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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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coming in for very short interview. we apologize. "after the bell" has more on the miami bridge collapse and the markets. [closing bell rings] it may be too close to call on the s&p. may be a breaking a losing streak. david: thank you, liz. it is a wild day with other news and wall street. the dow snapping a three-day losing streak. it is ending up 115 points, well off the session highs. s&p fighting for gain in the final seconds of trading with the nasdaq closing solidly in the red. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have more on the big market movers but here is else is what we're covering during this very busy hour ahead. breaking news out of washington, knocking markets off their highs. this was the big story in the market. a new chapter in the mueller investigation. reports of subpoenas now being issued to the trump organization. we'll have a live report from the white house.
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tragedy in miami. a brand new, 9 50 pedestrian bridge collapsing this afternoon at florida international. details still coming in. rescuers at this minute are trying to find and save people who are trapped underneath. there are reports of multiple deaths and injuries. we're monitoring it. they will have a press briefing. we have an eye on it. we'll bring you updates. any information we have as we get it. david: you won't miss any information. let's have a recheck on markets from nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. nicole, it looked like markets overreacted to the mueller news but never came back to where they were up 250 points. >> you make a good point. market is headline driven. we were up 295 points on the dow
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jones industrial average but did hold on to the green, up 115 points. traders somehow take all of this in tried, knowing that the trump organization will have to work with mueller. they made it through that one. what happened in the end, the dow finished higher after three days of losses. s&p 500, four straight days of losses. we have this back and forth action. market breadth, i have to tell you market breadth has been pretty weak, three to one up volume, down volume. weakness in telecom, energy, materials, consumer stocks but we had some winners, some names with good showing. exxon able 1%. unitedhealth, -- there was interesting story walmart versus amazon. we know e-commerce is it. a whistle-blower, a former executive who was fired to pump up e-commerce numbers to compete against amazon saying, they
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issued misleading e-commerce results. he complained about it was fired and suing walmart. toys "r" us, you know it is going to be closing. look at hasbro and mattel to the downside. back to you guys. david: nicole, thank you very much. melissa: let's bring in today's market panel, heather zumarriaga and paul versano. there is a lot of risk right now. how do you assess it? >> there is a lot of risk. we are in i call the vortex of volatility. as i was preparing to come on the show, i was looking at a lot of things causing market volatility, there were so many items i had to take some notes. from russia today, to trade. any number of items that are really driving the market, both good and bad. melissa: heather. how do you sort through all of that, decide what to do? almost sound like a case for staying on the sidelines, sticking with the position you
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have and kind of watching what is going on, unless you think the risk to the downside is so significant that you have to stablize yourself for it? >> it could be. as the market goes higher, specifically stick with what is working in terms of technology. the nasdaq seems to be doing better than the other indices in yen as well as the russell two thousand. small caps may be shielded from the global tariff trade talks. i would stick with what is working. all eyes on the federal reserve meeting march 21st next week as well as political sensitivity for any news coming out of the white house right now. melissa: paul, do you believe the basic fundamentals have changed? we still have expanding economy. you talk about somebody like larry kudlow getting there, the ear of the president, he is all about lower taxes, all about growth. he understands the strong dollar. is against things that would slow down the economy. underneath it all there is a lot
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of risk out there, the fundamentals of the economy are very positive. >> i fully agree with that. that is my advice to viewers today. you need to stomach the short-term volatility and take a long-term perspective. of the first round of tax cuts are starting to kick in now. melissa: first round. >> there is a second round on the way. when you look at businesses today and you look at court america the underlying fundamentals are strong but you have to stomach the variables causing short-term volatility in the market. melissa: go ahead, david. david: to the breaking political news roiling the markets as bob mueller has subpoenaed the trump organization for documents. adam shapiro has more from the white house where the press briefing just wrapped up. that i guess was asked to sarah sanders, right? reporter: it was one of the many issues presented to sarah sanders among many.
