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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 15, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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thanks for being with us. tomorrow we'll be talking with joe digenova and john solomon. we hope you'll be with us. thanks for being with us tonight and good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: omarosa is a snake. the president should never have hired her in the first place! she is famous for causing problems. has he never seen "the apprentice"? and now the media's playing right into her silly hands as she publicly fights with the white house in order to sell copies of her dumb book which comes out to the. in the latest twist, she continued pushing her claim that there is a tape of the president using the n-word. so far she has produced doughnuts, no evidence. the white house has filed an arbitration claim against her, accusing her of breaking her nondisclosure agreement. they're demanding she pay millions in penalties. omarosa says the administration is just trying to silence her. today on cbs this morning, gayle
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king questioned her motives. gayle? >> it almost feels like a form of blackmail with the tapes. either release the tapes -- >> i'm not asking for anything. i'm telling my story in "unhinged." if you get the book, you see the quote. it is backed up and verified. kennedy: except for the backed up and verified part. but instead of ignoring her, the president, of course, stepped in and invited even more controversy when he tweeted, quote: when you give a crazed, crying low life a break and give her a job at the white house, i guess it just didn't work out. good work by general kelly for quickly firing that dog. but let's not forget the liberal media's role in keeping this story right on the front page. this afternoon white house press secretary sarah sanders called them on it. watch. >> i think all not only those of us here in the white house, but frankly, i think most of america would be happy to ignore it. unfortunately, the individuals in this room continue to create a large platform for somebody they know not to have a lot of
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credibility, for someone they, frankly, refuse to give a platform here when they worked here at the white house. kennedy: if they loved omarosa so much, why didn't they give her this attention when she worked in the white house? joining me now, a man who once sat across from president trump in that very boardroom, fox news correspondent at large and author of the geraldo show, geraldo rivera. welcome back to the show. >> thank you, kennedy. it's delightful to be here. kennedy: i'm so happy you're here. isn't this exactly what omarosa wants? >> well, you know, she wants to sell books. she would, you know, her loyalty is paper thin. she's basically out for herself. she's flamboyant and charismatic and absolutely without scruples. you know, she is making charges about the president that i think are absolute fabrications. i've been with him at least a hundred times, i never heard -- in public and private -- i never
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heard him utter anything like that gutter word coming out of his mouth. it never happened. you know, she loved him until he fired her, now she hates him and will do anything to destroy the him. i think that it is unfortunate the story's getting -- kennedy: how long have you known this about her personality? [laughter] >> you know, i didn't compete against omarosa, but the fact of the matter is that for 15 years donald trump has kept her close, you know? he's had her on the show at least three times. she continues to lose, but she continues to rate, and the president has always been big on, you know, on ratings. so he kept her around. you know, she is a, you know, for all her flamboyance, she is a very powerful person. the strength of character, you saw her in that clip you played, she's, you know, she's very forceful -- kennedy: she's really good at -- >> a formidable adversary. kennedy: -- saying the name of a book over and over again.
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you really have to do that. did you ever warn the president about her behavior and her personality? >> no, that wasn't my place. he made a bad choice to keep her so close and bring her, you know, i think there was a confusion there, reality television to real life, to bring her so close and to let her get so trusted that she could enter the situation room with the president's chief of staff with a illegal bug on and get john kelly, general kelly on tape, you know, and taping the president and taping god knows who else in that building. she's totally without scruples. she's, she's like a cockroach that you can't, you can't kill her. she's going to keep coming back. kennedy: she is. >> she'll survive even radioactive. she wins because -- kennedy: if we describe her in the most negative way, if we only describe what she's doing, if we don't even use pejorative terms the talk about her and the things we find offensive, she
