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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 14, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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again.thank you for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. good night from new york. lauren: breaking news this morning, london is on high alert after a car plowed through the gates on parliament. live to london just a moment. trained to look at other foot he is reacting to the news coming out of london about the crash. the ftse is barely higher, just a fraction of the cac 40 in the grain, the dax also slightly in the grain. lauren: the turkish currency is stabilizing this morning. investors looking to a speech coming up in the country's finance chief. train to the dow losing 125 moments yesterday. it really took.
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the dow 15 in the premarket. s&p up seven and three quarters, nasdaq up 30 and three quarters. transfer you can see mixed results that indicate japan's two and a quarter% that the shanghai composite in china down two tenths of 1%. trained to be moving forward but the questions remain if he actually secured any funding. "fbn:am" starts right now. lauren: 5:01 a.m. in new york. tuesday the 14th of august 18 for joining us. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everybody picking cheryl casone. a lot of news to get to overseas. lauren: police have arrested a man outside of parliament after his car crashed into security barriers. a number of pedestrians have been injured at scott and you
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cannot say if the incident is related to terrorism at this point but the nearby westminster nation has been closed in the area around parliament has headquartered off. the site of a terror attack in march of last year when khalifa massoud plodded car into crowds on westminster bridge. four people died. we will provide further information on this accident from this incident when we have it. train to read to cover the in turkey. the lira has now stabilized near lows for right now after the currency tumbled as much as 10% overnight as turkey central bank took steps to address the financial crisis there. turkey's president blaming economic terrorists on social media for the plunge in the lira which has fallen 40% this year. the weakness also following the trump administration's recent move to double tariffs against turkish steel and aluminum after
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detained fingerprints and on terrorism charges. white house national security adviser john bolton met yesterday with turkey's ambassador to the united states to discuss her and since they. cheryl: one week later he unmasked as providing information about the surprise treat on taking tests for private. in the blog, saudi arabia is sovereign wealth fund has approached them several times about providing financial support for the buyout, but he also makes clear no final deal for financing is in place and this is what he treated by snap. i'm excited to work with silverlake and goldman sachs national visors plus h-hotel lipton as legal legal advisers on the proposal to take tests for private. adding the deal would require far less than $70 billion, the approximate market value based on his target price of $420. much more on all of this if he has the money or does not.
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if he's nervous a little bit later in the show. trade to china condemning the latest defense bill. it boosts military military spending, but also target china as a military threat. lauren: for more we go to blake burman in washington. >> president trump using the backdrop of fort drum to celebrate more military spending. the commander-in-chief saying that john mccain national authorization act until which boost spending for 29 tenet to $717 billion. the president saying it will lead to more trips and other military equipment. >> we will replace aging tax committee aging planes and ships with the most advanced and lethal technology ever developed and hopefully we will be so strong will never have used it.
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but if we ever did, nobody has a chance. >> president pitching a plan to add a sixth branch of the military come in the space force to combat aggressive actions in outer space. the administration hopes congress gets on board and provide funding starting in 2020. >> they are giving a rundown spirit i've seen things you don't even want to see what they're doing and how advanced they are. we will be catching them very shortly. they want to jam transmission which threaten our battlefield operations in so many other things. we will be so far ahead of them in a very short. time your head will spin. >> after week off vacationing in jersey, president trump now here at the white house. back to you in new york. >> the fbi has fired peter strzok. he was just fired from the fbi finally. a list gets longer and longer based on the fact that strzok
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was in charge of the witchhunt. it is a total hoax. no pollution, no obstruction. the longtime fbi agent was to mix in the russian investigation last year over anti-trump text messages. meanwhile, the go find the page has raised more than $130,000 so far for the legal expenses and not losing just 10 hours. there was a fake twitter account named after strzok. some don't was real but it is in fact faith. cheryl: minnesota, wisconsin, vermont and connecticut hold their primaries. vermont the first openly woman is running for governor there. christine helquist is one of four democratic gubernatorial candidates in that state. among those for tremendous kid. he's 14 years old. 14-year-old student had to get his parents permission to get on the ballot, by the way.
