, mine min fbi has authoo release all of the documents that we rely upon. >> so they could prove it, if they think it is misleading it is up to them to prove that. the key question that i get over and over. my own as well, will americans
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be any closer to knowing whether trump dossier, that we know paid for by hillary clinton campaign, they use a lots of russia sources, if there was every any collusion betweens elect and russian its was trump dossier, whether fbi or justice or both used that to get a feesa war an to -- fisa warrant to spy on crump campaign. >> have you toll wait and see the memo tomorrow, i don't want someone prosecuting me for disclosing this information too early, i don't top comment on that. >> is that -- let me ask you. it may be vague, is that the area in this this memo goes? >> there is a discussion of timeline, names, and information that was used by the fbi. i can leave that. >> there was something in the memo that was strong enough for
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direct sure or of fbi to agree to at least this week maybe he will resign, but at least this week, say that mccabe had to go, there is accountable information in this memo, is there not? >> two things happen, one, mr. wray looked at the nunes memo. inspector general looking at fbi, and all took place during hillary clinton investigation, those things that i think he referenced. >> sean, i know you are in that train crash yesterday. i also know you were there with your wife, and also you'r your a children, is everyone okay if our family. >> yep, the kids and rachel of fine, our family think a lots of the americans are praying for two injured and one decided person from the truck, our hearts go out this those
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families. one the deceased had a child, and a fiance, we're heart broken about the loss. it was horrible. >> congressman sean duffy we appreciate it. >> yeah. >> we're coming right back with more. stay with us. >> president trump rallying republicans, as dems are in denial over president's economic successes. >> you would have thought on that one they would have at least clapped a little bit, that tells you perhaps they would rather see us not do well than see our country do great. >> are republicans likely to add to majorities in congress? we take up that with ed rollins next. >> and keep state in full panic mode, president trump prepares to approve release of husin tel i've gotta say, i love the new place. oh thanks. yeah, i took your advice and had geico help with renters insurance- it was really easy. easy. that'd be nice.
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david: democrats making last-ditch attempts to smear house intel memo head of its release. >> this memo is really a spin. designed to tar the fbi and tar the deputy of justice. >> -- department of justice. >> i think they are trying to do is side track us. david: joining me now, ed
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rollins, former reagan political director fox business political analyst. isn't it touching after decades of leaking intel and dumping on fbi going way back to 70s, the democrats are so concerned about the fbi. >> they are concerned anything about requesting -- they are concerned about anything that benefiting the president. david: would democrats be screaming as loud as they are screaming were it not for stuff in here would hurt their cause. >> this is after oversight committee of the house, they are representing the public. they fell strongly in in case, there were violations in proceed procedure process. they are doing what public has the right to know, and what they have right to do. david: they are distorting things that happened in pretzel
10:16 pm
twisted ways, a time donald trump jr. met with a russia lawyer, natalia, they say she was part of this conspiracy, that russian collusion thing. when she was working with fusion gps, the people behind trump dossier, it looks like that meeting with donald trump jr. was a sit up. >> it was a set up, and critical thing, when this document was set up with fbi, who paid for it? how did it come into existence? who are these people? what was their motivation. david: to me, this says, we have had months of democrats in particular nancy pelosi getting way ahead of themselves, say tag tax cuts would do no good to anyone, now americans see their paychecks go up and companies
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give bonus. the economy better, which leads to question of what democrats are doing now. the president spoke a little bit about their response to state of union. >> there was zero movement from the democrats, they sat there stone cold, no smile, no applause uyou would have thought on that one they would have at least clapped a little bit. which tells you perhaps they would rather see us not do well then see our country did great. that is not good. >> do you think that american voters realize that right now? >> i think that anyone that visualy watched that state of union, the president did well, watching democrats sit there and not give any respect to the presidency or to the messages, thing are better, they are better in african-american community and hispanic communities and job fronts, this shows for them it is is all about politics. david: they are ignoring fact that thing are better with the
10:18 pm
economy but they are actually publicly denigrating the concept of america, aclu came out with a piece, criticizing speech because it used word america too much, and people saying things about american values said in most de denigrating fashion. >> democrats have lost their base, and they don't understand where white working class people, who were traditionally their base are not there any more, reason is that country is not going in the right direct under obama, i think that trump is corrected it. david: i have to correct you on something, we had there was a sean duffy on. he invited an african-american veteran to sit in one of seats that of vacated by one of democrats who did not want to be there he said, when i saw african-americans in congress, sit on their hands when president talked about unemployment among
10:19 pm