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still wins because everyone's talking about her, and it's not just about books. she's really one of those people -- and this is, you know this, you interviewed so many people including criminals and gangsters and con men and women throughout your illustrious career. you know that in order to be a villain, you have to feast on the negativity as much as the accolades. >> except, kennedy, when the president calls her a dog, what does he do? he now gives the moral high ground to the person who has stabbed him in the back. kennedy: yeah. i thought that was a very dumb move. >> you can't call a black woman a dog. you can't call an african-american person a low life that way. she's a back of stabber, she's a bully, you know? she's a fill in the blanks. but to go at her level, it's not only punching down, it's in the gutter. and if you're in the gutter, the
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guttersnipe always wins. and so -- kennedy: maybe he should have just call her a guttersnipe. yeah, no, i understand. is she charming? >> well, i don't know her. kennedy: i've met her a bunch of time. >> an omarosa wan a that be, ken ya moore, who stole the cell phone of vivica fox and put phony tweets on it, you know? we had our own back-stabber. kennedy: remember when someone did that with your account? that was rude. [laughter] >> that was very rude. very rude. kennedy: i know. thank goodness, baby, you looked good. what sticks here from all of this? [laughter] >> you know, no one's talking about the fact that african-american unemployment is at record lows -- kennedy: yes. >> no one's talking about the
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fact that more la are tee knows are working -- latinos are working than ever before, the economy's buzzing, the the president's tenure in office has been a resounding success. everyone's talking about, you know, the pop cultural side show, the reality tv, the burlesque, the soap opera. she says, now he says, now she says, now he says. it's going to stretch this story out. you know, she gets busted, everyone who interviews her. gayle king was busting her. savannah guthrie made her look so cheap and dishonest on "today show," and host after host has been savaging omarosa, but when the president calls her a a dog -- kennedy: yeah, that's what we're left talking about. you would think that we're in the middle of the border separation crisis again. you would think it's the day after the helsinki press conference, the way everyone is responding. and it's because they're both behaving like professional wrestlers, as it were. and, you know -- >> right. kennedy: -- the drip, drip, drip of the audiotapes continue until she makes it to the top of some list if she's not careful, it's
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going to be the most wanted for breaking that nda. do you think she's going to have to pay millions of dollars in cash and prizes to the white house? >> no, and i -- you know, arbitration is secret. you never know what happens in arbitration, and if she does, indeed, show up for arbitration, i think that it will go badly for her. but i don't think it'll ever get to that. i think that at some point the president's going to recognize the principle of diminishing marginal returns, stop mentioning her and start focusing on the big issues that he has on his plate right now. this is so much going on with north korea not denuke hardizing -- denuclearizing, with turkey and the lira collapsing. there's so much stuff going on in the world, i want him focused on the big stuff. i worry that that, you know, if you do eight tweets on omarosa, that's at least eight minutes when you're focused on something other than what the american people -- kennedy: that's right. and speak of focus, geraldo rivera is so good, he's playing this season for the cleveland cavaliers. geraldo, thank you very much. >> okay.
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[laughter] kennedy: it's true. he's that good. omarosa also told cbs for a very long time she looked up to the president. what an angel. here she is. >> he was my mentor for many, many years, and, you know, in 2003 i wanted to be like him. i grew up in extreme poverty in youngstown, ohio, and i aspired to be a billionaire one day, and what better way than to study under a billionaire. >> what do you think will come out of all of this? >> i think the truth matters, and i believe that we should keep the truth as a priority. kennedy: is why is she turning on the man she called a mentor? is it really about claims that the president used a racial slur, or is there more to this story? tonight's panel, he serves as the editor-in-chief at campus reform, lawrence jones is back, along with the daily caller editor-in-chief and author of the art of the donald, chris bedford. and the only person who has an intercontinental belt from the
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wwe, superstar dofl zigler, the reigning champion. >> that title on me. kennedy: editor-in-chief of the intercontinental belt wearers of america. >> easy for you to say. ken it's not at all. gentlemen, welcome. lawrence, as you watch all of this unfold, does it feel like everything is just fake? >> i feel like i'm watching a movie because i saw this coming. as a matter of fact, i warned the trump campaign about this -- kennedy: did you really? >> yes, i did. kennedy: okay, what did you say? >> i told them that omarosa is the bad person to lead the black outreach effort, it was all about omarosa. she blocked a lot of black conservatives and republicans and libertarians away from the president. this was all along omarosa's plan. as you can see, she had a tape recording from the campaign. but the white house is stupid. the campaign was stupid. they thought that she was the most effective person to run outreach.
