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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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walmart a big story. [closing bell rings] we shall see. of course concerns about interest rates and about the economy. oil above 61. all of that is feeding into the frenzy. that it is it for me. david asman. lauren simonetti. take it away. lauren: thanks, cheryl, trying to stem the bleeding in final moments of the trading day. ending the session at 4:00 down 261 points. they traded below 300 points just moments ago. for the dow, s&p, you can see this is the first decline in seven days. checking out the nasdaq, down five points. looks like that index closing lower as well. hi, everybody, i'm lauren simonetti. i'm in for melissa francis. david: good to see you. i'm david asman. this is after the bell. only handful of dow stocks ending the day higher, earlier in the session, an hour ago it was down 350 points.
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it did come back quite a bit. there is a lot more red on the screen than green. gerri willis standing by on floor of new york stock exchange. gerri, stocks coming off the best week >> as you heard at the very beginning traders glad to see this trading day in the record books. we're down 257 points it looks reich right now. here is what going on right now. walmart performing horribly today. down as much as 10% and why? they had a lousy quarter. they announced expectations for the next quarter that were not good. the real thing that really drove
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this home, made this day so bad for walmart shareholders that sales online looked very drab indeed. the fourth quarter grossed not what was expected. it was christmas quarter. sales came in 23% above the previous quarter. so the quarter, third quarter came in at 23%, 50% higher. so that compares really to telling investors a lot of what they needed to foe about walmart online sales. we've seen big drags on the dow. verizon, ge, merck, these stocks not doing well as well. technology companies, the only big stars here, that we were seeing was google, it was, microsoft, and others as well. so the market -- 10-year treasury yield, 2.894. that is a gain. also something that is driving stocks lower here. back to you guys. david: again 70 points on the dow is due to walmart itself. just one company brought the dow
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down 70 more points than it was. it would still have been down over 100 points but a lot less if it wasn't for walmart. gerri, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. lauren: the nasdaq and s&p down as well which brings us to our market panel. liz peek from the "fiscal times" and gary kaltbaum, from kaltbaum capital management and fox news contributor. gary, i begin with you. walmart killed the dow, but it would have been down anyway. why was there selling today? >> because we had a big run last week after we had the big drop the week before. right now the highs we saw the last two or three weeks are it for now. i think we'll head back toward the recent lows. we'll back up. i think we'll be trading range-bound and of course walmart, not a big help. tough realize, with walmart, went from 75 to 110 in the last year without any growth whatsoever. more of the market taking it up. this is the little comeuppance for it. lauren: liz, do higher interest rates have anything -- i know
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they have something to do with this but how much of an impact are they having right now? >> i think it's a huge impact. investors are getting used to entirely new template. for eight years they had money was so easy, interest rates were basically at zero. we're in faster-growing economy which pumped up interest rates. there is concern that the fed is going to take even more aggressive action and hike rates even more than expected this year but i think the issue is, it always comes back to earnings. earnings growth continues unbelievably strong. there is so much positive economic data out there, really hard to know where to begin. but today, for example, we saw small business optimism at all-time record high. january retail sales, extremely strong gains. you kind of look at sentiment across the board, investment, all these numbers, they're pointing in the right direction. i think that's right. there will be seesawing back and forth but basically higher interest rates mean somewhat compressed price earnings
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multiples, somewhat lower valuations on stocks. as long as earnings are taking up 20%, which i think they will in the first quarter, it will all work out just fine. david: i hope you're right, liz, but gary, on the other hand not all stocks are equal, not all companies are equal. 50% of the stocks out there are doing just as well as liz said and they're the strongest stocks and that is what is moving the market since the election but there are another 50% of the stocks where the technicals, they're not all as bad as ge but ge is kind of the poster boy of exactly how bad the technicals of some of these stocks are, right? >> it is important to recognize the utilities acting terribly, the real estate stocks are acting terribly. why? the interest rates going higher and now they're affecting housing stocks, mortgage type stocks also. there is a rhyme and reason going on. i will tell you the strongest areas of markets are glamour names and amazons nvidias.
