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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 18, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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melissa: and boss said they had two vehicles, they gave one to him, they realized this was a dedicated employee, who know just shows, working. david: is more about money. melissa: "evening edit" starts now. >> so many companies are moving back to the united states we need people, we need trained people. we need people that know trades, we're starting a very intensive program of training people, so when the great companies come back into the country, many left years also, they are coming back now because of what we're doing. >> president trump his cabinet meeting pushing growth policies, but this is overshadowing, that white house disputing an abc reporter who claims president trump said that russia was not now targeting the u.s. for more
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interference, other media questioning her story as the white house is fighting back. we have details. a new line of attack from democrats showing their hypocrisy, they were blasterring tablasterrings -- blasting the x cuts for only helping the rich, when you tax the rich, what do they do? they sue to stop it. and a growing number of moderate democrats stepping up to oppose big government socialist ideas, now raining mainstream in the democrat party,a former democrat president joins that bandwagon, we have that debate. and top democrats boostin boost- blasting back saying these guys are going to hit you and your wallet really hard, thank you for watching. this is the "evening edit," i am
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elizabeth macdonald. we start right now. liz: fou dow finished higher. it is blue chip index's sixth day up in a row. a second round of fact cuts possibly coming in september from the republicans, we have a new line of attack from democrats. remember when they were ripping to tax cuts saying they would only help the rich. >> full of tricks for middle class, and treats for wealthy americans. >> devastating and immoral budget to fast track their moral tax plan to hand trillions to the wealthy while raising taxes on middle class. taxes will be raised on middle
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class families. >> wealth wealthy americans, it christmas present for you. and tiny time, we taking your crutch away. liz: you do what they want, and tax the rich, what do democrats do? they sue, 4 blue states, suing federal government, over federal tax hikes that cap state and local tax deduction, they were deductions that helped upper brackets, w bridge in brad -- bring in brad blakeman, they are suing over taxing the rich, is that not hypocritical. >> they want their cake and eat it too, they have no standing no case, they will be disloan out n their butts, there no guarantee, the states stand alone if they
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have high taxes, that is their problem, they can't force the government to give them any benefit they are not entitled. to the bottom line circumstance they were against taxes, they said it would never work, but it is working better than expected that is why republicans are looking for phase 2. liz: democrats suing instead of cutting spending. >> absolutely, they want cradle to grave control over the people, and people in the states they are not buying it. we're seeing flight from states with high taxes, it is a competition, if you want people to stay, you have to have a quality of life, and a stable tax base. and we're seeing if anything, high tax states are losing people, losing income because of mismanagement. liz: the trump agenda says set that right. and democrats are rolling dice, they are spending millions in taxpayer dollars to wage the lawsuit, that is ironic, right?
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>> it is desperation. they are at the end of their rope, they are not looking internally on how they can run their state better, they are just looking for hand out, those days are gone. president trump is thinking nationally, not thinking you know harming new york straight or call or battle ground states that voted for him, he is looking what is good for the american people. the tax cuts have worked much better than anyone, have expected. we're full. am in the country, people feeling good, middle class received great benefit, well deserved. and tax cut is great for all americans. liz: there is another story out there, that we're tracking. guess which big group is against the big government. silicon valley. look at this story. it involved google parental fa bet -- alphabet after getting slapped with a record eu fine,
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they were fined $5 million by european due to market dominance like preloading apps and the devices. this is microsoft's suit -- remember that fight, here is the debate. europe treats successful american company as a piggy bank on budget line item, that is some silicon valley is a, they tie our companies down. >> look at their market share, and look at fact they want a forced market share. they don't' competition, they are not going to have a friendly ear in washington if they complain to this president, if you want market share, you have to iron it it is not going -- you have to earn it, it is not going to be given to you, it is not demanded. the fact they are preloaded on phones is saytivit testament tot
