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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 3, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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but without him here i have to stand in. we recommend it. perhaps not as highly as we would have if he was standing here. good night from new york. >> president trump wrapping up the rally doing what he does best, playing to his face. the crowd loved it. i'm tom schilling and for kennedy. the president spoke in support of pennsylvania up again lou barletta who is running for senate against democrat bob casey. he touted the economy and job creation slam taxes and regulations and attacked the fake news media and even came up with a new nickname for political adversary. >> we are at the white house with the details. edward -
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>> tom, president trump in his element here and the president came out firing just as he did for tuesday. this time he was talking about democrats in the election. the president for the second time this week in wilkesboro pennsylvania was bush and republican candidates for congress and also including lou barletta for senate and he came up with a new nickname for the senate senator for pennsylvania, sleeping bob casey. the president went on to tell the energetic crowd that the democrats are obstructionist and he touted the success of his economy and the jobs he created. >> were putting our steelworkers back to work at clips that no one would believe. you have dealers opening up seven plans, new brand-new 250 million dollar plant in florida. reporter: the president highlighted that other and ministrations did not have to
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deal with north korea and that he's making changes around the world. >> i got along great with chairman kim. i got along great. it's a good thing, not a bad thing, by the way. i got along. baby, i got the hostages back and did not have to panic. [cheering and applause] you know what? they're not testing any more nuclear. they've not had a test in nine months. you know what else? they're not sending rockets over japan and are not any missiles over japan. reporter: the president went on to say he had a good meeting with russian president vladimir putin thing the media criticized him for that good meeting you too that he says what about diplomacy? the president in keeping with his last rally marked other presidents and other administrations especially when it came to nato funding. >> could you please pay a little bit more money?
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thank you, it's been wonderful meeting you. thank you very much luxembourg. they don't pay. the next one comes, same thing. i came and i said, you are delinquent and you have to pay. you've got to pay. [cheering and applause] reporter: the president wrapped up paying that we need to change the immigration laws to fix the system. tom. tom: thank you, edward. the president covered a wide range of topics of tonight rally but his lawyer, rudy giuliani, says there's only one issue on the ballot for the midterm election and that issue is impeachment. giuliani told the crowd at a new hampshire rally that democrats can control of the house there won't be enough republican votes to prevent impeachment proceedings. all this comes as the reports indicate special counsel robert mueller has agreed to some limits on the possible sit down with the president. a meeting of the president is a poorly pushing to its advisors to let them take the police he can commence the best gators that their own probe is a
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witchhunt. can the president avoid impeachment? or is the greatest show on earth about to come to an end? with me now, daily caller editor in chief and author of the art of the donald, chris bedford. chris, thank you for turning us back thank you for having me, tom. tom: first question. your advice, i'll make you the lawyer of the president, should he sit down with robert mueller? >> probably not. people are not the best at seeing some of their own weaknesses. sometimes it takes a friend to point them out. at president trump has set down with lawyers where there's no room for hyperbole and no room for back-and-forth the fact that come out of your mouth are absolutely how to high standards and that's not always the best place for his performances. he does a much better job putting on a show in pennsylvania than sitting across from lawyers were there to find out if what you're saying is an
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iota away from the truth or exaggeration. tom: you said the word show, he put on a show tonight - someone called my radio show today and said he should sit down with mueller. he's the guy who speaks on carefully so it looks like he's hiding that's not the trump we all know and love. >> i think that's part of the public relations strategy. giuliani who does a lot of pr is going out and saying listen, trump wants to sit down but i'm the one who's holding them back. his lawyers are saying don't but he wants to. president trump always does get his way. every few months the press gets excited that some new person has come into the oval office and the control trump but the man is in his 70s and mid doing this for years and years. he will not change now. do whatever he wants in the end. tom: what if he pulls vladimir putin and says you can question me but we have to question him and i want to send my guys to quiz mueller? >> that would be hysterical.
