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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 20, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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reporting greater productivity, reducing overall stress levels -- [laughter] employees were paid for five days of work, but i think it's hogwash. melissa: i'd be cheerful if i were paid for five and only worked four. david: americans work harder than people in new zealand, sorry. >> right now north korea is illegally smuggling petroleum products into the country at a level tata far exceeds the quotas established by the united nations. the united states reminds every u.n. member state of its responsibility to stop illegal ship to ship transfers, and we urge them to step up enforcement efforts as well. elizabeth: secretary of state pompeo and u.n. ambassador nikki haley tell thing u.n. member states step up because north korea's evading sanctions, and it's your fault. former aide to u.k. prime minister david cameron is here to talk about it. also tonight socialists taking their message to the heartland. bernie sanders now rallying with
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new york congressional candidate alexandria cortez in the deep red state of texas. they're bringing their socialist message there. karl rove on that to say the socialist message, it's spreading. and the tv spat that is far from settled. our own judge jeanine pirro kicked off of abc's "the view," just for having an opposing opinion. we have the judge's inside info on what went down behind the scenes in this epic on-air fight. we deliver the debate behind tomorrow's headlines. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: the dow still sticking above 25,000, its performance today was better than last friday but more on your money in just a second. first, the u.n. called out. secretary of state pompeo and u.n. ambassador nikki haley
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telling u.n. member states, step up. >> members of the u.n. security council, and by extension all u.n. member states, have unanimously agreed to fully enforce sanctions on north korea, and we expect them to continue to honor those commitments. when sanctions are not enforced, the prospects for the successful denuclearization of north korea are diminished, so we'll take full enforcement of sanctions for us to get there. it will also take chairman kim following through on his personal commitment that he made to president trump in singapore. president trump remains upbeat about the prospects of denuclearization of north korea. so do i. as progress is happening. elizabeth: let's get to steve hilton. are the u.n. member states not doing tear part here, steve? what do you think? >> yeah, and i think we can be more specific than that, liz. i think it's really china mostly that's at fault here, and then to a lesser extent russia. they're the ones that really are
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reportedly undermining the sanctions, and it's really an interesting development here because, on the one hand, it was clearly the maximum pressure campaign led by the u.s., led by president trump which actually recruited china behind it. and china really turned around its attitude and really put the pressure on. it's all that that got kim to the negotiating table. and if the pressure is off, that really puts the prospects of achieving the president's goal in jeopardy. but the interesting thing is whether being tough with china, as the president is being over trade, is going to make it more likely or less likely that china will cooperate. now, being soft on china certainly didn't do the job, so you might as well be tough, and i think that's the president's calculation here. elizabeth: we kind of have a window into how long these north korea talks may take. china doubled the volume of crude oil pipeline shipments into north korea. reports now indicate those are now at winter levels, not summer
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levels. in other words, 8ing 0,000 tons, double what north korea usually gets in the summer. so it looks like we could be waiting on the north korea problem to be finished for some time, right? >> that's exactly right. and the key thing is it seemed that president trump was making some headway with his argument to kim which is to say, look, you've got a wreck of an economy. and we're going to make it even worse through the sanctions. on the other hand, if you go down the road of cooperation and denuclearization, you can have an amazing economy and an amazing future. but you've got to get both parts of that. you can certainly offer the carrot, but you need the stick to be there, and that's why the chinese have got to cooperate here. elizabeth: okay. we've got the e.u. visiting the white house next week, the president is accusing the e.u. and china of cheapening down their own currencies to make their exports cheaper. this is the president saying, quote: china, the e.u. and others have been manipulating their currencies and their interest rates lower while the u.s. is raising rates, the
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dollar gets stronger and stronger with each passing day, taking away our competitive edge. as usual, not a level playing field. here's the thing, you know, the thinking is if you have a strong dollar, it lures investment into the u.s. but you know what's interesting, steve, the e.u. talks a big game about free trade and globalism, but then they put up their big economic wall of fines and regulations against the u.s., and there's a reason the e. u.'s gdp is not growing. >> exactly right. you know, it's overregulated, overtaxed. but that's exactly as you say. the e.u. is a protectionist organization. finish it puts up trade barriers to other countries, and it's not just to countries like the u.s., but the really disgusting thing considering their kind of high-minded lectures on free trade is that the e.u. puts up trade barriers to some of the poorest countries of the world on their doorstep, countries in africa who are desperate to sell their products into the e.u. so they can climb the ladder of prosperity and make their countries richer.
