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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 22, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EST

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down almost 1%. cac down a third of a percent in the dax down three quarters of 1%. markets mostly lower with the exception of china. the shanghai composite reopening with gains after the lunar new year holiday. ryan -- that the white house yesterday. resident tried sitting down hearing your stories and ideas for solutions in the aftermath of the parkland, florida school shooting. >> this is not left and right, not political. it's a human issue. people are dying in the have to stop this. >> it doesn't even feel like a week. time has stood still. one feel safe at school. >> very difficult, very complex variable find a solution. >> the president will hold a meeting on school safety. dramatic action to keep people safe. cinemark tightening safety rules. what you need to know before
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going to the movies. new rules in place. north america president out after less than a year. coming after an internal investigation of inappropriate behavior. twitter taking up conservatives. the company facing backlash this morning after his most recent purge of automated accounts we told you that yesterday. the stories coming up this thursday morning. fox business albert dagen mcdowell. former republican presidential candidate steve forbes is here and fox business network's connell mcshane. >> hey, good morning, maria. true do how are you, thanks for joining us. what's going on this morning? >> the whole thing about the stock market. one is will the fed try to hurt this economy thinking it's getting overheated air bubble happen to the dollar. where did it go for now in trade, are we going to blow up nafta? i don't think we will, but that weighs on the market, too.
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maria: that is our top story because futures pointed to a lower opening fund release of the latest federal reserve meeting minutes, which has sent bond yields higher yesterday. stocks lower although markets started out with cadence. what is confusing me here and you have to shed light on it is the fact that this meeting, these minutes came out january 31st. this was the meeting and this was before we got the signs we are looking at a heat up. the cpi came out a week later in the wages number came out a week later. these minutes -- i don't know why they're even important because it was before the actual news. >> the federal reserve has indicated some of the presence of the federal reserve regional banks have started to indicate the economy may be quote overheating and i've got to drive the economy that cannot deal. it's preposterous they came guide the economy, but that's what's going through their minds in ways the markets.
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even though they show real signs of picking up steam, the markets anticipate the future. are they going to do something down the road to hurt the economy? >> to your point about the timing of the minutes, almost because of that, the inflationary pressures that they are there in the events he talked about afterwards would lead you to believe that minutes were not as dovish as they really are because you have inflation afterwards. early in the afternoon when people say maybe the fed will not go so crazy here, afterwards they start to think about what you said. maria: maybe the idea that the federal reserve is under new leadership concerns fair and just not in control of what is going on with interest rates in terms of again i know we have this chart, the ec bonds fall as stocks fall. the 10 year yield hitting a fresh four-year high, giving close to 3%.
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that goes right to better stocks worth in this environment. we came into this year with risk appetite at record highs in valuations based on a lot of metrics at all-time highs in terms of looking at the median valuation of all stocks traded in the united states. you've got a lot more supply, by the way. this meeting was before the wreck was spending bill. that is going to juice growth even more and that's going to drive up the amount of supply of treasury being pumped into the market at the time that a ready and willing buyer over the last eight years is stepping back and talking about the federal reserve. maria: do you worry about yields where they are right now? the mac now. the thing is that indicate, but let borrowers and wonders indicate that interest rates will be. there will be a good thing. how the fed describes what it doing will be critical. if it indicates it will cool down overheated and economy,
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then the markets will be very volatile. >> just 3% matter? we put way too much into psychological numbers in the stock market ensured baby in the bond market, too. >> look at what is happening on mortgage rates. 34.6%. way above the 10 year period dagen: higher interest rates on credit cards because they been raising short-term interest rate on a number of different consumer loans. that does put pressure on the consumer. if we finally have an organic wage growth come you don't want other types of inflation to eat into that. it's the federal reserve's job to make sure inflation in other parts of the economy doesn't get away from it. >> the key thing there is look at what happens to commodity prices. the only part of the 2000, the dollar is weakening so we had a phony boom in commodities. not so much demand for commodities and so the key thing
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here if you look at the gold price is a proxy for commodities. if that is stable come you don't have to worry about overall inflation in the fed to make a distinction between wages going up because people want more workers dispersed product dvd, spurs investment. i think the fed should step back and say let's see what the economy does. were not going upon the dollar up, not going to pump it down. >> are they going to do it? >> the fed doesn't know what it's doing. maria: i don't think the fed even knows at this point. a new political morning consult oldest morning shows that most voters are not noticing more money in their paychecks after the new law. a quarter of registered voters have noticed an increase in their paychecks. 51% say they have not. buddy make of these numbers? >> the numbers will go up as they go into february and march in these things kick in.
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one of the things republicans made a mistake on was not recognizing 40% of the american people don't pay income taxes. but they should've done is what obama and republican state six years ago in tape two or three points on social security tax so everyone would've thought the paycheck increase right away. >> i love data and it's good to have as much data as it possibly can. some of these polls -- not all are created equally and in some of these authorities in a tax-cut become more popular. the popularity of the tax cut is pretty much held steady so it's probably not surprising that these numbers. dagen: there was one poll that we think mistakenly cited that was not up to the standards of a fox news poll group that was more favorable to the tax code. this one was of registered voters it would meet her standards. >> this is going to improve people's attitudes to business keeps up increasing capital expenditures and they start to see things expanding the number
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base. tran today said february, but i would think you have to be a couple months to actually see how it feels and get the impact. only a couple weeks into february. >> how many millions of people got the bonuses companies felt they should pay out. remember, taxes only four or five weeks old. maria: outplay not you said they should've done that politically. again, in an environment where republicans are quite frankly been reckless when it comes to spending money the united states doesn't have come and that been financially reckless. i am just hoping that they have some sort of moral center for at least a financial burden when it comes to the whole that the country is in terms of our national debt and unfunded liability of social security and medicare. >> the only way to get around
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that is a vibrant economy. he saw that in the 60s in the 90s or that's the only way washington gets its fist in water. maria: what about all the spending of $300,000 in state imposed day. even republicans are upset. >> let's put 300 billion is a lot of money, but when you but when elected in $18 trillion economy come a country with over 100 trillion in assets commend the key thing is they are finally increasing defense spending in a meaningful way we haven't seen since the 1980s. that is crucial for security. that creates an environment in the world where people feel we are not pulling back. maria: we've been talking about trillion dollar deficits. dagen: no interest in cutting anything. billion for childcare. billions for health centers. how about $150 million for abstinence education in this country over two years and it raises the baseline.
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it is just a weakness and lack of bath by these conservatives when it comes to actually cutting anything and i'm appalled by it. not you. >> again, you have to have a good, strong economy where people feel positive before you make the spending changes. then people don't feel inclined to lose something. without environment 1010 years people got nowhere. people think you will take something away from me. you have got the right environment. trade to my problem with the expectation is they've got growth in the budget. so what if a recession happens. >> which a bill. maria: you are talking about very rosy projections. >> looking at 10 yes, we don't do 3% to 4%, that's pathetic that historically we averaged three pied piper sent. >> historically, we are facing a
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recession that some point in what happens to the dataset with revenue. you know this. the deficit explodes because revenue pulls back. i've listened the tax reform is necessary to jumpstart the economy. >> the only way we get a real discretion as if they put the screws on the economy in the economy and away best to start to, which is done routinely in the past. i guarantee you that is going to roil everything. maria: how about those terrorists the administration is talking about. aluminum and steel. talk about protectionist trade policy. >> the good thing i'm not just the push back you get from business. this is not a good thing. companies are doing fairly well now. you will hurt more than you hauled good previous administrations go for tat on the street. not that i go into a trade war. the big thing is watch nafta.
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if they get that agreement done, that would be a huge relief for the markets. dagen: maria has been saying that. you've noticed the headlines out of canada. >> trade for mexico city, the next round of talks. >> mexico as a presidential election coming up in a fit of bernie sanders on steroids. hard to imagine. trade will talk more about trade gabriel take a break. to prevent mass shootings come in the from president trump yesterday. he said to me today with state and local officials on school safety. coming one day after an emotional listening session at the white house for survivors at the high school. the north american business unit gets fired after the company investigated allegations of misconduct. back in a moment.
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>> that student lost his best friend. one father at the listening session saving the time to do something as now. >> the department of education that i walked in today that has a security guard in the elevator. how do you think that makes me feel? in the elevator they've got a security guard. 9/11 happened one thing they fixed everything. how many schools, how many children have to get shot? >> he lost his daughter in michigan and florida. the president created this. i will always remember the time i spent today with courageous events, teachers and families. so much love in the midst of so much pain. we met not let them down. we must keep our children safe. today the president will meet with state and local officials that same topic, school safety. to be in the heat the 17th good intent staff from stallman douglas they were killed last week. the miami marlins wearing
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baseball hats to show their support before their spring training games. the other 29 teams in the major league baseball. he will be wearing a patch for the remainder of the season. tomorrow night when the heat take on the new orleans pelicans. in the wake of last week shooting of florida, a major movie theater chain is banning large theaters under the new policy. the 12 by 12 inches will not be allowed inside that exceptions will be made for medical equipment and diaper bags and if you do bring a bag he may be subject to research. 7% over the past year. the incredible day at the white house yesterday. the president's reaction. >> was a good idea. i saw the clips on it.
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it was nice to be able to hear everybody after such a terrible situation to hear them and i thought was a very good idea. dagen: i thought it was a big day for him to sit there and basically here whatever people wanted to say to him. the people who have been directly impact the high school shootings. it was really incredible. one thing i noted yesterday pointing out in the last week, two school shootings that were stopped in maryland and one in washington state, or the grandmother found a note of her grandson was keeping and alerted authorities. in another one were another one where young men, there is a test of the school in maryland and they went to him in his class and he had a gun on him and they went to his home and he had two
6:19 am
rifles, shotguns, ballistic vest, grenades, two handguns and a replica electrical firing device plus ammunition. again, i don't know if that's reassuring her even more frightening that these potential murderers are still out there. it is the vigilance of parents, family members and school officials happiness. >> that is the key is responding to it. unless you did something they're not going to do anything to prevent it. >> these students as we see, it's been said before, but it bears repeating that in every single event they distinguished themselves with the ability to articulate. i don't know how i would handle something like that after it happened if either one of my children are my own experience. whatever their viewpoint, they've been able to articulate that. if we do see change will be because of them. trade very sadly, you can't have a conversation about gun safety measures until people come on tv
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and i've heard this on other networks, you know the facts about the laws that exist today in this country. it is shocking to me that of the misinformation and just lies that i hear, that people are telling and nobody challenges people. it's why i carry around, you gave me this constitution of the united states. i carry it around and i think about it and read about it. this is where it begins. maria: we'll take a break. bernie sanders demanding answers from hillary clinton about why her campaign did not do more about russian interference in the 2016 election. delta disaster, passengers are trapped on a plane for more than 12 hours and then the flight is canceled. find out why and what the airline has to say about it this morning. ♪ we use our phones and computers the same way these days.