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minnesota democratic congressman keith ellison in his accused of physically and emotionally abusing his ex-girlfriend. more later in the show. >> i don't think politics has ever been more interesting. carl icahn backing down. the activist investor now says he will not seek both the sigma shareholders to buy it express scripts for $54 billion to the change of heart after two proxies recommended shareholder support the deal and they were paying too much for express scripts. cheryl: amazon may soon be closing in on apple trillion dollars mark. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with more on that and other news headlines via >> amazon could join in the club with about $940 billion.
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2% yesterday to hit an all-time high and go up another 7% to top a trillion dollars market valuation pictures of amazon are up 65% and 28 team. cheryl: a couple weeks ago he had won to go. we've got some tech companies that want to make it easier to access health care data. i hope this is a good thing. >> amazon, google and microsoft said they would move technological barriers but could the patient and provider access to health care data online. the company says they would share the common quest to unlock the potential in health care data to deliver better outcomes that lower cost. but trump administration to develop more health care apps. the change could reportedly lead to more than $30 billion in savings a year. cheryl: i.d. does is make it easier to go running in the city. what are they doing?
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>> i want your thoughts on this because you are the runner of the grid. a collection of running sneakers for big cities around the world using data collected from real runners. they are carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of runners in each city based on its terrain, weather and other factors. so far there is sneakers for london, paris, new york city, los angeles and shanghai with a version for tokyo coming soon. cheryl: makes a lot of sense. running in the city, especially on concrete and if it's raining, it does factor in on your stride for example. >> this might help keep their edge over night he. a lot more coming up this morning. trying to clarify his surprise treat a week ago today. what he says is investors asking
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lauren: break-in overnight from a london police shutting down the area around parliament after a car crashed in. drink a great is live in london. over to you. >> thanks, lauren and cheryl. houses of parliament in central london is on lockdown right now after the car slammed into the security barrier that sits outside of the seat of the government here in the u.k. scotland yard's counterterrorism unit is now investigating the incident, but police say they are keeping an open mind. no conclusion as of now that this is a terror act. it happened at 7:37 in the morning come a very busy time as
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you can imagine. the car drove quite fast around the corner where a lot of your viewers will know that area, drove into some bicyclists, ran against traffic again driving fast fast and slammed into the wall that surrounds the building according to the ambulance services, at least two people were injured, but the injuries are said to be minor. they pulled the driver out of the car and handcuffed him. there was no resistance, no shouting. he didn't appear to be armed, but again taken away and there was a very strong armed response by the police. a wide area around the houses of parliament now shut down the subway station shut down, too. again, eyewitnesses have told her sister network sky news that
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it seemed to be deliberate, but the motive is unsure. march of last year there was a terror attack. a car drove into the walls outside of the houses of parliament killing five people. again the investigation on right now. cheryl: great-aunt cott, thank you very much. cheryl: here are some other headlines making news right now. a look at u.s. features and a difference a day makes. the dow was up 75 points in the premarket. as in vietnam for five, s&p up 35 and three quarters. another firefighter has been killed in the raging california wildfires. this time a six firefighter killed battling this year. as yosemite valley in yellowstone park is set to reopen to tourists a day after a three-week closure which costs
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the park millions of dollars in lost revenue. also, price of glacier national park were evacuated after lightning strike started a fire. president trump firing back at his former aide. in her new book she questions terms physical and mental fitness to become president. he said she was vicious but not smart. i would really see her hurt really bad things. she omits a great things about me until she got fired. omarosa claims the special counsel's office have reached out to her and will share time that she was asked. a new study finds blue light from our phones can cause or precipitate the leading cause of blindness. researchers warning against browsing a mobile phone or tablet in the dark. a night shift or reducing the
