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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 19, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and two dozen others suffered minor burns and scrapes, have you ever seen a active volcano? melissa: i have, that one by helicopter just a little bit note like that, but it was amazing. david: evening edit starts now. >> everyone is united by the same goal, to hire train, and recruit american workers. never been a better time to hire and grow in america, we created 3.7 million jobs since the election. in june we grew the workforce by more than 600,000 workers, every day we're lifting our forgotten americans off of the sidelines, out of the margins could and back into the workforce there nothing like a great, great jobs market to take care of that
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situation. liz: a lot of action out of white house, president pushing for more job training, fighting to get drug prices down, and blasting the eu for penalizing american companies, and president inviting vladimir putin to washington for a second summit in the fall. >> and pro season set to begin next month, we have news on that, latest nfl owner and football players pushing back. comedia sasha baron cohen busted by a small business owner after he tried to prank this gun store owner, the owner joining us live with his story of how he took down the canadian. >> and more coming in on peter strzok. thank you for joining us and watching, money, politics, we deliver the debates behind
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preliminary's headlines -- tomorrow's headlines, i am elizabeth macdonald. the eveninge "evening edit" stat now. checking your money, dow finishing down 134, above that crucial 25,000 level. bank stocks slid, president trump laying into fed about raising interest rates. we want to get to this story first, president job growth push. he signed an executive order today to help train worker to get better jobs, bringing in great american alliance co-chair, eric beech, a big push for jobs. >> right, a big push since the beginning of his term, created about 4 million jobs since he has been elected. remember, when he ron his immigration policies, trade policies and rhetoric as a campaigner all geared as he said
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forgotten man and woman, i think that president knows what he is doing with these policies and putting american workers first, this training and two dozen companies signing on to is, is a positive step forward. liz: ceo commitments for more jobs over next 5 years. >> fedex will train or reskill 512,000 people over the next 5 years. >> general motors proud to offer 105975 training workforce opportunity. >> home depot for 50 thousand associates. >> on belast of lockheed-martin we pledge to provide new career opportunities for more than 8 thousand. >> on behalf of northrop grumman we commit 7500 new apresen a--
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>> i am julie murphy from walmart, we com commit to traind develop over 1 million associates in next 5 years. liz: this is great for the u.s. economy, other side saying watch this president is asking like a fascist leader. >> markets don lie -- don't lie, we have construction and manufacturing jobs on the rise, you heard there across all spectrums, retail, technology, automakers, coming together saying let's put american workers first. i understand that democrats don't like, that they want cheaper labor with open borders but not with this president and this administration. this is a positive step forward and a signal to world we're trying to even off or cost goods, not an 800 billion
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deficit with cost goods any more going oversea thrng i. this is about u.s. first policy. liz: former president obama talking about his ideas of economy policies. >> if you got a business, you didn't build that. somebody el made that happen. i think at a certain point you made enough money. some of the jobs of the past are not going to come back. we have to consider new ways of these problem like universal income. review of our workweek. liz: okay, your take comparing the two? >> universal incomes -- liz: let me back up, rhetoric out of president obama, back up what he said, compared to what president trump trying to accomplish. >> that is almost like a form of welfare with earned revenue, earned income across the spectrum, universal. you know, you are saying we're not going to be a free market
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society, not a capitalistic country. and so i think what president knows that competition and the cream rises to the top, he is putting his bet with american workers, they will out work and out perform others. liz: genius of america founding fathers said, the entrepreneur. the capitalist spirit. president hitting back at eu going after tech companies. blasting their find again parent of google, alphabet, they were pushing their own search engagee on their own and droid devices, and president tweeting, i told you so, the eu just slapped a 5 billion fine on one of our great companies, google, they have really taken advantage of u.s. but not for lang. long, federal trade commission am loo will look at t
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fine. not clear what action if any the federal enforcer will take, looking at alphabet, down more than 1%. your take in all this. what is your take in this? >> well, i think it is genius. we have been having trouble as republicans getting our foothold into tech community, i am here in california, i understand silicon valley very well, they are trying to find a foot hole in repatriating money taxes overseas, we're trying to get some of that money back. we took a large step forward tod that, and president talks about nato he is putting americans first. we have billions deficit with other country, i think when he says about nato we're not
