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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 2, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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lou require assume you like most of republicans support the contract to keep america great. congresswoman, we appreciate, good luck tomorrow. that many it for us special two-hour coverage of the president's rally minneapolis pennsylvania. kennedy: president trump is as mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore. he has had enough of the mueller investigation. this morning he went on the attack tweeting quote this is a terrible situation and attorney general jeff sessions should stop this rigged witch hunt right now before it continues to stain our country any further. the president's comments were met with criticism from both sides of the aisle. democratic congressman adam schiff called and i attempt to obstruct justice, hiding in plain sight. while republican senator susan
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collins of maine called the president's tweet quote highly inappropriate. sarah huckabee sanders responded to the critics. >> it's not an order. it's the president's opinion it's ridiculous, all the corruption and dishonestly that's gone on with the launching of the witch hunt, the president has watched this process play out. but he wants to see it come to an end and we look forward to that happening. kennedy: sources tell fox news that muler final responded to a letter from the president's team about the formats. he said he would agree to have some questions answered orally and some in writing. his lawyers are tote totally against him sitting down with mueller. let me ask former cia officer
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buck sexton where we go from here. let's talk about this a little bit. the president is asking jeff sessions to fire bob mueller. but sessions recused himself from this hallway of the department of justice. what do we do now? >> it's a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing from the president. you know, i think that the president is frustrated. i think a lot of the american people are frustrated. but this shouldn't end, because i don't think we should let democrats who have been pushing for this and some of the folks who have been cheerleading for this in the media off the hook. i'm very confident that there won't be any actual collusion of any kind between russians and the trump campaign. so we'll look back and say this was about some facebook accounts and other stuff no one will pay
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attention to going forward. i think the president is giving a little bit of the voice to the frustration a lot of us are feeling right now. >> that's what his critics are saying. when he goes on twitter and they say this is an authentic and official document of the president of the united states is the same thing as testifying under oath or signing scene executive order. twitter is now the new congressional record. they are saying the president is voicing whatever concern he has. perhaps is fighting back, perhaps he is in a bad mood. that that amounts to obstruction of justice. >> just because it's written it doesn't mean it's different from any other presidential pronouncement he would make off the cuff at and press conference. kennedy: or from the stage at a
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rally. >> people are trying to make a bigger deal of this than it really is. if they push on the issue of obstruction. i know they are look at whether there was obstruction of firing comey. it's essentially impossible for the president to have committed object trucks by firing the fbi director who served at the pleasure of the president. he would say i woke up today and i think james comey is a tanky weirdo and i'm going to fire him. kennedy: there obviously is a difference between expression and obstruction. the president and his legal team said there is no such thing as collusion. you can't collude and break the law. there is no law against collusion. maybe no collusion, but conspiracy. what do you think about that? >> there is a lot of goal post shifting. collusion is a crime when it
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involves companies doing price fixing and work together. people saying collusion is not a crime is technically not true. but collusion in the context of what we are investigating is not a crime. that's true. ' why the switch now? why are we hear being conspiracy now when there seems to be this move away from collusion. kennedy: nothing else is working. >> collusion i think will be kept open as a political crime, if you will. that's where the narrative will shift if the democrats take the house in the fall. they will say we need to impeach the president because of the collusion we think was there. the conspiracy statute as it's been interpreted by mueller. conspiracy to defraud the united states, people under other circumstances would say that seems like a problematically
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vague, widespread interpretation of a federal statute and i think we need to take another look at that. but in the era of trump all laws are interpreted differently by those trying to take trump down with the law. kennedy: it's hav have much appy the law that are counter intuitive to the constitution and democrats should be wholly opposed to that. is this a way for the president to brush jeff sessions out of the department of justice? >> sessions has weathered the storm up to this point. i got a chance to talk to him about a month ago. on immigration sections is so
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strong trump can play good cop-bad cop his attorney general. sessions does even 40s agenda in other ways that's valuable to the administration. without collusion, fit was just russian interest force there will be is no need for a special counsel. the only reason there was a special counsel was the fantasy that trump and his campaign worked with this russian effort. if there is no collusion there never should have been a special counsel and there shouldn't have bean recusal by jeff sessions. kennedy: jeff sessions should never have been appointed attorney general. republicans who defend number his appointment. the whole thing is a quagmire. >> people make mistakes in their judgment. some people pay $15,000 for an ostrich coat.
