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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 9, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much watching. and remember -- you can't take it with you. ♪ lou. judge. reporter.>> lou: evening, robert mueller. with an investigation that is spiralling out of control. and moving far afeel from his original machin mandate if he h. fbi today raiding office. home and hotel room of president trump's long time personal attorney michael cohen. following a referral from the special counsel robert mueller. federal agents seized, e-mails attacks documents, business records related to a number of issues, including perhaps
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payments from cohen on porn star stormy daniels. we have been told privilege communication between cohen and his client. cohen's attorney blasting raid. we take up what president trump has called mueller witch-hunt with judicial watch president tom. and attorneys. also tonight, an obstruc obstrut and insulting response. doj appointing a federal prosecutor to oversee release of fbi documents about clinton e-mail probe and fisa court abuses, 5 months after house judiciary committee, and house oversight committee demanded access to 1.2 million documents, they have received approximately
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7,000 to date. half of which were delivered today. our top story, outraged the word of the day. mounting evidence of a corrupt justice department leadership. an fbi that is been out of control for years. and president trump tonight just voicing his outrage over the latest development in mueller witch-hunt. >> a disgrace. if is say real dis grace, an attack on our country, in a true sense, an attack on when about what we stand for. i saw this i heard it, like you did. i said that is really now in a whole new level of unfairness. >> we're wenting an orchestrated assault on president of united states, a justice department and fbi that are ignoring oversight, the constitutional oversight role of congress. the department of justice hiring u.s. attorneys toes tes to looko
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clinton e-mail scandal, including fisa court surveillance abuses, these u.s. attorneys now answering on deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. it was rod rosenstein who may have used unverified fraudulent dossier, to get fisa court war warrants to spy on carter page. and christopher wray are so slow walking a demand to turnover a clean copy of 2016 fbi memo that started the russia counter intelligence investigation. nunes has given them until this wednesday before he hits them with a subpoena. it is rod rosenstein's lack of a mandate concerning special counsel robert mueller investigation that lead to a dis grace to the concept of law and order in this country.
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it is an assault as i said. on the president of the united states my first guest said today's raids have nothing to to with russia collusion or meddling in 2016 election, subjects that robert mueller was assigned to investigate. joining us, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. >> good to see you. lou: do i over state it? this looks like an abhorrent breach of everything. >> it is. attorney general is incompetent. the fbi is corrupt. and robert mueller and rod rosenstein are unethical and abusive of legal process, they all deserve to be fired. not that i'm suggesting that president should do it because there is political fallout from. they are all unethical and corrupt and in session's case, incompetent and should go.
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lou: this decision by mueller to charging through referral, to the u.s. attorney, to the manhattan d.a.'s was on the, and the fbi, to take on the president's personal attorney, violates everything that most people can think of is basically approaching an absolute prev lanprivilege between a client ad his or her attorney. >> only breach would be criminal fraud. but that -- requires such an incredible high threshold of proof, it is nearly impossible. these are such thugish tactics by mueller, and now the united states attorney. and snookerring a judge with supposed evidence that merits
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his signature on a warrant. worse case, payings there are 130,000 bucks to a -- 130,000 bucks to a porn star to go away and crawl back in your hole. lou: there nothing civil about this special counsel. he had a reputation for being a reckless, and abusive investigator and prosecutor, now he take its to a new level. we call predawn raid of manafort's home. even he was cooperating. this is now a man that has to be brought under control it soul wd seem to be, i can't imagine because, you know, each of us has to come to terms with our own heart and conscious, i would
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fire the sob in 3 seconds. >> you would, and he deserves it. it is such a cozy group, comey, and rod rosenstein and mueller and andrew weisman, they are thick at thieves, they have been abusive in a number of cases in mueller and comey's case they bungle one of the biggest u.s. cases in history, anthrax case. you know these guys, by reputation are incredibly overrated, i wouldn't hire them to get coffee for me as a law clerk. lou: we know they are a gang of partisan hacks assembled by robert mueller with a checker history, this is say time i would have particular could someone would have enough integrity in the department of justice whether it is rod rosenstein or jeff sessions who is now sleep walking through one of the most opinion assignments any american citizen could that, that is to serve as nation's attorney general. there is not even a whiff of
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integrity emmail -- emanating from that corner of the swamp. >> look at team of partisans assembled by mueller, they are democrats. three are not registered one way or another. but out of 17 all of the others are all democrats. they heavily donated to democrats including obama and clinton. and two of them represented clinton and clinton aides. >> a number of them also involved in working for clintons in particular. as well as the obama administration. >> there is nothing fair about this. it is disgraceful, i would add disgusting. lou: this is becoming a historic assault on the very idea of american government. a constitutional republic, is there not one scholar, and i