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this is been the greatest honor. we're talking in the room the other day about how whoever is present after trump will be such a hangover for america in the press that it will be boring. tom: we all be sleeping, bob. the issue of the sitdown with robert mueller there already negotiating and it's a list of questions and they shot the questions down does this move all parts of the negotiation that ushering it down to questions to answer in the sle sleep? >> originally the mueller team had legal questions as they come out last time as they submitted to the oval office but it turns out that it was almost certainly the white house the legal questions because they were transcripts of the questions and not the original thinks. this make sense and it would make 0 cents to agree to a wide-ranging as long as but what they're concerned out and they know more about law than i do they should be concerned that every one of the questions on the sheet will come up with 20
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follow-up questions depending on what you said. if they choose your own adventure book but the ending is the most certainly going to be robert mueller standing there trying to attack you. he's after president trump. tom: giuliani says it's about impeachment, the 2018th election, and if they lose he will be impeached. do you think that's the case? will they get up the votes if they win a couple seats? is a politically feasible for the democrats? >> people like tom stier have spending budget stopped spending hundreds of dollars to push global warming but now to back the campaigns to impeach present him. a lot of the left and base are demanding that the president be impeached and if they win a majority in house, the democrats, and they managed to get everyone on board even though it's a stupid idea they could put up forward but the problem for the democrats here
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in the winter president trump is once they vote to impeach you like they did with president clinton it goes to the u.s. senate where the senate hold the trial. after publican party is in control of the senate, which will almost only be the case, or the democrats don't control two thirds of the senate and keep everyone in line they will not impeach the president or remove him from power. it will be more partisan spectacle. people seem to want it on the democratic side. tom: here's the other scenario. if uses, the house in or senate, they got majority and the same thing happened to president clinton who won reelection handily. electorally speaking for could help them to lose the house? >> yeah, exactly. losing the house would not help them but getting an impeachment vote would certainly help of it if uses the house, it's going to stall his agenda right now. house of representatives is the only place that is passing his agenda. it's been dying in the senate. if you get more buffer in the senate it keeps them in a slim majority in the house for republicans it will help his agenda for the democrats overreach like a publicans did
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impeaching bill clinton that will be a win for the president. tom: thank you, chris. >> thank you be one president trump has had his fair share of criticisms to response to russian meddling in our election but today at the white house is a ministration announced the taking major steps to put an end to it. nations top law-enforcement and intelligence officials address increasing reports that russia is continuing to try to interfere with our politics. they said they're working together to combat those effor efforts. >> the president has specifically directed us to make the matter of election meddling and securing our election process at top priorities and we have done that and are doing that and will continue to do so. tom: director of national intelligence dan coats join national security advisor john bolton and the heads of the fbi, dhs and nsa to say their agencies are working with private sector partners to that if i and neutralize cyber attacks and other attempts to target the midterm elections.
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so, will they be successful? assess former special assistant to president trump and former press secretary for vice president pants, mark lotter. thank you for joining us. >> to you privately, tom. tom: what went down today? to be learn anything new from the security advisors? >> biggest thing we saw today and support to remember two years ago in august 2016 susan rice told the national security and cyber security experts to stand down and to stop the counter attacks we were working to block russia for meddling in the election. today you saw a trump in ministration publicly stand up, something they been doing behind the scenes for quite some time, and dealing with that ongoing cyber activity from russia and working to counter it. tom: on the issue of having these protections put in place let's contrast what is going on now with what happened under
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president obama because were hearing from this white house that were doing more than obama did what we had meddling in 20 2016. >> absolutely. as you saw that today compared to two years ago but you had this demonstration that section russian business leaders, government officials and other actors on behalf of russia who attacked our country in 2016 and we still see it going on but here's the thing. you've got 50 states running these elections because elections are estate matter, not federal. what you saw today was our national security and leader saying how they are working with all 50 states 900 local communities and how to secure their election and the structure to make sure it's not vulnerable to cyber attack. tom: i never liked the term meddling in our elections and then it became things like interfered with our election and a lot of the impression that the american people got in this whole thing was that somehow there were both been changed and
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tallies changed by the russians and things like that. that's never really been a concern of our national security people, has it back. >> absolutely not. it was reiterated today from the white house podium the numbers were changed in the 26 election and from what we can tell other than their misinformation campaign using social media they tried to get into some of the voter registration systems but that's quite different than the actual voter systems where the ballots are cast and counted. those are very secure but we need to do more to make sure their more secure in the future because this could just be an opening valve of testing the waters from russia and other actors see how far they can get possibly an eye towards 2020. that's why they're taking a strong stand right now. tom: also, the director coats said the efforts going on now are nothing compared to the more robust efforts to have it in
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2016. could they be doing meddling now just to keep this conversation going and to make people nervous for the fall so maybe people will be unsure about the results of the election, the meddling to once again attack on democracy? >> multiply, that's what we see them attending to do is so division and so confusion into our democracy. it's not necessarily about changing votes but getting americans to fight with each other and getting discussions and getting troops against each other to create that sense of distrust and is one of the reasons why you see such a strong focus on social media component of this but we also need to make sure our state and local governments have secure every structure so there is no possible way they could infiltrate and tamper with election results. tom: market, a lot of the focus on 2016 was the intelligence committee said they were trying to hurt hillary clinton and benefit donald trump but their efforts so far this year, it
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looks like they're involved in a lot of groups, things like that and messaging on facebook and it doesn't seem to be any pro trump effort, did they mention anything today? >> not that i heard. when they asked that or they chose not to identify any kind of pacific group or party that there trying to support. this also continues a trend we saw after the 26 election because one of the intelligence committee report highlighted how russia was actually encouraging pro- and anti- trump rallies at the same time following the election of the president because their ultimate goal is to create distrust and confusion in our country, not necessarily electing candidates. tom: thank you, mark. it's true that even back in 2016 the division was a focus more than hillary, trump. coming up, is present him space of blue-collar workers forcing their union bosses to flip the trend of backing democrats?
