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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 13, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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charles: they're still down from 7% from the record closes a week or so ago. where does the volatile market to? i will break it down, "making money," 6:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. now here is trish. trish: thank you so much, charles. breaking now, the markets moving into the positive territory, just in time for this show. peaking into the green. president warning congress now or never on daca. promising to put america first on trade. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone to "the intelligence report." like i said we have stocks turning positive being led by financials and consumers stocks. perfect timing. investors adding to yesterday's big gains, another day of volatility but perhapss it suggests that investors are getting more comfortable with the idea of a growing economy. and therefore, some pro-- growing inflation and therefore
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higher interest rates. maybe that good news is really is good. we look at market. up nearly 50 points. all of this coming as president trump talks tough on trade. promising to address steel and aluminum imports he said happen to be unfairly hurting the united states. plus conservatives grilling budget director mick mulvaney over president trump's 4 trillion-dollar plus budget plan. deficit hawks calling the spending bill immoral, betrayal and threat to national security. talk about the president's simple message for congress when it comes to immigration. he says get it done now or never. wouldn't it be great if we finally after so many years solve the daca puzzle? this will be our last chance. there will never be another opportunity. senate is in open-ended immigration debate. we expect to hear from both side momentarily. again i want to point out this market is turning around. we are in the mix right now of a
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major turn around. we have team coverage, coming up, david nelson, here with me on set. he will tell you why investors are coming to grips with the news of inflation and better economy. and why that is all good news for stocks. we're going into d.c., connell mcshane with latest. reporter: supposed to be a big week for immigration. we're waiting for debate on immigration to begin. we're waiting because democrats and republicans in the senate how to start the debate. like there is issues surrounding immigration. disagreement on how to start talking about immigration. can't make it up. we don't have to make it up at this point. take you back to earlier today on the senate floor. you will hear from the leaders here on both sides. leader mcconnell talking about a proposal from senator pat toomey. here he is. >> put forward an amendment to
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address one of the most glaring aspects of our nation's broken immigration system, sanctuary cities. let's start by setting up a vote on his amendment, and an amendment from my democratic colleagues. >> to begin the debate as republican leader suggests would be getting off on the wrong foot. unrelated to daca, very partisan. so i object to the leader's request. reporter: there you go. objection from senator schumer. that is where we are right now, we're basically stuck at the starting line. over at the white house, an event on fox business. the president did have passing comments on the immigration debate, if and when it ever begins. here is it what he said. >> i actually think that we can go bipartisan on infrastructure. maybe even more so than we can on daca. because the difference is we want to help daca, you don't. okay? i'm kidding. i'm sure you do. i hope we can. by the way while we're at a
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table, i hope we can do daca. reporter: says he is kidding there. maybe half a joke. that is president's accusation all along, that the president, the democrats want daca more as a political issue more than anything else. whatever the case may be, here is what to look for. they did vote in the senate to begin debate on immigration. by rule that gives them 30 hours to get on the bill as they say on capitol hill. could bring to night, possibly tomorrow morning. we await in the news conference from the leaders, we're stuck, and stuck at the start. trish: i tell you where we're not stuck, that is in the stock market right now. take a look everyone. we have turned around, we have been in the red most of the day, i have to say seems for whatever reason, keep happening around 2:00, the markets turned positive. then its just smooth sailing from there on out. we'll see whether we build upon this rally. nicole petallides down on floor of new york stock exchange. hey, nicole. >> trish, you're absolutely
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right. we spent the morning in the red. one of the traders talking about technicals if you look at start. trying to find a bottom. they couldn't sell them off. as they had higher lows. moved into the green all this occurred during president trump's meeting he was having, we saw the market turn around over 100 points, over 150 points in the calculations. meantime so little green on the board. now a different picture. look at some of the dow leaders, caterpillar, walmart, goldman sachs, jpmorgan, financials in particular have done very well here. they are leading this turn around. consumer stocks have been also winners. watched johnson & johnson, proctor & gamble, also turning around, really echoing what we saw with major averages shooting up over the last hour or so. vix is to the downside. when it was up 50. completely different picture
