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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 3, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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at i'm bob massi. and i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] policies. david: good evening, i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. the house intel committee releasing its bombshell memo exposing corruption at the highest levels of the fbi and justice department. the fbi and doj officials relied on the discredited trump dossier to obtain a warrant to spy on the trump campaign. they did not tell the fisa court that the dossier was paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc.
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and the spy who compiled the dossier had a personal vendetta against president trump. the president dmiensd the leadership of the fbi and justice department. president trump: i think it' a disgrace. a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves and much worse than that. david: congressman jim jordan and matt gaetz joins. also gregg jearr jarett -- gregg jarrett and tom fit o fitton of judicious you watch. joining me, congressman devin nunes explaining why it was so
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important to release the memo. >> i have an obligation to the american people when we see fisa abuse. these are secret courts that exist to target foreigner for catching terrorists and people who might be bad actors. and the americans citizens represented before this court have to be protected. the only place that can protect them is the u.s. congress when the abuses do occur. it's not a place we wanted to go, by the where we had to go. bret: did you read the actual fisa applications? >> no, i didn't. david: house oversight chair trey gowdy who helped write the memo did. catherine: the memo makes the
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case the court was kept in the dark by the fbi and the justice department when they sought a warrant for carter page. the men oat says the court was never told the former british spy had a personal animus toward the presidential nominee. christopher steele admitted to bruce ohr his feeling against president trump when steele said he was quote desperate that donald trump not get elected. ohr was recently demoted over his contacts with steele. bank records obtained by the house committee shows ohr's wife nelly worked for fusion gps and began investigating trump in 2016. neither the initial fisa application or any of the
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renewals disclose or reference the dnc or the clinton campaign even though the political origins of the steele dossier were then known to fbi and doj officials. andrew mccabe testified that no surveillance warrants would have been sought watt the steele dossier information. british records show fusion gps hired steele to brief news outlets. the carter page fisa application also cited a september 23, 2016 yahoo news article by michael is cover.
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>> i have never broken any law or done anything untoward in russia or relating to any russian person. catherine: according to the memo the verification of the dossier was in its early stages. but the dossier was used repeatedly to renew the surveillance of page. the republicans raise the spectre of legality. the attorney general sent a formal referral to the inspector general for investigation. david: joining me now is
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congressman matt gaetz who serves on a number of key committees including judiciary and budget. i covered latin america for 12 years. the rule of law is what difference yates the united states from much of the other banana republics in the world. this is a breakdown in the rule of law. >> that's right, david. my hope is we'll be able to get past the statement nancy pelosi and other democrats put out and work object this in a bipartisan way. all americans should be concerned about a government that would take a political opposition research document and use that as a basis to spy on american citizens. david: on fox news channel bret baier was talking to in nunes who suggested that nobody in the
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committee actually saw the fisa applications. how did you then discover the trump dossier played such a key role in getting that warrant? >> the intelligence committee, judiciary and oversight committees have been conducting sworn depositions. the statement about the dossier forming the fundamental basis for the fisa application came from the testimony of andrew mccabe, the deputy director of the fbi who abruptly resigned days ago. mccabe said in his deposition that without the dossier there never would have been a basis to spy on americans. mccabe said that would never have been sufficient. but never sufficient to get a fisa warrant. it was the dossier that did that. a dossier so uncredible that it
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was a yahoo article plant by christopher steele that was the basis for the warrant. circular facts. david: will americans get a chance to see the fisa warrant? we'll see the democratic memo that will attempt to pour cold water on the republican memo. it would be great for americans to look at it ourselves to see which memo is correct. >> the facts laid out in the in joart memo are -- in the majority memo are proven. the letter we prepared to chairman nunes signed by 60 republicans demands the release of the memo and authenticating evidence to the extent it won't put national security in