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head of the largest federation of labor unions offered praise president trump's trade policy president of the acl i/o said his tariffs could rewrite the rules of global trade. in fact, trump said he's not ruled out endorsing president trump in 2020. endorsing a republican to be a big deal for an afl-cio president, a group that endorsed obama in 2012 and hillary clinton in 2060. and everyone is in agreement. president trump slammed conservative donor charles coke over his comments on tariffs and foreign workers tweeting - that's right. so, will the president tariffs actually benefit the american worker? joining me to answer the question cio of king view asset
12:20 am
management and fox news contributor, scott martin. i see you are smiling, scott. >> tom, it's too funny. but, we all have the right image in the right message but whether it will work, you are right, the $64000 question. it's funny anything about what we saw from the comet, talk about long odds and things you would probably hear over late night at a bar. this came out during daylight and that's what makes me laugh we won the thing is, you got the beer, ohio, michigan, the blue states that the president turned - yes, manufacturing and the worker is his face. it happened with ronald reagan. ronald reagan they called him reagan democrat but what were really talk about is the heart had guys who like reagan in the union leaders never gave it up. could happen for trump? i know the workers in the factories are pro trump on this but will they ever get any of the leaders?
12:21 am
>> that is the tough thing. that would be quite a shift. you are right, tom, trump needs the workers and i believe that the message the trump is putting on with the tariffs will benefit the american worker so how much of that is anyone's guess. we still import oil and to electronics and machinery but unless we want to pay 250, $350 for a walkman it will be hard to get some of those jobs back that have gone overseas or frankly, been eviscerated in the united states but on to the robots because of regulation and because of trade with other countries and unfair practices. to be fair, our resolve result of the democratic regime. the union leaders are saying we may not totally switch to the trump side we do have to admit some of the trade practices so far from the democratic side prior to november 16 were what hurt the american worker the most and put us unable.
12:22 am
tom: you saw the presidential feud with the koch brothers there but the president seems to be willing to do without the coke money and these have been the driving force in republican party for the long time. do you think republican officeholders are going to be willing to go trump and kiss the koch brothers to buy? >> i really don't. this is a tricky one. i was surprised to see it because last time i checked and i was thinking about that prank phone call that the koch brothers did not make to governor scott walker back in the day, you know, where they were talking about the relation and talking about lower taxes and helping american corporations and all things, tom, that donald trump stands for. that's the whole point of the tax cuts and revelatory environment is changed since dc. the fact that he's opposing the koch brothers that stand for a lot of the things that he stands for maybe it's a dispute over pretrade - it seems misplaced to me. tom: well, we got the economic
12:23 am
issues and tax cuts they love but they don't like his immigration and they don't like the tariffs because it hurts foreign workers and then when he came back he said i want to hurt foreign workers. [laughter] >> that's the thing. maybe they can agree to disagree on some of the things because frankly, as we've seen with dc and trumps marches to a different drummer or a different guitar player if we can even say that to encapsulate it is the reality is there is a good, got here and to grow the economy and help the worker and get relations down and get the stock market up and those are things that will help all of us so they can find ground on a couple things maybe that's what the place for starting. tom: the white house as the president is a free trader and what they mean is he wants to do the terrified and hopefully all the tariffs will come down and everybody can be a free trader with them. thank you, scott.
12:24 am
>> the you. tom: coming up, battle between the media and the drop in ministration wins another round is the white house today press secretary sarah sanders stood toe to toe with one of the presidents biggest critics, he will tell you who one and who lost and who walked out, next. ♪ a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia.