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let's get to the statement on the trump organization, put some of this into perspective then we'll get how sarah sanders responded. the trump organization sent out a statement after the announcement of subpoena, since july 2017 we advised public that the trump organization is fully cooperative with all investigations including the special counsel and is responding to their requests. this is old news and our assistance and cooperation with the various investigations remains the sail today. but as you point out, david, sarah sanders was asked about this subpoena and here is how she responded. >> the president believes very strongly there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. we'll continue to cooperate with the special counsel and for questions specific to the trump organization i would refer you to them. reporter: there were requests about the subpoena. there were questions about the subpoena and questions about
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meddling with the election and cyber attacks not only on electric grid but a cyberattack to be costliest in the history hit europe and united states. there were questions as well about mr. kudlow who is going to replace gary cohn. here is what the president said about his new chief economic advisor. >> larry kudlow just came in a little while ago and i think larry is going to be outstanding as economic advisor. so we look forward to it. reporter: david and melissa, one thing you should know about larry kudlow he is proponent of free trade. you would think he is against tariffs but he said recently tariffs can be useful, he was referring to what happened during the reagan administration when they did use tariffs to bring trading partners to the negotiating table. mr. kudlow did work for the reagan administration. so he is on board it would appear with the tariffs we'll get with steel and aluminum but also as fox business has confirmed, the pending tariffs to be announced probably i bet
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end of the month against china. back to you. david: as a negotiating tool, as he said. melissa: right. david: adam shapiro, thank you very much. let's bring in a man that knows larry kudlow very well, david stock map, former reagan budget director and author of "trumped" joins us on the phone. david, you were the his boss a few years ago. why did you hire larry kudlow to begin with? >> i met him on wall street. he was a economist at bear stearns. he was brilliant speaker on fundamentals of low taxes, sound money, balanced budgets and small governments. that is why he came into the reagan administration. david: that is why you hired him? >> that is why i hired him. over the next three years he gave some pretty solid advice but unfortunately we all went our separate ways. and he spent 30 years on wall street and got totally confused. david: hey, look, he made a lot of money. he got in some trouble, made a lot of money at same time.
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you summarize, you tell me if i'm right and wrong, the summary you were more concerned with budget balancing. he thought that was secondary concern, once you got tax cuts there would be enough revenue coming in so you won't have to worry about the budget s that about right? >> no, that is revision it. david: i'm here to have you clarify it all. go ahead, david. >> i was really there. we were both solid spending cutters and realized that the tax cuts were a great thing but they had to be coupled with a real attack on spending. it didn't happen. david: no, it didn't happen. >> okay, it didn't happen. so as a result of that, we got giant deficits, and fortunately greenspan bailed out ronald reagan when he went into the money-printing business in the late 1980s. david: wait a minute. let me throw in my revision it thinking. i think the tax cuts had a lot to do with the boom economy that
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we had in the '80s. you say it had nothing to do with it? >> i'm saying it had a little to do with it. david: a little? >> come on, remember, we had roaring inflation when we went in. david: i remember well. >> but wait a minute, you have to allow some facts to come out to your viewers okay. the facts are we had double-digit inflation. david: david, come on. >> no, no. david: we had tremendous inflation, i'm not disagreeing with you one bit. we had this amazing off the inflation by paul volcker. greenspan came in. had very generous monetary policy. you and i both agreed it was too generous but the tax cuts clearly stimulated growth in the economy, no? >> let me finish my thought. my thought was because of that roiled inflation volcker had to drive the prime rate to 20 1/2% by fall of 1981. it sent the economy into the
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dumpers. david: right. >> the worst recession we had since world war ii. david: agreed. >> then finally when he broke the back ever inflation, he took his foot off the brake. the prime rate got all way down to 7%, by '85, '86. that was a natural stimulant that helped the economy rebound from a bad -- david: you know how tv is. we have got to wrap. we don't have much time. final word, a little bit of growth had to do with tax cuts in the 1980s, not the ma "of it? >> i agree with that. david: i'm asking you, you think it is true. >> the growth of the 1980s was about average for the last three decades. david: all right, david stockman, always a pleasure even though we disagree profoundly. we appreciate it. melissa: all right. bring back in heather and paul. paul you were just traveling outside of the country, listening to people who are
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reacting it threat of tariffs as you know we think it is being used as negotiating tool. we know larry kudlow, we know very well wouldn't stand by to let tariffs put in place. besides that, what is reaction outside of our borders? >> last week i spent a few days in mexico city meeting our clients who are largely investors and corporations. about trade, the general consensus they viewed it as negotiating tactic relative to nafta. they did not seem overly concerned but that being said in july, in mexico, our elections, so there are general market volatility as a result of that, and then the uncertainty regarding nafta and trade, potential trade tariffs on steel are also causing, contributing to some of the volatility. i also heard from some of our clients down there that they were regretting that they weren't as diversified in trade with just having the united states. melissa: how interesting. >> as major trade partner.
