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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 24, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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with judicial washington's president tom fento fenton and congressman ron desantis,s,s,s,d night from new york. kennedy: president trump puts ron on notice -- iran on notice, mess with us there will be hell to pay, but will the iranians listen? or are we headed to war? great. president made threat last night to rouhani, ever ever threaten the u.s. against or you will sufferer consequences, we're no longer's country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death, be cautious. so stern. it appears president of the responding to roman who rouhanio reportedly told a group of
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diplomats yesterday. tension with iran have been high since the president withdrew from the nuclear deal, today sarah huckabee sanders said that president is trying to protect the u.s. >> president has been i think strong, since day one in his language towards iran. he was responding to comments made from them, he will continue to focus on the safety and security of american people. kennedy: but critics have questioned the timing of the threat saying that president could try to change the narrative after last week's controversial su summit with vladimir putin. could president trying to get the iranians back to the bargaining table like with north korea? tonight joining us, the press and the president sean spicer, welcome back. >> thank you. >> we'll talk about the book in a little bit, let's talk about the president.
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you know his critics are so excited to jump on any perceived misstep, if he is too soft on someone they attack him for being in putin a pocket, if he is too firm he is leading to us brink of world war 3, who is going on with iran? >>, i think just that, rouhani made a stupid mistake by challenging this president. and i think that president has shown time and against he is going to punch back. he is not going to stake lightly too threats, that is what you see now. you have seen it on a whole host of fronts, whether economic or tariff front, he knows what he wants to do. i think it was somewhat careless of the iranian leader to do that. kennedy: it had been a very confusing relationship with iran. the president accused president
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obama of doing what he was accused of with vladimir putin. that is being spineless and weak and giving in way too much. >> where do we go with sanctions is the deal, his supporters' to believe there is san overall plan, and things going on behind the scene that perhaps we don't understand. but perhaps president has a ultimate goal. >> with iran it would be to get hold of what a better assessment of about what they have, and prevent them from growing nuclear capabilities. kennedy: is it a new deal? >> he did not like the current iran deal, we literally brought pallets of money over. he would liken force. , tan-- enforceable and intangie
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steps to verify. and ensure they don't create a future threat for us or the region. kennedy: how do you do that? you don't want another war. you don't want to open a new theater in the middle east, that is a bad idea. >> correct. kennedy: a bad idea for the region, and horrible for americans. americans. mike pompeo seems to be walking in step with the president. with tillerson is seemd there was a good- cop/bad-cop going on. >> that is it with putin how do you contain iran. so, i think he made it clear that he has not taken anything off of table. he didn't like the deal he saw. >> are people around him who are
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pushing him for military action is iran. >> i don't know, i don't talk to him about that. kennedy: do you talk to him. >> i do, we generally don't get into iran. kennedy: what does he ask you about? >> depends, i talk to him when he calls, and -- sometimes it just to catch up, sometimes it is. kennedy: is he chat sne. chatty? >> very chatty, absolutely, and funny and charming and fun. there is a side to him that i wrote about in the book, that i don't think most people get to see. it something that is really a different side of him. kennedy: interesting, your book, the briefing politics, the press and president, coming out tomorrow, about your time working in the white house, as president's first press secretary. and you said that you thought your first day was going to be your last. >> it was. i am not sure if anyone saw it. but it was rather epic, i went
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out, become the butt of a ton of jokes, i thought i knew what the president wanted me to do, i misred him -- misread him, i thought i had handle on tone and tenor and words, that is the day if i could pick one day to do over that would be it. kennedy: what would have you said differently? >> more personally what i didn't do, and talk about in the book, i should have sat down with the president, saying this is how i am handling this based on what you said you wanted to do, is that right, i learne do that. he is precise with how he wants things phrased, and tone and tenor how you say the words. and initially i assumed, i got it i saw him on campaign. we did other media interviews, i thought okay i have an idea. i learned more than anything, this is a good principle going forward, is check with him, make sure you understand you got your marching orders straight, i from day one.
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learned a valuable less ow lesst was unfortunately high profiled. i should have made sure that i knew. kennedy: how important is the book to changing the perception and legacy that you have right now? >> depends on who you are. you know, it walks through everything, how this kid from rhode island, a nonpolitical family, got to stand at podium at white house, a very unique journey, sort of my own american dream, i took photos. i never thought i would get a tour or work in it i got a front row seat to history, but campaigns, and time at rny, that 6 years there and what we built as a party under chairman priebus. the debates, and convention, there is stuff in the book, i think when you read it, you say i forgot about that, now here is the behind the scenes story.