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jeopardy. there is a lot more to come and more information we will be getting into the subject square. david: one thing that troubled me is to see rod rosenstein's name on there as one of the people who signed off on the reapplication of a fisa warrant. if he was aware of the fact the trump dossier was a piece of partisan smear job paid for by the democratic committee, and if he did not share that information with the fisa court, should he be gone? >> i'm not going to get into the h.r. policies of the administration, i'll leave that to the president. but you correctly identified the omissions. it's outrageous that the fisa court was left in the dark about the genesis' much this dossier, the democratic national committee. it's outrageous that even after mr. steele was terminated by the
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fbi and not paid because he was deemed unreliable for leaking information to the media, mr. rosenstein still signed on on the renewals of this warrant. david: i'll tell you what else is outrageous. a bunch of anti-trump officials at the fbi and the justice department, we know that now look at their memos and emails and what their spouses were doing. that they used a partisan smear job that was paid for by the democratic committee to get fisa warrants. and adam schiff claims that revelation in the form of a memo was an overhyped political job. to suggest something that significant, if everything in that memo bears out, do you think it's fair to call it overhyped in any way, shape or
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form? >> i don't know anyone who is comfortable with the notion that if you hire the spouse of the right official at the department of justice, that you can take a political opposition research document and get that into the political bloodstream. bruce ohr's profile included drug intradiscs. that's something that needs explaining. we have to have legislation so thatter in happens again whether you are a republican or democrat. david: fit all bears out, it's totally repugnant to the rule of law. and it's the rule of law that distinguishes the united states from a banana republic. president trump blasting
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politicized leadership of the fbi and doj as the explosive fisa memo is released. will the deep state be held accountable? we'll take that up with gregg jarrett and jim jordan. the president issuing a new warning to north korea while hitting his presented saysors or failure to deal with the regime.
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david: former fbi director james comey couldn't keep his opinions to himself after the release of the house intel memo. he tweeted, that's it? dishonest and misleading memo wrecked the house intel committee, destroyed trust with intelligence community, damaged relationship with fisa court, and exposed classified investigation. >> he needs to tell us when he learned that the democratic part yaint hillary clinton campaign paid for the dossier.
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he's welcome to come back and share that information. but i think the american people understand the fbi should not go to fisa courts to get warrants based on information provided by the other political party. david: i thought it was a bombshell. drawing from the memo, the political origins of the dossier were known to senior doj officials paid for by the dnc. they might was political but withheld that information from the fisa judge it was misrepresented as real intel. if it's not illegal, it should be. >> two different crimes, one is perjury and another abuse of power. they signed an affidavit, the
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department of just tan is fbi people, affirming that to the best of their knowledge these documents, the dossier, is authentic and reliable when now we know that they knew it wasn't authentic and reliable. they knew it came from democratic money. they night was likely fabricated and they knew they couldn't get a fisa warrant it would and it was authored by a guy who hated trump. he said he was desperate to stop trump. when they signed that affidavit under penalty of perjury they were lie together judge. the other is abuse of power. you can't abuse your position in government to interfere with somebody's constitutional rights. carter panel was spied on with a
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fake document. that's an abuse of power. 10 years behind bars upon conviction. david: if there were laws broken, the department of justice cannot investigate itself. gregg: which is why you need a second special counsel. you can't trust the department of justice to investigate and prosecute itself. david: if trite's a flaw in fisa as well as the department of justice. rand paul has been criticizing the fisa courts saying 99% of applications are approved. and saying this is evidence of what little information is necessary to get permission to spy on americans. gregg: this is a prime example
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how secrecy begets corruption. with it's a star chamber and only a judge is looking eight, one person. he can be deceived and lied to. you can't have public court hearings for something like this. but there need to be safeguards put in place to make sure people like comey and mccabe and peter strzok and rod rosenstein was involved in this and night was fabricated. you have to be able to stop these people in their tracks. david: you see that statue of lady justice blindfolded. justice is suppose to be blind in this country, not intimidated or infiltrated with political desires. clearly that major rule was violated. >> we entrust the department of justice and the fbi to uphold and pen force the law.