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and they wished they were further diversified. melissa: now they were at the mercy -- really interesting perspective. heather, what do you think? >> yeah, i think president trump promised his constituents fair and reciprocal trade and push back on illegal practices in china, against china. so that's what he is doing right now. even president obama before he left office filed 16 cases with the world trade organization against china using illegal dumping practices here in the u.s. as well as subsidizing some of their aluminum business and the unfair trading practices that china is having. i think it will be a surgical approach in the end and it's a negotiating tactic. trump is fulling through what he promised. >> that is a great point. i remember when he filed lawsuits, complaints with the wto we rolled our ice. nothing will ever come. who will stop china with all the abuse. thanks to both of you. great perspective.
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we appreciate it. >> thank you. david: let's get back to the break news out of florida. we're awaiting a press conference from the miami bridge collapse. ashley webster in the newsroom with the latest. ashley, we have to start with the fact that this bridge was put up, inaugurated last weekend. this is major engineering disaster with the human tragedy. >> this was still under construction. it was not supposed to be open until the public next year. the big hoo-ha the span was put on supports each side. look we have a bridge in place. what is interesting though that florida international university was putting this bridge in because they wanted to give safe passage for students to cross a busy highway. the company in question that is building this, munilla construction management, you accelerated bridge construction method. they were touting how great it was just this weekend.
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you see what happened. it was supposed to reduce risk to workers and pedestrians and minimize traffic disruption while being put together. this is called the university city bridge. was supposed to open to the public, students, anyone else that wanted to use it, to connect the campus to the city of sweet water on the other side. they put in 950-ton span last saturday. you see what happened today. david: one of the eyewitnesses, melissa -- thank you, ashley. >> you're welcome. david: talking about he had a friend walking on it. even if ashley said correct, the whole thing wasn't due to open for another year, people were already using it. that might have been one of the problems. but clearly engineers have something to answer for. one of the cars, we hate to think what happened to the driver in that situation. melissa: all right. we are awaiting that live press conference in miami to talk
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it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. >> my friend's sister called me, my childhood friend, he was crossing as bridge was coming down and it hit him. melissa: we're awaiting a live press conference on the miami bridge collapse. we'll bring it to you just as soon as it happened. there are some questions how this deadly bridge collapse could have happened, maybe shed some light. get perspective, oliver mcgee, former transportation department deputy secretary during the clinton administration. sir, thank you for joining us. obviously this was a different way of putting up a bridge. they moved out in pieces in one day, last saturday.
