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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 27, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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ndou yr phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. charles: no doubt about it now here is lou. lou: it is great to be back with you. the dems getting their chance to rebut the republican intel memorandum in word ofs of president trump, it was a total bust. their 10 page document exposing congressman adam schiff as a leaker if not the leaker, confirms that highly politicize obama fbi and justice department with held critical information from fisa court. we'll have a full report for you. also, supreme court today refused to rule on daca instead, instructing liberal 9th circuit court of appeals to
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expeditiously deal with the decision. that ruling only a temporary setback, president trump correctly pointing out his administration is likely to win once the supreme court takes up the case after 9th circuit court appeal process is completed. and mexico's president throwing a his hissy fit, canceling a to washington because president trump still insists that mexico pay for that wall, mexico president slowly learning when president trump makes approve is, he sticks to it -- and makes a promise, he sticks to us, and joining us, these gusts t gust s -- gift gifts join us. despite worst effort of deep state and hell bent dems, congressman matt gates, judicial watch chris fairly, fox news
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legal analyst gregg jarrett with us, and ed rollins and washington times charlie hurt on power of google, amazon, apple, facebook and how can we stop their dominion over our planet. our top story, the american public would know little about subversive effort of dems and deep state if not for effort of house intelligence committee and chairman nunes, to expose obama administration and whether it knew about the des credited trumps do dossier. -- now house intel chairman devin nunes has given top obama officials until end of this week to respond to a list of critical questions he and his committee
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want answered this weekend democratic momento serving to confirm that obama era fbi and doj relied on lies contained in steel dossier, catherine herridge with our report. reporter: current and former government officials, james comey, john brennan, james clapper have until friday to say when they knew the dossier was funded by dnc . >> if they don't answer though 10 questions truthfully, and fully yes. reporter: responding to republican allegation that fbi, justice department were guilty of surveilling abuses in the campaign. democrat counter memo was released over week end, concluding was there
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intelligence beyond trump dossier. >> fbi acted appropriately in seeking a war a warrant in cartr page. reporter: democrat say multiple sources that are redacted corroborates do areaal -- dossier allegations, conflicting with comey's testimony. 3 months after the warrant he briefed incoming president at trump tower and considered dossier unverified. democrat emphasis that fisa court whether or no knew it wasl document it was withheld because of fbi city dig to protect sources. >> we can't have a secret court operate like this in american. reporter: republican memo said mccabe testified that bureau would never have -- without dossier, democrat, challenge
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finding and a passing reference in press relief fact sheet. lou: thank you. >> from washington. >> our first guest has been working tirelessly to sound the alarm on deep state corruption, at fbi and bo yond. we're -- beyond, we're joined by congressman matt gates from florida. higheserves on a number of committees, let's begin with democratic response, on the intel committee, what you make of it. >> well, let me say, as a fan of the show, it is great to have you back, i appreciate you having me on. democratic memo is politics, wrapped in circular logic, claim that republican memo that cash at dnc was convertible to a government sponsored warrant to staspy on american citizens. in democrat memo you don't see
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hillary clinton's name or the dnc mentioned once. they ignored the fact that in memo prepared by senators grassley and graham, fbi agreed to declassify the admission this was a significant portion of the warrant to spy on american citizens. lou: indeed. there is so much to clean up. when we look at the striking thing, to me about that memo, certainly, is that it does not directly contradict anything that the republicans memorandum set forth. makes it clear that smear research firm of gps, and fusion, was clearly involved in a smear against the presidential candidate, donald trump. then that was used by the fbi,
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and the deputy of justice -- department of justice before the feesa court, this is reaching levels that are irresistible it seems when you consider calling for a second special counsel. or further investigation by the doj itself. >> you are right. and democrats trying to explain the fbi's conduct, are in a rhetorical tailspin, i recall when adam schiff was reading dossier to record as if it was magna carta now you have him trying to deemphasize the role of the dossier, and getting war awarwarrant to spy on american citizens, we have to find out who was engaged in the impro imr practices, and i think some people will go to jail. lou: it appears a large number of people perhaps, talking about reading that document as if it
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were the magna carta. and adam schiff, president categorized as a bad guy is same fellow calling for accountability on part of president obama acknowledging in earliest days of the competing if you will, contrasting memoranda from republican party, then now, the democratic party, making it clear that president obama bore great responsibility for not responding to intervention in our electiontion. >> you are right, that is why, the great work of devin nunes and intelligence community is so important, we have to get answers to critical questions of what knew what when. if you think about presen precee set here, we can never let it happen again.
