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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 15, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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har -- harmeet dhillon and chris farrell. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: president trump on the offensive against his deep state opponents, yanking the security clearance of former cia director james brennan. the intel chief accused president trump of lying, dividing the nation and degrading the presidency. the president calls him a partisan hack with zero credibility. today sarah huckabee sanders dropped the hatchet. >> he accessed highly sensitive
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information while making allegations on the internet and television about this administration. his lying and misconduct by frenzied commentary is. kennedy: today on msnbc john brennan claimed the american people will see through all of this. >> mr. trump has shown himself to be somebody who is first and foremost concerned about himself. and who is concerned about how he appears and his poll numbers and other things. i'm confident in the resilience and strength of this nation. mr. trump is not going to bring this country down. i think in fact the opposite will happen. kennedy: is brennan trying to
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bring the president down and is the president right to revoke his security clearance? should others lose theirs as well? let me ask the former special assistant or vice president pence. i feel like there are way too many people who get an inside look at all of these secrets. and with that comes a great deal of power. the problem is, if you are only selectively cherry picking security clearances to revoke, it looks like you are only punishing your enemies. why isn't there a longer list? >> that may be something that comes in the future. what you are seeing today, the action by the president shows director brennan doesn't hold the trust of the united states government any longer to hold the nation's secrets.
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this man lied to congress about the cia getting into the computer files of congressional staffers. he misled staffers on a number of issues, and he doesn't need the clearance any longer. kennedy: dianne feinstein accused the cia of spying on her and gaining access to her computer as well as other devices, and brennan had to come clean and apologize to her. that's how his cia was operating. should george tenet and james woolsey still have security clearance? >> i had security clearance when i worked in the white house. and when i left the white house that clearance ended because i didn't need it any longer. a security clearance is not a right. this is a professional courtesy used primarily so the successors can took you their predecessors
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on areas where there may be overlap. we are two years into the trump administration and i can guarantee there is nobody at the highest levels of the cia that want to talk to john brennan about anything that would be confidential. kennedy: mark warner has been critical of the president for this. i think the white house has to be careful not to appear vindictive and note just wagging the dog to get oklahom omarosa e front page. where do we go with this conversation to make sure it's a rational one ground in good decisions and constitutional securedship. >> maybe we need to look at revoking the clearances unless the agency can make a strong case for why it should be continued and it needs to be
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beyond a professional courtesy. if you look at rest of the list the president announced today was under review. we had people at the top levels of the fbi who have been disgraced, fired, dede motored using the power of the state and police to spy on political campaigns. she they should not have clearance. i think this is just the beginning of it. kennedy: i think both sides are looking at opposition research. as a form of domestic spying, that's an incredible amount of information that also equates to an incredible amount of power. those who are pushing back like james clapper, and essentially perjured themselves are saying this is a first amendment issue. i don't have a problem with
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former heads of intelligence agencies or members of past administrations talking critically against this president or any other. i understand that. i get that. but if brennan is talking about presidential comportment there has to be something equally said about the comportment of a former cia director. >> i agree with you completely. that clearance by its continuation says you have the full faith and trust of the united states in holding and having our national secrets. by revoke that clearance nothing will stop him from going on other cable networks and continue to rant and rail against this administration and any other administration. all this does is say, you can note have access to current and
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new information and that's where we are going to stop that flow if there is any flow it would be illegal to talk to him about national security issues. >> people like john brennan feel like they know better than anyone else and they are smarter than the average voter. the face of former campaign manager paul manafort now in the hands of a jury. manafort is looking at the rest of his life in prison if he's found guilty. edward lawrence in washington. >> the prosecution rested. the defense rested without calling a single witness. paul manafort's attorney said the prosecutor did not make their case. >> the government failed to meet their burden of proof and rerested on that. >> we live in the youths america and you are presumed innocent
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until proven guilty and we believe the government cannot meet that burden. reporter: the prosecutorsout lined how manafort and his partners created a scheme to defraud the u.s. the defense said gates made manafort a fall guy. they tried to say it was politicized by the special council's office. now it's headed to the jury. deliberations will start at 9:30 tomorrow morning, eastern time. kennedy: it will be interesting to see what happens there. they essentially were missing half the story. so it will be a lot less to go over than your average trial trial. >> to be a fly on the wall in that jury room. kennedy: omarosa manigault is
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probably recording it. the president's attorney tweeted, cnn poll says 66% say mueller should complete his investigation before the elections. the doy should require mule tore submit his report before september 7. is he at risk of pulling a comey and interfering in the mid-terms? joining me the author of "let trump be trump." corey lewandowski. welcome back. what do you make of this strategy and the president's attorney sort of forcing the timeline of special counsel? >> i think what mayor giuliani