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how long that lasts, i don't know. very important to watch the area, semiconductors, glamour names. the economy is good, earnings are strong, but markets look forward, not backwards and you never know how something will look at. plus you have to remember evaluations are still up there. you have to keep a real close eye on it, not be too bullish. david: liz on one hand this, on the other hand this. on the other hand even in the best of times you have some stocks doing lousy. there are some stocks that have to get their act in order. ge is going to have to sell off a huge amount what they have in order to right that ship, if it is rightable at all. you have the future effects of the tax cuts. we had this letter from blackrock, the big investment group, saying full effects have not been baked into the market. once all that capital. once all trillions come into the economy and companies invest
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here, you will see a whole another leg to this economic growth? >> i think that is exactly right. we have only begun to see reaction to the tax cuts. for example, i was reading about a german company building a plant in the united states. none of that happens overnight. this only happened in december. to the exten companies around the world are beginning to look at the united states as a great place to invest, that is an open door, it just opened a few weeks ago. so i agree 100%. we have not seen the full effects of this tax cut. david: great stuff, twice. liz, gary, thank you very much. appreciate it. lauren? lauren: plus the gun regulation debate remains in the forefront after last week's horrific school shooting. president trump making a major announcement on the issue moments ago. we'll go straight to blake burman to break it all down. blake, what did the president had to say. reporter: there is this conversation nationally after the parkland shooting what can be done to keep schools safe,
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what can be done to keep mass shootings out of our classrooms, back back into october, there was debate about bump stocks why they are needed especially after shooting in las vegas. where 50 people with killed, injured 1100 others. he fired from a hotel room into a concert, because of a bump stock, allows the gun to be fired at rapid fire succession, in an event to honor medal of valor participants, the president announced after studying issue, signed a memorandum essentially that would ban bump stocks. listen to president trump moments ago. >> just a few moments ago i signed the memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns. i expect that these critical
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regulations will be finalized, jeff, very soon. reporter: the white house was fairly silent in the days after the las vegas shooting on the issue of bump stocks. it has been 142 days since. now we have the president's position, this memo just signed, that will lead to the ban of bump stocks. by the way, here at the white house over upcoming days president tomorrow will host a listen session with students and teachers on issue of school safety and school shootings. on thursday he will do the same with law enforcement and local officials. the white house says that the president is open to the idea of shoring up the federal background check system. lauren, david, back to you. lauren: gun control front and center. blake burman thank you very much. reporter: thanks. lauren: here to react brad blakeman former senior advisor under president george w. bush and michael star hopkins, democratic strategist and senate candidate in the state of new jersey. dade, you didn't know that? david: no.
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lauren: i'm sure you were listening to the press conference moments ago. the press was heated up. there has been a lot of issues since the last briefing which was just a week ago. gun control after the parkland shooting front and center. we just heard from blake with the president deciding to ban the bump stocks. brad, i have to ask you, yes, that is a step in the right direction but if you look at google's youtube, there is tons of videos how you can make them on your own. >> right. lauren: is this going to make a difference? a step in the right direction, will it make a difference? >> yes i believe it will. banning bump stocks as produced is a step in the right direction. up to the manufacturers to thwart people who want to go around the rules and try to modify their weapons. but good news is the president is open to hear about not only enhanced background checks, eliminating bump stocks and also helping people who are mentally ill and should never be able to get these types of weapons.
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so the good news is the president is open. he has told his administration to listen, and to heed and to act. i believe this president will act with the help of a bipartisan initiative in congress. lauren: speaking of bipartisan, there is senator cornyn and murphy bill on enhancing those background checks, insend advising states for reporting to the feds what they're learning. do you expect anything to come of that, and do you expect that will make a difference? >> you know i think the bill itself has some good components to it but i don't think it doesn't address the gun culture in our country. our country amounts to 4% of the world's population and over 40% of the world's guns. i don't have a problem with someone having a handgun or shotgun of their home. i was a victim of home invasion. i understand that desire. having weapons of war on our streets, i think that is a problem. we feed to address that as well as mental health component. lauren: because this is going to be an issue in the midterms just
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a couple months from now, brad. >> no doubt about it. we need action. how many more incidents do we need victims exposed to? i'm a victim of gun violence too. i'm not against guns you by think guns should be in the hands of the right people. the truth of the matter there are more guns in america than there are people. we'll not round up guns. we need to make sure guns out there, guns for sale are sold to responsibility people. that instrument ats are such acceptable to the people. i don't believe we need assault weapons like ones we've seen in recent shootings. that is debate worth having. lauren: you can't legally buy a beer but can buy an ar-15. that is crazy concept. >> it is. i want to say one thing, i want to applaud these kids. they were the victims of this crime. now they have taken it and turned it into a positive. there is no lobby for them. instead they're making their voices heard. it is beautiful, powerful and we
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should all acknowledge the effort they're making this to turn it into teachable moment. lauren: i want to pivot in final minutes, brad. we'll play what happened on the campaign trail as we now learn that the president has endorsed mitt romney in his run for senator of utah. >> here is what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> the guy is a stone-cold loser. when you're a choker, you can never give a choker a second chance. lauren: trump endorses romney and romney accepts that? let you both respond as quickly as possible. brad you first. >> politics makes strange bedfellows. president needs a republican in utah. romney is that person. he will win. he will be u.s. senator from utah at least one of them. trump will have to work with him. we have thin majorities. it makes perfect sense.