4:20 pm
there is video online the ballyhoo bringing out the bridge the way they did, is less dangerous. keep traffic clear. this company did enormous bridge in the tampa area. what is your reaction to all of this? >> thank you for having me here today, melissa. glad to be with you. i want to send my condolences and to anyone with injuries that took place in this who are risk collapse -- horrific. when i look at the accident, amtrak derailment on top of a eight-lane highway. what they were doing here, doing construction testing on the final test they have to do in the prefab bridge construction. this looks like a failure of actual -- failures at the connection point. i'm an expert in the distribution method which basically looks how stress flows
4:21 pm
through high weight bridges particularly a eight lane span bridge. when he look at pedestrian bridges not about the live load, it is about the weight. this is 960 tons, if you don't have the connections really solid and tight, do the moment distribution in prefab construction correctly you will have connection failures. this is ripple effect that it went down. the trouble, when it fell on to highway bridge. like amtrak 501, we're seeing intersection of planes, trains, automobiles but now pedestrians intersething with intermod dal transportation pieces. obviously not a huge infrastructure problem because we're trying to put in new infrastructure. but once you're building america's infrastructure we have to look how we construct and install it. we're trying to -- melissa: oliver, let me ask you, this is really your expertise,
4:22 pm
bringing these things out and making sure they're stable the way they are. they were trying to save time and not shut down. it is a huge eight-lane highway. would be major disruption to the area to have it shut down trying to do this. this is so much worse. do you think that, obviously had to have been unsafe the way that they tried to put it together and should have have stopped traffic and caused disruption for safety of the traffic in the area is your analysis. is that going too far? >> i think the way you described, it melissa, is perfect. what we're trying to rebuild and retrofit america's infrastructure we have to look very carefully at the engineering analysis involved and this engineering analysis a complex as delicate as complex heart surgery in hospitals. we have it make sure that we connect all the connections properly. we do all the stress, prestress
4:23 pm
analysis very carefully prefab construction is the way of the future. because we can't -- we have to build america's infrastructure while going down the road at 95 miles an hour. we have to be able to transport things in together. what we're seeing in civil engineering the same thing we saw in aerospace engineering. boeing builds the airplanes systems in 15 dozen places across the world. then they put it together at one point in a manufacturing center. melissa: that is really the session step. yeah. oliver, we're losing the connection a little bit. we'll let you go. thank you so much for your expertise. that was good stuff, thank you. david: one of the ironies this bridge was built specifically because there were pedestrian deaths of students crosses over the busy how way you're talking about. look what happened. melissa: he said more and more things are built like this. putting it in separate places, putting it together, this is problem across so many different
4:24 pm
industries. that was really important point. david: we may learn more vital details, specifically about fatalities and injuries. we're awaiting a live press conference from miami. we'll bring it to you as soon as it begins. along with any of the latest developments. word inside of the beltway that more personnel changes coming to the white house. we'll take you there to find out what they might be. ♪ :
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. david: the press briefing is just about to begin. we see the police department huddling with city officials in miami to explain what happened, what is the latest information they have on why that pedestrian bridge collapsed over the highway, killing several people, injuring many more, as soon as that happens, we'll bring it to you live. rumors of more shake-ups at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. president says the rumors are false and exaggerated.
4:28 pm
here to break it down is fox news white house correspondent kevin corke. i imagine somewhere in the middle of what the president said and some what some of the news reports are, right, kevin? reporter: you're on the money, david. winds of change, a man about to join the west wing, talking about a man that you and i know very well, larry kudlow. president talking about him on twitter. let me share to the folks at home. larry kudlow will be chief economic adviser as director of the national economic council. he goes onto add our country will have many years of economic and financial success with low taxes, fair trade and an ever-expanding labor force leading the way, maker america great again. kudlow began career as staff economist at the federal reserve bank of new york and served in the reagan administration among other government positions. he comes aboard here at the
4:29 pm
white house as other big names may soon be leaving. we're talking about national security adviser h.r. mcmaster. that's been out there a while. every now and again it percolates. hud secretary dr. ben carson under fire for the purchase of a dining room set that cost $31,000. white house chief of staff john kelly. the folks tell me, he's not going anywhere for the time being, maybe in a few months, who knows? and va secretary david shulkin could be shown the door. stumbles over the va including ethics violation related to trip to europe. the man many believe could replace him is a man we all know well. current energy secretary rick perry. sources tell fox news he's content over there energy. all of this is coming as former cia director mike pompeo is confirmed as secretary of state -- david: interrupting, my friend, that press conference is beginning miami. let's listen in.
