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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 7, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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a dinner party in georgetown is a real high. good to see you both. thank you. that's it for us. thank you for joining us. john bolton is among our guest tomorrow. please join melissa francis after the bell right here. >> tonight rex tillerson said the russians are already middling in the midterm election. is there any way to stop them? we have the exclusive details. doctor markets planes why new healthcare plan between three major companies could be the way to the future that lets you ride into the greatness of medicine. got a thermometer. it's about to get hot in here. >> all right, what the hell is going on. this russian rabbit hole is turning into a fruitless cluste cluster, it is threatening the foundation of our government and now we are on a road to nowhere at an impasse. you have an incidental volunteer from the trump volunteer, carter page was too
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dumb to know he is being spied on by russian spy so he was spied on by the fbi. then you have some buffoons who are talking to weasley russians and they were only charged for lying about being weasel bait. what's at the end of this rainbow. with to hillary stocking lovebirds trying to shore up her election, maybe that and the world's least sexy text message exchange and a wiretap application and now are hearing the state department may have been involved funneling information to preserve present obama's legacy. this, according to the adventurous. [inaudible] >> pretty troubled by what i read and the documents with respect to the role that the state department played
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including information that was used in a court proceeding. >> that information passed along by hillary and sidney blumenthal. as you remember he was allegedly laundering money through that state department. what gave steele the info? we don't know. this all adds up to compromise, people doing whatever they could to pass president obama's bloodline through that sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit by influencing them to preserve their job and get a pat on the head. they played outside constitutional bounds in order to keep a lock on power. spying and lying is apparently okay if it keeps the establishment that and happy. lawn order be damned. but hillary lost and bought these plans so what now? impeach trump? on what grounds? annoying unlike ability? the only solution now is to
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publish everything. every fisa application. every covering memo that is only designed to mislead and maintain. put up and shut up and let us decide. is partisan bickering just clouding up the russia probe even more? but joins me once again. >> it's good to see you. it's all weird. i'm trying to figure out how
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it adds up to collusion or whatever the original thing was. please share some insight. >> it is looking increasingly desperate. they're going to have to get used to the idea that it's not coming in the direction that they think it is. it's much more likely that we are going to find out that the carter page fisa warrant did not have this additional sourcing that makes us look just fine. i think the president should declassify the additional information in the fisa warrant. i think transparency is key and we've already seen the democrats are playing games. they been playing games with information from the get-go. they already said sure, we will release your memo. >> they voted unanimously to release the memo. democrats voted unanimously to
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not release the republican memo. i'm not a republican. i'm not a fan of what they're doing. i'm certainly not a fan of devon nunez, but i do air on the side of transparency. >> absolutely. the democratic memo, i'm willing to make a production that they will look like it was something that was cobbled together from the front page of the huffington post. it will just be the rebuttal we have already seen. it's in no way shape or form going to add to the information. there won't be additional stuff that comes from it because they would have to release more classified information. they were complaining last time about stuff that wasn't classified. they were lying, so is the d.o.j. we have a lot of people who don't want to get to the fact and that's becoming increasingly apparent which should let us know that they've got something to hide. >> absolutely. it's incredibly problematic. president obama said he knew nothing about it, he was not involved in any way with the department of justice and fbi and feel like it doesn't matter which party, they had all been lying to us in the question is why.