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maria: welcome back to vermont senator bernie sanders now asking why hillary clinton did not do enough to stop the alleged russian interference in the 2016 elections. in the interview yesterday with vermont public radio, the clinton campaign had more information than they did after one of his own campaign staffers alerted the clinton campaign that hundreds of suspected russian facebook users for writing posts attacking the eventual democratic presidential nominee. international politics director and senior fellow at the council on foreign relations, bend steel is here. ben is the author of a new book, the marshall plan, don of the cold war. good to see you. thanks for joining us.
6:25 am
i may get your take on the news of the day. but he did about this top of the russian meddling in bernie sanders pointing fingers. >> this i have to emphasize was probably inevitable. russia has been pushing back against what it has seen bizarre aggression through nato expansion over the past 20 years and is using asymmetric means of warfare. ways to have pressure points in this country that don't involve direct military conflict. maria: sanders is denying special counsel robert mueller's assertion that russia not yours backed his presidential campaign. what he think about this? your take on the recent indictments. >> we are moving further and deeper in the direction of implicating many people in the united states and involvement in this russia scandal in our
6:26 am
election and it's not surprising that those who may have benefited from it are pushing back in saying this has nothing to do with. we were beneficiaries of it. other people were involved. other people trying to take advantage of it. tree into russia has been trying to undermine the west for years well before the trump administration came into power. >> this goes back to my book, maria. one thing that i argue is the conflict between the united states and the soviet union at the end of world war ii wasn't about ideology, marxism and capitalism. it was about geography, who would control europe and that the borderlines would be. we are replaying that same dynamic now since the supposed end of the cold war as they jockey for position with russia in central and eastern europe and ukraine for russia is really the last bastian right on their border of former major soviet
6:27 am
republic. this conflict i really see as having been inevitable. maria: it's interesting you say that because it got simple. you write a new perspective on the marshall plan. tell us about it. >> one thing i was fascinated in writing this book as it is a cold force torre. many people see it as a story of generosity, humanitarianism and it was those things. the main purpose of the marshall plan was to allow president truman to bring home the 3 million troops in europe for failing as shiites pledge to do that within two years while maintaining a strong buffer democratic capitalist states in the last that would be resistant to the temptation. >> it was a departure from what americans wanted at the time. >> completely. the vision fdr had was commonly
6:28 am
referred to as one world where the united states would march forward in cooperation with the soviet union. they would use the united nations of the forum to bring them together in order to bring peace and stability. the marshall plan helped divide europe. the truman administration said that this one world vision was dead and now there were two worlds of free s. role in the communist totalitarian world and we had to protect our world. tran do you say the european union and nato are actually products. >> without the marshall plan there never would've been a european union. people don't realize this, but the french in particular had to be brought kicking and screaming into this vision that the americans had been economically and politically integrated europe because they were still very concerned about germany and
6:29 am
german domination. maria: well of course. today, senior white house officials saying the trump administration is considering new sanctions against russia. of course, special counsel robert mueller indicting for individuals as well as last year's massive cyberattack. is this the right move in your view in terms of the sanctions? what do you want to do in your response? >> they are absolutely the right way to go. we have to make it clear that meddling in our democracy, in our elections is completely unacceptable and it's important that the trump administration stopped slow walking i also think, however, looking long-term but we have real challenges in central and eastern europe. nato expansion is underfunded
6:30 am
because we need a mechanism to live with russia or bolster defense spending in order to meet our commitments , providing mutual security. >> congratulations on the book the marshall plan. dell futures decca to another decline of virginia will federal reserve meeting. nervous markets on the heels of another selloff, twitter users say they are being targeted cracking down on fake news. back in a moment. 4 smack alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, ..4 smack you'll get clear, actionable alerts
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>> it is thursday, february 22nd. on wall street following investor concerns over higher interest rates the minutes from the reserve meeting so the central bank is confident for interest rates and as a result, dow industrials down 2 thirds
6:34 am
of 1%. let's check futures to see what we are looking at. it is a higher open. we have seen a balance in the last 30 minutes, dow industrials update points, the nasdaq is higher by 6. future as well off of the lows. s&p is down 1%. the dax index in germany is down 2 thirds of 1%. the shanghai composite reopening after several days after the lunar new year holiday and market closings. the nikkei average better than 1% and the hang seng was better than 1%. roku focused this morning after forecasting deeper than expected loss this year. it is down 20% in the premarket. the auto company north america
6:35 am
president is out following allegations of inappropriate behavior. nancy pelosi bashing donald trump abs plan to build a border with mexico it is proposing another idea. >> what makes sense is not a commitment to a promise to build a wall into mexico is going to pay for it, and that is never going to happen, let's talk about where a serious structure might be necessary where people can't be smuggled through the grass. >> outrage over her comments coming up. twitter is not without controversy. some conservatives claim legitimate followers were deleted from their accounts. we will talk about that but the road to be our zumba exit
6:36 am
includes a long-term trade agreement among other divisive issues. the institute of economic affairs director general, mark littlewood. your thoughts on how this takes place? part of the reason the uk is underperforming where you see strength elsewhere in europe is because there has been some waffling, she doesn't seem to have a mandate. do you see this taking place? >> it is going to happen but that begs the question of what kind do we get? do we have a clean break from the european union or do we stay in regulatory alignment with the european union? the closer we stay to the e.u. in a whole range of areas the more limited we are in pursuing
6:37 am
relationships. if we are in close regulatory alignment it will be difficult if not impossible to strike a free-trade deal with the united states of america. the prime minister is at a country retreat with top members of the brexit subcommittee and hopefully teresa may will come down on one side or the other. she has been balancing both sides. that is a mode of political survival. >> is there a way for britain to get a free-trade agreement with the eu, not with regulatory structure? >> there should be. free trade between britain and 27 member states is of mutual interest. any barriers to trade should be quite easy. the heart of it, this is where
6:38 am
negotiations with the us have run into the ground, not so much the tariff barriers but what regulatory barriers there might be at if there are different roles around certain products and services in the uk and the rest of the eu, your product might be illegal on the other side of the english channel. and that is causing the difficulty. >> what are the barriers? if there is not a clean break - >> if we strike a free-trade deal with the united states which i would have thought would be relatively easy, harder for the e.u. as a whole to strike a deal, create individual countries to agree but just the us and the uk
6:39 am
bilaterally, and continuing eu regulations that is a huge drop before you have started talking. if we locked into eu regulations it makes it more difficult to have an agreement about which us products would be legal in the us market. >> what about general agreements in regulatory non-trade barriers between britain and europe and striking a deal with that? hard to find the banana or spaghetti, that kind of nonsense. can't they break from that and stick to non-trade barriers everyone recognizes? >> thank god for the wto. they set a pretty good floor. the worst is a fall back to the wto and those are not
6:40 am
disastrous but not optimal either. i am more optimistic we could get better things bilaterally with the united states of america, in the commonwealth. >> with the possibility of serious negotiations with the united states in anticipation of brexit put pressure on the e.u. to make some concessions? how long will she last and who can replace her? >> we have been too obsessed about the divorce settlement with the e.u. . that is important but not the only show in town. equally important, what are our new relationships going to be? we don't need to wait until we are divorced, we can't get remarried until we are divorced. we should be doing that now. if teresa may doesn't come out
6:41 am
today, the working assumption is she will remain prime minister until brexit. she will hold the conservative administration together but if she doesn't actually pick one side or come out with her own strategy she might be on more limited time. >> why isn't she acting like the margaret thatcher conservative party in the 70s and 80s? mary: she doesn't have a mandate. >> you can't get a mandate when you have nothing to say. >> margaret thatcher has substantial majorities in the house of commons. she could withstand 10 or 20 conservative rebels. theresa may is not in that position. conservatives don't have an outright majority. only takes a handful of conservatives to rebel and her government falls. they have not articulated the
6:42 am
division. mary: with all this waffling businesses have to make decisions. if you are j.p. morgan or a big employer in london you are not going to wait around. you have to move people to germany and make decisions and she is waffling. >> we hear a lot of these stories. the apocalypse we were warned would happen if we voted for brexit has not come to pass. some companies will always change their operations and uncertainty is bad for business but the underlying growth figures in the uk are not bad and they were supposed to be negative. we were told if we voted for the e.u. we would be in recession. liz: they got away from it. >> the world has continued to turn on its axis as if nothing happened despite the warnings that this would be a disaster.
6:43 am
mary mack we are supposed to get more details in march in terms of dates and times so we will be watching that. thank you so much, we appreciate it. we will be watching britain leave the e.u. in the damaging months. the floor of ford motor's north american business is fired after the company probed allegations of inappropriate conduct. mowing the grass, nancy pelosi sparking outrage with her eye-popping arguments against building a border wall. back in a moment. blip blip
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sometimes, they just drop in. obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group - how the world advances. ♪ mary: a delta flight was delayed for 12 hours and was
6:47 am
canceled after everyone was stuck on the plane. >> this happened at kansas city international airport because of a big ice storm. passengers sat on the tarmac 6:00 pm to 6 am the next day. some reports say the flight was canceled because it exceeded their maximum and the next day, a $100 voucher from delta. it is the airline's responsibility. it is up 15% from a year ago. ford fired its north american president over unspecified allegations of unnecessary behavior, the 53 year mac is leaving the company immediately to release the statement saying i regret instances where i have
6:48 am
not exhibited leadership behaviors that i have always espoused. shares of ford down 15% from one year ago. we are watching shares of roku, the company warns a larger than expected loss for the year. revenue guidance for the current quarter missed expectations. and trying to turn things around. a day after attacking donald trump's tax plan again, nancy pelosi now has an idea to improve border security that does not include a wall. >> a more serious structure might be necessary, people can't be smuggled through the grass. >> the campaign promise to build a wall is quote back never going to happen.