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12:28 am
trump declaring that the press is not the enemy of the people but ended with the white house press secretary sarah sanders refusing to say the same to cnn reporter and serial grandstand are jim acosta. >> it's ironic, jim, that not only you and the media attack the president for his rhetoric when they frequently lower the level of conversation in this country repeatedly, repeatedly the media resorts to personal tax without any content other than to incite anger. the media has attacked me personally on a number of occasions including your own network and said i should be harassed as a life sentence and that i should be choked and i.c.e. officials are not welcome in the place of worship and personal information is shared on the internet. i was hosted by the correspondence association of which almost all of you are members of you brought a comedian up to attack my appearance and called me a traitor to my own gender. in fact, as i know and as far as i know i'm the first press
12:29 am
secretary in history of the united states that's required secret service protection. tom: slow clap. come on. that was unbelievable. there is sanders, acosta responded by walking out of the briefing like the alpha male he is. after the briefing the president weight in tweeting quote - now that we have that cleared up what comes next in this off-again off-again romance? my panel with you to discuss. the mechanic strategist and attorney danielle mcglocklin, the greg gutfeld show favorite correspondent cat gems and broken poster and is lengthy and partners leah carter. welcome, panel. danielle. >> i didn't thank you needed it.
12:30 am
tom: that was the final scene in the karate kid and i was on my feet and she was ready for that question. >> i think she was. i think she had prepared her marks. you know what? that's a job. the job is to be - i know she's had terrible things that matter we can't blame the press for what michelle will said. tom: i just want to - well, you can continue but there's compelling video of the president arriving back in new jersey. [laughter] danielle, she was ready for this that i love this back-and-forth and they had poor ivanka trump asked the same question - >> i think it's dangerous. there's a lot of vitriol and rigorous going on and lost love before the president and the media but the press is not the
12:31 am
enemy of the people. we could focus on real enemies like isis . tom: cap, i don't know what rhetoric is but - >> if you are from rhetoric . tom: he always said the big news and they were the ones that got this wrong and the cap same you get thing journalist where the enemy but he never said. >> he was obviously talking about the fake news and fake news, what he means when he says fake news, is news that is mean when it talks about him. not necessarily always fake but it's news that is me. it's just because press is so important to have a media that is able to be critical of the president, no matter who the president is because that would help keeps us free. if i were him and i had a news channel that was covering the me negatively all day every day i might feel the same way or i might really enjoy the attenti
12:32 am
attention. tom: you could call it the mean news but big news is his nickname and i let him keep it. >> i have to say is work for him by calling it the fake news, something like 91% of his supporters do not trust the media. he's done his job. he discredited this flock of people who have attacked him. it is right and it's me news and it's one 100% wall-to-wall negative about the president but i think is a dangerous game that we are playing. were living in a society where people don't trust the media. the media has a response abili ability. the free media has a whole huge role in democracy and i get that great power comes great responsibility and i think that the media has to be held responsible for when they're not being truthful and when they're being dishonest and partisan but the bottom line is that were on the media it's dangerous. tom: well, hopefully at some point there will be a stalemate. high-profile democrats from bernie sanders to christian children have called for abolishing the immigration customs enforcement better known
12:33 am
as i.c.e. but a candidate for new york attorney general took it a step further and said today - is this candidate for agp dramatic? you know about drama, kat is this drama? >> obviously it's not possible. in the constitution a federal agent cannot be prosecuted by estate. that is not how it works. i'm sure she knows that and she's just trying to be like check me out, check out how bad
12:34 am
i am. i'm super radical. she knows it will not happen. like when this other guy who's running for office he was going to build a border wall along the mexico border and have mexico pay for. tom: you don't think that will happen? >> when you are campaigning you say stuff and that's what she is doing. she's just things off and this will never actually happened. >> it's dumb. it's dumb. i got to say from ran a minimal said number let a good crisis go to waste but democrats have let this crisis go to waste. the fact that children were separate from the parents at the border . tom: that's a crisis. >> the democrats response has been to abolish i.c.e. and not let's reunite children and not let's give us a moment to breathe but even ivanka said it was one of all points that the rub against so far and how that was handled. they don't just take a moment and come up with something reasonable but go crazy. this idea of abolishing i.c.e. is nonsense. it's ridiculous. getting attention and it should