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why are they lying? are they hiding something or just trying to prove they can lie about stuff and the condescending and they think were too dumb to handle the truth. >> i think they figure, with some help from the media they can move on from any damning revelation too quickly for it to really manifest itself in the consciousness of the american people and therefore have political ramification. this is all going to come down to a political fight. the idea that there will be anyone who was at the d.o.j., the senior-level or, trump or his top people going to get prosecuted for some sort of conspiracy with russia is complete nonsense and the muller probe will continue on because the main mandate is so broad. >> is going to go on because it can. they don't even have to have the type of narrow direction that we assume they do. >> and it looks particularly bad that i have this fbi agent with a text message saying obama wants to know everything that were doing, that is explicitly contradicted by no less than president obama who said he would never involve
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them in and fbi and the station. >> minute talk about that with catherine because i know it's really important. a lot of people are like why are we talking that text messages between two people. it's not just that the messages are private or how they indicated, it's the fact that they are communicative about something they can actually control. these are people that were not involved in the hillary clinton investigation, but the beginning of the russian investigation and both worked on robert muller's team. >> everything we talked about from hillary's e-mail to the russia collision investigation, some of these figures pop up at opportune moments and ways they could exert leverage. i know they were using government devices which anybody who's ever worked for the government knows that whatever you put there could be subpoenaed, could be brought into court of law. you do not do what they were doing unless you assume that hillary's going to win and no one will care or you're going to be able to cover it up in the we know, ability whatsoever, which they tried. so that's what we've seen
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happen. the whole carter page fiasco, if carter page was involved in some conspiracy with russia, just as an individual to engage in espionage or do something illegal, when you get to hear about that. they had him under surveillance for months and months and nothing. >> they finally have to wiretap him. if he's the smoking gun or if he was a close advisor to the president who spoke with him every day during the campaign, that would be problematic. you would want to know what the yield was from those wiretaps. so far we have heard nothing. >> people keep talking about the pfizer processing there's all these levels of review so be impossible for information to not get vetted, we've already been told it was not vetted. the dossier was in fact not vetted. it was used for the survey wer surveillance on carter page. you can talk about how many checks and balances their work. >> again the contradictory. call me says it's salacious and unverifiable. it's his signature on three of those pfizer applications.
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>> i think only, we will all find out and this is my personal information but he's the baltimore of this. >> thank you very much. very good to see you. >> the talk about russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election continues and rex tillerson says there already meddling in the midterm election. he told foxnews there's nothing we can do to stop it. >> i wouldn't say were better prepared because the russians will adapt as well. the point is, if it's their intention to interfere, they are going to find ways to do that and we can take steps, but this is something that once they decide they're going to do it, it's very difficult to be preemptive. >> so should pollsters start placing calls to moscow? it's take it to my drinking party panel. she's a republican strategist, she's the lady,
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associate editor and from the washington times, charlie hurts. now rex tillerson a thing the russians are trying to tinker with the midterm election. don't they know that everyone is on to them already looking out for this. >> and have always done this. what is this? >> is trying to influence an election. you try to metal with an election. the fact that all this happened to the severity that appears to have happened in 2008, i think it says something about the previous of ministration. it is a serious issue and the fact that we don't have serious people dealing with it is very disturbing to me. obviously, someone like trey is very serious about it, he wants to deal with it seriously but when you look at some of the other people who want to turn it into political football, that's not helping msi going to fix anything and it back to stop the russians from interfering.