6:49 am
just mow the grass. mary mack we started with armageddon, that is what she called the tax plan, then called the crumbs, then forget the border wall, just low the grass. dammit she is out of touch with virtually everyone to lives in the united states between the left coast and the east coast. just a few things to.out about the listening tour. cheer what is not an alcoholic beverage, you don't eat ribs with a knife and fork and don't order rosado at cracker barrel. >> $1000 is a lot of money to everybody. rich nancy. mary mack i don't think it is a resonating blues and a deluge -
6:50 am
come november they don't have a message and resist and bash trump is not enough to vote in democrats. >> republicans should make nancy pelosi the big thing on ads. how working people come on and i could do this and that and show them what they are doing with their money and this is crumbs, run against her. mary: window did put an ad together. >> this midterm election will come down to how people feel about the tax-cut plan which is the best argument republicans have bringing it back. >> the tax-cut plan and the economy, not donald trump. >> who makes better decisions with your money? that woman or you? mary: anyone lose followers this week?
6:51 am
i lost hundreds. twitter taking out followers and many are the are conservatives. they are trying to combat automated accounts. republicans say they are being unfairly targeted. i want you to pick a new truck for your mom or dad, knowing that they could possibly pass it down to you one day. cool. but before you decide, you should know
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mary: twitter facing major backlash from conservatives after suspending thousands of accounts. lauren simon is about ett i lost followers. >> i had 500 and they magically came back. >> were you asked to verify your phone number?
6:55 am
>> they don't have my phone number. they are reckless with your information and gave it away. mary: mine came back but they haven't met a niche - they haven't come back. >> they are tracking down on spam bots, automated accounts that can do things en masse, like or read suite blues they want to be sure you are human being in your account is legit and to make sure coordinated postings doesn't show a certain issue to go viral, so more support than it does come an effort to clean up the site amid allegations of encouraging discrimination, interfering in us democracy blues this is the statement from twitter. twitter's tools are not political, or ongoing work and safety, we identify suspicious
6:56 am
behaviors that indicate automated activity or violations of our policies around multiple accounts or abuse, we fired late terms of service. that move causing conservatives to lose thousands of followers including bill mitchell, conservative host of your voice america, he has 335,000 twitter followers, he says i have lost 4000 or so. and he lost 5000 followers. he uses the hashtag twitter lockout but the issue is many are questioning if twitter went too far targeting the far right because some of those far right account holders are suing the company, their alleged dissemination, their accounts have been blocked. >> people on the left thought it was funny that conservatives were upset. it seemed twitter was intentionally cracking down on the speech of conservatives and
6:57 am
liberals thought it was funny until it happened to them. it won't because that is not the culture of silicon valley. >> james o'keefe talking to twitter people who are very open about how funny they thought it was to go against conservatives. you got your followers back blues multiple account person following you and they were verified. that could be what is happening. >> thank you for mentioning twitter at censoring conservatives. the story is false, people are angry. we will be right back, stay with us.
6:58 am
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>> maria: welcome back. thank you for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo. it us thursday, february 22nd. your top stories right now, 7:0. fighting for gains, futures this morning turning really back and forth throughout the morning. take a look at futures many we're expecting a quiet opening this morning with the dow down 7 points and the s&p 500 up 4 points. it was another wild one on wall street yesterday. take a look at yod's moves. yesterday's moves. the dow swung nearly 500 points from the high to the low. the minutes from the january meeting of the federal reserve shows the central bank is more confident than the u.s. economy. that led hi.s&p 500 was down ha.
7:01 am
the nasdaq was down a quarter percent. check out european declients. we are looking at across the board declines. dax index is down almost 1%, 102 points lower. in asia overnight, markets closed mostly lower with the exception of china. market there opened again, opening after a long weekend because of the lunar new year holiday. shanghai composite up better than 2%. it was an emotional day yesterday at the white house. victims of gun violence in schools sitting with president trump, calling for action so tragedies like parkland and sandy hook never happen again. >> how many schools, how many children have to get shot? it stops here with this administration and me. i'm not going to sleep until it's fixed. >> i lost a best friend, practically a brother, and i'm here to use my voice because i
7:02 am
know he can't. >> we're fighting hard for you. we will not stop. we will not stop. >> maria: that listening session went over well. president trump will meet with state and local officials this morning on the issue. an attack caught on tape, the scary scene after a man jumped through a window and grabbed a babarista work working at a drive-through. we'll have details ahead. hundreds of stores and restaurants closing their doors. applebee's and toys r us announcing closures many we'll have details coming up. technology titans dominating wall street, amazon, microsoft, netflix account for nearly half of the s&p 500 gains so far this year. it's an index of 500 stocks but just three are making the moves. all nose storie those stories cs morning. joining me this morning is dagen mcdowell and connell
7:03 am
mcshane. >> where we would be without amazon and netflix, i guess. >> maria: and microsoft. >> and microsoft manufacture you >> maria: you think the market's doing one thing and you just look at three. thstocks.the rest of the 500 art actually influences markets, steve. >> that's not actually a bullish sign. we saw where that led in 2000. that gets to what the federal reserve is going to do and if they try to guide the economy, then watch out. >> maria: we're watching markets this morning for that reason. futures are fixed this morning. it was a wild day yesterday after the federal reserve released the january meeting minutes. take a look at the yield and what happened. it's so compelling to show the market moving as the 10 year treasury yield also spike. want to bring in john helzenraf.
7:04 am
your take on what took place yesterday? >> i think the fed is a really important factor here. the minutes came out at 2:00 and they're signaling more confidence in the economy and more -- a greater likelihood that they'll be raising interest rates more than three times this year. and the market's responding to that. when investors look at valuations of companies, the level of the interest rate is a fundamental factor in valuation, higher interest rates mean lower valuations. >> what's the initial response, though, john to maria's point? talking to people or just looking at it yourself, what was the analysis on wall street yesterday in terms of hey, these minutes are x and now we think they're y later in the day. what happened throughout the day? >> well, the market is going to go up and down, opinions are shifting for a lot of reasons.
7:05 am
i think that there's a lot of volatility these days that's being driven by trades in the vices but at the end of the day the fun fundamental factor is is look like we're getting a stronger economy and more inflation which will mean higher interest rates. >> maria: the minutes refield that the ferevealedthat the fedo raise interest rates. >> dagen: i don't think four rate hikes is a surprise. you guys earlier in the week had a story that investors were anticipating that. but i do think investors are waking up to the possibility of with more supply for treasuries coming on with all the auctions, about a quarter of a trillion dollars in treasury debt auction this week and the lack of demand coming from the federal reserve as they wind down their balance sheet, drawing it down $50 billion a month starting -- it ramps up but that will be in
7:06 am
october, the last quarter of the year, you talked about this that the fed has telegraphed this, they said they're going to do this. i don't think investors realize what the impact will be on interest rates, on the upside, and they're starting to worry about it and fret about it. >> dagen, i think you put your finger on an important point there where you talk about the supply of treasuries. the fed has been telegraphing where it's going with interest rates for a while. what's fundamentally changed in the last two or three months is the fiscal policy outlook. so we've got a very large tax cut, $1.5 trillion of tax cuts and we got an increase in spending of $300 billion. so as you say, there's a huge amount of treasury supply, because the combination of tax cuts and more spending means bigger budget deficits. we're talking about trillion dollar budget deficits within a year or so. there's a huge amount of supply that the market is going to have to absorb and i do think that's
7:07 am
a factor that's putting some upward pressure on interest rates, beyond what the fed is doing. and the fed also has to respond to the shifting fiscal outlook and the fed's response to that is on the margin to be a little bit more hawkish. >> maria: steve? >> is the fed concerned, do you think, john, that the economy may be overheating and therefore they've got to slow the thing down or be prepared to slow it down later in the year? do they still believe in the so-called phillips curve. >> maria: there's a debate. some say it's not overheating at all, in fact it's a lot worse than anybody thing. i don't think that's commonplace. >> do you find the fed believes that the economy may be overheating? >> i think from the fed's perspective, the economy for a long time was underheating. if you look at inflation as a measure of how much heat there is in the economy, inflation ran below the fed's target for more than five years. >> shouldn't that make them
7:08 am
humble and just step back and let the economy do what it wants to do. >> dagen: i want to point something out. this is in a journal story today. in terms of the fed being off base, ubs and jp morgan think the unemployment rate will fall to 3.2% next year, the lowest in 65 years. that's more than a percentage point below what most fed officials expect in terms of their judgment on the economy being off. >> the fed is kind of -- has been overly optimistic on growth and a little bit too pessimistic on the employment rate for years now. i think that what they're going to be doing is looking at unemployment and looking at inflation. you asked about the phillips curve. there is a view at the fed that if unemployment gets much lower it could cause the economy to overheat. they're going to take their cues i think from what happens with
7:09 am
inflation. and we are going to -- we have seen a pick-up in those inflation numbers and we are definitely going to see further increases in the next couple of months, as some of the things that held it down last year start to wash out of those numbers. cell phone prices were a fact that have been holding inflation down. those numbers are washing out. we'll definitely get numbers over 2% looking out a couple months from now. the fed can't just ignore that. >> maria: that is why we have the highest yield on the 10 year since january 2014 at 2.98%. john, thanks so much. great insight as always from you. the conservative political action conference kicking off this morning, taking the stage tonight, vice president mike pence. president trump is scheduled to attend the meeting tomorrow. griff jenkins is at the gaylord national resort and convention center in maryland where cpac is taking place. griff, good morning to you. >> good morning. i was listening to the last segment.
7:10 am
let me tell you who is opt miss optimistic about growth. that's the thousands of attendees here. this is the 44th year. they've got a president that delivered the largest tax cut in more than 30 years. to set the stage, two years ago donald trump didn't come here as a candidate because he didn't feel like he was going to have a big audience. they were talking about him not being a conservative. he did come last year, the first sitting president to come since ronald reagan. he's back this year and it's very special. the president of cpac tells us why. take a listen. >> to have the president back and the vice president back two years in a row, this is history. donald trump ran as a conservative but some conservatives were dubious about how he would govern. clearly, the president's agenda is conservative and he's gotten more accomplishments than conservatives have seen in a decade. >> reporter: so vice president pence is kicking the day off here. he's not the only one.
