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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 10, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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turned our back on pancakes except for that time we faked it to promote our new burger. i don't buy the fake promotion. melissa: no they were teasing and they sold a bunch more burgers so good for them capitalism is alive and well. david: it works that does it for us. evening edit starts right now. >> i look forward to the senate 's fair consideration of this most impressive combination >> i think his record speaks for itself. >> nothing stands out right now he's a solid pick. >> i'm going to fight this nomination with everything i've got. >> why would democrats in those red states sort of go on the political suicide mission, why would chuck schumer the leader want them to go on a suicide mission? >> americans understand the difference in a political office and judicial office. >> affords this person a chance for confirmation in the united states senate. liz: well the pushback begins democrats ramping up their fight to block president trump's
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supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh we're going to show you why he likely will be confirmed and we're going to dispute the narrative out there now that the democrats will face problems if they oppose them we take that debate on and since kavanaugh is now anti-big government we're going to report to you how the governments mantr a for medicare for all could be in jeopardy. and democrats ridiculing republicans for fear mongering about socialism, but guess what, it's here in a big way in one big important state you will not believe what's happening, money, politics we deliver the debate behind tomorrow's headlines i'm elizabeth macdonald, the evening edit starts right now. let's get to your money first shall we the dow jumping up 143 points ending the day at 24, 919 it's on the four-day winning
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streak. corporate earnings season is kicking off this friday more in just a second. let's get to president trump arriving in brussels to meet with nato allies we've got blake burman live on the ground with the very latest. blake? reporter: hi there, liz. 11:00 here in brussels, president trump just got on the ground within the last couple of hours or so, no events for the president as he landed here in europe on this date but that is not to say it was an uneventful day because before the president landed here in belgium just minutes before he continued to keep the pressure on nato nations and their defense spending, and the european union and the trade imbalance, the president sending out this tweet just before he touched down here earlier today, writing "the european union makes it impossible for farmers and workers to do business in europe the u.s. has a $151 billion trade deficit and then they want us to happily defend them through nato and nicely pay for it. just doesn't work! " before the president touched
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down here, there were a series of tweets back stateside, and on the south lawn of the white house the president reiterated that he wants to see nato pay up , as it relates to defense spending, however one of the top politicians here in europe pushed right back on the president. listen here. >> we're being taken advantage of by the european union, we lost $151 billion last year on trade and on top of that we spend at least 70% for nato. >> dear america, i appreciate your life, after all you don't have that many. reporter: so here is the president's schedule as it goes from here on out. tomorrow he will be at nato headquarters for those meetings. after that he goes to the united kingdom for several days meetings with the prime minister theresa may and then after that is higy antipat one on one meeng wit vlamir tin fland
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ny eopeaeade are skepcal theresint leavg the nat mting a etin witalli inurop andhen goi toeet wit t ruian esidt aoday h ghtot heakenomef oseearspeakg o the present. esidt trp: i heato, have the uk whi is i sewha turml, a i hav pin. frkly tinay bhe easst ofhem all who wou tnk? rerter theresi therehe easiest f them all. he was also asked whether or not russia is a fauor a fend. the esidtidot pk therabelnsteayin the are a competitor. liz? liz: thank you, blake. boy, you're up late hope you get to bed soon good reporting there blake burman great to see you my friend. brett kavanaugh begins congress selling himself to the supreme court he does face a fierce confirmation battle. it could get nasty. this is a battle that could re make the supreme court for
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decades, and where are all the mid-terms? republicans do have little margin of error and they hold only a slim 51-49 handful of de. this fight will be nasty andy won't be quick. expect eight or nine weeks to pass before a vote. president trump's nominee could create according to analysts the most business friendly high court since before the new deal with the other justices as well. kavanaugh's ruling shows he is anti-big government, anti-big administrative state. here is kavanaugh saying he will might for liberty, watch. >> the framers established that the constitution is designed to secure the blessings of liberty. justice kennedy devoted his career to securing liberty. i am deeply honored to be nominated to fill his seat on the supreme court. liz: back with us is judge