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lou: devin nunes, he said it correctly, we have a secret court, that is now politicized, has been exploited for political purposes by obama administration, and without anyone being held to account. do you think that will change in the ensuing weeks and months now? >> it should. we should come together as republicans and democrats, to fine reforms that would improve fisa process this say secret court with no defense attorney, you can see how politics infected this process. you had someone in bruce ohr shuttling in information because his wife of the hired by people funded by the democratic party, we should never let that happen, this is important we continue to investigation. lou: and as you well know,
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interesting that wire we're now in what chairman nunes calls phase 2. but an island on to itself, u.s. state department gone all but unexamined in this process. >> that will change. the state -- there were elements at state department that funds fudge -- funded as hillary clinton for president campaign. with way they intertangled with web hillary clinton conspirators we'll need to know what we need to do to drain the swamp, most people who work for fbi on state department do a great job on frontlines, but at head shed there of the far too much politics. >> congressman gates thank you for all you are doing, your hard work. and good to see you here.
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>> thank you. lou: coming right back with more stay with us. >> house intel chair devin nunes blasting dems for fails to disclose who funded the discredit the dossier. >> they are saying it is okay for one party to essentially get dirt, use it to spy on there are party. that is never going to be okay in america. lou: gregg jarrett takes up what the dims are hiding next. >> president trump warns he is prepared to act if congress fails to make our schools safer. >> bump stocks, i am writing that out myself. >> we take up president's leadership when we continue stay with us, we'll be right back. so, from the two trucks over here... i want you to pick a new truck for your mom or dad, knowing that they could possibly pass it down to you one day. cool. but before you decide, you should know that chevy silverado's are the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road.
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lou: broward county sheriff scott israel is under assault, battling calls for his recessioc -- resignation after a long list of mistakes before the parkland school shooting. deputies received 18 calls warning them about cruz. and as many as 4 deputies
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reportedly remained outside of the school during the shooting. but sheriff israel remains defiant, and continues to blame inch from local politicians to the nra. for the failure during the mass shooting. >> expwowr supreme court today d to take up trump administration appeal to end daca. president trump blasted the decision, which kicks the case back to the left wing 9th circuit courts of appeals. >> nothing is as bad add ninth circuit. >> really sad every case filed against us in 9th circuit, we lose we lose, then we do find in the supreme court. but what does that tell you about the court system? it a very sad thing. lou: sad court system. frustrating often. joining us now, fa fox news legl aanalyst gregg jarrett, start
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with ruling of supreme court kicking back, a request for a expedite hearing. gregg: not a surprise, i would not read anything into it, they hate to litigate cases that have not been fully reviewed in the lower court, this one has not. if you want to make a lot of money always bet again the 9th circuit. lou: they have a reverse rate of 80%. gregg: they are awful. but also, congress, may act, it seems like a long shot, that would render any decision by court moot, they don like to decide cases unless they have to. lou: i got that number right. isgregg: see. lou: i surprised myself. gregg: other part, is daca unconstitutional? it is, it was passed by executive order by barack obama. he did not have the power, only
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congress has the power. >> even though it may be a technical decision on part of supreme court, to kick it back it 9th circuit court it gets reversed 80% of the time. kick it back to the supreme court -- what sense does this make? they are leaving in place an order by a president that is unconstitutional. gregg: of course. lou: and no foundation. and no record of being right about much. gregg: you said it beautifully. lou: thank you. gregg: if it ever gets in front of supreme court, they will uphold power of president trump. to do what he wants here in getting rid of an an know unof - unconstitutional executive order. lou: as a lawyer you must smile a lot watching this.