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and omarosa's getting her way, so they get what they deserve. i see history repeating themselves, because there are a lot of black faces that are on tv that say they represent the conservative movement that care about black outreach, and the trump administration is so quick to put them on their team. and this will happen again and again and again. so -- kennedy: that's unfortunate, because there are people who are very, very passionate about a free market economy and conservative principles, and they've tried to get that across to the president. you're saying they have been rooster blocked by omarosa -- [laughter] and that is not okay. speaking of animals -- [laughter] every time the president gets himself into a pickle, and you said this yourself, i will give you credit for the statement. you have said that the president needs to get a dog. [laughter] >> well, everybody needs to get a dog. kennedy: but now we know, he doesn't like dogs! >> no, he doesn't. kennedy: he hates dogs. >> and omarosa's not the only prominent person he's called a dog, also jim comey --
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[laughter] kennedy: kristin stewart. >> everybody. >> david gregory. this guy is the face of african-american community, it's really obscene. [laughter] kennedy: that's why he's not on nbc anymore. >> no, he's gone now. it's so sad. we miss him. just because donald trump blasted him into oblivion. the press is going to decide he's racist no matter what. one reporter said, well, we already know he's a racist, so the tape doesn't really matter. people who have known president donald trump, he's got a couple weaknesses. he's got a terrible junk food habit. he's had some trouble with his -- kennedy: okay, now, i want to interject here. >> [inaudible] [laughter] kennedy: are we having some sort of a -- >> do not speak about my -- [laughter] >> everyone uses ketchup for steak. [laughter] kennedy: mark burr net could make so much money right now if he produced that tape. i don't know what his political leanings are, and if he has a
12:13 am
tape and he's put it on lockdown, he needs to be in charge of white house communications. baf. [laughter] because if he can stop leaks that effectively -- >> he's got the job. kennedy: he should have the job. do you think that omarosa could be in the trouble here financially? and it's weird that you hear about people in entertainment, obviously, from the harvey weinstein scandal and also in business signing ndas. anytime you pitch a new idea to a company, they have you sign something. >> i give away a bucket of baseballs with all the ones i sign out. kennedy: very classy. >> thank you. they're signed by derek jeter. [laughter] if she is, there'll be a gofundme, and we'll take all her legal fees and finish. >> that's exactly right. she's not an idiot. >> she's not an idiot at all. >> she's very strategic, and she learned from the best, donald trump. she was all about his ego.
12:14 am
he said in his suite, she was very nice to me. and so -- and she begged, and i hired her as a result of that. i thought you hired the best people. it's insane to me. >> compliment. [laughter] >> what is the phrase for fool me four times? >> right! [laughter] >> this is the fourth time she was fired. kennedy: shame on -- >> all of you. >> as bush would say, you know, you know what i'm talking about. >> i'm not sure if the tape even matters at this point, because you have people on the current campaign in the administration that were essentially agreeing and freak out on the tape as if he said it. they can dispute it all they want to, but i heard the audio. i don't know how you doctored that. kennedy: with obamacare you can't doctor anything anymore, because there are no more doctors. [laughter] can't fool me. >> never mind. [laughter] >> you know what i i mean. kennedy: the panel will return later. first up, however, president trump has a message for anyone considering taking him on in 2020, i dare you, bro. or sissy. and you know who you won't
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now. voters in four states today picking candidates for system of november be's most contested house, senate and governor's races in today's primary elections. those states include wisconsin -- that hot pot -- minnesota, connecticut and vermont. there are a lot of very interesting candidates to watch tonight, so how will these primaries affect the midterms in november? and who should we keep a close eye on as a result? the results are starting to purr in right now, fox business network's edward lawrence in washington, he's got his finger on the electoral trigger, and he's got the latest. >> reporter: yeah, kennedy, very key races and none bigger than the house race to replace house speaker paul ryan. his announcement to be retired, and now he has endorsed his former staffer for the post. on the state level, governor scott walker e held off a recall election in 2012. he's the favorite to make it through the primary, but he might have a tough time against the democratic favorite, state school superintendent tony evers, there are eight candidates on the democratic side there. across four states that are
12:20 am
having primaries, republicans are looking to see if the president helps them or hurts them. they want to see if the candidates who embrace the president get the nod or the candidates who run putting him at the arm's length get the nod. now, in connecticut the retire thing governor faces a popularity problem which may open the door to turn the state blue at the governor's level, or, i'm sorry, turn this blue state red at the governor's level for the first time in eight years. the congressional races democrats are expected to win the midterms there in connecticut. now, a different story in minnesota. voters will be looking at four candidates -- i mean, four house races for candidates. now, that could very well be the deciding balance in the house of representatives. now, two of those seats the gop believes they have a shot to flip from democrat to republican. in vermont senator bernie sanders is expected to have a very easy time, in fact, he is projected to be the winner in vermont. so is the lone congressman from vermont there, a democrat. now, through a loophole there
12:21 am
there's a 14-year-old running for governor of vermont, and right now he's got 9% of the vote. he can't even vote yet. 227 years ago the forefathers there added, i guess they decided not to add an age requirement. you only have to live in the state for three years, so ethan has, like i said, 4% of the vote. he's on the democratic side for governor. kennedy? kennedy: and he'll be ten times more mature than anyone in washington right now. i hope he wins. edward, thanks so much. >> reporter: thanks, kennedy. kennedy: now on to 2020. democrats are going to have so many presidential candidates, they're going to offer a groupon. last night president trump says he's already picked out an opponent, and that person is new york governor andrew cuomo. >> he called me and he said i'll never run for president against you, but maybe he wants to. oh, please do it. please. [laughter] [applause] please. he did is say that.