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kennedy: i hope some day i can pay $15,000 for an ostrich coat. yesterday during a speech in new york city, vice president mike pence accepted the intelligence community's conclusion that russia interfered in the 2016 election. he was quick to point out that our cyber-security problems didn't start under president trump. >> steer communications let the american people down when it came to cyber defense. in a very real sense we inherited the cyber crisis. kennedy: is mike pence right to blame the obama administration for the rise in russian interference? let me ask rnc spokes fern
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kayleigh mcenany. welcome to jehmu greene. how much of this problem is president obama's fault. we are talking about about not only cyber-security and the lack of cyber security, but also russian interference not being fully acknowledged. >> when i was growing up i was taught one thing about leadership. regardless of what the situation is. if you are the person responsible at the head of an organization, you take responsibility. so it's really interesting that we are seeing the passing of the buck. it's odd how low this administration will sink to pass responsibility on to the obama
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administration. kennedy: president obama did that with president bush for years and years. >> and rub can -- and republicad it. and mike pence hated it. kennedy: at some point going forward, you can give a rational explanation for how this started. where we go from here will be my next question. how much of this is obama's fault? >> all of it. jehmu's standard is if you are the leader you take responsibility. this happened on president obama's watch. he was informed long before the election that russia was trying to meddle. he did nothing other than telling putin to cut it out. this president sanctioned more than 100 russians. closed the russian consulate. created a task force. >> the funny thing about this is
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russia was so rooting and cheer leading and meddling in favor of donald trump because they hated president obama and hillary clinton so much. and obama knew that. kennedy: why didn't he do more about it. we all saw the debate he had with mitt romney when he said the 80s called and they want their foreign policy back. this is not a faux from rocky 4. this is something that he knew about. the question is what do we do about it now? what specifically are we doing to combat further russian interference. >> you are spot-on. that's a question that needed to be asked in november 2016. every single democrat i know said we have to look into this to make sure it doesn't happen
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again. kennedy: i have heard nothing but resistance which is annoying for those of us not tethered to either party. kennedy: the president stirred the pot -- president trump: in this country the on time you don't need it in many cases is when you want to vote for a president, when you want to vote for a senator, when you want to vote for a governor or congressman. it's crazy. but we are turning it around. remember i said, it's awfully early to be thinking this. kennedy: the left has long contested the voter i.d. laws are to disenfranchise the minorities and the poor. >> every poll conducted on this. upward of 75% of the country says yes you should present an
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i.d. to vote. this is common sense. for those who say this leads to discrimination. 9 of the 11 states that have had voter i.d. laws have seen an increased turnout. it's just common sense. kennedy: i understand the argument. but what is the implicit premise that somehow minorities don't have i.d. that doesn't make sense. >> when i was running for dnc chair i was very clear with democratic voters that we need to move past this voter i.d. battle. about 30% of american voters are americans who are eligible to vote actually participate in our elections. that's what threat i can. it's about d that's pathetic. voter i.d., let's move past it.
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bouquet lee, i ad kayleigh, i agree with you. you have the president getting up on that stage and blatantly lying like he usually tend to do about voter i.d. not being the law of the land. i think the american people -- >> how is it the law of the land? >> if we care about democracy we'll stop russia from meddling. let's have automatic voter registration. let's put some weight behind our democracy. kennedy: kayleigh, last word. >> let's all blame voter i.d. laws, let's blame russia. hillary didn't go to wisconsin. these are common sense laws. they are engaging in scare tactics and it's why they lose
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elections. kennedy: i love that we are you will wearing the same color tonight. well done, ladies. president trump just upped the ante with china. we have greg gutfeld in the flesh with reaction over 3d printed guns. too cold for camping?
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its a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call or visit a store today. kennedy: well, the trade war isn't over yet, boys and girls. president trump considering raising even higher tariffs and china threatening retaliation. fox business reporter i'd ward lawrence -- edward lawrence live in washington with more. >> it's a trade dispute, the administration's official term. the president asked the u.s. trade representative to impose a 25% tariff on $200 billion of chinese goods. this is upping the tariff from 10% to 25%. this is everything from dried beans to tobacco.