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emission of blue light, which laura and i did this morning on both of my sons. i'm going to do that later on this evening. a crazy week for elon musk since he announced last week he wants to take us a private. many have their doubts that he has the financing for the deal but musk says he does. the money could come from saudi arabia sovereign wealth fund. brigand tech editor, good to see you. >> that's a very good question. i've got to tell you at elon musk is the king of tweet first of the figure at the plan seems like this is what has been going on here. we saw it with the stuff he was doing about a month ago when i was doing that with this plan to take tesla private. the thing is the blog post he put up yesterday clarifying what
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he treated about last week read like a confession to me. basically he was saying okay and that was the managing your of the saudi fund and got an agreement that they would provide the funding. this is in kindergarten. you kind of need to have some due diligence before make comments that move the market and now that seems to be a bit of a scramble. you saw the tweet yesterday. he's really trying to get credibility for his initial claim. cheryl: i interpreted that blog post as you go on the first date with a guy and then book your wedding venue in the cab ride home or something. it seems like he is scrambling. morgan stanley as adam jonas says as he looks to take tesla private, if he has the money, how this actually works, how long it takes. adam jonas says he might have to
5:19 am
use his stake valued at about $15 billion according to reports. >> at, the flipside of the whole interpretation i was describing his mask is so influential in charge of two powerful companies that even when he does make suspect claims, he does have enough resources that assist those old to certify things around and really push forward with these outlandish plans. in terms of how long it would take, i honestly think you wouldn't take terribly long. honestly, it's a very good plan. everything he said in the initial blog post about the big distraction for tesla focused on the short-term rather than the long-term. the company is still relatively young. they are making big bets.
5:20 am
they need to have the flexibility to make these investments and it's probably a better case to have a private. there's enough tesla fans enough tesla sensor with a lot of money and influence could make it happen. cheryl: what about the shareholder fans that are stuck with the company as they burn through cash is the flipside of that piece. we don't have anymore time to discuss but i could talk to you for hours. cheryl: still ahead, semi-wild weather continues. stretching rain, and the northeast dependably stranded and clinging to a tree in pennsylvania. the details of his rescue coming out. angry customers yet again this time over a new subscription plan. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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cheryl: heavy rains wreak havoc on the northeast. flash flooding on several roads in pennsylvania. the city of derby under water. bloomsburg overflowing river washing away a camper. look at that. a high water rescue and phoenixville. a postdoc in the middle of a fast-moving stream after several attempts rescue crews were able to get them to safety using ropes and inflatable raft. the rescue one of many throughout central and eastern pennsylvania. >> the videos just chilling. flash flooding across parts of the northeast today. good morning. >> watching the possibility for flooding again today especially crop the northeast and
5:25 am
mid-atlantic. look at the rain we've seen over the last 24 hours or several inches on parts of pennsylvania, upstate new york. that's why we have watches for the next several hours for parts of pennsylvania and upstate new york. so much rain this summer time over the next couple days. we still have potential for more rain although it won't be for flooding rainfall we've seen over the last couple weeks. still the potential for scattered showers throughout the morning. things will start to taper off. potential for showers and thunderstorms across portions of the central u.s. and wherever the wildfires continued to burn will get a little moisture into the four corners but not in the areas that need to see it. summertime heat across the south. 80 in new york city come 86 in minneapolis, 84 in los angeles. back to you. cheryl: genesco thank you for
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cheryl: breaking news this morning. london on high alert after a car plowed through the front gates of parliament injuring several people. the latest on the investigation coming out. no real effect on the market but we are keeping an eye on breaking details coming out the green as well.
5:30 am
cheryl: turkish currency with billionaire roads has stabilized the country's finance chief. cheryl: the dow losing 125 points yesterday. s&p of 10.5, nasdaq up 39 and a quarter. lauren: mixed bag in a ship at the shanghai composite in china downed two tenths of 1% tenths of 1% picked in% picked the nikkei up two and a quarter%. cheryl: voters head to the polls for primaries in four states today. will we see the red wave president trump is hoping for? "fbn:am" continues right now. lauren: 5:30 a.m. in new york. tuesday, august 13th and lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everyone. i'm cheryl casone.
