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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 26, 2018 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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it's a lame agenda and the republicans need to do better. and you know ronna is right there, ronna mcdaniel, the head of the rnc doing a great job and we don't want daylight between lou: thank you for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: betrayal. the president's long-time lawyer michael cohen turning on his most of famous and lucrative client. the media apoplectic. does the secretly recorded tape prove anything? the media claims the tape shows them discussing hush money. >> i keep to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info involving our friend david. i'm going to do that right away and i have spoken to allen about
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how to set the whole thing up with funding. and it's all the stuff. because you never know what that company -- i'm all over that. i smoke to allen about that. when it comes time for the financing. we'll have to pay >> cash. >> no, no, no, no, no. kennedy: the president's critics claim the tape lies the president lied when he said he knew nothing of payment to the woman. rudy giuliani says he analyzed the tame and it shows the president was not trying to hide the payment. the president went after him saying quote, what kind of a lawyer would tape a client.
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why was the tape oh abruptly terminated? i was presumably saying other things. i hear there are other clients and reporters that were taped. can this be so? so sad. bret baier asked alan dershowitz what the tape means. >> it shows a client asking some advice should i do this this way, or that way. the client says no, no, no, we'll pay it by check. that's the kind of conversation none of us should ever hear. it's the kind of conversation i have all the time with my clients. i can't understand taping a conversation with my clients and the question is who released it. kennedy: is this a big deal or a big nothing. shannon bream joins us. some dressing questions, does this in some way violate
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attorney-client privilege? there seem to be a few different opinions on that matter. >> you have to think about the overall fact the conversation was recorded. new york is a one-party consent rule. if one person is okay with taping it they can tape it. most of states people have to know they are being taped. so this raises the question, what if the president was taking the call from mar-a-lago. so aside from attorney-client privilege. on thers will argue if there is a plan for a commission of a crime clients are talking to their attorneys about hugh to do something shady or illegal it wouldn't have privilege. but there are people including lanny davis, michael cohen's attorney who helped release this tape. he says maybe is there not evidence of a crime. it just shows the president has a problem with lies or the
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truth. but they don't think it has anything that's definitively criminal in nature. kennedy: if it's not definitively criminal and not something that rises to the threshold of removing the president from office and it adds to the mystique of what many opponents find to be his ickiness, what is the point in all this? why are we going through this exercise? >> that's technical-legal term you use thed there, ickiness. it's like you went to law school with me. there are critics of the president who want to see him taken down no matter what it takes. my tweeter feed was full of people calling this a nothing burger or i don't care who slept with 10 years ago. they based that into their vote when they decided to vote for him. others say this shows he lies easily. and he may not be telling the
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congress or his cabinet about the true nature of his conversation with putin. his supporters are saying we don't care about any of that stuff. we like neil gorsuch and kavanaugh and we don't care. kennedy: they looked at the press conference with the president of the european commission, dropping some of those barriers and tariffs. they say that has to be more significant in the grand scheme of things. at this point people know what they are getting from the president. and there are maybe things people don't like. there may be things he says or does that turns people off. one thing it has done is helped them order what is most of important what they expect from the president. >> it's interesting.
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we have the gallup poll about the issues most of important to americans. the last polling we had with helsinki was grabbing headlines. they had gone through and asked people woo what were the top of mind concerns. the commission almost always at the top of the list. but when it came to things like russia, it was, i think, 30 places down, and got a hash mark and it didn't register 1% of the vote. clearly they are worried about things like putting food on the table, making sure did can get an education. they feel safe. those things impact people's daily lives. but those of us in the business, they are not so hyperly concern about the things in the headlines. kennedy: if michael cohen was
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talking about huge bribes from the ings companies or the drug lobbies and that affected people's healthcare, they might have a different reaction to this. but' people are no longer shock. they just have scandal fatigue. unless it directly affects them, i don't think this is going have a big impact and i don't think president pence will be sworn in next week. >> you should trademark scandal fatigue if you haven't already. that sums up where people are. kennedy: i just want to go home and sleep in a giants pile of cash. cash covered puppies. shannon bream. thanks so much. you might rule two weeks before the election, the infamous "access hollywood" tape came out and people said trump was finished. but november 8, 2016 he won the presidency.