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>> i don't even know what interference is. i think someone who is influenced by a fake news story is already going to vote for the candidate they were going to vote for. but now everybody knows so much about fake news ad in facebook ads and stories that they are much more skeptical than they used to be so they discount that and go with their debt and vote for the person they were going to vote for anyway. >> where's the evidence that the fake news stories really made much of a difference in the election. >> hillary clinton is certain of it but she never says what it is. >> the way the media talked about it, they act as if the russians are literally in the situation where their brainwashing people are people acting against their will. people just like donald trump or they voted for him. you get to influence people. that's how it works. it's not against the philosophy of choosing our leaders to influence the process. everyone is allowed to do that. we may not like that the russians are doing it, but
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what is it that the doing. >> but did they influence the election by giving christopher steele or sidney blumenthal information. >> i guess america are looking bad in their falling for things that aren't true, but voters still get to make the decision when they go to the ballot box. >> i think russia will continue to do this and the reason they will do this is because the verity achieved a victory and they've achieved a victory because were talking about russia every day in the news. we are talking about russia constantly. they are loving the spread they're sitting back going to do it again because we are in the news. we are relevant. >> that's why thick it's funny that pollsters should just contact russian hackers and be like all right, who were going for. they're not even talking to voters anymore. >> or michael wolf. >> all right, the russians are meddling and it looks like
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there also prank calling politicians. they published a phone call from last april between adam shift and to russian radio host. they posed as ukrainian politicians. they claim that in 2013 donald trump met with a russian singer and model in moscow for the ms. universe competition and they said they had compromising information. >> what's the nature of the compromise. >> there were pictures of naked trump. >> okay. >> so vladimir putin was made aware of the availability of the coppermine material. >> yes of course. >> later in the call he said the committee will be back in touch to make arrangements to obtain materials for the fbi. a spokesman for congressman
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said it was sent to appropriate law enforcement personnel. just in case they can influence the california race. >> these people have officially become the laughing stock of the world. even moscow is like. [inaudible] it really, it reminded me, it was most s&l like thing that i've seen since they brought out the bad kennedy, it was so ridiculous though. there is a broken down car behind him. summary said it was. [inaudible] >> that's what i heard. >> i think it's funny because i just like that there are wacky radio hosts on every continent and it was like when the australians pretended to be the queen and called kate middleton and got through. the deathly. [inaudible] it sort of undermines the idea.
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he clearly imagines himself in some sort of spy thriller. if he had been laughing the whole time i would say okay, but no. >> and he also doesn't say okay, i'll give you $50000 for a coupon to buffalo wild wing. all i need is your social security number we can make this happen. >> your great uncle. >> i just like that you called him a grandstanding group. >> i'm plagiarizing for myself. >> and why does he want these photos anyway. i would want those anywhere around. what's going on. [inaudible] >> absolutely not. as libertarians. [inaudible] let's not invite the government into legislating morality. i love it further so much more. they will return in a little bit, but first up the newly
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so all you pay for is data. choose by the gig or unlimited. and now, get a $200 prepaid card when you buy an iphone. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to >> hello. newly released text messages between the anti- trump
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lovebirds suggest that then president obama wanted to know everything were doing. he was the lead investigator, the clinton e-mail investigation, as you remember, and according to newly released a report, text messages raising questions about then president obama's personal involvement in the probe. here he was, back in april 2016. >> i do not talk to fbi directors about pending investigations. we have a strict line and always have maintained it. >> so just a button heads-up. >> i guarantee it. >> he guarantees it, it must be true. present trump tweeted that these new bombshells, jamie now is a woman who knows more about this than any other woman on the face of the earth. welcome back catherine. thanks for having me. >> so you read these new text messages that were revealed today. what standout you must. >> will first, i'm president obama, there is a text from september 2016 so just for some context, we are two
8:21 pm
months after the e-mail investigation was closed for the first time in the fbi's two months into the russia probes is not clear from the text with these talking points were referring to and what the investigation was, but it certainly undercuts what the president said in the interview that you just played that he had no visibility on these investigations. looking at the other text messages around it, it actually refers to russia and at that point they thought that thing was closed and not coming back. >> but they did have an exchange about some of the anthony weiner e-mails that his attorney had given over to dump her that was also in september of 2016. they expressed their frustration that that part of the investigation was still ongoing, but it also shows you that these two people were involved in very important parts of two ongoing investigations.