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with oil firming up. they couldn't break them, if you can't break them, take them. higher lows and move into the green. so our third day in the green. we'll see if we can hold it. trish: nicole, thank you so much. why does this keep happening right around 2:00 in the afternoon? joining me on set, bellpointe chief strategist david nelson. i would like to think it is me and i'm lending a little good luck to the markets. we see around this time, things start to shift, start to change, either for better or worse but lately for the better. >> you're right, around this time of day the last couple days the market seems to find its legs. i can't give you a catalyst for it. maybe not enough margin calls this time of day. maybe if you haven't been short and pressed it down you say i'm outta here. i will not get money as i thought i would get. trish: it is building on the reversal. we had been up 60 points, now currently up 50. we used to take about the taper
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tantrum. whenever there was a threat of higher interest rates the market would freak out and have this taper tantrum because they didn't like idea of rates creeping higher. what they have seen in the last couple weeks. i don't necessarily think it's a taper tantrum. it was a little more involved than that. >> was about the fed. trish: right. still we know the fed is going to have to move. now a surprise. they telegraphed pretty well. 10-year moved up. the 10-year is not where the taper tantrum started. we got concerned about the good news, bad news dynamic that triggered this whole thing. but the real crisis if there was one, we were pretty overbrought. reversion to the mean is a very powerful force. the market literally went to the 50 day, 100 day, they seemed find support around the 200-day moving average. that is where buyers stepped.
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we'll build on this a little each day. trish: we haven't seen the gdp print for the first quarter. >> no. trish: there are high expectations for that. you heard jamie dimon say that he wouldn't be surprised to see 4% growth. you have the atlanta fed putting a five handle on it? i can see it now. i can see the president hey, did you see gdp? he will love those numbers if in fact it is growing that much but we don't know yet. >> we have another print coming up, that is more important, the cpi on wednesday. a lot of investors look at that -- trish: by the way, everybody, consumer price index, what this looks for is any kind of inflation. >> that would speaking -- with i'm hoping for a goldilocks number, coming in at 0.3%, that would be up from where the street was expecting that a bump up from december. stocks would settle down and rally off that. trish: that would be encouraging. >> i will take that. trish: david nelson, thank you very. we have a lot going on as we
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watch everything happening on wall street and everything that is happening in washington, d.c. where a big immigration debate is raging on. we're waiting for senate leaders to come to the microphone. as we wait for them, i'm joined by go pack chairman david avella, democratic senate candidate in new jersey, michael star hopkins. starting with you, michael, i'm worried that democrats get in the way of any kind of path to citizenship for these "dreamers" because, i don't know if they really want a deal. does a deal help or hurt you guys? >> it is not about whether it helps or hurts democrats. whether it helps the "dreamers." democrats absolutely want to help the "dreamers." we put forth a plan not only protects "dreamers," like republicans asked, make sure it secures border. gives funding for the wall like president trump asked. as long as we put forth a bill
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that had security funding he would sign it. the bill is there. trish: they haven't ended chain migration. and you haven't ended -- >> family unification was separately we would be will to talk about. trish: you're using fans at this words here because you can be unified with your spouse or your children, but do you need the whole extended family to come in? that is what we're saying okay, maybe time to pause. david avella, we need it think strategically which members of that extended family can actually help us here in the united states of america and if they can't, then they run the risk of being a burden on society instead of an aid to society. so i don't know how we get there without michael star hopkins and fellow democrats saying okay, time to end chain migration, it is time to end the lottery system. >> it's a system and a plan that the president put out that seven in 10 americans support. well over 60% believe that if you're going to come to this country, you ought to be able to contribute. they believe in getting rid of the lottery system because think
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about this, think about if you went to disney world and you were an immigrant who stood in line entire time legally you get up to do the ride, by lottery somebody walking buy gets to get in front of you and go into the ride first. why americans say we need to get rid of the lottery system. but here is the bigger question, trish. does chuck schumer want to put himself against democrats who want to support this bills guys like joe manchin and joe donnelly, jon tester, up for re-election this year and don't want to go to voters in their state where seven in 10 support this bill and say i was against it. trish: michael, what do you think? >> it is interesting to now hear republicans talking about breaking up families when the family is the most important thing for the republican party. trish: michael star hopkins, again, you're inferring a lot there. we're not talking about breaking up families here. that is not what the republicans mentioned. they want to keep immediate family unit together.