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gregg: i went to law school a couple blocks away from the 9th circuit, they were bad then, and worse now. lou: now to the i.c.e. raids. and the mayor warning the illegal immigrants that i.c.e. will raid them. gregg: she is violating a felony criminal statute. it is again the law to harbor, she'lshield or conceal someone e illegally. i think it is about time -- >> doesn't she look like a felon. gregg: time that dodg doj start prosecuting, mayors, police chiefs and sheriffs for providing sanctuary? lou: what is taking the trump justice department, attorney general sessions, what is taking him so long to get machinery to resist and overcome the sanctuary cities. and their silly ordinances --
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ordnances. gregg: one gets impression that jeff sessions is no longer in charge of the department of justice. lou: rod rosenstein? gregg: right, i have talked to people, they do not pain a pretty picture about his level of competentes. lou: wow. should we infer likelihood of change coming soon. gregg: i think for good of country ji jeff sessions shouldo the right thing sti sketch asid- step aside, when in is more energy and more awareness of what is going on to take the helm. lou: two most respected congressman in house of representatives have been calling for, that others as well. without even a reply or a respond. gregg: i think that president probably regrets not accepting the letter of resignation that
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sessions submitted last spring. wishes he could do a do-over on that one. lou: i know that president you know, tough on himself for having apoint offed jeff session -- appointed jeff sessions to that job, there is no basis for any other decision, he was helpful to president. like he was loyal, and team player. very quickly, because i want to be a team player, and my producers are just, they are yelling at you. gregg: yes. lou: for me to wrap. quickly, the dem intel respond. to the republican memorandum. what do you make of it? gregg: i thought dossier itself was hilarious. but adam schiff's memo is so laughable, you have to keep reading, if you are down you will feel up, you will get a
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good laugh, it is poorly written, a sloppy, amateurist, he must not not have been much a lawyer in california, he did you inspect point out anything. lou: all right, gregg jarrett thank you so much. >> gregg: thank you. lou: vote in tonight's poll, do you believe that dem's memo demonstrates they have no defense again charges of clinton and obama corruption and collusion? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs, and follow me on twitter. like hig he to facebook, on wall street stocks with sharp gains, a big rally. the dow jones industrial surge 399 today, s&p up 32, nasdaq up 84, volume on the big board 3. pour billion shares this week is off and and running in the right direct, more problem for general
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electric, shares hitting lowest level since 2010 after company announced it will be restating lower two years of earnings. a reminder, listen to my report three times a day, coast to coast on the salem radio network. >> coming up next, mexico president canceled a trip to washington, he got testy about our president reminding him who is paying for the wall. our list of grievances is mexico is longer than mexico's with us. we'll take it up with ed rollins, right after this. stay with us. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. but i'm not standing still...
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rleft leg; left arm.. both legs above the knee. both legs; part of my left hand. i lost both of my legs in iraq. these 9/11 veterans are just a few of the heroes we serve at homes for our troops. for nearly 2,000 severely injured veterans, everyday life has become filled with barriers. so we build specially adapted homes with features like wheelchair access, roll-in showers,
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and pull down cabinets that allow them to function independently... and focus on their recovery and family. this life-changing gift of freedom is provided mortgage-free to these veterans, thanks to our donors and supporters. but we need you to join us too in completing this important mission. please visit and help build homes and rebuild lives. lou: an extraordinary power grab by china's president xi jinping.
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china has agreed to abolish time limits. but the international media has labeled him a strongman, they have never said he is a communist dictator. they say things like he got rid of term limits. you can't make up our national mainstream media. they don't know how to talk straight even about come commies. pena nieto still testy with the president about paying for the wall. but should the united states be testy with him about the millions of illegal immigrants that cross the border at the
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behest of the mexican government and the tens of billions of illegal dwrugs that controls the border everybody year? or $26 billion in remittances go to mexico just last year? what about the tins of billions in trade deficits. and he's getting testy with president trump? are you kidding me? joining me, the world's leading political analyst. great to have you here. ed: the xi story is a very significant story. you now have four or five of these major major players that have longevity. he'll be there for 20 years. putin will thereby for 20 years. they can do whatever they want
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to do. the iranians, the egyptians. it's a good thing we have donald trump. for one simple reason. lou: he's our strongman. ed: trump's foreign policy is very simple. whatever obama and hillary and john kerry were for, we are against. we need someone who its strong. if president pena nieto doesn't want to come visit us, so what? you don't like a harsh phone call? so what? lou: mexico acknowledges they have the highest number of murders per year, but they put a number a third to the fifth of the actual number. we are talking 100,000 people
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disappearing in mexico because of the cartel wars. a government corrupt. and he gets testy about a phone call with the president of the united states. this joke is getting so large that it's going to encompass the entire 2,000-mile border. but 2,000 mile from sea to shining sea border. that's a joke. ed: in a year, year and a half they lose more in the cartel wars than we lost in vietnam. they are talking about drugs they want to make to sell here and they are killing their own people. lou: and they are killing a hell of a lot of ours.