7:11 am
marianne lapin is speaking, a lot of controversy over here. some don't believe she is fully conservative, as well as senator cruz, the president's attorney, don mccan and the list goes on. as you see them over my shoulder getting ready, setting up on radio row, it's all about the young folks that turn out, maria, and here again, max hlapp talking about the youngsters who will be here as they arrive right now. >> you can sense it with the kids who are here. 50% of the crowd are college age or younger. we're attracting new people and new voices to the movement. one main reason is they felt real buyer's remorse with barack obama. even people who voted for him felt buyer's remorse. now they're looking at the democrat, and the democrats are just about hash tag resistance. >> reporter: the gun control debate, we have seen these passionate youngsters across the country taking to the streets and sitting with the president.
7:12 am
well, these are conservative youngsters. it's going to be quite fascinating to find out today how they feel about everything. >> maria: you make a good point, griff, about the young people. we'll be watching that, how many actually come out. thank you, griff. we'll see you later. coming up, grief, pain, looking for a way forward. president trump is set to meet with state and cal local officin school safety yesterday. he called it a listening session, including survivors of the parkland tragedy as well as sandy hook. then more store closings, now corporate layoffs at toys r us after a disappointing holiday season. applebee's announcing closings of more than 100 locations. we're back in a minute with that. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion.
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7:15 am
>> maria: plans have been announced for the nine rail of thportfuneral ofreverend billy . cheryl casone has more on that. >> cheryl: he will be moved from ashville to charlotte, north carolina on saturday in a procession. his funeral service will take place at noon on friday, march 2nd at the billy graham library in charlotte. he died in his sleep he peacefully yesterday morning. flags will fly at half staff on the day of his funeral. he was 99 years old. well, terrifying surveillance footage shows a man climbing
7:16 am
into a bikini barista truck in seattle and he attacks the woman. he drags the woman across the floor, forces her out the window, tries to sexually assault her outside. her coworker said she resisted and the man scared away by an approaching car. police caught the suspect after a viewer spotted him on the local news. more store closings are in the works for toys r us. they plan to close another 200 stores and sharply reduce corporate staff following disappointing holiday sales. they will close about 180 stores and up to 120 additional applebee's and i-hop restaurants will be closing. this comes as the industry shifts toward more fast casual weapons. it's a shame.
7:17 am
>> maria: you see the closings. it doesn't jive with what we were talking about, about the economy overheating. toys r us has been under pressure for a long time. >> a good economy, you'll always get companies rising up and others coming in, others going out. it happens all the time. you have stagnation here. tastes change. >> there's a shift to amazon, the amazon effect. the other may be a shift in the types of eating we like to do or going healthy or whatever it is, a shift from one to another, not an elimination. >> dagen: we miss the rise of small retailers and small niche specific businesses that are just online, whether it's companies like red land cotton, workout clothing companies, even flower delivery stores that are based online. there's a lot of that. they connect direct to the consumer through the likes of instagram. >> maria: the power of amazon, it's even powerful within the
7:18 am
indexes. how the technology titan is gaining favor on wall street. wait until you hear this story. then fallout for snapchat's redesign, kiley jenner's harsh words for the app later this hour. stay with us. ♪ [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens?
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7:22 am
this year. according to the wall street journal, it's the front page story this morning. we have joe doran joining us this morning. technology, it's just three names that the journal article talks about, microsoft, amazon and netflix taking the gains. what does that tell you, that three names are the driver of the index that's supposed to be 500 stocks? >> we've seen this before. it seldom plays out well. you want to see everybody participating, not just the generals. five names have been driving everything for the last several years. and so what i say to people is when you have an environment where it's concentrated in a few areas, you don't know what goes to take over next. the advantage is if you're in an index, you captured the gains. you want to try not guess what's going to happen next. we'll see rotation. i would like to see a broadening or a rotation. we've seen periods where the small cap stocks have done well. it doesn't seem to sustain
7:23 am
because there are cross-winds that are happening. >> individuals have stayed out of the market until 2016, 2017. are they going to come really back in or is this volatility going to have them pull back? >> we have almost 20,000 clients, most of them millionaires next door. what we've seen with all of them is there was no panic at ought witat allwith the 10% decline. i think everyone understood it wasn't really the market. it was the spy that really went down shal that is used by institutions. vanguard did fine. it was panic selling by institutions and the quantitative traders that were getting out of the volatility trade. >> maria: that's accounting for the 1,000 point decline? >> yes. >> what will change it then? what are you worried about from here on out. we talked about rising interest rates and all those things. >> the micro story is really good. we're going to see for months
7:24 am
now, the reinvesting of money coming back because earnings period is over. i'm much more concerned about the macro picture. we have a run-away spending again with a repeat of the bush policies of spending money we don't have. ultimately that's not good. you're seeing it reflected in the dollar. you're seeing it reflected in interest rates. and if interest rates go up, it's not so much that people won't invest in stocks, it's that it makes stocks more expensive in a relative sense. the biggest concern i see is if we end up having a slowdown in the second half of the year, which is not unlikely after all this money has been put to work, that could be a problem because we don't have the money to put it back to work. >> maria: we talk about that every morning. there's a journal op ed, why america is going broke. i feel like we could have written it. that's all we talk about. >> dagen: there's concern about that. even basic concerns, something that stephanie brought up and goldman sachs has done the
7:25 am
research too, that a sustained decline -- stephanie thinks of even 10% wipes out the economic benefit of the tax cut which would be -- goldman sachs puts it at more like 20%, but nevertheless, that does have an impact on wel wealth in this country. >> i'm very much a fiscal conservative. there's no voice now for saying we've got to apply the same rules for the government that we apply as individuals. individuals understand i can't spend everything i'm going to have in the future. it has implications. the good news is if you invest in emerging markets or global stocks, they benefit from our dollar going down. they bring back their earnings now because of the tax rates at highly appreciated value. >> maria: that's why it's good for trade. >> it is. and it's good for stocks here in the u.s. >> it didn't have a happy ending in the last decade when bush weakened -- the bush administration weakened the
7:26 am
dollar. that led to a false commodities boom and fueled the housing boom and we saw what happened in 2008. what's preventing that from happening again. every time we have a sustained weakening of the dollar it has a bad end. >> we don't have the bank balance sheet issues we had then. something will pop up. in the meantime, i think what you should expect with everything happening with the macro picture is you'll have increased volatility. as interest rates go up, as the fed steps back, the biggest thing was they drove up valuations for assets and drove down volatility. we've never in the history of the u.s. market had 400 days without a 5% decline. it was the best of times. >> maria: earnings are up 20%, economic growth of 3%, wouldn't the dollar go up on that? >> depends on what the fed and the treasury does. you can have a strong economy and wreck your currency and vice versa. you can have a punk economy and still have a good currency.
7:27 am
>> that's what i get concerned about. we should be with what's happening with the micro picture and what's happening with companies, we should see the opposite of what we're seeing. we should see the dollar strengthening. >> maria: you think it's the spending? >> it's the spending. >> don't you think if the treasury secretary flaglated himself and said we want a strong and stable dollar, that would be good, bringing money to the u.s.? >> i don't think he has to do anything. he just has to say it. typically what they will say is enough, at least put on a facade. >> even when the policy's not there. >> maria: that's the thing. every administration says it before this but they don't really mean it. >> the market knows. certain words you say -- >> maria: he just was honest. >> you want a stronger dollar. the markets know you really are fibbing. his sin was he said -- >> maria: he was honest. >> that's right.
7:28 am
some honesty but not too much honesty. >> maria: you're expecting a decline in this market, though? >> i think we'll see a 10 to 15% decline, probably in the fall, summer. i think there's too much back spin and too much support for what's happening in micro companies, too much money pouring back into stocks, companies buying back their own stocks. i think we'll see the next he decline will be a normal market decline, it won't be led by technicians, it will be fundamentals that adjust. i think we're in a bullish trend. i don't think anyone should try to time it. >> maria: thank you very much, joe. great to get your insight. coming up, raw emotion at the white house yesterday. president trump met with victims of gun violence in the wake of the parkland school shooting and today he's looking for solution as he meets with state and local leaders. as we take a break, take a look at futures, currently looking like this. we've seen a pretty good pick-up in the last 20 minutes as investors watch interest rates. the market is completely turning
7:29 am
around this morning, up now 30 points on the dow. back in a minute. male vo: when that hurricane hit, the entire community came together as a whole. ♪ it was such an overwhelming response to help others. no one thought that they were going to do this before it happened and everyone just did it. i think that's the way that human nature should be looked at. ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ won't let nobody hurt you. ♪ i'll stand by you.
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7:31 am
>> maria: welcome back. good thursday morning. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, february 22nd. your top stories rights now, 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. students who survived last week's shooting in parkland, florida, taking their call for action to the white house. president trump weighs measures to prevent future school massacres. watch. >> we all have different points
7:32 am
of view. we need -- the solution won't be a singular thing. >> it would be -- it's called concealed carry where a teacher would have a concealed gun on them. you would no longer have a gun-free zone. >> school teachers have more than enough responsibilities right now than to have to have the awesome responsibility of lethal force to take a life. >> maria: president trump just tweeted about this issue this morning. he said i never said give teachers guns like was stated on fake news cnn and nbc. what i said was to look at the possibility of giving, quote, concealed guns to gun adept teachers with military or special training experience. only the best, 20% of teachers, a lot, would now be able to do that. that's from the president a few minutes ago. walk a little, save a lot, that's how uber is pitching a new ride option. and reality tv star kiley jenner adding her name to the chorus slamming snapchat's redesign.
7:33 am
we'll tell you about that. mcdonald's bringing back fast food favorites including its shamrock shake. when you can get your hands on that markets are seeing wild swings this morning. yesterday's close was pretty sloppy, to say the least. the minutes from the january federal reserve meeting shows the central bank is more confident about the u.s. economy and growth. that could lead to higher interest rates and perhaps more rate hikes than previously forecast. as a result, markets sold off yesterday, down 167 points on the dow. that was two-thirds of 1%. nays back wanasdaq was down a qa percent. here's the problem. yields. interest rates. 10 year yields hit a four year high at 2.98% on the 10 year. markets this morning look like this. we're seeing a bounce this morning after that selloff yesterday. this is actually the highs of the morning right here. ddow industrials are up 40 points.