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they're shut out of the e.u. but the protectionist trade barriers. elizabeth: yeah. there's a big economic border wall they put up around themselves, the e.u. here's also a story that the media's still working on, the controversy about president trump's summit with russian president vladimir putin. ♪ >> you have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president -- >> this what many would saudis graceful performance with vladimir putin. >> they came across as playmates on a soccer field more than they did international rivals. >> mr. putin now is the master -- [inaudible] of donald trump. >> you should call in the surrender summit. >> his performance today will live in infamy as much as the pearl harbor attack or crystal -- [inaudible] >> you stood next to that man, and you said it and gave the middle finger to america. elizabeth: the white house announcing the president has invited vladimir putin for a second summit this fall. steve, republican congressman
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and former cia agent will herd blasting president trump, he's accusing the president of being manipulated by russia secretary pompeo telling fox news trump has been relentless against russia. >> i'm in a position to know. i did have a chance to talk to the president about this, frankly, over the last, goodness, year and a half now. the president's consistently been briefed on this issue. he understands that the russians have interfered in our elections. he, frankly, understands that's been going on for an awfully long time. the history of russia's efforts to undermine democracy for decades now. it gets confused because there are those who want to make a partisan case out of in this with respect to the mueller investigation. the president understands what russia did in our elections in 2016, and he he has empowered eh of us to make sure it doesn't happen again. elizabeth: steve, your take. >> look, liz, you know, on the day when that press conference happened, i was critical of the president. i thought he should have
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answered that question differently. but you've got to remember, first of all, on the substance he has been much tougher than obama and previous presidents going right back to reagan on russia. but the really interesting thing about this, and that's why that compilation of clips you played was so interesting is that as always with this president, even when there's a reasonable grounds for some criticism his enemies and his critics go so far over the top, they go so beyond what's reasonable that they actually lose their own argument, and they push people towards president trump. and that's what's happening with these ridiculous, over-the-top criticisms of what happened last week. it is completely ridiculous. elizabeth: switching gears, a new report from "the wall street journal" that tax cut 2.0 may not make it past the senate before the midterms. steve, here's what's going on. "the wall street journal" is saying that the senate, some senators are saying they have too much on their plate, they can't handle a tax cut package right now. it would need 60 votes to clear
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procedural hurdles in the senate. what do you think? another mistake and, you know, ahead of the midterms? >> yeah. i think it's a mistake not to keep moving forward on injecting more energy and dynamism and lower taxes and lower regulation into the economy. that's why fundamentally president trump was elected. now look, i agree with the analysis that you're not going to get the senate to do anything, you're not going to get congress to do anything. but i was very interested in an argument made, i think it was kimberly strassel in "the wall street journal" about a week ago who made the argument you can achieve benefits for the economy in terms of tax reduction through administrative means, the changing the indexing of certain tax brackets and so on. and, actually, you can get a really long way towards encouraging more investment, for example, where you don't even need congress to do it. elizabeth: people want the tax goodies, they want more money in their wallet. here's another story, steve, matt drudge can, the editor and founder of the drudge report, he's now accusing liberals of having a, quote, fetish for
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president trump experiencing injury or even death saying, quote: the left's continued fetish for president trump's physical harm or death is stunning. and there you see drudge attaching, he's showing the latest cover of the "new yorker" magazine. the cover depicting a cartoon image of president trump who's face down at what looks like the escalator in the trump tower building in new york. a fetish for harm or injury against the president. is that a little over-egged or is he right? >> no, i think you hear it all the time, you see it all the time. they've completely lost -- they've become untethered from reason, from reasonable political discourse. that's what donald trump has done to the left, to the core left. and the problem with it for them politically is that they're really talking to themselves. they all love it. they lap up this stuff. but most people, i think, either -- or when they're strong supporters of president trump or those in the middle who just, you know, want their life are to be a bit better and are looking to any politician who's going to
