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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 19, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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and, remember -- you can't take it with you. i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." >> always great. lou: good evening, our top story, the trump administration laying foundation for a second summit with russian leader vladimir putin. and that is sending dems, republican establishment. national left wing, national media to dizzying new heights of hysteria. we take up pandemic of trump derangement syndrome tonight. while dems lunch left, and rinos preen for political attention,
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president trump stays laser focused on the economy and foreign policy, giving a boost to red-hot job market of as unemployment claims plummet to the lowest level in all almost a half country. >> as a country we have never been more successful than we are right now. today. numbers coming out are beyond what everyone thought possible. lou: president trump firing early shots in his reelection campaign taking on two potential -- well two time presidential loser joe biden. and the dean himself, ed rollins rang in on why the former veep could be the dem's best chance to go down to agonizing defeat again, this time in 2020. top story, president trump giving dems, left wing national media and rinos the case of the vapors, hailing his summit with
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putin as a great success and saying he is now looking forward to a second meeting to implement the ideas they talked about in helsinki. white house press secretary sarah sanders confirming plans for a new talks in a tweet, which read -- >> potus agreed on going working level dialogue between two security counsel staffs, president trump asking ambassador bolton to invite president putin to washington in the fall. those discussions already underway. while never-trumpers whine. a new survey confirms 68%, 3/4 of republicans, approve of the president's handling of the summit with putin. also today, fbi director christopher wray conducting foreign policy from a forum in aspen, colorado. getting confused about where his
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support might lie, voicing his support for mueller's investigation into russian collusion. backing thest investigation without legal just case, or evidence. >> i do not believe special counsel mueller is on a witch-hunt, i believe this a professional investigation, conducted by a man that i have known to be a straight shooter with all my interacts with him. so i don't think it a witch-hunt. lou: hm m . failing to mention bias that affected top echelons. he oh 13 angry democrats size president trump calls them as mueller enters his second year of a investigation that has
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produced no evidence of collusion. president trump weighing in on prospects now of a interview with mueller. >> my lawyers are working on that. i have always wanted to be a interview there has been no collusion, no talk of russia, no phone call, no nothing. i call it a witch-hunt, that is what it is. a vicious witch-hunt. you know what it very bad for our country, very bad. lou: our first guest, to discuss russia, the absence of any evidence in mueller witch-hunt, yes christopher wray, it a witch-hunt. state of corruption went the fbi and justice department is remains significant. and unaccounted for, hopefully there will be a reckoning soon. joining us now, judicial watch president tom fenton.
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this remarkable. christopher wray saying that the mueller witch-hunt is not a witch-hunt. this is interesting because he has no evidence. and american public we're looking at lots of evidence. >> mr. wray endorsed mueller's raid and doj's raid on president's lawyer. extraordinary, they are not even done on mob cases, this is what he sees as legitimate law enforcement actions by mr. mueller? mr. wray has a relationship with mr. mueller he admits predates this investigation. he and mr. rod rosenstein have personal and professional relationships with mueller, that make it impossible to manage his investigation or help him manage the investigation. we're not getting any protection from the direct or of the fbi, or mr. rod rosenstein, on the
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mueller investigation. and you know, nailed it in the beginning, you said conducting foreign policy, the justice department, mueller, doj, russia indictment is the doj deep staters hijacking our foreign policy with respect to russia. they supposely told president trump before the summit with putin, we're going to indict all these guys, what do you think about it? what is she going t she he goin- what is he going to say? don't do it? you have this intervention in foreign policy with these indictments that are really press releases in a sense they will never see trial, it is distorting our relationship with russia. i am no fan of putin, but i don't want the justice department running the show. lou: justice department has very little to do with justice right now, and all about politics, it
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beyond politicized. it is an active political arm of the left in this country. and the deep state and there is no question about it. for wray to in as -- to sit in aspen and answer a question as he did, he is not an artful important ethaperson. >> given what he know about what is going on. >> top leadership of fbi, comey, fired for misconduct. mr. mccabe -- >> the top 7 of the fbi moved out or demoted or fired. >> and very individuals behind that mueller investigation, and mr. wray thinks this is no big deal, there should be no accountability by mr. mueller for having evidence and now contempt with fbi who wanted to