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but when they put a strong hand on the scales of justice and tip it to undermine electoral democracy and subvert justice. they are the villains and it's tragic event for america. david: do you believe the house intel memo will lead to a major cleanup to corrupt leadership and the dov and fbi? follow lou and twitter @loudobbs, like him on facebook and follow him on instagram. on wall street, what a story. a sharp sell 0off for stocks. the dow plunge 666 points. the nasdaq tumbling 144 points. stocks posting the biggest drop
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david: democrats tried to smear the house intel memo. minority lead eshed nancy pelosi said it was quote a bouquet from the president to vladimir putin. house intel chairman devin nunes dismissed their criticisms on special report. >> these are the same democrats who didn't want to start an investigation. they are democrats who wanted to block our subpoenas. i get tired of playing whack a mole over day on this committee with democrats who never wanted to start the investigation in the first place. david: last night byron york told us carter page would be at the center of this memo.
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how did you know? byron require was just out there. the two big things out of this them oh are, one, the dossier was a central part of the application to wiretap carter page. and the other thing is when andrew mccabe said without a dossier they wouldn't have applied for a wiretap warrant. david: the committee knew the people putting together this application for the fisa warrant knew this was a dnc financed trump dossier it was financed by them and apparently they withheld that information from the fisa judge. i think that was critical. byron: if they did not make that clear to the judge, that would be a huge thing. david: how can we find out whether it was purposely withheld from the judge, which
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according to gregg jarrett would be a crime. byron: we would need to find outfit was mentioned in even an oblique way in the application. we need to see the application. if it created the momentum to release more things, the andrew mccabe quote that's being disputed. the reference to what he said, that interview need to be released. and the democrats' memo needs to be released. this may if not open the floodgates at least open the floodgates for things we can see. david: the actual criticism of this memo lend support other suspicions that the focusing on
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carter page, you didn't need the trump dossier for that because he had went in cross-hairs of the fbi for quite some time. his russian connections were considered very important. but the fact that they brought trump dossier in shows you their target was not carter page, their target was donald trump. am i wrong on that? byron: you are right about the dossier. target of the dossier was donald trump. first installment said there was a long relationship between trump and the crippl -- and then going back for years. the dossier made very, very specific accusations. it said that carter phage when he visited moscow was offered millions of dollars in exchange for lifting united states sanctions on russia. it's not quleesh how carter --
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it's not clear how carter page would lift sanctions on russia. but so far those allegations, as far as we know, none have been confirmed. david: another party interested in removing the sanctions on russia, not just mr. putin, but also the fusion gps people who were out to discredit the people who put the sanctions on russia. it points to the fact if there was any collusion at all, fusion gps was paid for by the dnc and the hillary campaign. they were working with people close to putin. if there is any collusion it looks like there was collusion between the democrats and russia than trump and russia. byron: fution was work both sides of the street.