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the president was the first in the campaign to bring up the opioid crisis. it's a disaster. and yet we don't hear anything from the democrats. we are worried about gun control. they have children out in the streets marching. children, many of them in high school and south florida. this is a democratic party, if i may pivot to the democratic party, that has lost its mind. they are against tax reform and a booming economy and american working. ed: their goal in the state of california which is my home state originally, they could notr not endorse -- they could not endorse anyone running for statewide office including dianne feinstein because they weren't leftist enough. lou: you get the feeling there is a greater affinity in
4:33 am
california to russia and china in terms of idea on they than there is to the rest of the country. ed: i'm sad to see that. but it's gotten pretty bad out there. national democrats are the same way. when you look at bernie sanders being the frontrunner of their party web's a socialist. lou: how about eat ellison, the d what about keith ellison, the vice chair of the dnc. what a bunch to draw to. ed rollins, thanks for being here. ed: missed you. interesting times we live in. lou: they are interesting. we have -- something we haven't had for a long time with this man the white house, we have a fighting chance. ed: yes, we do.
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lou: little adam schiff's memo turns out to be a big bust. president trump: he'll have a committee meeting and leak all sorts of information. he's a bad guy. but certainly the memo was a nothing. lou: we take up the desperate dem's efforts to cover up their corruption with chris farrell of judicial watch. and this daredevil managing to shake things up, then flying away to tell the tale. we'll show you the amazing video from vance
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lou: the house intelligence committee investigating ties between the obama administration and the russian dossier. asks are being asked when they knew the dossier was funded by hillary clinton and the dnc. >> i said all along i thought the obama administration should have done more. at that time we couldn't get the obama administration to acknowledge the russian interests force. think were wary to put their hand on the scales in the
4:39 am
election. they did make an acknowledgment the following month, but it wasn't enough. lou: he's acknowledging that the president of the united states in 2016, barack obama, did not do a thing about russian interference in the he new mexico of which he knew. >> this is concurrent with the same time hillary clinton and her husband were involved in uranium one. so this is a pattern and practice. schiff is in a tough spot. he's got the last presidential candidate from his party and the party itself funding a campaign to smear the political opponent while manipulating the judicial
4:40 am
system and co-opting the fbi. the objective offing this memo toys blur and muddy the water and make declarations in the memo that you have sworn testimony from the disgraced fbi director and fired deputy director mccabe under oath saying the dossier was the foundation piece for the fisa warrant. go read the crazy strzok-page text messages. what more do you need? lou: the question is, why isn't there an active investigation of the fbi, its leadership, and i'm not a fan of congressional investigations, but i don't know who the hell else to turn to here. >> give mr. nunes credit because he moved the ball down the
4:41 am
field. i agree with you, for the most of part they are a waste of time. but there is one good exception. lou: we have given devin nunes and the house intelligence committee all the credit in the world. because without judicial watch and the house intelligence committee, where the hell are the american people? we are the mushrooms that they keep throwing that stuff on top of us and keeping us in the dark, and the national left-wing media is content to let us stay there in that state. >> it's a thundering style on the left in has been no real substantive reporting on this dnc-hillary clinton subsidizing of a russian influence operation. there is no discussion of it. and very little attention paid
4:42 am
to the liaison or communications between the mccabe-strzok-page world of the fbi and the obama white house. they had meetings there. who is discussing that? what role did lisa monaco have in the white house as the contact person during the campaign? lou: do you recall when the obama administration sent out a new policy statement on cyber attacks effectively saying when a cyber attack against the united states is so injurious to national security, we'll respond to what while interpret as an act of war. what could be more an injurious attack on our he can lower and political system than that conducted by the russians throughout 2016? we know it went back to 2014.
4:43 am
through all of that time the obama administration was effectively acknowledging it was impotent or indifferent to respond to that attack. now, you just have to ask yourself. where in the hell are we headed? are we incapable of responding to an attack by a sovereign power like russia and china? or are we in point of fact trying to play a different game here. we have to make sense of the last five years in this country and it's hard to do without taking a look at the entire administration and its policies and decision choices in foreign policy. >> your predisposition was a race to the bottom. they wanted to define what a new normal was.