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then first 6 months in the white house were historic. kennedy: chaotic? >> absolutely. >> was it mik michael wolff depiction of the white house accurate. >> in a lot of case its was unbelievably over blown, a lot of inconsistencies, it is not a chaotic place. in a sense of walking in and people are not running down. not like television. but was there a lot to get done? even "new york times" early on said no one can deny president hit the ground running and kept a heckic pace, we were going 100 miles an hour and w didn't havea ton of folks put in key positions at the time. >> what is interesting i don't think that there is enough perspective right now to really en capsule -- what this presidency means, we have first
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hand accounts of people like you that we'll be able to put together. people who have left the white house are candid about the people there they don't like. scarscaramucci haitiscarscaramu. >> i have respect for general kelly and his service. steve is someone i have gotten to know, i have nothing personal again anthony, i don't know him that well, i didn't think he was a good fit for the job, but i don't know him. i don't think i have a personal animus for them, but what is unique, i am only one so far that was part of the campaign, part of the transition, first 6 months can show that you entire arc. kennedy: do you think that paul manafort was a scum bag. >> i cannot know him well, from
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what i have learned there is a lot of shadiness to him, but, we went to the with a bunch of never-trumpers. paul had been doing conventions and counting delegates sen since 70s with ford, and doa dole and reagan, for what he did at that time, he of probably the most qualified person for that task. kennedy: did anyone raise red flags. >> no, we were going a million miles an hour. kennedy: i still can't believe the lack of vetting for some of the people. >> again, you are going 100 miles an hour, you don't have a ton of people, campaign, i wrote about this, at that time it was understaffed. kennedy: it is because everyone assumed he was not going to win. >> no, not at all, this was
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driven by the candidate, i talked about this one example in past, a candidate for president went to toledo, ohio they would take out radio ads and send e-mail 3 saturdays from now. trump would tweet, i will be in to leady itoledo in a week. >> it was crazy. it was unconventional, and unhistoric in the process model structure stand point. the campaign structure mirrored the candidate, this did not follow the normal norm. kennedy: you can read more about this and unique relationship you have a lot of respect for the president, you speak of him glowingly but this was a chaotic time, you are honest, if people want to know hor an more and pis president's together your book is a great place. >> thank you, i appreciate that, it was unbelievable honor for me
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to serve our country. kennedy: i thought you were going to say be on my show. >> i was going to get there, second on my life on kennedy. >> and the papal blessing. >> or third, and widthin weddin. kennedy: all right, thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: very good. well. according to reports more antigovernment protest have been erupting in iran. people are sick of the mullah, tired of terrible economy, they want what you want, more freedom. how can they make it happen. is warin -- is war inevitable. mike baker back on the program, welcome back baker. >> thank you very much, unlike sean, the integrate, this is the greatest honor of my life on this show. kennedy: your enter life. -- entire life. >> there you go. kennedy: let's talk about a
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little bit about iran, people yearn for freedom, when that is their highest aim, you hope and pray they achieve it. it is not necessarily the job of the united states to rebuild iran. but what can we do and what can we withhold to foster more freedom in that critical place. >> have you a lot going on with that question. you are right, we've been hoping to rebuild iran for decades, ever since the shaw was removed, and revolution took place. and you are correct to point out protests, the protests are in part responsible for rouhani coming out with his bellicose statement, he did it deliberately, their currency is taking a pounding, the banking sanctions in place, the deal is off. come into plays in 3 week, week pushing to pressure other country not to purchase iranian oil. and so, essentially remanny in a
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way -- rouhani in a way reached out and bothe poked the bear orr or honey badger or whatever we cull it now, there is nothing better to gather national interest and perhaps get people rallying around than point out the big boogeyman. this was is a deliberate response to some internal pressures they are facing, these protests are really important to watch. this an important moment in iranian history, if the sanctions get put back in place, they lose opportunity to sell, and china does not buy -- >> okay, but is there historical perspective? is there some direct correlation or comparison you can make with another regime that has been over thrown? >> don't get me wrong, i'm not saying we don't want conflict. conflict. >> let me clear fi, that not the united states doing thoos doing.