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putting american kids in harm's way. unless everyone is paying their fair share and understands purpose of nato, there was a purpose after world war ii, but some of those purposes, we have to ask, what are we doing there now? that is a fair question to ask. liz: amid controversy of russia election interference, wray now saying watch that china is most broadest and significant threat to u.s. and the economic spying is active in all 50 state. from corn seeds in iowa to win turbines in massachusetts. as they try t match the timeline up with text-messages from strzok. and now matt gaetz, doing the chronology, and finding striking bias he claims is proof that president trump due process and
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civil liberties rights were violate, that is a quote from matt gaetz, said that remember fbi officials were talking about stopping trump and impeaching him, after comey was fired, strzok tested page then his lover saying we need to open the case we've been waiting on now. while and is accounting -- while andy is acting, andrew mccabe. page responded we need to lock in, that has been redacted, in a formal chargeable way soon. remember, this exchange is just within hours of james comey being fired. former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe moving to that acting role as acting director, and special counsel mueller had not yet been appointed. and this is still when page was
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legal council, and liaison on the probe. what do you make of the congressman's claim. >> i am working backwards, two days ago, james comey sent out a text, vote democrats, we ra'anan ad saying that -- ran, ad saying that james comey of very political, it is unfortunate that the agents go unchecked, it turns out some are political and strzok had bias. if that led to a investigation, because of a political bias, bias u.s. should be concerned about that was the bias result of investigation not facts. liz: republicans saying take out word trump put in word obama and clinton, there is a principle at stake here, that is the issue they are focusing on. some holding being pounded out in strzok's evidence of claiming
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e-- excuse me fbi neutrality. strzok touted 4 times in his testimony before congress, one extraordinarily piece of evidence, supporting my iny is - integrity and that of fbi. democrat they call that strzok's magic bullet. number one government rule stipulate workers are not supposed to leak anything, his leaking would have tainted a hillary clinton victory. and james comey said, we continue have proof yet it would center have been premature, and tipped off russia. >> i think it is simple. if bias led to this
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investigation, which i think has been, there has been no collusion proven, people say, it is about elect meddling, no, that has been going on for year, no one cared about it before, this was about collusion and undermining president trump presidency, if spro strzok had s he was lead investigator, if that bias led to this investigation, that say problem. all americans should be concerned and ask about it. i will follow-up with senator rand paul said, there needs to be checks and balances, no one that is unelected should have that much power. there was election meddling going into russia with on friday, you know they did a press conference, unelected bureaucrats do not shake public opinion prior to the diplomacy, that is what they did.
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they cannot try to dictate foreign policy, i believe that is what they did going to the meeting. liz: eric beech thank you so much. >> thank you. >> check your money, president trump did royal the market today. we know that dow was down 130, the dollar weakened slidely, president accused of waking with tradition saying he quote is not happy about fed raising interest rates, every time that fed does that, they do it when the economy strengthens. market watchers know, irony is that republicans own tax cuts are powering the economic the flow, and possibly inflation, necessitating the rate hikes. president said, he will not interfere with the fed. he is not worried about powell's politics interfering with his
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job, we get to nicole on floor. >> after 5 days of gains we had to give back. the dow was up 500 in those 5 days but today down a little over 100 points we saw american expression and travelers after quarterly report weighing on bowdowindustrials bowl, and. a come about donald trump saying unhappy with federal reserve interest rate increases, and we saw microsoft reporting after the bell, beat on profit and revenue, very well with cloud business. and that stock was moving higher after. then we did see ebay under pressure down 10%, the sales missed and guidance is weak. liz: all right. thank you, nicole. >> check out this video undercover cam -- comedian sasha baron cohen busted by a business
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owner. -- will a major drug company, joining pfizer in freezing drug prices because of president trump, coming up we bring in dr. mark siegel, he is hour here and how you will save at pharmacy. >> new video, the view's whoopie goldberg ending a fiery debate with judge gee snee janine on fs telling her good-bye. >> and now bring in bree peyton to talk about that. ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week
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>> there are a set of people who deny that holocaust happened, i find that okay offensive. but at end of the day i don't believe our platform should take that down, there are things that different people get wrong, either i don't think they are intentionally getting it wrong. it is hard to impugn intent and understand it. liz: zuckerberg now backtracking on the comments about holocaust deniers. taking a look the stock, facebook ended down a half percent. bringing in federalists buy pay thbreepeyton. your take?