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credit the man, he is a liberal, he is a life long liberal, and he cannot abide what we're watching. the absolute corruption. if -- beyond the court system, it is the deputy of justice. >> and appointment of robert mueller was illegal to begin with because there was no stated crime,cluding i collusion is no. obstruction of justice, the president was exercising his article ii powers. >> well, i think that if president, you know, i think we all think we understand how macho he can be. one of the reasons he -- many reasons he makes a great leader for this nation at this time,
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because he is unafraid. this is the time to draw lines. >> sure. mueller is trying to set him up for perjury. even if you tell truth to robert mueller he will change you with perjuriry. he will find someone else who will disagree with what it is you are saying, that that basis he will charge you with perjury. lou: where are scholars. >> they have never had a backbone. lou: and no integrity, they are -- a shame. >> a disgrace. lou: it is for the nation. greg jarrett thank you. >> appreciate it. lou: up next president trump blasting the justice department, mueller probe spun out of control. >> attorney general made a terrible mistake. when he did this. and when he recused himself, he should have let us know he was going to recuse himself, we would have used a -- put a different attorney general in.
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lou: former attorney general loretta lynch casting doubt about comey's claims she told him to refer to the clinton e-mail scandal and investigation as a matter not an investigation. >> this was a sensitive investigation, as everyone knew. the issue, i think was early in fall of 2015, was whether or not we were ready as a department to confirm an investigation going on. we do not ti typically do not confirmo deny anything with rare oakraric -- exception. >> we had a full open discussion about it. >> he did not raise concerns. >> concerns were not raised. lou: you are asking yourself,
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why is she tracking abou talkin, i am sure you have guessed, loretta lynch has a book coming out later this month, stealing thunder from comey, his book comes out next week. joining me now dr. sebastian gorka. a fox analyst, the president has tough choices to make, about a whole host of events and issues. but, syria, looms large. as we put it over the next 24 to 48 hours in which he will make a decision. >> lou, first things first, it is remarkable, everything that this man has accomplished in 15 months given depth and bredth of the swamp, lies and resistance to his agenda that we chose as
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important people, but now this is political warfare. what happened to lawyer-client privilege? to the idea you need a crime before you have a special prosecutor? these things have been thrown out. and now we have a fishing expedition that is say witch-hunt, i am vla glad the president has come out of the corner swinging. lou: you wouldn't have expected anything else. >> no, but i want ag to withdraw his recusal, and say this is out of bounds, mueller has to be dealt with, fired or asked what are you investigating that has anything to to with russia. lou: to my question on syria. what do you expect the president to do? and course he would post most likely take? >> i wrote in hill today, president will do two things,
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shortly, he will take some very overt actions that will send a very strong message to the regime and the backers. lou: why, why? why? >> why? lou: i think that president had it right, he said time to get out of syria. i think this president had it right, from the moment he started campaigning for office. it is time for a humble foreign policy, not one in which we support our you know our allies in nato, as if we had trillions of dollars in extra assets, rather than 20 trillion in debt with deficits rising not declining. >> i tell you why, he had enough of the freeloaders in nato, he dealt with that, he have a commitment from secretary-general they are paying their fair share. this is a compassion at man, te left will never believe this.
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lou: the hell with what they believe. i know he is a compassion at man. >> >> let me answer. lou: let me take it to end, why this president, said time to get out of syria, it is time for us to bring our horns in, super power in the world,. why would we continue toable as george bush acted? as -- >> no, no. that is not what we're talking about. lou: that is what i'm talking about. i'm talking about why in the world is it incumbent on president to take military action. >> there is a scale of options, a 57 cruise missiles is not 160,000 u.s. troops in iraq, we have to understand difference, if we think it is a binary dichotomy between isolationism and invasion, we miss the reality. lou: here is the reality that i
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think you are missing. >> what? >> you don't launch 60 cruise missiles at russia if you are outraged. you don't launch 60 cruise missiles at china. why is there a -- >> i, agree. lou: in america in both parties, to take military action, because they know that they are striking at a third worm world country -- military response will not become months rat -- commence rat to military act by u.s. u.s. lou. lou: why are we in iraq. what are -- >> you are not getting me -- you are not going to get he to defend the incredibly idiotic neocon policies in iraq or afghanistan. i detest them. lou: how about syria? >> look, sir -- syria is a special case. i'm not arguing for an iraq-type
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situation, this man broke the taboo on use of chemical weapons, this is bad for you and your family. they will get their hands on chemical weapons. lou: i heard that argument we know that real issue is why in the world until president trump was elected and went to war against the islamic state, why is only he, in oval office was able to send out forces of united states and destroy the islamic state? question now is. >> very simple. lou: question now -- it was rhetorical. why should he go against what he said, his instincts and values. no president in my memory ever better represented american value than this one. why would we do anything like launch a 60 cruise missiles?