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people want these devised loaded on their material, and they don't want it, they won't use it. liz: to your point, where is europe's google or facebook? they have companies but the report for creativity, entrepreneurship, individual and success, european bureaucratic machinery flattens everything for status quo, silicon valley cashing on. the vc crowd knows they are not investing there. >> right, they would not look it steal market share, that not the way that world works, i think if that i want to compete, and be innovative, let's have at it, you can't force a market share, have yoyou have to earn it. liz: venture capitalist, michael morris a couple years ago in
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familiar timfinancial time, say5 year, tech companies developed in europe -- 32 billion combined. eu should be wondering why the value of company is worth about 10% of facebook or 6% of google, how can this be? what is going on with europe. >> the atmosphere. the stifling of competition, their economic outlook on investment. they need to look within. not without. the boogeyman does not come from america it comes from themselves, if they change their attitude, encourage want and entrepreneurship and innovation it will come their way, but it will not come their way through a court. liz: europeans are attacking america for being anti-immigration, but far from the case look at this. the companies apple, oracle, google, your reacted. >> >> america is a melting pot, is
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it any surprise that the 13 greatest invention that change world in last 150 years came from america, every 7.25 years, we're a land of opportunity, a land you can be the best you can be, we encourage innovation, we don't look to take it from others. >> you know, let's go to what happened with facebook, the story about the -- a page on nice book, that incited violence against republicans. a lawmaker report to a hearing to get that facebook page taken down our reacted. >> if a page hosts repeated content that threatens violence, why would the not remove that page. >> we remove pages or group or profiles when there is a certain threshold of violations. liz: a threshold. this was violent. sort of like republican baseball
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shooting last year, again that violent idea was put on a facebook page. matmatt gaetz in florida had to take it to a hearing in order for facebook to to something. >> this is not a good business tra to respond to harm, they are there to prevent harm, they invite people in. it is their obligation as a good hoist to be responsible. liz: before break, there was an eyewitnesabc news report that sd president trump said at the with pressure today, that there was -- he answered no to the perceived question about russia targets u.s. and now, white house say he said no to a whole crowd of reporters, not clear if he said no to that question. >> this is gotcha, they are
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trying to manufacture stories that don't exist. president made it clear, that there was russian interference in election, good news they were not successful. there is a huge difference between collusion, and aiding and abetting, and then -- their own, i think they are trying to perpetuate a story that has already been ended. liz: thank you, brad. >> my pleasure. liz: dow closing up sphiep, 79,s ending higher on earning, bruce spring teen 1 man show from broadway to netflix, bruce springsteen is partnering with netflix to stream. and papa talk founder reportedly held merger talks with wendy's. nicole on the floor with the latest.
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reporter: a mixed bag today, dow up for a fifth day in a row, s&p 500 gained for a second day, hitting a 5 month high, we did have winners like both, and caterpillar and unitedhealth. and netflix finished down about 1%. springsteen on broadway heads to netflix, and we're seeing stock down about 4% this week. after the bell we got earnings from ibm, american express and ebay, ibm quarterly revenue topped, american express on the rise, 21% rise in quarterly profit, and ebay, saw second quarter profit rise, 7.7% and 175 million global active buyers. >> great. liz: coming up, the man who is trying to block the california law that lets illegals get driver licenses. this after his son was killed in
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a collision with an illegal in 2010. >> also tonight alexandria ocasio-cortez now calls for abolish i.c.e. protesters to occupy the borders across the country. and the backlash in the democrat party against the her. >> jobless plate, unemployment at -- generation allows, former president obama is pushing ideas, you are not going to believe what he is doing. steve forbes will react to that after the break. [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross,
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>> require us to do more fundamental reimaging of our social and political arrangements, we have to consider new ways of thinking about these problem like universal income. review of workweek, how we, retrain our young people, make everyone a entrepreneur at some level. liz: unemployment is hitting generational lows and household median incomes generational highs, former president barack obama pushing for universal basic income, they have always failed in the past, fin loo fins ended that idea. joining me now, steve forbes, great to see you, under radar screen is how far left the democrats have been yanked during the obama years.
