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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 20, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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president, students and teachers. how the selection was decided who will be in the meeting. the president is talking about openness for back ground checks and the like. so much to get into as florida students make their way to tallahassee to let their beef be known to leaders in florida. now trish regan. trish: good for them. thank you, neil. president trump is blasting the obama administration for failing to stop the russians from meddling in our election. we'll hear more about the failures in the last administration including from the fbi when we hear from white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." we're keeping a close eye on the markets. we're down triple digits, down 114. techs hanging in there, with the nasdaq composite up .7 of a percent. did you see this? liberal filmmaker michael moore, that's him, at an anti-trump
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rally in new york city back in november 2015. turns out this was one of the row tests allegedly organized by the russians. wow. michael moore fell for it. joining me for analysis on all breaking news, american university executive in residence, capri cafaro, conservative commentator lawrence jones. lots to talk about. we have kids in florida, making their way to tallahassee as we speak so their voices can be heard on that tragedy there in florida. there is talk that the white house may be willing to give a little bit on this issue, certainly when it comes to background checks for those that, weapons in this country, the idea that a guy like that who's clearly mentally unstable was able to access such a horrific weapon and do so much damage is something that is increasingly get talked about, and somebody that should be addressed. market off 119.
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we have a lot of news to talk about. i want to start first with the russians, and their influence on this election season, and what they're trying to plan now. capri, i should start by first saying, i don't think that you can influence things big time by being out there on social media. i do think you can influence things on the margin. but ultimately, hillary clinton was a poor choice for a candidate. she didn't relate to the people including the democratic voters that you represent there in or have represented in ohio. she didn't connect with them. that is fundamentally the problem we had with the election as far as the democrats were concerned but you know, people are falling for this. whether it be on twitter or facebook. >> right. trish: or michael moore out there working with the russians or whether it be cnn helping the russians to do their job. mainstream media that really has
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made it much easier for the russians themselves. that said, what do we need to be doing to stop it, to make sure it didn't happen again? >> well, a few things. i think, as you said, trish, this is something that, it has been widely acknowledged, at least up to this point, while the russians did try to sow discord amongst the mile-per-hour public in our electoral system and tried very hard, they did not influence the outcome of the 2016 election but intelligence community is saying they are already at it again, trying to utilize technology, in one way, shape or form to mess with the 2008 election. i think a number of things need to happen. number one, the facebook, twitters and tech companies of the world and social media need to be responsible corporate citizens, step up to the plate, recognize they have an important role to play as will. the american public, frankly also needs to not jump on everything they agree with. there is a desire, look at michael moore, for example.
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this is a guy that wanted to believe it. so they latch on to it. we need to be more judicious how we consume information. we need to be more responsible and understand that it might not always be legitimate. we have to consider the source. so i think that it is going to take individuals as well as corporate america and the intelligence community to really combat this. trish: a little bit of a self-plug here or shameless plug here for our network. lawrence jones, i think about how our competition treated their debate that they had versus what sandra smith and myself, what we did and what maria bartiromo and neil cavuto did. i can tell you, we spent, many, many, many hours together, prepping our questions. all of us together. and really making sure that we were being fair. that was our priority, fair to every single candidate that came in front of us there at those official debates. i can not say the same for our
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competition. those questions were very loaded. they, in some ways they looked like they could have been written about it russians themselves. you know, i only say this because capri is right. americans have the responsibility to be seeking out the best sources of news. if you're watching this show right now, i will commend you for that. but i think that you know, we need to, we need to be fair in all of these cases. and unfortunately, increasingly, the media simply is not. they're doing the russians lifting for them. >> you know the problem is, i would like to piggyback what you said, trish, that is why you got national praise, because you put all the candidates on the hot seat, and really challenged them on their economic agenda, and what they would do to make the climate for business better as well and for the american people. but the media, although the