12:22 am
maybe he -- the one thing we know, they do say anybody that runs against trump suffers. [cheers and applause] kennedy: oh, no. it could be cynthia nixon. cuomo is disputing the president's account of their exchange, but if he does run, he could face off against michael avenatti who released a litany of policy positions on twitter as he explores his own presidential bid. hang on. avenatti rose to fame representing stormy daniels, but he's hoping his rise will be powered by medicare for all and legal weed. well, we'd ask what he's smoking, but i think we already know. so who isn't running for the democrats in 2020? it's probably a shorter list. and is it wise for the president to start picking these political fights now? let me ask washington times opinion editor and fox news contributor charles hurt. charlie, leaderboard to the show -- welcome back to the
12:23 am
show. it's always entertaining to see who the president takes aim at during his rallies. [laughter] and the democratic side looks like it's going to get very crowded. now, when the president talks about being excited about the prospect of andrew cuomo or joe biden, are those the people he actually fears the most? >> no. i think he really is excite about them, and i think that he's only excited about them when he's thinking about them, because when he's thinking about elizabeth warren, he gets very excited about running against elizabeth warren. and the truth of the matter is any one of them, i think, would be a terrific matchup. there's soften things i love -- so many things i love about donald trump. he's kind of truth serum, and he makes a lot of politicians around him suddenly start speaking the truth. and this is an important thick because there's a statistic about how many politicians from dogcatcher all the way to the united states senator all across the country, what percentage of them think that they should be the next president. all of them.
12:24 am
kennedy: yes. >> 100% of them think it. but people like andrew cuomo from a place like new york, they're smart enough to keep their mouth shut and never, never admit that he has presidential aspirations. but then you have donald trump come along, and he does -- it's like the freak show's come to town, and all of these politicians are liker okay, well, then i'm going to come out of the closet and let my freak flag fly -- ken whoa, charlie, you know, i celebrate that and encourage that -- >> hey, i do too. this is another thing we should thank president trump for. we have politicians running as open socialists, we had kamala harris talking last week about -- kennedy: identity politics. >> the importance of using race in politics. kennedy: and i think, i think you're going to see gavin newsom make a run for it as well, because all these people, you're absolutely right, they think they 100% can beat donald trump, and they 100% think they're better than everybody else which makes all of them 100% annoying.