8:22 pm
>> you are referring to an e-mail which i believe came a little bit later in september and was kind of a heads up to the folks in washington that this new york squad that was looking at his computer and he shared it with his been estranged wife, that they had found some of the clinton e-mails on the computer and they had to determine if any of them are classified, the fbi director who was just recently removed , the allegation is that he was slow rolling this trying to get past the election and avoid reopening the e-mail case. >> a final case, if i could, the fact that peter struck who is running counterintelligence, this guy's job is to like find spies and deal with espionage that he would be texting about something this sensitive really goes to very pay poor
8:23 pm
tradecraft on his behalf. >> it shows that there was some bad decision-making, if nothing else, let's say his bias didn't interfere or in any way influence any part of these investigations, it still, you are an intelligent expert. you know what the government is capable of. >> remember, if i could just remember sally yates who testified i went to the white house, i thought michael flynn could be blackmailed by the russians, this whole ringing the alarm. when you start looking through these text messages, this fbi agent peter struck his running counterintelligence, there's so much information that could've been used to blackmail him and influence his activities during those investigations. that's really good point. i guess, catherine, where we go from here. you have these things, and they are still disconnected documents but are they more connected now than they were a month ago or a year ago. >> the simple answer is that the more we see these text messages, the more they align with major events in the clinton e-mail and the russia
8:24 pm
probe and we are at a place where we've never been before in my memory where you've had a half dozen senior fbi executives effectively cleaned out of that organization. i think some people are mistaken that have to do with the text revelations or with the republican house memo, but in fact, it has been the work of this inspector general inside the justice department moving quietly through. >> is that investigations still going on. >> it is. we expect that sometime this month or perhaps march, what i would say about that investigation, most people don't realize that as an inspector general, he does have access to criminal investigators and he can work outside with the u.s. attorney if he feels there is evidence of criminal activity. so, don't be surprised if we get the inspector general report in the next few weeks, and then they are also charges that are linked to this finding. >> very good. very interesting. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up, president trump
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says regardless of what the market is doing, the economy is great. is he right? should he be taking responsible for any downturn? ..
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8:29 pm
learned the hard way after the stock market took an historic plunge. date prompted the the president to tweet, quote, in the old days when good news was reported the stock market would go up. today when good news is reported the stock market goes down. the president had no problem taking victory laps when the market is way up. is it time for him to shoulder the blame for the downturn? we discussed it last time you were on. should the president take responsibility when the dow takes a turn into the toilet? off course. he should take it going up, but on bale has done well with the dow. it's been a huge up since he was nominated in this marketplace.
8:30 pm
so he has a lot to take credit for. kennedy: it makes me wonder from your points of view, a lot of people say the president doesn't have a big impact on the stock market. if the president does, what can he do to make sure it keeps going up so you and i can be filthy rich. >> cut taxes, cut spending, have free trade and it will go through the moon. he has sound benefits he will have the same benefits of reagan and the long time ago kennedy. he's done a great job for his first year in office. for his first year in office he has done a spectacular job. kennedy: i have much appreciate the tax cuts. it borders on tax we form. but the cutting spending.
8:31 pm
it's -- our looming debt crisis has anything to do with market volume still it, people in congress sure haven't gone the that message that you can't keep borrowing your way to oblivion. >> that's very, very true. the debt issue and controlling spend is a much longer-term issue than cutting taxes. kennedy: but you have got to start somewhere. >> what's happening spending is a shaffer gdp. when you look at it, kennedy. it's how you spend the money. if you are going to have good infrastructure that's better than paying people not to work. kennedy: i agree. we need to do so inch this country in terms of entitlement reform, and we can have intelligent discussions on how best to spend money supporting men and women in uniform and
8:32 pm
maybe their aspects of military spending. but in the meantime we have to take a look because both parties are burying their heads, looking the other way, and we are look at an even greater debt share. >> i don't think so. i think the tax cuts are going to raise revenues. if we get the growth rates much anything like i think we'll get in 2018, 2019 -- kennedy: what do you think we'll get? >> above 4%. we had the dip quarter because people were postponing their income waiting for the tax cut. kennedy: i would love to see that. i would love for to us start and continue the year with that kind of growth. >> i think you will be very happy. i think the long-term growth rates for the next two years will be 3.5, 4% growth and that
8:33 pm
will bring down debt to gdp ratio quite substantially. but then you get your hands around spending. i thereof what he's done on taxes and i love what he's done on regulation. he has done a great job all the way around on the economy. if you look at the first year like we did with ronald reagan, if you look at what we did there, it was a downturn. reagan, the stock market collapsed in the first year and a half. i think if he just keeps focusing on good economics, he will become one of the best presidents we have seen. facebook coo sheryl sandberg wants men to follow the mike pence rule to amended it so it's fair to women.
