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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 16, 2018 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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dagen: many thanks. >> great show. good hand. >> good evergood morning everyone. the president hardens his stance after russia attacked our electric grid. we will cover it all. there is an outrageous story from california. it takes your breath away. it makes you mad. the man who shot kate steinle is suing you, the tax payer, that he was the victim of vindictive prosecution. he has a lawyer who will go to court armed with president trumped tweet to show his
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original trial was political. the lawyer said it was a vindictive political prosecution. the trial, he was found not guilty of murder. he's an illegal immigrant deported many times and shot kate steinle. the lawyer said that tweet makes him a victim when president trump said the verdict is disgraceful. they know president trump is not popular in california. they know on immigration policy, california is at odds with the trump administration, and that is what they are playing on. this is what happens when a state goes rogue, defying federal authority, supporting illegals over citizens, and endangering the lives of ordinary people. all in the course of resisting the president that california doesn't like. this is the outrage story of the day. we will bring you the rest of the news as "varney and company" is about to begin. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> let's get straight to your money. the outrage story is not going away. look at futures. we are pre-much dead flat when this market open this friday morning. 20 minutes from now. it seems to me like this market is beginning to want to go down and i think it's because the economy is not growing the way we thought it was going to grow. >> we thought it would push higher. we are stuck in a trading range. retail sales number was the worst in six years for a three-month period at a time when the ability tax cuts change into effect. what will push it out of this range? stuart: there was confidence coming out at 10:00 o'clock to see whether we can maintain that.
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retail sales are down just as paychecks are going up and bonuses are coming on stream. >> it was three months in a row. >> you have to ask yourself this question, does a business friendly tone of the administration change? >> i think people are freaking out about retail sales unduly because there comparing it too hurricane shopping. people bought a lot of things to fix their houses and you have to take that into effect. stuart: we will open flat in 27 minutes from now. we go back to it, the illegal immigrant in the death of kate steinle is charging the federal government with vindictive prosecution and colluding with state and local government. larry, if you want to vent, feel free, please, but this is a classic example of a lawyer trying to cash in, on
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california, on the president. >> absolutely right. this is an outrage. most people recognize us to be what it is. california is such an outlier. what happened to that state? it almost seems as long as you oppose president trump you are fine, even with something as outrageous as this, making the murderer in this case, in my opinion he's a murderer, making him the victim of a political vendetta. it's an outrage. it reinforces the president's rhetoric with protecting our borders and enforcing our immigration laws as written. he doesn't want new laws, he just wants to enforce the laws we have. stuart: california is an absolute outlier, certainly on the notion of illegals. on a similar note, nancy pelosi said the border wall, the prototype lack the mark of
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a civilized society. two tall, she says. okay, go at it again, vent. >> she wanted to be a garden wall. can she be any different between that and the comms that she referred to that most americans referred to. now this. it's almost like the democrats are embracing this way of governing. we are better than everyone else and we need to provide our animosity so i'm protected in washington and san francisco from what might come across the border but we should be kind to them so let's screw up our economy and law and order because we don't want our wall to be too high. it's outrageous. stuart: do you think democrats are beginning to walk away from nancy pelosi's leadership. >> absolutely. they have nothing to show for following her off the cliff and i have a perfect example of how to win that we sought in pennsylvania. despite how narrow the wind
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was for connor lamb, he ran away from nancy pelosi. frankly, most of the key issues, he was more aligned with the trump agenda than john mccain and jeff flake are in the senate and the republican. >> lesson has been learned, nancy pelosi is not a key for democrats. stuart: i hate to open the show with venting but i'm so glad you are right there with me. thank you. i will switch gears to russia. the trump administration announced sanctions against them because of meddling in the election. hope london is with us. is the president being tough enough? >> these are consequential decisions being made by the president, but insufficient. i would like to see a freezing of russian assets. keep in mind, when you have russian interference in cyber
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and in the uk, it's a clear demonstration that vladimir putin is sending a message to the west. he is sending a message that you no longer have the will to stand up to us. i think the president of the united states and theresa may have an obligation to do a lot more than the doing. stuart: we suggested these sanctions are for the interference of the election, that's true, but what emerge yesterday, department of homeland security, the russians got inside our electric grid. they hacked into it and are in a position to shut it down, parts of it, as they did in ukraine. that is a serious provocation. >> it's absolutely astounding. so much could be done in the united states to our electric grid and harden it. we did not do so. the russians understand that. they are not as talented as
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the hackers in the united states, by a long shot. stuart: you want to hack back. >> absolutely. we can play that game is effectively as you. the united states has the ability to do so. we have been very restrained. stuart: how do you know that. >> intelligence material but i'm positive of that assertion. the chinese are probably better than the russian but there's no doubt that the finest, most talented hackers in the world are right here in the united states. stuart: i'm laughing about this, but that would be that we could do it without anyone knowing it and do it very quietly. >> one of the things that happen is you don't know whether their sleepers. you can put a virus into an electric. and you could say five years from now or ten years from now we will pull it out. you don't know when the sleeper will be activated. stuart: good point.
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what about using our energy dominance against russia. >> we could certainly do that. i would say to the russians, you rely on all of the revenues from natural gas. you might consider that the united states is now going to liquefy the natural gas in the mediterranean and we will sell it to the europeans. most are competing with you. we can do that very easily. the dominance that you once had, you'll no longer have this is another very important card that the president could play. >> we have to send a message to vladimir putin. he has engaged in this activity. we have enough empirical evidence. we know that he engaged over the past five or six years. >> it's like 1952 all over again. >> thank you very much.
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stuart: we move on to the bridge collapse in miami. give me the latest. >> the latest is six people confirmed dead, ten others injured and transported to the hospital. two are in critical condition. there are reports that engineers were conducting a stress test on this spam that was just put in place on saturday. some of the tension cables have become flat and they were in the process of tightening the cables and the concern is that if you overtake them than the bridge would collapse. we don't know whether that is what happened, but we do know that they were conducting stress tests when the bridge collapsed. stuart: the outrage story of the day, the illegal immigrant who was shot in th the -- trust with the shooting death of kate steinle is now suing
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the government with vindictive prosecuting. someone who has been in the room advising the president on china will be with us momentarily. the fruit and drug administration is looking to cut nicotine in cigarettes. will this help you kick the habit? you are watching "varney and company". that's a habit.
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stuart: is tiffany stock up or down? it's down. week sales in a week forecast and they are dropping it by 5%. we have a whistleblower who is claiming walmart broke the law in its online race with amazon. tell me about that. >> this is a nasty lawsuit. he is for a business development executive at walmart and saying walmart wrongfully painted a rosy view
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, a rosy picture of the profit results in the catch-up race with amazon. it didn't properly book an account for customer refunds and returns, it basically underpaid third-party sellers in order to pan out their results. he said he was let go in restructuring. he said no, i kept saying these are wrong. he worked for walmart. he said i was wrongfully let go when i complained about these processes. it was down 2% yesterday. stuart: it's at $87. share. a couple weeks ago it was at 108 so it's down about 20%, roughly speaking. that's walmart. the white house is preparing sweeping tariffs and investment restrictions on china. joining us, the author of the book the 100 year marathon,
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china secret strategy to replace america as a global superpower. he is an advisor to the president on china trade. is it that severe? i know you were in the room when this was being discussed. it sounds like a full frontal having a go at china. stuart. >> what's not exaggerated this is a long-term problem in which there's been debate on both sides. i think the president is trying to get their attention. i think he knows about the debate in beijing. there is a global us counterpart advising president she, but the other side is winning in china. they have this predatory system, they really take advantage of us and some way of leveling the playing field is behind the idea of these new tariffs that are just being discussed, not being announced. there are several others in the pipeline including restriction in chinese investment in the national security areas. it's quite a package.
