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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 2, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our website, story ab. >> thank you very much. lou: good evening i am david asman in for through dobbs, president trump meeting with potential supreme court justices moving rapidly on a nominee to replace justice kennedy. as they panic watching preemptive attacks before one is chose ep, president addressed the issue at white house while meeting with the prime minister of the netherlands. >> interesting, i will be meeting with two or three more, we'll make a decision on the united states supreme court. new justice that will be made over the next few days, and we'll announce it monday, i look
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forward to, that. i think that person that is choose en will be ou outstandin. >> president trump promised to pick from his list of 25 current frontrunners. >> outside groups advising white house' to get a conferring a vote by end of september because congress leaves for midterm campaigning by then. woulds house would white house d
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sell counsel don mccann. and justin clark oversee white house out reach to key constituent, my first guest grilled rosen 7 rose rod rosenst week. loulouie gohmert. i want to talk about supreme court pick in a second but first, last week i was on vacation, i heard a story you thought you were being spied upon by rod rosenstein. what are details. >> i didn't mention any names. i can't. i've been told in the past that there was great concern about who i saw, what i did. then i was being monitored, and told that they know that everyone that walks into your was on.
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after 48-page expose on mueller and holding people accountable, i have to take these more seriously, that people have been telling me. >> usually, if you sense you are being spied on, you could be a paranoid, if you are not, you have to electric at people have you been -- look at people that you have been focusing on. mueller is that person. does he have a staff to organize to spy on a u.s. congressman. >> it is what they do. it is very clear to see they have the capability. look at what they did to ted stephens, thigh wanted take -- day wanted to take him out, mueller was fbi director they created a fabricated case, got him convicted until one of the fbi agents blew the whistle. look at kirk wheldon, they raided his office two weeks before his election, then did
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nothing. you know some months later san jossay-- come get your stuff, ne may be coming out with a book they are bringing up his name again. as someone who my have committed a crime, this is the m-oo of these guys. >> yo you didn't mention rod rosenstein but i will could he is supposed to oversee the muller investigation, three things stand out that make him a bad overseer. he should be disqualified for conflict of interest, because he was involved in the fire firingf jim comey, he signed off on the fisa spying warriors ants -- warrants based in part on
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unverified, unsourced dossier. he also signed off on something he should not have signed off on. now he may be involved in spying on u.s. congressmen. >> you left one out. i think it will is disqualifying. he, mueller and weisman and possibly comey. were involved up to their necks in the original russia investigation for their effort to try to buy u.s. uranium. they had to stifle that investigation, the information and forced their witness they had behind the scene sign a nondisclosure agreement, so they would not prosecute him, they stifled the information that would have prevented sale from going through. because cfius, commission on foreign investigation of u.s.,
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had to approve that we know hillary was on there. after it goes $. >> if -- >> not to mention money that bill clinton got are in speaking. >> if there was wrong doing by rod rosenstein, mueller and weisman in this original russia investigation, then the longer they draw out this russia investigation, they can run out the clock on statutes of limb takelimitation. >> why given all those events, why does rod rosenstein still have a job? >> well, that is a good question, he needs to be fired. >> we have a president who knows well how to say you're fired. why do you think he doesn't do it? >> i am sure he is getting a lot of advice from people that say, hey, there are republicans in
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senate that say, they will come after you if you fire sessions or rose einstein. but then people working for roserosenstein undermining jeff sessions, hoping he will get fired so rod rosenstein is the acting attorney general for the term. have you republicans in senate says if he fires sessions we're not have a confirmation hearing for his term. >> something else, perhaps the president wants everything to keep rolling out to break up the deep state, that is you have been investigating a lot of things, have you been revealing a lot of things, you are bringing people in to testify, have you another list of 17 or so names people the doj, and fbi hopefully will testify, maybe want president wants process to roll out, attention would be on him if rod read stay rod rosensn
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power, you could continue to to the work, and public will see the whole thing unfolding in front of them. >> he real does need to go, he is hurting country. we are told there will be a guilty plea allowed by -- they will let him plead. >> he was i-t specialist. >> yes family members employeed and other people they owed money, over 40 democrats involved that he was a part time employee. for, and witnesses that -- oh, you have to when you buy things like ipads, you have to put on a form how much it costs, if it is $500 or above, you have to have serial numbers and document all you by, emron we're told
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would put is all at 499. >> deep state keeps going on congressman they are giving me a wrap, i have to ask one question. >> who would you like to see as nominee for supreme court? >> hey, i'm leaving this to the president, he has done a fantastic job. and my money is so whom ever he appoints. >> safe bet, congressman louie gohmert thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, nsa deleting millions of phone records it was not supposed to have, what went wrong. ju find the remote yet? nah. honey look, your old portable cd player. my high school rethainer. oh don't... it's early 90s sitcom star dave coulier...