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voters have a duty to do their research on candidates as well as on these rallies, i went to a ton of rallies with the tea party. i nhial the campaign organizers for rallies. the american people have the right to do their due diligence but the media has a responsibility to give the american people the correct information and it seemed like because they did take a side during this election that they weren't able to vet these rallies, vet this information that was going out to the american people before it reached the american people. trish: yeah. no. that's tragic but, itappened. so, as we look forward here, now what needs to happen next? i mean, lawrence, the, the administration, you know, trump administration now saying, they recognize that this happened but they weren't as forthcoming
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about that earlier. perhaps the breakdown is really, did it hugely influence the election? and it didn't, because again, she could have gone to pennsylvania. she go have gone made nice with coal miners. she didn't do those things. >> she never showed up in my neck of the woods. trish: really? big mistake. go ahead. >> you know, trish, here's the problem. the president has been not as critical from a voice standpoint on twitter and going publicly of this whole russia thing, because there has been this connection if it actually influenced the election as you said. but when you talk about his actual policies, all the way from bombing russian jets, i'm sorry, bombing russian people that in syria -- trish: being backed by the russians. >> right. exactly. so you know, i would say that the president could be a little forceful from the oval but i,
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again, this is about what he is actually doing. i think you can argue against that. trish: i would say -- >> i would say one thing in that context, having to deal with the enforcement of russian sanctions. the lack of enforcement there, steve mnuchin and rex tillerson are saying well, you know, it is not that we're not doing it but we're not doing it. so i think that there is at least a perception there that you know, the lack of teeth to russian sanctions right now is not really there. i think that raises some questions. trish: same thing about the chinese, right? they signed on, promising not to do business as did the russians with the north koreans and now we got video of all of them engaging in business there. >> right. trish: those ships that you could see them trading on. so clearly there's a lot more that our treasury department could be doing and should be doing when it comes to those sanctions. i would like to see more out of them.
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as far as this goes i would also remind people, this is kind of the way the world works, right, lawrence? >> right. trish: in other words, we should assume and shame on president obama for not being more aggressive, we should assume the russians are always trying to gather information on us and they're always trying to mess with us. this has gone on for decades. it's nothing new. the difference now, lawrence, that there are social media platforms that make it easier. maybe they don't have to send someone here. they could have a russian bot doing the work for them. but the reality is this always existed. i would say the chinese also are probably trying to exercise their influence, however they can. >> exactly. trish: we, let's not kid ourselves at least historically also try to influence things all around the world, understandably so. i mean i just think everybody is
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being a little bit naive and perhaps that was just, president obama, another excuse for him. but he, he can have done more. he should have done more. i hope to goodness we are doing more, behind the scenes, lawrence. this will continue to happen. it is easier nowadays. >> right. >> remember, trish, president obama said back then it would not affect -- he accused donald trump being a baby when it came -- he said we know from people within the state department that the president didn't want to get involved because of the political ramifications. and so what we did see from the past administration is that they really played politics with this issue. they could have been a lot vocal about this. but at the end of the day, trish, all the other countries are going to continue to do this. we're going to do it. it is up to the american people to do their due diligence to give accurate information. trish: companies to, i don't
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like, they're not loyal to the united states of america on this one. they're more loyal to whoever is paying the bills. they should have figured out it was the russians that were buying all those ads. but so be it, very quickly, we are waiting on sarah huckabee sanders. she will come out within the hour. this will be press conference where we think she will address these gun issues as well. is there ability to put stronger gun rules especially on those with mental illness? >> trump administration is exhibiting some interest and willingness to engage in that. i unfortunately had a school shooting back in 2012 where three kids died, chardon high school, a perfect modern american community. there is more than the gun debate and mental health debate. this is difficult issue.