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>> absolutely. trish: spouses children, but do you need everybody else? >> well, when you say everyone else, say uncles and aunts, they still, five to 10 years what it takes to go through the family unification purpose. they still have to go through the background checks. they have to still go through health screenings. trish: just because you're here doesn't mean you get to bring in your aunt, uncle, everybody else. >> it doesn't. trish: that is the point, you want to come here to have something to contribute. you have more prosperous life in america and therefore make us a better country. >> absolutely. the people who are coming here with other family members have to do that they don't just get cart blance entry because they have a family member that is here. there is a strict background process and a long process. trish: clinging to that. clinging to the lottery too? >> i'm clinging to absolutely anyone who not only has merit but also manages to pass through the background checks and meets the qualifications just like our ancestors, not my ancestors but many of the ancestors around this country like here like
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paul ryan, like donald trump. got here not because of merit, but because they came -- trish: this is where you're wrong. it is not a lottery system my ancestors came here. my ancestors came because of a potato famine in ireland. they sold everything they owned, michael star hopkins. they took a massive risk. you know what? it was better than sticking it out in ireland. they took that risk and they came here. but in other words they didn't win lottery cardwell come to the united states. when they got here they got stuck at ellis island maybe they weren't healthy enough at that point to join the rest of so i zoo sight. you all paint it, michael perfection when it comes time my phrase. but in actuality it has been very hard for people to come to this country. >> with we use terms like chain migration, only people came here by chain migration was slaves. we have to be careful about the terms we used and way we crouch this in. trish: okay fine. we don't have to call it chain migration. we can call it gigantic extended
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family member migration if it makes you feel better. david, it is what it is. >> as michael is campaigning for the u.s. senate he is going to struggle finding people that want to rally around the position he just laid out. seven in 10 americans support the plan the president has laid out. the part we haven't talked about, in talking about who gets to stay and who doesn't, roughly 690 estimates of daca individuals here in the country. this plan lays out 1.8 path to citizenship for americans to stay. there are far more slots for people to get to stay here than what numbers would suggest we need. this is a compassionate plan but it is also one that looks to secure our borders, end chain migration, and end this lottery system, which those three things are as important to america's national security here at home, as the increase in military spending that occurred last week in the budget. >> i just want to remind you we have members of the military who
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are "dreamers," members of my state, like patel first "dreamer" accepted to the new jersey bar. >> there are 1.8 million slots those folks can apply and they can stay here. trish: i don't know why there is anything to argue with this on, michael. i think democrats should be running, you know, towards this, with open arms thrilled that there is the possibility of now making legal, all of these people that have been illegal. this, but, and this is what i hate, you're not thinking about them. i worry you're thinking about the party and if donald trump as republicans are the ones provide those people with pathway to citizenship, there goes a whole lot of votes. >> i can't speak for everyone. i don't care about the political ramifications of it. i'm here to make sure these people get protected like they promised they would be. trish: i hope that is true. we have a market soaring right now. i well get back to that. thank you both.
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nice shoutout to my ancestors. indeed it was potato famine. i heard that story many times from my grandmother. can this continue? will it continue? most of the dow 30 stocks are in the green right now. financials, consumer stocks, leading things higher. we'll be on that. plus the director of national intelligence on capitol hill calling the ballooning deficit dire threat to economic and national security. so what are we going to do about it? next. oh, and there's the closing bell. (sighs) i hate missing out missing out after hours. not anymore, td ameritrade lets you trade select securities 24 hours a day, five days a week. that's amazing. it's a pretty big deal. so i can trade all night long? ♪ ♪ all night long... is that lionel richie? let's reopen the market.