4:44 am
they want to advocate or just accepting terrorism as that's the way it will be. they had the same approach to our foreign policy leading from behind. they had the same approach from mccabe to russia. they are coming from a philosophical point of view about the denegration of the united states. so no one should be surprised. obama promised fundamental transformation and he delivered. lou: yet we have a congress made up of people who talk about bipartisanship who have focused their energies and resource of this government, particularly the fbi, the justice department, along with three crows on a wire, comey, clapper, and brennan, who then acting against the interests of the united states throughout from the
4:45 am
candidacy of president trump in 2016 to his administration in 2017 and '18. this is an afront to the american system of government and in subversion of a constitutionally elected president. >> these are self-anointed guardians of what their vision of america should be. they are disgraces. lou: why in the world are they not in jail? >> if we had an attorney general who would impanel a grand jury and move on it we might. but that's not happening. you and i have been talking about this for practically a year bhow. there has -- a year now. i'm fed up with the double talk and hearings. we need grand juries and indictments and convictions. if we don't change now and see
4:46 am
real action now, the country will continue to slide and slide toward that failed state that's on the horizon. lou: chris farrell, judicial watch, thank you for being with us. please now roll the video. we are going to show you a skier -- look how beautiful that is. my goodness. but as the lower third gives away, there is an avalanche under way. narrowly the skier escapes mother nature's wrath as he triggered an after launch. luckily he was equipped with a paragliding canopy. the california lawmaker's stunning claim that she has a duty to prevent u.s. officials from enforcing u.s. law.
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obligation to warn illegal immigrants of i.c.e. raids. reporter: she says she warned immigrants of coming raid so they could prepare. >>it is our legal right not to expend our precious law enforcement resources on assisting the federal government in enforcing in what is a civil federal matter. reporter: she encouraged illegal resident from assisting i.c.e. >> they do not have an obligation to open their door in an i.c.e. agent knocks. reporter: officials with i.c.e. say they conduct operations every day.
4:52 am
in a statement, spokesman james schwab criticized cities like oablgd saying they are not immune to federal law and they are putting the public safety at greater risk. the u.s. relationship with mexico continues to deteriorate. president pena nieto canceled his pending white house visit after he rejected a request to affirm mexico's rejection paying for the border wall. and of course the north american free trade agreement on trade.
4:53 am
lou: the media puts its bias on full display at the olympics.
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lou: in an online poll we asked, do you believe the mueller team is too corrupt to investigate
4:57 am
dem collusion and 96% of you say yes. joining us, charlie hurt. let's start with the democrat you can response. we have heard very little from the dems after they dropped that memorandum. they don't seem proud of it. charlie: it seems to be a problematic memo after they spent how many weeks bemoaning that the republican memo would reveal sources and method. then when you pick up their thing, it bled with black ink over all the places they were doing the exact same thing they were accusing republicans of having done. lou: i want to go to the olympics. i'm so delighted it's over. this is a reporter asking ivanka trump as she put it, an
4:58 am
inappropriate question, and in so doing put an nbc reporter in his place. if we can roll that. >> do you believe your father's accuser? >> i think it's a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter if she believes the accusers of her father when he has affirmatively stated there is no truth to it. i don't think that's a question you would ask many other daughters. i believe my father. i know my father. lou: i have got to believe the president is very proud when he sees that. charlie: it was a great answer and it put him in his place. the question itself, while i am not a fan of banning questions, but i say ask them,
4:59 am
it was a rude question and you know he wouldn't have. all of these press people all believe it's open season. you are allowed to say whatever want to say about donald trump and his family. he was not looking to get an answer out of her. and these days that's perfectly -- lou: we got a nice 2008 incident in which david shoeser, he was suspended for two weeks when -- david schuster, he was suspended when he suggested chelsea clinton was being pimped out when she campaigned for her mother. charlie: they were like ducks on
5:00 am
a june bug when he said that about chelsea clinton. that's it for us. thanks for being with us. >> goes across the board and it was a cyclical rally. it was industrials, transports on fire yesterday. lauren: stock surging ahead of the testimony this morning a new federal reserve chairman jerome powell. >> the dow shooting up 400 points helped by tech giants like amazon and netflix hit a new record. the dow and the s&p 3% for all-time highs. lauren: can the rally continue? you are not looking at the correct screen on pause ahead of what we


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