4:32 am
we know they were hired by putin-linked the russians to repeal the sanctions. so if you look at the dossier, it quote source starks within source b and source c. one of them is a kremlin official, a former kremlin official, and a businessman connected to the kremlin. you have to wonder if the russians are feeding that information to fusion gps and fuchs is on both sides of this thing. david: clearly they were on the side of putin and the people trying to smear donald trump. in particular the dnc. byron york, we'll be quite busy. i will see more you in the coming weeks. corruption exposed. chris farrell of judicial watch and congressman jim jordan on
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david: president trump called the house intel committee memo
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quote a disgrace as it was released to the public. sarah sanders said the memorandum raises serious concerns about the integrity of decisions made at the highest levels of the department justice and fbi to use the government's most of intrusive surveillance tools against american citizens. attorney general jeff sessions released a statement saying i have great confidence in the men and women of this department. but no department is perfect. accordingly, i will forward to appropriate doj components all information i receive from congress regarding this. joining me is chris farrell from judicial watch. today they filed a lawsuit for documents. so many questions about what
4:38 am
result, whether they were keeping information from the fisa court about the origins of the trump dossier. are you trying to get copies of the fisa applications? >> yes, we are. we think it's critical that the public be able to see these applications and see the underlying decla raitions, sworn after dates from the special agents who would have firsthand personal knowledge of the investigation fan swear out those investigations as a part of the overall warrant application. those warrant applications are signed by at least a deputy attorney general if not the attorney general. in this case you have documentation, first-hand account by a special agent or attorney from the department of justice, then a cover packet or letter as part of the application signed by someone at
4:39 am
the deputy turn general level that would be submitted to -- attorney general level that would be submitted to the fisa court. david: we would be able to tell by looking at this application whether the fisa judge was told about the origins of the trump dossier, that it was financed by the dny and it was a -- by the dnc? we would be able to tell that by seeing the application? >> yes. and you would see with each renewal every 90 days, making the same assertions. if they have come across information that would change the story or provide new insight for the judge, they have an affirmative obligation to correct the record. so instead of just repeating the same lie over and over again, they would have to make it
4:40 am
correct to the court. >> is that obligation required much everybody who signs the fisa reapplications? as you know, at least one of those was signed by rod rosenstein. >> correct. the special agents from the fbi or any other federal law enforcement in support of the warrant, they have an affirmative obligation. and certainly the attorneys within doj or fbi have an affirmative obligation to the court to provide all information, not cherry pick. not play semantic word games. but lay it all out. this is why it's so critical. keep in mind, comey was involved in all this. so when he's tweeting out his slow motion sort of breakdown that he's having where one moment he's saying one thing and
4:41 am
the next moment he says so what. david: he's talking his book. >> in this case, the sworn under both guy who admits he leaked the stuff, when he critiques the lawful actions of the president to declassify something, the irony is rich. dave require sure is. if there was ever an application for the freedom of information act this is it. we wish you the best of luck. please share them with us as soon as you do. this world class athlete taking us on a rollercoaster adventure unlike any other. this is in mexico city. watch as he races across the wooden roller-coaster on his bike. he reached 108 feet. the very top of the rollercoaster before he comes racing down, flipping over. unbelievable.
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coming up next, one of the lawmakers at the forefront of any answers about the unverified trump dossier. congressman jim jordan. and where we go from here. that's next.
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david: our next guest was one of the first congressmen to call for the release of the memo, congressman jim jordan. most of americans are happy to know this information. we'll presumably see the democrat memo, will we not? >> at some point we'll see that, too which i'm in favor of. david: the democratic memo will suggest some of what you say and some of what the republican memo says is wrong. perhaps the trump dossier was not instrumental in getting those fisa warrants, don't we deserve to he the actual applications for the fisa
4:47 am
warrants? >> i asked director wray this back in december. show us what you put together to make application to the court. they could bring that not judiciary committee. but i'm for making that public so the american people can see what took place here. they took a salacious and unverified document, they took it to a secret court to get a secret warrant to spy on a fellow citizen. when they went to that court they didn't tell him who paid for the document, not once, not twice, not even three times. four times they went to the court and didn't disclose who was financing this document and they did the in the context of a presidential campaign. david: they were people who were anti-trump. we know the strzok men owes or
4:48 am
texts with lisa page that they were going to do anything to keep trump out the white house. even having some sort of insurance policy. they kept treefg -- kept referring to andy. they had a friend in the justice department, bruce ohr, housewife was work for fusion gps. >> these top people went to the secret court to get a warrant to spy on an american citizen and they used an opposition research' document to get that warrant and they didn't tell him about who paid for it and they didn't tell him about bruce ohr's relationship with chris steele and didn't tell him his wife was work for fusion. david: where do we go from here?