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>> 18 months ago mitt romney is railing against the president. he now accepts his endorsement. that is what people hate is dishonesty. i'm disappointed in mitt romney. lauren: 2020, don't discount mitt romney. gentlemen, thank you very much. david: politics always has been such, always will be such. meantime the mueller team issuing a new charge with a man with ties to a former trump campaign advisor. this is something that happened long before the election, back in 2012. this is happening that we're learning michael flynn may be ready to withdraw his guilty plea. the latest shocking details to come. lauren: more than 100 survivors of a florida high school shooting that left 17 dead. urging lawmakers to do something about gun violence. karl rove, whether there will be
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any changes ahead. david: u.n. ambassador talking tough to palestinian leader mahmoud abbas after his rare speech before the security council. more on that as well. >> i will decline the advice i was recently given by your top negotiator. i will not shut up. rather i will respectfully speak some hard truths. touch is how we communicate with those we love, but when your psoriasis is bad, does it ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to help people with moderate to severe psoriasis achieve completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin.
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comcast business outmaneuver. david: guilty? maybe not. last friday mostly missed because of all the news about the new mueller indictments was news that former national security advisor michael flynn may be reversing his guilty plea with judge emmett sullivan, ordering all evidence that may help mr. flynn turned over to flynn's attorneys. so could mr. mueller lose about one of the notches on his
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record? here is jeff lanza, former fbi special agent. so, jeff the significance of this, is that general flynn a year ago, a year and about a month ago was interviewed by none other than than peter strzok, who was the lead fbi investigator for robert mueller at the time. he was later dismissed because of his vehement anti-trump bias revealed in all the texts between he and his lover who worked at fbi. therefore there is questions about whether or not he was straightforward with general flynn or whether he just wanted a conviction so badly in order to hurt the trump administration. >> right. these are questions that we don't know the answer to yet but what we do know mysteriously the judge in the flynn case was removed from that case and replaced with another judge shortly after flynn's guilty plea, and the person who took over in that case actually was a judge that presided over another case that you may be familiar
4:20 pm
with of ted stevens, who was the senator in a last characteristics right. >> now that case fell flat on its face after it was revealed that the government had not turned over exculpatory information regarding mr. stevens. so this particular judge is order now all information be turned over to the defense regarding, regarding michael flynn which you would think would have been done already but maybe there is some additional information given what happened with peter strzok. david: specifically to remind folks out there, right after the inauguration, general flynn had a phone call with a russian ambassador during which they discussed a lot of the future relations, probably including some information about the various restrictions that had been placed on russia, and that was used, that was picked up as part of the fisa warrant. that was picked up. he was unmasked. i don't know if by susan rice or whomever, but that is how the
4:21 pm
fbi and mr. mueller found out about flynn's conversation with a russian. then apparently, he didn't say anything wrong. "the washington post" got ahold of that transcript and according to "the washington post," they're no friends of donald trump, they said mr. flynn said nothing inappropriate or nothing that was wrong but maybe flynn had been told differently by peter strzok when he was interviewed. >> that is possibly true. it is interesting once to see the information, potentially, cull paer to information is turned over to the defense we'll find out exactly what the judge has in mind here on that particular issue. on that issue. david: there was another charge today by the mueller team. this is an attorney who used to work with paul manafort and the charge was related to something that happened long before the election. it happened in 2012 when manafort was doing work for the ukrainians. the charge was he lied to the fbi. if in fact the flynn charge is reversed who will believe any
4:22 pm