12:35 am
be. tom: why are the democrats going crazy, danielle? after the victory for alexandria cortez and then she went on the icing and distracted it, didn't it? >> i think that the progressives have gone way on it and what they're trying to say is the mission of i.c.e. has been crafted and that i.c.e. is not using his reasonable in a way to benefit americans and from a home perspective. it's not necessarily the best use of resources but what we should be doing is ms 13 and drug trafficking and there has been prosecutors in california who have feared that because we have to arrest anybody we can't go after the bad guys and we want them to not go after the bad guys. tom: that's very trump, daniel. speaking of, president obama
12:36 am
released his first run of the horsemen's and so far the list is making headlines or who is not on there. the mechanic socialist and media fan favorite alexandria ocasio-cortez did not make the cut. leading some to believe her policies are out of touch the former presidents thinking. it adds fuel to the rumor that ocasio-cortez was making her fundraising debut at hollywood tonight but in a break with tradition she will not meet with any of the entertainment industries democratic political power brokers. so, is alexandria ocasio-cortez really the future of the democratic party which is the latest pledge of digits better to trend its way out of our lives. when she won election for young face was all lit up and i thought i'm excited for her but i don't know if she's had a good couple of weeks and send. >> no, the thing about president obama and the thing about these hollywood people is that they are all rich. never heard a rich person say
12:37 am
man, what a bummer it is that i'm so rich and i wish i lived in ashanti and had to eat cold beans out of a can and they know that if she actually gets elected and is more popular more politicians like her still be policies that will take money away from the rich. they don't like that when it comes down to it. they like to say they want to help people and lower classes but being rich probably kind of dope so they don't want you on rich himself. tom: i think that is right. daniel, the in the democratic party have different politicians coming out and saying she's on the future of the party and they were talking down her victory and i think that that's not a good strategy and if they want to appeal to her she has an insurgent candidate and she's the top of the left the way bernie was. if to appeal to those people. trump knows how to go after those working-class voters, you
12:38 am
know? >> i think she's not taking money because democrats in the polling shows they don't like money in politics and they don't like super pacs. this whole thing about her going to hollywood in not taking donor money she doesn't want to go there. we're seeing a fracturing to. she's young and vital and she talks about policies in a way that is invigorating and policies that show the democrats care, universal healthcare, we can talk about specifics but they are for the people and that's why she's being warmly received. is pretty clear she wants to stay away from the big donors and be a candidate of the peop people. tom: lee, strategy wise i see an opportunity for the trump wing of the party to go after and i know the policies of the line in many ways but for most people the trump appeal was a policy but the personality and the affection for the little guy. the little guy is affection for her and rebellions are to be
12:39 am
wise and go after her proud. >> no question. the fact that she so popular right now almost has nothing to do with her policy but her message with his message that is targeted at the average working american saying let's raise you up and let's talk about getting you better jobs and better income, better healthcare and who does that sound like? that sounds exactly like our president. the democrats would be wise to take a lesson from her is that you gotta get message the targets people and is a talk about resisting and hating and all of that. they need to focus on his people and republicans would be wise to go after the same thing. the midterms it will be critical that they do. tom: yeah, and the president, he had his message for the ocasio-cortez boater and he said what the hell have you got to lose? that's his favorite appeal. it's simple but it just might work. danielle, cap and lee, thank you. president trump receives a new letter from north korean leader kim jung-un and is there another meeting on the agenda or does he just like having a penpal?
12:40 am
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the one second meeting north korea president trump should be coming soon but sarah huckabee sanders of the president received a letter from kim jung-un following up on their singapore summit and that trump responded with a note that should be quote, delivered shortly. the white house would not address whether trump and kim
12:44 am
may meet again the letter comes as vice president pants received the remains of 55 us soldiers in hawaii yesterday. the pentagon confirmed that the remains are quote, consistent with missing americans from the korean war. trump tweeted his thanks to kim quote, - so, will begin the stick to his word? turning me now is mike baker, former cia officer and president diligent llc. thank you for joining the beating. the replacement host. [laughter] >> oh, please. you're solidly in the egg category, tom. don't be so self updating.