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researchers all say that. pew research, did a multidecade survey comparing to 1994 and now, what is going on? socialism is in full career in democrat party in certain wings. >> because socialism is losing everywhere here and in the world, look at venezuela. liz: but why now? >> we had 10 years of economic stagnation, people blamed it on free markets rather than government mistakes. now that those mistakes are being tended to, deregulation, and tax cuts and a bitter better judiciary. now they are glomming on health care, make it better or free, what model are they looking at? england. good luck with that and free market in healthcare, where they deliver more for next, they know, there alamo, their land
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stand. a religion that is being undone by reality. liz: i don't think that people out there who for the ideas understand that we have full bore socialism, it is at the tip of a gun, military runs those economies. >> yes, government runs the economy. have you nothing to say about things, you have stagnation. what do you think have you hand helds we're addicted to, they are from free markets not sober yet or korea, they don't get that lolly pops may be free but who creates those? liz: chicago will do a test -- >> isn't that rich? chicago on the verge of bankruptcy, horrendous pension obligations they didn't do. and they are now having a new welfare program. liz: your reacted, remember when obama said, he says how is trump
5:20 pm
going to bring back manufacturing jobs. >> for those folks who lost their job right now, because a plaplant went to mexico, they ae just not going to come back. he is going to bring all these jobs back? how are you going to do that? what are you going to do? negotiate a better deal? what magic wand do you have? liz: 362,000 manufacturing jobs have been created since trump is elected. >> if you can't get allege later to do it do you it like decree like louie xiv and carl marks those types of governments. he has dinosaur ideas of the past, talking about manufacturing, you create new jobs, new businesses, and just beginning if we don't mess it
5:21 pm
with mistakes like getting in a trade war or fed misdea halvingf behaving -- misbehaving. liz: probe prob made a lot of monepresident obama madea lot o. >> i am actually, surprised by how much money i got. and lit me tell you something, i don't have half as much as most of these folks, there is only so much you can eat. so big a house you can have. only so many nice trips you can take. it is enough. you don't have to take a vow of property -- poverty. look at that child out there who does not have enough to eat, let
5:22 pm
me help them out. it's okay. liz: all right, he sounded guilty about his success. about 10 years ago he said i could do pretty well being obama. >> and writing books about himself, yes. that is that million dollar book deal. he did not mention in what he talked about is word investing, when people makeover certain amount they have savings for themselves, future, kids and businesses. that is how an economy grows capital creation, he does not get that. liz: or how generous americans are. but america is bad, right? america does not give money, that is not in his speech. >> we're the most generous nation in the world, and when we make more we give more, not only
5:23 pm
monetary and volunteer hours. getting this economy going, that is why foreign money comes in here. liz: socialist idea going full career in democrat party, here real true 39, america line thatn beam are good. >> absolutely, and democrat find if they make that the issue, socialism, they will lose. unlike dictator country like ventura they keep the men by barrel of a gun this country by a constitution, they will lose. liz: we celebrate constitution of day with you, and wish you happy birthday. >> thank you. liz: how olde old are you? >> 71. and with free market healthcare it will be longer. liz: see you in 20 years, i don't know if i will be sitting here. >> you 8. liz: i don't know, great to see
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you, coming up, men who is trying to now block a california law that lets illegal immigrants get driver licenses. he is doing it after his son was killed in a collusion with an illegal immigrant in 2010: socialist house candidate alexandria ocasio-cortez, is calling for abolish i.c.e. protestor to occupy our borders, and airports, and i.c.e. offices across the country. stay right there. and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days.