8:34 pm
he told the hill that he never diens alone with a woman unless his wife is present which means he wouldn't be dining alone with a woman. a lot of men have since adopted the pence rule in the wake of the #metoo movement. yesterday sandberg wrote a post saying it could deny women opportunities. group dinners only. nothing one-on-one. the big questions surrounding the #metoo movement is not whether it's gone too far, but whether it's gone farb enough. it's a total contribution on her thoughts on the pence rule. the party panel is back. do you have a problem with the pence rule? >> no, i don't.
8:35 pm
>> i think that what she is trying to do is -- it's just exacerbates the facts. what we are dealing with is, you know, all these have happened to mainly women. and when they are alone in a room and things are happening. kennedy: you can't have it both ways. you can't say don't be alone with a woman in a room and then get bad when you are not alone with a woman in a room. >> that's highlighting the tension. kennedy: you are a mogul. what do you do? >> i want to know actually -- does pence still follow this rule? this was a quote from 2002. to my mind he never confirmed they got that right in the first place. so i'm not even sure the pence rule exists. i think the #metoo movement needs to be a little careful to
8:36 pm
not go off the rails. obviously there are still bad people in media and hollywood and politics who have done bad things. but what activist movements always need to do is not go off the rails and doing witch hunts against anybody who looked at anybody wrong. kennedy: cheryl said it hasn't gone far enough. >> it might have gone too far. kennedy: if the net is cast too wide, you create too many victims and villains, then it's difficult to make sense of who is committing romantic atrocities. >> it's human decency and respect. i don't blame people for pick up the pence rule if there is such a rule. kennedy: a lot of people are terrified that they will be perceived as doing the wrong
8:37 pm
thing. >> if they end up having to fire somebody, they can make something up. and that's a real thing. but at the end of the day it comes down to the same thing. you can have dinner with somebody and not jump across the table and grab them and start licking them all over. kennedy: you can? charlie hurt. so informative. >> it's a cultural problem we'll have to sort out. the difference between doing something really bad and doing something wrong and people can change and learn and we don't have to railroad everyone and have lynch mobs against everyone. kennedy: i adore you all. coming up, three major american companies are taking a new approach to providing their employees with affordable
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kennedy: the entire healthcare industry is desperately in need of reform. it is exciting news that the two world's most of powerful ceos are teaming up and going private to reduce healthcare costs for their combined 1 million
8:42 pm
employees. they said it will be free from profit-making incentives and restraints. while there is no doubt the alliance will be good for their employees, but it will be good for you, and what will the lasting impact be on healthcare? dr. marc siegel is here. he's also a professor of medicine at nyu. there are some phenomenal possibilities here. some of the biggest problems i'm sure you face on a day-to-day basis are government involvement and this top-down bureaucracy that get in the way of patients and doctors interfacing for great healthcare. >> regulations are choking the system right now. i spent twice or three times as much time documenting on a
8:43 pm
computer than actually sitting and talking to a patient. pharmacy chains are impersonal. i was prescribing a simple cough medicine for someone, i had to call even though i submitted it electronically. i called them and they said you don't exist, doc. we never heard of you. i spent an hour trying to get a poor patient a prescription they needed because they were coughing all night. my 94-year-old father was trying to get a blood pressure medication filled. kennedy: why are they treating patients and doctors like criminals? >> they are not considering us at all. they keep piling on stuff that makes it harder for to us do what we do best. kennedy: there are layers of bureaucracy here.