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is doing is asking for a conclusion to something that's been going on for two years. the american people deserve a conclusion. if the mueller investigators found evidence that they should write that report and prit to the department of justice so we can go on with it. but there hasn't been any. there is no evidence there will be is no collusion. there is no cooperation between the russians and the trump campaign. let's not bring this through the mid-term election. it does a disservice to the country. kennedy: if it goes past the mid-term, does that benefit the president? >> i don't think it hurts or benefits the president either way. but the american people are tired of it. there has not been one scintilla of evidence that the president or our team did anything to
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impact the outcome of the election. the only ones trying to impact the election through nefarious means was the clinton campaign. the real crime is the clinton collusion. kennedy: the thing i like but is your honesty and i want to pose a hypothetical. say you are on a pleasure cruise with omorosa and comey. you have your life jacket on because you are responsible. neither of them do and neither can swim. >> i would love to see the dog fight between the two of them. i don't know who would win or lose but it would and great fight to watch. but my guess is omarosa would come out on top. kennedy: do you think the manafort side was smart to vest
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without calling anybody? >> i'm not an attorney. but i think he received a fair trial. i don't know who he would have called to say he did pay his taxes. the burden of proof is there that he had money? offshore accounts. the jury will look at that. there is nobody to who could justify that manafort didn't know the money was there. kennedy: he knew the money was there. >> of course he should have cern shouldn't it have been up to another government agency to do this investigation and prosecution? >> i agree. everything in the 18-count indictment has nothing to do with his tenure with the trump administration. this probably should have been referred to a u.s. attorney's office to go after him for those
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crimes. that wasn't the case. now we'll see what the jury says when we the deliberate tomorrow. i think it will be a fairly quick verdict. kennedy: the over-under is an hour and a half. >> i will take it over but under 8 hours. kennedy: so you think we'll have something tomorrow. you despise paul manafort. you think he's a user and life wrecker. and scummy agents perhaps of the devil. do you think he'll be found guilty or not guilty. >> i don't know. and i wouldn't want to see anybody's lives ruined. the real question. has paul been treated fairly because of his association with donald trump. i don't know. paul and i aren't friends. but it's difficult to have a white collar criminal in jail for a tax evasion charge.
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spending the rest of your life in jail always harsh penalty for anybody. while knot i'm not a fan of -- of palms it's doesn't fit the crime. kennedy: do you think omorosa's dna enforceable? is there is a difference between working in the private and public sector. i would be curious to see if it's enforceable. there are plenty people who jump
8:15 pm
ship and leave the administration will want to capitalized in the same way. is she right saying people who leave are given a $15,000 a month no-show job? >> i don't believe that. the campaign is going after omorosa in arbitration for violation of her tenure during the campaign, not as a government employee. as a private entity they believe she breached that non-disclosure agreement. people leave the administration all the time and aren't given position and aren't paid. they offered omarosa an additional opportunity continue to be a forward facing resource for the campaign and spokesman for the campaign. she decided to burn that bridge. kennedy: who do you think should
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to understand your best plan of action. so why didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. kennedy: democratic socialists have not exactly been setting the world on fire at the ballot box. but last night uncle bernie sanders told stephen colbert there is more to life than winning primaries. >> i think the real issue is the ideas we have been talking about almost without exception are now ideas that are mainstream ideas supported by the vast majority of the american people. kennedy: that must be why every single socialist candidate endorsed by alexandria ocasio-cortez lost in the primaries as did the candidates
8:21 pm
bernie sanders endorsed. he was urged to drop the word "socialist" but that didn't add up for bernie because socialists are bad at math. let me ask john stossel. there is a discorrect between utopia and history. and they don't seem to grasp that. when you try and explain to democratic socialists the ills of socialism they say that's not real socialism. >> it's not real socialism. look at sweden and denmark and northern europe. they take care of people. well, that's not socialism. those countries don't allow the government to run the economy and they have a slightly bigger welfare state. sweden is cutting back on it. the only reason they work at all is they had an underlying
8:22 pm
capitalism to make it work and a bunch of people to have a work ethic. kennedy: we don't have a state-run centralized economy which is implicit in a socialist system. sweden has been making capitalistic reforms. the united states actually ranks lower, because even though we have a tax cut, we have so much spending from this country. >> but i don't agree with you about the popularity. just the fact that lots of these people lost, there are other factors. i think people are economically ignorant. this free stuff and healthcare for everyone appeals to people. kennedy: elizabeth warren is talking about her new bill the
8:23 pm
capital accountability act. there are so many ways she wants the government to keep corporations in check. they don't realize when you add new regulations you throw the brakes and what could be thriving industries. they love that. >> do you think it's an accident the most of exciting innovations in america happened in the two areas farthest from washington, d.c., seattle and silicon valley. her act is any company with more than a billion dollars in sales. a lot of companies with $900 billion in sales would say let's hire a bunch of lawyers and split off. then 40% of the votes now have to be for the employees?