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david: national security agency deleting nearly 700 million phone call, text records over privacy violation, blaming technical irregularity in call record data it received from phone companies, nsa received some data that included phone number and length of the call but not cop 10. judicial washington's tim fitton is joining us now.
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>> no one expected when the authority were first granted back in 2001, it was left that was most concerned, turned out they were right. the process would be abused so much that they would be gathering essentially all phone records they could get. that was pulled back once it became public. but they within way far overboard, they blame the phone companies for giving them too many documents, then follow-up on those requests got more documents they were not supposed to have, a basic competence level with respect to nsa, are they doing too much by thinking they need to investigate phone records, when they can't handle it competently. david: i don't think it is a matter of competence. i think it is a matter of honesty and straight forwardness, we caught clapper
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in a lie, denying this was going on, then pulled it back. i can't remember the b be on absurd way he did, but i think it will is a matter of simply, not being honest with the american public. >>, court criticize nsa for that very issue re sensely, in this case they destroy records, i don't know if that means we went figure out -- we can't figure out who did what wrong. i think that courts overseeing this process need to step in, this is where congressional oversight has been lacking. the nsa goes and gets tens of millions of records, they don't have a right to. they destroy them, and we're supposed to move on? that is not how if works. , i said on twitter, don't worry, all those unmaskings took place of nsa material, thanks by
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the obama administration, who was in large measure responsible for this lawlessness in terms of getting records they did not have right to under the law. david: that shows again, you put this in context of investigation, and political bias that deep state has, particularly against donald trump becoming president of united states, and you just wounder, how much of the authority, power of the tools they had available to them did they put in place to try to achieve their goals. >> record directs are design -- collect are designed to stop terrorist attacks, they are not being done effectively ethen we have other intelligence being used, otherwise that is supposed to be used to figure out what foreigners are up to, vis-a-vis the united states, that is being
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abused. all those police powers we give federal government depend on having honest people running the agents, and how the politicians oversee them, it has not happened. david: we just had louie gohmert, there are people serious about getting congressional oversight back where it belongs. and one is getting people to testify, house intel committee just came out with a new list of people, including elizabeth -- dible . what can you tell us about these people. >> a lot of them, focus on this batch, state department level. and people should understand that the state department was a focus for clinton operation, in terms of laundering dirt in you know russia-related dirt to fbi and doj.
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you know there was more than one anti-trump dossier. you had dossier create the di cy steel. the get trump effort by obama administration was all hands on deck. fbi. cia, doj, nsa, state department, you have to wonder what other agencies were involved. david: wonder what else they were doing with their power, insiderring is thainside. >> there is insider suggestion that mr. mueller may be using some power he has obtained to look into records of the nation rifle association, what is that about? >> any story, however false, this all this nra connection
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thing smacks of fusion gps disinformation, they will pursue leads, get tax records, which they are able to do without asking nra permission, that is why, in high view this special counsel needs to be shut down, no one signed on for this when mueller was hired, everyone thought he was invest geafting g russia collusion, that did not pan out, now he is investigating anything else that have to do with politics in 2016, other than democrats. david: that includes tax record of nra, that is extraordinary. tom fitton, i say it every time, thank goodness for judicial watch there have you oversight of what the government is doing, we appreciate your work. >> thank you. david: just a quick reminder follow lou on twitter, @loudobbs, you can like him on facebook and follow him on
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instagram. >> despite dizzy dems call for disbandment of i.c.e., president trump continues tough talk. >> we have bad border laws, the weakest in the world. david: joining us next for more on this stay with us. and now for the rings... i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. and if you don't have the right coverage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself. so get an allstate agent, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. ♪
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we can take care of this beautiful place that i grew up in. ♪ david: president trump slamming dems who push to abolish immigration and customs enforcement agency, and predicting that abolisheed i.c.. movement will cost the dems the midterms. >> biggest thing with open borders, that will lead to massive crime. that going to be their platform, open borders, that equals crime, i think they will never win another elect.