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andrew napolitano. judge you surprised? did you see this coming? >> no, and i was surprised. i was involved and i'm showing a lot of e-mails over the weekend and during the course of which some people asked for my opinions and i expressed them and i received there's and it became pretty clear to me that the president was leaning towards judge raymond rethledge. and then it became clear to me that it was going to be judge thomas hardiman. then i didn't know this but in the time after the president decided and before he made his announcement, his advisors lobb ied him again and the president changed his mind and went towards judge kavanaugh. now one of the reasons i thought it was going to be kethledge is because of mitch mcconnell's advice. you have two safe confirmations in there, and two lightning rods , barrett and kavanaugh, for different reasons. do you want the lightning rods? do you want us to have to spill political capital or do you want
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safe confirmations? i thought the answer would be my sister wants hardeman, he's a diamond in the rough a conservative blue collar guy, my base will like limb, mitch had says we can get him through. liz: and we reported yesterday that the president could rapidly change his mind on a dime and look, republicans susan collins, they both voted for kavanaugh as judge and george w. bush nominated kavanaugh to the appeals court back in 2006. will they not vote for him now even though they voted in 2006 and also democrats voted for him back then. >> so now it gets to your numbers you're quite correct when you say 51 republicans 49 democrats but it's really 50 because john mccain is not voting so if republicans lose one vote, rand paul whose upset or maybe upset, he's got an open mind he may be upset about judge kavanaugh's attitude about the surveillance state. susan collins or lisa may say listen he hasn't said anything
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about abortion but he's so catholic he's got to be pro-lift and we don't want the fifth person on the court to be pro- life, i'm just speculating if chuck schumer appeals those three off then mitch mcconnell has to get three democrats, and of course you've mentioned the so-called red state democrats, so that's what it's going to come down to but if chuck schumer is now i'm going to get political and less legal. if chuck schumer is fighting a fight he knows he's going to lose, what does he gain? does this animate the democratic base and the mid-term election? liz: let's get to what's going on there? dnc is calling kavanaugh an extremist. he believes the judge's job is to interpret the law and to your point, judge back in 2006 at the confirmation hearing, he did say that i will follow roe v. wade faithfully and fully because it's binding precedent andrea firmed. we don't know how his stance is now but here is kavanaugh. let's take a listen. >> my judicial philosophy is straightforward. a judge must be independent and
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must interpret the law, not make the law. a judge must interpret the constitution as written, informed by history, and tradition, and precedent. if confirmed by the senate, i will keep an open mind in every case, and i will always strive to preserve the constitution of the united states and the american rule of law. liz: well he does sound like john roberts it's about calling balls and strikes. >> it's funny you should say that but a lot of people to whom i speak inside the beltway who are not part of the establishment who are not crazy about this nomination do liken him to john roberts. john roberts now has an enviable role this is the chief justice of the united states who becomes the swing vote. we've had many swing votes, sandra day o'connor, anthony kennedy never the swing vote being the chief justice. this will make him the most powerful chief justice in the modern era but yes he does sound
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like the chief justice. what do i mean by that? a respect for precedent, if it's going to change it will change slowly and gradually. it's not going to change all at once. liz: okay so here is the democrats really upset. this is what we're hearing, that he's anti-administrative state they're all about medicare for all. half of the democrats challeng ing the republicans incumbents are for med medicare for all a number of presidential contenders hopefuls, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren. he said he could knock that down >> yes here is the administrative state. this is the food and drug administration, the environmental pro of course administration, the securities and exchange commission i'm just giving you an example. the law says they write their own rules, they enforce their own rules, they interpret their own rules they have their own judges so if you are a person or entity against whom those rules have been written, enforced and interpreted and you want to sue the entity, it's like this.