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>> the president ultimately wants less tariffs, less trade barriers, level playing field. no subsidies. the whole 9 yards. but to get there we have to make it more painful for them to continue to use bad practices. that's what this is all about. >> it's all about the pressure for the administration. the national retail federation said they are against this. americans for farmers and families says china is a critical market for the agricultural industry and i urge the administration to look for opportunities to hold chain today accountable. many democrats surprising any support the president. >> we'll see what china does. i support the tariffs. the tariffs are a tool. and not a permanent trade policy. our trade policy and tax
12:21 am
policies is a trade of workers. i want to make sure we do these tariffs and aim them at the countries that are serial cheaters. reporter: the tariffs could go into effect after september 5. kennedy: edward lawrence with everything. thank you so much. democrats switch from gun control to printer control. a federal judge in seattle is temporarily block the release of blueprints to make untraceable and undetectable 3d printed guns. president trump tweeted yesterday that printing 3d guns doesn't seem to make much sense. all this has left the average american with one question. and that question is, what in the wide wide world of sports is a 3d printed gun?
12:22 am
it's a touch question. but if anybody can answer it, it's greg gutfeld. he's the author of the brand-new book "the gutfeld monologues." this is interesting. we talked about this before. the government is always behind technology. they can make a bunch of things illegal that already happened. the next new thing popped up somewhere else. >> you can't seek to ban something until it's already there. i remember the pope 500 years ago tried to ban the crossbow. how did that work out for the pope? i can't remember his name. it is harder to make a 3d gun than it is to buy one. if you can take a look at them,
12:23 am
they are not attractive. part of appeal of a gun, it's aesthetically pleasing. it looks like a medical tool. it might be dangerous to the user. i just don't think it's there yet in a technological sense. if you fire it, it could go off in your hand. kennedy: an australian law enforcement body print it out, and fired a gun and it shatters. i shot an earlier version of this with cody wilson and he couldn't get any of them to work. if you are a bad person and you want an untraceable gun and hurt a bunch of people, you are not going to secure this device. there are a lot of guns for bad people. >> nick gillespie pointed this out.
12:24 am
the logic this there create more violent gun crime is not proven by science. the last 25 years we have seen a dramatic increase in gun ownership and a dramatic decrease in violence. if you have more plastic guns in circulation you won't see more plastic gun crime. you might see a lot of people with injured hands. kennedy: shrapnel. i hope they are wearing eye wear. >> a lot of people are going to give up in the middle of it. when i was a kid, i hated putting together models. i used to do the planet of the apes models. even i got bored doing it. i had my dad do all my models which is kind of sad.
12:25 am
putting 3d in front of something makes something seem so much different. and fascinating and scary. kennedy: people will go to king kinko's. they said we'll sue you and we'll win. this is a first amendment issue. we have every right to put this out. >> the instructions to make an actually competent gun are already out there. i think even "reason" magazine ran an article on how to make your own gun. it was in their last issue. they used readily available materials off the internet. kennedy: your book is fantastic.
12:26 am
monologue from "the five." there were parts of the monologues you didn't like and you left them in there and you aided some notes. >> there is more commentary in this book than monologues. i look at some of the writings i do, i say that was cliche'ed or stupid. that was wrong. i go in there and i also kind of trace how times have changed since i wrote something. did i turn out right or did i turn out wrong. it's like a reese's peanut buttercup. you have the chocolate in the peanut butter. you have got to have both. peanut butter and jelly was like that. kennedy: the pope tried to ban reese's peanut buttercups. >> that didn't work either. i work for you and i think about you as i work.
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i thought it would disturb you. kennedy: thanks so much. >> my pleasure, darling. kennedy: ontario canada has stripped basic income. local governments here trying the same thing. is this just a stiewch tid fantasy? stay here. -and we welcome back gary, who's already won three cars, two motorcycles, a boat, and an r.v. i would not want to pay that insurance bill. [ ding ] -oh, i have progressive, so i just bundled everything with my home insurance. saved me a ton of money. -love you, gary! -you don't have to buzz in. it's not a question, gary. on march 1, 1810 -- [ ding ] -frédéric chopin. -collapsing in 226 -- [ ding ] -the colossus of rhodes. -[ sighs ] louise dustmann -- [ ding ] -brahms' "lullaby," or "wiegenlied." -when will it end? [ ding ] -not today, ron.