10:25 pm
david: joining me now, dean ed rollins. former reagan political director, fox business political analyst. i am wondering if some republicans are paying off democrats who are doing this. if you think about it, rationaly, for any ledge of time -- length of time, you would have no borders but no customs officials. you would have a free flow of drugs, i know a lot of drugs get across border now but you would have avalanche of drugs, guns, ms-13 members, terrorists from abroad. >> if we're so lucky for them to continue that, i know they will, we will kill them, i have been around this game 5 decade, that would give us an issue that would clobber any democrat that is -- >> even democratic polster. >> hillary clinton chief strategist polster came out with
10:26 pm
a poll yesterday, 69% of those surveyed, do not want to abolish i.c.e., 73% of independents and 5fine 59% democrat. david: i think once people see, what would happen if we got rid of i.c.e., not only the agents but also all custom agencies, i think those numbers would increase. >> who will get them? bottom line, we have big urban local cities go sanctuary, this is a federal course that picked up 32,000 criminals, last year and a half. not just across border, they are criminals who crossed border illegally, you have murderers, dui 's and rapists. >> not hard working illegal immigrants in a kitchen or something, we're talking about illegal immigrants who beyond breaking first law have broken other laws, which make them a threat to the public. >> thousands and thousands of tons of drugs.
10:27 pm
clearly the drugs -- people down understand, i didn't realize the extent of war in mexico, 200,000 people have been killed in last 10 or 15 years. >> it is a even worse than what happened with colombia, that is. -- how does g.o.p. play this? they almost don't need to say anything, they need to do is use words of democrats, including by the way liz warren who has presidential hopes. >> have you the senator from here, mayor from new york city, you take these people, you highlight them, make every democrat you run against defend their position of the national democrats pelosi, and the rest. and ask, where do they spooned n this, what is their solution, this is not a question of do you want laws enforced, only people who do this is i.c.e., they are extraordinary people. david: antiopen borders movement, that i is fighting ba, not only limited to this
10:28 pm
country, germany had open borders, it failed. there was a tremendous push back, merkel was not willing to fall on her sword, she gave in today, cried uncle and agreed to withdraw her long stance position on migrants to save -- >> she could not have put a winning coalition together after this last election. i think that with lightning rod, in europe, she was big leader bringing the illegals in to germany. i think that country has backlashed and cam ramification. david: if merkel folded before elect to save her political hide will democrats do. >> some will, there are enough of the big ones who believe this is a big issue. you have sanctuary cities, every
10:29 pm
major -- my sense they will get cross pressured. and when country realized when they stand for,. david: now socialist running in noacnovember elect like new york state. >> great thing about her, she is attractive and articulate, she will be out. spelling out socialist message. david: have you socialist who want open borders take away people's guns. who want a pc environment, that is strang lating a lot of americans still. that sounds like a lot of fun. that is the democratic platform. >> not placerewarding and thanking immigration officials have track these people down but penallize them. >> so goes the blue wave. >> thank you. david: up next authority plan a july 4 terrorist attack in cleveland, we'll have latest with former fbi agent bobby
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try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. david: authorities working to foil a planned july 4 terrorist attack in cleveland, suspect was arrested on sunday. the white house today spoke about the would be attack. >> on sunday suspect explained to an undercover fbi anxiet age,
10:34 pm
he was planning to attack a in cleveland and future in philadelphia, president trump commends work of doj and fbi for stopping this would be attacker. david: joining me bobby chacon, that is great work, this is the work fbi should be doing, and we should be thankful they are doing because they are saving lives. >> turley work that fbi is doing. doing of day. somewhat lost in mix these days so much is focused on a small group of fbi agent at headquarters, this guy moved, he was born and raised in u.s., moved from city to city, still wanting to carry out this attack, they followed him, jttf, model of authorities working together, it works it works every day keeping americans safe. david: working with undercover
10:35 pm
agents, dealing with this character. they don't know how -- whether he would go off at any moment and start blasting. these are real heroes that are willing to put their lives at risk for safety of people they don't know. >> yeah. it appears from my reading he was hell bent on causing deaths and destruction on innocent american lives on the 4th of july. you know there no doubt, this guy was adamant about carrying out this attack. david: i have to turn to i.c.e., this is what i.c.e. anxietie ag, yet you listen to rhetoric from some democrats who just want to eliminate i.c.e., they are almost blaming i.c.e. agents for
10:36 pm
being part of a conspiracy to do harm to americans. >> that is absurd. if you disagree with the law, you don't get rid of people responsible for enforcing the law, you change the laws if you can. but if the will of the american people is to have the laws on books, people who are enforcing the laws are not bad guys they are good guys, heroes, i have worked with dozens hard working dedicated i.c.e. agents and predecessor, i worked on a joint drug task force in new york city, we concentrated on judge -- drug. had several task force officers with us, we would say, can you get us records on how often they go under name or that name, i.c.e. is not just what you see. with latest controversy, they work all over, and overseas hand
10:37 pm
in hand with fbi, secret service and dea, i.c.e. has a broad look, they are helpful in things like ms-13 investigation, it is absurd to talk about disbanding i.c.e. david: and an insult, to accuse the agents of being ain't hess panic -- antihess panic is absurd, and insulting, you look at names of the i.c.e. agents killed in act, the surnames, they are hispanics martinez, morales, gomez, alvarez, it goes on and on. to accuse hispanics of being antihispanic is an insult and absurd. >> it is idiocy at highest levels to try to paint these dedicated men and women, down there, really risks their lives