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do that for them. they see all this stuff, and they think it's so over the top. and they're just going to go with what's happening in reality in their lives, an improving economy, action on things they care about and a strong president. i don't think the left benefits from this over the top politics. elizabeth: be sure to the tune in to the next revolution sundays on the fox news channel at 9 p.m. eastern time. let's get a check of your money, the dow down 6 points, microsoft hitting it out of the ballpark today, shares hitting an all-time high. the software giant, they turned in stronger than expected quarterly earnings results. let's get to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest. nicole? ♪ >> we swung between positive and negative territory, but the dow did finish down 6 points, the s&p down 3. but for the week the dow and the s&p finished in the green. the nasdaq, though, in the red. how about microsoft leading the dow jones industrial average today. in fact, it was higher by 1.7%,
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hit an all-time high of 108.20. 800 billion in market cap, did so well with the cloud computing services, that grew 89 %. and, of course, office 365 software, that also did well. that unit was up about 13%. ge, on the other hand, down over 4%. tough quarter, and the outlook worries some investors. and then we saw mixed bags for those fang stocks, and financials were up today and jpmorgan and goldman sachs led the week. great earnings. elizabeth. elizabeth: coming up, judge jeanine pirro kicked off of abc's show "the view." the judge says just for having an opposing opinion. we have the judge's inside info on what went down behind the scenes after that epic on-air battle. also tonight politifact calling out democrat socialist alexandria ocasio cortez for saying most americans have two jobs. they gave her the pants on fire,
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you are wrong label, and now this. democrat senator liz warren literally doubling down on cortez's comments. she's saying she's right. we've got the sound. but first, the latest on that terrible accident in missouri. seventeen people now dead including children after a duck boat sank. fox news' mike tobin has the latest after the break. stay there. ♪ ♪ as the one who is always trapped beneath the duvet i'm begging you... take gas-x. your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight. you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip.
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mike tobin live in branson, missouri w the latest. michael? >> reporter: well, liz, sadly you mentioned children. we know the age ranges of those 17 victims are between 1 and 70 years old. governor mike parson of missouri has been meeting with survivors and bereave loved ones. there was one family onboard, a family of 11, that lost 9 members of that family. governor parson says his job is to try to offer some kind of comfort. >> really there's no words you can say that's going the make that right at this moment. but you do have to give them encouragement that life does go on, and there will be a healing process. >> reporter: the amphibious tour was supposed to have those ducks on table rock lake for 30 minutes. the severe thunderstorm warning came about a half hour before the boat capsized. video shows the two duck boats struggling to stay afloat and taking on water and winds upwards of 60 miles per hour. the video stops rolling before the one boat is capsized.
5:18 pm
it went down in 40 feet of water, but it land ared wheels down and rolled to a death of 80 feet. the ntsb and coast guard are charged with recovering that boat, getting it out of the water as they are taking over the investigation. as they go through the investigation, some of the things they will look at, that storm warning, there it was community candidated, taken seriously -- communicated, but also it's possible at the end when you look at the culprit, it may just end up a freak storm and mother nature. liz, back to you. elizabeth: mike tobin, thank you so much for your reporting. to the next case, the democrats' plan to beat president trump makes the good news bad. looks like it's failing. the fact-checking site politifact giving alexandria or cortez its worst pants on fire rating for making erroneous claims about the good job growth going on. >> unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can bare feed
5:19 pm