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the entity, the administrative state has a leg up on you. the court must defer to it. judge kavanaugh and justice gorsuch say bologna. when you sue in a federal court you're equal. the government walks into the court with the same benefits as anybody else, even though the statutes say the courts should defer to the administrative state. that is the type of change that's going to bring about except for a part of the administrative state he loves, surveillance. and the intelligence community. we give them, that's rand paul. liz: okay the media now saying president trump picked kavanaugh because kavanaugh does not believe in indicting presidents. let's listen. >> this guy has a history of saying he doesn't think presidents should be indicted and he thinks there ought to be legislation to cod it friday that. this is powerful stuff. you know how trump is we all know. he likes to have people tell him how great he is and how he's always right. here is the guy applying for a
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job of the associate justice of the supreme court who says you shouldn't have a finger laid on you by the prosecutor. that's a pretty good selling point. liz: it is judge kavanaugh who i believe alone on that list is the only one whose on the record at length on this question of whether a president is subject, should be subject to criminal investigation, civil lawsuits, indictment, apples-to-apples and all the rest of it. >> this was a lot like a king sending out his favorite knight in the battle in the confirmation process and now he's talking a little bit more about the president is almost the king and he shouldn't be touched while in office because he's got so many things he has to do. liz: i mean, all right let's take this on. judge kavanaugh has repeatedly shown deference to the executive branch power no matter whose sitting in the seat. it's not that he was on the record talking about that. kavanaugh was talking about what happened to clinton getting distracted from going after osama bin laden. >> he has made some statements that will please both sides so one of the statements was in the clinton era the president can be
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indicted for lying to the public he since has withdrawn that. another statement he's made in the george bush era is if a president does it, it's not illegal. he since has withdrawn that. these are not statements he has said at judge kavanaugh in any published opinions. look, i happen to disagree with him. i believe the president can be indicted. i don't know that it's going to happen but can be indicted but can't be tried while he's president. it is in the indictment that takes his eye off the ball it's the process of the litigation that takes his eye off the ball. it almost doesn't matter what he thinks about that because i don't think it will get to the supreme court and if it does, he's one of nine and the other eight have all said president could be sued. liz: listen, when emotions take over the reality check bounces. we're trying to bring the perspective into context and you gave it thank you for that. will you come back soon? >> are you kidding? i'll see you first thing in the morning. liz: with stuart varney take him on too. let's check your money all three
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major market indices closing in the green, the dow up more than a hundred points let's get to nicole petallides at the big board with the very latest. nicole: optimism about the economy and earnings continues this move to the upside. in fact the dow up for the fourth day in a row finishes up 143 points, and back to back triple digit gains we haven't seen that since june 4 in fact the s&p 500 levels from earlier in the year, so we are seeing that optimism, nobody is talking about trade or worries about supreme court nominee, in fact they're watching pepsico leading the way after better-than-expected numbers and we'll watch for the banks later in the week and google late in the day, alphabet stocks dipped after it was another multi- billion dollar eu anti-trust fine on the way, and nordstrom, well, weak sales outlook weighed on that one back to you. liz: thank you nicole. california's town of stockton now deciding it will give away taxpayers paid for
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basic income to all of its residents no strings attached. coming up tonight we've got a guest who says forget coming to the u.s. , socialism it's here. also tonight democrat hyperbole could be getting out of hand new york democrat gubernatorial candidate cynthia nixon is telling our nations border guys a terrorist organization. we've got the sound and the facts that will dispute that but first new york socialistic congressional candidate is speaking out. she's saying our immigration system is built on exclusion. we take that on she's completely wrong, the facts show otherwise, and former trump state department senior advisor is going to react to a lot of sound , a lot of debate coming up stay right there, don't go away. [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations