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liz: the house passing a resolution to support i.c.e., denouncing calls from liberals to abolish i.c.e., 133 democrats voted present. that is it. as alexandria ocasio-cortez calls for the abolish i.c.e. protestor to occupy the borders,
5:28 pm
mad about and upset about separation of families at border, dnc chair perez. >> we're not going to win if we don't stand for anything, we need to occupy every airport, border. every ietio i.c.e. office untile kids are back with their parents. liz: we take it up with katrina pearson. we should note laguardia airport is in cortez's district. what is your reaction. reporter: someone forget to tell miss cortez it is time to shift gears from being an activist to a politician. great to push these ideas and notions. but now it time for her to put forward actual solutions, one thing she really complaining about with separation of family,
5:29 pm
trump administration policies. it is not the trump administration policies. it is everyone that she supported prior to the last elect who are in was on the that -- in wa office that created the laws, this pride full ignorance makes her the perfect choice to lead the democrat party as tom perez likes to promote her, they share similar ideas with regards to raising taxes and socialism and everything she talked about. democrats voted present for abolishes i.c.e. liz: separating of family was the zero tolerance policy, white house trying to reunite the families, still going on. a tough story. i want to get to this former democrat senator, now
5:30 pm
independent, joe lieberman, criticizing alexandria ocasio-cortez in a scorching op-ed, calling her agenda more socialist than democratic, and her present in congress would be making harder for congress to stop fighting and start fixing problems. >> not like they are doing anything now to solve the problems. i found that op-ed to be interesting for a couple the reasons. one thing to create size a candidate or even be upset your candidate lost, we. but joe crowley, came out and said, he didn't work hard in his district, he didn't go out and promote his accomplishments, he failed to win the vote of the voters there she is the rightly nominee to go into the general election, and i think that is sad today that we have all of the women's organizations, and minority groups who are not coming to her defense, now we
5:31 pm
have old, rich white people on the left, who are trying to squash the dreams of this 27-year-old young latina who just wants to represent her people in best way they chose. liz: but the turn out was only in tens of thousands, final point. >> but, that is it. it is the election process. elections have consequences, you have to get out there, turn out your vote, if you don't, you lose, but that does not mean that everyone else should come in tell hershey went run, she -- her that she can't run. liz: they say she will get. we want you to come in future. >> great to be here. liz: another tough story. outrage over mgm resort decision to sue victims of the las vegas
5:32 pm
massacre, we bring in attorneys to break down this story. >> my next guest said one bad day from trump does compare for years and years of bad days for brenon. he is charlie hurt, he is coming in next, stay right there.
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>> i think there is a question in terms of those on
5:36 pm
mr. president trump's national security people, whether they can continue to serve in good conscious, an individual who basically -- there will be consequences. liz: president trump now hitting back, against former cia chief john brennan for calling his putin news conference treasonnist. >> i think that brennan is a very good guy, a lot of things happened under his watch, a lot of bad things. comey and mccabe. you look at the deception, lies, these people in my opinion are bad. and they are being exposed for what they are. liz: joining me now, washington times opinion editor, and fox news contributor charlie hurt. you know, you do say that president trump did deliver a less than stellar performance in
5:37 pm
helsinki, but nothing compared to brennan's track record? >> it is is amazing. it was not his best performance, i don't think earlier this week. but the response from the other side from people like brennan has been so wildly over the top, it is kind of lard to wrap your brain around it, treason is punishable up to death, i don't think too many people in this country think that donald trump committed treason. and i have a hard time understanding argument he somehow aided russia, i don't know how putin is better off today than before monday. i can tell you that when john brennan was cia director, and barack obama o was president and vladimir putin was much better off after obama allowed him to invade crime yan crimea. much better identif off an obama
5:38 pm
administration ignored that red lean in syria and allowed children to be gassed in syria, putin of the much better off when obama administration made active decision to abandon our easter were european allies and renege on obligation for a missile shield near russia border. you know all of the historics i get it they mat hate this presi, but they just down lineup to reality. liz: senator rand paul slammed john brennan. >> john brennan started out by voting for communist party presidential candidate, and he is most biased bigoted, over the top, hyperbolic unhinged direct over of cia that we've had. liz: wasn't john brennan the guy who said that cia did not spy to
5:39 pm
senate intelligence committee? but they did. >> absolutely, he lead to congress, and i understand that congress sun popular, they have a constitutional responsible of overseeing people like brennan and the cia. you are right, to me that is more damning than the fact he supported a communist at one point is, fact that his agency under his direction spied on the united states congress. on u.s. staff in an effort to thwart oversight, that is astonishing. if you take that put it in of context of what of so alarming about the early investigation into some people surrounding trump, president trump or then candidate trump, during the presidential campaign. you know, it you see a pattern. liz: john brennan, it could be james clapper oharry reid.