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trish: we are starting to see a shift in these markets, sometimes pretty good like one we're seeing today, up 82 points. we saw a pretty good one yesterday. sew we'll see how this holds over the next 40 minutes. meanwhile, omb director mick mulvaney grilled on capitol hill over his budget proposal by barry address -- barry addresses our deficit and dan coats says this is threat to our national security, watch. >> our political process
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particularly with respect to federal spending is threaten the ability to properly defend our nation both in the short term and especially in the long term this situation is unsustainable. as i think we all know, and represents a dire threat to our economic and national security. trish: does it? joining me right now, conservative review contributor tom borelli, and rnc spokesperson caylee mack -- kayleigh mack enemy. this is the conservative mantra. don't spend more than you have. now dan coats says it's a threat to national security. do you agree with that. >> our debt is important and we need to get rid of it, no doubt about that. as speaker ryan said consistently and said on fox business this morning we have to address it through mandatory spending. this budget are biggest part is
2:22 pm
entitlements. this addresses billions in medicare savings. it is a start but. trish: no one wants to touch entitlements, tom. that is sacred territory. understandably so. you think about social security. you paid into the thing for the whole career. you ought to be able to get that money back but how long can we afford night we can't afford it there is economic and political risk to the strategy. the trump budget essentially is proposing 4 trillion. that's huge that will be another trillion dollar debt. we can't keep spending like this. this big, not only the national security risk, my god, we have north korea. we have iran, who are really threatening us almost every day. we need a reserve cash supply in case we need to use it. we can't keep borrowing and borrowing. think about it, we have a 20 trillion-dollar debt. that is a like a balloon mortgage. with the payment on the debt going up with interest rates going up that will absorb more and more of our budget and really destablize really our
2:23 pm
economy. trish: it could, unless our economy grows, right? i mean that is the hope, kayleigh. that we grow enough. >> absolutely. >> economic reforms that are meaningful, economic reforms the likes which we haven't seen in decade. so if tax reform can be that meaningful to the economy then the thinking is that at some point it pays for itself. >> trish, that is exactly right. you look at the fact that the treasury report came out today, january we had record tax revenue coming into the federal government. we had a surplus in january. so that is a good start. the atlanta fed tracker anticipates that they could see gdp as high as 5% for this month. that would be huge t would be historic. if we hit gdp well over 3% that is huge positive thing for the economy. last i want to point out, when i talk about changing entitlement spending and mandatory spending we don't want to touch current beneficiaries. trish: i hear you on this, kayleigh.
2:24 pm
you're young. what if someone says we'll take away social security for you? i guess at that point social security they still need, they still need your money right, like one giant ponzi scheme, but they still need kayleigh's money to pay for someone else. glad you said i, not me. at this point it manies about one more tax but if they took it away from you, that something you're willing to deal with? >> no. and that is something president trump was clear beenthe campaign trail. he says he doesn't want to take social security away or medicare, medicaid from people who need it. there are people in the system who don't need it. i talked to one of them, she drives on mercedes and forced on medicaid roles, she is business owner with high net worth, she was pushed on medicaid with one bad year of income. trish: well, no, with social security -- >> excuse me with medicaid there is a means test of course. but right now -- trish: on social security? >> not for social security. i'm talking about medicaid here.