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get trump involved in the investigation, when mule are mur fired or removed strzok he did not tell anyone for 4 months until it was expected by congress. lou: he was sent off to the hr department. and he is involved in a relationship with the deputy director's leading attorney in violation of all of regulations of the justice department, he is moved to hr, presume abily to fine more people to recruit like him for once storied agency. >> mueller gis just hired 4 more lawyers, not one a republican. one of whom worked in obama white house counsel office. lou: he has a record that a disaster, left wing meadial not look at this, let's go to a couple things, rose rosenstein
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impeachment. you called on president to just get rid of the special counsel, and his attorneys at one point were urging him to sit down for a interview. you thought that was idiotic. where is the president now in your judgment? and what are his greatest threats from this special counsel? >> you know, i am not a lawyer, thanbut you don't have to be a lawyer to think someone should sit down with a special counsel whose goal was to investigate him. i don't see the special counsel giving him the benefit of the testimony in his testimony. lou: what do you see the special counsel doing? -- observer and activist. i don't see where this ends? >> the rules of justice department that president cannot be indicted. right now special counsel is doing an impeachment investigation. if i were justice department
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were competently run tha they wd tell mr. mueller, there is no indictment, you are not going to harass the president with questions, move along finish up your report. lou: only the speaker of the house lame duck speaker, paul ryan would love to see impeachment proceedings brought. he has been a greater obstructionist and a member of the resistance than almost any democratic leader on capitol hill. >> well you know, i know there will be a new leader of the house, i hope among things that are debated with that election is house going to continue to be a doormat exe executive branch official like rod rosenstein. lou: i think just this corrupt justice department and corrupt fbi. not about the entire executive
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branch, this specific. politicalization of the justice department, i mean corruption is replete throughout the organization, this president at some point has to clean it up. >> with last administration, the irs obstructing congress, this administration have you doj again and fbi. it is this attitude went agencie to be played with and gamed out in a way -- >> why not? they are playing for most part with fools. with inert objects that do not want to move ahead in confrontation with the executive branches, justice department. this president owns it now. this was obama corruption, his political arm, justice department and fbi. this president is only one who will be able to clean it up, tom
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fenton. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, president and his staff spending another day as target of national left wing media. >> is the president delusional or lying? and i -- you know that not mutually exclusive. >> he keeps gravitating toward his real impulse, to not want to assign blame to russia and vladimir putin. >> how could sarah sanders just lie like that? >> down be shocked any more, honey. >> president trump is enthralled are putin, i think he may be intimidated about him. what the hell is going on? lou: what a gaggle of nonsense. left wing national media. on parade. we'll take up that and much more right after the break, ed rollins joining us, stay with us. ♪
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lou: crazy uncle joe biden saying he plans to decide on a 2020 run against president trump by january. we have time to contemplate the consequences. if biden were to run, president
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said he likes his chances. >> i dream about biden. that is a dream, joe biden ran three times, he never got more than 1%. president obama took him out of the garbage heap and everyone was stronge shocked that he did. lou: joining me now, ed rollins, former reagan white house political director, fox political analyst, contributor, great american, good friend. how are you? >> i -- joe biden never got 1%, he got 23 votes in iowa caucus. less than a half percent. he has run twice for president. lou: i don't believe that president will be happy with you. >> second time he ran he ran, 6 out of 6 and my sense that was
10:18 pm
after 4 years. and picked off -- >> i have to tell you, this not the time, president trump wants to run against him, you make him sound weak and pi pitiful. >> i have a parochial interest running ronald reagan's campaign. if trump runs against him even if he wins his home state. lou: you tell us there no way biden could win anything some he can't, i talked with a friend of his, who was a senator with him for 18 years, said he is lazy, can't raise money, can't make up his mind. and he is known for his short comings in speech performance level. lou: maybe that explaining his stellar performance advice president under the obama administration. >> and sarah palin, pinned his ears back. lou: well -- >> in the debate. she pinned his ears back.