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will this supposed scandal move the needle at all? it's time to go to tonight's panel, katie frates is here along with "reason" magazine editor katherine mangu-ward. welcome everyone. does it matter? does it matter to vote officers >> i don't think so. what's so crazy to me is people who say it does matter. consensual sex between adults and mush money is going to situate populace. but about clinton's payment for a dossier meant to influence the election. i question why was this released? it puts cohen in a precarious position it's most of likely a violation of attorney client privilege. and it makes him look like a
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total scum bag. he's secretly recording his clients. as a lawyer you can only do it in very limited circumstances. crime, fraud or if you are being threatened. kennedy: it doesn't rise to that occasion. if not this, then what? what hurts the president? >> i think this is more about energizing people who already oppose him. i think that people did respond strongly to the revelations on those "access hollywood" tapes before the elections. kennedy: don't you remember it was right before the st. louis debate and that one subject eclipsed the entire thing and people assumed he was going to drop out of the race and scrambling to see what they were going do with the ticket and it didn't affect the outcome. >> i think it's legitimate for
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people to ask questions about the president's character. to get back to the basic human intuition. hearing someone say we have to spend $150,000 to cover up a story about my infidelity, of course he denies it. there is a reasonable interpretation of saying people who are embroiled in this kind of mess, i have questions about their integrity and questions about what else he covered up. >> i think people who -- before had those concerns it's interesting you have someone like lanny davis who is not only a clinton apologist. he was the architect of misdirect. >> i think the left, democrats
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who don't like donald trump will continue to dislike him. this will reaffirm their opinion of his character. kennedy: it gets exhausting. >> helsinki, well, this is it. >> they either accepted this is his character and they don't care because things like the economy matter much more to them than what he may have done 10 years ago. or they consider him the lesser evil of everyone in that race. they may say city would rather have him than hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> in hollywood we are seeing people with their careers ruined for like one tweet from 10 years ago, and one bad joke. in general the right condemns that. and yet there is this sort of argument well it was a long time ago, who knows all the details.
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kennedy: we have to have a uniform reaction because it's too easy to pick people off. >> the buying and selling of information by public figures happens all the time. this shows mcdougal was trying to plant a story he says was not true to influence the election. he's going to do everything he can to buy the intellectual property rights of the story which he has every right to do. kennedy: i don't know if it is salacious. we talked about the threshold being vastly different than it was. the panel is going to hang on right now. we have a news alert. house freedom caucus members mark meadows and jim jordan. they just intow deuced articles of impeachment against deputy attorney general rod rosenstein for failing to turn over text
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messages regarding former fbi lawyer peter -- lisa page. and they said peter strzok will be recalled to answer more questions about the steele dossier. congress is only in session for 19 more days. republicans will have to move fast if they are going to pull off this impeachment. can rod rosenstein face the music or run out the shot clock. >> they will hold limb in contempt. this is a reaction by a total frustration by members of congressthey are being completey stonewalled by an fbi trying to undo an american election. congress has a legit that oversight interest it's not just about the tweets.
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we are talking about the fbi informant. who they were. i don't think that the house freedom caucus will be able to pull this off. but it's statement of frustration. i understand why they are doing it. kennedy: they are not going to impeach rosenstein because that has to go to a full house vote. it would be easy for democrats to say this is a political ploy. you are just trying to remove him to get rid of mueller. >> definitely the old handshake vibe. it's making me sympathetic to congress. as a journalist when you file and freedom of information request. you get the same shah particular -- the sameschtick.