2:25 pm
she was pushed on to medicaid. trish: well look, there are difficult ways to approach it. i have been down to chile where they have a very interesting privatized system. >> we tried that. trish: bush tried to privatize accounts. we didn't actually try it. where it has been tried in chile it has been extraordinarily successful. people have better rate of return they ever get in a bond or treasury or wherever, the security, social security is stashed. so there are things that we could attempt to do but, politically, it is pretty challenging as you can imagine. >> you need the political will to do it. we didn't see any of that from the republican team. that is what concerns me. it is the fact that really wasn't a part of the discussion t was really all spend. they were playing for the 2018 election obviously. you have to remember, i was part of the tea party movement. that was based on fiscal responsibility and right spending. how many people got elected in
2:26 pm
congress based on former president obama exploding the debt? what are we going to run on? trish: i hear you. look, for future generations i got three little kids, we can't keep spending more than we earn for sure. tom, kayleigh, thank you very much. good to see you guys. the market is ignoring all the debt right now. we're up 80 points we'll see if we make it to 100 by the time i return. an assessment of our top national security threat, particularly china. we'll tell you what they're saying. it ain't good, next. your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives,
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trish: top intelligence officials giving senator as stark assessment of our national security today on everything from russian med link in our elections to bias from the intelligence community as well as the house fisa memos. this is really pretty gripping i got to say to watch but there was one moment in particular that i heard today, that i want
2:31 pm
to share with you. this is senator marco rubio who is calling on china and saying that this in fact is our biggest risk to national security. watch. >> there are carrying out a well orchestrated, well-executed, very patient, long-term strategy to replace the united states as the most powerful and influential nation on earth and their pursuit appears to be every element of national power, military, commercial, trade, economics. is it your view the united states today as a government is prepared for the scale, scope, magnitude of the challenge presented by this plan that china is carrying out? >> there is no question that, that what you have just articulated is what is happening with china. they're doing it in a very smart way. they're doing it in a very effective waive. trish: from the director of national intelligence. in other words, china means business. china wants to be number one in military power, in economic
2:32 pm
power, in population. so what are we going to do about it? are we doing enough about it? anything about it? i'll tell you one thing, if we don't get serious about china, china becomes the next usa and we are on a path to becoming the next france. american majority ceo ned ryun joins me now. i think that is the best way to crystallize it, and i say it with a laugh but i'm not kidding. you look at the work ethic there in china, the number of people the government is really pushing various agendas that are at odds with us, ned. and you know, if we sit back and say okay, we'll allow this to happen, we really will be, i don't mean to pick on france, they have wonderful, wonderful food. >> wonderful wine too. this is what all of us are mystified, talk about russia, russia, russia, china is the real threat as we move forward, because they have goals to become the dominant world power.
2:33 pm
it was a fascinating, listening to these intelligence and fbi give the current status of everything in regards to cybersecurity, meddling in elections. trish: they kind of were pointing out that always happened though. >> this is the one thing again i think the mainstream media has done a disservice to the american people. russia has been trying to meddle in our elections for decades. china is obviously a cyber security threat. but let's not forget, there are ukrainians, romanians, literally anywhere in the globe people are hacking into the system, whether it is elections or financial. the thing a little troubling about the hearing to me, a couple things. it didn't appear there was actually a cohesive plan how moving forward we were going to combat cybersecurity even though our government is spending 28 billion a year on cybersecurity, it didn't appear there was a cohesive plan. trish: is this the time and place for it? by the way they covered a ton of ground, including the whole
2:34 pm
porter thing. they were all over the place. >> secondly, nobody inside of government, who will run a cybersecurity project? dod, cia, fbi, who will be head of it? trish: almost seems like military. >> dod wants to be in the lead for national security reasons, although they have conversations a strong relationship in a private public way with verizon, at&t, these major stakeholders in the internet, global internet who by the way are ahead of the curve on government. i have talked with some of these guys in the big corporations, they are literally weeks and weeks ahead. trish: here is the problem. i tell you exactly why they don't have enough of a relationship, because those guys are beholden only to themselves and their shareholders. intel recently found out about a security threat that actually could have put a lot of u.s. companies and individuals in a lot of danger from a cyber security perspective. what did they do? went to the chinese clients told them about it first.