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the americans do deserve the white house and congress coming together to have a adult conversation about what which do next. trish: there is a window. capri, lawrence. see you later in the show. we're off almost 200 points. the dow kicking off the holiday-shortened week to the downside. we have been in the red throughout all of today's session. nonetheless tech hanging in there. we got disappointing earnings out of walmart. the retailer down more than 9% right now. let's go down to gerri willis down on the floor of new york stock exchange. hi, gerri? >> trish, the downside accelerating since the top of the hour. we're down almost 80 points. you see it accelerating in the afternoon. the nasdaq only index in the positive here. let me show you the dow stocks. only 30 of them. most are losers, walmart, merck, verizon ge, coca-cola, all the stocks having trouble today but more so than walmart. as you showed that stock down
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9.6% today. it could be the biggest drop for that sock in terms of dollars ever on record. now, before you go to hit the sell button, understand walmart is up 51% for the year. so it is not all bad news. here is what investors were paying attention to today. it was the first profit miss. they announced earnings, first profit miss in two years. they issued a bleak outlook. more important than that were results for online sales. in the fourth quarter, that is the christmas quarter, holiday quarter which should be super strong, sales were up 23% for walmart's online operations, compared to 50% in the third quarter. so that loss of energy, that loss of momentum something that people are really responding to today. people writing about inventory problems. here is interesting fact, listen to this for the year walmart lost money on 11.5 billion in e-commerce sales.
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lost 11.5 billion on e-commerce sales. that is tough. mention the vix before i go here. it is up 3%. 81% year-to-date. big change in volatility in the market as you know. we heard over and over again people are worried over interest rate hikes, more inflation, worried about the prospects for that. figuring out which of the stocks will do well in a go-go economic environment. in an environment where we can expect higher inflation, higher interest rates. that is what we're looking at right now. again, trish, it is all about wall mart. responsible for about 67 points on the dow today. trish: thank you very much, gear. we'll keep watching it. i have on set, bellpointe strategist david nelson and and doug flynn. good to see you, both. david nelson, down 200. why? >> gerri hit a couple of key points. walmart set up with a negative tone.
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even without walmart's numbers we were likely looking for a pullback. this started with inflation and rates moving higher. coming into the week we saw the 10-year 2.9%. that is where it started but i think if i can take it back to last week, that dramatic rise off the bottom, for a lot of investors, very slight decline we're having speak as lot of the market. a lot of investor saw we have inflation here there is still a lot of growth and earnings power out there. big investment house, blackrock came out endorsing that. i would point out there is a lot of things you can do to massage the bottom line on income statement, growth you have it or don't. 50% of the companies in the s&p 500 are having a positive sales surprise. i think this is a mild pullback right now. we probably need it to digest what we did last week. trish: retail sales numbers are not looking so good.
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doug, you look what we saw on retail sales front. look at walmart coming up short today. >> right. trish: my hope is this is just a blip, right? as we move forward, people get more money in their paychecks. >> exactly. trish: they will have more money to spend and they have to be forward thinking but your take? >> that's true. we haven't really felt effects of that. the first paycheck started most recently. that didn't work its way in. that being said after you have a year like last year it, would be completely normal to have a normal correction and that is usually around 15 to 16%. we had official correction of 10. we touched about 12. we bounced back up. we had the best week in five years last week. i think it wouldn't be unreasonable to think we go back down and retest that, maybe hit a normal correction after year like last year. then you resume. i think we'll get double-digit returns by the end of the year. this is one of the opportunities that you have.
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walmart is definitely on the lower end of the risk spectrum compared to a lot of technology companies. that is opportunities you're looking for. trish: david nelson, does any of this factor into what the fed will do? when they look into retail numbers and don't see up tick what people are spending will they hold off? >> not changing any dynamic right now. i came in, i looked at my screen. see one hundred% probability of a rate hike. probably most of the year. i think they're getting back to path on normalization. they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. they would like to pause a bit but they have to reload. eventually we'll have some kind of, some kind of economic pullback, somewhere down the road. they don't have the bullets here. doug hit on an important point. a lot of dynamic, acceleration in the economy. that is not just a wall street event. that is translating to main street. people are excited about seeing a little bit of a bump in their paycheck. that will pay dividend when we get into the midterms.