their kids. elizabeth: now liz warren basically doubling down on that saying people are working up to four jobs to survive. >> when people are working at minimum wage jobs that won't support them or they're working two, three or four jobs to try to pay the rent and keep food on the table, then simply saying the unemployment figures have gone down just doesn't get you there. elizabeth: joining me now, independent women's forum visiting fellow maddie dupler. nobody in this country wants people working three or four minimum wage jobs. by way, great to see you, maddie. let me back up. the democrats are now trying to make good news bad. and, by the way, to do the jobless rate the government does not count you twice if you work two jobs. >> right. you know, do they not know that there's data available to check up on these claims? do they not understand the way that all of this data is calculated? i mean, you hit it on the head, liz. one, that's not how unemployment
5:20 pm
counted. you're right, this is good news that we have the lowest unemployment numbers these last few months than we've seen the better part of two decades. americans should be embracing that no matter what your political stripes are. it's obvious that for democrats that narrative doesn't work. they need americans to believe things are bad and that the economy's doing poorly in order to sell their half-baked economic ideas on what they see for the future of the country. elizabeth: okay. let's show the viewer the facts. here's what the fact-checking site politifact is saying, and it's based on government data. fewer than 1 in 20 employed americans hold a second job of any type, so that's 6 million out of a 150 million strong work force. by the way, maddie, that rate has been that way since 2010. >> right, exactly. and it's interesting when you look at both the number of people holding down one or two jobs but also the number of
5:21 pm
hours people working. those are actually stayed pretty static in the economy over the last couple of decades where we've seen a lot of volatility in a lot of economic indicators. elizabeth: all right. so the claim from elizabeth juan, four jobs. politifact now saying people working 80 hours a week, they're a tiny fraction of the overall pool of workers, 310,000 people. and, listen, we don't want people working multiple minimum wage jobs, that's not the point, but we have up to the 7 million job openings -- >> exactly. elizabeth: -- where companies can't find workers. >> that is the true issue for the economy right now. employers are looking for workers, and really workers feel very confident in leaving their job and looking for a new one. that is one of the economic data points that employers are really struggling with now which is how do we hold on to our workers once we've hired them because this labor market is so tight. that's good news for workers. that generally means wages will increase, that there will be more competitive opportunities for people who are looking to
5:22 pm
leave their job and start a new one. and, of course, you're right, we don't want people working multiple jobs, but the fact of the matter is they're not. the economy right now supports that. elizabeth: americans are also not working more today than they have in the recent past. the average number of hours worked, maddie, in the private sector is stuck at around 35 hours a week. that's been going on since 2006. >> exactly right. elizabeth: historical low. go ahead. >> exactly right. look at that. 12 years where that statistic hasn't really budged. so the question then for the people arguing that, you know, people are working too many jobs, that they can't make ends meet is what is their economic vision for the future. we saw the white house yesterday release an executive order thatted modernized our work force and, yes, of course, the labor market is changing, employers' needs are changing, and we need to make sure workers we quippedded -- are equipped to meet those needs. the elizabeth warrens of the world looks at the past and said, well, if everyone had a
5:23 pm
governmenthand out, that's the way to move forward. what americans are e paneling right -- experiencing right now simply shows that's not true. elizabeth: coming up, the tv fight that is far from settled. judge jeanine pirro kicked off the abc tv show, " the viewment" but first, socialists now teaming up, taking their big government message to the heartland. bernie sanders rallying with new york congressional candidate alexandria cortezful karl rove is going to be here. he says the socialist message, it is spreading. stay right there. ♪ ♪ but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured
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5:27 pm
universities tuition-free. >> hillary will fight to expand social security, strengthen medicare -- >> capitalism has not always existed in the world, and it will not always exist in the world. elizabeth: mainstream socialist ideas now going mainstream in the democrat party. socialist bernie sanders, he's joining the new socialist darling alexandria cortez to rally for democrats in deep red state kansas, a state that trump won. the state's primary is august 7th. let's bring in former bush 43 deputy chief of staff, karl rove. great to see you. how's kansas going to take to this them, karl? is. >> well, first of all, we're talking about the democratic primary in kansas, so we don't know just yet. they're making two stops, first in the -- elizabeth: yeah, all right, but how are they going to take to the message overall, that's what i want to know, sorry. >> they're campaigning on behalf of two democrat candidates who agree with them.