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>> is this a negotiating position which will be refined later, get their attention with something dramatic right up front. >> i can't represent the president but that's my opinion after reading his books. he's famous for deals and negotiations, knowing what the other guy wants so i do see this as a negotiation that open when this man came to town. i don't know if you followed it, harvard masters degree, in my opinion he is one of the globalists. he served gary cohen in china. he has a lot of influence but he's been losing. presidenhe's gone much more toward these restriction's policies. he was selected to come to washington and get the barbarians to ease off the pressure. [laughter] stuart: this is a big one. we talk about nafta and europeans, but the really big deal is america's trading
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relationship with china. that's what's on the line now. i think that's what the president is trying to reorganize, that whole relationship with china. >> the chinese and americans are by far the two largest economies in the world. we don't want to have a destructive mutually harmful trade war but these two debates going on influence each other. the chinese are not stupid. they know about the globalists who they think will be demonized in their press so they've got to see us do something. they have to see a number of steps taken before they will adjust their policies. frankly what's most outrageous is this plan they have called
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china 2025 wherein a very chutzpah way they mix metaphor, they acknowledge their ability to dominate or desire to dominate many markets of the world and to use unfair trade barriers to do it. my subtitle is china secret strategy they began talking more openly about what they want to do but i was wrong to say they would keep this a secret for so long. >> at the end of the day, i listen to what you're saying, but at the end of the day will we get a compromise deal at some point in the future and avoid a tip for tat trade war? >> i don't think anybody could know that. we're going down a path -- i wouldn't say it's a game of chicken but at the game of negotiation president trump excels in. in order to deal, i don't know
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if you've read the chapter where he decides to go into atlantic city casinos. at first he doesn't but then he realized the time has come to put the pressure on and make an initiative. that's where we are with u.s. china trade policy. stuart: michael, you were in the room and we appreciate you being in hours. >> i denied being in the room. [laughter] stuart: thank you very much. we appreciate it. possible shakeup, more coming in the administration. one of the names voted to join the team, fox news pete hex are. he will be with us next hour. mom, dad, can we talk?
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that's what's happening in the economy. >> that's a vote of confidence if ever i heard one in the economy and in our president. charles schwab, right there. come in david dietz. that was pretty strong stuff in favor of the president and the economy. are you with him. >> i agree with mr. schwab but it's not just because i'm in the investment business. i like the economic trends that we see. i love the tax cut and the benign regulatory environment. sure there's political have wins but no one ever got rich reacting to these geopolitical trials. >> by our retail sales down three months in a row just as consumers are getting more money in their pockets from the tax cuts and bonuses. >> certainly was a blowout holiday season. i think there's just a little bit of hangover that came into the market after that. we are continuing to see price cuts as the internet giants keep lowering prices.
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to extend by gross dollars i can see where there's some softness from just that. >> we will learn more tuesday and wednesday from the federal reserve but guess what. if they see the weakness too, maybe there's less hype. >> stay with us. and opens in four minutes and we will take you there rade, we u through your options trades step by step until you're comfortable. i could be up for that. that's taking options trading from wall st. to main st. hey guys, wanna play some pool? eh, i'm not really a pool guy. what's the hesitation? it's just complicated. step-by-step options trading support from td ameritrade
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>> it's not been a great week for the stock market. in about six or seven seconds, we will open up on a friday morning and see how we close out a week. we will probably open dead flat. we are off and running. four points up, five points up, 24880. that is not exactly a rip roaring start, virtually unchanged. let's see the s&p. same story there? yes. well, i wouldn't say that, it's up about a quarter of a percent. technology stocks are up a quarter of 1%. better gains on the s&p and nasdaq compared to the dow industrials. wake up everybody. ashley webster, jonathan is
9:31 am
back in chicago. david dietz is sitting right there. jonathan, to you first. i see the market going sideways or down this week. i don't see any real enthusiasm. get out there and biped what happened to all the bullish feelings? >> now we have something else to think about as investors. it doesn't matter if you're investing a thousand dollars in your 4o1k or hundred million dollars in your hedge fund and you have tariffs. you have political whim. whether you're looking at boeing, which we know got its butt kicked or companies like nike as exporters today, investors have a lot more to think about politically and that's why you will see more of the sideways, keep your hands in your pocket action. stuart: i understand. i want about boeing. let's put that on the screen. it took a hit this week. it was about a trade fight with china and they are
9:32 am
biggest exporter. look at them today. down to 328, down another dollar 70 as of right now. would you buy it at 328. >> we own it, were not cannot add to it but they do benefit from actual war. we are seeing them get a little softer. >> you've got it but you wouldn't sell it and you wouldn't buy any more. >> correct. i think i understand this one. tesla are desperate to meet and ambitious target for the mark model three. they call this make or break for tesla. meet that production deadline or you're in trouble. what do you say. with this bull market, it's been built by companies like
9:33 am
tesla. it hasn't been steel or aluminum, it's been these amazing, innovative technology companies and i do think it's a make or break moment because these are the unicorns. they have had astronomical evaluations, evaluations we haven't seen since the late 1990 and a lot of them are saying put up or shut up. i am a technical trader. it's either got to break and stick 350 on the upside but can't hold it on the downside, it's look out below and this could be a unicorn where the shine is starting to come off. >> i do wish we had a camera on elizabeth mcdonald while we were hearing about that from jonathan because you were apoplectic. you don't like tesla, do you. >> this is the company were profit is the final frontier.
9:34 am
this is a company that's dead. it's wants its book value by four times. what's going on is carmakers usually have a lot of debt. it's backed by assets like leases but it's not backed by leases, it's backed by borrowing to keep the momentum up. it really has to deliver. put the camera on ashley. to your point jonathan the other companies have delivered and continue to deliver. there built on hope in a dream. so far it hasn't come through. stuart: four minutes in, we have to move on from tesla. the big board is almost dead flat. higher profits at adobe. in case you don't know, they make photoshop and the acrobat reader and its profits go up three and half percent. i used to call it j bill circuit.
9:35 am
less money coming over the transamerica which has embraced block chain technology but less money coming on the other side of that business. we have their ceo on and it was at 80 couple months ago. 41 on overstock right now. how about snap. here's a story and not familiar with. we will explain it. snap stock took a hit after rihanna accused snapped at of intentionally shaming victims of domestic abuse. >> it took a big hit. down 4%. what happened was it was for a game called would you rather slap rihanna or slap chris brown. that's a reference to chris brown's conviction back in 2009 when they were dating. snap immediately came out and said this should never have gotten through the people that
9:36 am
are supposed to hook these things out. they should have never made it through but rihanna went nuts online but i know you ain't that down. as a result it hit 4%. kylie general said i'm so over this app and it dropped 8%. it's very reliant on the famous people out there that they service. this is not good for snap. >> i cannot imagine a long-term investor buying snapchat. maybe it's because i'm old. >> you are aware that rihanna is a singer and it's not just the fleetwood. >> song. to bring you up to speed, i know you said the computer network, my apologies, but i think the panels part is staying relevant now
9:37 am
especially amid the "me too" movement has to be like restaurant doors deciding what information is powerball enough. you make a good point there. the libertarian journalists called the western journal and it says facebook's algorithm change disproportionately hits conservative sites. >> speaking of media concierge , this is coming from that publication and relied on an analysis by a company called simple web. there were watching the traffic on facebook and how they were red. the readership of conservative websites went down 14% from when they made the change.
9:38 am
the conservative readership goes down 33%. what's happening here is basically this is the story. similar web is essentially saying the change to the algorithm let's family and friends post in the stories that they like. that can affect what people are seeing. facebook is the sensor and chief for the globe and they don't like conservatives. can i say that. >> it appears that way there are some stocks which we follow which are doing rather well. i want to draw your attention to twitter. just a couple months ago it was 20 bucks a share. it's gone up 50% just this year this morning it's at 3595. how about that. would you buy it.
9:39 am
>> we wouldn't because of the bomb. twitter has kind of been given up for dead. they expanded the number of characters and their tweets and trump is always tweeting but we didn't think you do quite so much as a president. that has continued to help him. you have to be amazed at what happens in a free market. how can anyone ever touch facebook, we see it all the time. as they tweak their business model and try to improve their service conservative opinion, you see not only bureaus responding and look out facebook whether it's twitter or myspace is due for a revival, maybe not, but you see how these brands given up for dead can come back strong. a stock for oldsters would be
9:40 am
general electric at $14 a share general electric is the 1h largest company in this country by sales. for example, 3m. if ge got the same valuations as 3m, it would be $70. share. i think we have an executive in here, i hope and i think he has kitchen sink everything. if all else fails, i believe the healthcare business and aerospace business, those two could be worth more than the whole. so your time may be coming back. you never know. it's that time, jonathan, thank you very much for your guest appearance. you're all right. thanks everybody. check out big board with ten minutes in. we are up 50 points. we will take it.
9:41 am
the house will take another stab next week at right to try legislation. that legislation was it terminally ill patients the options of trying experiment of drugs not approved by the fda. it's a story we are following. the illegal immigrant who was accused of shooting kate steinle is suing the government over what he called vindictive prosecution. can you believe that?