african-americans, i wondered how many african-americans like me were furious at that, not only white americans that are fed up with this. >> that is right. this was not a -- this is not traditional i did this and that. that we have heard for 8 years, this is we collectively are moving forward as a nation, i am setting goals, and we're making progress. and inspite of fact that democrats are fighting me every time. with things on immigration he gave them a blueprint. david: he said, he gave them more, he was talking about that numbers, of dreamers he said i put that number out 1.8 million, i wanted to see, as a starting point where they were, and they didn't want to come near, that they don't want any deal. >> no you are right. this is -- >> good to see you. >> thank you. david: vote if poll, do you believe the dems will pay a high price for trying to wit withhold
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evidence. from american people, cast your vote on twitter, at lou dobbs, and follow lou on twitter at lou dobbs could like him on facebook and follow him on instagram, at "lou dobbs tonight." >> wall street stocks closed mix. dow gaining 3937. -- 37 points. shares of apple and amazon up in afteafter-hours trading they bet earnings expectations. economic growth to surge, atlantaa forecasts 5 1/2 % on gdp . >> and listen to lou's reports 3 times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> up next, republican lawmakers calling on the white house too release the memo. >> it is important this memo be made available to the american people for them to see. there is a problem with several
10:21 pm
people in some of the highest levels in the bureau, that needs to be investigated and american people need to know why. >> we'll take up the release of the memo with washington examiner's byron york right after this. i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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david: the senate homeland security committee seeking emails between hillary clinton and president obama. emails she sent while overseas in an area with sophisticated cyber abilities. joining me now is byron york, chief political correspondent for the washington examinerfor e
10:26 pm
accused of they are still working there. >> yes, if you not in those positions. they knocked peter strzok down to the h.r. department. david: the democrats and republicans are going crazy about this thing. some anti-trumpers say because one of the people who was wiretapped was carter phage, it's okay. if you are going to wiretap anybody, don't get upset over upsetting carter page. it's still the fbi using wiretapping for political purposes. byron: the republicans are upset about the principle of the thing. if they will do it to carter page, they will do it to you.
10:27 pm
but it seem possible the carter page story could illustrate how the fbi messed up this case. they thought carter page was a bigger deal than he actually was in the trump campaign. he was a very small deal and a peripheral figure. david: they thought carter page could lead them to trump. byron: yes. we only know of two mire cans who were wiretapped in this, paul manafort and carter page. but we have never got anyone idea what they got out of their wiretap of carter page. david: i asked congressman duffy but he couldn't tell me the specifics of the memo. were those wire taps obtained through a fisa warrant using comey's own language, comey
10:28 pm
called the trump dossier salacious and unverified. the. byron: neither you nor i have seen this memo, but there are a lot of reports that it does say the carter page memo was gotten in part on the strength of the allegations in the dossier which were very detailed, very incriminating and so far very unverified. so the report does indeed confirm that. david: it probably does more to confirm the fact that people like peter strzok and mr. mccabe and bruce ohr were very you lently anti-trump -- were virulently anti-trump. byron: i believe there will be
10:29 pm
more in this memo. it is four pages long and you can get a lot of stuff in four pages. what has been remarkable about this is it hasn't leaked, at least up until now. david: what that shows is dem kreats don't want it out there or they would have leaked it. byron: it seems like president trump is unhappy periodically with everybody at the justice department. we have had reports that rosenstein will be mentioned in this report that may come out tomorrow. go back to carter page again. there is a theory that rosenstein applied for an extension, a renewal of surveillance of carter page based in part of the dossier. but we don't know that.
10:30 pm
we haven't seen it. david: it's like the day before christmas, everybody wants to know what's in it. byron: let's keep our heads about us. president trump calling out dem's hypocrisy on immigration. president trump: we want to take care of daca. we need the democrats' support to do it. they talk like they do, but i don't think they do. david: we'll take that up with michelle malkin. high-flying acrobatics. we'll show you the exhilarating
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david: i.c.e. has been authorized to arrest illegal immigrants at state and local courthouses. >> for every criminal safety threat we can't take security in the safety and security of a county jail means one of our officers are to knock on a door. >> so they are doubling down on a policy allowing agents to
10:35 pm
arrest people in a courthouse. in the past i.c.e. arrested criminal aliens in jail until sanctuary cities band the process. fearing innocent relatives could be deported. >> we won't stand for actions by i.c.e. that are oppressive and endanger familiar lives our citizens. >> if you look at the policy, it's pretty specific. the arrests at the courthouses is to go after targets. criminal aliens who are targets. not victims, not witnesses, not family members. reporter: a recent increase in
10:36 pm
unaccompanied minors at the border. the president wants a policy to change that. >> this finally end the horrible and dangerous practice of catch and release. reporter: the 9th circuit say unaccompanied children are entitle told a bond hearing and placed in the most unrestrictive environment, usually with a relative. david: joining me next is michelle malkin. you are the daughter of immigrants. i married an immigrant. my stepson who is a marine master sergeant is an immigrant. he came here when he was 7. immigrants support this kind of sanity, don't they? >> of course they do.