12:25 am
[laughter] >> yeah. and, of course, they look at donald trump, and they're too stupid to actually understand what the genius of donald trump. and they think that it was just sort of like a fluke that it happened. they don't realize that he was actually talking about real issues that connected with people in both parties in a way that no other politician has. but they just think, okay, i can just go and be a freak, and i'll win the white house. well, it's not going to work that way. and we also have seen, we saw this in the primary in 2016, when politicians try to emulate donald trump, that's when they get, that's when they get beat up the worst. kennedy: yes, absolutely right. when they go to the gutter and play on what they think is his level d. >> right. kennedy: that's when they end up getting played, and it's most entertaining. i'm sad we won't see him debate as much was e -- as we did in 2016. i will be very curious to see what the democrats wring out in even other -- bring out in each
12:26 am
other. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: president trump is furious with attorney general jeff sessions for not putting an end to the mueller probe. i'm pretty mad as well, i'll tell you why the president should really give the ag the boot. monologue and deign in perino -- dana perino next. -i've seen lots of homes helping new customers bundle and save big, but now it's time to find my dream abode. -right away, i could tell his priorities were a little unorthodox. -keep going. stop. a little bit down. stop. back up again. is this adequate sunlight for a komodo dragon? -yeah. -sure, i want that discount on car insurance just for owning a home, but i'm not compromising. -you're taking a shower? -water pressure's crucial, scott! it's like they say -- location, location, koi pond. -they don't say that. it's like they say -- location, location, koi pond. too hot to work? nah. this is the gator xuv835. with game-changing heat and air,
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12:30 am
sessions as the awol ag does nothing to neutralize his toxic relationship with the leader of the free world. president trump has repeatedly taken to twitter to give deaf jeff some digital lashings like this morning tweet about russian collusion. the president writing, quote: if we had a real attorney general, this witch hunt would never have been started. looking at the wrong people. this phony bologna crony has been on the heated end of sir donald for over a year now. if all the russian meddling took place in the obama administration, why aren't they the subject of the investigation? why didn't obama do something about the meddling? why aren't democrats under investigation? ask jeff sessions. the president turns into archie bunker over jefferson's mentality, but he should be fuming for these reasons: sessions equates cannabis use with heroin and says dubiously of multiple studies showing how legal marijuana drastically
12:31 am
reduces opioid overdose deaths this -- >> i'm astonished to hear people suggest we can solve our heroin crisis, have you heard this? by having more marijuana. how stupid is that? give me a break. kennedy: oh, pull your head out of your honey hole, jeff. one recent study shows states with medical marijuana had a 25% drop in opioid overdose deaths over an 11-year period. he not only demonizes the substance as far less innocuous than alcohol, he also champions -- it's far more innocuous -- he champions the civil asset forfeiture, and he wants to fully fund the drug war, and he's on the wrong side of criminal justice reform. every time the president has a productive round table about these necessary reforms, i hope the hot, the heat sweats and melts jeff sessions' waxy facade. his display of opacity and
12:32 am
cowardice in the russian investigation pale to his multitude of obvious i flaws, and if the president isn't going to fire him, i will delight in seeing him troll his troubled ag by championing the right causes where sessions is all wrong. sorry, jeff, the writing is on the wall. grow a pair or go home. and that's the memo. jeff sessions was one of the president's first and most ardent supporters back when he was just a candidate, but president trump has been on a nearly 18 month tirade against his ag ever since he recused himself in the russia probe. so should the president get it over with and can him or would that create more problems? joining me now, former press secretary for george w. bush and co-host of "the five" on the fox news channel, it is dana perino. welcome back. >> it's good to be here. men. kennedy: so jeff sessions is a lightning rod in this administration, and it's really
12:33 am
interesting because those two were so close. jeff sessions took him around congress and introduced him to very kept call senators and congressmen and women, and now they couldn't be more opposite. >> i don't think they are actually that opposite. there's the one issue, which i'll get to, that the president's mad about. other than that, i think the president backs him on his position on drugs. i think he likes what he's trying to do on criminal justice reform. i think he likes what he's doing on health care, going after the pharmaceutical companies. i actually think jeff sessions is probably doing exactly what president trump wants on all of those other issues except for one. if the president has the courage of his convictions, instead of trying to dehumanize and malign his attorney general and basically trying to destroy the institution of the department of justice, fire him. kennedy: do you feel bad for him? >> no, i don't. everybody serves at the pleasure of the president. if jeff sessions is getting pleasure out of this, i would be surprised, but i think he is a patriot. he was the first believer in
12:34 am
donald j. trump. i think that counts for something. i mean, basically -- kennedy: is so was omarosa though. >> that's true, but session is the not going the write a tell-all. comparing omarosa and sessions is a disgrace. that can't actually be in the same sentence. the other thing is jeff sessions made a principled decision to recuse himself from the russia investigation. so they disagree with it, fine. so either fire him or accept that he made a principled decision that you disagree with. and if president trump thinks that firing jeff sessions will be problematic, i actually think, you know, keeping him around, i don't know if it's actually helping him either. kennedy: i don't think it helps anyone. i think jeff sessions is so wrong on so many issues. i like that the president is listening to people like jared kushner because jeff sessions has rolled back one of the few good things that eric holder did many that justice department -- in that justice department was issue memos not only on sentencing guidelines, but also on how the federal government should interact with states that have legalized marijuana.