5:40 pm
real bring you back. but your reacted on this, in white house press briefing, reporterre asked president trump about russia. >> is russia still -- still targeting the u.s. >> thank you very much. >> make your way out. >> let's go. liz: press secretary sarah sanders disputing that president trump said russia no longer targeting u.s. >> i spoke with president afterr the comments he said thank you very much, he said now about an -- no about answering questions. >> it is interesting, the mistake donald trump made in helsinki monday, he was asked about russian meddling, he contemplateconflated that issueh whether much whether or not trump campaign colluded with russia. no sirius person believes that the trump campaign colluded with
5:41 pm
russia. everyone agrees that russia infiltrated or attempted to you know monitor you know steal e-mails from the dnc. and he conflated those two, hard to not do what that is what media because is they contemplate them all of the time. >> thank you. liz: outrage after mgm resort is going to sue victims of the las vegas massacre, we have an attorney to break down why. >> my next guest wants to block a california law that lets illegal immigrants get driver licenses. this after his son was killed in a collision with an illegal immigrant behind the wheel in 2010, we bring in angel's dad,
5:42 pm
don rosenberg, he is speaking out after the break, stay there.
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liz: this in president trump tweeting two biggest opponents of i.c.e. in america are democrat party and ms-13. on there aren fro other front wo california, fight to stop democrat lawmakers from letting illegal immigrant get a driver license now on a ballot measure to do that, it has been green lighted, and seeks to eliminate current sanctuary state law and end automatic voter registration practices in the state. my next guest is the man behind this measure. his 25-year-old son drew was killed in a car accident. an illegal immigrant was at the wheel, joining us don rosenberg, our hearts are with you, the
5:46 pm
loss of your son is a disgrace. can you explain what happened? >> he was the coming home from law school, and an illegal alien tried to make a last second left turn, they collided, instead of stopping he accelerated, and trovdrove over my son, backed u, and he drove over him again, and he drove over him again, he stopped and he was on my son's babdomen. >> what happened to him. >> he spent 30 days in jail, and government refused to deport him. it took 8 months but i got him deported. liz: to where,? >> ho honduras.