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>> we have sweetwater mayor orlando lopez and commissioner martinez is present but not be answering questions at this time. >> and we have representative from fiu providing a statement. okay? so with that being said, please hold your questions to the end. >> good afternoon. obviously, we have a terrible tragedy here today. with this bridge collapse we have multiple fire rescue units on the scene. we have urban search-and-rescue technicians on the scene. technical technicians on the scene. we have live search dogs working right now. we have all of the heavy equipment we might need. four cranes and crane operators, we're in a full search and rescue mode and we'll give you more information as it becomes available. we have multiple victims. the number hasn't been determined yet. final number hasn't been determined yet and we'll give you more information on that and fire rescue is going to follow me with more details. thank you.
4:31 pm
one last statement, i've been in constant contact with mayor jimenez, he's watching a live feed and giving directions as he sees fit. thank you. >> good afternoon. miami-dade fire rescue. at approximately 1:30 this afternoon, we received a call for a collapsed bridge. our units responded to find eight trapped vehicles under the bridge. at this time we've transported eight victims to hospitals. we have many, over 100 firefighters technically trained prt and urban search-and-rescue team working on the area on the bridge to try to find viable victims. thank you. >> good afternoon.
4:32 pm
major chris of patrol of miami. just before 2:00 p.m., notified of a bridge collapse at southwest h street and 109th avenue. as units arrived we observed several vehicles that were involved as a result of the collapse. at that time, it shifted to a search-and-rescue effort. what we are asking the public to do is to please assist us by avoiding the area between southwest 107th avenue and southwest 117th avenue indefinitely as this process goes on. thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is juan perez. the director of the miami-dade police department. first and foremost, all of our thoughts and prayers go to those, the victims of this tragedy that has occurred here today. you've heard from our partners
4:33 pm
here, many other partners out here, law enforcement and firefighters have come to the aid. we thank them for efforts, fiu is here, the police department is great. our partners from sweet water and doral and so many others that have come. if i missed you, i apologize, thank the agencies supporting the efforts. right now we are assisting in the efforts. the main focus here by the fire department is to rescue people, and that is what we're assisting with by controlling traffic, assisting fhp with traffic and on standby because as soon as those evers are over, the homicide bureau will investigate the tragedy that has occurred and take the lead from that point on. the state attorney is also on standby and waiting to come in and work this case with us. for right now, that's all we have. as far as this incident. and a very important message that i have is we have established with the partnership through fiu a
4:34 pm
reunification center right here at fiu, if you want more information on that, can you contact 305-348-3481. that is the number that has been established for family members that are concerned that maybe their family members or friends are victimized by this incident. if you call that number we'll help you out. if you are one of those family members or concerned contact that number, there is an area here to respond for the family members only. fiu police are on standby to escort everybody that comes in that wants to get to the family reunification center where our victim advocates are at so that they can assist with whatever needs are required of those individuals. the last thing i would like to share is that what you heard from fhp about people not coming into the area, stay out of the area and we will advise you when the roads will be open again, for an extended period of time. i need you the media to please
4:35 pm
cooperate with us. there should be no information that's coming out regarding this incident unless it's coming out from us right here in this location. we will -- periodically update you. we do not need information that is erroneous getting out to the public because some is already getting out. what that does is complicates things. we want to be the ones that contact next of kin. we want to be able to notify family members. let us do that. we don't want family members who find out that a loved one is involved in this tragic incident because somebody puts it out in the media. please, i ask you to respect those family members, those impacted, but from the bottom of my heart, please cooperate with us today more than ever so others that are impacted are not impacted by watching it on the news. we definitely do not want that. we want it to be controlled. let us do that. we have victim advocates that are waiting to go with us so we can deliver the news, whether it's horrible news or whether it's news that somebody has survived this incident. we would like to do that.