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they knew what you were asking for. >> journalists feel that pain at some point in their life. kennedy: when you want text messages, you want the text messages. they are frustrated, regardless of what party we are in, you know exactly what we are looking for and don't tell us you already gave it to us. >> it's a statement that they are essentially saying we just assume malevolence from the justice department at all times is where the trust level is at. but you have the fbi hat says these two texts aren't relevant except we said we gave you one before. are they relevant? are they not relevant? kennedy: within one text thread, those are the on two missing. everything else surrounding it is there. but somehow -- >> my texts are like that, too,
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and i deleted those on purpose. >> we have much more with the panel. congressman meadows and jordan are be guests on the "ingraham angle." the president of the e.u. and the president went head-to-head and america came out on top. we'll tell you who blinked and what it means for your wallet it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured
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and it can be included with your internet. which could save you hundreds of dollars a year. plus, get $150 dollars when you bring in your own phone. its a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call or visit a store today. kennedy: the president threatened a trade war and today europe blinked. president trump: we agreed to work together towards zero tariffs, zero non-tariff barriers and zero subsidies on non-auto industrial goods. thank you. kennedy: the deal maker-in-chief struck a deem saying tariffs are great because they have bring people to the negotiating table. it appears the gambit might have worked. multiple reports claim the president wants to slap a 25% tariff on foreign cars.
12:21 am
there has been a backlash from members of his own party from his protectionist policies, but does today's euro deal show the president its moving things in the right -- is moving things in the right direction. did europe tbling? >> apparently they did. apparently the art of the deal ising. today was pretty spectacular when you look at protectionist europe coming to the table. this could be really good for us. let's hope we continue on the removing tariffs, going to truly a zero tariff situation. kennedy: that wok fantastic. what kind of message does this send to china. >> we are having problems with retaliatory tariffs.
12:22 am
it's affecting our dairy and ag industry. maybe china -- we'll see what happens tomorrow. it seems every day is a rollercoaster. this surprised me today. the president has been telling us, be patient, it will work out. i had a meeting with ambassador wilbur ross and he said be patient. i was at a made in america he rep vent at the -- event in the white house, and i think we are moving in the right direction. let's continue to go toward a free trade situation. kennedy: let's talk about it. obviously europe is more protectionist historically than we have been. why are they so terrified. american products and, you know, agricultural items like so i beans and sorgum?
12:23 am
>> the president did make a deal on those. so they will be purchasing more of our soybeans and they will be purchasing a liquefied natural gas. we have some of the richest and most of plentiful shale deposits in new york. can you imagine -- ken report congresswoman behind the anti-fracking campaign? russia. >> we know that, too. my district, bing & ton new york, ibm had almost 20,000 jobs there and now they are down to 1,000. now imagine, and our economy is struggling in upstate new york. can you imagine if we can be
12:24 am
selling our natural gas? kennedy: can you imagine if the germans were buy the natural gas from the united states and not some dumb pipeline from russia? it's better for the environment than some of the traditional extraction methods. >> we are getting better and better at natural gas exploration it's getting safer and cleaner. it causes less carbon he miss, and all fossil fuels will cause some kind of pollution. but it's one of the better ones. i think what the president is doing here, i give him a lot of credit. kennedy: i hope we get off this idea of subsidies. farmers don't like it. a lot of congressional -- your colleagues in the midwest hate it. so we'll see if the wind is in the president's sails, and america is yet again great.
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and now that bernie has a sweet side piece. statism never looked so good but sound so dumb. young voters are even ma'am mored with the system that created a million percent inflation in venezuela. a four-pack of toilet paper cost as much as a five-bedroom house. thousands of doe-eyed millennials are willing to give north korean strong arming a try. and bernie sanders' free sufficient give away, the democratic socialists of america have seen an 8-fold increase in their membership in the last four years. if you don't adhere to the
12:30 am
dogmatic tenets of socialism, you are shot down and a mob is assembled to reeducate you. it's no surprise the conflagration has burned rational discourse to the ground on universities. they have never had intoer face with the real world, let alone, real socialists. talk to people who fled the former soviet union tore former prisoners from labor camps. they probably don't have too many positive thoughts because ones left there are trying not to die. idealists would love to think that socialism is like a ikea catalog. but free market reforms in denmark and sweden are moving away from the controlled systems
12:31 am
so their economy can grow. the only cure is a double dose of hot freedom and that's the memo. venezuela is currently one of the most of dangerous places on earth. hunger and crime are rampant. why on earth would anybody want to bring those catastrophic policies and conditions to the u.s. peter suderman, peter, go. >> socialism is a cocktail that never should be tried. this is the problem with so many socialists in the united states. they never talk about socialism as it's practices and lived in the world. you look at venezuela rsh. you see a population that's suffering and a million percent inflation.