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president trump: we do have a lot of allies but we cannot be taken advantage of. we're being taken advantage of by the european union. we lost $151 billion last year on trade and on top of that, we spend at least 70% for nato and frankly, it helps them a lot more than it helps us. liz: president trump just arriving a couple of hours ago in brussels for a nato gathering with european allies they're on edge. president trump is saying he's right. russia has been improving its military facilities between po land, it's part of an overall russian military buildup, has been accelerating. let's bring in former trump state department senior advisor. christian you worried about russia threatening nato? >> nope, not really. russia did take parts of ukraine , that was back in 2008
5:20 pm
but it did so to prevent nato from actually including those countries. nato has grown dramatically. it used to have 10 european countries now up to 29 countries altogether including us and canada wants to add another so no, the russian economy is less than one-tenth of the size of the eu, even if you subtract great great britain so it's not a friendly country, not a boy scout but won't start world war three. liz: i want you to take on european council president going after president trump today. let's listen. >> dear america, i appreciate your life, after all, you don't have that many. liz: okay, we don't have that many allies, your reaction? >> well you know we do have a lot of allies i think we have one in nato that would come to our defense, great britain. the rest of these guys are happy to take our money, we pay for their defense, they screw us on trade, we have great allies in the pacific, japan, korea, australia, the philippines, thailand, israel, saudi arabia, these allies pay for their
5:21 pm
defense, do real things europe not so much. liz: let's switch to immigration new york socialistic congressional candidate alexandria cortez is speaking out and she claims that the u.s. immigration system " excludes people." >> our immigration system is built on the premise of exclusion. it's built on the premise of choosing who we want out, instead of who we want in. liz: okay critics, christian, saying the whole country is build on immigration and the policy of family, employment migration, what is she talking about? we don't have a merit-based system like canada, the uk or australia. >> that's right i wish we had what she was talking about instead of one where people can cut in line ahead of people waiting for legitimately people with skills and who want to come here people can just cross our border and break the law and i really do hope we see a lot more of this person likely to be elected this fall more of mad max out in california because the american people don't want
5:22 pm
this. liz: but christian she's misleading the american people she doesn't understand their immigration policy at all and trying to run for congress. >> yeah, it's a situation that democrats continue and say it was just this year earlier that chuck schumer the democrat minority leader should down the government for illegals, the democrats are positioning themselves for the party of illegals not going to play well. liz: here is the thing christian when you go out in the public and you say falsehoods like that that's out there for ever. people would say hey, you've got it wrong. remember when you said we're built on exclusion? the u.s. is one of the most generous immigration policies in the world. we're not as tough as canada is with its borders or other countries in europe are. >> everyone holds this to different unfair standard all we want to do is be a normal nation with a normal border like everything else and going into the election you're right. this is the gift that keeps on giving because we'll be able to put videos in. liz: but why are the loudest voices in the room often wrong? >> [laughter] well that's sort of the times we're in right now and also, you
5:23 pm
know the democrat party came out of the 2016 election saying okay we understood we neglected the midwest and lower middle class but they're actually appealing to progressive people, hollywood et cetera with this love of illegal immigrants. liz: you know what she's basing it on is something that happened in the 1800s with chinese immigrants and it was roundly criticized, understood. what happened, you know, over a century ago and she's trying to make like we're still a u.s. system of exclusion. it's breath takingly idiotic. go ahead. >> we're very generous country, with refugees and lawful immigration and the american people and the president remind you want to do something for some of the daca illegals who are here and you know just pour ing more fuel on the fire and telling lies doesn't actually advance our civic discourse on this issue. liz: great to see you. >> thanks, liz. liz: coming up democrat hyperbole really getting out of hand. we've got new york democrat
5:24 pm