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>> you are -- a false dichotomy. lou: i have a habit of doing that. >> lou, look. last 8 years, showed us, i'm not argue for bigfoot print. but last 8 years showed us, a world without american leadership is say very, very dangerous world. lou: if we could only lead with launch of 60 cruise missiles, we're not much of a leader. >> lou. this is not obama, this is not george w. bush. trust donald trump. he is not an interventionist. lou: i trust president trump. and the other names i don't recognize. dr. sebastian going t going to . >> thank you. lou: do bluff tha belief corrupt
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leadership and actions of fbi and doj are outrageous and overwhelming that president trump should fire robert mueller, jeff sessions and rod rosenstein? we thought we would put it to you straight forwardly. cast your vote on twitter at @loudobbs, follow me. -- on wildcat watt wall street s closing higher. s&p up 9 at close, volume 3 billion shares. listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the sale elsalem radio network. >> up next special counsel robert mueller and his mandate now under fire from president trump. >> this is the most biased group
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of people, these people have the biggest conflicts of interest. lou: judicial washington's president, is joining us, we take up mueller conflicts, and the department of justice outrage. and much more next.
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lou: joining us, judicial watch president, tom fitton. the raid on the president's personal attorney, i just consider that utterly an outrage. a referral from the special counsel to do so. >> the special counsel has been out of control from the moment he was appointed. he was appointed based on a crime, james comey leaking records he stole from the fbi to get his friend appointed. then he basically was given run
10:29 pm
of the justice department. he doesn't answer to anyone on a day-to-day basis. the justice department is out of control. mueller seems to be running the show on many issues including directing department of justice resources to raid the apartment of the lawyer of the president of the united states on whether there was a campaign violation of a little over a $100,000. that special operation is going to destroy the reputation of the justice department if the president doesn't take action. lou: i think it's too late for that. if there is anyone in this country who thinks this department of justice leadership is competent, is impartial and fair and committed to justice instead of a partisan result in
10:30 pm
the interest of the deep state and not the united states of america, then they haven't been paying attention to anything going none the nation's capital. >> i agree. the problem the justice department has, it has little credibility with many americans. jeff sessions doesn't understand the crisis his agency is in. those agencies were ruined to the degree there was any remnant of credibility. they were ruined by the obama justice department and the fbi and they haven't fixed it under the trump administration. the president is looking from afar. he has to intervene and save the fbi and the justice department from themselves. he should order the mueller operation to be shut down. lou: he you can order it shuttle down. he should order the firing of
10:31 pm
mueller. rosenstein should fire mueller. lou: if rosenstein doesn't? >> he should find someone who will. i want those stop officials to step up and do their jobs. attorney general jeff sessions should unrecuse himself. mueller himself is conflicted. forget about that there are no republicans on the staff of the special counsel operations. mueller himself interviewed for the fbi position that opened up and is now the subject of a criminal violation by his own operation. lou: rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general is the fellow who said that the president should fire, should fire james comey then appoint a special counsel to investigate the firing based on his memorandum. how dumb do you have to be to find a conflict if you are in
10:32 pm
justice department leadership. >> it's a conflict and mr. rosenstein is implicated in the fisa abuse issue because he signed off on one of the fisa applications. this is a mess. stormy daniels isn't going to save the mueller operation. the president is focusing on removing robert mueller. lou: to hell with official washington. it is the deep state and it's working against the interest of the united states. it is so obvious, so transparent and in the face of 330 million americans that it couldn't get much worse, i don't believe, than it is right now. because i don't think we can tolerate much worse than this. >> the justice department treats mueller like he's king of the justice department. he hasn't been appointed by
10:33 pm
anyone answerable to the president in any significant way. it's good government to shut down that office. lou: last question. slow walking all of this material that the house oversight and house judiciary committees have demanded over the justice department, and to be told by the incompetence and corrupt and just absolutely insidious officialdom in the person of owessen stein and sessions and mueller, what are they to do? are we in a constitutional crisis when we have an agency, a department both fbi and department of justice who claim they are independent from the executive branch who are defying the constitution and refusing to
10:34 pm
honor the constitution? the justice department won't honor the constitution and is denying congress its constitutional responsibility of oversight. >> they wouldn't follow subpoenas, they won't follow the freedom of information act. it's lied about its handling of the firing or removal of peter strzok. they hid the text messages from the american people. the fbi has been obstructing a congressional investigation for a year and a day. lou: the inspector general said it all. but he was supposed to have done that at the beginning, right? >> it's been two years since we asked him to look at the clinton-lynch tarmac meeting. lou: at least you heard from loretta lynch today. but that's because she has a book coming out. the special counsel.