5:20 pm
>> i think that holocaust deniers are wrong, it is aparent they are you know we're talking about any basis, it is clear they have no claim, in that regard, i think that many holocaust di deniers have bad intentions it hypocritical for mark zuckerberg to say holocaust deniers should be able to have a platform, this is clear that social network is hostile to conservative ideas, media and thought this same man employed a team of people to go after and sensor conservative news, this same guy who teamed up with a bias so-called fact checker. to check on facebook pages and demontize them when they post things he or littl they don't l. liz: this really about facts.
5:21 pm
this is a brand ke coherent problem. facebook put itself out like a news publisher. what are they? they are a media news company? a social media company? mixed with conspiracy theories. it seems like brand and coher coherence. >> this they are big, and zuckerberg has grand visions about what facebook will be, he said it could be new church to hold people together. you are right that there is not cohesiveness this that, that is part of the problem, you gfer aa platform on holocaust denierses
5:22 pm
and chastise whic conservative. >> next okay up in. >> you said that. end up murdering children of american citizens. >> what is horrible when president of united states. >> no, no. say good-bye. liz: whoopie said she is she was not proud of losing her cool. your take. >> i guess sad that is what political discussions really gust devolve into on television. it a shame that their cannot be more of a common ground or just an understanding or a willingness to listen to other side. from both sides, i think here. liz: you say, here is the thing, you know in past, barbara walters, she created the view, she said we should be able to listen to each other.
5:23 pm
not get up and walk off your own show. >> right. liz: what would have you wanted to see happen? >> i think what would have gone good, is to ask even tempered questions and you know seeing a person respond to even-tempered questions, this is clear, this just within off rails quickly. most often. mehgan is only conservative on that panel, she is just left scratching her head at some of the really extreme things a lot of her co-hosts say, when she tries to be even-tempered they will just dismiss her out of hand or be dismissive of her ideas. liz: you know it helps ratings. >> i guess, personally, i think it is more interesting which you
5:24 pm
can can understand. but, a lot of discussions political, are very shallow and loud. liz: yeah, let's tone down rhetoric and stop attacking with personal insults both sides, bree patton thank you, and judge jennine pirro will join us tomorrow on evening edit. we're a month away from nfl preseasons kicking off. it looks like that anthem controversy will be back. for another season. can the ratings take the hit? can the, take the hit. liz:? we have details. >> check out this video, sasha baron cohen busted by a small be owner. he tried to prank a gun store owner, but high saw right through it, we have that gun store owner, small, business guy, we'll get hess story, on you had he took down the comedian, stay right there. [music playing] (vo) from the beginning,
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liz: comed man sash sash baron n tried to prank a small business owner, he has made fun of politicians, pranking likes of sarah palin and dick cheney, but the gun store owner saw through it all, look at the surveillance video. the store owner said that is cohen, came in claiming to be a hundred gar -- hungarian immigrant wanted to buy a gun, doing a documentary, he called
5:29 pm
him out on it. he ran from the store. welcome, how did you know it was him. >> he walked into the store with a ridiculous outfit he gave it away, acting with light leather pans it was a tight outfit, it didn't fit, nothing made sense, i wasn't getting answers from the producers, he walked in he turned corner, i knew it. this something kind of a hoax. we let it go, we talked to the guy it went down hill. liz: other people who worked in the store also saw through the disguise. did you call him out? >> he never made eye contact
5:30 pm
about me. when you sell guns this is serious people, you have to talk to people, he would never make eye contact. he kept looking at producer, i kept saying why is he talking to him not me if he is buying's gun, i said, i know who you are you are borat, he left. liz: what did he do then? >> looked at me, and had that stupid look. you know deer in headlights. it would have been better for him to say, you got me. can you not say anything, i would say okay have a nice day, instead, i say other words. liz: his comedy is thought to work when he is punching up
5:31 pm
against powerful, is it cruel going after the little guy. film maker michel moore has been known there are that. >> you want to go after politicians go ahead, for everyone politician that got duped, you are stupid, you are not paying attention to people, you are not listening, you get your vote, your seat, you are forget about everyone. where my passion is, once you start putting toys on guns, what is show time doing? that is what we don't understand. you know. you want to mock people go ahead, go ahead, that is your stupid comedy you do. but when show time and whfe whas -- whatever his name circumstance i call him borat, you put a teddy bear with a gun
5:32 pm
behind it is a dinosaur on the gun, you talk about kindergarten holding that? what are you saying? this is a double edge toward, who are yo you encouraging. liz: he was talking about slaughter in school a very serious debate. >> absolutely. liz: i hear that. we would love to have you on norris, you busted sasha baron cohen. >> thank you. liz: another major drug company joining pfizer, freezing the drug price hikes, because of president trump. coming up dr. mark siegel is here to talk about that and how you could safe at pharmacy, over 130 democrats, they withheld their hots, they -- votes they basically abstained from voting a regular. >> and we have that am canning up. -- we have that coming up.