charge from the mueller campaign regarding lying to the fbi? >> right. so, keep in mind this. that when you get charged with lying to the fbi which of course is a federal crime, usually it is because the prosecution doesn't have anything else to charge you with, they're trying to gain your cooperation against other individuals. david: good point. >> that is what is probably happening in many of these cases where you see people charged with lying to federal agents. david: i should mention by the way, i called a judge in, who is familiar with these cases. i asked him how many plea reversals are there? he said every judge will tell you one that he had in his career. it is extremely unusual for a plea reversal to happen. so we'll have to wait and see. i want to warn people, not necessarily going to happen, but it's a possibility. very interesting turn of events. thank you very much for coming, jeff. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. david: thanks. lauren. lauren: like licking the lollipop, the tootsie pop to get
4:23 pm
to the center, the good stuff. what did they know and when is the question? fox news obtaining a letter from house intel chairman devin nunez demanding answers from current, law enforcement, state department, intelligence officials when they learned the document was funded by democrats and how it was used to obtain surveillance warrants. pong those receiving the letter, former fbi director james comey, former director of national intelligence, james clapper, former head of the cia john brennan. nunez threatening subpoenas for anyone who does not cooperate. david: flooded with pain, but speaking out, students who survived a florida school shooting are heading to the state capital demanding distributeter gun legislation. we have a live update from florida right after the break. plus three heroes lost their lives attempting to help other students during last week's massacre. they are being rightfully honored. >> i lost three friends in the attack and there is no chance i'm ever forgetting them or the
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lauren: hundreds of florida students taking buses to their state capital. they're calling for action to change the gun laws that allowed their former classmate to legally buy a gun and open fire on their school last week killing 17 innocent souls. here with the latest from parkland, florida, fox news correspondent steve harrigan. good to see you steve. reporter: lauren after a tough days of funerals and wakes, more than 100 students that survived the massacre, got on three buses today. they're en route to tallahassee, the state capital. their goal to make concrete changes in florida's gun laws. we talked to many with their parents holding pillows or sleeping bags. what they hope to achieve, how
4:28 pm
they thought they could get that done. here is one of them. >> overall we hope to understand these people, these are not all students. these are not just numbers and names on a list of paper. these are people, people with real lives that have been affected by this in the grand scheme of things. this is something we'll be affected by our entire life. nothing will change that but the way we come out of this will shape the rest of our lives. reporter: since that attack here on valentine's day the students have been mobilized. their parents, really entire community. we've seen a number of gun control rallies across the state. so they will be pushing hard. we also heard politicians responding a bit to that pressure. some conservative members of the legislature in tallahassee saying they are open to some changes including raising the age to buy guns in florida, to buy rifles from 18 to 21. possibly eliminating bump stocks as well. lauren, david, back to you. lauren: steve harrigan, thank you very much. of course some from the parkland
4:29 pm
community will be at the white house listening session tomorrow. david: here is another look at the dow, ending down 254 points. it had been down 335 at the low, but this after logging one of its best weeks in more than five years last week. the biggest drag today was walmart, responsible for shaving about 73 points off the dow after it reported slower online sales last quarter. of course a lot of that, lauren, went right over to amazon. we know that. >> struggle is real. ambassador nikki haley not backing down of her criticism of the palestinians. we will tell you what she is calling for them to do about their conflict with the israelis. david: plus the trump administration says it will be all ears tomorrow as students and teachers sound off after last week's deadly shooting. former senior advisor to president george w. bush karl rove joins us next. >> if you have somebody who just blatantly, obviously nuts, they shouldn't be able to get a gun. this should not be a hard problem.