12:45 am
tom: deftly fishing for a company. great news to see these remains come back and i don't know if the answerable question but why weren't other presidents, other and ministrations, able to get this done? >> well, in part because the policies did not allow for it in the sense that no direct negotiations are discussed with the regime, either with kim, his dad or granddad. times have changed and we have - obviously, we are uniquely different in ministration led by president trump. we don't want to make too much of this. just like we do not want to make too much of the june meeting. it was great that they were able to get together and have that meeting but there was never any belief that that one meeting in june was somehow going to lead to swift denuclearization of the peninsula. it's a step or one-step and if we do get to the point where
12:46 am
north korea is serious about this about dismantling their nuclear ballistic missile program that will take a lot of meetings and take a lot of work off the radar screen that we will not be privy to and it will take most of portly very aggressive intrusive, inspection, verification program and that has been lacking in our previous discussions about disarming north korea in their new problem of programs. we will see. tom: honestly, the administration said they are working towards complete denuclearization and you said to happen you have to get people on the ground and it's a robust inspection. will it be chinese or americans or what would you see or would it be a coalition? i remember when we had on splits in the iraq - you know - [inaudible conversations] >> we have the international inspection agency for
12:47 am
disarmament and weapons programs and they would undoubtedly play a key role here. they would probably end the suspect elation but some type of coalition that would likely involve china. they want a seat at the table and will insist at a seat on the table to maintain leverage. but, this is been the problem with all weapons programs when you talk about trying to get verification. whether chemical or nuclear or ballistic missile technology whatever it is it's always been the verification issue. people talk about - a lot of the folks who are strong supporters of the iran deal want to keep talking about how look, with her about the deal and they were compliant to talk about this before, i ran was compliant with what they allowed and they did not allow in the deal any military sites. zero. you may times we inspected a military site in iran? zero. he agreed to a deal that was
12:48 am
seriously lacking. that is always the problem with these types of deals. you always have an issue with verification. but i'm saying is with to keep the sanctions in place and maintain that and we have to keep this dialogue moving forward to see where it may go and we can do those things at the same time we have to maintain pragmatism here about this while still trying to do the right thing. tom: you are nothing if not pragmatic, mike. >> people talk about that all the time. that seems to be the one word associated with me is pragmati pragmatism. tom: if you had to change the company to pragmatism llc,. [laughter] >> by the way, tom, are part in the show where were cap partners and one wants to open up a singing telegram business, along with that that script written. i think it will go into production very shortly. tom: thank you, mike.
12:49 am
thank you for joining us mike baker, the nation's college campuses are overrun snowflake but trigger warnings responsible for the politically correct winter wonderland? kevin phillips of campus a form joins us next to explain. (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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tom: surprise, surprise. trigger warnings are probably responsible for turning millennial into the snowflake generation. harvard researchers looked at what happens when students are given a trigger warning before reading the passage thicket "-right-double-quote, disturbing content. they found that when given a trigger warning some students reported being more offended than if there was no to the warning it offered basically, trigger warnings prime students to be sensitive and less resilient. more than half of college professors report using trigger warnings but is that just leading to a generation of adults who act like delicate flowers? this guy is no flour. i left campus before media director kevin phillips. nice suit. >> you making me self-conscious. tom: that was not me being sarcastic. does it surprise you document my mother used to say sticks and
12:54 am
stones may break my bones and that was good warning because it toughened you up to negative. the losing sight of what causes all about it it's possible place free learn to process ideas and my they are neutering them at aware of how the it's the equation that the study puts to mind is when you have a little kid goes to doctor is about to get shot and they are prepping him and saying it will be horrible and prepare self and this will hurt so bad and the kid realizes the quick shot was not so bad. you tell the someone it will offend you people look for any opportunity they can to be offended and act like they have ptsd over reading hurtful words. tom: the bible, shakespeare, they're giving trigger warnings but i saw you wrote the us constitution - what trigger and that? >> there are trigger warnings out and using trigger warnings for american flags because it's patriotic imagery may be hurtful to people who aren't of american
12:55 am
dissent so many times campuses uses because they are so afraid of getting called out to students that are creating this mob for anything the competing controversy. the campus today at columbia university interview with students from free speech. student after student told me if something becomes too hurtful that the line where we should start to censor it on campus. if anyone is wondering where it started it's because we stop prioritizing the first amendment and students understand you should learn to process things that make you uncomfortable. tom: campuses are not the real world but how do you do this - you use great videos for you go on campus with the camera and do they throw you out? >> it happens. if a student as an aha moment and they realize some people will try to say don't talk to me but ultimately a lot of times students don't realize what is going on and confronting meet
12:56 am
with areas that are not presented and you can laugh at the video but you have to do it off-campus. tom: note laughing on campus. kevin, thank you for joining us. we'll be right back. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? that's the same thing ti want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories
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