4:36 pm
if you can cooperate with that, i would truly, truly appreciate it. thank you. >> the number? >> we're going to go spanish, all right, and don't ask numbers. nobody here is going to give you numbers, we're going to give you the phone number. we're going to post it on social media. we'll give it to you. ou pio is going to give it to you. for now 305-348-3481. i will repeat it in spanish and give it to you via social media as well. >> you want to do it in spanish as well, right? >> good afternoon, everybody, as mayor of the city of sweetwater, we stand here today in solidarity. we've had a national tragedy here on our hands with the collapse of this bridge. what was soon to become an iconic staple part of connectivity between the city and university has turned out to be a national tragedy. our hearts are here extended
4:37 pm
out to those that the victims that were actually able to be transported away as well as those that may not be walking away from the scene. i'd like to thank all law enforcement agencies as well as local government that have cooperated with us. i had numerous calls from the law enforcement agencies and first responders thank you, those are the true heroes here trying to search and save the victims that could be trapped under the bridge. it was shocking news today at 1:48 when i received word from a mechanic that works directly across from sweetwater and said the bridge just collapsed. i could hear the crackling in his voice as he was telling me this. i had to rush to the scene as quickly as possible and work with search-and-rescue agencies. one kudos that i'd like to give out is one of miami-dade police officers sergeant dolan who owns a business across the bridge. he was the first responder to
4:38 pm
get there. according to his wife, he worked on a victim for 15 minutes to maintain that person alive. thank you to all first responders as director perez was saying. try to keep all communications to this establishment and not anybody else there. has been a lot of false messages trying to get out. limit it to the message center, if you don't mind. >> can you answer whether -- [inaudible] >> we'll get to the questions at the end? >> good afternoon, i am the vice president for finance and cfo at fiu. obviously, our hearts are broken over this tragedy that has impacted a good number of people. right now, our first priority is with the family and friends of the victims and we're going to do anything and everything we can to assist them during this process.
4:39 pm
we have mechanisms in place to provide the highest level of assistance and we will provide whatever assistance is needed. i would like to echo the comments of my colleagues that have been up here. the first responders have been absolutely amazing. they've been here in just a matter of minutes to assist those in need. we have, and will continue to work with them as well as the appropriate governmental authorities as this tragedy is investigated. thank you. >> spanish. [speaking spanish] . david: of course, the area around this where the bridge collapsed at florida international university is a big hispanic population. very interested in knowing
4:40 pm
what's going on. that's why you're hearing it in spanish right now. we didn't get any specifics on fatalities. we did get word of eight wounded that have been sent to area hospitals. we don't know the condition of their wounds right now. we do know that there are eight vehicles that are still underneath that collapsed bridge. we're also finding out details of exactly why it was in place and whether it should have been in place and whether it perhaps was put out there prematurely causing it to collapse, but those details are yet to come. melissa: repeatedly saying there is false information that they've heard bad reports and want only the information to come from them because obviously people see things on the internet or say things to the camera and it's not coming directly, but then they didn't go as far as to correct the false information that's out there, and we assume they're going to get questions in english later and see if any more of that information comes out. we want to correct what could be false that's out there. let's go to ashley webster in the newsroom.
4:41 pm
reporter: what was interesting, melissa, they said at the very top there, we are still in full search and rescue mode, and we know they're still trying to get to those, we believe, it could well be someone trapped underneath that collapsed bridge. as david said, eight trapped vehicles, we got that confirmed. eight victims transported to a nearby trauma center. what we don't know is how did this happen. we know that traffic light underneath the bridge just before it collapsed was red, and so that bridge collapsed on top of a row of cars waiting at a red traffic light. we're getting stories of kids managing to escape, and heroics from some as we heard from the press conference there, we do not know the fatalities, how many people have lost their life and, of course the big question is how could something like this happen? melissa: without question. ashley, thank you. >> sure. david: we will continue to monitor the situation in miami. major developments. other big news in the mueller
4:42 pm
probe. the special counsel issuing new subpoenas with possibly major implications for the president. coming up, congressman matt gaetz sounding up. plus austyn is searching for answers in the wake of a string of deadly explosions. texas attorney general ken paxton is up next. you know what they say about the early bird... he gets the best deal on the perfect hotel by using tripadvisor! that's because tripadvisor lets you start your trip on the
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. david: a legal victory for opponents of sanctuary cities. federal judges ruling in favor of the state of texas as it tries to crack down on sanctuary cities within its own borders. the texas law threatening sheriffs in sanctuary cities with jailtime if they refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. will congress and the president now follow the texas example? here now is texas attorney general ken paxton. so general, have you actually had sheriffs refusing to help i.c.e. agents? >> yes, we have in the past.