10:19 pm
lou: i can't believe, how old is biden? 78. >> he would be that. lou: how old is he we're checking. we're checking. i think 78. what is it? 75. i errorred. thank you all producers in control room. now they come with that, i am off by three years. i just find it amazing. the democratic party, they have the young lady who is the socialist who wants i think to be a communist, but he is biding her time on that, no pun intended. and all these old people biden, they have what is her name hillary clinton? and what is his name bernie sanders. >> and new program is a program if you don't work, you get $15 an hour mi minimum wage. lou: that stacks up against free 500 bucks a month, democrats
10:20 pm
trying to figure out how much to raise everyone else's taxes by. can you imagine dems going to november with this idiotic agenda. they move so far left, that they are going to even lose their base. >> they will be lift of venezuela soon. lou: and be in same sorry shame as venezuela. let's turn to the president. and talking with putin. high wants round two, this fall. ambassador bolton, working on that now. and left is having a fit. schumer is out oh, he should not be go any where near. these people are out of their minds. >> ronald reagan could not meet with russians in first term they all died. lou: a bad run. >> he met every year, second term, with gorbachev, they made great progress, they had annual
10:21 pm
meeting, my sense if president wants to have annual meeting home and away that is positive. lou: why the heck would president not have authority, right, privilege and expectation he could set the number of summits he wants. and listen to some idiot in u.s. senate. you know braying about what he can or can't do or should or shouldn't do. >> interesting, president and putin had a good meeting, they both put out statements, they answer stupid 4 questions each by media, which was notion nothg relevant, from now on, i would put out staism statements and meet. >> come out of that whole, thing. was the dems actually wanting to vote on forcing a interpreter, a translator in the meeting
10:22 pm
between the two presidents to testify before congress. they have gone so far left, they are now they are starting to look soviet left. >> a good thing president trump is not a catholic, they would be subpoenaing his priest from the confessional. there are executive orders and executive privilege, if a world leader cannot sit down with another world leader and not worry about it being disclosed. lou: you don't want your interpreter stammering in fear that he or she will be brought before congress. based on what they are hearing between private meetings, between heads of state, ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: the dims are going to make this year spectacular, so much fun, watch what these folks are doing, vote in our poll, speaking of fun. dow believe president trump has invited putin to talks in washington just to drive the
10:23 pm
dems, rinos, left wing national media to a greater state of hysteria and derangement. i will tell you what i think, i want to know what you think. coming up next, left wing ladies of the view going off the reals and attacking our judge jenin pirro. >> you tackle anti-trump conspiracy in you're your new book, it could be offensive to some. >> you think? >> i thought she was describing the trump white house. lou: we'll show the rest of the exchange. and get reacted from dr. sebastian gorka. it is an extraordinary kind of
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lou: left wing national media meltdown goes on, co-host of the view, whoopie goldberg dragging judge jeanine pirro into a screaming flash on the view, look at what whoopie does when she can't land handle the. >> how long has the deep state been there and who is running it. >> i want to answer your question, our opening statement, how horrible it is that donald trump is -- you said, whoopie, you know what is horrible. they end up murdering children of american citizens, what is horrible we have sanctuary cities. >> say good-bye.
10:29 pm
lou: that is remarkable. i got the feeling that whoopie and judge did not get along. joining us now dr. going t goinr of new book. why we fight. whoopie was you know she was tested beyond her limits, there by the judge. judge jeanine pirro not backing up one ounce good for her. >> don't get into an argument with judge jeanine pirro. >> that was the thing i was worried about happening. trump derange ament syndrome usd to be a joke, it is real, after
10:30 pm
the segment was aired. whoopie went insane, she used foul mouth language, i congress repeat on television. and told judge jeanine pirro to get out of the beep building and just absolutely was unhinged. it is the left in a nutshell. lou: well, the program does what it is designed to do, which makes make it outrageous. it is truly remarkable what is happening, your thoughts about this second phase of outrage on part of the esteemed national best wing media -- left wing media now that president trump revealed, he is going tor a second trump-putin summit.
10:31 pm
>> you know my family background, there is no love lost between me and former kgb . i have to say this is a master stroke, this is the president pressing the right button he needs to press to make heads explode in the fake news industrial complex. this is an important country it spans 11 time zone, has nuclear weapons, a veto seat. but president as most powerful man in the world can meet with whoever he wants to meet as regularly as he wishes. guess what, he won -- sorry, not guess what, he won the election. lou: why did you say guess what? >> i am sorry. lou: it ruined narrative there.