2:35 pm
had the chinese military wanted to use that information against us they could have. so perhaps, you know, as we move increasingly into this global world, we need to remember where we're based. even if you got the clients in china you are an american company. therefore allegiance to usa. >> we have had this conversation on some levels, where is the true loyalty of the multinational corpses? is it to their bottom line or to the american people? we need could ten to inhave that conversation. trish: yeah. >> the thing about the russian meddling they will try it again. they are not just trying it in the united states. they are doing it across as many western democracies as possible, because putin wants to destablize western democracies as a whole. what is fascinating me in the whole trump, russian collusion fairytale. he doesn't care about the white house. he wants to destablize western democracies. that is clear. serious mind have been looking
2:36 pm
at this understanding, understanding where true threats lie. trish: who is to say, what did he put out there about hillary clinton? there were all kind of rumors out there about her health, et cetera. maybe that was the russians feeding that as well. we haven't looked what they were doing on each side. i agree he didn't care who won. he didn't care. he wants to make things difficult for us and unfortunately we let him. >> that's right. trish: ned ryun, thank you so much. good to see you. stocks are paring some of the gains, hey, we're still in positive territory up nearly 50. i'll take it. especially after having been down throughout the day. you can see caterpillar leading the dow higher right now. walmart, cisco, coca-cola, all in positive territory. as well as apple which is up a buck 30. we'll have more on the markets right here after this. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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trish: we are waiting on the white house, the press briefing will begin momentarily. we want to go to that to see what sarah huckabee sanders, or
2:41 pm
her replacement will say about intel briefings we heard on capitol hill. meanwhile we have a market, darn it, it is giving back those losses. we're just up 14 right now. hanging on for dear life. charlie gasparino joins us right now. >> i'm the kiss of death. trish: i started out the hour up nearly a 100. here we are. >> market is trying to figure out -- donald trump said, not a lot that was interesting with that briefing that ran before about trade. a lot of it was just garbage. one thing he was called to the carpet by somebody from missouri, remember if you impose these tariffs on them, meaning these foreign countries, they will impose tariffs on us. trish: they already do, charlie, that is the point. >> but they will do even more. by the way, if you do that, if you impose tariffs on us, we import stuff that we make here from parts that we make here. it will drive up prices. you will hurt -- this is -- trish: i'm going to jump in.
2:42 pm
>> why would a guy -- trish: do we have the briefing? i don't get to give you -- go to sarah huckabee sanders. we'll continue, charlie. >> alabama-based company is raising their minimum wage to $15 per hour, giving 1000-dollar bonus to over 2,000 of their workers. for those of you keeping track, we have over 350 companies that announced wage increases, bonuses, new hiring or increased retirement benefits as a direct result of tax reform which not a single democrat supported. these announcements have affected over 4 million american workers. the president is working to build an economy that works for all americans. the tax cuts and reforms are a big part of that, so is infrastructure. as you all saw yesterday, the president unveiled a legislative outline for rebuilding infrastructure in america. to cure decades of neglect we're committed to quickly building a say, reliable, and modern infrastructure to meet needs of american people. trish: we'll continue watching
2:43 pm
sarah huckabee sanders here. my mic is open, charlie and i were just getting into it. we'll go back for the q&a, we promise. charlie you were trying to make the point, basically we'll get in some kind of smoot-hawley tariff environment. >> sort of? sort of? trish: a la, 1930s. that will cause the global economy and our economy to shrink? >> sort of? it was in the me. a lawmaker representing a state where he presumably wants people to work, making the point to donald trump, if you do what you say you will do you will hurt people in our state. trish: okay. >> can i just this out. nafta is not the reason why plants are closing in the industrial, formerly rust belt. it is just not. it is, i'm not saying a perfect law but it is not the reason why we have this sort of economic dislocation. now there is lots of reasons
2:44 pm
why. i'm not saying it is perfect law but anybody that posits the nafta is the root cause of this doesn't understand basic 101 economics. it is not even, like macroeconomics to a high level. this is very basic. nafta has done some bad things. trish: we lost 700,000 jobs. >> because of nafta? because of nafta? trish: primarily because of nafta. charlie i want to go back to the tariff argument here. >> only idealogues do that. trish: i do not understand why it is somehow okay, give you example, you buy a cadillac in china. they are going to put tariff after tear of after tariff on that car from the u.s. coming into the china. before you know it, cadillac already luxurious car become as super-duper luxurious car unless they can afford it because it is up there. >> is that what is happening. no one can afford cadillacs in china. trish: i'm talking about china. only very wealthy in china can
2:45 pm
afford cadillac. but cost as whole lot of money more than -- if they got their equivalent i'm not equivalent of chinese cars. if they do that without the same gained of tariffs how is that fair. >> why is the agricultural industry, which employ as lot of people so against donald trump's trade plans? why is that? because they sell a lot of stu to china. and they have open, more open markets -- trish: i don't care about the agricultural industry. >> you don't? why not? why not? trish: you need to think long and hard what is the best of future of our country. you will not put one industry above another. all industries and all american jobs are threatened by the fact that the tariffs are coming on our goods. >> that is not my point. my point is this, free trade generally has been very good to the economy. just ask -- trish: i tell you what it has done to the economy, charlie gasparino.