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i do not believe in military action is necessary, i don't believe that united states needs to engage in more nation building in the middle east, but the people of iran who fell displaced, din th since the shan late '70s, when can they possibly do to over throw their regime. >> they have to rise up, get on the street and have courage and strength. easy to say when you are not there, to face down the clerics, the regime in place. and this is a very massively difficult thing to do. it is easy to talk about it outside of the country,. saying i hop they rise up, we'll cause that to some degree with h
12:16 am
decline. the support of the you know hootihoothouthi rebels and and s in lebanon and syria: the complexity of this we can't deal with in a handful of minutes, part is that europeans are pushing back, saying, you know woe. kennedy: they want cheap oil, and they want to make money. >> they want to make money. kennedy: they want open markets. i understand that, but there has to be a middle grown with total passive -- pacifycasion and all out war, there are more hawks in this administration, we have about 10 seconds left. >> well we don't want hawks to takeover the conversation. weep on the seantions -- keep on sanctions, deal was working, the
12:17 am
iaea said they were complying they were only complying with what was written, we could not visit any military sites, if we could get them to do a better deal including viewercasio vair- verification of military sites maybe then. kennedy: and man maybe spontanes inspections as well. we'll see if the president gets a mulligan on the iran deal, mike baker thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up. one thing matters to voters, not russia. not stormy daniels. it is the economy, stupid. new polls out. good news for the president and republicans running in the midterms, stay here.
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kennedy: productivity host -- president trump hosted a made in america summit this afternoon. >> since our tax cuts were passed more than 6 million americans have received a bonus or a pay raise, in some cases a
12:22 am
substantial bonus. we are largest economy in the world. kennedy: all right. where is casey kasem whether wee need him talking about our ranking. i knew poll saying that president trump has an approval rating of 50%, majority of polling took place before the president's controversial press conference with vladimir putin. last week. still some of the polling was done after. can president trump rest easy knowing that most americans will be voting with their wallet in 2018, and 2020? asking senior fellow at -- foundation, anthony randazzo. republicans love this president. polling, favorability, among his own party, astronomical.
12:23 am
88%. >> of people who still identify as republicans, that is an easy way to jack up the numbers,. numbers. kennedy: sure, more people drop out of republican party, and once the democrats are becoming commie, whole littl political sw globe has been shaken, which is fine as long as economy goes well, this president seems to be home free, yes? >> generalry, thaily, that is a people's perception of the economy. it is tangible. different from abstract policies. kennedy: or hiring a bunch of people seasonaly having a harder time. >> that trends to drive people's per soap - -- per perception.
12:24 am
but this is one poll. kennedy: there are people saying this president has worse poll numbers ever, com compare to gee w. bush tip in his presidency or president obama or clinton, and george h.w. bush. >> is certainly own echo chamber that exists. >> like the members of -- >> you will find this is common. but, there is something going on, i think under those polling numbers, there is a group at base of trump supporters, they want it either chaos in foreign policy or tax cut even if it drives up national debt, then the group of people that gave up a lot of their previously held beliefs, maybe about deficits being bad or being pro free trade to back the president for something like supreme court. that those individuals i think are interesting, they are having
12:25 am
to continue to contort themselves and double down in supporting the president in face of crazy things like what happened with russia. kennedy: the summit. >> there is a sense of i supported this guy to get one thing i want the even though. >> it has to work out, otherwise i am a fraud. >> absolutely, i think there is a couple different things going on. one can break easier than the other. kennedy: okay what about the economy though? if it does well, he will be fine, republicans will be fine. what is the economic forecast for next 2 to 4 years. >> if i actual really had that, i would keep it to myself, and go out and make a ton of money. one thing that is interesting this president hated using national jobs data, when he was the not the president. he took same methodology, now willing to double down on the great unemployment numbers, that is a pretty low point, unemployment is still a problem
12:26 am
there is a degree of people don't have all of the kinds of jobs they want. there is something that data is -- >> don't get all kamala harrison on me, everyone has two jobs, everyone is a task rabbit. >> no there is something to critiques of under employed economy. they have work. kennedy: the perception it is a fully employed economy, we're now out of time. >>we could keep going. >> anthony randazzo thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up white house threatening to revoke security clearance of a bunch of obama era intelligence officials. claiming because they have been critical of the president, but why do they still have the clear answer in the first place -- clearance in the first place? my monologue is next.
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kennedy: senator rand paul, and sarah huckabee handers -- high ranking powerful former spies are distelling their combined knowledge to a batch.