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trish: sounds like you're both on tis mick about things right now. you are? >> i feel pretty good. >> feel pretty good? >> i do. trish: doug? >> i do as well. 17 times earnings. get a 10% correct, you're at 15 times earnings. what more do you want to get in and invested in the long haul. that is what we're talking about. not money you need tomorrow. trish: i feel pretty good too. and you say you get paid to worry. i just worry naturally. that is one of the things that i do. i have been very worried at various times about this market. i don't feel that right now. i look for all the signs that would send us lower. i was calling lehman long before that whole -- >> talking to recession or anything recessionary. trish: right. >> numbers like this now. this is correction. we get these. we've had 1corrections since the '70s. trish: we can handle corrections. as long you're not talking about a systemic crisis that will send
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us towards a path towards recession. that is not out there, right? >> true. trish: market volatility is good. that gives people a opportunity to get in. you do want people with little bit of trepidation, once it's a party, everybody is back, that is when i get worried. good to be positive. you still need people that don't believe in the market to hold back from getting too far too fast. >> doug makes a very important point. reversion to the mean is very important. we crashed through the 50-day, and 100-day. less than a week we were above the 50-day again. it is not that bad. trish: good, i like hearing that, especially down 200. thanks, good to see you both. >> anytime. trish: do you remember when nancy pelosi said this? i'm sure you do. >> versus the bonus that corporate america received and versus the crumbs they're giving to workers to put the schmooze
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on is so pathetic. trish: you don't remember it, you soon will. you can imagine that sound bite will be played over and over and over again. tell you what, those quote crumbs, they might be giving republican as big edge as we go into november's midterms. i'm explaining that next. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens.
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your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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trish: president trump on twitter today praising his tax reform saying it is giving his republican party an edge going into november's midterms. republicans are now leading generic poll, because of popular tax cuts which the dems want to take away. actually they want to raise your taxes substantially. also they want to do nothing on daca. republicans want to fix it. remember, now, no democrats voted for the 1 1/2 billion dollar tax cut, none of them. nancy pelosi even called the benefits that americans are getting right now, 1000, $2000, wage increases, bonuses, she calls them crumbs. joining me with more, american majority ceo, ned ryun. i think this is perfect for your playbook. this is your wheelhouse more than mine but i can tell you given all the coverage i've done of the economy in my career,
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alongside coverage of politics, what i see again and again, a common at, a link, and people vote for the person that they believe in, that they believe they can relate to and most importantly, ned, that will make them more prosperous. so how does nancy pelosi and company convince american voters that the democratic party will make them more prosperous when she is out there poo-pooing the tax cuts that added something to a family's bottom line? >> well, it is clear they have learned nothing from the 2016 elections which they didn't talk about anything that actually addressed the everyday needs of the american people. that is where -- this is the amazing part to me, trish. this seems to be me just very common sense, and that is the beauty of donald trump. he knows what the american people want. they want jobs, they want better wages, national security, he is addressing issues important to the american people. whereas democrats talk about climate change, transgender
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rights. giving illegals benefit coming into the country without benefit after legal process. look what took place with the tax bill and two months it happened since it was passed, "new york times" yesterday reported that over 51% of the american people now approve of the tax bill. i will tell you why, trish, they are getting more of their money back. one of my employees came up to me, i just did the math. i will get over 4,000 more simply from the tax cut. you're seeing more and more with the american people, realizing, we had great jobs numbers in january. wages are going up. i'm getting more money in my paycheck. i don't think republicans went far enough on small business and individual rates making them permanent. trish: i agree. >> we're head hadding in the right direction. the tax bill absolutely made the political climate better for republicans. quite frankly, trish, democrats are silently cheering against the economy. they realize as you mentioned not one voted for the tax bill. what are they going to do when they faced voters in november
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and economy doing well, economy is up, wages are up, people with more money in their pocket, what will they say? what will they run on? i don't get it. trish: they will not get elected. if they don't understand that, they don't understand challenges average american family faces trying to put food on the table, paying medical cost, making sure they have enough money for gas to get to work. >> that's right. trish: the problem i think, ned, the democratic party is too focused on those that aren't working, on those that are not contributing daily to society. they want to make sure they have all the handouts ready for them but most of america is going to work to earn an honest living every day, and they don't like all that being taken from them, rob peter to pay paul kind of thing. >> that's right. trish: they want the opportunity to do better themselves. >> that is the american dream, bert future not only for ourselves but for our children. this is starting to resonate, american people are starting to wake up to understand. republicans are not perfect.