7:34 am
nasdaq is a quarter of a percent higher and the s&p 500 is 9 points higher. in europe the major indices have declines across the board. the dax index in germany is down two-thirds of 1%. in asia, markets are mostly lower. they reopened with gains after the lunar new year holiday in china, year of the dog there. topping our news, the way forward after the florida school massacre. the president is meeting with state and local officials on school safety today after an emotional forum at the white house yesterday where the president listened to survivors and parents and others affected by school shootings. they asked for understanding but they are demanding change. >> there should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it. and i'm upset because my daughter i'm not going to see again. she's not here. >> i was on the second floor in
7:35 am
that building, texting my mom, texting my dad, texting three of my brothers that i was never going to see them again and then it occurred to me that my 14-year-old brother was directly above me in that classroom where scott beagle was murdered. >> i turned 18 the day after, woke up to the news that my best friend was gone and i don't understand why i could still go in a store and buy a weapon of war. >> if you had a teacher with -- who was adept at firearms they could very well end the attack very quickly and the good thing about a suggestion like that, and we're going to be looking at it very strongly and i think a lot of people are going to be opposed so it, i think a lot of people will like it. >> i appreciate the point of
7:36 am
arming teachers. it's not something i support. i would rather arm them with the knowledge of how to prevent the attacks from happening in the first place, how do you identify the kids that are most at risk and how do we have a safety assessment program so that schools know how to deal with these threats. >> i want to like you. here's the problem. and i'm a brutally honest person so i'm just going to say it up front. when i like you, you know it and when i'm upset at you, you know it. your comments this week and those of our president have been pathetically weak. so you and i are now eye to eye. because i want to like you. look at me and tell me guns were the factor in the hunting of our kids in this school this week and look at me and tell me you accept it and you will work with us to do something about guns. >> maria: hard to watch there. joining me is the manhattan district attorney and
7:37 am
prosecutors against gun violence co-founder, cyrus vance. great to see you. thank you for joining us. this has been an important subject for you for a long time. we just heard the comments from the listening event in washington. what did you think of the listening session? >> i give the president credit for the courage to bring people into the white house and to talk with him directly. i think that's an important first step and shows that he is prepared publicly to listen. so good that he did it but what he said i think doesn't necessarily lead us to the way forward. >> maria: you mean the concealed carry issue? >> yes. the president has said he supports the concealed carry reciprocity act which is an act that passed in the house and is pending in the senate and it would permit na anyone in lawful possession of a gun in another
7:38 am
state, including some states that don't require permits at all, to bring those guns to every other state in the country. we have 50 million visitors each year from other states. that means that if people bring their concealed guns where they lawfully possess them from all over the country, they would be legal in new york city. west virginia has, for example, no permit requirement to get a gun. that makes sense for west virginia. it's a rural environment. new york city has some of the toughest gun laws in the country because we understand that people with loaded guns in the city is a whole different level of danger than in a rural area. so it doesn't make sense in new york and the concealed carry reciprocity act would force new york to a abide by the laws of rural states and it would be permit. >> maria: no permit in virginia? >> no permit in 12 states, permitless carry. >> maria: what do you say to those people who say i got it, but this is a constitutional right for americans to have a ad
7:39 am
own a firearm. >> the supreme court has never held that you have a constitutional right to take a concealed weapon and take it anywhere in the country. it has held that you have a right to have a weapon in your house for self-defense. that's the heller decision. but while those -- while the gun lobby wants you to believe that courts have interpreted as broadly as you suggest, they simply haven't. and this really is a state -- it's ironic because it's a state's rights issue. the conservatives are usually the ones who say the individual states should decide for themselves what their law should be. that's all i'm saying. i won't pr presume to tell west virginia what their laws should be. should they be able to apply their laws on new york city in this dense environment on new year's eve or in the subways or the stadiums? the answer is of course not. that's why the ccra is such a bad law and so unnecessary. >> maria: go through for us legal versus illegal. there are critics that will push back and say look, stop and
7:40 am
frisk was a good program because it eliminated all the illegal guns on the streets. you're talking about taking away legal guns. >> well, if you can bring legal guns into new york city -- >> maria: i think you make a great point, new york city and those 12 states that have no permits. >> then the folks in new york city who want to buy the guns will have an easier market. under the ccra it won't make gun possession for new york residents legal but the person who has no permit requirements will be able to bring the gun here. >> maria: have you seen that happen already? >> new york city, crime guns that come into new york city come from other states. it's a high percentage. but under the ccra, a criminal group could wake up in the bronx in the morning, drive to vermont midday, get guns without permits a and bring them back into new york city, loaded, into times square and it would be entirely legal. that's just madness.
7:41 am
>> maria: what do you think about the president calling for a ban on bump stocks? there are also demands for tighter background checks. let's get into that. >> let's get into the common sense things. there should be a ban on sale of assault style weapons. we had it between 1994 and 2004 and the brady bill, it was successful. it reduced the number of violent attacks and we should have that bill come back and be applicable today. look at all the shootings a that we've seen with these assault style we he possibles. w-- weapons.we don't need them. bump stocks, even the president i think acknowledges, they turn semiautomatic weapons into automatic weapons. we shouldn't have them. we should have domestic violence restraining orders so when a family member sees someone in their family decompensating who has access to weapons, that they ought to be able to go to court and with due process pull those guns out of the house. the intersection between mental health and gun violence is something now that every american has seen over the last several years, whether it was in
7:42 am
connecticut in newtown or parkland several days ago. we know the problem exists. we need to do something about it and not just talk about it. >> maria: there are students returning to school in parkland this week, friday. there are new rules in place. broward county sheriff's deputies are saying they're going to carry assault rifles while on school and at school. what's your take on that? what about having security people in place to actually secure the ai area with assault rifles in. >> that will be a local question for the local community. >> maria: it doesn't address what you're concerned about in terms of reciprocity. >> if someone is trained and sophisticated with a rifle and has it for a work purpose to protect other people, i think that obviously is okay. i'm not sure you want that in your schools. but that certainly would be at least security guards who would be armed and able to deal with
7:43 am
an emergent situation, because they have experience. what i would say, maria, i know time is limited. i would say this to the president. he's a new yorker. his success came from having new york be a safe place, a safe place where businesses would come, guests to his hotels and investors for his businesses. if you don't maintain the kind of laws that restrict gun access that we have in new york, that have caused the greatest decline in gun violence in new york history, we're the safest big city in america, new york's city safety and businesses will be at risk. the president needs to understand as a new yorker, he's seen how this works, how it works fairly and to basically cave in to the nra and to adopt the many loose -- the loosenings of restrictions, guns everywhere for anyone, every time, is not sensible. >> maria: do you feel the president is being open minded about the issue right now?
7:44 am
the listening session could have gone anywhere. >> he's a difficult man to read. i wrote a letter to the president with my co-chair before he went into office, outlining those areas where he talked about in his campaign we could reduce violence and trying to convince him to pursue those agendas. he's talked about these sensible measures in the past when he was a candidate. he comes from the city. we just want him to understand how important these issues are for all america but also his hometown. >> maria: and he tweeted about it this morning. he said i never said give teachers guns. what i said was look at the possibility of giving concealed guns to gun adept teachers with military or special training experience. would that work? >> listen, if the state permitted concealed carry and teachers were able to pass the requirements, training requirements and need requirements to have the gun,
7:45 am
that's for the state to decide. but i'm not sure that teachers are necessarily -- that guns are going to necessarily going to stop a crazy man with an ar-15 coming in. >> maria: we'll be watching that issue. good to see you. we'll be right back.
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
>> maria: welcome back. a british scientist claiming ant bacterial kitchen sprays and wipes may be a waste of money. cheryl casone has the details on that. >> cheryl: a scientist at the university in the u.k. saying anti-bacterial kitchen sprays eradicate bacteria from kitchen surfaces for only 20 minutes. she claims germs quickly return to kitchen surfaces if even one cell is left over and bar soap is found to be more effective in destroying bacteria. uber is launching a service called express pool. it offers cheaper fares in exchange for a little walking, so no door-to-door service.
7:49 am
it's designed to increase the number of rides for drivers. ikiley jenner is joining the chorus of snapchat users upset with the app's latest update. kiley firing off her complaints on get this, twitter. she says so, does anyone else not open snapchat anymore or is it just me? this is so sad. looks like a lot of twitter users agree. this was retweeted over 36,000 times. kiley lightened up a bit, adding still love you, though, snap, my first love. earlier this week, parent company snap announced an update that intended to make it easier for users to view things they want to see. this after a change dot-org asked the company to remove the redesign. it received 1.2 million signatures. shares of snap are down nearly 24% over the last year. finally, this. mcdonald's getting ready for st. patrick's day. they're of usually putting back into the stores the shamrock
7:50 am
shake. it's starting on the menu today. the company's got a new app to track down where it's being sold. it's really popular many you can finally by the way get your hands on mcdonald's szechuan sauce, starting next monday. it was driven in part by demand from "rick and morty" fans. mcdonald's is also launching a podcast. this is all true. shares of mcdonald's are lower in the premarket, barely. those are your headlines. >> maria: we'll look for the szechuan sauce there. thank you so much. coming up, a.i. hitting the runway, a new technology using artificial intelligence to help you shop for the perfect outfit with the perfect fit. wait until you see this. back in a minute. touch is how we communicate with those we love,
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>> maria: a.i. hitting the runway. a new platform is using a.i. visuals searching and crowd sourcing trend setters to help you personalize your look and offers personalized recommendations from retailers. we have the trend age co-founder joining us today. looks to me like this is a great idea because you don't even have to go try stuff on because a.i. will tell you what size you need and try all different colors to see what look you like best. explain how it works. >> trendage, we looked at really fun outfit games called style challenge and it's already been downloaded more than 3 million times. we show you different clothing accessories from your favorite brands in stores, anyone you would know from the shopping mall. as you click on these clothings and accessories we start displaying them on different body types so you have an stunting of how to --
7:55 am
opportunity of how to mitch and mamatch yourdifferent styles man >> maria: can a.i. tell you what size you are without trying it on? >> we can give you a recommendation on which products to purchase. so if you have a medium in one store, we start matching that to a medium in another store. >> maria: a.i. is in every industry. >> sure is. speaking of that, how about partnerships? who are you already working with and what's the future in terms of teaming up with other companies? >> we're working with well-knon retail effortretailers and bran. we start powering the recommendations. it's not just for consumer users. we also provide great data for retailers to be able to recommend better clothing on their own website and apps. >> dagen: how do you make money?