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police have arrested a man outside of parliament after his car was crushed in a security barrier. another pedestrian has been injured. scotland yard cannot say if it is related to terrorism at this time. the westminster underground station has been closed in the area around parliament has been quartered off. we'll bring you any further information if we get into our newsroom. lauren: stabilizing after plunging 6% against the u.s. dollar overnight. the central bank took steps to ease some pressure on the current fee. john leigh filled as the fox news contributor and he joins us now to discuss this economic crisis in turkey. is it a catalyst or is it an overhang on the market right now? >> it was quite different when greece was having problems part of the euro. germany has such great exposure to great debt. germany learned very little
5:32 am
exposure to turkish desperate the biggest exposure right now is $80 billion at $19 billion. european stocks are up today. there's no contagion at this moment. this is a story that so many undertones, the currency crisis, but also a political crisis here. i want you to listen to what the white house chair of the council of economic advisers told charles payne yesterday. >> turkey has seen the lira going to a collapse when we not chewed it up then nods a little bit on the policy and that reflects a lot more troubling for that country. >> there were are consequences for not having free and fair trade with countries could be next? >> well, it could beat italy, but that's a dead issue right now. the problem with turkey is
5:33 am
erdogan stayed in power because of the massive spending broke her with a falsely inflated gdp and give a lot of people jobs. it's been nominated in u.s. debt and it has a hard time finding the dollar denominated debt. same thing with energy about 90% of energy, $39 million. they are running a billion dollar shortfall right now. it looks like they're probably going to need to bail out, which were probably going to be one of the biggest funders of the bailout. that's interesting. we could wind up paying for this in the end. erdogan is trying to bully the markets for this. everything is fine trying to keep interest rates low that the central bank. he's accused to raise interest rates. inflation is rampant. -- falsely assert private the
5:34 am
interest rate because he's not connected independent. they need to raise interest rates as something erdogan doesn't want to do. he really doesn't have a big chance of winning the water. cheryl: john, thanks so much. good to see you. >> thank you. cheryl: voters in four states having to minnesota, vermont and connecticut where there is primaries prove that america now and republican strategist is a former dnc deputy press secretary democratic strategists. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. cheryl: on a stir at the new gallup poll shows a surprising numbers of socialism in the democratic party. but in the democratic party, capitalism. it's not dangerous when the economy is doing so well?
5:35 am
>> well, we have to be careful before we jump to conclusions. but, i don't think it's really true socialism. the democratic party going more to the left. i know some folks from our party do that. the socialism that we are trying to perhaps some democrats pursuing the net take that america is very different from the socialism that people try to execute. it's much different. cheryl: there is a riot. if that helped republicans fighting for their seats, especially in states where hillary clinton was victorious, specially president trump stacking those candidates. >> rosé, i want to correct you.
5:36 am
we obviously doing well overall. look what's happening with $24,000 of a married couple's income is tax-free. they have given bonuses already. $2000, $1000. this will help going into a very tumultuous election year an election cycle. you can't be negative. they can talk all they want. the reality that we've been making splashes of ways. cheryl: let's look at the reality of what's happening today. i want to start with josé. several democrats running vermont. a couple candidates pretty darn fascinating. the gubernatorial candidate first woman running for governor. this is fascinating.
5:37 am
a 14-year-old kid. do you embrace things like this within your party? >> absolutely. we should absolutely embrace it. the democratic party is not just one fraction. connecticut is way different from vermont. we've got to make sure we elect candidates that elect a commuter train to represent. that's why we have ocasio-cortez in new york because she truly represents the bronx. >> that's interesting. i want to move onto wisconsin. governor scout walker will be defending his governorship this fall. several folks. there's scout walker, but she's got a democrats going after him.