10:32 pm
>> i was on a role. lou: terrific. i just find right now what this president has to put up with from ignorance of the left in this country is preportions that we've never seen, he should be getting credit from the people. the globallest earningly thes, look at what he is doing for global economy, for the american economy that driving that global growth. international monetary fund coming out with new projection. thayou know they are i will aid mitt hiswill -- iwill admit widk often. but i agree, strength of u.s. economy is going to drive the global economy for years, because of this president's commitment to deregulation, to
10:33 pm
cutting taxes, to creating initiatives that this free enterprise economy thrives on. and we have people some saying, you know he is being too nice to vladimir putin. why done they say sh she he waso nice to xi jinping or kim jong-un? it is as if the national left wimwingmedia married newo cons d their coverage is the futo fruif the union. >> no head of state has actively insulted another head of state standing next to him. kennedy did not do it with crush -- and nixon did not do it. lou: i don't think that the president trump said rocket man
10:34 pm
is a com a compliment. >> not standing next to him. that is what they were expecting from the president. >> i admire about president trump, he will take care of if face-to-face. it is an important signal that this president is trying to build bridges rather than pursuing a collision with military results. i think he should be credits, don't you? >> i think move tellin most telg that left wing media had not had a problem is russian so-called inter -- interference with anyone's election in 17 years, but now they do, it is just because donald trump won the election, this is all
10:35 pm
artificial. to your point, to giving him credit, we expect the left to try to ham are thi hammer this 8 years, my problem is republicans don't stand up for this man, there are a half dozen people on capitol hill, that is it. lou: naming names. forces of chamber of commerce, business round table, the koch brothers. >> the former bush -- >> and clin compli clinton clanw other clans. die nastic politics should be a nonstarter, but no one from time consults me on these things. >> they are watching you, lou, thank you, god bless. lou: thank you. >> up next dems still making fools of themselve on capitol hill over trump-russia summit.
10:36 pm
>> like vladimir putin defense lawyer. i think there was hope maybe in monday in helsinki he would stand up but he shrunk smaller. lou: who is that? he looks familiar. we take it up with
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lou: house dems, they are delivering, a new slogan ahead of midterm elections. are you ready?
10:40 pm
for the people. if that sounds familiar, the black panthers once used slogan power to the people, and title of a song by known socialist, john lennon. doing little to address the issue with the dems, they is lurched so far left they call for massive tax heights, the abolishment of i.c.e., universal income that delivers taxpayer money by the bucket load to the jobless, and voting rights for illegal immigrants, and a subpoena for president's personal translator at any sum is with vladimir putin, they got it going. joining us tonight former republican congressman jason chaffetz. and fox news contributor. great to have you with us.
10:41 pm
>> thank you. lou: are these the democrats you remember when you were serving in house. >> yeah, they are led by nancy pelosi, they are so far left, i love the new slogan for the people, for the illegal people that is where their passion is. their first slogan for the 2018 cycle was, a better way. i think they came to realize they cannot sell that. lou: wait? i thought the better way of your friend paul ryan and his agenda. he thought would actually i is s suplant that of president. >> democrats leaderless, they want to put the the gavel back to nancy pelosi and chuck howard.
10:42 pm
if you within to the city and said what do democrats 7' t wano do this year, i don't think they become up with anything. lou: they are antieconomic growth of 4% plus for this quarter antilowest unemployment, trillions of dollars added to the markets. it is stunning that we're talking about as president did in his campaign, prosperity for all americans, he already delivered and not even been in office two years. it is insane to want to run against that. >> if you look at what they have been doing, their words are one thing. this is resistance movement. you see scorched earth, the cannot agree on anything. that is resistance movement that
10:43 pm
is the democratic party of today. lou: and the president of united states despite it all, resistance, obstruc obstruction. he is accomplishing, promises made, promises kept. he deepin deep keeps driving itd dealing with a mad national left wing media, intent on destroying him and his accomplishments. in a year and a half this president acomp blu accomplishen barack obama could in 8 years, this such a unique moment to watch this media, abandon every their principles and integrity. >> unbelievable, you put on top of this what president doing with supreme court, putting a
10:44 pm
justice that has all of the qualifications, checks all of the boxes you look for -- >>, of course, the dems will acknowledge, kavanaugh is a brilliant choice but they will fight. >> they were fighting him before they named him, they put out the press release, and forgot to fill in the name. the american people are smarter than that. lou: they are smarter than that. just what is it going to take to end the nonsense? we have a lame duck, i hate to keep mentioning paul ryan's name, but lame duck speaker that conference does not have guts to get rid of, he is intend to driving conference to disaster, he wants to talk about tax cut, not immigration or accomplishes under president trump. and will not in anyway you know, you can't find any record of him contributcriticizing, presidente
10:45 pm
strangest thing. >> all attention will be on senate, and passage of mr. kavanaugh on the supreme court that is the number one driver into the election. lou: the senate's driver. should she they do something supportive of the president. >> i think those that make the choices to abandon president trump will pay the price when they go to the polls in november. when is interesting, one of people we'll have the show tonight with laura ingram. lou: 10:00. >> yes, is john james running for senate. in michigan, he is not running away from president trump, he is embracing president trump. and that is interesting, media would have you believe that everyone is leaving in droves. but you go to heart of america that is not what is happening. lou: jac jason chaffetz thank y.