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9:43 am
stuart: we picked up a little steam. we are up to the points. 24949. here's a good story. a lot of people are watching
9:44 am
amazon prime video. come on in and tell me how many and how much are they watching? >> comparatively the amazon prime video store is gaining in popularity. so much so it's 26 million people are watching the video programming including film and television shows. it has surpassed who lou and is approaching netflix. that outpaces the 17 million. 55million for netflix but they haven't quite gotten up to that level but they have gained in popularity. they have 19 original shows. they been investing and just pesos says if we get awards like the golden globe, then people buy more shoes on amazon. he really made that correlation. i'm paraphrasing. stuart: it's fascinating. 26million people. thank you very much. serious stuff, the illegal
9:45 am
immigrant accused in the killing death of kate steinle is suing the federal government. sir, i am outraged. i think this is california versus trump and that lawyer is using a tweet to base his case. what say you? >> only in america. this is totally disgusting. we have a dead woman. this person was in this country illegally. the gun went off and he says it was an accident. for him to sue the government, now we have to use taxpayer dollars and the resources, it's pretty disgusting. >> but it is symbolic. the lawyer thanks that they hate trump so much in california that this kind of suit can win. he is using a trump tweet as part of his case. this is california versus
9:46 am
trump. >> i hope this is viewed rightly in the courts. it's so frivolous and totally, fundamentally wrong. is there portion of california and others that are off the rails in their hatred of donald trump that they throw every principle and constitution out the door? yes, they do. sanctuary cities and how they are dealing with their treatment of illegals. they literally have a law on the books that prohibits them from working with federal law enforcement. that's just unbelievable. >> let's hope they confront that and wins. i think he is. i want to talk about this, the firing of andrew mccabe.
9:47 am
there's a lot of cross talk about the legalisms of whether he gets his pension, keeps his pension if he's fired by tomorrow night. i'm not concerned about the legalism so much as should he be fired for quickly. >> i do think he should be fired. he will be able to keep his pension. unless he was convicted of something severe like treason, he may not get his enhanced law-enforcement benefit that he has done some things that are very wrong that i think are factually out there. we are looking forward to the inspector general report. the office of professional responsibility has made a responsibility and now it's in his hand. >> is he at the center of a cabal that sought to protect hillary clinton and undermine the president? is that his position? >> this was the acting director of the fbi and the person who was in charge of espionage, the person who is a very senior person in
9:48 am
counterintelligence, peter struck and his girlfriend, remember he's having an affair and they traded more than 10000 tax and now there's tens of thousands of additional texts that the inspector general has come out. that has created a paper trail along with other electronic medication that will really cause a lot of people, bruce and his wife nelly, you have very senior people engaged in some very nefarious activity. stuart: do you think you should go back to politics? >> no. [laughter] i enjoy the relationship that i had. get in, get out and i think the country is better off for it. stuart: a self-imposed term limit. thank you very much. amazon facing some pushback over its planned second
9:49 am
headquarters location. >> this is interesting. a growing number of groups, right and left. they are strangely joining forces to say wait a minute, this is getting ridiculous. they say amazon is creating a hunger game style competition where they will pony up the farm and try to get them to come to their community. they say it should be based on the merits of the location for more than that they say they're giving the richest man in the world tax breaks when he doesn't need them. he's not setting up a charitable operation, he setting up to generate even more profits. they call the tax proposals being proposed. [inaudible] there's a lot of petitions circling out there, pushing back on amazon creating this competition. >> you just set a new jersey they're offering. [inaudible]
9:50 am
new jersey's governor just introduced a whole raft of internet sales tax. i don't know whether he's proposing that. he just said taxes on airbnb, uber rides, hotels on the internet. in the new jersey government wants to tax his residence seven extra billion and give 7 billion to amazon. >> of tax increases were the way to go, we would already be in nevada. we will have more on that. stuart: checked the dow. nice gain, 90 points higher. one of 4966. the fda looking to cut nicotine in cigarettes. will that help people kick the habit? that's next. baby boomers,
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stuart: this is our story. the fda is looking to make cigarettes less addictive by lowering the nicotine content. mark siegel is here. doctor mark siegel. what is the nicotine content of a cigarette now? >> 1.5 milligrams, approximately in a highly addictive cigarette. stuart: what do they want to make that content.
9:55 am
>> they want to make it 0.4 milligrams, one third of the amount now should make it nonaddictive. stuart: you bring the level down and it's not addictive. >> that's the key thing nicotine does spread that's not what gives you lung cancer, it draws you in and keeps you there and 7000 chemicals go into your lungs including lead, tar, benzene and all these killer chemicals but the nicotine keeps you there. reducing the amount that the fda will allow. they will allow 90 days for the public to weigh in on this. the head of the fda gave us an exclusive statement about this. he basically said he thanks this is an extremely good idea, it's effective and part of an overall way to decrease addictions and he think it
9:56 am
will help decrease opioids. let's get the addictive chemicals out. >> you think it would work? it would save lives. >> fda says it will save 8 million lives by 2100. i completely agree with that. the nicotine drags you in. almost 500,000 people die of cigarette related illness. were talk among cancer and emphysema. tobacco companies are not to like this. >> i've got to get to this, right to try legislation fails. i think they will try again with it. i hope it passes, what say you. >> i agree that they've gotten rid of the liability problem. they will not be liable if it doesn't work. a right to try, we already have compassionate use of drugs. we can always get them to approve drugs but this expands it and i like this idea because we have so many new medications coming down the pike. i can risk whatever i want to
9:57 am
risk on my deathbed there's a small chance you might be safe. stuart: you're all right. more "varney" after this. . .
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stuart: it is an act of war if a foreign government launches a chemical attack against you on your territory? it is an act of war if a foreign government attacks your electric supply? if it's not war, it's certainly extreme aggression and surely requires a robust response. the west now faces precisely that extreme aggression and it's coming from russia, that is vladimir putin. the department of homeland security has spelled it out, the russian government, putin, gained remote access to energy sectors, that means from over there, they got into the grid here. that's our electric supply. the russians should shut at least parts of it down, they did
10:01 am
that in ukraine, they could do it here. a more blatant occurred in britain. as the brit said, first offensive use of nerve agent since second world war, here is the response of extreme aggression, the british expelled russian diplomats, and said royal family members would not be attending the world cup. in america, new sanctions on russian organizations and 19 individuals, no where near enough in my opinion. now, we are not in the business of running foreign policy but we have noted that america is now the world's dominant energy power, we can use that power against russia. putin runs a petro state, he's wholly dependent on producing oil. we could pressure the crown prince of saudi arabia when he visits next week in -- end the
10:02 am
deal with russia. we are not powerless when confronting putin's extreme aggression. putin will not back off unless he takes a serious hit, so hit him because appeasement won't work. the second hour of varney & company is about to begin. ♪ ♪ stuart: i wasn't ranting at the top of the hour. valid political opinion. >> who is saying that? stuart: you were laughing at me. we have news on consumer confidence, sentiment. ashley: you should be smiling, coming in at 102. this is continuing the trend. i know we have seen retail sales kind of go a little flat recently, s, the -- stu,
10:03 am
sentiment and consumer sentiment continues to rise right along with it. tax reform, more money in paycheck is having an impact. stuart: we are feeling good? ashley: yes. stuart: despite my editorials and ranting we are feeling pretty good, check the big board. the news on consumer sentiment didn't help the market at least not in the last few seconds, we are up 50,024,928. how about big tech? most of them are up. facebook, amazon, alphabet in the upside, only apple is down near a fraction, down 6 cents. well, look is here? a guy who is the ceo of simpler trading, he's the founder thereof are you not? >> that would be true. >> his name is john carter, is it not? >> that's correct too. stuart: i don't see enthusiasm like we had in 14 to 15 months.
10:04 am
>> i like hussein bolt, good sprinter. stuart: how does he come into the market? >> if you give me a chance to finish here. [laughter] >> after he runs a race an does a big sprint, what does he have to do, relax, drink gatorade, get energy. that's what the market is doing, it had a sprint, run and now have to catch its breath. sectors are pulling back, honey badger stocks -- stuart: wait. >> i jumped the gun? stuart: we don't have to sell everything we have in terms of what we have. honey badger, what are they? >> they don't care at all what
10:05 am
is happening. they take your food, eat a cobra, they don't care what's going on. a honey badger stock doesn't care what the rest of the market is doing. market maybe volatile, going up and down, but honey badger stock don't care about that, it's going to keep doing what it's going to do. stuart: on the screen we have icon, ray monojames, jpmorgan, those are honey badger stocks? >> those are honey badger stocks. the stocks held very well. stuart: give me another honey badger stock that i would know well as opposed to jp? >> amazon. twitter right now is a honey badger stock. twitter maybe where people would look at it, my god, it's come so far so fast, it's a honey badger, it doesn't care.