10:35 pm
we are talking about 11 months it's been operating. you are talking about two years, no evidence whatsoever of anything approaching the so-called order of the special counsel to investigate russia collusion, for crying out loud. tom fitton, judicial watch. the troop surge at the border has gun. we'll update you on our -- has begun. we'll update you on the effort. how do you win at business?
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lou: 250 texas national guards troops have arrived on the border with mexico. and arizona is boosting the number of its troops, sending 338. president trump wants as many as 4,000 national guard troops on the bored. new mexico will take place but has not announced the deployment. governor jerry brown hasn't said whether california's state guard will participate.
10:40 pm
william lajeunesse is in new mexico with our report. reporter: the president's pledge to wall off much of mexico took shape today as the border patrol moved to replace this barrier with a wall. >> it's 15 feet high, you have rebar running up into it. you would have to be one of the more determined illegal entrants to get through this or over it. >> they hope the new wall can deter, stop or slow down what has become the busiest border crossing in new mexico. >> it's too easy for them to cross in this area and disappear into urban community to the north. >> we are displace our priorities if we think a bored
10:41 pm
wall is going to keep drugs and illegal activity from coming into the country. critics call the project an environmental and humanitarian disaster. >> now is the time to reassert that a bored should be a place encounter and not confrontation. >> we are going to build the wall. reporter: candidate trump wanted to walt entire 2,000-mile border. as president he reduced that to 700 miles along with a pedestrian fence and vehicle barrier. homeland security can afford 100 miles of new fence. the border wall has many didn't segments and styles.
10:42 pm
but in this spending bill congress banned the white house from using the money on any of the new prototypes. lou: up next the justice department and robert mueller are out of control. president trump blasting the raid on his personal attorney as a disgrace. top attorneys joe difficult gentlemen nova a [ doorbell rings ] janice, mom told me you bought a house. okay. [ buttons clicking ] [ camera shutter clicks ] so, now that you have a house, you can use homequote explorer. quiet. i'm blasting my quads. janice, look. i'm in a meeting. -janice, look. -[ chuckles ] -look, look. -i'm looking. it's easy. you just answer some simple questions online, and you get coverage options to choose from. you're ruining my workout. cycling is my passion.
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lou: the fbi raid the office, home and hotel room of president trump's personal attorney, michael cohen. investigators acting on a referral by special counsel michael mueller to seize documents relating to special payments to stormy daniels. the senate committee is waiting for clinton documents to be turned over. the president has accused the
10:47 pm
fbi and doj of slow walking the request. joining us is victoria toensing, a former justice department official, and joe digenova, the former u.s. attorney for the district of columbia, they are the founding partners of digenova and toensing. great to have you here. i'm going to rehearse from the moment we step off until next week if ever you have the grace to show up here again. let's start with this raid. victoria, a personal attorney of the president. >> mueller and his gang have weaponized the criminal justice system. these no-knock raid done on his personal lawyer's house and
10:48 pm
offices are the kind of tactics reserved for dope dealers and terrorists. i know, i used to be a narcotics prosecutor. this is not the regular order for subpoenaing and getting records from a lawyer. you should issue a subpoena and say what documents you want, then the attorney hands them over which i understand cohen has been doing all along. lou: and cooperating as you point out. joe, your thoughts on the apparent -- as victoria says -- as with paul manafort, a pre-dawn raid with a cooperating witness. what is this about mueller? >> i think the raids today on mr. cohen's office was an act of bad faith by the special prosecutor, even though he was not responsible for the raid. he cause it to occur through the southern district of new york.