12:35 am
>> and on asset forfeiture, i mean, there are concerns there -- kennedy: sessions is horrible. >> right. i also think that -- i don't think that president trump and jeff sessions are far apart when it comes to most policies. kennedy: see, i think the president is being pulled to the evolving side of this e debate where his son-in-law is, and i think jeff sessions is firmly entrenched in an area of law and order which which, you know, it's going to lose favor with the coming generation of voters regardless of whether or not they're republican or democrat. i think that jeff sessions made a bad choice in recusing himself and not telling the president. i don't think he should have left alabama if they wanted to leave the state in two red senators' hands. >> well, i mean, but who would have thought that you would not have a republican replace jeff sessions in alabama? that was, i mean, we all know what happened there. i mean, the republicans decided to put roy moore in that position, and that turned out to be disastrous. i don't know, the president uses jeff sessions as the way to talk
12:36 am
about the mueller investigation as a witch hunt. if it wasn't for jeff sessions, i don't know -- now peter strzok is gone. what else are they going to do but basically decide to go after robert mueller who doesn't respond either? kennedy: no, he doesn't respond. we were talking about this a little bit today on "the five." what happens not only with sessions, but with the mueller probe? and, you know, sessions whether he likes it or not is the gatekeeper to the institution -- >> well, he is. and i don't know if you saw in the "wall street journal" this weekend, there was this big story that said that president trump and rod rosenstein, now they're getting a along great, and their relationship is fantastic. it's fantastic, their relationship. [laughter] so i don't think that people in the trump administration have a lot to worry about when it comes to rod rosenstein. i'd let the investigation end, end appropriately -- >> kennedy: i agree with that. >> and be able to walk away and say, okay, we're going to focus on other things. i also don't think they're hindered because of the mueller investigation. this administration moves at lightning fast speed -- kennedy: they learned that from
12:37 am
the clinton investigation. compartmentalize -- >> and win re-election. kennedy: you're absolutely right. we shall see what the road holds. it's been crazy and wining up to this point. -- wining up to this point. winding. >> i pick? kennedy: absolutely. [laughter] thanks so much. i'll give you a whole pack. five suspects accused of running a terror training camp in new mexico could be free on bond at any moment because the judge said there was no specific threat. but the community and police say they are outraged. according to investigators, the camp was full of children allegedly being trained to conduct school shootings. the two men and three women were arrested august 3rd living in a filthy makeshift structure can with 11 kids. prosecutors say one of the suspects trained the children how to use firearms including tactical skills and speed loading. the judge said prosecutors failed to prove the group was a danger to the community and didn't make the case for keeping
12:38 am
them in custody while they await trial. breaking tonight, authorities had to clear the courthouse because of threats against the judge, but with allegations of terror training and child abuse, why on earth would they be free until trial? joining me now, criminal defense attorney david bruno. welcome back, david. >> hello, kennedy. kennedy: so break this down for me because, obviously, when we talk about criminal justice reform, we want judges to have some sort of discretion as to how they sentence people and who goes out on bond and who is held until trial. this seems like an odd decision, but the judge has a history of this. what is the reaction? >> yeah. well, this is the first step in criminal justice reform, and it goes to bail. there are a lot of states throughout the country that have overhauled their bail process, and new mexico is one of them. i actually practice in new jersey which has also done this. and, in fact, there's a presumption that people are are going to be released, believe it or not. they've moved away from monetary bail to this risk assessment.