10:06 am
if you like it, buy it and hold on for the ride. stuart: you know, john, there's -- we are the most watched business news program in america and there's a reason for that because we are entertaining and you, sir, just entertained us in a way which we have never been entertained before. >> i'm happy to help. stuart: if you want to come back to more honey badger stuff, we will be delighted. reports of more possible changes in the trump administration including at the veterans affairs department where our next guest has been reported to be next in line for the va job, this man here, you know that face,. [laughter] >> you're ambushing me. stuart: are you allowed to tell us if you're under consideration? >> i think i am but -- i don't know. let's check twitter and we will find out. [laughter] >> ultimately, no, i was considered early on, vetted for it the first time.
10:07 am
so happy where i'm at at fox. stuart: this is my show and i will ask the question. >> sorry. stuart: you were vetted? >> in the beginning. stuart: he turned you down? >> i was the bridesmaid, yes. stuart: now you're back in line. >> unfortunately some things happened at the va that people didn't want to happen and fights to come -- sorry. liz: what are you saying about twitter. stuart: it's entertaining. >> veterans should have right to choose private care or go to va, there's disagreement inside the white house. we will see how that shoiks out. listen, beyond happy to be here at fox news channel. if i have a chance to serve my country, great, i would consider it. no lobbying for it and i will continue to do my day job.
10:08 am
stuart: you will be opening in putting vets in private care. >> different than privatization. give them a choice, if you live next to clinic, why would you choose to get best care there and be stuck in va clinic. stuart: so long you can pay for it. >> the taxpayer should foot the bill, go where there's the best possible care. stuart: not marines, air force. >> proud army guy. i'm proud endorser of the honey badger as well. you have to see the video if you haven't seen it. liz: honey badger administration. [laughter] stuart: the president is watching. ashley: he just called him. stuart: top of the hour, my editorial, you can call it rant if you like, we should be more
10:09 am
aggressive to vladimir putin, after what he has done, nerve agent attack in britain and now penetrating our national grid, electric grid, that's a serious thing, i say be more aggressive, what say you? >> i agree with general varney. [laughter] >> i thought you were spot on. wars started with shots fired in the past, now you have local grids and even ukraine, i hate to say it this way, we live in softer time where we are not willing to throw the way we would for changes that should and ought to be seen as acts of war. stuart: this president is. i take nothing off the table. he is prepared to throw it down with north korea. >> look at north korea, you're absolutely right. look at what's happened with syria, isis, iran and russia have thrown down there, but we don't have as much strategic interest in that region as they
10:10 am
do. we have to pick our place where is we can truly smack them and show them they have to be kept in line and do so forcefully. i agree with your statement. stuart: i think you might do well running the veterans administration. >> you to fire some people every once in a while. [laughter] stuart: we are glad you are on our show. appreciate it. i want you to take a look at something, thrill seekers left dangling upside down 45 minutes at batman roller coaster at six flags, malfunction caused the ride to stop at 12-story drop. ashley: my nightmare. stuart: we are entertaining. president trump pushing for second leg of tax cuts maybe this year, we are going to ask new york congressman peter king if there's any chance we could see changes to the salt deduction or lack of deductility, that would be a big deal. more democrats distancing themselves from hillary clinton,
10:11 am
heidi heikamp vulnerable in red state, she said hillary can't leaf the national stage soon enough. of course, we are all over that one. [laughter]
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
stuart: top democrat josie crowe i will says it is sexist for republicans to invoke nancy pelosi on attacks on democrat candidates, independent women's voice president tammy bruce is with us. i'm throwing this at you because -- >> yes, sir. stuart: at one point in your life were the prkts i think, of the now chapter in los angeles. >> that's right, 20 years, now happy to be with iwv, elevates them all. stuart: if i'm a political candidate and i run an ad attacking nancy pelosi and i'm a
10:15 am
guy and nancy pelosi is a lady, am i a sexist? >> no, you're not. thisis the issue. as women, women can do most of what men can. on the other hand, they say that if you are in the arena, you have to be provided a safe space or you can't handle the criticism or that it's too hot in the kitchen, the fact of the matter is nancy pelosi seems to be enjoying herself. she's not going anywhere, she thinks she can handle it. the fact of the matter as women we do know with certain jobs, dynamics, certainly in politics there will be attacks and suggest it's because of gender, of course, it's absurd and keep her from trying to be criticized. liz: isn't that kind of a sexist thing to begin with for crowely to say that that women shouldn't be criticized?
10:16 am
stuart: a way of silencing the debate, isn't it? call somebody a sexist, you have to shut up, you're a racist shut up. >> they don't have answers on policy. i don't know what her problem is, the president thinks it's low iq. what we do know complaining about the president is not policy, the democrats are not presenting any policy ideas to improve people's lives and as a result they can't engage in the debate and they have to shut it off and that's one way to do it. stuart: you have headline on and the headline is hillary clinton, our leading feminist icon still doesn't believe women can think for themselves. >> the famous comments -- stuart: the india comment, right? >> she said it in another way last year as well that the women who didn't vote for her like in the midwest or if you're a republican, if you don't pay allegiance to the liberal ideology, if you didn't vote for her that you're not thinking for
10:17 am
yourself. in this case that you did what your husband or your son or your boss told you to do, that is what i've heard, by the way it's not surprising that was the messaging throughout the feminist movement. when i was behind closed doors, if you did not pay allegiance vote correctly, tow the party line, we will eliminate your actual womenhood that this is the epitome of identity politics, you to behave and think a certain way if you're african american or if you're a women, if you're straight, if you thought differently and did not conform, they would attack your very being. gloria did it to kay bailey hutchison when she was running for senate for the first time saying she was a female impersonator. this is not a new line. hillary is making it public again. obviously americans have rejected that. we know that women do think differently and care about
10:18 am
policy. all of the issues are our issues and that threatens the left, women and others thinking for itself and i think we are doing a good job of it. stuart: seems to me that heidi heitkamp feels the same way. that's pure politics. hillary clinton has become embarrassment. >> she has. this is, again, it's not just hillary, we have to remember, it's one thing to say it publicly this is what the liberal line generally is to try to intimidate their particular protected classes into not challenging the status quo. but now we know like with president trump's policies as an example that doing things differently than barack obama actually does improve your life. stuart: you have come a long way. >> i'm sitting on the varney show. appreciate it. stuart: thank you very much, thank you. now this, i think this is a big deal, ford has big plans to revamp 3 out of 4 of its cars, 75% of its cars in the next
10:19 am
three years. >> the ceo of ford is really throwing down to toyota, they say -- at ford they want to overtake toyota when they want to hybrids, they want to come out with hybrid mustang and f-150 truck and hybrid suc. i think ford has been looking at inventory as having the most stale inventory out there on the market, they want to revamp three quarters of its modules in the next two years, hybrid news -- mustang and f-150 and explorer. stuart: that stock has been right around 10, 11, 12, 13 for a long time. >> operating profit went down 178%. stuart: president trump hardening stance on china trade, will the president's new economic guy larry kudrow stop trade war with china? here is our question, could russian hackers actually shut
10:20 am
down our power plants? we will answer it soon. or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis or an allergic reaction. symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash,
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and it's connected technology that's moving companies forward fast. e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. stuart: some stocks in the move and moving, they make the photo shop, the stock is up 4%. less money coming over the and look at the price, we are about 40, $41 a share two months ago when overstock top guy ceo was on the show, it was at 80, now 42.97, down 10% today. the trump administration say it
10:24 am
is possibility of russia hacking our nuclear possibility is a very real threat and our infrastructure system is vulnerable to those cyber attacks, deirdre bolton is here, could they shut down power plants? >> yeah, in fact, they have breached certain levels, last summer a dozen power plants were breached at primary level. what's good about our system is that there are a few layers of security and here is the upside to having crumbling infrastructure, some of our equipment is so old that it's actually more difficult to hack because we haven't quite made it to digital age in all things that actually makes it more difficult for an outside actor the breach. basically remember the window that is you had to roll up by your hand, they break a little bit less than automatic. take that and put that in infrastructure, but in all seriousness, so part of our protection is that we are kind of old and behind the times, the other part is that, for example,
10:25 am