12:31 am
they all make high minded claims of being objective, but when years of info and identity theft are multiplied, someone has to call bs. comey claims he doesn't have security clearance. but that not the same them as losing a clearance, that is like saying i'm not a millionaire because i don't have a red ferrari, no, you are still on the a highway to hell. james clapper within whining to cnn about potentially losing his secret peeper, saying this a very petty thing to do. security clearance has nothing to do with how i or anyone of us feel about the president, but for the part where it does, snapy clapper condition separate his -- can't separate -- from the fact, and no longer holding an agnostic political view. he should not have access to
12:32 am
political information he could distort. america did not elect a puppet whether -- controlled by a few bad men. adam schiff, tweeting, politicizing security clearances to retaliate against former national security officials would set a terrible new precedence. un-american. well so is using dubiously gathered intelligence to mortally wound, an enemy's list of one, it appears our top intel agency and stewarts have come fizz -- star wards have compromised themselves, accountability is in order, next stop, rein in the surveillance state to make it more difficult to abuse pourer t -- pour to poo receive it, news that some of these charactering still even have security clearance caught a
12:33 am
few people by surprise. but, should there badges be stripped? they don't need no stinken 'badges. chris stirewalt is joining us. >> i did not know that is what clapper sounds like this whole time. kennedy: that is it, a bummer for him, i don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. when you are rumored from duty, as a law enforcement officer, do you get on keep your badge and gun. >> you said duty. the next thing is. this washington is full of people who have held on to their security clearance, it expires after a period of time, you can go back for renewal if you have a reason, that reason could be a work for a for the contractor that handles sens sensitive
12:34 am
information or i am called into consult with an agency that needs my help. sarah huckabee sanders keyed on larger part. when president is doing is petty. because he is focusing on these people, making it about himself, he will punish them because they said bad thins about him -- things about him, she did allude to for profit park, washington in a city that over, overing, classifies information in a lot of cases, you need a top secret clearance to just take out the trash. kennedy: that is what hillary clinton complained about with her e-mail server. >> there was truth to that. >> blah, blah, i get it but there is a difference between i don't have a job any more, and so i don't have security clearance any more, that not necessarily true, and been an
12:35 am
saying i -- brennan saying i am not profits off of this, why do they think that m msnbc hires hm to be a mouth piece. because of what he did and do, we don't want how deep his fountain runs. >> i don't know how deep, i don't know how deep that analogy runs. kennedy: oh, it is there. >> these people make money on their representation, and many quarter it is bad, among republicans and supporters of president it bad, but making of list part and highlighting these individuals is patrolling, they -- i trolling, they are singles them out, it is to draw attention over here to favorite enemies of the executive branch. kennedy: for those of us who focus on civil liberty day in and day out, i believe this is a
12:36 am
fine idea to strip the people of styspy powers, and their abilito access the information. >> that is try, that is true, they don't have these people into thousands of people who have security clearance, who are not working in federal government, per say, they are working for contractor. that does not mean you can go get it. james clapper can't walk into cia today, say, hand me these following files. he has the secret clearance, if pompeo said, i want you to look at this, he still has clearance to be seen, they can't do it demand to see things, because of their clearance get them, it just means if they are called upon to view them. >> everyone that special goggles, chris stirewalt thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: another sign, doj
12:37 am
released 400 pages o fisa documents with carter page, president tweeted, we find out is was unverified and fake dirty dossier paid for by croo crooked hillary clinton. -- critics point out even though documents did not specify it came from dlin dli clinton clin, they said that firm that hire the steel was politically motivated. should we wait until we have more much in. panel is here to discuss joining me town editor. katy pavlich with associate, robby. and a columnist at federalist.
12:38 am
welcome you to. >> hello. kennedy: katy, with you. president and his supporters say this is vindication because steel dossier was used when fed submitted this fisa application, what really happened? >> we don't know. we have hundreds of black and white ink pages. we know they used million at -- political information as valid proof to go after an american citizen, which is alarming. >> is it because it sets a a precedence. >> it might, at beginning of fisa court they say there was a valid reason, but just like any government program, whether
12:39 am
starled fostarred for a valid rt because it has been done in secret for so long there is corruption. a lot have been put in charge of it, people at fbi presents information that had political motivations, they knew it and passed it right through. now we need reforms, and president and congress have an obligation to get us there. they are those who can fix it. kennedy: katy hit the nail on the head, it started at we're going to listen to the bad guys, make sure that they dea don't ht turned into a great concentration of power it is easy to see how that power is abused, notoly potentially spying on a political enemy but keep that political enemy from gaining was on the, and to main -- gaining office and maintain
12:40 am
power. >> it hard to compare carter page one to a normal one, there reason for concern. but i would be concerned anyway, i am always concerned when government is in secret doing investigations on people, and we're not seeing the reasoning. i would like to open process in general. kennedy: absolutely, you are right. like when you learn a difficult mag problem, you need to see a few examples before you understand. >> what a great analogy. kennedy: thank you, as a mom of a middle schooler. >> show your work. kennedy: right. it is better to have primary sources, otherwise we're stuck between both sides nunes and schiff, and the memos, what comes from this? >> i think right now, a lot of people are saying, well, there is nothing there. and that is why i think it continues to help trump, they
12:41 am
think if there were something there, schiff and democrats would have leaked it. kennedy: that is what trey gowdy said, if there were proof of -- collusion, adam schiff would are leakehave leaked it. >> he is just a regular. kennedy: we have more, kamala mariharris with a new idea to hp people who can't pay their rent. the panel explains why there bone-headed plan will never work know what? no, what? i just switched to geico and got more. more? got a company i can trust. that's a heck of a lot more. over 75 years of great savings and service. you can't argue with more.