gubernatorial candidate cynthia nixon. she's claiming that i.c.e. officers that they are " terrorist organizations" setting aside the facts of what exactly they do. we've got the sound also the media ripping into the president trump's choice of judge brett kavanaugh as his nominee to replace anthony kennedy on the supreme court. we're bringing in former special assistant mark ladder going to weigh in, next, stay right there when my hot water heater failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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>> this is not a slam dunk for confirmation. >> a thought in the trenches would confirm against clinton there's a battle royale in the senate. this is a guy who would cut his teeth in the star report, and has moved in conservative right wing legal circuits. >> merit garland, how do you think he feels, he never got the moment that kavanaugh is going to get. >> a president whose under investigation for possibly colluding with a foreign adversary is deciding who is going to make our policy for the
5:28 pm
nextgen regulation is absolutely insane. liz: that's aside from the media 's take on president trump 's choice of judge brett can as his nominee for supreme court justice to replace anthony kennedy. let's take it up with former special assistant to president trump mark ladder great to see you. >> good to see you, liz how are you? liz: what's your take on what the media was saying right there >> well definitely not fair and balanced. no this is just pulling from the same playbook democrats and the liberals have been using for decades now and while they are crying a river over the retirement of justice kennedy let's remember 40 years ago they said he was a sexist, he was a threat to women everywhere and he was totally unprepared and unqualified to sit on the united states supreme court, now they're crying a river over this one. it's what they do, they scare people and would rather have that argument than actually have a serious policy discussion. liz: it's an important point you make about anthony kennedy. the question is will kavanaugh
5:29 pm
overturn roe v. wade and gay marriage? we're seeing he likely will not. you know what's interesting, mark. he's anti-administrative big government state. kavanaugh potions nominated right wing democrats are campaigning on big state medicare for all policies. >> you're absolutely right and these are the things he stands against because he has that conservative view that says let's make the law as it's written and not write the laws that's not the judge's role, so they're campaigning out there, dragged to the radical left and that's where they're campaigning while president trump is continuing to put the faith in freedom, business, put more money back in the taxpayer's hands and we know the results that we're seeing every day. liz: the pushback began even before president trump announced brett kavanaugh as his choice, abc's nightline tweeting out tonight on nightline, terry mo ran reports on the " controversial supreme court justice pick and the possible implications for the country" and mark, nightline, that tweet was then corrected they took out
5:30 pm
the word"controversial." your reaction to that? >> well i give them credit for correcting it. it shouldn't have happened in the first place but this is what they do. it's a subtle form of bias that anything a conservative does well a, you're labeled conservative. i don't remember eighth begins berg being labeled as a liberal, just a judicial nominee so that's just a subtle form of bias we've got to get behind but let's also remember at the very same time they were doing that, you had protests on the steps of the united states supreme court where they had four different signs ready to go where they were just going to handout whoever the nominee was. liz: well it's a big business of protesting right so let's get to this story the coke brothers and conservative judicial network. launching million dollar campaigns to pressure red state democrats to back kavanaugh. they are targeting lawmakers in alabama, indiana, north dakota, west virginia we're talking democrats, red state democrats
5:31 pm
joe donnelly, heidi heitkamp and joe manchin, this was democrat dick durbin saying vote no to kavanaugh, sacrifice your seat and vote no. it could potentially mean a smaller democrat minority in the senate and trump could end up with a larger republican majority in the senate for the rest of his term. we've got washington post columnist ruth marcus warning red state democrats if you're up for re-election you better watch out and when you go to oppose trump's pick you may not want to do that. let's listen. >> why would democrats in those red states sort of go on the political suicide mission, why would chuck schumer the leader want them to go on the suicide mission. pay attention. >> i'll give you a reason. >> pay attention to your prospects. >> cortez, because the leadership is going to be trash ed if they let this go by them. liz: that whole gang is wrong. we went through it, mark. let's take this on this idea
5:32 pm