for nuclear facilities we have actually prethought this out and there is no -- there are humans that have been the last sort of bash -- stuart: nasty scare that they actually got a certain level inside the grid. >> very sophisticated. homeland security and fbi saying, listen, these hackers are really clever, they are targeted and they have breached the first few levels. they they are very effective and they are waiting for some sort of larger civil chaos to take advantage and shut down, for example, an electric grid. i don't know if you remember the big blackout in manhattan. even at that i remember in my neighborhood, there's a guy who run the deli, teenagers were there in five minutes to loot stuff. you guys have to get out right now, that was an hour in manhattan. imagine if we had large civil unrests and there's a moment
10:26 am
that you could shut electric or water, shut it down. stuart: they could do it and if they they did it in circumstances, that's an act of war. liz: how would you know, right? >> we would know later but dealing with a lot of chaos up front. liz: they want to target airports? >> the list is exhaustive. joint homeland security and the fbi also rick perry making a statement, we can even pull it up on screen talking about cyber attacks as literal i will saying this is real, the threat of warfare, it's serious and we must lead the world, there's his comment there that he made yesterday just saying, listen, attacks are happening hundreds of thousands of times per day so we have to thank our own engineers for keeping all of our systems up and running so far. stuart: good report, scary report, thank you very much, indeed. senator rand paul used a debunked article to slam president trump's nominee for cia director. well, the man who waterboarded
10:27 am
kelly mohamed, he will weigh in controversy after 9/11.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> what is it? stuart: i don't know the actual title. i know the song, obviously. tell me why. i'm not going to sing it. [laughter] stuart: maybe next week. check the big board, nice rally, not bad at all. 24,968. mostly higher, only losers are alphabet. look at microsoft up about a buck, amazon 1585, facebook at
10:31 am
184. the presence outlining several antimeasures which include tariffs and investment restrictions, on the phone with us now hoover institution senior fellow edward lazeer. here comes kudlow, free trader, is he going to stop any kind of trade war with china, ed? >> i don't know if he's going to stop it but the fact that the president chose larry over others is a good sign. larry is a free-market guy. he has good economic stance and so i think he's the right man for the job at the time, unusual choice admittedly but i think he's going to be someone that will be a strong force for free markets in the administration. stuart: would i be right in saying that the trump administration is refacing the whole trade relationship with
10:32 am
china, it's the most important trade relationship in the world and president trump is redoing it and he's starting out with a very strong position, is that what's going on? >> well, i'm not sure that he's going to reshape the entire relationship. most of the relationship with china is actually quite good and our consumers are mayor -- major beneficiaries so i hope he doesn't shape too tram -- dramatically, issues involving unfair trade practices associated with state-run enterprise and so forth, so i would think a more targeted approach would be the right way to go and i hope that's what the president chooses to end up doing. stuart: i have 20 seconds left, if we do -- i just want to know what do you think here, is trump the man to do this with china? >> well, again, i think that he -- when you say is he the man, he certainly has made that
10:33 am
important part of -- important part of his campaign, important theme of his administration, again, i think that it's important to make sure that reason wins out and that we don't simply cut off our noses despite our face. the trade with china and other countries is important to us, it goes both ways, may not be exactly leveled but we need to maintain the benefits from trade before we end up cutting off of the things that we gain from engaging in trade with others. stuart: ed, we appreciate you being with us today on the important subject of the china trade. the pentagon says classified data moving to the cloud, amazon's cloud. defense one technology editor patrick tucker is with us now. when i first heard the story, patrick, is that safe? you put all of the safe department on the cloud, is that safe? already two ways to think about it, it's probably safer than
10:34 am
what we have right now, so think about the it infrastructure that is the department of defense, you're talking about infrastructure consoles, you the really diverse security environment that's updated every so often either by third-party vendor that does security for pentagon or the guy that comes in and take a look at that. you migrate that to the cloud and do two things, you present the opportunity for single points of accountability where somebody or rather a team can look across the entire dod, sort of infrastructure of systems, see if there's abnormalities and see if there's something going on with data infiltration, see basically what's going on within the entire system and it's also going to provide potentially the ability for all of the dod to move data much faster and when we talk about, we are not talking about the way you and
10:35 am
move data, we are talking about machines at the forefront of battle operating with people, talking to commanders in order to move faster in concert in real or life and deaf stakes. this is -- death stakes. this is the direction that we are going. stuart: amazon is doing a lot of business with defense department and occurs to me to ask is that why am done is considering putting second headquarters in the dc area? >> i would say that's probably a big part of the consideration, the defense department is moving towards -- they announced this on march seventh, a big ten-year, 10 billion-dollar contract for a single provider. right now amazon is at the forefront, kind of most likely winner. you have microsoft gutting hard for it and ibm and even potentially google, all want to be the single cloud provider to give cloud services to the
10:36 am
defense department over the course of ten years, it'll be a huge contract, it's like the mother load of all it contracts for the defense department, but as you pointed out there are real risks there because you're talking about a huge modernization project where you're going trust one company to kind of handle all of the defense department's data on its computers over course of ten years and once all of that information from, again, the central command operations in the middle east to europe, to south pacific starts traveling through computers of one company, it'll be hard to turn that off. stuart: fascinating stuff, patrick, what a huge contract, $10 billion over ten years, one company, got it. patrick tucker, thanks for joining us, appreciate your information. >> thanks for having me. stuart: all right. online news site is call prod publica is walking back claims that the president's new pick to head the cia haspel oversaw
10:37 am
waterboredding. kentucky senator rand paul he pulled support for haspel based on incorrect information. james mitchell is with us, he's the man who waterboarded khaleed mohamed. why are we doing this? >> well, in this particular case they are doing it because they want to smear gina haspel, she's the right choice for that, liberals do that all of the time, look at history, look at wikipedia entries and see that's the case. general hayden said better than i can, they are entitled to their opinion but not into -- i- entitled to make up facts. stuart: did you get information
10:38 am
by khaleed mohamed that saved lives? >> waterboarding was part that led us to save lives. some of the information that we got from him helped us catch him abali which stopped the second wave of catastrophic terror attacks, that were going to crash planes in tallest buildings in chicago, they were able to stop it. if i could address for a moment the article, the book they are referring to is my book enhanced interrogation and if they had bothered to read pages 262 and 263 they would see that it was in the spring of 2002 when the cia and fbi were interrating and what was happening was he was
10:39 am
trying to fake confusion, he was not being waterboarded, using a technique he had described in his dairy and later admitted to me it was worth a shot but it didn't work because of what you guys did. it's just an effort to smear her. stuart: if the same situation were applied to do we would suffer a similar attack and we were in a very similar position today, do you think we would water board again, now ado is it would be deemed illegal? >> the law has changed. they would like you to think that gina haspel is a rogue agent and institute waterboarding if she got as director. that was the policy at that time. hundreds of people were involved. it was directed by the president, cleared fbi national security council and approved by the attorney general to be legal and not tarture, one -- torture
10:40 am
one time after i waterboarded one of the attorney generals and investigated heavily by obama, kind of hostile department of justice afterwards and there was no case to be made. what she's going to do and what we should be looking forward to as ordinary americans is she's going carry tout policies of the president, not institute, you don't want a rogue director in there institution -- instituting their own policies, get some new job some place else in the government. she's a career intelligence officer with over 30 years who has paid her dues and they should welcome her into that
10:41 am
position rather than opposing her. stuart: clarity, we love it. james mitchell, you supplied it, we appreciate it. thank you very much, indeed. >> thanks very -- for having me. stuart: republican king, first round of salt cuts, we will get a second round, will we address salt, we will see. ♪ to most, he's phil mickelson pro golfer.
10:42 am
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10:43 am
to see how your joint damage could be progressing. ask about enbrel. enbrel. fda approved for over 14 years. ashley: there are report that is claim andrew mccabe, fbi director could be fired by the end of the day, former congressman jason chaffetz if he agrees? >> he would be able to keep the pension. i oversaw personnel management, he will keep that unless he was convicted of something severe like treason. he has done things that are wrong that are out there, we are looking forward to inspector general report that will come out soon, the offense of professional responsibility is he made a recommendation and now that's in direct to raise hands.
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: gop is planning on rolling out phase two of the tax cut program in hopes to make -- part of it would be making cuts to individuals permanent as opposed to temporary.