12:39 am
now, the one issue here is that the only charges that these people have child abuse. i mean, if they were to be charged with conspiracy to commit a acts of terrorism or even this is a 3-year-old that was found dead on the property . there's manslaughter or murder charges, there would have been a better argument for the state to detain them. they did not. they stuck with those child abuse charges, and the judge just didn't buy it. she said that you haven't presented a plan, you're asking me to make a great leap, and i am just not doing that. that's why they were released. kennedy: all right. so, you know, you have the kids who were saying that they were being taught how to shoot up banks and a school and that the dead child, their presumed relative, they were told was going to be resurrected as jesus and was going to lead them which groups of people to attack. >> yeah. that's the big one, okay? there's a 3-year-old that's dead. one of the defendants actually
12:40 am
abducted his son from georgia, and he's not being released because he's going to be extradited to georgia on the abduction. but they are in the process of trying to figure out how that body died. there's one of the children that has a firsthand account of how. they were trying to extract the demons from him. right? i don't know why the state and the prosecutors are sitting on that. because if there's a murder, if there's a manslaughter, if there's a child abuse that results in death, they would have had a much better argument. but they're holding back for some reason, and they didn't charge the terrorism act. so the judge was like, okay, there's child abuse, but where are the other charges? i could see how the judge made that decision, unfortunately. kennedy: interesting. well, you know, it'll be very curious to see what happens with these people. and it obviously requires more explanation. i don't care who you are, you cannot harm children. there is no excuse for that. and i think this judge and, obviously, these adults have a
12:41 am
lot to answer for. david, thank you so much. >> pleasure. good to see you. kennedy: you too, thanks. coming up, liberal politicians have declared war on the gig economy. the first victims, uber and lyft. what? what do democrats risk alienating millennial voters with their stupid new regulations in the panel returns next. ♪
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♪ ♪
12:45 am
kennedy: to democrats have a millennial problem? apparently so, because the party's war on the gig economy certainly could cause one. democrats are putting limits on companies that offer freelance work like lyft and uber, and according to liz peek another the hill, this is a sure fire way to lose young voters. lawrence jones, chris bedford and dolph zigler, lawrence, i will start with you. >> millennial. kennedy: yes, you are. you are a smart and sassy young man with your finger on the pulse -- [laughter] and you know that there are bright spots in the economy wheneverren ingenuity and technology meet. great things happen, and statists always have to smother those ideas. >> yeah. i don't even think this is like a trump thing or republican or democrat think. it's just like don't do dumb stuff that's going to make it harder for millennials. they already like it easy. [laughter] kennedy: you're like the fat
12:46 am
people on the spaceship in wall-e. just cruising around drinking dinner from a cup. >> right. and so we already want free stuff, so don't make us pay for things like, you know, take our lyfts away -- kennedy: yep. >> it's just a dumb strategy. kennedy: so, you know, it's obviously a choice between unions and technology. and, you know, the democratic old guard, they are beholden to unions. and, you know, just like there are people who say that you're not going to bring manufacturing jobs back to the midwest, you're not going to bring union jobs back to cab drivers. >> well, i mean, the unions are kind of this a tough space here. they lose out to the environmentalists with the democratic party, to the gig economy if the millennials actually care enough to start voting based on anything other than social issues and rock stars like president obama. the unions are getting less money -- kennedy: such a rock star. >> a lot of republicans are passing legislation that you no longer have to join the union to work in these industries -- kennedy: right the work.
12:47 am
>> and they're voting for president trump. kennedy: yeah. >> so the democrat, they'll probably lose out in this equation. the organized guys in washington, d.c. will lose out, and the union workers who are voting for a lot of things that president trump supports, they'll probably win. kennedy: yeah. but it's going to be tougher to get an uber or a lyft in cities like new york. you know, chicago, austin and portland, they're all going to follow suit. so what happens? they're not going to fix the subways. >> not going to fix the subways. it says it's going to fix traffic, and it's not. it's just not there for it, it doesn't matter. millennials are using lyft and uber and everything else, and they're the ones driving it too because i know a bunch of people in california -- >> that's true. >> -- who don't want to do the waitress job, and this is something, i can roll my eyes and drive the person around. and you're to now stopping them from getting in or driving, and then now maybe they do, guy, this time, this election we're serious. we're going to vote this timeful we're totally going to do it. [laughter] the day after they'll be like,
12:48 am
that was yesterday? [laughter] >> bummer! >> i hope that's not the case, because no matter what side i'm on, i hope people get off their butts and do a little homework. kennedy: all right. thank you so much. thank you so much. so many millennials. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. that's the same thing ti want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one!