that red state democrats will be hurt if they vote for trump's pick. there's little evidence showing any politician lost the re-election for how they voted on a supreme court nominee. democrat senator pat layhey voted for john roberts, he's still in office and bill nelson democrats it didn't hurt them voted for john roberts, grassley, ron johnson all held their office when they opposed obama's nominee merit garland. this is a false argument go ahead. i would disagree is that the days of the moderate democrat are gone the party is being taken over by the radical left and if you look at the midwest red state democrats the only people that they have left are their radicals who are going to be out there, the most enthusiastic knocking on doors, making phone calls doing the basic things of volunteering that every campaign needs. liz: okay but do you know what mark? >> vote for these people they lose that support. liz: here is my point. i'll take you on when we see who comes out to vote in the
5:33 pm
mid-term and other elections let's see in those red states who turns up, mark we love having you on. come back soon. >> okay. liz: next up democrat hyperbole is getting out of hand we've got democratic new york gubernatorial candidate cynthia nixon calling i.c.e. a terror organization and they're upset about separation of families at the border but there's more that i.c.e. does. former virginia governor and hillary 2008 campaign chair and democrat is rationalizing the rhetoric and he's saying the supreme court pick threatens the lives of millions of americans, my next guest is shaking her head, coming up stay right there r with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. and if you don't have the right coverage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself. so get an allstate agent, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. ♪ metastatic breast cancer is relentless,
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liz: former virginia governor and hillary 2008 campaign chair is ratcheting up the rhetoric against president trump's supreme court pick judge brett kavanaugh tweeting out "the nomination of judge brett kavanaugh will threaten the lives of millions of americans for decades to come but will morph our supreme court into the political arm of the right wing party" joining me is trump 2020 katrina pierson didn't they say the same thing about the tax bill and pulling out of the paris climate agreement and the iran deal this rhetoric? reporter: yeah, liz they say this every time president trump makes a decision and in this case it's even more absurd because we're talking about a
5:38 pm
man who is his children's basketball coach who feeds the homeless whose been a judge since 2006 an appointed judge since 2006 and has rendered hundreds of opinions and not one single life was lost during that time, and suddenly now, all of our lives are at risk because of this one appointment. this is more absurd on the left and it's extremely concerning, considering how during the 2016 campaign there was high rhetoric, that led the left, that led theo being children into the resistance and now we're talking about toxic language, that is contributing to this environment that's actually causing violence on trump supporters. liz: i mean if brett kavanaugh was going to kill people then why did democrats vote for him to be on the appeals court, you remember what jackie speer said about the tax cuts. let's watch. >> the americans big fat christmas present for you, wealthy americans. tiny tim we're taking your
5:39 pm
crutch away from you and all of the other kids in this country. liz: and we remember also that attack ad that portrayed paul ryan killing grandmas in wheelchairs, so -- >> grandma off a cliff. liz: democrats seems to portray everything the president does as killing people. >> well they do and it's really exhausting and i think that's why you see a lot of people now sort of not really paying attention to the rhetoric, nbc put out a poll saying 62% of the public want this nomination dealt with prior to the mid-term s so the people want this to move forward. judge kavanaugh deserves a fair shake. i mean this is somebody whose very well accomplished, highly credentialed respected by the supreme court itself and this rhetoric is over-the-top and it turns people off and just because donald trump appointed him, now they're going to try to have this massive political show and tarnish this man's character and i think it's really sad. liz: we saw that rhetoric ratchetp again anthony
5:40 pm
kennedy on and on and they are middle of the road justices, i'm talking let's switch gears to the border. people still really furious over the fiasco of separation of family at the border. new york democrat gubernatorial candidate though cynthia nixon is ramping up the rhetoric going full bore in the way out direction you won't believe what she's saying, watch. >> i.c.e. has strayed so far from its mission, it's supposed to be here to keep americans safe but what its turned into is frankly a terrorist organization of its own. that is terrorizing people who are coming to this country. liz: okay the white house responding saying "it's deeply disturbing cynthia nixon has no clue what i.c.e. does to protect americans and new yorkers every day from dangerous criminals, terrorist child smug letters and human traffickers, the 9/11 terrorists responsible for the slaughter of 3,000 innocent people were foreign nationals on visas who committed immigration