5:38 am
if trump's popularity in the state and of course the open c. paul ryan is sitting behind as the diggers dori in november. >> i do think they are the biggest in wisconsin. we've been through this before challenging times. he's overcome a recall election. this is his fourth term as governor. he obviously commoditized. they will be a challenge of course is obviously going against them. that's obviously pretty tough out there. zero well ill get through it. the bigger race of course the speaker brian. cheryl: fascinating to see this can't been in north korea. chris does that come at thank you much, guys. great to have you both here.
5:39 am
lauren: angering customers again this time over their new subscription plan. cheryl: tracee carrasco with that story and other news making headlines. lauren: subscribers who had previously canceled the service are being enrolled in two movie passes. new plans which rose up this week. subscribers received an e-mail that they had confirmed their new movie passes and even after canceling. complaining that they can eventually canceled movie pass a error message. you can imagine social media. a lot of complaints there. a lot of unhappy people. cutlery, talking chopsticks dish out three times that the ethos. we are going to sting you, does you. >> the university of maine researchers have made electric cutlery to boost taste and fight
5:40 am
obesity by cutting sugar and salt intake. so far they've created things in chopsticks which gave mild shocks to your taste buds. for example, tricks users into thinking cruiser spicier and potatoes are saltier. they are now working on knives and forks. >> if you're eating maybe the mashed potatoes you won't need as much as the mashed potato. thank you very much. plenty more ahead for you. lawmakers in west virginia voting to impeach, get this, we'll tell you why. a piece of beatles history. john won his last car. here it is up for bid. nasdaq up 40. you are watching "fbn:am." stick with us.
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lauren: good morning to welcome back. we'll show you you futures because first time in five days we've got futures pointing up. nasdaq up 36 this morning. 47 grilled michael drudge for
5:44 am
arrested after shooting and killing 28-year-old marquise maclaughlin in july over parking space in florida. the incident has reignited the stand your ground law. initially refusing to arrest him after maclachlan showed after maclachlan shoved drudge had a convenience store. he pulled out his gun and killed the unarmed maclaughlin. lawmakers in the house impeached all for the state supreme court just does and what they call an over-the-top spending scandal. two justices approved on senior status judges to be paid higher than the allowed wages. this one can only imagine rolling around in the ride like the. john lennon's last car, a 1978 mercedes-benz up for option.
5:45 am
that made it even more viable. you have some extra dough. cheryl: them hope it runs. reading on steam when it comes to earnings. investors gearing up for results from home depot before the bell. several big returning supporting this week are jonathan hoenig a capitalist pig hey, good morning. >> you almost had to blink your eyes and a look at the retail stocks. these were up for dad, thrown out, forgotten about because of the amazon effect from a year later a lot of them at 35%, 40% year-to-date. it is near an all-time high. tremendously surprising given the fact so many were tossed
5:46 am
out. >> home depot before the bell have actually been down the last three months. people will be staying put me in the be doing more home renovations. fixer uppers. would you say. >> is kind of an anomaly because it is not so much this year. consumer confidence has been tremendously high, the construction and home building has been one of the particular areas blacking because of higher mortgage rates, potential threat of a terrorist who slaughtered on the economy appeared it will be very closely watched. a lot of competition from lows as well. cheryl: also macy's is coming out tomorrow. the stock has multiple lows in 2017. now it's up 52%. would he make of this one?
5:47 am
>> businesses about competing and approving. not only by improving their selection but by closing stores. one of the great advantages to sport the martyrs have paired bases up 40% in the last couple months. because the greasy however by the rumor, sell the news. you could see the stocks fall. cheryl: i do one ask about wal-mart in jcpenney. they omit unit that push to compete with amazon. we all thought amazon was going to kill everyone. wal-mart say not so fast. they're pushing the online side of the business. what do you make of it? >> and investing a lot as well. goes to show how the fate of the u.s. economy changed. whoever is going to take on wal-mart and today we say who's going to take on amazon and wal-mart is trying.