4:46 pm
sheriff sally hernandez refused to help. now that we passed the law, we hope she will cooperate just like every other sheriff and law enforcement official in texas. david: do we know if her actions allowed criminal aliens out in the streets? >> all we know is that she wasn't cooperating when they were i.c.e. detainers, she was not cooperating, illegals committed crimes who were being released when the federal government wanted to deport them. david: certain mayors of sanctuary cities in texas who indicated they're not going to cooperate though the court has come in, in your favor. one of them is san antonio mayor. he said san antonio will continue to honor the law, that is their sanctuary city law including civil rights. what do you do if the communities still do not cooperate with you? >> well, the legislature put together fairly significant bill here in the last session which allows for certain penalties it. allows for prosecution of these
4:47 pm
people, civil penalties of up to 27,500 per day per violation. there are a lot of opportunities for us to step in and say you can't do this. david: are we going to see arrests? >> it's possible. the local d.a.'s have the authority to issue the criminal arrest. our is merely civil at the state level, so if we get complaints we'll pursue those, that will cost each city money. david: finally, very quickly, you can give us the very latest on those deadly package bombs in austin? >> look, i wish we knew more. we're certainly continuing to investigate. it's a local austin pd doing a great job. i have no doubt in the end we'll find out who did this and hunt them down. david: attorney general ken paxton, appreciate you coming in. >> have a great day. david: you, too. melissa: mueller crossing a red line. the special prosecutor closing in on the president's business. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains.
4:48 pm
global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. . melissa: okay, let's listen back in right now, this is local officials taking questions down in florida on the bridge collapse. >> we have search dogs in place, we have technical listening devices and fiber-optics. we're drilling holes into the pile to locate viable patients. reporter: are people there or you don't know? >> we don't know at this point. we're still in search and rescue mode. reporter: has anyone been declared dead already? >> i can't speak to that at this time. reporter: there was a passing conducted on the bridge? >> one question at a time. those type of questions can
4:49 pm
only be answered once we begin the investigation and probably towards the end of the investigation. causes of what occurred today, we will not speak to that right now and probably days before we can make that assumption, obviously this takes an intense investigation, and we're not even there yet. next few hours is a rescue mission. so if you can, if you have questions, keep it to the rescue mission, to the victim reunification, those type of questions, that's the only thing we can answer right now. reporter: how long has it been since the last person was rescued alive? >> the last patient was transported 45 minutes ago. reporter: condition? >> i can't speak to that. reporter: how concerned are you about the structural integrityy? >> i can tell you our technicians are working with construction crews that are on-site. we're concerned with a portion of the bridge. they are working the north side of the bridge with dogs and personnel and we're actively
4:50 pm
trying to save lives. they're continuing the search. reporter: you are concerned about the part 30 degrees into the road? >> that's correct. reporter: [ inaudible ] i can't speak to that at this moment. teams were entering the hot zone while i was walking over here. i can't give you an update yet. reporter: from now on through the rest of the evening what's happening. obviously you want people to stay out of the area, you can walk us through the process from here on out? >> it's going to be a long incident. we'll have rescuers here probably through the night, if not longer. the focus is going to remain on search and rescue. we have over100 technicians working in this area that have many years of experience working on collapse with concrete. so can you expect the heavy equipment moving certain areas of the bridge little by little, creating safe zones that they can continue their search. reporter: are there two people in every car back there? >> i'm sorry, i heard so many.