5:41 pm
fraud and should have been deported. i.c.e. was created in the aftermath of that tragedy to ensure no similar atrocity would ever strike our nation again." take this on what do you think of calling border officers terrorists? >> well i agree with the white house. this again is more irresponsible and toxic language possibly putting those lives at risk and you know i would just ask her to look at ohio. just last week, two teenage sisters were kidnapped and raped by three illegal aliens which i.c.e. is currently hunting as we speak. i think that that family thinks they were the terror victims. liz: katrina what about new yorkers and cynthia nixon's district who would say wait a second we have 13 gang members terrorizing your constituents. >> and that's absolutely right but this also goes to show you just how far left the democrat party in new york has gone. you had congressional individual that was supposed to be one of the next leaders of the party
5:42 pm
get beaten by a 28 year old self -proclaimed communist. we have moved beyond the resistance here. moving into complete anarchy. liz: katrina great to see you. >> great to be here. liz: next up socialism is here in the u.s.. california's stockton now deciding it will give a basic income paid for by taxpayers to all residents. remember democrats for pooling this idea? look it's here but first democrats attacking supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh going full bore, going after this big time right now. but how do their accusations compare to what brett kavanaugh has actually said his own words we're going to show you and compare the two, next. year, i am sorry about that. [music playing]
5:43 pm
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5:46 pm
lives. >> he's a dangerous man who will endanger our fundamental freedom. >> he must not become the next justice of the supreme court and what that will take is all of us fighting. >> i am not going to kid anybody. this is a fight. liz: well this could go on for eight or nine weeks, this fight to block supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh i just saw the democrats out in force there the senate for american progress organizing protests, rallying outside the supreme court after president trump's announcement let's take it up with the political power panel republican strategist ford o connell and democrat strategist kelly grace gibson we welcome you both. smart politics for the democrats here, ford? >> absolutely not. look president trump could have picked a candidate from mount ol ympus, and we would have heard the end of types rhetoric from the democrats that the nominee
5:47 pm
is a threat to america, a threat to reproductive rights a threat to civil rights you name it. we've seen this movie before but i will say it could be a situation because kavanaugh's credentials are basically impecable so you can say you don't like kavanaugh but it's very hard to say he's not qualified if democrats continue along this line it could put a few red state democrats in jeopardy and could hurt their chances of retaking the senate. liz: we don't know that though because as we were talking before, ford -- >> i heard you and i'll pushback on that. liz: okay well biden and clinton , ben nelson all voted for john roberts didn't hurt them in getting re-elected. kelly grace, the wildcard senate votes, collins i want your take on this they both voted for kavanaugh for the appeals court in 2006 but they do face immense grassroots pressure right now. how do you think they're going to vote? >> i think the two confirmation s are pretty different the power of the supreme court justice is so big when it comes to these landmark
5:48 pm
decisions and senator collins is on the record as a pro-choice senator talking about the importance of the president specifically with roe v. wade and judge kavanaugh was in a case with a pregnant woman against how the detention against her access to abortion which she was able to have but he's on the record so i think while he may have impecable credentials there are some things to look at at that would question a real protection to come on to rely on as women as free people in control of our body. liz: he did say in 2006 he's not going to challenge roe v. wade. here is judge kavanaugh talking about his mother last night, ford i want your reaction to this, let's take a listen. >> my mom was a trailblazer, when i was 10 she went to law school and became a prosecutor. the president introduced me tonight as judge kavanaugh, but to me that title will always belong to my mom. my law clerks come from diverse backgrounds and points of view. i am proud that a majority of my
5:49 pm