10:46 am
peter king, i'm sure you would like to see a fix to state and local salt nondeductibility, but to to tell you kevin brady said ain't going to happen, what say you? >> i'm sure kevin brady feels that way, we have a strong disagreement on this. once they open the door, i do all i can to fight as much as the salt deduction put back in. i think it's important. i was actually sitting next to the president yesterday at st. patrick's day lunch and he was talking to generally people about second round of tax cut that is he wants implemented. i have another issue to discuss with him and i didn't bring up salt then. especially in high-taxed areas like long island and westchester, we will make every effort that we can. stuart: did he talk -- i don't mean to impose on a conversation between you and the president but was there talk about making the individual cuts permanent? >> no, actually, again, the only
10:47 am
reference he made was he mention today several people, we have to get the second round of tax cuts going. there were no specifics discussed whatsoever and i was discussing another matter with him. as far as that, people would come by and say, yeah, we have to get the second round of tacks going. stuart: i know what you want to talk about. you want to talk about the other subject that you were talking with the president about if i'm not mistaken and that's the feds funding this tunnel from new jersey to manhattan, i think that's what you want to talk about, right, congressman? >> yeah, let me just say i had a very good conversation with the president, basically before the lunch started yesterday he and i went to the side, we had a good five-minute conversation, in fact, the british ambassador said all eyes looking to what we were talking about. the president listen today what i had to say and how strongly i felt about gateway not really
10:48 am
new york and new jersey but affect it is entire eastern sea board. he listened, understood where i was coming from and others are coming from, i don't wanting to any further at this stage. stuart: we understand, congressman, privileged conversation between you and the president will remain private, got it. what about the right to try legislation, that is where you're on the death bed in very bad shape in the hospital, this bill would have given you the right to try unproven drug that is the fda has not yet approved, well, that bill failed, can we get it bad because a lot of people really support that? >> yes, it got an overwhelming majority, unfortunately did not get a two-thirds vote, needed two-thirds vote for it to pass, the majority is for it. listen, i hope i'm never in that situation, no member of my member is but if you know that
10:49 am
you're going die otherwise, i think you should have the right to make that decision whether or not you want to try a drug that's not been fully approved. basically i hate to put it this way, you have nothing to lose, it should be your right to make the decision and goes to individual freedom and liberty. you should absolutely have the right. i hope we find a way to bring it back up, all we need majority vote to get it passed. stuart: i think liability issues were fixed, you couldn't sue the doctor or drug company because you took experimental drug to stay alive that was the big problem, the liability problem? >> that was taken care of and others seem to have this feeling that, you know, the pharmaceutical companies shouldn't be allowed to putting these drugs out there if they're not approved. the fact is -- the person knows that, you know it has been approved and you know that you are going to die if you don't try it, i don't see why you don't have the right to make that decision for yourself especially since the approval
10:50 am
process can take so long. the worst thing would be you're not allowed to take it and a six months after you die fda says this is a life-saver. stuart: i can tell you you the 100% support of this audience and me too. we will see you again soon. >> as a brit, happy st. patrick's day to you. stuart: you know that i'm an american citizen. >> i know that. stuart: here is your outrage story of the day, illegal immigrant who killed kate steinle is suing the feds accusing basically our government of vined -- you know what goes here... and your approval rating...
10:51 am
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10:54 am
stuart: sad news, congresswoman louis democrat from new york has died, she served in congress since 1987 representing area and she was hospitalized earlier with a concussion, she was 88 year's old. the illegal immigrant who shot and killed kate steinle is now suing the federal government for vindictive prosecution.
10:55 am
lawyers for josé garcía zarate say he was used as political punching bag by president trump. fox news legal analyst bob massie joins us now. let's get over the outrage, bob. this is all about california hating utterly of president trump unwilling to use that kind of thing in court to defend and represent this illegal immigrant who killed kate steinle. >> there's no question that if you're going to do this type of litigation or challenge you will do it in california because you've already seen what the appellate court ninth circuit has done on so many of his issues. saying that, here is what he's basically saying, he be the lawyer for this guy, who i don't want to mention his name and that is that he's already been tried and he was acquitted and he's saying that there's double jeopardy, there's a thing called
10:56 am
dual sovereignty, stuart, dual sovereignty means that you can violate the laws of the state and the laws of the federal government, in this case, although he was vindicated, crazy as it was on the state law, the feds have the right to come in and say, wait a second, we have dual sovereignty, you have violated our laws, we are prosecuting on -- we are prosecuting you on the violation of those laws and that will be their argument. stuart: okay, but basically antitrump politicizing of a court, using antitrump feelings in california, that's it? yeah. >> yeah, look, we know that this is a politically charged issue, we know that the doj is suing the sanctuary of the -- for sanctuary cities, we know that this is a politically motivated, as a matter of fact, stuart, if you remember at the time of the verdict that came out, the news conference after how the defense lawyer attacked president trump and basically charged him that
10:57 am
he's the reason why this happened, that he's the one that promoted the hate, so this is politically motivated, politically motivated. stuart: thanks very much, bob massie, more varney after this : .
10:58 am
10:59 am
they will
11:00 am
who said the following? yes, a millionaire tax is the right thing to do and now is the time to do it. answer, the democrat governor of new jersey. he wants other tax hikes too. the taxon overrides an airbnb. a big tax on recreational marijuana if it's legalized. governor murphy wants to take an extra $1.6 billion out of the pockets of new jersey residents. here's the problem. those higher income taxes are no longer deductible on federal tax returns. a big tax increase for upper
11:01 am
income earners. a higher tax rate, not deductible. where will this extra money go? a lot of it goes to the unfunded pension plans for retired government workers. what a mess. new jersey's economy is not doing that well and now the governor will make it worse. high-tech states like new jersey just won't learn. they've refused to learn the lessons that more tax unless government produces growth and prosperity. no state income tax and they have rapid growth. new jersey residents will be looking just across the state line pennsylvania where there is a flat 3.07% income tax rate. you think if you might jump the new jersey ship and save a fortune, of course they will. sell your principal residence and move and you all the
11:02 am
government $10000. maybe they should build the wall to keep new jersey residents in. that's a wall the elite would love to build as long as they get out before it's built. that was another rams. the third hour of "varney and company" is about to begin. by the way, coming up in this hour, following my rants, new jersey senate says he doesn't want millionaires tax, but what about all those other taxes that the new governor is proposing. he will be with us shortly. now this. our next guest was there when islands prime minister visited with mr. trump yesterday. john is with us. apr energy ceo and cap cofounder thereof. are you irish?
11:03 am
>> irish for the day. it was there any sense of turmoil while you were there. >> no. the president was very gracious. the irish prime minister and them had good interaction for the talk about trade and violence trade between ireland and the united states. stuart: what business were you conducting in the white house yesterday, may we ask. >> no, not at all. when i grew up in ireland they go to the united states around him past rick stay in visits the white house. to be an irish immigrant, i
11:04 am
can hear at $26. to be invited by the irish i minister to be at the white house for st. patrick's day is about as good as it gets. for me it was a phenomenal honor and privilege to be there especially to be involved in some of the conversations and dialogue. >> no matter who is the president of the united states if you're invited to be with him, it's an honor and you go. >> 100. one 100%. of course you go. >> you are an oil guy, and energy guy. america is the dominant energy power, that's my opinion and that's our stated goal. you think we should use that power in the energy market against russia. >> here's the interesting situation for the biggest geopolitical problem is europe and european gas. it's coming from russia and the talking about squeezing england. to squeeze england your squeezing france or germany for they were very much on the renewable side, they shut down
11:05 am
there nukes and call. if you want to shut down your renewables using gas and gas turbines. i think the united states should look at exporting gas to europe. >> you think we started, natalie. >> we have but we need to ramp it up. >> are you in the gas business. >> no i'm in the burning of the gas business. we fire gas. >> we can, should and do more exporting our gas, liquefied natural gas. >> of course but what's holding it off. texas went from preparing to import tutoring all the terminals around to preparing to export. think of that. ten years ago we were about importing gas on the golf and bringing someone else's gas in. now we want to knows answer brown to export. >> we have an enormous amount of natural gas.
11:06 am
it comes from fracking. >> our gas prices used to be around 9 - $13 and now there are around two and half. we've changed our energy portfolio from coal and switching over to gas. we should take that independence and help our neighbors and allies. >> i say we have energy dominance, almost, right now or do you agree. >> one 100%. stuart: happy thanks patrick state. thanks for being here. we are up in the dow. jeff is with us. it's friday morning and he's joining us in the 11:00 o'clock hour as opposed to the first hour of the day. welcome. j.p. morgan says there is a
11:07 am
72% chance of a recession in the next three years and what say you. >> first i want to call to people's attention that this is a three-year prediction when most people have the attention span of a mosquito. in three years i could be with you en masse on mars. this is a very long-term projection. in nine out of 11 interest rate cycles there have been recessions so there are headwinds, there could be a possibility that these hikes create a recession, that's the statistical likelihood but my opinion is it's too soon to make the call. i don't believe there will be a recession or predictable recession as their trying to predict. i see a battle of the investment banks.