10:37 pm
naturalized americans who understand the preciousness of citizenship and the sovereignty of our country. i think it's important that president trump honored an i.c.e. agent during the state of the union address. they have been so demonized. we saw it again with that woman on the steps. and their reaction to something that should be common sense to all americans. david: the president expanded on what he said at the state of the union. he says americans want sanity in our immigration system. right now we don't have it. we want people who love our country and can add to the economy. don't you think that's a message most of americans can agree with 100%? >> with regard to going back to the new policy on arresting at the courthouses. i want to emphasize it was a
10:38 pm
287g program that the federal government had until the obama administration and tawdged it that encouraged cooperation between local, state and federal authorities. when you have criminal aliens in the system. the feds not and local jail officials not and people in courthouses not. you should do something about that and not just let them walk away. this catch and release policy has endangered so many people's lives in this country. david: the president said we want immigrants who have an understanding of american values. american values have been denigrated time and time again. the president spoke to that today. i think we have a sound bite. >> no longer are we making apologies for america. we don't apologize anymore. we are proud of our history, we
10:39 pm
are confident in our values, and we are grateful to our heroes, and we are determined to create a brighter future to all of our people. david: you have that message, then you have the message of joy reid from msnbc. it could have been half the democrats in congress as well who said church with disdain. church, family, police, military, "the national anthem." trump tried to call on all the tropes of 1950s-era nationalism. the goal of this speech appears to be to force the normalization of trump on the terms of the bygone era his supporters are nostalgic for. >> the aclu was crying bloody murder because trump said
10:40 pm
american 80 times. that clip you showed was perfect. we finally have an american president who is unapologetic about being american. what can be more unifying than that. you talk about your family background with your wife and stepson. let's talk less about amnesty and talk more about assimilation. we have had a dis-united states of shame on america. david: it's denigrating to immigrants around the world. everybody in the world knows deep down inside ways right and what is wrong. a lot of people have given themselves over to the bad side. but most of people want to do what's right. those are the people we want here. not the mob leaders and others that cause mischief when they are here. >> that's the problem with the
10:41 pm
chaos in our immigration system. what are our priorities? every some external nation has a right, and we have a constitutional imperative to decide who gets in, who stays and who should go. dave -- david: michelle malkin, thank you. be sure to answer our poll question, do you believe the dems will pay a high price for trying to with hold evidence of corruption? watch as two paragliders team up to perform a barrel roll maneuvemaneuver. new allegations about how long andrew mccabe wait to take action on hillary clinton emails before the election.
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david: more evidence exposing andrew mccabe's inaction on the hillary clinton email scandal. he apparently knew about the thousands of the hillary clinton emails found on anthony weiner's laptop one mop before he alerted his superiors. fred fleitz, senior vice president at the center for security policy, and former chief staff, ambassador john bolton. fred, you know a lot about how these things are developed. let me ask you about the democrat charge. the dems would have you believe that congressman anyone's and
10:47 pm
other republicans -- nunes and other republicans are trying to the score political points. >> we have a difficult situation here. i have written staff memos for this committee, and the process is the republicans and democrats get together and try to agree on the memo. but the democrats have leaked so much, they have politicized the work of this committee that's something extraordinary was done it was written entirely by republicans. they were so concerned about the leaks. the changes that were made afterward were very, very minor. and some were made at the request of democratic members. david: that's one of the biggest
10:48 pm
complaints democrats have. that some things were changed beyond just grammar. there were some things of substance that were changed. congressman nun else says the -- nunes says the reason they were changed in terms how something was presented, does that sound right to you? >> it doesn't sound right to me. i talked to a congressman weren't hour who saw these changes. he said they are very, very minor. this is spin by adam schiff by misusing the intelligence community and intelligence oversight to destroy the trump presidency. that's his only goal. david: let's see what the ultimate goal is. democrats would have you think they want you to divert your attention from the mueller investigation.