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it's abor it isn't. ence in 30,000 precision parts. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians. or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned, or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through february 28th. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. lauren: keeping our children safe, president trump preparing to meet with high school students and teachers tomorrow as the president supports efforts to strengthen federal background checks for gun purchases. fox business's adam shapiro in washington, d.c. with the latest. adam, there will be a listening
4:34 pm
session tomorrow and the next day. reporter: yeah but there is action taking place right now. let's get to the breaking news because president trump last hour signed a memorandum which authorizes attorney general jeff sessions to investigate and propose rules that would ban bump stocks. these are devices that allow to you fire more rapidly. you will recall the las vegas massacre, i believe it was bump stocks were used there. 60 people died. so the president has signed the memorandum. the attorney general now expected at some point to propose rules to ban bump stocks. doesn't mean there will be a ban of bump stocks. now the other thing going on that the president said he is open to a discussion with members of congress, specifically, you've got john cornyn from texas and chris murphy from connecticut who sponsored legislation back last year, that would essentially make it more difficult for people to get guns who should not have guns by better, it is not a new program, but it would
4:35 pm
improve the national instant criminal background check system, nics. hogan gidley the spokesperson at the white house says this is one step that needs to take place. here is what president trump said last hour about doing all of this. >> we can not merely take actions that make us feel like we're making a difference. we must actually make a difference. we must move past cliches and tired debates and focus on evidence based solutions, and security measures that actually work. reporter: now, something else to keep in mind is chris murphy one of the sponsors of the cornyn-murphy bill, he tweeted moments ago in response to the president actually authorizing jeff sessions to come up with proposals to ban bump stocks. sign after sign this week we hit a fulcrum, i had to look it up, mean as pivot point, where politicians on the first time scared on the political
4:36 pm
consequences on inaction from guns. small but vital step in the history of our movement. that from chris murphy, the senator who is one of the sponsors with republican john cornyn or that bill if it becomes ball, to better improve reporting through the nics. lauren: there are states, adam, texas and connecticut have seen mass shootings in recent years. thank you so much. david: here is karl rove, former senior advisor to president george w. bush. he is also a fox news contributor. karl, we had a press briefing at the white house, all accuser to questions about president trump and republicans in general not having done enough about gun safety in this country, however, during the obama administration there were 24 mass shootings. can you think of one major law passed during the entire obama administration, including those two years when they had both the house and senate, the democrats as well, that really changed, had an effect on shootings, mass shootings? >> no. in fact i was always astonished
4:37 pm
in 2009 and 2010, when they had the overwhelming that majorities in the house and senate, 60 democrats in the house, they made no effort to bring back the assault weapons ban that had been passed under bill clinton's administration. david: why are we constantly hearing that republicans, in particular president trump is doing nothing about gun safety as opposed to, assumption, as opposed to democrats? >> yeah, well that is just the way it is. that is the narrative. republicans by being defenders of second amendment are not willing to take reasonable steps to cure abuses. democrats because they oppose the second amendment can do no wrong on issue when we know it is very, very different from that. david: it looks as though the president is going to sign something, particularly making it a little more difficult to register if you're less than 21, if you have any kind ever mental illness. that seems to correspond by the way what the public wants. there was a poll out showing that 57% of the public thinks that mental illness is the
4:38 pm
primary driver of these mass shootings. only 28% actually blame too little gun control. >> right. exactly. and look there are reasonable measures that the cornyn-murphy bill has some important steps to make. i applaud the administration for doing something about bump stocks. i think one of the more positive things is, is that these students who have such moral authority right now are not simply focused on one simple answer in washington, ban guns. that is not going to happen but instead looking at state, federal government and local government because all of them have roles to play here. what is wrong with the local government when the police visit this young man, what is it, nearly 40 times, nearly 39 times, he is not on the radar scope? why are they not talking to teachers? why are they not talking to schools? it is important they went today to tallahassee. look, if there is a problem with purchasing a gun is that florida
4:39 pm
requires you to be 21 to purchase a handgun but you can purchase a weapon like an ar-15 much younger. that doesn't seem, if you do one do them both. neil: will have positive effect making more secure from guns that people shouldn't have. just in general, getting people with serious mental illness -- >> there you to. david: out of the classroom and into helping hands. let me switch to clear politics. in pennsylvania the local supreme court there in pennsylvania approved of a new zoning system that could seriously affect the midterms elections in 2018 to the detriment of republicans. president trump tweeted out, hope republicans in the great state of pennsylvania challenge the new push congressional map all the way to the supreme court if necessary. our original was correct. don't let dems take elections from you so they can raise taxes and waste money.