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5:37 pm
means they be on -- abstained. president saying, two biggest opponents of i.c.e. in america are democrat party and ms-13. ms-13 is a gang named in same tweet as democrat politicians, take this up with former immigration custom agent david ward. what did you think of that vote count? >> 133, our cowards could not sd up for what they are spouting off two weeks ago. it is not about separating families. border patrol has to separate those who come in united states to find out whether or not the children even belong to the
5:38 pm
adults with him. liz: forget me, under zero tolerance policy they dialed that back. stick on regula resolution abou. >> the resolution was to support i.c.e. and their activity went u.s. that is provide a secure environment went the country going after criminal aliens in united states what the democrats did was vote against even though they abstained from voting, they voted against i.c.e., these men, women who put their lives on line of day going after criminal alien in u.s., investigating child crimes, from foreign nationals, i wan want to show ts little girl here, this is maria lopez and her grandmother, a couple week ago they were murdered. this did not happen in syria, or anywhere el in middle east. this is here in alabama. this girl watched her grandma be
5:39 pm
butchered by two mexican nationals then they cut her head off, this is a 13-year-old child, an honor student this is what the democrats are prevents i.c.e. from addressing. going after criminals that do this heinous conduct in united states. liz: that is an outrage, and a disgrace. >> it is. i can't believe that the congress, and senators that are out there spouting their mouths off, have marginalize i.c.e. to extent they have. liz: we have victim families on all of the time, no one is listening to us. >> this a foreign national bunch a democrats looking out for foreign nationals and not u.s. citizens, that is what they are supposed to be doing, we the citizen of this country elect them, not the foreign nationals. >> backing up, this is say very heated topic.
5:40 pm
>> it is. liz: because americans are pro immigration. they are pro lawful immigration. >> absolutely. liz: they come here, don't like it when people cut in front of a line across border; that all they are saying. this is very simple democrat have said it. that is what gets them upset. what happens is that people are not -- this is what happened on view today, with. whoopie kicked her off, saying, wait, what 'those who have come here legally, minorities, and immigrant communitieses first victims, their families get attacked by illegals why are you not talking about that? >> well, in the san sanctuary cities that are enclaves for foreign national, a lot of crimes that the victims are foreign nationals themselves, but because i.c.e. cannot go in and eradicate bad from good this
5:41 pm
will perpetuate in u.s. the number of sanctuary cities increased tenfold since 2003, we have about 600 sanctuary cities in states, where criminal aliens hang out but we're not getting the support from the local administrations to address the problem. liz: thank you so much. >> thank you,. liz: a major drug company joining pfizer. calling off drug price hike. because of the president's policy, coming up doctor mark sealing esiegel will talk to us. >> but first. anthem controversy looks to be back on with the nfl. a team co-owner, new york jiengtsgiants. we have that fight coming up.
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liz: we're a month from preseason for nfl, it looks like anthem controversy is back. new york giant co-owner stephen tish going after trump, saying he, has no understanding why they take a knee or protesting, when new season starts i hope his priorities are not criticizing nfl, and telling owners what to to not do. and nfl ratings down about 10% from last season. season -- blamed on increase in streams, a game attendance down 7%. we bring in vince, anthem protest is back. >> another opportunity far to nfl to shoot in the foot. 10% slip in ratings for most
5:46 pm
popular sport in america is not a good look. if nfl needs to maintain that audience. it is a league wrapped itself in flag for many years, they regularly bring out military and use flag to celebrate well, and make viewers like they have a an afinnerty for nfl. yet time after time, players and owners are self sabotaging itself. liz: titan's casey said he will keep protesting, breaking news. we have a respect comin report i dolphins, saying if their player pros test on the field, you could be can be spended for 4 games, listen to titans players. >> i'm taking my fine, it is what it is, i'm not going to let it stop me from doing what i am
5:47 pm
going to do, it is what it going to be. liz: should players face suspension if they take a knee on the field? >> that is the nfl rule, yes. that is the thing they need it look for. this is employs of a business, the business calls the shot, this is not a free speech issue, this is not first amendment where business does not get to penalize them for their behavior, and if they feel the players are hurting bottom line, to generate revenue it is well went their rightings t rights tt punishments. liz: a sticking point would be paid or unpaid suspension. >> right, remember steve tish, who said that president doesn't understand why the players are kneeling, nfl doesn't understand why. they have said it is out of respect for the flag, if you go
5:48 pm
back to colin kaepernick, he said he is not standing for a flag that represents' country that o opresses black people, ts is not of rejection of the flag. >> thank you. liz: next up, a big drug company joining pfizer, halting drug price increases after pressure from president trump. we're wondering why democrats are not joining in on the celebration. doc siegel here next to weigh in.