4:51 pm
i can't speak to how many victims in the search. reporter: there are still victims in every car? >> i can't speak to that. we can only see eight of the collapsed area, we're working our way into the pile to create holes that we can physically see. reporter: what type of information did you get from the construction site manager, who was working where, who was on the bridge, what did they tell you? >> the only thing i can tell you, we got reports there were workers on the bridge. when our units arrived, they did have surface rescues that they facilitated plus two victims they were able to cut out and extricate from the debris. that was part of the eight i said earlier. reporter: [speaking spanish] >> one more question and we'll move on. reporter: director, you could not say how many people have died at this point, right, you don't know? >> we're not confirm anything
4:52 pm
deaths or anything like that right now. what we're saying is victims or casualties of the incident. that's all we're saying right now. reporter: six to ten, does that sound right to you? >> what senator nelson says i cannot answer. reporter: how many people are missing? >> we don't know. reporter: people transported to the hospital, what condition are they in? >> they are not confirming anything. it's a tragedy of a collapsed building, so we know that minimal, there's a lot of serious injuries with the people that are transported. reporter: have the representatives of the construction company, the gentleman from the county, mtm does a lot of business with the county. can you tell us how many other projects at the moment they are working on with the county? >> i would have no clue right now, but they are here on-site. >> they're on-site, we need to focus on the tragedy that occurred here, not look so much ahead or behind.
4:53 pm
let us get through this point, we'll have further press conferences. reporter: areas are closed indefinitely. what are we talking about, like a week? a month? >> difficult to tell at this time. it's obvious for the public to avoid traveling on southwest a street between 107th avenue and 117th avenue indefinitely. this is going to be a long, arduous process. we ask for the media's assistance getting the word out. we ask for the public's assistance adhering to that. thank you. >> spanish, we're going to go spanish now. one at a time. david: all right, as they speak spanish, we have a guest here from florida, but we just want to emphasize, there are not a lot of answers, they're not giving specifics in terms of fatalities. we know there were eight people taken to the hospital, that eight vehicles are under that collapsed bridge. we have with us matt gaetz, a
4:54 pm
congressman from florida. congressman. we brought you on to talk about the mueller investigation. we thank you for turning on this breaking news if you don't mind because it must, to look at this from the perspective of a florida congressman, you've got to be very interested in whether any other new bridge that has been set up governor in florida needs to be >> absolutely it has been a tough month for south florida with when we have endured our prayer to those affected and first responders, i would note in state of florida we train for this we train for it in context of windstorms and hurricanes, our first responders, our law enforcement officials know how to get on scene quickly, deal with collapsing debris, five every person the opportunity to walk as unscathed as possible. i would note florida department of transportation has a somewhat
4:55 pm
checkered history with tran transparency. they have tried to keep some records in the past out of the view of public. as a private attorney i had to sue the department of transportation in my own state. david: we don't want to get ahead of ourselves, quickly about hear mueller's investigation. we have news that "new york times" printed subpoena of trump organization, trump organization, says we've been sharing the information with mr. mueller, he did not need to subpoena. it looks like a fishing expedition, how about to you? >> we have no evidence of collusion, we're so far beyond solution, absurdity of mueller investigation is so display for american people. i think we need to bring this to
4:56 pm
an end, house making a decision and publishing it to date there has been no evidence of collusion, helps us put a bow on the matter, hopefully we'll be able to move on to more productive endeavors. david: thank you very much congressman matt gates, we appreciate it. >> thank you. melissa: tragedy in miami latest details on a massive bridge collapse coming up.
4:57 pm
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5:00 pm
in operation, there was either some major struc structural imperfection. melissa: they were touting how they rolled it out in pieces and snapped it together, that did not take. >> it lookings like it i spoke with the prime minister we're in deep discussions. a very sad situation, it looks like the russians were behind it. something that should never happen. we're taking it seriously as are many others. liz: white house today enacting sanctions on russia for interfering in 2016 election. 2 dozen russian entities and individuals hit, including individuals that mueller indicted last month for interfering, those involved in most deadliest cyberattack in u.s. history, the hacking of


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