11:08 am
but i think the prediction should be taken with a grain of salt. people do need to pay attention to the fact that we are going into this area. >> you can't call crisis levels by any means. >> no, you can't, but my question, and obviously the suppressed interest rates do have a long-term effect and could be considered a precursor to some potential inflation. that's what low borrowing costs do. it increases borrowing and you are seeing record borrowing. this could be inflationary before i'm going to ask you another question. i don't want you to drone on. [laughter] dollar general is now up 2%,
11:09 am
$95. share. you like it? >> i like it. stuart: where is it going. >> i think at this point it will hit around 105, 110. i do not own dollar general right now. i'm involved with a lot of the real estate for dollar general. they will build another 900 stores this year. they already have, they did it last year, they already have 14000. this is a good stock, against amazon. >> you are a wealthy guy, you live in new jersey. are you moving. >> after what's been happening with murphy, i have my bags ready to be packed. this is unbelievable what i'm seeing. this is not what the state of new jersey needs.
11:10 am
he is moving his family to australia, partly because of president trump. he agrees with the policies and wants to raise his children in a safe place. okay. all of these people vowed to leave the country if he got elected. but all of them are still here and. >> maybe australia will take them. stuart: coming up, this man is about to appear on your screen. you may not know him but you will today. his name is mitchell greene. one of the early investors in uber. now he is getting into spotify. he will be in the studio shortly. former star of million dollar listing miami is here. home sellers are using spy cameras during open houses. she said it just happen to her. first, we will talk to new jersey senate steven sweeney,
11:11 am
raising taxes in jersey. they are ready to leave. we'll have that in just a minute.
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
an illegal immigrant has been appointed to a statewide post in california. that is a first. lisbeth matteo will advise the california student aid commission. she is an attorney and immigrants right activist and she is illegal. back to my editorial top of the hour. governor of new jersey will raise taxes. welcome back. let's keep the smiles on our faces because you know this is
11:15 am
a mistake that a millionaire's tax will cause people to flee the state and you said the last time you are with us you said no, were not, do a millionaire's tax. the government says we are. >> is our opportunity to do something about it. there's something missing and that's where were making cuts and reforming the health care system and pension system to afford the government we have right now. it's up to us to deal with it. it will cause people to leave the state. i was just working with some experts in the economy and they are telling us about connecticut on the wealth flight out of connecticut. they are struggling more than us and we don't need to help it move along any quicker.
11:16 am
stuart: you are in a difficult position. if you do that, you are charging ten-point something% on incomes over million dollars. i think it's relatively easy to walk across state lines. is that what the experts are telling you. >> of course they are. they're telling us that the top states for people to leave new jersey or new york sylvania and florida. there's a real sensitivity and after what happened in washington, it actually put us in a more precarious position. reforming government and finding a way to make this work better, we have a large
11:17 am
pension obligation. there has to be a conversation eventually on a new system for the workers. stuart: you see how people feel. your raising taxes. whether it's a millionaire's tax or airbnb or marijuana or uber or whatever, you are raising taxes and the money you raise is going to the unfunded pension liabilities of retired government workers. how are people supposed to feel about that? >> listen, i know how they feel because i hear from them. my greatest concern is this is step one of a four-year process. we talked about phasing in these programs. if you did the millionaire's tax and all the other taxes that were offered in the budget address, where are you going next year to raise a billion dollars? it's nice to want to expand programs but unless you have the resources, we have financial difficulties in new jersey and we really need to deal with them first. before you go out and do something else. >> right. >> i'm almost at a time but
11:18 am
i've got this last one for you. i'm nearly 70 years old. i don't expect, in my lifetime, ever to see the government of new jersey understand the message and the lesson that you lower taxes and you increase growth. you will never ever learn that. you get 30 seconds. >> i think we've learned that but i think we understand it. the problem is there's difference of opinions. stuart, i did the reforms of government spending years ago that saved billions of dollars but more needs to be done. it's easy to check after more dollars. the hard thing making the changes. i get it. i made some mistakes along the line like others have two and less taxes, i believe will keep people in new jersey before then you better have a quiet word with the new
11:19 am
governor. i'm sure you will. steven sweeney, we think you're all right were glad to run the show. thank you very much. let's look at individual stocks. not necessarily in the news but they were following, general electric. your dad stock in your granddad's stock, $14. share. that's it on ge. talk about a stock that's going places. how about gold, down six dollars, $1311. ounce. big coin is just above $8000. coin. 8480 to be precise. boeing has taken a hit as it might be subject for tit for tat trade with china.
11:20 am
three dollars lower at 326. coming up, we wil we will be joined by the first african-american woman in space. i want to know how she prepares physically for the rigors of space travel because rigorous it is. first, you have to hear the story. the man applied for a job but not in a traditional way. he sent them a rap video. did he get the job? check this. toyota built a robot that shoots a basketball better than the pros. more on that in a moment. much more money. much more money coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[inaudible] all of the bars were recovered. the police launched an investigation into why the hatch broke. i think they should do that. this man applied for a job at an ad agency. instead of submitting a letter, he submitted a three minute video wrapping for his love for the job. watch it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . he got the job. he starts in april. we discussed buying a home, is it a good investment?
11:26 am
96% yes, it's a good investment. is new york city going to be a big tech center like silicon valley? peter teal think so. we will ask about investor mitchell greene. he is on his way into the studio. the markets right now, modest gain, 92 points higher. we will be back. running a small business is demanding. and that's why small business owners need more. like internet that's up to the challenge. the gig-speed network from comcast business gives you more. with speeds up to 20 times faster than the average. that means powering more devices, more video conferencing, and more downloads in seconds, not minutes. get fast internet and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more per month. comcast is building america's largest gig-speed network
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11:30 am
i can confirm this is a rally. we are up 121 points. where close to 25000. if we keep a camera there we will hit 25000. there you go. thank you very much. and now this, spotify will go public april 3. our next guest is an investor. his name is mitchell greene. what is so good about spotify? >> spotify is a company that's not streaming music, it's streaming culture. we believe it's one of the last giant railroad track into
11:31 am
people's home. if you think about music they listen to music at any age, any demographic, anywhere in the world and people listen to all the time. what's interesting about netflix is you might have strangers saying season one episode three. you're probably not going to watch that episode 20 times. people listen to a song from the rolling stones a thousand times. they will listen to the new katy perry song 500 times. this platform is empowering artists pretty will see them start to see tickets to the platform, you will see the new artist discovery platform new artist in there.
11:32 am
what's the cost you to acquire customer and what is the lifetime value of that customer. they want to drive and acquire as many customers as they can. >> that's why they're going public. >> they are not raising a dollar to go public. most companies, when they go public, they will raise capital. they are just going to list their shares. for when anyone interested, they should watch the investor relations website. daniel asked spoke and is a true visionary in the music industry pretty spoke about why he were doing this unique listing effort.
11:33 am
>> where goes very wrong in the network effect where everyone is super connected and knows what everyone is thinking and ends up thinking the same thing shifts over to the madness of crowds and we got to where the negatives are greater then the positives. >> what do you say. >> i'd moved to southern california. i can get more done in two days and a week in new york. do you think will go from one high-tech state to another high-tech state? >> wait a second. you've got me on my favorite subjects. but, this new tax bill does not allow the deductibility of state and local taxes. don't even get me started.
11:34 am
i think the tax bill hurts a time of americans. if my kids die with less than 14% and i die and they have 14% left, whatever. they at least live with sunshine. i think in silicon value there is groupthink. i agree with some of the things peter is saying but the new york tech scene is doing really well. there's a lot of great venture funds here. are you above order? our form will do very well. >> you would love to get rid of the estate tax. >> absolutely. stuart: mitchell, you're all right.
11:35 am
thanks for coming on. now this, home sellers, some of them are using spy cameras to gather intelligence on prospective buyers. can you believe that? you are in new york with no state income tax that you are in florida. >> absolutely and i'm very happy with that. so are all my buyers, especially those coming from california. >> you have experience with this where you show a home in the home owner was using a spy cam to look at the people coming through the house. >> it literally happened three days ago. i go into preview home and the agent told me, just so you know, everything is being recorded. you are being recorded.