10:49 pm
when the fbi is using their extraordinary power to spy on americans in order to make political points. as we know, peter strzok, mccabe and others were very youe virulently anti-trump. is it possible this process will change that? >> either doj and fbi are lying when they say releasing this memo will cause great national security damage or congressman nunes and the republicans are lying when they say the fbi and the doj are foot dragging and trying to protect themselves. given these text messages and leaks to get donald trump and
10:50 pm
give hillary clinton a pass, doj and fbi don't have any credibility. i think we need to get this memo out for that's reason. david: one thing does give me pause. i remember when democrats viciously attacked the fbi during the church committee in the late 70s and on ward. usually that's their role. sometimes those attacks lead to legislation that hampers the fbi. are you concerned about that? >> it's hard to imagine a situation where the house republicans would issue a memo the fbi said not to issue. i try to wonder how did we get here? but we know how we got here. we have seen the leaks and text messages of misconduct by fbi and doj people. that's why we are where we are. david: they wanted to overturn
10:51 pm
the wishes of the voters. coming up, debunking the blue wave. poll numbers for president trump and the republican party are surging. we'll talk about what it means for the mid-term elections in november with our panel coming november with our panel coming today, innovation in the finger lakes is helping build the new new york. once home to the world's image center, new york state is now a leader in optics, photonics and imaging. fueled by strong university partnerships, providing the world's best talent. and supported with workforce development to create even more opportunities. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit to grow your business with us in new york state, when heartburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside.
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david: in our online poll last night we asked do you think we are about to learn about fbiing leaders' corruption and 64% said yes. joining me now isn't allen stuckey and charlie hurt. i look at that poll and think it's simple. the americans are looking
10:56 pm
around. the president repeated that clinton line. or one of his associates, it's the economy, stupid. things look better, they feel better, so they will go with who's in charge. >> the generic ballot is shrinking. i think republicans will win big in november. it's difficult for the incumbent party to do well after a successful presidential election. isis is on the run. they are being slaughtered. america is back. i call it the great american comeback. you look at that speech. the president was so confident and so poised. the alternative party, they don't stand up for the flag, they don't stand up for god. dave there are --
10:57 pm
david: what pelosi said, the tax bill would not benefit americans. this week is the week people see their paychecks going up because of that tax bill. i'm wondering if americans just about ready to disbelieve anything democrats say. >> she also said it was armageddon. '. if this armageddon, then millions of americans are waiting for the world to end. they will see money going back into their pockets that they earned. if the democrats only have a platform of resistance, they will wake up and say why are my democratic senators resisting policies that are tanning blip benefiting me. i think they will realize that come november. david: will the memo released
10:58 pm
tomorrow be a wake-up call for america? >> imagine if there was a memo that existed that showed the bush administration abiewlings their connection with the fbi to illegally obtain a fisa warrant to spiep on the obama campaign and transition team? can you:imagine what the uproar would be. we need to hold the people in the fbi accountable who have been using their position of power to protect these political dynasties. i'm glad the memo is coming out. and the president deserves a lot of credit to release the memo, even in the face of the fbi director saying he shouldn't. david: even if no one * goes to jail because of this memo. it will run counter to what the democrats have said about how
10:59 pm
things were operating in the justice department under president obama. that will affect the elections in november. >> we don't know what nal -- wht mall feasance this -- what malfeasance this shows, but the scrambling by adam schiff to cover up the contents of this memo doesn't look good. what are they hiding? why not release the memo? they know there is misbehavior and their entire narrative of the obama administration being without fault is coming to an end tomorrow, and i think they are scared and i think the american people smell that fear and their suspicions will be confirmed. david: does the memo itself have political meaning for november? >> it will delegitimize this
11:00 pm
witch unhunt the democrats are count on to win in november. dave where thanks for joining us. lou dobbs is next, keep it here, fox business. lou: good evening. >> i am cam david asman in for u dobbs, we're hours away from release of intel memo, president trump is expected to tell congress tomorrow that he has no objection to release. clearing the way for house intel committee to make the dime public. among our guest congressman sean duffy, saying that every american has the right to see that memo. president trump ramping up pressure on democrats to come to the bargaining table on immigration. >> have to come onboard, they talk a good game with dac


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