12:32 am
the commission wrecked. no one wants to live there. it's difficult to make it on a day-by-day basis. that's what socialism looks like. when you say that's actual socialism. they are say nothing, what we want is for the world to look more like scandinavia. let's talk about scawnd naive yeah and their tax rates. the way scandinavia pays for their social programs, the way they pay for that is by high tax rates and nearly everyone. they have a top marginal tax rate of 60%. that doesn't just go to the rich people. that taxes people who make it american equivalent of $60,000 a year. every dollar over $60,000 you would be taking home, the government would be taking $60
12:33 am
percent. they should say what we want is a giant government and we want the middle class to pay for it with high taxes. kennedy: when the middle class gets a whiff of that, there is going to be a rebellion. when they go back and vote the communists out of office, it hurts lower and middle income earners. >> even democrats can't stomach those kind of tax hikes. you see any time they try to do medicare for all. in bernie sanders's home state of vermont, they canceled the plan to do single payer because the taxes were too high. kennedy: when you ask bernie sanders, i understand a lot of these people have good intentions. that's what good intention is. when the bill comes and you have to pay for it, they don't have an answer for that. taxing billionaires doesn't
12:34 am
work. look what happened to venezuela rsh. anyone who can leave has left. that means engineers and doctors and nurses and teachers have fled the country. the ones who are left are either old or weak or poor, and they are the ones stuck with the bill and the consequences. you talk about inequality. it's pretty drastic under a system like that. >> you see tonight liberal cities in the united states. the most of unequal parts of the country are big blue state cities with big blue state governments. the liberal model is one that produces an awful lot of inequality. it doesn't produce a socialist paradise. it produces a great equality between people. it has lifted more people out of poverty across the world than any other system in history. kennedy: thank you very much for being here.
12:35 am
last week president trump says he dreams about a dpleaj joe biden in 2020. but according to a new report he's giving him nightmares. many may like to see a trump high school biden matchup for the entertainment value. >> they asked me if i would like to debate this gentleman. i said no, if i were in high school, would i take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. >> i dream of that. you know what you do with bind? you go like this. and he would fall over. tough guy, mr. tough guy.
12:36 am
mr. tough guy. kennedy: politics need to be more chaotic and entertaining. does president trump have reason to be worried? is biden the best person the democrats have right now? and does he pose the biggest threat to the president? >> i think he is the best person to have. everyone else they either don't have full faith in or has already run and failed. the president should be afraid of biden. he appeals to the left and the right. you can't dislike the guy for the most of part. i like him. he's extremely likeable. and he punches back. i think he's the on person when it comes to the president who can go tirk t for tat. but anything he throws, he can throw right back. trump when he's emotionallyup set is never a good thing for himself or his party.
12:37 am
>> it's allly all the concerns -- it's all the things -- the concerns i have about trump. he's focused on the tiny segment of older white voters who are disenfranchised and switched from obama to trump. the obama-trump switchers can be mine again. to make american politics, lower i.q., more populist and lower brow is not a future we should want to see. truly, we would all lose in the left. kennedy: do you think kmele fox will run? 2016 joe biden i think could
12:38 am
have beat be president trump. he would have done better in the midwest and would have won pennsylvania and probably michigan and wisconsin as well. 2020 bind a can't story. he'll be 77 years old. which is fine. i think we are all into older guys. >> he ran for president twice. he didn't make it out of iowa. i think don't he's good in the national level. the reason why he was vice president. he's the -- it's the establishment figure. that's why obama tapped him to be vice president. he's the man that is safe. for every person who likes trump there is somebody --
12:39 am
kennedy: you are right. all the politics is a reaction. trump is here because of obama who was there because of george w. bush who was there because -- all right. thank you so much for being here. brook, katherine and katie. coming up, secretary of state mike pompeo battling it out with senators over russian meddling, the infamous helsinki press the infamous helsinki press
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kennedy: the gloves came off on capitol hill as secretary of state mike pompeo testified. it included serve testy exchanges, including this one with bob menendez. >> the president is entitled to have private meetings. >> you told me you had a conversation in which he told what you transpired. >> i think the nation and all of us who are policy makers deserve to know so we can fashion policy accordingly.