10:46 pm
>> thank you. lou: 10:00 eastern fox news channel, he is sitting in for laura ingram. >> thank you. lou: up next, national left wing media still think they can run over president trump about russia summit. through magazine covers. we'll share a few of them with you. more ahead stay with us. so you just walk around telling people geico could help them save money on car insurance? yea,that and homeowners, renters, motorcycle and boat insurance. huh.that's nice. what happens when you catch a fish? gecko: whoa. geico. more than just car insurance. see how much you could save at i'm ok! i'start at the new carfax.comar. show me minivans with no reported accidents.
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lou: anti-trump left wing national media still hysterical about president trump's summit with vladimir putin. they are gearing up with art work, clever. they merged -- talk about clicheed devices. they could not come up with an original idea, trump's face merged with putin's creating this creepy hybrid. then the "new yorker"'s cover. drawing president flattened as the bottom of an escalator, still giving a thumbs up. what in the world? the ignorance of all this. and these magazines dying before our eyes this part of the reason why. the magazine parody of the trump
10:51 pm
escalator, deep. this is real moment. joining me tonight, sydney powell, charlie hurt. good to have you here, quickly. >> thank you. lou: sydney, what do you think of dying magazines trying with most hackney clicheed concepts they become up with to try -- are they even trying to entice readers? >> desperation is right word for it. the entire left is so off the rails, they make chicken little look rational. the sky is falling every day over one thing or the other. nothing the president does or says will be right. and i think we need to stop
10:52 pm
paying so much attention to anything that left says, american people are not, they are focused on president's successes, the economy booming. and crime fought and progress with low unemployment. lou: this is an interesting proposition, ignore them. and conjunction with that approach, what do you think of idea of the trump administration just telling every rude, ill mannered reporter, interrupting sarah sanders or other officials in the briefing room, please take a hike, we're done. we see president giving interviews to networks, that are fake news, they are the very stuff of fake news. it is peculiar. >> yes, i don't know why they insist on giving interviews to any of those people that are not interested in covering the
10:53 pm
actual news or reporting the truth. but rather on some sort of weird gee ehad. jihad, they should not kick them out of house pres white house ps briefing room because they do such a good job of revealing themselve. mental illness is a serious issue, i think that writers at "time" magazine, and new yorker, two magazines they had enjoyed reading, i think they need to seek help, it is disturbing, a lot is comical but the weird thing about that escalator cartoon is that, it shows a president trump who is dead. that is really disturbing. and that should disturb all americans, and taken seriously. i think that new yorker headquarters should be visited
10:54 pm
by secret service, and they should be asked a few questions, what is this obsession with the president being dead? lou: let's ask sydney about that former federal prosecutor, what has happened to the laws that protect presidents, and that require secret service to investigate as charlie suggested whether it be this or a number of other threats. >> or beheading of the president? lou: yeah. >> i think there are a lot of things that could be more aggressively enforced with commenrespect to comments and depicttion, i am glad what first lady called out the person in hollywood who made comments about baron. some people should be prosecuted or arrested and given cause to pause, and think about what they
10:55 pm
are doing. we have been way too tolerant of that, we have to stop all threats and violence against all public officials. lou: and the disrespect they continue. that is kind word for it. disrespect they show this president and first lady. sydney powell, charlie hurt thank you. lou: up next. president trump america first policy, that and much more, straight ahead, stay with us, ♪
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lou: on wall street stocks closing lower. volume on the big both 3.2 trillion shares. jobless claims fueling 207,000. that's the fewest since 1969. a reminder to listen to my reports coast to coast on the salem radio network. facebook founder mark zuckerberg made comments about holocaust deniers. he says holocaust deniers are okay on facebook because those who spread it aren't intentionally getting it wrong. he clarified i personally find
11:00 pm
it deeply offensive, i absolutely didn't intend to defend the intent of people who deny that. thanks for being here. >> always great. lou: good evening, our top story, the trump administration laying foundation for a second summit with russian leader vladimir putin. and that is sending dems, republican establishment. national left wing, national media to dizzying new heights of hysteria. we take up pandemic of trump derangement syndrome tonight. while dems lunch left, and rinos preen for political


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