10:49 pm
they are using the grand jury in a terroristic way to frighten and intimidate people and influence the conduct of the president of the united states. i think what about mueller has downed the guidance of mr. rosenstein and the assistance of fbi director wray is disgraceful and an embarrassment to the department of justice. the fact that they are not embarrassed tell you something about these three people, mueller, wray and rosenstein. it's clear they are anti-trumpers, this is not a good faith federal investigation it's designed to embarrass the president and i believe they determined they want to take him down. i think this is one of the most of disgraceful events in american law enforcement in the history of our country and should be an embarrass to the all three of them, but apparently is not.
10:50 pm
>> i think there is no evidence of collusion with the russians. what mueller and his people are trying to do is to quoted president into firing them so they can say, oh, my, we brought it all out but we were fired. i disagree that he should not be go ahead into firing them. lou: i guess i'm being reflective and reactionary. to me it's such an incendiary moment. where is the bar association as i asked earlier in the broadcast. where is the legal profession? why aren't judges, the supreme court and someone with integrity standing up whether it's the aba
10:51 pm
or supreme court, i don't know, and say we are not going to tolerate this kind of conduct? >> most of of the major institutions in this country are dominated by liberals including the american bar association which i can assure you is anti-trump to its core. the judiciary, they can't do anything until they get involved in a case. your instincts to be offend and outrages are very, very good and they are to be encouraged. i think the american people should express themselves, they do not like this, they won't accept it, and they think treating the president and his family and lawyers as common criminals is nonprofessional conduct by the department of justice and the fbi. i'm so furious at rod rosenstein and christopher wray who have disappeared from the plan of action. i concluded from any doubt that
10:52 pm
they are both anti-trumpers actively engaged in trying to take down the president of the united states. >> lou, one of the people mueller brought on to his team, andy weissmann, he's the one in the enron investigation brought down the whole company of arthur anderson on false charges which the supreme court overturned 9-0. and he was the direct supervisor of my client doug campbell in uranium one and he threatened my client with prosecution if he talked about the case. >> there is no doubt the weissmann thuggery came into play today. he's a thug and bob mueller ought to be ashamed of himself for having people like this on his staff. lou: the next questions where do we go from here. mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight
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10:57 pm
now he has a justice department that's gone rogue. >> the president should never ever speak to robert mueller or his lawyers in an interview. >> in the act of bad faith in the manner in way mueller caused this case to open up. it's clear mr. mueller's operation has nothing do with fair enforcement of the law or equal justice. it's a bunch of mobsters trying to enforce u.s. law, and under no circumstances should the president of the united states agree to an interview with these thugs. lou: if today would not convince the president that that would be honoring a mortal enemy i don't know what would. this is shameless conduct. what then should he do? he should not talk to the special counsel. and i think most of of us
10:58 pm
instinctively agree with that. but what can he proactively do? >> there is not an awful lot he can do that is politically acceptable. legally he can fire mueller and pardon everybody. but here is what he should do. he should be the president of the united states. deal with syria. deal with the ongoing problems. ignore mule per and of course the process by which this will come to an end we don't know. but today was a day which demarch kaitd this investigation as an unprincipled and illegitimate investigation into everything involving the 2016 election. obviously there is no collusion, there never was any. what mueller is doing is trying to justify his existence with these outrageous acts. >> he should ignore mule per and be president.
10:59 pm
lou: let me with one minute remaining here. let me ask you, what should congress do? they have now a rogue justice department and fbi. not meeting the constitutional congressional demands of oversight. >> it's a no brainer. they should hold rosenstein and wray in contempt of congress fan they don't move to pro dpiewls documents, they should impeach both of them. forget going to court to even 40s subpoena. they have the power to hold them in contempt, impeach them and remove them from office. this is arrogance of a type and kind and degree we have never seen from people in the fbi and justice department. rosenstein and wray should be ashamed of themselves but their arrogance is so high and so
11:00 pm
great that they aren't. >> now we have to teach the american people how to fight. lou: we lou. judge. reporter.>> lou: evening, robert mueller. with an investigation that is spiralling out of control. and moving far afeel from his original machin mandate if he h. fbi today raiding office. home and hotel room of president trump's long time personal attorney michael cohen. following a referral from the special counsel robert mueller. federal agents seized, e-mails attacks documents, business records related to a number of issu,


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