7:56 am
where does your revenue come from? >> the app is free for everyone to download. we are supported by advertising inside the game. we also have a affiliate relationships with retailers and brands we work with. in addition, the partnerships like azalea, we help them understand how to pair the clothing with other shoes and accessories. so if they have a red dress, what goes well with that? should it be nude color pump heels? they need to recommend that to the customers and users and we automate the entire process. in the past, they had to do this manually one by one. with a.i. we can do this all automatically. >> maria: we understand that there are avatars we should be looking at right now. do you have avatars. >> that's correct. >> maria: you did avatars of dagen and me. >> maker. >> what about me and steve? >> maria: so is this supposed to be dagen and me right here?
7:57 am
dagen, what do you think? >> that's correct. >> dagen: neither one of us have ever had blond hair. >> maria: exactly. >> dagen: or never will. >> what demographics or age groups are focusing on this now? >> primary demographics are 18-35 women, and we are seeing a lot of great traction with an older demographic as well. avatar's you're seeing here, it gets fun when you mix and match clothes on your personal avatar. it's a more engaging environment. >> maria: it's fun. you can see what works and whatd doesn't. thank you so much. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. i had severe fatigue,
7:58 am
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meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you. maria: we welcome back. good thursday morning thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, february 22 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, fighting for games this morning futures back and forth all morning expecting a flat opening with dow industrials right around where it closed yesterday, it was a wild one, on wall street yesterday, the dow swinging nearly 500 points from the high of the low all after federal reserve released minutes from january 31 meeting, those minutes from meeting show that central bank more confident in u.s. economy could lead to more interest rate increases than previously forecast as a result the stock market sold off dow industrials enclosuring down 16 points, s&p down 15 points nasdaq down a quarter of a percent 16 points lower in
8:01 am
europe declines across the board to look the low of the morning ft 100 down 1%, 712 points lower dax in german down 3/4 of a percent 89 points lower cac quarante in paris down a third of a percent 20 points lower in asia overnight lower for the most part china reopened after a long holiday weekend for luna new year, shanghai composite up better than 2% raw emotion at white house yesterday president trump sits down with victims of gun also very hearing stories yoodz for solutions in the aftermath of the parkland, florida school shooting. >> we'go to to do something abot this we can democrat have children die this is heartbreaking. >> should have one cool shooting, and we should have fixed it. i am pissed, my daughter i am not going to see again. >> no whether or not should go through this, every parent sends their kid to school should know without any question in their mind that they are going to be coming
8:02 am
home that at a. >> president will hold another meeting today on school safety, talking to state leaders, fords north america president out after less than a year in role after internal guys, of inappropriate behavior. misconducted there armageddon krums nancy pelosi puts foot in mouth again what she said about border wall coming up this morning, then twitter cracking down on automated accounts not without controversies some conservatives this morning are claiming legitimate followers depleted from their account. >> coming up thursday morning joining me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell foebz media chairman former presidential account steve forbes connell mcshane great to see everybody. >> big day, lots to talk about. >> well -- always. >> what is the market going to do. >> yeah. >> the big one. >> we want to talk about markets because it is all you know, based on on economy that is gets better, right mean
8:03 am
that is why market fell out of bed yesterday worried about inflation, and hiring -- >> that shows one how ridiculous it is prosperity something to be feared from the federal reserve. that they think too much prosperity not good for us want to throw people out of work to control inflation. really -- >> you are not applying it you are saying you would apply stocks here? >> i would -- i would buy stocks if i had any confidence to keep hands off the economy. >> you are worried about the fed. >> i worry about the fed i worry about a little bit about -- >> 4 1/2 trillion dollars to wind down. dagen: pick up their pace as year moves on, so demand for treasurer as much not from federal reserve at the same time you've got reckless spending, going on in washington, and a -- punch bowl of fools who will not deal with entitlement problem that is going to blow up in our faces, so again, about
8:04 am
pongs deserve some blame for it not just traditional bankers. maria: you make a really important point dagen obviously that spending bill is being talked about, a lot of corner republican we want to get to right now top story president trump making for economic growth he releasing first official economic report to congress that argues by reversing the policies of predecessor u.s. economy will be able to grow 3% a year next decade, joining me right now weigh in chairmen white house council economic advisories kevin good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> what about those rosy predictions you think 3% growth every year a decade what if recession happens you know? the growth he projections put out there people are questioning, because you are expecting that growth to cut into spending. >> right, well, no. not a rosy snair at all in fact a bottom up i think cautious read of what different models say baseline 2.2, baseline 2.2 best time
8:05 am
period he models say trajectory economy heading on when president trump was elected. >> 3, tax reform you have to agree already tax reform added a lot to economic growth this year really, improved the trajectory so we've got more to come more deregulation, we've got infrastructure invested we've got policies to increase labor force put together getting to up 3 on average next 10 years is easy to do the growth rate tails off towards end of 10 year period sort of the laws of economics. >> look, you know how i feel about the tax plan i think this is a good idea. >> sure. maria: i have talked about it a lot definitely has unleashed animal spirits particularly, the president's rolling back regulations so i get you in terms of good news here, cutting taxes for 90% country a good idea because going to stimulate growth people are worried about spending, the critics are arguing the trump administration is relying on faith-based economics let me read the journal today op-ed,
8:06 am
the cover op-ed why are america is going broke, is the headlined kevin it says federal deficit is big getting bigger we are expecting a deficit of 900 billion dollars for this year, a trillion dollars, this year almost, and for 2019 trillion then trillion-dollar deficits for 10 years out, then some. what us what do you say. >> don't forget story of deficits is mostly spending it is not the new tax cuts that changed made those numbers all of a sudden, in fact, the joint tax committee gave it a 10 year dynamic score one trillion dollars i think was pessimistic, so what is going on that we've got spending that is higher than revenues so that is something going on u.s. really a long time just a couple years in history that wasn't true i have written a lot before i got in white house about fiscal consolidation start with system like this towards reform get ducks in a row
8:07 am
improve growth prospects now that we solved one of the really big problems the tax problem we have had to rebuild military as you know the airplanes didn't have parts to fly, so on all that is coastal up front i think in median long terminal bipartisan basis hopefully for everybody to turn some kind of fiscal salvation. >> most important points this have report economic report, i mean you are reading an estimate new tax, cuts increase average annual household income 4,000 dollars i know that there are americans today, that are not seeing the boost in paychecks this is new politico, this morning, 25% of registered voters, say they have noticed spree of in pay just when 25%, but 51% say they have not, so can you explain that do you think that this is going to take time to actually -- >> well, thank you know the tax bill you saw a couple days ago above 50% americans i think that is because they are starting to see effects almost 5 million americans now have gotten bonus or pay increase
8:08 am
politically tied to tax bill by employers so this is garth momentum we expect that will continue throughout the year, because as firms locate activity here expand capital formation will create jobs and drive up wages so i think, moving forward we are going to have more in being apparent to everybody to enough people polling 50% if i told you november that the tax plan would be polling above 50 percent would you say get out of here that is never going to happen but here it is happened already i think because the change in february a wage effects from announcements are starting to be seen. what are you expecting in terms of growth, and unemployment kevin? here we are worried about the economy, overheating you see markets you know, with wild swings, because people are wondering if a stronger economy is going to lead to inflation. >> right, well it is a natural concern and something that is important to talk about, the perfect question for right now. the fact is that all the steps that the president's team have
8:09 am
taken along with congress have been supply-side steps so increasing supply cutting cost of capital, luring money back stuck offshore increasing supply, driving the economy up but not in a way inflationary millage if we followedor playbook spent billions of dollars on clunkers so on, that would be a big increase in demand would be inflationary that would he about kind of thing the fed would have to pay close attention to, because inflationary risk but if you increase supply put downward pressure on prices so that should help us, grow in this sort of 3% range for a longer period, without igniteing runaway flaigs. >> what are you going to be looking at in terms of whether or not there is a worry out there, or something on horizon, to upset this expectation that we're going to see real growth, and that growth is going to pick up over next decade. >> right, i think that the thing that -- and you cover it every month when it comes out the thing we got to keep an eye on, most of all is the
8:10 am
advance durable date got orders shimentsdz nondefense capital goods the things thatout to be lifting off capital investment in u.s. went negative the end of obama administration, we need that to turn positive, in a big way. over the last few months we have seen that they are heading exactly the direction that economic theory would predict i want month after month strong orders shipments hopefully orders above shipments means future shipments have to catch up to orders really good news capital spending if flat this year, then that would be a puzzled for people advocates of the bill. >> when is spending a priority for you because of deficits when do you feel okay, it is time to focus on entitlements now we know where the growth in spending is going, and is, we see that you know entitlement programsing medicare medicaid social security are going broke, they are going to go broke next decade or so so when do you started saying you know what we need a real plan on the table? >> right, you know that is something that i can tell you there is nobody here that
8:11 am
thinking about that watching things carefully -- but political judgments how we time this or that, not things that are run through council of economic advisories as economist i can only say sooner you address the problem the better, that we don't want to have, what happened in say greece, happen in u.s. all of a sudden they are cutting pensions because they don't have money to pay them, so at some point we have to get ahead of the curve very difficult political process last time done successfully managed by allen greenspan 50 years ago? >> wow, 50 years ago? come on give me a break! >> maybe 40. maria: not 50 years ago. >> a long time ago. maria: you may be right, 25 or 30, i will check on that. >> long time ago. maria: let me ask you this. because we are seeing the economy obviously get better, and we're seeing economic numbers come up are you expecting to money from overseas to come back in a big way i was surprised 15 1/2% repatriation and on spending side of things kevin quick
8:12 am
here i got to ask you do you i know that we had to pay for the military, paul ryan joined me other day last week basically said they had to give to get. but should they have pushed back on some of these spending from the left? to say look we can't spend additional 300 billion dollars? >> well, i think that you are right that in the long run we would be much better fiscal situation if they had been able to do that but the political judgment how to get people to agree to a deal is not something i am expert in one thing i can say last point back to 3% thing we look back at economic the president going all the way back to truman median growth forecast before president -- was gdp would grow 3.2% per year next 10 years that forecast median going back to 40s, was the forecast, of the obama administration, for the first half of the obama administration. and so our forecast which you mentioned as many in press have is rosy scenario, is actually 2/10 of a percent
8:13 am
below median forecast all u.s. history only thing we are doing is going back to normal i think the obama administration folks decided after they had regulated and tax it had economy into 1% growth that was new normal where we're going to be forever somehow now, this idea we can just have normal again is a rosy scenario something i kind of reject that i wanted to get that in at the end. >> i get you normal should be 3%, we have seen it before obviously, what my question was really about was that it was consistent every year for 10 years. i don't know how i don't know how realistic that is, i get your 3%, i agree with that we need to get back to normal levels, this economy has been served result of regulation, and bad policies, but in terms of expecting 3% plus for 10 years, isn't that a reach? >> the well, i think there will be 3 1/2, 21/2, but i think the average. maria: okay. >> % over 10 years 3% over 10 years pretty much what we should expect in normal
8:14 am
economy. >> thanks so much for joining us this morning stay with us we'll be right back. took your ae and had geico help with renters insurance- it was really easy. easy. that'd be nice. phone: for help with chairs, say "chair." phone: for help with bookcases, say "bookcase." bookcase. i thought this was the dresser? isn't that the bed? phone: i'm sorry, i didn't understand. phone: for help with chairs, say "chair." does this mean we're not going out? book-case. see how easy renters insurance can be at and made it liberating. we took safe, and made it daring. we took intelligent, and made it utterly irresistible. we took the most advanced e-class ever, and made the most exciting e-class ever. the 2018 e-class coupe and sedan. lease the e300 sedan for $569 a month
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maria: companies may get more being flexibility to start ipos cheryl casone with details,ch more companies expected to go public. cheryl: another bullish market sign weighing a deregulatory move that would allow all companies to have private talks with investors before announcing that they would go public, back in 2012
8:17 am
congress gave smaller companies freedom to test waters for ipo, but now looking to expand that benefit to all. boost number of public companies out there a delta flight delayed 12 hours, then canceled, kansas city international airport because of ice storm passengers on tarmac from 6 pm to 6:00 a.m. next day, this picture shows some people sleeping inside the plane, reports say flight canceled because the crew exceeded maximum work hours, timed out basically, one pass, jr., says she was able to get on outbound flight the next day. and then gets just a 100 dollar voucher from delt the airport says not our fault deicing is responsibility up nearly 15% from a year ago, twitter, under attack, from conservative crews kerrs
8:18 am
banned automated account users claimed being targeted by twitter twitter says only thing targeting is spam users who open multiple accounts several right wing activities complain they lost thousands of followers others say locked out of accounts completely, twitter has been criticized for allowing bots to spread russian disinformation propaganda shares of twitter more than doubled from a year ago, this, i love this if you thought microsoft founder bill gates knows it all he doesn't, turns out, the billionaire not that savvy when it comes to grocery stores discover this ellen degeneres show. >> one bag. >> 22. >> no. no? 15. 15. >> 8. >> all right. let's try it 8 dollars.