11:36 am
it's a little strange, i'm not going to lie. i'm walking around and sang this house is overpriced, now knowing that they will hear and see me. it's good for security because you do have a lot of browsers, not necessarily buyers right now. home prices are so high and sellers are unrealistic with their list price so you're getting browsers and their saying okay, were innocent on the sideline and rent for a little bit. you are looking at a house, you're on the spycam, your voices recor recorded, they have your face and they know who you are. do some of the homeowners get back to the people look at the house as a way of saying why didn't you buy. >> i guess they could, but there's certain restrictions when you use a realtor that you can't really go in the. >> your realtor, you show homes, would you put a spy camera to record people coming
11:37 am
in-and-out? if i am price right and i'm still not getting this property sold of course i'm not getting the feedback. if my agent isn't telling me what it is i need to know and find out. sellers are out of their mind and out of touch with what it should be listed out. that's what it comes down too. stuart: 96% say buying a house is a good investment. that's a contradiction from everything i've learned about millennial's. i've always been told you youngsters think renting is the way to go. don't you dare by house, it's a bad investment. >> no. i was on here not that long
11:38 am
ago setting the record straight thank millennial's are buying. 36% make up the buying pool. 65% are first-time homebuyers. they are making more money than ever on average, $88000. year up from $82000. year. stuart: wait, wait, wait. millennial's, on average, twentysomethings into the early 30s are averaging $88000. year? waited you get that number from. >> from the national association of realtors. stuart: a bit suspect. >> you have to remember there's two different groups of millennial spread there's the aging millennial's, which i am, 33 and the early 20 spread they're not making 88000. maybe they are but most of them, i would have to say they aren't. on top of that, one out of every six millennial has at least $100,000 saved up. stuart: i don't believe a word
11:39 am
of it. no way. >> they do. i have my friends in their 30s, they've saved up so much money, they've rented prior or they bought a house before and they made a solid. stuart: or they lived with mom and dad. >> i've made a lot of money in real estate. one of my homes i made $270,000. it makes sense. the numbers are there. it's time to buy. it's going to be a buyers market soon. you watch. stuart: what's this on my screen? higher profits at kodak? are they still in business? higher profits is good for a 12% gain. many years ago i was on the
11:40 am
set of different network and i said you think it's time to shore against them and they said what are you, some kind of common engine communists. revlon lost more money. what's happening to revlon? it's up 3%. scott kelly spent 240 days on the space station. twice as long as most astronauts. in that time he grew 2 inches, making him taller than his twin brother. coming up, we will ask former astro astronaut and first woman in space how does something like that happen. you grow 2 inches in space. i want to know. warmer democrats continue to move away from nancy pelosi. the latest congressman tim ryan. you've got to hear what he has to say. that's next.
11:41 am
11:42 am
this is your foxbusiness brief. snapchat is down about 4% sending the losses well beyond the broader market.
11:43 am
they had a pr problem they've had to deal with and that is a popstar, rihanna, brought to the attention that something that came on this week and they told fans to delete the app. they made fun of a domestic violence situation of rihanna back in 2009 at the hands of her then boyfriend, chris brown. on her instagram she said i can't quite figure this out. he's domestically and intentionally wrought this kind of shame to domestic violence victims. i will tell you snapchat i has since apologized and withdrawn the ad but in the meantime the stock is down about 4% this week. s mobile dog grooming palace. laura can clean up a retriever that rolled in foxtails, but she's not much on "articles of organization." articles of what? so, she turned to legalzoom. they helped me out. she means we helped with her llc, trademark, and a lot of
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visit and use the joint damage simulator to see how joint damage could progress. ask about enbrel. enbrel. fda approved for over 18 years. the trump administration has taken the first step toward reducing the nicotine allowed in cigarettes, reducing it to nonaddictive levels. the fda has asked the public to submit comments over the next three months. more democrats continue to move away from nancy pelosi. here's what nancy pelosi herself said yesterday about connor lamb. rotate. >> i don't think he. [inaudible] republicans are saying see, he ran like a conservative. i think it was an issue oriented campaign. i just wanted him to win. i don't think that much impact on the race pretty one.
11:46 am
stuart: to repeat, she said he did not run against her. let's go back to his ad. roll tape. >> want you to believe the biggest issue in this campaign is nancy pelosi. it's all a big lie. i've already set on the front page of the news paper that i don't support nancy pelosi before and now this, tim ryan stepped into the battle. >> we need these independent-minded candidates were not tied to the establishment in d.c. and are more reflective of the local communities they come from. connor lamb did that and had a 20-point swing from trump. stuart: tim ryan challenged nancy pelosi last year end lost hand down.
11:47 am
i see more and more democrats opposing nancy pelosi six months before the election. >> you're absolutely right. if i were a democrat running in what is a three dozen open republican seats, i would sure tell them over and over again that i'm voting against nancy policy for leader. we need somebody younger, maybe the guy we just heard from from ohio. in 2016, republican strategist that they were going to lose 15 plus seats for the last six. what was their main issue against house democrats? it was nancy pelosi. it's an issue that clearly worked and it works for connor lamb. he won by a tiny margin and that may have been what elected him.
11:48 am
stuart: let's be clear. nancy blows he is not going away before the november election spreadsheet not going to step aside and let somebody else lead the house democrats but that's not what happened. >> will see. stuart: you think that's going to happen. >> it could happen, but it really shows up as a problem for democrats when there's a primary and then, i'm sorry, not a primary but when there's one of the special elections and it showed up just last tuesday. work. she is clearly, all the democrats know that, but they like her and just on capitol hill she's been pretty effective but out in the country, she's killing them. okay. the illegal immigrants who shot and killed kate steinle is suing the government for vindictive prosecution. what is your comment. >> i would file that suit to because where's the best
11:49 am
chance for this criminal to get off. it's with one of those flaky resistance judges out in california. we've seen them. we've done it in sanctuary cities, we've seen it on immigration and they will come up with any reason to let someone off if they want to pretty don't care about the constitutions or statutes, though go back" them and blame it on something donald trump said in the campaign. stuart: and they just have contempt for president john. thanks for joining us. a couple stocks, here we go. lower revenue in the online retailer and now a block chain company would be, they are down 9% at 43. then we have data. >> excuse me, they are saying
11:50 am
that the crypto currency is weighing in on it. stuart: winnebago stock is up and one firm says buy it. it's up 6%. wells fargo, the justice department just announced they are investigating the management division as well as the retail banking division. the stock is still around the mid- 50s. that's wells fargo. still had, the first african-american woman and based on preparing your body for space travel. she is a pioneer and she is next.
11:51 am
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hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. scott kelly grew 2 inches after an extended stay in space. he is no longer identical to his twin. joining us now is first african-american woman in space, may, how do you explain this? how does someone grow 2 inches because they're in space for 200 days. >> you know how you walk around every day and you sort of feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, well that's gravity pulling
11:55 am
you down. you go up into space and it loosens your backbone up and you have this opportunity to grow. you also get a facelift lawyer up there. good morning. stuart: is a question which all of us around the table wanted to ask you. i've gotten the chance to ask you, what's it like when the rocket takes off. what does it feel like? >> it's really exciting for me. it was thinking back to when i was a little girl, growing up on the south side of chicago and how excited she would have been. the rocket shakes and shimmies and things like that, but it's really so much for me about what i'm going to do. you won't believe that the first thing i saw when i got into space was my hometown of chicago. no kidding.
11:56 am
but it looked just like it did on the map because you could see chicago outline from the farmland that were around it. illinois, growing up in the breadbasket of the country, and to me, a corny transition, that brings us here today. they're talking to agriculture. >> i'm flat-out jealous and that's a fact. improving science literacy is something i was committed to. when i first came out of nasa was to focus on different areas of science. how do we probe and understand , how too do better curriculum and to focus in on an area, a
11:57 am
discipline that we need to promote. we are introducing an initiative which is science matters. here's the context. by 2050 we will have 20 billion people in this world. we have to produce 60% more food sustainably. how do we do that? by having morag science and egg technology and education. we have to do that by making sure there's thousands of jobs that are going unfilled and those jobs range from things you think about, biology and the life sciences and all the way to computer technology. people can find out about it by going to sport age.
11:58 am
stuart: i'm so glad you could tell us about it because it's extremely important. more "varney" after this.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
there are five seconds to go. in that time i will say it's a pleasure being with you this friday. charles payne, it's yours. >> stocks are higher. the trade concerns haven't gone away but we always act like they do when a market goes up. it's a busy day at the white house. russian sanctions, tough talk on china, there's also a lot of scuttlebutt about who would be the next white house person to be ousted. adam schapiro is here. >> the intrigue among the washington is never ending but let's do the facts on the ground. sarah huckabee sanders says that as far as staff replacements and in regard to the reports that hr mcmaster may be out, contrary to


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