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i say that as republican, they have a share of their mistakes which i point out. you see that reflected in the polls. trump did tweet. more recent generic polls republicans are up by a point. it is interesting in the poll, trish, if you look at top line issues voters felt important, the economy, they favor republicans by 11 points on this issue. jobs, almost 10 points. national security almost 20 points. trish: will be hard for dems to motivate the base. >> that's right. the enthusiasm, gap, the enthusiasm gap has gone almost to zero. we're nine months out it is a lifetime. trend are going in the right direction. trish: white house briefing will begin shortly. you can expect some pretty contentious questions about robert mueller's indictment of the 13 russian nationals meddling with our election. lieutenant colonel ralph peters is here. he is calling on every single american out there to be united in our response to russia.
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trish: breaking today, everyone, special counsel robert mueller has charged a lawyer with close ties to former trump advisor richard gates, for lying to the fbi in the ongoing russia probe. alex vannedder swan is expected to plead guilty any minute from now. indictment comes days after mueller charged 13 russian nationals in our election. our next guest says we need to separate politics from the probe. the fact of the matter russia interfered in our election. they used a bunch social media websites to try to create controversy and used michael moore to create controversy as well. in fact, michael moore was there. we showed you the picture earlier, maybe we still have it, out there leading a rally in
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new york city that had been organized by the russians! fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters wants more from both sides. he joins me now. colonel peters, you know, i look at this, and i, my one concern is that the russians did somehow manage to play a whole butch -- bunch of people whether michael moore or our fbi, like james comey, they took a piece of garbage, dossier, quote, unquote, created by a british spy who looks like was fed a whole bunch of of lies by the russians. next thing we know we're issuing a fisa warrant on it. come on. >> they played many people in trump's campaign. the evidence is strong that they did but, trish, the fundamental problem here, by tearing ourselves apart we're playing into putin's hand.
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we politicized this, this is not a political issue, it's a strategic issue of the first importance. defending the fundamental tool of our democracy, free and fair elections. to be honest, president trump made it all about himself, democrats made it about getting trump, the republicans to forgot the they're the party to protect us from russians. the enemy is not donald trump, certainly not robert mueller, the enemy is vladmir putin. every american, from nancy pelosi, devin nunez, should be shoulder to shoulder standing up against the russians. the president needs to provide leadership to prevent putin interfering in the next cycle of elections. instead we're to the getting it. we're tearing ourselves apart. it is devastating to the country. putin is laughing at all of us. trish: it is as though he was able to use our greatest strength, the openness of our
2:36 pm
society against us, right? it is that openness, trust in our democracy, our open, free press, he used all of that directly against us to create this division, to create this uncertainty, to create, colonel this, chaos? >> yeah. an american soviet sympathizer way back in the 1920s, lincoln steffens, went to the soviet union. he made up this line, concoct the it, i have seen the future and it works. when it comes to internet manipulation of elections and it stinks. putin was ahead of us. there are many reasons were this happened. trish: i want to back up here. i don't know this manipulated outcome of election. >> nobody knows that. trish: we have to be careful about that but what i could say it contributed to the manipulation of the american people to inspire a kind of crazed, raw emotion to the point
2:37 pm
where thanksgiving dinner some families couldn't even talk about politics because nobody can do so without a tremendous amount invested, right? i mean that was in part what putin was able to accomplish. >> absolutely. the divisions, both sides have been equally divisive. i'm not going to defend either side in this. again we're picking each other apart. we're blaming the fbi. no, we're blaming trump campaign aid. trish: i have not been blaming the fbi. >> i know you don't. trish: no, i do blame the fbi! >> i don't. trish: i think fbi fell for this as much as others. the idea we're issuing a fisa warrant based on a bunch of opposition research paid for by the democrats, that is kind of messed up, colonel. >> trish, we don't know what yet all went into the fisa warrant. we won't for some time but i'll tell you i worked in the fbi i have utter faith in their ability overall to do the right thing. we have to be careful attacking
2:38 pm
our institutions. >> i know, but colonel, they -- >> let's not do putin's work for him, trish. trish: i agree with that. the problem i did do putin's work for him. issuing the fisa warrant. >> be americans together. let's blame putin. that is where the blame lies. putin is our enemy. trish: i think we need to be smarter about it. i agree with you. >> we sure do. the president trump needs to fully impose sanctions on russia voted by senate 98-2. trish: and china. >> certainly of course, of course. but the russians need to pay a price for what they attempted to do, whatever the ultimate effects may have been. putin is the villain here. trish: i hear you. i hear you. he is. you know what? mitt romney saw that one coming way back when. >> you bet. trish: thanks so much. colonel peters. >> go romney. trish: down 165. you can see we're off lows of the session, nonetheless pretty
2:39 pm
much in negative territory here on this shortened week for the markets. we got poor earnings news out of walmart. so that is affecting things a bit. tell you, tech is doing great, intel, microsoft, apple all higher right now. nasdaq composite index is trading higher by 33 points. we'll continue to watching these as we wait, everyone on the white house briefing, the first one since those russians were indicted. we'll have more. stay with me. don't go anywhere.