8:19 am
[applause] >> 8.95. maria: there you go. cheryl: okay, good job, if you are -- i guess you don't go to store you don't buy groceries you have people to do that for you. want 22 bucks for pizza roll? i don't know, by the way, he is on big bang next month maybe woulder years lightning up about being serious. >> that was good exercise ellen did thank you so much back to twitter because there is us a crackdown on automated accounts we talked about it earlier, we all lost followers this week you said you may not have. >> i don't know to be honest. >> dagen and i did. dagen: you called us vain because we pay attention to that i have never seen you walk by a mirror without looking in it. how many i have, probably -- >> a little bit different point of view.
8:20 am
>> i am not vain. >> right. >> -- twitter has been criticized for not doing this, i understand the -- the political breakdown of that one hundred percent fair if doing for conservatives do it for liberals but i don't see argument not doing this for everyone getting rid of accounts that can't be verified. >> do we know that -- >> our names why shouldn't everybody this is an issue, they ignored it until now. >> cover operation from james o'keefe inside. >> political. >> it is political. >> what did they find out james o'keefe. >> very open being discriminatory against conservatives. >> and so you know i lost 800 accounts got 250 back i think it is a very -- >> you i think they took them verified them that is why got them back. dagen: some of i have reported threats to twitter they ignored them said that is not hate speech not a threat. >> f-bombs they like to throw,
8:21 am
report that they didn't respond, okay. we will take a break when we come back house jierminority leader nancy pelosi wait till you hear this that is all i can say, back in a minute. who's the new guy? they call him the whisperer. the whisperer? why do they call him the whisperer? he talks to planes. he talks to planes. watch this. hey watson, what's avionics telling you? maintenance records and performance data suggest replacing capacitor c4. not bad. what's with the coffee maker? sorry. we are not on speaking terms. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides
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maria: welcome back now we go to the latest onboard security must ow grass occurring interview nancy pelosi had a suggestion for alternative to board wall. >> what makes sense not from our commitment to a promise that we are going to build awall mexico is going to pay for it. that is never going to happen but let's talk about where the more serious structure might be necessary mowing grass so people can't be smugged through the grass, that is --
8:25 am
>> joining us this morning to talk more about that news correspondent leah gabrielle good to see you. >> good to see you. maria: mow grass your take? >> it would certainly make things look prettier i think that it is -- it is ease to take out of context for one thing nancy pelosi is being hers being political, and so she is basically saying the opposite what president trump said about building a wall important to security kind of look from side of it that she is purely being political. i think what she was actually trying to get at is not as ignorant as it sounded in fact, are -- [laughter], board say they need to be able to see other side of the wall part of the reason that some proper prototypes you see through them what is coming blm this is you took about 2000 miles across four states from gulf of mexico to pacific ocean rough terrain rio grande, just
8:26 am
to build a flat wall i think a lot of people realize that that is not necessarily going to be the best idea what is important right now is for politicians to come together, recognizing this is a major issue with our border, needs to be security and technology at this point needs the to be involved doing this. what whether be ice, at the board, weighed in immigration initiative said about keeping america safe watch. >> i am not running a apparently contest i wouldn't be in this job we are enforcing laws by congress we don't conduct raids we conduct target enforce operation don't knock down doors, every person we arrest we know exactly who we're going to arrest day will where we are going to arrest them based on intelligence work. >> people across border we can't send them back. >> has not been enforced in the past started happening more and more under obama administration caught and then released told going to court told to report, on this date
8:27 am
and time nobody works then replaced with some sort of you know, family that was in the country, perhaps, illegally and this ballooned has grown but good to hear a that from ploirp i think a lot of people in this country want to see something done when it comes to illegally immigration a want to see immigration policies going to be enforced i think important to people trying to cross borders you are going to risk your life to get here, and then you are not going to be able to get if or you are turned around deported this is important message for it is a psychological message the wall, by the way, in many ways is a psychological barrier importance of it. >> don't want to do it trump's idea. >> it is if obama come out said this they would say what genius. >> point you look at in my experience intelligence operator i think about security what really gives us strong security, and you need more than a physical wall a
8:28 am
big recognition at the time, this time we have technology using drones very important, i personal think needs a command center in charge of board security that involves technical surveillance. >> come in overstaying visas what do we do enforcing visas, overstaying. >> i think more than if you look at numbers that we've seen on ms-13 i don't have exact number people come overstay visas, ms 1 a really big problem in this country -- ms-13 i have seen reports showing that 300,000 central american family continuing to come to the country unabated for years this is a big part of the reason we are seeing, the violence that we're seeing, from groups like ms-13. >> overstay visa. >> come here unexpand alien children. >> a significant number that is where illegals come from they have a legal visa get -- >> they come. >> chunk of it.
8:29 am
what are we doing to enforce that. >> ms-13 talk about that according to washington examiner the gang fueled by 300,000 illegal immigrants tied to 207 murders since 2012 many worried about this ms-13 allegedly people talking about -- >> a lot sort of the areas where ms-13 is concentrates unexpand alien children came prosecute which he came here illegally virginia california, new york, long island maryland, basically seeing that they were encouraged by the gang leadership to use those policies and procedurto c illegally the numbers from center for immigration studies is showing that 506 ms-13 gang members arrested or charged
8:30 am
with crimes in 22 states, and 207 accused of murder, murder a gang came in 80s from el salvador. >> scary. >> in 2005 they clamped down the obama administration policy things eased off weren't allowed to enforce policies, and to use the task force between ice and local law enforcement that had been developed, to -- to rid of m1 13 people only deported if serious crimes. >> outnumbered illegal border crossings every year since 2008 according to latest data that fiscal 2016 about three quarters of a million foreigners who overstayed visas a year later about half a million illegally people in this country just in one year
8:31 am
of visa overstays. >> is is there any -- ms-13 breaking the back of it? are they using rico? as with organized crime in 1970s? >> how much progress are we making busting this gang. >> big question, just in studio said new york is very safe right now but m1 13 a black mark on that ms-13 one of the most dangerous today. >> like, an example where they can -- human about trafficking issue families set up find homesteads for kids that are coming in. >> the crime seeing are murders attempted murders human trafficking drug about trafficking sex travengs gangs uses intimidation 207 accused of murder how well doing trying to fix a problem that blooped under obama administration. >> thank you, coming up mark
8:32 am
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, thursday, february 22 top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, futures this morning look like this, we've got a rally now, from the lows, we
8:35 am
are expecting a flat opening, for broader averages dow industrials up 25 points initial jobless claims report coming in 222000 in latest week, we've got a market that is bouncing after a big o sell-off yesterday in europe however declines are sustaining and your looking at european indices down across the board at lows of the session right now ft 100 down better than 1% dax in germany down almost 1% cac quarante in paris down a third of a percent in asia overnight most of lower exception of china shanghai composite standout reopening with gains after the lunar new year holiday, roku shares rocketing the stock n plunging this morning, more than 20% on weak guidance to look where it is edit now down 19% on roku. on that earnings comment, ford north america president out less than a year in the job move after internal investigation of inappropriately behavior
8:36 am
misconduct, decline of gm "the wall street journal" taking a closer look at jeff immelt tenure as ceo how he masked bad news at the company. >> mark cuban fined nba telling him pay up oft comments about losing, golden knights of the u.s. women hockey team a nailbiter shoot-out we will tell you about that, and the highlights, stay with us on that, but first want to turn to wall street this morning, looking at pretty good move here upward, after a sell-off yesterday dow, of course, sharply lower yesterday, this morning dow is expected to be up 21 points the open, but yesterday, it was all about the fed, investors concerned about higher interest rates, because the minutes from january federal reserve meeting came out showing traditional bank more confident in the u.s. economy could lead to more interest rate hikes down the road, joining us right now former a regular economic advise ohr art laffer thanks for joining us. >> what a team we've got colin dagen steve three fates of my goodness. >> we did that this morning
8:37 am
amazing panel are you as worried as seems the markets have been on inflation, on higher interest rates case as an academy gets better and grows, you are going to see higher wages, you may see inflation? >> well you may see that but you know what there is ease solution to it i think, just what we need strong dollar we don't the control of the monetary base we don't because of bernanke and yellen when we don't have that only way to really control things is using the exchange rate, and dollars have been weak that makes me worry, about but i don't think going to stay weak long i wish this administration would go for king dollar when you have a strong currency a strong country economy you can't with a weak currency. >> steve mnuchin told us a weak dollar better for trade. >> do you think mnuchin lender lesson a chance to teach the truth of these things? >> last time ifrs with him tax bill he did really, really well on that steve better tax bill than i imagined we would get no, now we have more work
8:38 am
on good sound money you and i agreed on this forever this very important, we get sound money get the correct interest rates, you don't want low interest rates like yellen brnkey did that is the ridiculous, then no supply you don't want too high interest rates you get no demand, there is a goldilocks rate just right where markets reflect the equilibration between demand and supply not there yet higher interest rates not because of inflation we need it because of returns rising to resting better economy. >> do you worry about federal reserve trying to control the economy, overheating all that kind of nonsense. >> all my life that is what i worried about steve, all my life, all my -- have been, fears realized i mean, we have seen the worst stuff in the world but we muddled through stoovr i think monetary system much better today under powell than yellen i know yellen great her husband a classmate of mine fine, fine people just got a bad model, i think powell would be the be as bad.