5:28 pm
so in the democratic primary, they're likely to have widespread agreement. one primary is already largely settled, the wichita primary. james thompson is the democratic candidate. he's got a primary opponent but not serious. but what's going to be really interesting to watch is congressional district 3 because they got a brent welder is totally in sync with the program. it's a nice suburban district, and it's hard to believe that in the general election that's going to sell to -- stand thing up there and saying capitalism didn't always exist and is not going to exist in the future in a nice suburban district, it doesn't seem to be a winning messaging. elizabeth: democrats, i would think they need a moderate heartland candidate to start winning back control, because voters rejected these far-left policies in 2010, 2014, 2016. and, you know what, karl? moderate democrats, they are clanging the alarm bells, chris coons, joe lieberman saying you
5:29 pm
can't make a credible case that democrats should be allow toed to -- allowed to govern again with these ideas because it makes it easier to mock us. and those policies will slam middle and working class voters because their taxes will have to go up to pay for those policies and the policies will collapse jobs. >> yeah. both of these districts were represented not the distant past, but in the recent past by democrats. but in the case of the wichita district, it was a clinton democrat. and in the case of the kansas city democrat, it was a blue dog, a fiscally conservative democrat. so how can a district like that support somebody who says i'm in favor of free college, expansion of medicare to everybody, expanding social security benefits, a $15 min pulmowage, a guaranteed -- minimum wage and, oh, incidentally, let's get rid of i.c.e.. and i have bringing in to campaign for me somebody who says the israelis are occupying palestine. so it's not a very attractive picture, and think it's going to
5:30 pm
fall flat in the general election. it may help anymore the primary, but even in the kansas city district there are some more moderately-liberal democrats who don't share some of these weird beliefs. going to be interesting to see if they're able to win the primary. elizabeth: yeah. it's going to be really interesting to watch. democrats, let's get to this story. they are, as you point out, karl, they are pushing -- some socialists and democrats are pushing for more free government welfare, but how will they pay for it? hiking taxes could be on -- hiking taxes on anything in sight could be on the radar screen. karl, your reaction to new jersey now considering taxing tap water. the state senator in new jersey behind that idea, he says it's not actually a tax, but a user fee. he's trying to say it'll help the, you know, reserve the pipe be infrastructure. you know, at least four states tax tap water, we're talking arizona, arkansas, indiana, missouri. your reaction, karl. >> well, this is dangerous territory for a politician to get out on. you may remember that four years
5:31 pm
ago in maryland, deep blue maryland elected a republican governor, larry hogan, on a platform of cutting taxes starting with the potty tax. there was a tax in maryland every time you flushed the toilet. and he said i'm going to repeal that tax. this seems to me to be one that is easily caricatured. you know, the senator in question saying we need this in order to rebuild our water infrastructure in the state. but i think people are going to say why don't we stop spending money on less important things and spend it on more important things like that if you add taxes on top of us. particularly since the new governor's already putting in additional high taxes on income that are going to drive, simply drive for people across the border into pennsylvania or further south. elizabeth: it's an important point. karl rove, thank you so much for coming in. come back soon. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: coming up, the nfl, you know the national anthem policy to stop the protests? it's now already, it's on hold.
5:32 pm
looks like another season of protests could be on their way. we debate that. but first, the tv fight that is far from settled. our own judge jeanine pirro kicked off of abc's "the view," she says it's just for having an opposing opinion. we have the judge's inside info on what went down behind the scenes after that epic on-air fight. that's coming up. ♪ ♪
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>> i'm 62 years old, there have bea lot of people in office i didn't agree with, but i have never, ever seen anything like this. i've never seen anybody whip up such hate, i've never seen anybody with so dismissive. [applause] >> here's my question for you because you talk -- >> i don't have trump derangement, let me tell you what i have -- >> okay. >> i'm tired of people starting a conversation with mexicans are liars and rapists. >> whoopee, you know what's horrible, when people who shouldn't be here end up murdering the children of -- from you know what's horrible? when the president of the united states whips up people to beat the hell out of people. say good-bye. [cheers and applause] i'm done. elizabeth: the fight between whoopi goldberg and judge jeanine pirro on "the view," the judge was invited on as a guest to promote her new book, the debate derailed continued off camera, judge jeanine explaining what happened. >> i felt like i was less than
5:37 pm
dirt. i couldn't believe that i went there to have a conversation. i got thrown off the set, thrown out of the building, and as i walked away, she's yelling at me get the f out of in this building. what these people have turned into is sad. what is happening? elizabeth: checking in on abc's parent company disney, end of the day down a half percent. let's bring in allie stuckey. your take on this. >> yeah. you know, right now it's a game of he said/she said, or maybe she said/she said. whoopi goldberg, of course, coming out and saying, no, that's not how it happened at all, that judge jeanine started yelling profanities, whatever. i don't really care. the point of it is is that it's very sad we've gotten to this point that we are so inundated with identity politics that we're unable to have a civil conversation with someone. i actually enjoyed when judge jeanine was on "the view" and both her and whoopi were able to
5:38 pm
hold their own. they obviously are passionate about both sides of the debate, and i think that's wonderful for this country. what is not good is when we start to see our political opponents as actual opponents and morally bad people. and unfortunately, that seems to be what happened here. elizabeth: you wonder if ab is running their own version of outnumbered. it seemed like the judge was outnumbered there. >> right. elizabeth: the judge was invited on as a guest. she's asking what is happening. listen, we understand about debate. if you have a show, you want to try to get a debate going. whoopi can have her say, let the judge have her say. but she got kicked off the show. >> exactly. she got kicked off the show and then, apparently -- according to judge jeanine -- she was also kicked out of the building and said she felt less than dirt. that's not okay. we have our disagreements, but if you disagree with the left, it's not that you're just intellectually or political wrong, but you're morally wrong. you are a bad person.