4:40 pm
may 15th is the primary. is that time enough to change things? >> there are -- let me make a final question, they didn't approve the map, they voted on the map, 4-3 wrote a map, redid the boundaries weeks before the primaries this is irresponsible. if they have a problem, seek to solve this problem over longer frame than simply say we on five or six weeks before the election are going to change the rules. seemed to be very unfair. the national republican congressional campaign committee is going to court. my understanding that the statehouse and state senate leadership are going to court in order to stop this. we'll see how successful they are. david: finally, i got to talk about mitt romney's new best friend. donald trump has -- >> so gullible, david. you are so gullible. david: you mean it's not true? >> they're both men decided to let bygones be bygones.
4:41 pm
i thought it was smart to for the president to say he will make a great senator, and my pal orrin hatch. thank you, mr. president, i hope to earn the support of people of utah. he needs to keep his focus, campaigning from logan to st. george, from moab to davis county. he is going everywhere across the state and his message is, i'm here to represent you. he is muting and downplaying the national stuff and playing up the utah stuff. david: you think they can work together? >> i absolutely. look, i think mitt romney is a gentleman. whether he agrees with the president. they i will work together. when they disagree they will work together in respectful manner. david: karl rove. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> you need to work on that gullibility thing. david: i need more gullibility. lauren: from frenemies to damage control for facebook, new criticism for the internet
4:42 pm
giant, that allegations russia manipulated the platform. how the company is responding now.
4:43 pm
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4:45 pm
lauren: special counsel robert mueller named facebook in is indictment of public citizens trying to change the public opinion in the run up to the presidential election. hillary vaughn is here with more how facebook handling the situation. hillary? reporter: lauren the internet is erupting after facebook exec rob goldman dropped person tall takes about russian involvement in the 2016 election on twitter. goldman is apologizing to facebook and special counsel robert mueller after his comments caught the attention of the president. goldman walking back his own comments saying, sorry to his colleagues in an internal memo saying in part the tweets were my own personal view and not facebooks. i conveyed my view poorly.
4:46 pm
the special counsel has far more information what happened, seeming to contradict his statements was a serious mistake on my part. goldman regretting comments he made in eight-tweet tirade on russia meddling saying swaying the election was not the ultimate goal. pointing out that russian ad buys didn't ramp up until after the election. goldman saying russia was able to control americans, like quote, puppets by manipulating free speech and social media. while facebook scrambles to shore up its defense heading into the midterm election, goldman argues that internet users are the first line of defense against russia propaganda, if americans were educated they would know fake news when they see it. these bombshells have facebook doing damage control. facebook's global vp of policy backing up mueller's findings, saying that facebook has not found anything to contradict anything in mueller's indictment. facebook over the weekend announcing they will confirm anyone that wants to buy political ads leading up to the
4:47 pm
midterm elections actually lives here in the u.s. lauren. lauren: the postcard angle. hillary vaughn, thank you very much. david: you want to get skewered in silicon valley, say something nice or something that the president thinks he can -- lauren: something nice about the white house. david: you won't survive long in silicon valley with that attitude. refusing to be silenced. nikki haley issuing a sharp response to palestinian leaders at the u.n. today. why the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. is vowing to quote, not shut up. could possibly pass it down to you one day. cool. but before you decide, you should know that chevy silverado's are the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. which means that ford f-150s are not. (laughs) which truck would you pick? the chevy. the chevy. the chevy. there you go. boom. that was obvious. plus it looks cooler.
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david: standing her ground, u.n. ambassador nikki haley making it clear while the united states desires a solution to the israeli-palestinian conflict it is up to the palestinians themselves to make peace with
4:51 pm
difficult choices ahead of them. take a listen. >> i will not shut up. rather, i will respectfully speak some hard truth. there is a path of absolutist demands, hateful rhetoric, and incitement to violence. that path has led and will continue to lead to nothing but hardship for the palestinian people. david: here now is brent gleason, former navy seal, author of, talking point, a navy seal's 10 fail-safe principles leading through change. brent, it appears we're on the cusp change here. we've been taking crap from the palestinian leadership, not the people, palestinian leadership has been taking all the money for decades, not distributing it out to the people, living in huge houses up on the hill, i have seen where they live, it is extraordinary, doing nothing to help u.s. interests in the region. looks like we'll not take it anymore.