5:48 am
they invest tremendous amounts of money in the online capacity. one of the reasons the stock hasn't been done to gearing up for this fight with amazon that continues. the stocks have been doing well. the fight isn't over yet. cheryl: it's fascinating what retail has done over the last year. great to see you. lauren: coming up, and atlanta braves rookie pulled off an historic sea. we will find out if there was the pga championship ratings. jerry and max has the 411 enforced just ahead. right now if you are just waking up, dow futures up by 73 points. s&p at nine, nasdaq up 34 is the turkish lira. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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cheryl: welcome back. a mixed bag and sports this morning from pga championship ratings to baseball. lauren: jared max is more i'm not. >> good to see you. we lead off with a leadoff hitter. twice in one day. the atlanta braves rookie had a home run over the marlins. it was the 16th home run, do you want is the doubleheader. and did something only three players before him had accomplished. >> another one in june 2 tonight.
5:53 am
deep center. can you believe it. >> ronald acuna junior. it seems the doubleheader. brave sleepy and only us. cleveland indians recovering from a life threatening back to infection and attacks his internal organs entered through his bloodstream. she's getting better, but the indians say progress will be measured in weeks, not days. you watch a lot of golf on sunday? you are not alone. the pga championship highest in nine years. since the last time tiger woods has been a contention to win within one shot of koepka's lead three times and 69% higher than one year ago in the final round. check this out. the sabrina u.s. open 22. serena loves it. she told the magazine when i first tried on the dress i felt very strong and feminine at the
5:54 am
same time. warren, could you finish this. lauren: don't feel comfortable reading this? it has all the really strong elements from the leather to the cool stretchy material i felt so feminine and the 22, which is probably my favorite part of it. cheryl: i love it. it's expensive but another traded think it's great. >> $500. jacketed sneakers. lauren: is that maggie? >> i think so. it's a louis vuitton. cheryl: thanks, jared. you can catch the fox news headlines on channel 115. coming up, the turkish lira stabilizing again the good news. dropping in the country's economic crisis. we are heading to london. be
5:55 am
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lauren: we continue to watch turkey is there a recovering lost ground after plunging as much as 10% overnight as turkey central bank take steps to stabilize the currency pair joshua mahoney's market analyst at ag in london and he joins us now. what exactly are you watching for this morning? be my good morning, yes. some of the stuff we have seen for the central bank including
5:58 am
adding increasing liquidity. the interesting thing is they will be lending at a rate higher. everyone's been looking for whether they are going to see a rate rise in this in some sense has a defect or rate rise. keep an eye out for the fact we have got ahead of the finance minister in turkey having a thousand indexers to clearly try to allay those fears. the u.s. against turkey in the turkish prime minister has laid out essentially his dictation that they're going to impose sanctions on u.s. electrical products. they are going to go away anytime soon and the long-term trend is to the downside. cheryl: thank you are great to have you on the show, sir. lauren: thank you for joining us. we are going to say good morning to neil cavuto. >> it is very early. very, very early. i admire how you guys do that.
5:59 am
thank you very much, guys. a couple developments here. i am neil cavuto in for my colleague and friend maria bartiromo. very big news on the retail sector. home depot kicking things off. i should also tell you things have stabilized when it comes to turkey. that is sort of a perspective on the freefall. that doesn't take away the fact that currency has been cut in half if you think about it in little more than a couple weeks. we'll be on top of that on the fallout. for the european markets, asian markets, they welcome this development because the beating for the moment.yet that doesn't mean it will not resume down the road for now. the markets are seizing. these contagion fears are real no matter what his top name. the fact they could have a market you name it, all caught on the next.
6:00 am
fox contributor cat tent. mobile economics editor john posen rapid investment strategist lindsay bell. why don't we begin with you first on your concerns about what's been happening with turkey. a little bit of stability today. what do you make of this. >> the stability today is an encouraging development for sure. as he said from he said camilla are down almost 50% year-to-date. that shocking for this type of country. the issue here is that they don't have government do, they have debt that is coming from other countries and is valued in the dollar. as the dollar rises, this is a problem at cfr if we reduce our exposure earlier this year because interest rates are rising and the dollar is expected to rise. that is an area we wanted to move away from.


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