5:49 pm
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5:51 pm
liz: welcome back, story about your money, swiss drug maker novartis is joining pfizer in
5:52 pm
freezing, stopping drug price hikes after president trump pressures drugmakers to do that president trump tweeting all his thank you, saying thank you to novartis for not increases our crises on prescription drugs. like wise with pfizer, we're making a push t to reduce prices on prescription drugs. but, big time democrats wanted this like ber bernie sanders, ad warren and clinton. they all pitched the same idea. >> the greed of the drug companies must end. >> democrat made lowers cost of prescription drug the central pillar. >> there are things that we have do to do lower health care costs particularly drug prices. >> a big problem is the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs. liz: okay, which could the stock
5:53 pm
of novartis slightly down, not really hurting them, look who is here dr. mark siegel, they are freezing prices, stock hardly taking a hit, you want roche and novartis, and gilead, other drugmakers, saying we're not going to hike drug prices for state plans, is it working. >> it is, by the way there is more irony, california law that you talk about, a transparency law, guess who passed it? democrats, guess what it says, have you 60 days to notify in california drug transparency if are raise prices more than 16% that and president's tweet causing drug companies to back down, democrat should be celebrating this. liz: they are not. >> no because president trump played a role, novartis, has a huge blockbuster drug.
5:54 pm
that we use for soar -- they are dialing back, and mor. it is not clear what the overall impact will be, but this is steps in right direction. liz: drug price inflation has been double digit for years. get to u.s. secretary of he'll h and human services. he talked to stuart varney earlier. >> this is the pharmaceutical industry seeing the writing on the wall, they know that president trump and i are committed we'll bring prices down. and driving swift, firm regulatory legislative act to create every insensitive to bring prices down. liz: what is the future here? do you think drug prices will
5:55 pm
really down with this absolute. >> absolutely, he is a very straight forward guy. a lot of other things in works not only pressure. but more price tran search trana drug dashboard that signs a spotlight on the drugmakers that are raising prices. liz: that is it. you want to get this into the market. >> absolutely, liz, more generics approved, fda this week passing new regulation more biosimilars can be approved. prices are lower, there is more competition. liz: do you think that hospitals and doctors should be forced to show their pricing? >> yeah, absolutely. >> in a better way. >> i believe that, because pharmacy benefit managers are
5:56 pm
busy in middle sucking up profits not transferring it to pch if doctors and hospitalled showed who was making money, patients would get angry, saying why isn't this going to my pocket. administration also intended to, as law for between 20 man 19. liz: they want me to tell you i'm not getting a flu shot this year. >> we're doing a show. >> whatever. >> thank you, doc. liz: good to see you, sir. >> judge pirro, a big night with whoopie goldberg, judge jenin coming our show tomorrow to talk about what happened, she got kicked off the set, wow. stay right there.
5:57 pm
(♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, .. from mayhem. like me. can a ring bearer get a snack around here? [music playing] (ceo) the employee of the year, anna. (vo) progress is in the pursuit. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during summer of audi sales event.
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liz: a fiery debate between whoopi goldberg and judge jeanine pirro. charles: the major indices are lower. the russell 2000 near it all-time high. we'll discuss the market and those big hurdles they must climb. in the meantime sarah sanders confirmed president trump invited vladimir putin to washington in the fall. plans are already under way. the white house issuing an executive order to get millions of people back into the workforce. take a listen. president trump: together their task will be


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