8:44 pm
the big pharmacy chains and the government, they hide behind it, people are able to say, i don't make the rules and none of the rules get changed because no one is accountable. will this consortium bring greater accountability? >> over a million employees. the amazon arm of this could be providing its own drugs and telling. we are going into an area of personalized medicine. jpmorgan chase could be finding ways to finance that. you get a genetic one-time treatment for $300,000. maybe a cancer cure. they can't figure out how to get understand to cover that. i think jpmorgan chase can spend a good amount of time figuring that out. together they will end up with a consortium healthcare initiative that will cut out all this
8:45 pm
excess pharmacy. that's why you saw the pharmacy chain prices drop, stock prices drop, because they are afraid of this. but for me in the doctor's office it means less regulation. kennedy: it has bogged count system so much. people are getting sicker, and they deserve to be better. >> understand was suppose to be for a rainy day it wasn't supposed to be for every possibility. and it took away the heart of the healthcare system. kennedy: there is another rocket making headlines today.
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kennedy: patriots tight end rob gronkowski said someone robbed his house during the super bowl. they are going to throw the book
8:50 pm
at hoover did it. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. we begin tonight at the imuflly named kennedy space center which is easily the greatest name for a space center ever, and also where spacex had one of the greatest liftoffs you are ever going to find. so smoky. the falcon heavy rocket was carrying a tesla roadster into space. but it caused the hawaiians to post a missile alert. elon musk tweeted the rocket flew further than planned and is floating near the dwarf planet
8:51 pm
siris. topic number two. let's head out to the state of washington where baseball season doesn't start for a couple months. they were forced to jump ship after the dewatering pumps failed. they were forced to swim like michael phelps. whenever you google singing ship, every story is about the russia probe. topic number three. philadelphia eagles fans are
8:52 pm
celebrating the first super bowl win in team history this week. but to their credit, they are acting like they have been there before. and by there, i mean prison. no story of bizarre behavior is complete without a trip to florida. and super bowl sunday was no exception. they were arrested for leaving their 6-year-old in a car outside a florida bar so they could go inside and watch their beloved eagles in the big game. phillies fans said this would never happen there because the 6-year-old would have been allowed to come inside the bar and have a few beers. we do know they were charged with child neglect for leaving the kid in the car. don't feel bad, the patriots coaches left their entire defense on the bus while they watched the super bowl.
8:53 pm
topic number four. a california couple got married on a net suspended 400 feet above the earth in a canyon in utah. they are not jerks, they are a cute couple who love tightrope walk over high places. the wedding was a smash hit with all the guests. the on problem was when the bride threw her bouquet too far and one of the bridesmaids jumped off the net to find it. if you think the desert is an expensive destination wedding. wait until you get the bill from
8:54 pm
mars. as least you will have a tesla to drive around there. topic number 5. the san francisco giants are going to retire barry bonds number. and it's about time. he's major league baseball's all time leader in home runs, court testimony and other side effects. but he has not been voted into the hall of fame mostly because they can't get a plaque big enough for his head which mysteriously started growing after the age of 40. the team will raise his jersey to the rafters and display equipment from his locker. look at all those wacky supplements. i feel like i'm on gwyneth
8:55 pm
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so we know how to cover almost almoanything.hing even a swing set standoff. and we covered it, july first, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ kennedy: in the #metoo movement how are horny tech moguls expected to date. you have one chance to ask out a
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facebook and instagram. and email bye. [ gongs chiming ] >> it's a "strange inheritance" "gong show." >> and this is the set of gongs. >> the very set? [ gongs chiming ] >> a piece of history. >> you want to liken it to a stradivarius except there's only one set of true puccini gongs. >> a musical mystery. >> how the heck did they end up in a warehouse in queens? [ drumroll plays ] >> but drumroll, please. [ castanets clicking musically ] can she strike a deal to fund her husband's dying wish? >> are you hoping that someone will see them and say, "here's a check"? >> you better believe it. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪


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