4:52 pm
>> based on comments made today, which is fueled further fire both between palestine, israel and international community, saying yes, we want to come sit down at mid-year conference having actual peace talk, at same time they no longer want the united states as lead negotiator. want to lean more on the u.n. to come step in which of course israel is not happy about. they feel that there is non-biased feelings, u.n., just as long as palestinian authority has been around, u.n. has been essentially their mouthpiece, their pr machine for the palestinian authority. they accompany them in their lies about what they have done and what they have not done. >> yeah. david: so that is not -- now the president himself, in sort of echoing what nikki haley said tweeted out about a month ago, we pay the palestinians hundreds of millions of dollars in a year, get in appreciation or respect, they don't even want to negotiate a long overdue peace treaty with israel.
4:53 pm
we've taken jerusalem, the toughest part of negotiation off the table but israel for that would have had to pay more. but with the palestinians no longer willing to talk peace, why should we make any massive future payments to them? i'm wondering given the frankness of that kind of talk, whether anybody can come out against that in the united states? >> i think the position of the white house is, we're not going to take it anymore. as opposed to, old philosophy of doing same thing, expecting a different result is definition of insanity. time to actually take action, take a hard stance against their position. actually try to make something happen. david: one does also get the sense it is not just us speaking in the wilderness. that is, the arab nations with which we are making a lot of progress, the president, one of his first, i think it was his first trip to saudi arabia, where he got together this coalition of arab nations who were against terrorism, like we've never seen a coalition like that before. they, i would assume, have seen the same kind of hanky-panky,
4:54 pm
the palestinians are up to, that the president has seen. i think they're losing their long-term friendship with the palestinians leadership as well? >> i would agree. having been a seal, spent a long time in the middle east, fairly well-versed on complexities of these things in the region but starting to see significant progress with those efforts. it is very frustrating from our standpoint there is continued stalemate, nothing changed but palestine says essentially we want peace talks and storming out of the room. their actions don't ally with what they say they want. >> the service people work so hard for this country, put their lives on the line for this country, as you did in the middle east, you must get frustrated supposedly allied with people lying to us, taking our money and working against our interests. >> of course, of course. very frustrating especially since all the time and resources sacrifices that the american families and our servicemen and women faced to see that these apparent allies that we have are
4:55 pm
not actually working with us, but in point of fact working against us, to not find a real resolution. david: your book is called, "talking point, a navy seal's 10 fail-safe principles leading through change." good to see you. >> appreciate it. david: lauren? lauren: thank you. highest of honors how the army is paying respect to the three, jr. rotc cadets killed during the florida rampage. ...
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
lauren: honoring lives that were taken away from us too soon the army is awarding heroism medals to three junior rotc cadets who were killed in the florida school shooting last week. as you can see here, their heroism and this medal is a u.s. military decoration awarded to cadets whose performance involved the acceptance of danger and extraordinary responsibilities exemplifying praise-worthy fortitude as well as courage. david: i'm so glad this is
4:59 pm
happening the funeral for 15 year old wang was held earlier today in florida. the teenager died in his uniform while helping other students and teachers escape the shooting. nearly 70,000 people signed the petition to give wang military honors at his funeral. the petition needs 100,000 signatures by march 18 to receive a response from the white house. that's why we're telling you about this. you folks out there can have a part to play in whether this guy gets full military honors. additionally west point has agreed to admit wang who dreamed of attending the prestigious military academy. we wish them the best and again you can do your best look online for the petition tomorrow of course is the day when the president has this listening session. he's going to be talking to people from parkland, people who have been deeply involved in the issue of mass shootings. lauren: and the day after that
5:00 pm
he has another listening session on thursday with state and local officials because the public overwhelmingly wants begun control. david: they want something to be done. changes to be donald looks like there maybe something that will be done. that does it for us risk & rewards starts right now. >> multiple times before, he acknowledged it during the transition, he acknowledged it during the press conference in pole and and he acknowledged it for a third time as a precedent in pole and. he has stated several times i think one of the places where you guys seem to get very confused and it seems to happen regularly the president hasn't said that russia didn't, but what he's saying is it didn't have an impact and it certainly wasn't with help from the trump campaign. it's very clear that russia med eled in the election and also very clear that it didn't have an impact on the election and it's also very clear that the trump campaign didn't collude with the russians in any way for this


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