5:39 pm
so this outrage, this lack of civility that we're seeing is somehow justified because they see themselves as vigilantes for being against donald trump. we saw it with sarah sanders when she was kicked out of a restaurant. unfortunately, it seems like a trend. elizabeth: fox news' show outnumbered has a debate going with eachside -- each side. here's whoopi this morning, listen. >> she was upset when she got here because anna-and-a-half rah was here instead of joy s. and after the segment, which ended when it was supposed to, it was not early, it was not late, it ended when it was supposed to, she then called everybody at the table a name i cannot repeat it on tv and said it in front of the audience. elizabeth: okay, let's wreak that down. so the judge is upset that ana navarro's on. the judge sat there as a guest, allie, and she was invited on as a guest. they were going to -- i think the viewer, i want your opinion on this, would the viewer be
5:40 pm
better served by a debate between the two instead of the yelling? everyone knows whoopi does not like the president, and there's valid reasons out there, we get that, but why not just have a debate? >> well, they knew exactly where judge jeanine stood. they knew that when they invited her on the show, they knew what her book was about. they invited her to, apparently, promote her book. they knew that they were going to disagree with her. so i would think when you're inviting someone on that you know you oppose politically, you are ready to have a respectful and civil debate, that you're probably expecting they're going to say some things that you don't like. what happened is whoopi goldberg shouted her down, didn't allow her to even finish her point, and the rest is really just hearsay. we have no idea of judge jeanine was upset about ana navarro. what matters is the tribalistic attitude that we see on the left, and they continue to shut down conversation and debate, and it's not healthy. elizabeth: allie stuckey, thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you.
5:41 pm
elizabeth: amy powell fired for alleged hi making racially insensitive comments, she denies it. papa john's founder also resigning under pretty much the same allegations. coming up, a guest who's wondering what's happening with mark zuckerberg. what happened when he seemingly defended holocaust deniers? we're going to break down that story for you in the debate coming up. but first, the nfl's two-month-old national anthem policy is already on hold, so it looks like another season of protests may be on the way. we break down that story as well. the debate coming up. ♪ ♪ (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself. so get an allstate agent,
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5:45 pm
statement saying, quote: no new rules relating to the anthem will be issued or enforced for the next several weeks while these confidential discussions are ongoing. now, here's what happened. the miami dolphins came up with their, basically, penalty policy for players who protest. and here's another back story that's important. the nfl did not mandate across the board how the teams on their own can penalize their own players individually who protest on the field. in other words, they left it up to each team to decide their own penalties, and that's got the players apparently saying, wait a second, hold on. some penalties are more onerous in other teams. let's take it up with our political panel, fox news contributor deneen borelli and washington times contributor eric schiffer. these anthem protests began a year ago. it's taking the nfl a long time to find a solution. your take. >> they've handled it extremely poorly. they've lost so many patriotic
5:46 pm
americans because they just disrespected the principles of so many people especially across all the red states in america where they care about the flag, they care about the fact that -- of what it represents. and these kind of wishy washy policies that are put in place well after the fact, i mean, this is like a year now that this has happened, suggests they still don't get it, they still don't care. and what it sends the message to conservatives is why should i care about the nfl. they're not going to watch. they're not going to show up to the games. this is just more disrespect. elizabeth: it looks like it's coming down to paid or unpaid suspensions. the dolphins, their potential four-game suspension policy, that's a quarter of the season. it's nearly as harsh as domestic violence policies. looks like the players are upset about that, your take. >> well, it's season two of more nfl chaos, liz.