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kennedy: socialism has taken a direct hit. the cash grab in ontario, canada is a bust. it was doing out $12,000 looneys a year. the minister said the plan was not sustainable. u.b.i. has misguided fans on both sides of the aisle. it's perpetuating poverty through dependency and sticking hard working taxpayers with the bill. the most of deserving of upper mobility are the ones deprived of it. it forces people on to welfare
12:32 am
programs that are poorly run. finland slammed the brakes on ubi as they found the pilot program was doing more to hurt the economy than eradicating poverty. stockton's ubi starts next year as fiscally challenged citizens will be asked to fork over more money. it's a miracle there is a tax base left. if politicians wanted to get bold, they would scrap the welfare programs already in place and swap out a check. but that will never happen. the dangerous trend of handouts cannot continue if this country plans on existing in 50 years. it will gobble up so much of the
12:33 am
budget there won't be room for military spending. universal basic income may sound socialist on the surface. there is anything to like about it? let's take it to my panel. she is a reporter at the panelist. and bre peyton. matt walsh and jimmy failla. >> laura ingraham. there it is. kennedy: matt, i will start with you. if you actually made the swap, if you ended all the other entitlement programs and gave people a no questions asked check every month you would save money, but would that ever happen? >> no. it was an interesting experiment 40 years ago when the welfare state was blooming up and we'll
12:34 am
realized it was trapping people in poverty. you send a lot of money on bureaucrats. just send a check. it makes more sense. no one is talking about getting rid of any government anywhere in america anymore. certainly in big cities like new york and seattle and elsewhere. people are talking about crazy stuff. democratic socialism is all the rage. in the democratic city of stockton, the mayor who is 28 years old wants to give criminals money. it doesn't make sense to do this experiment. kennedy: with all of the entitlement programs combined, it's $700 billion a year. the states pony up another $200 billion. i don't know how they will be able to pay for this. what happened in finland?
12:35 am
>> they found people receiving money through the universal basic income decided to be fun employed. they picked fun jobs. i will be a dog walker. kennedy: it turned into portlandia. >> just handing someone money and asking for nothing in return doesn't fiction the underlying problems that cause poverty. kennedy: lyndon johnson promised with the great society we would eradicate poverty as we know it. >> we deprived people of the most of basic survival skill which is self-reliance. teaching people to depend on the government is disgusting. i understand there are people who have no choice. but it hasn't grown by merit or need. it's grown by this is the teeth
12:36 am
we pass around. and people are addicted to it. i get so infuriated when people get behind this message. they are eating their animals in venezuela. there is a reason nobody was pushing beach vacations the week "jaws" came out in the movies. kennedy: this government watchdog group, this krenyism, they filed a complaint at the federal election commission against a leader of the resistance that involves maxine waters. kamala harris, they paid the congress woman much more than the legal contribution leader to be put on a campaign brochure.
12:37 am
waters mastered this technique years ago. filings show $750,000 of this money has been funneled to her dear daughter or her daughter's p.r. firm. they are selling their endorsements. the worst part. despite the complaint, it's all legal. is this indicative of the wider problem politics? is this an angry group of conservatives wanting to teach maxine waters a lesson? >> yes, though she has historically colored outside the lines. she had ethics problems before she became part of the resistance. she was called the dragon lady when i was 11 years old in california. but you til raise this kind of money. because you dole it out this
12:38 am
way, to get your committee assignments. when you are raising money, people are all taking a cut. those will be your family members. kennedy: maybe we are in the wrong business. in california, it makes illinois politics look -- >> it's not just california. every presidential campaign is filled with people who double deal. they have an ad consulting company. it's completely unproductive money that goes out there. if you sic the dogs on them. kennedy: who let the dogs out. maxine waters is where charles rangel goes to feel on the up and up. she has been in office 28 years now. she passed three bills in 27 years. i do know comets more active than maxine waters. i don't know how she gets away
12:39 am
with it. there is a great shell game being played right now with her yelling "impeach." i don't know how she is in office. kennedy: she is running for reelection and she is going to win again. i think this shows everything that's wrong within the democratic party. the fact that she was able to industrialize a practice of getting other members of the democratic party to kiss her ring. there is younger talents rising up the ranges. it's time for a change. this is why their party is fragmented so badly. >> they will never change because those guys can fundraise. kennedy: they are never going to get rid of her because she can raise so much money. >> she is the senior in high
12:40 am