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trish: amazon offering prime members with a visa reward card, 5% cash back when they shop at whole foods, non-prime members will get 3% back when using their reward card. the e-commerce giant acquired whole foods back if june. retail is suffering but amazon like other tech companies trading higher. >> supermarket giant albertsons
2:44 pm
is planning to acquire the remainder of rite aid not being sold to walgreens. it will cost $20 billion plus debt. it will oversee 4,000 stores and pharmacies across the country. we're down 173 on the dow right now. walmart is a about loser here. the concern, will we see higher treasury yields, higher inflation and will the fed have to get very aggressive. joining me from the floor of nyse, matt cheslock from virtue financial. what is your take, down, 200, matt? >> we've seen down 200 not mean anything at all. the concern is the 10-year yield going above three. we can get above 2.9 and hold. despite a huge auction today. i think those fears are really overblown. this is really the first one on the negative side with walmart. hopefully that can be a one off. retail has been mixed today.
2:45 pm
that is not dragging the whole sector down like with the huge etf plays in the past. trish: look at 10 year, nearly 3% but still not 3%. shouldn't, in a good economy, and we kind of have a good economy right now, shouldn't it be more -- you saw the 30 year, 3.16. that is creeping up too. shouldn't it be higher? >> yeah. we forecasted it to go higher. it will get there. once it crosses three everyone says it will go to four. it will take a lot of work to go there. the fed has a lot of work to do. they can't find inflation despite talking about 2% inflation rate. we're still, you know, okay for the time-being. heating up economy. trish: down a little bit today. we can handle it. >> yeah, absolutely. market is well-served. trish: matt, good to see you. >> all right. trish: everyone says the white house supports efforts to
2:46 pm
improve background checks after the deadly florida school shooting this is interesting, right? traditionally republicans have not gone anywhere near this stuff. they haven't wanted to because the nra hasn't wanted them to. maybe that is all about to change. what would a white house-backed gun bill actually look like? we have some exclusive intel next.
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>> more than 100 survivors of a florida high school shooting that left 7:00 teen dead are heading to the state's capitol. the students plan to attend a march on washington next month. all this coming as president trump reportedly supports a limited strengthening of federal background checks on gun purchases. and he will even host a listens session at white house on this very issue. adam shapiro is live in d.c. with the latest. adam? >> we already have some things in place here in the united states for background checks but it was republican john cornyn and his partner in the senate chris murphy, who had proposed back in 2017 after the mass shooting which 26 people were killed at a church in texas that they fix the national instant criminal background check
2:51 pm
system, because one of the problems, trish, is that information that would cause a gun dealer not to sell to somebody, information from the state and local government, wasn't make its way probably to the national registry you might say. this is one of the things that has been stalled on capitol hill, this bill sponsored by a republican and the democrat. the president has express ad willingness to support this bill after talking with john cornyn, there would be modifications to it as well. here is what representative from florida, ron desantis said, about what needs to be done to protect kids in schools. >> one is, improving school security, so these are not soft targets anymore. you had a very big school. you did have a resource officer there. for 3,000 kids, you will have to have better visible security, i think we can easily in florida particularly have a program of retired military and law
2:52 pm
enforcement officers are enlisted to help provide school security. >> total gun background checks from 2004, through, rather 2008 through 2014, 119 million. that is how many were hundred through the nics program. trish: thank you very much, adam. this is interesting, right? this is a president a lot of people would never have thought actually could get to do something or would want to do something on gun control and yet you know, he surprised you. he surprises his base with an offer to provide citizenship for 1.8 million people who are here illegally. and he may surprise them on gun control as well. we're looking forward to hearing more details about what the white house is going to say. we are waiting for them. we'll be right back with that. is she coming? , no, not yet. we'll take a quick commercial.