law clerks have been women. liz: you know, i hate to bring it up but this sounds like it could be a judge borque proceeding with how the democrats go after him. what do you think ford? >> well it would be very good to try to actually bore kavanaugh but this story is straight out of central casting and his legal credentials only matter inside and outside the beltway someone who reveres his mother had to overcome obsticles and coaches his daughter's basketball team and he's the father next door and that may serve him very well during the hearings. liz: he is about a big surveillance state and have to watch rand paul, kelly i'm so sorry we ran out of time. we'll come to you as quick as we can. great stuff here. oh, wait, you'll be coming up in the next spot. right after the break i'm excited okay let's get to this story coming up after the break. socialism is here in the u.s. california stockton deciding it's going to give away a basic income to all of its residents no strings attached the details are next. ♪
5:50 pm
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liz: you know how democrats poo poo republicans saying do you know what? socialism is not an issue guess what stockton california is saying i'm going to give $500 a month to socialists and critics saying wait a second you're giving free taxpayer cash to ablebodied pep as a substitute for work and purpose and it could leave them vulnerable to suicide, divorce, addictions and substance abuse problems like opioid addictions and the median household income is nearly 8,000 dollars lower than the national median. here is the thing, kelly grace, they could possibly spend the money on anything they want. critics warn that could include drugs or gambling. i understand the heart and the intent behind it but it's about
5:54 pm
incentives you've got to get people a job right? >> i think it's the opposite of what you said. there are billionaires in silicon valley that believe in the ubi, and they're trying to create an experiment with a small universe of saying look these people work jobs and they are in poverty let's see if it works to better people. liz: but when people don't get up and work they don't have purpose bad things can happen. >> this is not that. >> wait a second. liz: stay with me one second hang on. the reason why the silicon valley billionaires like it is they know their technology innovations and robotic technology and artificial intelligence are knocking people out of a job so they feel guilty that's why they're feeling it. >> but that's why they're feeling it but this is a terrible idea we tried this before in the 70s in rural north carolina and it didn't work and the reason is simple you're putting people in a welfare reservation without giving them any incentive to get off of it. liz: that's the point. >> open borders in stockton, california that is driving down
5:55 pm
the situation 41% of folks in stockton, california don't speak english at home i can tell you is driving americas into poverty liz: kelly grace people on welfare i talk to them. they want a job. they don't want handouts and they want to work and to ford's point we did try this in the 70s with this negative income tax where we gave poor households direct cash payments and they didn't like it reduced their work hours up to 25%. >> liz, this is a different scenario not the 1970s. liz: if you're talking about jobs. failed experiments and recycled again and again that don't work. >> in a different place in a different economy with different jobs and different people. liz: why is it in stockton? >> what they're saying is do this experiment and see if it gets people to entrepreneurship. liz: they tried it in the scandanavian countries it didn't work. ford? stay with me. kelly hang on a second please forgive me. ford, you know here is the thing when you do this, it's time and
5:56 pm
again it's about incentives. we've seen it time and again where these ideas come up and again silicon valley cooked it up because they feel guilty. it doesn't work. you talk to the poor they don't like it. they want a job. they don't want a handout. >> you're absolutely right. you don't want to subsidize basically bad behavior and unhappiness. you want to make people feel good and give people a reason to continue and move into family units. all i'm saying about stockton, california it's basically illegal immigration, not ai, because of the fact they are pushing people out of the workforce and driving down wages liz: that's the point. what are stockton's policies that are alienating business ford and kelly you've been great thank you for the hot debate good stuff. >> thank you. liz: president trump earn pressuring nato allies ahead of the summit in brussels tomorrow. we'll have more after the break. stay right there. [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross,
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liz: . president trump going to brussels for the nato summit. he's also going to the u.k. charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. it was another great day on wall street. democrats not the only voice group voicing displeasure over trump's supreme court nominee. some republicans are worried as well. what a justice kavanaugh means for your wallet. there is a new swing voter in this country. i'll tell you what that group is later in the show. president trump arriving in brussels to begin a week long series of visits with members of nato. the president called out those european leaders saying


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