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♪ ♪ kennedy: stormy daniels has
12:52 am
officially joined the cast of "big brother." it's a chance for her fans to see her as they've never seen her before -- with clothes on. delete your search history because this is the topical storm. topic number one. yeah, there it is. we begin tonight at crazy bruce's liquor store in bristol, connecticut, where customers are living the wild life. oh, yeah. look at this. this bear came down with a case of the mondays, so he decided to hit the bottle hard. because like my staff, he lives by the motto, it's nine a.m. somewhere. the only problem is he forgot his id, and the store refused to serve him. it's just as well. last time he went to crazy bruce's, he got so hammered he wound up hooking up with a real cow, which is why you should never drink fireball in a barn, allegedly. [laughter] authorities -- that's udderly nonsense. [laughter] authorities say the bear ran out of the store and is believed to be hiding somewhere that nobody in their right mind would ever
12:53 am
go, like a liz warren rally. topic number two. the pittsburgh steelers, they've got a fan who got busted for impersonating safety troy polamalu, yeah, it's a story that hits home for us here in new york where the jets have been impersonating professional football players for decades. [laughter] polamalu retired in 2014, so when this guy ran onto the field in his jersey, security threw the challenge flag. the guy came from his car where all the criminals in football go, to the bengals. the impersonator has been seen over 500,000 times. it would actually be a much bigger story, but none of the fans could text the word polamalu without it auto-correcting. did you mean palmolive? no, polamalu. poles in malibu? damn you, curses, technology! topic number three.
12:54 am
let's head out to colorado where police are looking for a cat burglar. uh-oh. cops say she came in through the bathroom window because apparently she's a big beatles fan. but when the owner came home, she did not let it be and decided to call the po-po. unclear what motivated the break-in, but knowing colorado, we're guessing the munchies. the lion eventually walked out the front door. turn around now, and returned to the wild where she was last seen partying with a friend. apparently they were joined by a wild turkey and some old crow. [laughter] topic number four. the cleveland browns are winning football games, are to winning football games as hillary clinton is to winning elections. it happened but not nearly as often as either of them would like. bud light is giving the browns a vote of confidence. the company is placing victory fridges around the city that will automatically unlock and give fans free beer if the team wins a game.
12:55 am
and that's a big if, because the browns went 0-16 last year. technically 0-17 if you count the father/son game. but things are looking up in cleveland. not only did they take baker mayfield with the first nfl draft pick, they also just signed an all-pro safety. you won't catch this guy on "hard knocks," but you will see him on "cops." hey, that's my tummy! topic number five. finally, a missouri nun was arrested this week for allegedly smuggling cocaine inside her high heels. as a result, all masses have been canceled at our lady of charlie sheen. [laughter] because we don't have any of the sacraments. the good sister was arriving in the sydney airport when a drug-sniffing dog alerted to these hoofs. she claims she got them as a gift from a friend. these aren't my shoes. [laughter] apparently confused ma knoll low man nick from manolo from scar face. she also had marijuana in her possession. you go, girl.
12:56 am
police did not buy her story. the good news is with all that coke, it's only a matter of time before someone buys her story and makes a reboot of the flying nun. [laughter] what? yeah, praise be. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999, intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts. so you wake up ready to train for that marathon. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. ends wednesday.
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infection from 17% to 1%, a 94% decrease. neulasta onpro is designed to deliver neulasta the day after chemo and is used by most patients today. neulasta is for certain cancer patients receiving strong chemotherapy. do not take neulasta if you're allergic to it or neupogen (filgrastim). an incomplete dose could increase infection risk. ruptured spleen, sometimes fatal as well as serious lung problems, allergic reactions, kidney injuries and capillary leak syndrome have occurred. report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. kennedy: we've got an election alert out of kansas. governor jeff colyer has just conceded in last week's gop primary race for kansas governor. the incumbent is throwing his
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weight behind secretary of state kris kobach. separated by less than 500 votes, thank you so much for watching the show tonight. tomorrow night, mark slaughter, - [narrator] the following is a paid advertisement for credit secrets sponsored by info up, llc. the product endorsers who appear have been compensated for their travel and lodging costs. all of the endorsers are actual enthusiastic and successful users of the credit secrets program. (upbeat music) - hi i'm larry king. you know you could be through no fault of your own one of the tens of millions of people in our country with a lower credit score than you deserve


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