2:46 pm
i'm going to get out my pictorial that our viewers know so well. can we do a zoom in. hourglass economy. >> really? trish: so you know what? here is your middle class right here. you have a whole bunch of people on the top. you have a wheel bunch people up top. >> really? this is really. trish: we have not thought about these people. >> let's be real clear. you're saying rust belt was created because of nafta? are you really saying that? trish: i was saying that rust belt was created from a site of reasons, a variety of reasons don't pin one on me. however, i'll tell you one thing -- >> just say no. it is no. trish: nafta didn't help. >> nafta didn't hurt. go to texas. nafta helps texas. why does nafta help texas? people working in texas because of nafta. trish: look at detroit. >> liberalism failed for years. detroit was horrible well before nafta. trish: getting to another reason. i told you there are many reasons. nafta has not done us any
2:47 pm
favors. >> nafta did nothing. it's a dog whistle. it's a dog whistle. trish: do you think it is okay for us to sell goods to chinas and they tack on lots of tariffs, taxes effectively. >> right. trish: and we take all those good in from china and we don't put any tariffs on? how is that fair? >> why aren't u.s. manufacturers -- trish: you didn't answer my question. >> i'm not saying it is fair. why do we hear the nafta arguments from poe lemm sifts at at fox news and inside the white house and not businessmen who have deal with that? i think you guys blown it out of the proportion. people that have skin in the game -- trish: washing machine company recently got news they will start putting tariffs on washing machines coming from south korea. >> how about the gentleman from missouri, who told donald trump, be careful, when you slap stuff on them, they will slap it on us, we import a lot of products? how about the agricultural industry.
2:48 pm
>> i'm telling you trish. it's a dog whistle. trish: you're not letting me finish my. charlie and i go way back. we're very good friend. don't worry, we know each other very well. have for a long time. we went through 08, you did terrific reporting on that. in other words we need to be thinking about how we do protect americans in light of a global economy. >> sure. trish: otherwise it's a race to the bottom. donald trump, regardless of all the other stuff he is forcing the issue. >> but it is largely a nonissue. trish: free trade was good, good, good night is. it is. trish: it is not necessarily all good. there are winners and losers. and too many americans are losing. >> 90% of the time it is food. there are bad aspects to it like anything else. but donald trump made an issue that is not an issue. i'm telling you the only people that think nafta is real bad are some poe lemmists in the
2:49 pm
white house and people listening dog whistle. >> i want what is fair. >> me too. you will not get it by putting on tariffs. >> i disagree. i disagree. we want fair trade. always good to talk to you. we'll go back to the briefing right now. charlie and i will continue this off-line. we'll go to break. >> taking a break. trish: hard wrap. >> we need to sell commercials here. trish: 30 points on the dow. see you other side of this. about the early bird... he gets the best deal on the perfect hotel by using tripadvisor! that's because tripadvisor lets you start your trip on the right foot... by comparing prices from over 200 booking sites to find the right hotel for you at the lowest price.
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trish: we're taking a look at these markets which are continuing on in positive territory, up 57 right now. that is good news. investors shrugging off concerns about rising inflation. we're watching 10-year inch much higher. higher interest rates from the fed down the road. maybe we can handle that, if we're growing it 4%. go down to the floor of new york stock exchange with nicole petallides on a look what is moving. >> we had been up over 100. watching rates if particular. right now we're seeing our stock market, dow up third day in a row. can we hold on to that. we're seeing yield, 10-year yield at 2.84%. had been around up recently, in recent days. off earlier highs. that is the 30 year treasury.