4:49 am
the justice department cannot investigate itself. that's clear. at least not now, until jeff sessions if he's successful in cleaning it up? >> i don't like special counsels, but we need a second one. congressman me deens myself called for a special counsel. i don't know how else you clean this up. mueller is inherently compromise. jeff sessions recused himself. don't pick someone from the swamp. pick someone from some retired federal judge from iowa or oklahoma. so when they complete their swres nation the american people can say there is a conclusion we understand and can help restore confidence in this agency. david: a lot of people say to restore confidence a couple other people have to go, and
4:50 am
that's rod rosenstein. >> we'll see. jim comey is gone, andrew mccabe is scheduled to leave. jim barrack has been reassigned. peter strzok has been reassigned. lisa page has been reassigned and bruce ohr has been demoted. so that's a good thing. david: isn't russia's interference in the election key to understanding what's happening. why isn't mueller investigating this? >> he may be. we don't know. we hear about him look at obstruction. but not one bit of evidence of coordination between trump and russia. but the clinton campaign tried to influence it. david: but mueller isn't interested in whether fisa warrants were obtained under
4:51 am
false circumstances? >> i don't know. we don't have any evidence of that right now. david: the memo is out. now many americans are demanding a purge of deep state bias. our panel talking about the next shoe to drop when
4:52 am
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david: in our online poll last night we asked you if you believe the dems will pay a high price for trying to with hold evidence of corruption? 88% said yes. caylee, i'm interested in knowing how the press will spin this. it's quite clear this memo revealed startling information. how do you think they will present it over this weekend. >> when you turn on the sunday shows this weekend you will see them say the nunes memo is full of selective facts.
4:56 am
the democrats are scrambling to couple with their alternate memo. but they will try to say there is another set of facts nunes left out. david: they were also embarrassed by the fact -- there is a big movie out now, a lot of people have been write being this hypocrisy, the "washington post" and their revelation of the pentagon papers, talking about how brave they were too come out with the truth, now we have a situation where they are trying to hide the truth, the hypocrisy is just shopping, no? >> that's being seen as bravery. what they will do -- i agree with kayleigh. they will say we haven't seen the democrat memo. and they will say people like me are tarnishing the fbi.
4:57 am
we are not going after the people at lower levels. we are up to double figures of people in the upper etch lons of the fbi who are clearly out of control. david: i'm shake my head not because i have disdain for the fbi, most of of them are heroic people. but to have the left of this country talk about how they come to the defense of the fbi, they criticize the fbi every chance they get in movies, about corruption in will you enforcement, specifically targeting the fbi. it's so hypocritical, i don't think it public bites it anymore. >> there is no way the public buys it it was the most of anti-police and anti-law enforcement we have had in the history of this country. for the democrats to act like the republican party, the party that restored faith in the rank
4:58 am
and file of the fbi, it's hypocritical and people see through it. david: one of the what is the media got caught in a trap is because they bought into the trump dossier. mr. steele spewed it out to a number of media companies. most of if not all of it was false. now people like michael isak oorks f, he broadcast it, and they were caught cold by this stuff that was completely wrong. >> it's trump derangement syndrome again. as a result they have gotten caught up. after their initial findings were wrong, they doubled and tripled down.
4:59 am
i predict they won't give up, they won't on board. there will be an all-out fight. but guys like jim jordan are the heros in this who methodically pursue this. david: what do journalists say? they bought into something that's wrong. now their foolishness is being highlighted by this memo and these fisa warrants. >> it shows the danger of fake news. it was a fake article in yahoo news. and it was used as the basis for spying on a trump volunteer and spying on trump and those around him. david: there is something about yahoo news. great to see you all. very busy news cycle. we appreciate you joining us.
5:00 am
that's it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. congressman ron desantis and sebastian gorka are among our guests. please join mel please join melissa francis and me on "after the bell. ing week days at 4:00. kennedy: the president signs an order to keep gitmo open indefinitely. is that a good idea? i'll battle it out with john bolton. one state forcing kids to enroll in college. grab a notebook. republicans and democrats think they have the winning issue footer mid-terms, taxes. the president is enjoying a 10-point tax happy poll jump. people are seeing more money in their


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