5:47 pm
and really i put the blame squarely at the top. nfl commissioner roger goodell who makes gazillions of dollars, by the way, a rot of money -- a lot of money, still having the same problem two years later. so clearly, there is a total lack of leadership on his part, and i lay the blame squarely at his feet because if he had squashed this early on in 2016 when it started, we would not be having this conversation right now. >> yep. elizabeth: we've got this other story to tackle. two police officers shot on the job. they were responding to a call for a missing person. this happened in st. paul, minnesota, yesterday. one cop rushed to the hospital and now here's -- we have this, the 911 call. listen -- rather, met me back up. listen to the police officer's own desperate calls for help. listen.
5:48 pm
elizabeth: okay. once officer hit in the should, the other hit in his leg. both are non-life threatening injuries, thank goodness. police saying the suspect now in custody. eric, this is an example of the dangers our police officers face every day on the job. we have people from all walks of life stepping up to serve the country as police officers and firemen. is this often forgotten? >> it's terribly forgottenful these are brave -- forgotten. these are are brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to doing the right thing, to protecting the innocent, to protecting justice. and this is just, it breaks your heart to hear this. and it just shows how much we need to further our appreciation and love and gratefulness to the men and women across this country who are is serving to
5:49 pm
keep us safe and to protect our communities and our families. elizabeth: i could hear eric's voice breaking right there. it is heartbreaking to hear those cops in the line of fire, deneen. your take. >> i totally agree with eric, and the men and women who put their lives on the line every day, they never know if they're going to go back home to their families and friends and loved ones. so i have great respect for our law enforcement. i know of a number of law enforcement personnel that are right here where i live in connecticut m of and i appreciate all they do for trying to keep the streets and families safe. elizabeth: yeah, it's a tough story. eric and deneen, you're going to be back after the break. thanks so much. excuse me for that. former paramount chief amy powell fired for allegedly making racially insensitive comments, papa john's founder also resigning for the same type of allegation. critics now wondering why no consequences for billionaire facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg when he seeming hi
5:50 pm
defended holocaust deniers. we're going to break down that story for you after the break. stay right there. and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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liz: amy powell denying she ever made racially improper comments that led to her being fired. no consequence for billionaire facebook founder mark zuckerberg over his comments seemingly defending holocaust deniers. >> there are a set of people who denied the holocaust happened. i find that deeply offensive. at the end of the day i don't believe our platform should take
5:54 pm
that down. i think there are things people get wrong. i don't think they are intentionally getting it wrong. it's hard to impugn intent and understand the intent. liz: it's hard to impugn intent? zuckerberg says it's because he owns 60% of the voting rights shares in facebook. >> i think this is something the market will decide. i wasn't in the room with the pair pament woman or the papa john's guy. but when it comes to facebook more speech fights hate speech. and it really comes down to the market. and when it comes to social media, i want to know where someone stands so i make sure i'm not following someone who is
5:55 pm
putting a lot of hate speech out there. liz: facebook stock is unaffected. is that the true measurement about this comment about holocaust deniers? >> not necessarily. the measurement of investors and their perception of what might happen doesn't always correlate. you have someone who insulted a wide swath of people who said these comments somehow survive. it does seem unfair when you put it in light of these other things. saying there was no holocaust to so many people, that's the ultimate derogatory term for them. i'm sure his family is very proud of him. this is really bad. whether he should go, i think ultimately it will come down to the board.
5:56 pm
but i don't think the board will step up in this case base has so much power. liz: the paramount ceo wrote a letter to workers in response to amy powell's comments saying it's inconsistent with their policies. >> there is a zero tolerance policy going on in many, many companies across the country. when it comes to going against the grain and policies of companies, they are putting their foot down. liz: we'll be right back. stay right there, don't go away. hi, i'm joan lunden with a place for mom,
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sap upon "wall street." charles payne is here with "making money." charles: good evening. the major averages today fell slightly. investors trying to bol the earnings support and the continued tensions involving trade. he said he'll slap $500 billion on all chinese imports. the manufacturing renaissance is doing so well, i'm saying tonight it will block the so-called blue wave. we'll talk about the president's new job initiative. but first we have to talk about the escalating criticism of the federal reserve. he says


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