2:54 pm
3.1. idea investors are getting more comfortable with inflation and rising rates. we'll hear from powell and first fed chair meeting february 21st. we had been off the lows. had been down 180. we saw a turn in the afternoon. utilities are not with the rising rate environment. stocks seem a little less attract i have. people are more comfortable with the rate hikes. they're expecting four this year. trish: nicole, thank you very much. let's hope the upside continues. apple continues the annual meeting in cupertino, california, with slowing iphone sales and controversy with the batteries. hillary vaughn is there. she will tell you what is going on. that's next.
2:55 pm
2:56 pm
. >> the white house personnel security office staffed by career officials received information last year in what they considered to be the final background investigation report in november. they had not made a final recommendation for adjudication to the white house because the process was ongoing when rob porter resigned. in the view of personnel security office, the fbi's july report required significant additional investigatory field work before personnel security office could begin to evaluate the information for adjudication. as director wray said, information was still coming to the white house personnel security office in february. reporter: just to be clear other in july report, back to march, was there information contained in those reports about the allegations about rob porter? >> i wouldn't have access to that information, i wouldn't know the answer to that, john,
2:57 pm
crystal? reporter: one important fact because you said the investigation was ongoing. christopher wray said it was closed in january. who's telling the truth here? >> both. as i said, the fbi portion was closed. the white house personnel security office, who is the one that makes the recommendation for adjudication, had not finished their process and therefore not made a recommendation to the white house. reporter: let me clarify one more point, you said yesterday that you didn't get any paperwork from the fbi. chris wray said he did submit paperwork. >> again, that would come through the white house personnel security office which had not completed their investigation and not passed that information to the white house. reporter: you acknowledge you did receive paperwork? >> again, the white house, i think you need to be very clear, there's multiple groups here. the white house personnel security office, which is staffed by career official, may have received information, but
2:58 pm
they had not completed their process and made a recommendation to the white house for adjudication. reporter: and finally, who -- who allowed john kelly -- rob porter rather, to stay here without permanent security clearance? >> i can't comment on specifics of that other than what we've already said on that matter. i'm going to keep moving, because we've got a short time view today. reporter: is the white house maintaining that john kelly had no idea of the allegations of domestic abuse before the story broke? >> i can only give you the information that i have, that's my understanding. reporter: does the president believe the women? >> again, the president takes all of these accusations very seriously. he believes in due process. above everything else he supports victims of any type of violence and would condemn any violence against anyone. reporter: we haven't heard him say that himself, the cameras were in front of him today.
2:59 pm
>> the president dictated that comment to me yesterday which i read out to you guys. reporter: in any one of the white house personnel security office have communication with anyone in the west wing about rob porter's clearance between when the fbi submitted reports and -- >> i'm not aware of any communication, i can't say definitively but i'm not aware of communication. reporter: secondly on capitol hill the press denied coats, those with interim security clearances should have limited access to classified information rather than access the full gamut that a full clearance would provide. you can speak to whether that is a current practice for a large number of -- significant number of officials whether it be the west wing or the broader white house complex and permanent security clearances? do they have limited access to information? >> i can't speak to whether people have permanent or limited security clearances at all and therefore can't comment on the process. we are following the process
3:00 pm
that has been used by previous administrations, and we would rely on the law enforcement and intelligence communities to determine if that process needed to be changed. >> it would be changed. >> they would be the ones that make that determination and play a role what the changes look like. josh? reporter: sarah, are you saying that on four occasions, the fbi made the white house aware of the allegations. and the white house officials said until tuesday night, they did not realize the extent of the allegations. should the fbi or security office be punished for not telling the white house officials? >> that is something well beyond my scope to determine. reporter: they weren't told? if everyone knew but no one in the senior staff found out. >> i haven't asked him about that specifically. matthew? reporter: raj the other day said last week that th


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