8:39 am
dagen: art, you have jay powell now tasked with unwinding undoing unprecedented intervention in markets by the federal reserve with the balance sheet, still at four trillion dollars, and this again letting the treasurer mortgage securities roll off balance sheet this ball really gets rolling later this year. >> 50 billion dollars, every month, and you know what? nobody on planet earth i don't care how many degrees that you have nobody on earth knows what is going to happen, to our markets, and interest rates, as that happens. >> i thought there was some guy manchuria does no, i didn't meet him yet just teasing you, the problem is you've got to roll assets off balance sheet ridiculous ever put on there, now that they are on there we've got to undo quantitative easing one, two, three operation we have to undo to come back to sounder money than we had, i would
8:40 am
like to run monetary policy off exchange rate we have a king dollar a strong currency keep inflation expends down like we did with really president reagan from 78 to 85 during that period i appreciated 67% will keep inflation low as then we had a huge boom strong dollar falling interest rates what more can you ask for. >> are you going to call treasury secretary you made him a student of taxes can you do it on money on dollar. >> i lost his phone number steve you have he can you -- [laughter]. dagen: you can't unbreak that egg that is the problem he already said it. >> yes, you can. of course, you can unbreak the egg we should unbreak the egg, and that is what we should be doing right now unbreaking that egg we need to go back to sound money and i think the guy on -- steve forbes my
8:41 am
expert on money. >> you are not worried you believe in 3% growth numbers for so years out. >> i think they are exceptionally pessimistic if you want the honest an kevin hassett one of the finest people i know great economist works for government means employee so he can't say what he probably really believes, i would guess secretly with a little you know old-fashioned or something would tell us that he thinks growth rates could be much higher than thatp under kennedy over 5% under reagan after tax cuts took affect well over 5% 6 1/2 years come on these types of ubs in are not impossible, you no would i be happy with 3% growth over decade, sure i would be i think there is a good chance it will be higher than that. >> good chance hire than that when? >> over next decade. >> okay. all right. >> i think you know, i think the growth over the last two presidents, obama, w, obama, bad presidents from standpoint of the economy, and we can
8:42 am
offset that get back to real growth in america. productivity 3.2% when clinton left office zero when obama left office yikes! you can't do better than that maria come on. maria: thank you, great to talk to you. >> thank you very much really fun to speak with you -- >> want to get to washington emotional listening session took place at white house yesterday students parents teachers affected by gun violence demanding change as they sat with the president blake burman live at white house right now with the very latest blake, good morning mow. reporter: good morning to you as well children, teenagers begging for action as they fought through tears yesterday. 18 yearly samuel weisukanya krishnan telling president trump he lost his best friend. >> i don't understand why i could still go in a store buy a weapon of war. ar. i was reading today that a person 20 years old walked you can into a store and bought ar-15, five minutes with
8:43 am
expired id. how is that that easy to buy that after columbine sandy hook. >> 15-year-old justin gruber he can texted father good-bye message during shooting made the point wednesday that kids his age born into a different world. >> 19 years ago, the first school shooting columbine, high school, happened. i was born into a world where i never got to experience safety. and peace. there needs to be a significant change in this country. >> 18-year-old pollock one of 17 killed last week her father flanked by boyfriend and brothers. >> 9/11 happened once. they fixed everything. how many schools how many children have to get shot?
8:44 am
it stopped here with this administration and me. i am not going to sleep until it is fixed. >> nicole of-year-old son dillon murdered at sandy hook elementary school this warning to the president. >> i implore you consider your own children, you continue want you don't want to be me no parent does. >> this morning the president is trying to clarify one of his most controversial positions yesterday, arduousness some tleechz with guns tweeteding out if potential "sicko" shooter knows a school has a large number of very of weapons talented teachers others shooting the skiko will in every attack that school cowards won't go there problem solved must bes offensive defense alone won't work i will strongly push comprehensive background checks emphasis on mental health raise age to 21 end
8:45 am
sale bump stock congress in mood to finally do santa mariaing on this issue i hope another listening session later this morning with state and local officials. maria: blake we will see you later back in a minute.
8:46 am
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8:48 am
>> welcome back being disaster of the morning plunging despite better-than-expected earnings report what they said employ what is next that is hurting the stock gerri willis on the floor gerri. >> that is right, you are seeing down dramatically reported yesterday, when you look at 10 million dollars stock down 18%, keep in mind a company supplies technology, into one in five in the country no small thing one of the fastest growing businesses in the country streaming,
8:49 am
president of ford america forced out after internal investigation showed inappropriately behavior to women doing better this morning er here is what was said we made decision after a thorough veal consideration for -- providing nurturing, culture, expect to fully up hold this not in a vacuum in december ford apologized for sexual harassment at chicago factor, remember that? >> for sure, gerri thank you, gerri willis latest on floor of new york stock exchange there is ge, "the wall street journal" pulling back the curtain how former ge ceo immelt misrepresented true finance minister health cheryl casone with details, and did he do it knowingly or just think everything was great. cheryl: maybe what when you want just good news that is what you want to communication brief that is how you manage that is what journal is asserting in this investigation, they say in
8:50 am
journal credible piece jeff immelt used what some call as many theatre to mask what was truly happening concurrent former ge executives tell news he and delz patrolled culture of confidence overlyoptimistic, and immelt told a gathering in sarasota ge is strong very strong company stock tells a different story falling over next six months, stock market at the same time was hitting a string of incredible records, and look at this stock, ge shares down more than 50% from a year ago below 15 bucks, maria also, it is not just it talks about management style at the time. and that the success bread into how he gave direct irreverence if you are listening to ceo want positive news, you are going to deliver
8:51 am
the best you can but projections ended up being overlyoptimistic board did not know what was going on. >> sad for anybody worked there you thought a safe haven. >> on recess may executive that was a golden key. >> now the stock high 59 3/4. >> incredible. >> it wasn't a problem with company that jack welch built it was the man who it was handed off to run it spent his first years trying to unjack ge. and it was a -- again, a debacle from beginning to end. >> that was big mistake cheryl thank you we'll be right back. i needed legal advice for my shop. that's when i remembered that my ex-ex- ex-boyfriend actually went to law school,
8:52 am
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maria: welcome back, what a day for team usa winter olympics the highlights now good morning.
8:55 am
>> check this out span of this hours, team usa won nine metals 38 years to day gold if olympic hockey women's usa gepz canadian americans trailed 2-1 late in third american twin sister took over monique miranda game tying goal 2-2, scoreless to minute overtime the shoot-out 6th round twin sister davidson scored go ahead goal rules the goal team uswins 3-2 first goal in event for americans since 1998 gold metal amazing stretch usa from 12 to 21, in a span of this hours look at all these metals, while lindsey vo lindsey vonn accounted for browns did not fair well in slalom, made early mistake in slalom did not metal likely
8:56 am
final olympics race team usa silver, mastered the slalom came back finished in second place for a silver, now poong pyeongchang, snow bordering record with third metal how about women's cross-country team led by 35-year-old randle the only mother among delegation ofs athlete in south korea fifth final olympics helped team usa win first gold metal in cross crunch. >> the mark cuban in trouble find 600,000 as there are saying he told players better to lose than win speaking of hall of famer irving on podcast candidly said that the best for the dallas massive rikz players lose instead of winning talled tanking in nba,
8:57 am
silver did not like what mark cuban said find cuban 600,000 dollars he accepts punishment, first says i am probably not supposed to say i had dinner with a bunch of guys the other night we aren't competing for playoffs so he told them better to lose than win. >> all right. thank you, jared max sports reports 24-7 siriusxm 115. we'll be right back to central new york. and turning the airport into a first-class transportation hub. all while growing urban areas into vibrant places to live and work. across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit
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that's for joining us great show. good stuff. thank you for this, my pocket constitution where i keep it close to my heart reminder of what rights are guaranteed to us. but important we need that reminder today of all day. have a -- great day everybody. here's "varney & company" and ashley webster take it away. >> thank you and i'm ash stew is out again today but make no worries about it we've with got you covered he's the story. wild swings continue in the stock market. the dow moved more than 400 points in just a couple of hours before closing down triple digits yesterday. the question of the day now, is volatility here to stay? right now, the market showing a slight improvement to futures showing we're up about 60 point but, of course, you never really know where it's going or how it's going to end the day. the the trading we'll be all over that as usual. amazon as we like to do every day that stock is clear


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