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kennedy: california democratic senator kamala harris has a brilliant idea to use your tax dollar to pay for other people's rent. it sounds nice? the problem is it can cost the rest of nation about $76 billion a year, panel is back, katy, robby, and lisa. robby, i will start with you. these democratic socialists are allergic to basic economics, camera hair sis using this as a goofy ploy. >> this is terrible, why should people who responsibly live in parts of country in midwest, you can afford to live, why should they subsidize people that live
12:46 am
in state that kamala hair sis hs from, in california, they have terrible time tiny housing in parts because of the government policy, fix the bad policy. kennedy: luxury taxes on new construction that jack up rents. >> right. kennedy: santa monica and beverly hills are not cob gatedo offer public housing. >> and why should midwest pay for it, that why donald trump won. kennedy: if i am going to have to pay for someone else's rent. i don't think you can afford cable. i don't know that you can afford a 6 car, if you want government in your life that much, then, you have to go all in. kennedy: if there is government buy in, they will have some say. >> you already have a million welfare programs to do this
12:47 am
already, clearly, all these programs we have to subsidize housing at state and federal level that we have, you know, snap, snap program. and food stamps. second 8 housing -- sections a how thing these programs call us billions per year, they are failing to solve a problem that government created, they want successful people or people who are just getting by who can barely afford their own rent, can you imagine if people could weekeep their own money, they cd pay for rent, housing and children to go to college. so we would not subsidize, to quote manageto ----thatcher thir failed program. >> and when government fails, you throw more government at it, that is the solution, it is horrible, that is why kamala harris, as presidential
12:48 am
candidate is doomed, thank you very much. >> boo. >> boo. kennedy: topical storm is next napoleon is duping us! >> boo. kennedy: topical storm is next all around louisiana... you're a nincompoop! (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one. so you won't miss a purchase large, small, or very large. technology this helpful...could make history. what's in your wallet? dear foremothers, your society was led by a woman, who governed thousands... ...commanded armies... ...yielded to no one.
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kennedy: new survey fines 40% -- fines 40% of parents have to force their kids to stop playing
12:52 am
video games and go outside, sad ser half of them in their 30s, stay inside get dirty air this is the po toll topical storm. we begin in denver, colorado, a deer led police on a high-speed chase. that a john deere, but he did not use it to m mow the grass, suspect hit several parked cars before police rammed him. then end the rampage. the people of denver have enough to wor worry about. no one of injured or killed in this. several people who just watched mama mia sequel wish they were. >> tha topic 2.
12:53 am
yea. to minneapolis, minnesota, a dog has taken up fencing. cutest thing you will see. this is what the social media was made for people. nobody wants your dinner or listen to our political rants. trust me, i got plenty. they have a alexandria ocasio-cortez for those. loolook at. dad has over 200,000 notificationses onotifications . topic three. louisiana bride marrying an alabama football fan, she got him a alabama themed wedding cake, but she put lsu colors on
12:54 am
the inside, yeah. wait until he finds out what she did at bachelorette party. oh. crowd is way into this prank. because they love lsu football, mostly because f fey it -- tequ. the groom can't believe it. i am not a huge fan of pranks but i would rather watch this than the electric slide. it would be fun if someone actually got electrocuted. as they say in lieu lose louisi, yeehaw. >> that was a gutter ball.
12:55 am
he refused to bowl because, they were going to make him rent shoes, oh, no. he doesn 't want to catch a foot fungus from a dirtbag who does not wash his feet in the pond. he does not abide. topic 5, mug shot monday. this week's winner will steal yr heart and car. he picked up a girl on a date in a stolen volcan de fuego -- volvo that belonged to his ex-girlfriend. he found a new girlfriend, took her out last night in his new ride, yiihaw come on sweetheart.
12:56 am
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