12:44 am
>> i am telling you we had a conversation with vladimir putin about and what policy is today. i understand the game you are playing. >> i don't appreciate you characterizing my questions. my questions are to get to the truth. we don't know what the truth is. kennedy: thanks, tom cruise. it was a day of grandstanding and deflection. are we any closer to knowing what happened? are we any safer as a nation? iraq combat veteran is back, bryan suits. >> i want more pompeo-menendez. i want the fountain valley flogger versus the new jersey diddler. it was great. here is the sense i got from pompeo.
12:45 am
i don't think was debriefed by the president about what happened for two hours with vladimir putin. i think he's irritated and can't say anything about it. at the time and place of vladimir putin's choosing the recordings that were made of the meeting will be leaked out. even though julian assange is about to be kicked out of the ecuadorian embassy. this is another issue between he and trump now he has to be in front much congress acting like he's on the same page. and he did a good job. he's a west pointer. he knows to shut up and hide his feeling. but you can tell he really wanted to have that moment. kennedy: he has been on the other side. he has been the grandstander and questioner. and he has been through two round of high-profile
12:46 am
confirmation hearings. he may not know what happened between the president and vladimir putin. but they are selling it like they were selling the idea of wmd and iraq. and the world is going to be so safe. don't tell us about it. don't tickle it. get right in there. >> i think had he been give and complete download by trump on air force one i think he would have said, senator, i have a complete visibility on what was spoke be about, i'm work on the interest issues at a time and place where we can announce concrete policy going forward, you will be the first to know. i got the feeling he was doing his best to fill in blanks. kennedy: who do you think is more angry right now, jeff flake or bob corker. >> flake is retiring.
12:47 am
but if you are bob corker do a 180 on nato. you don't get an invoice. when you are belgium you are not invoiced for 1949 through 1992. pompeo as a former u.s. army aftearmyofficer, i trust him and president mattis to explain. i trust them to explain to trump that nato is crucial. kennedy: thank you. "topical storm" is next. ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪
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kennedy: i have got some happy news to report. former mtv vj jessie kemp has been located. a vj is someone who played music video when mtv played music videos. this is the "topical storm."
12:52 am
topic number one. we begin in gainesville, georgia where a shortage of uber drivers is causing people to make other arrangements. witnesses say the good on the hood got in argument with a female driver who told him it was my way or the highway. he chose the highway, which was fine by her because she could use the carpool lane. the rideshare lasted about a mile. the human hood ornament was arrested later that day. i topic number two. we don't normally do serious stories in this segment but there is a donut shortage in
12:53 am
middletown, ohio and police are singling the blues. [♪] 7 million people watched this cover of "i need you now." the fans members tweeted the cover was amazing. it's a true story. the president is getting slammed on twitter by some of the most of talented people in hollywood. and melissa molano. let's head to scotland where an ice cream shop is selling mayonnaise ice cream. why get vanilla when you can get gout. this wait looks like. a bad idea.
12:54 am
we can tell you the creamy tweet is made with 100% real may phase. you may not be a fan. mayonnaise ice cream but it's very popular in scotland. some people like it so much they will do anything to get a ride to the may nails ice cream shop. as crazy as it looks, it's a lot healthier that ice cream. topic number 4. the police department in clinton, connecticut will be is doing such a good job the k9 unit is getting bootie calls. look how cute he was. he was outfit with booties to pretext his feet from the hot pavement. but it makes him gallop.
12:55 am
the shoe-wearing shepard is a big hit on the internet. but the dog is not popular with police because he stole the last donut from the locker room. [♪] chierp, guys, nothing a cup of may nails ice cream can't fix. finally we go to the buckeye state where two men were arrested for riding a motorcycle while they were completely tanked. they robbed a petsmart. but they didn't get too far because there aren't too many people riding a motorcycle with a fish tank on the back. the men were arrested at the scene and they are facing a year in prison. the judge band the fish thieves from going within 500 feet of
12:56 am
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