10:38 pm
for you know our american way of life, that is horrendous to try to tarnish them this whole movement is tarnishing them in a segment of our society it is ridiculous it should stop. david: we need i.r.s i.c.e. to t people, and for customs agents to do a extraordinary job. democrats have this catch and release philosophy, that is being reexposed with what we're going through, option if you are put people in jail, who deserve to be in jail, here illegal anyway, but, are also criminals, only option is catch and release. you must have had some experience with that policy or heard about how it worked. how did that work out in reality? >> it was horrible, i worked in new york city, by order, he
10:39 pm
prohibited new york city police department from telling us when an illegal alien, who was a felon, i was going to charge in federal case, when he was being released from rikers island, i would try to get a detain or rikers island, and say once he is released from state custody we have federal process paperwork, they would release them, that grew out from that sanctuary city policy, we dealt with it before, we had new york city telling us, they were not going to tell us, they would release the guy, he was illegal, a felon, they would release him without notifying us they did. david: by the way. >> they are violent gang members. david: by time he ended career as mayor of new york we had over 2000 murders a year in new york, we now have less than -- 400
10:40 pm
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david: senator tammy duckworth. and alexandria ocasio-cortez at odds over future of democrat party, buck wort duckworth warnd democrats about moving too far to left, and then alexandria ocasio-cortez fired back, saying at vadvocacy for working class americans is not just for bronx, pointing to bernie sanders' success. joining me now adam brandon, president of freedom works, they support less government, lower taxes and economic freedom, thank you. >> sure. david: the 2016 elected, happened after 8 years of obama as president.
10:45 pm
obama economics, people were kind of depressed. they were giving up a little bit, not necessarily conservative but people in middle were wondering if free market was the way to go people were not getting paid anything. their salaries were stagnant, then came president trump. suddenly, americans rely, we didn't have to live with practically no growth or dropping salaries, we expects more from the economy if we have right policies. i think those people in middle that were trapped persuaded by bernie sanders would not be as persuaded in 2018. >> you got used to a decade of under 2% growth that never happened in america. all of a sudden you approach growth rates over 3%, 4%, i think that opens people to like wow this feels great, wages are
10:46 pm
going up, people can find jobs and change jobs to find one they like. there will be a political impact because of that. david: people's optimism is better. you see it, some people say, well what does that tell you? that tells you a lot, if people feel good they are paying more. in terms of houses and fixed items like automobiles, that is changing. we have not had consumer optimism and general optimism about the economy from consumers and businesses in decade. >> particularly small businesses mom and pops on main street they act coup for -- account for a majority of your job growth. what is fascinating is everyone focuses on generic ballot, i don't think that is a very good indicator. most important is right direction and wrong direction,
10:47 pm
since that tax bill those numbers are converges, people are optimistic, you may sybase conservatives show up get more animated, those folks that voted for bernie sanders, they may stay home in election. david: bars some dramatic decline in the economy, some recession, not many economists if any that predict a rec right now, do you think that blue wave will be prevented by people's enthusiasm about the free market? >> we left trillions of dollars in economic growth on the table in that 2% growth rate, there is plenty of run to go on this economy. have you tax cut, yes have you optimism, but have you pretty much a regulatory freeze, we never had an administration, even reagan of the not a deregulatoderegulate like the tp administration that gives people
10:48 pm
confident, regulations are just kind of flat right now, you know maybe pull some bad ones back but no new ones heaped on the economy. david: with the new supreme court justice, presuming on the bench by november, you will have even more freedom for president to do things by executive act, this president, has done a lot of executive acted specifically freeing up the economy will have nearly way. >> this supreme court sun believe am, run this supreme court is unbelievable right now, the run that administration had with 5-4 decisions, you will still have some justices 40 years from now, historically, republicans have batted about 50% with the supreme court nominees, and i think because of this list and focus, and trying
10:49 pm
to choose justices that only focus on interpreting the constitution and not social engineering we'll be able to put in two if not three fantastic justices in 40s and 50s. david: i don't think i got an answer, i have 20 second warning. are we going to see a blue wave. >> not at all, not even close. it will be a fight, i am concerned about some of my favorite conservatives. coming back to dc, it will be close. but not a wave election. david: adam brandon thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. david: on wall street stock closed higher, down gained 36, s&p up 8, nasdaq gained 57, volume 3 billion shares, nearly 50 million americans are expected to travel at least 50 miles from home july 4, triple a says that is a fifth percent increase -- 5% increase, from
10:50 pm
last year, and remind irlisten to lou's reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> coming up next, president trump gets ready to announce his supreme court pick. we take this up with our guests ahead. to your bumper, cause.... i don't think enough people heard about your big day. but nothing says "we got married" like a 12 ounce piece of scrap metal. yo! we got married! honk if you like joint assets. now you're so busy soaking up all this attention, you don't see the car in front of you. and if i can crash your "perfect day", imagine what i can do to the rest of 'em. so get allstate, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip.