school with a car. you don't like her but you will hang out with her because she'll get you places. kennedy: thank you so much. bree, what a great group. move over luke skywalker. president trump's space force may be our only hope. dr. michio kaku joins us. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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ken report u.s. is one step closer to having its own space force. the pentagon is moving ahead with president trump's plan to create a new military branch without congressional approval. that draft was supposed to be sent to congress today but was delayed following the leak. the former secretary of the air force called the space force a bad idea. is it a useless government project or do we need to think about a big world war in the heavens. let me ask theoretical physicist, dr. michio kaku. spice fighting seems counter intuitive. >> a war in congress is shaping
12:45 am
up about a war in outer space. you have the former secretary of the air force and the air force theocracy worried it will lose an arm or leg. kennedy: it's in charge our military space. >> military individuals are tied to the military flat united states. so they are fearful of losing a huge pound of flesh. on the other hand you have the trump administration saying for the first time since 1947 we are going to create a new branch of the military with and timetable. by the end of this year the beginnings of a space command will be set up by the middle of next year. hiring with take place. we've create a space operations program and a war fighting strategy. kennedy: this is not just the
12:46 am
united states dreaming up some cool uniforms and application of technology. clearly there are other actors we are racing against. >> there are pros and cons. >> let's not be naive. chinese and russians, they already have space weapons. the chinese blew one of their satellites right out of the sky demonstrating killer satellite technology. vladimir putin in march advertised a new weapon, the hyper stoppic drive that can evade a "star wars" program. there could be a traffic jam in outer space as more and more countries put military hardware where their mouth is. kennedy: won't they just aim them at our satellites that we are so dependent upon? >> who is most of dependent upon satellites. we are. not the russians and the chinese. we depend upon satellites.
12:47 am
if a war were to break out. let's say a small country detonated a small hydrogen bomb over kansas. that would knock out half our satellites. the internet would go down. it's like a gunfight where someone throws sand in your eyes in the opening shots of the war. >> it's interesting and scary. i hope the private space exploration keeps us from being way too expensive. but we shall see. thank you for being here. space force headed by dr. michio kaku. my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel.
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kennedy: some big news out of the world of show biz. hillary clinton is partnering with steven spielberg to produce a made for tv movie about women's suffrage. ratings are expected to go through the roof. at least she'll break one ceiling. this is the "topical storm." we begin in lubbock, texas, where a bartender is feeling a
12:52 am
little horse. first there was the run for the rose. now there is the run for the rose. lubbock, texas, they are like just one? where is sheila tonight. you see the crowd loved it. but the horse didn't stay very long because she forgot her i.d. proving once and for all. you can lead a horse to the watering hole, but you can't make her drink. she works on my staff. and she is pretty soused. topic number two. you won't find anybody riding a horse through a bar in groton, connecticut. look at this tap dancing t-rex. let's hope he took off his
12:53 am
costume before he drove home. because that's the last outfit you want to get pulled over in. then the cops would know you have definitely been drinking. this isn't the only dancing dinosaur making headlines. there is a dancing dinosaur in vermont. don't listen to that old study from your high school math professor or logic. topic number three. let's head down to charlotte, north carolina. business at a local clothing store has hit a wall. this is why you never program your gps to take the shortest route possible. lucky for everyone in the store, everyone was okay.
12:54 am
her uber passengers gave her a terrible review. not anyone would get in a car with a female driver. not anyone on my staff. the sexist jerks. police shared his image of her after she exited the vehicle. your driver's license is about to go extinct. topic number four. beer giant moulson-coors is going to produce cannabis infused beverages. the company will have a 67% interest in joint venture -- get it? we reached out for more information but all the guys
12:55 am
briewfg the weed were listening to dark side of the moon backwards and searching for hidden messages. it seems to affect you just like regular pot. everyone who tried it has gone straight to the taco bell drive-thru. why hit the bong when you can hit the store. very lucky no one was hurt. topic number 5. let's go down to daytona beach, florida. this is weird even by florida standards. police say one stole this atm, stripped it down and left it on a train track. lord help him if he didn't have overdraft protection. the suspect was observed fleeing the scene.
12:56 am
but witnesses got a license plate number of the vehicle. whoever he is, he has friends in low places. we'll be right back. (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet? you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. but it's tough to gete enough of their nutrients. new one a day with nature's medley is the only complete multivitamin with antioxidants from one total serving of fruits and veggies try new one a day with nature's medley.
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