5:47 pm
liz: why to you want to stop it. >> the pitch is, it would make road safer, it has done opposite, this was supposed to force them to get training and insurance, it does not, they said it would reduce hit-and-runs they are up 26%. and since this law became effective. and it was supposed to make road safer, traffic fatalities are up over 16% in three years. so, nice try. but unfortunately, a lot of people have suffered, it didn't work. the ballot initiative fight sanctuary state, and people top learn more about it fight sanctuary, it won't be on ballot until 2020, just the way the law works, we'll be out gathering signatures starting in about 2 or 3 weeks. >> did you see push back against your ballot measure? >> well certainly, the
5:48 pm
democratic legislation is pushing back. i was trashed and threatened by a guy named gil cedillo, a los angeles city council member, they will be out in full force once this getting going, and media, in california, will be totally against this. liz: what do they say what did gil cedillo say? >> he said that roads are safer. and hit-and-runs are down. but there was a stanford university did a study last year, they said hit-and-runs declined by 7%. which would have been 4,000. but they didn't provide numbers, i got the numbers from california office of traffic safety in first year, hit-and-runs up 13. 4%. that is. their study is bogus, but because they printed it and they are stanford, people are using it, they have no nob numbers or
5:49 pm
facts i do. liz: you are trying to stop other families from suffers agony, is what it? >> that is what i've within trying to do pretty much since -- what i've been trying to do pretty much since a couple weeks after this happened. i can't bridge my son back, have talked to people almost of day that lost someone whether a traffic collision or you know might be a you wasn't, crime, or murder, i'm talking to people all of the time, it is sad that this is going on. ion the state is not only looking the other way, they are protecting these people. liz: we want their stories on this show, we have been covering this story for years, we want them on our show. you can tell them to reach out to us, we'll reach out to them. >> absolutely, will do. liz: thank you so much, we appreciate you and your family, and you are doing a service for our country, thank you so much. >> thank you, very much. liz: outrage after mgn resort
5:50 pm
decides to sue victims of the las vegas massacre, we bring in one of the best attorneys to react and break down the details, that is after the break, stay right there
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liz: owner of mandalay bay hotel suing vehicles of the las vegas massacre, paddock fatally shot 58 people, wounded hundreds more after firing over 1,round 1, r, bringing in attorney hamid
5:54 pm
dylan, he brought a lot of weapons and luggage into his room, should hotel have noticed it? >> they should, some hotel employees have said, housekeepers said they were uneasy with this, someone bringing this aim of ar armamena single person up and downstairs or elevators, a dozen times or more is negligence on part of the hotel for not bring pointing that out. liz: what do you think of them suing the victims? >> that is just shocking, this is no body ran this by their public relations team, they are taking a beating, this is a extremely aggressive move to affirmatively have a court say all lawsuit filed against them are not valid, but arguments are border lin frivolous. this safety act passed after
5:55 pm
9/11 to give government contract approved contractors to give services ir immunity. you have to prove you are a government government contractor, and you have to prove that terrorist attack. in a unseemly fact that contractor they did hire has been lobbying government to declare this action a terrorist act so that contractor can be relieved of liability tie, but i don't see how mgm gets in on that defense, and their lawyers have admitted it a novel issue. liz: how can they define it as terrorist attack. >> they can't, only government, can as you know, fox business pointed out there is such little information that government is giving out about this situation, we have a lot of questions. but, you know terrorism is a narrow defined action that has to do with you know certain
5:56 pm
political activist. there is no proof at-this-point that is anything other than you know violent, crazy mad man with murder on his mind. that is different from terrorism. liz: harmy, what do you think happens with the suit? do you think that mg m wins or loses. >> i think it gets dismissed i think it odd, a stunt, and a way of showing what their defense will be and in court. but, you know, public approximately see does not permit people to get out of their open negligence. liz: harmy dylan, you are so good thank you. >> thank you. liz: president trump has a new initlivinitiative to help amerin workers, we have more on that after the break, stay there
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and has met many wonderful residence and staffers. thank you for helping our family find our father a new home. we especially appreciate the information about the va aid and attendance program. i feel i found the right place. a perfect fit. you were my angel and helped guide me every step of the way thank you. the senior living advisors at a place for mom partner with thousands of families every month, listening and offering local knowledge and advice to help find the best senior living communities across the country and it won't cost you a cent. this is a free service. call today. a place for mom. you know your family. we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. liz: president trump pushing job growth again. emhost a pledge to america's rockers event tomorrow. he plans to sign an executive
6:00 pm
order to boost vocational training and education for students and workers. thank you so much for watching. charles pacific is here with "making money." charles: stocks closed mostly higher today, powered by those earnings. they finished at a five-week high. first the clock ticking ahead of the european commission president meeting with president trump in washington. apparently he's come beang olive branch on tariffs. take a listen. president trump: they have massive trade barriers where our farmers can't sell there for the most of part. they have barriers on cars and other things. even medical equipment where it' difficult to sell


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