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david: rush limbaugh hammering the dems for their open border policy. >> is there anything wrong with america remaining america? to the left there will be is something inherently wrong with america remaining america. that's what their open borders policy is all about. good to see you both. there is nothing wrong with immigration. i married an immigrant. you guys have immigrants in your own background judging by your you are names. the problem is, it has to be done with assimilation. that's what it was all about and worked so well here and not so well elsewhere. you have assimilation and rule
10:55 pm
of law. and that's what the democrats are breaking with. that's why they don't want america to be what america could be and wait has been. >> i would be a little surprised if democrats are still running on this. they will be savaged on this if they are going to run on this as an electoral issue. immigration enforcement removed he tirely? what's the -- entirely? what's the effect of that? open borders de facto. and i.c.e. is more than just the immigration component. they go after drugs and sex trafficking. all these elements that are meant to keep the country safe. it's going to hurt them electorally. david: there is the left wing of the party which seems to be
10:56 pm
morphing into the mainstream of the party. they don't want america to be america. they feel guilty about america. the old liberal guilt really exists. they feel guilty about it. they don't care how they get rid of their guilt or what damage it does to america which most of americans i think love. >> i think it does a disservice to the voters and the population in general. an oversimplifying and overgeneralizing all of these issues. so for them to take a single sound bite or single photograph and assume that's what will carry through, that involves international relations and the push factors driving multiple countries worth much immigrants to our southern borderers does a disservice that will turn around and bite them later. we need a more intellectual
10:57 pm
intelligent approach. that's what we found in these primaries where voters stood up and said we are a lot smarter and more engaged and it matters more to us than having these platitudes coming out of the democratic establishment. david: it's common sense. you do -- we just had a former fbi agent talking about how bad the policies of open borders worked in the past, in new york in particular. he was personally familiar with how horrify something of the situations were. so americans used their common sense and realized some things work and some things don't work. >> who is for more people on the welfare net and ms-13 people coming into the country. who is for more heroin and fentanyl. democrats are not for any of those things. what they are for is electoral victories. they see that as an easy route
10:58 pm
to that. or just to appease a left-wing base that's rabid for them to suspend all borders. it's not going to work out good for america in the long run. >> people don't necessarily live and die by their own sword. we just saw that happen in germany where angela merkel decided to pull back from her open borders policy. between now and november as polls come in and show americans don't buy into this open border business, they will withdraw from that position. they will try to shut up liz warren and other democrats going there and play more to the middle. >> i think that's exactly what's going to happen. we have seen that in the past where the war on extreme rhetoric tones down. but immigration and the family separation issues that have been
10:59 pm
reduced to that galvanize much of the voter base. but alexandria ocasio-cortez said it best by saying they have forgotten and ignored the base. they have taken the working communities and people of color for granted and assumed we'll tbien their half step or bland proposals and just take it and we are not. so it behooves them to bring more complexity before that. and also to tone it down. it represents a small faction. and oversimplifies the issues. david: the people who represent the trump supporters are mostly people that the left used to be able to appeal to, but they don't appeal to them anymore because they didn't like being out of work. >> legal immigrants who like trump and like the president, who don't want to see illegal immigration happen unfettered, i
11:00 pm
think with the democratic party specifically dick durbin called i.c.e. agents a group of incompetent. story about camero. >> thank you very much. lou: good evening i am david asman in for through dobbs, president trump meeting with potential supreme court justices moving rapidly on a nominee to replace justice kennedy. as they panic watching preemptive attacks before one is chose ep, president addressed the issue at white house while meeting with the prime minister of the netherlands. >> interesting, i will be meeting with two or three more, we'll make a decision on the united states supreme court. new justice that will be made over the next few d


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