2:53 pm
do not go anywhere. we expect a pretty contentious briefing. we expect to learn a few things here next. this is frank. sup! this is frank's favorite record. this is frank's dog. and this is frank's record shop. frank knowns northern soul, but how to set up a limited liability company... what's that mean? not so much. so he turned to his friends at legalzoom. yup! they hooked me up. we helped with his llc, contracts, and some other stuff that's part of running a business. so frank can focus on the beat. you hear that? this is frank's record shop. and this is where life meets legal.
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♪ . trish: all right, everyone, we're at the lows of the session, the big board down 226. we are led lower by consumer noncyclicals, telecom and health care, and the retail sector not doing so well today either in part because of that news out of walmart. less than stellar earnings
2:57 pm
report. retail stocks all down considerably. in fact walmart down almost 10%. i want to point out that the nasdaq is trading barely higher right now. we had been hanging on by a thread. up better than 50 points as we started this program just about an hour ago, and now we are up only 6 and change. microsoft, intel on the dow anyway, along with apple. all in the green, but some of the few stocks on the dow 30 that are in the green. we're as i mentioned earlier waiting on the white house press briefing. it's going to begin any moment, and it's coming at a time when there's a lot going on, obviously, between gun control, between mueller's indictment of 13 russians, and, of course, news that mitt romney is going to be running for senate there in utah to replace orrin hatch. you will recall, of course, there's a lot of animosity between both president trump and mitt romney, but after the
2:58 pm
elections, that sort of healed over, they had that rather famous dinner, the two of them seated together and worked out differences, so much so that romney's niese is head of the republican party now. but i'll tell you one thing, mitt romney, while he was not ideal candidate for president, and i say this because the press went after him so hard because of his wealth, and he took it and he tried to defend himself in ways that weren't becoming. you compare and contrast that with donald trump who really owned it. heck yeah, i'm a billionaire and proud of it and kept making it clear he didn't want anybody to estimate his worth at anything less than what it was. well, mitt romney was the one way back when who did identify russia, russia, as the biggest threat to the united states of
2:59 pm
america, remember this? >> governor romney i'm glad you recognize al qaeda is a threat, when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america? you said russia. not al qaeda. russia. the americans are calling to ask for foreign policy back because the cold war has been over for 20 years. trish: or so you thought, president obama. see, while you did nothing, the russians were doing a whole lot. they were working very hard to try and influence our social media in ways it would stir the pot. they got michael moore out there leading one of the rallies in new york city, that the russians coordinated. anyway, we're going to talk more about all of this tonight. i'm delighted to be in for my good friend lou dobbs this evening on his program. 7:00 p.m. eastern. so i do hope you tune in and
3:00 pm
you can watch me there. in the meantime, you know the conversation doesn't end here. tell me what you thought of today's show, follow me -- cheryl casone is in for liz today. i'm sending it your way. >> yeah, well, and the way up is the way down when it comes to the markets, trish, watching what has been incredible seesaw in the last couple of moments, brand new session lows for the dow in particular, down 241. we thought this market had decided to turn around. no, not at this point. the dow and the s&p 500 looking at snapping six-day winning streaks, at session lows again for the dow in particular. as you can see to the right of your screen, you can see the white house press briefing about to begin. at any moment we expect to see press secretary sarah sanders to take the podium in the white house briefing room. a


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