8:24 pm
so the employees vote themselves big pay raises. the companies are no longer efficient. and in it you get innovation stops and a stagnant puddle. kennedy: then you introduce things like automation. it's a slightly different mechanism than the forced $15 minimum wage laws that socialists are pushing which will kill entire sectors and keep people who need jobs the most of out of the workplace. >> entry level jobs won't be available when people need them the most of. you can employment is at 4%. if workers feel they aren't being treated fairly by their companies, they have choices now. kennedy: they are bad at basic
8:25 pm
economics, therefore they shouldn't be in charge of the economy. thank you so much, you look fantastic. >> thank you. i'm recovering from my broken jaw. but i'm not smiling. i'm not showing my missing teeth. kennedy: the president of turkey squaring off with the united states, refusing to relie re --o release an american pastor. ♪
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kennedy: how do i despise thee erdogan? let me count the ways. he's refusing to free an american pastor over terrorism charges. though erdogan has been concentrating his power through fake elections and imprisoning journalists. he didn't bet he would be strong armed with another strong president. instead of empty words president trump is offering a full frontal digital blast at erdogan tweeting he just issued an
8:30 pm
additional tariff on aluminum with respect to turkey. the turkish administration is a disgrace. other administrations have welcomed them and opened the door for them as they opened the door for isis. this is a corrupt regime that should be kicked out off nato for corrupt operations. there have been counter threats. erdogan says he'll pull the iphone off the market as if the people will could use the device to enrich themselves and sink freedom. while we are at it fan while the president is hot under the
8:31 pm
collar. if he wants to make his party fall kim kardashian happy, he should acknowledge the armenia genocide was not an inyou of series of events. it was the slaughter of people. release andrew brunson and fear the stash. bolton is mongering. so put up and shut up so you don't get blown up. that's the memo. today at the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders did not mince words about turkey. >> we peel turkey and eshed began have treated pastor brunson who we know to be a good person and strong christian to be treated very badly. it's something we won't forget
8:32 pm
in the administration. kennedy: i don't want a war with turkey. so will the turks cave in to president trump. doug, let's discuss this a little bit. i don't know why every administration foists turkey point united states as if they are some great ally. they lied to us for years. esheerdogan has gone the worse d worse and he has done bad things to lots of people including the kurds. >> we view them as democratic despite what's going on. all of these are arguments for the past. what we see days an authoritarian government and one operating negatively from our own security interests. >> you are right. and this president erdogan has gotten worse and worse and
8:33 pm
worse. i understand we have a base. but they misused their military capability. and we shouldn't be operating under the auspices isis has been smothered because they are proliferating and a good deal of that responsibility rests on turkey's shoulders. >> they helped support isis from the early stages of the war. they were more concerned about our allies, the kurds more than isis. we are the super power, not them. they need us more than we need them. kennedy: nato has become obsolete and ridiculous when you have an authoritarian regime cozying up with russia. how can we justify their staying in nato when maybe the whole thing should be disbanded. >> we want them to have secrets. we have nuclear weapons in our
8:34 pm
base. we should be pulling those out. the human rights, it's not just pastor brunson. something like 15 americans have been arrested. arrested. there is a nasa engineer. you have got 70 journalists in turkey right now rotting in jail. and i have a feeling it's not the most of pristine conditions. have you ever been in a turkish prison? it's not exactly something -- >> remember the movie "midnight express." we saw what those conditions were like. kennedy: what do you see happening with this administration with regards to turkey. >> it's hard for erdogan to back down. the economy is in trouble primarily because of his own policies.
8:35 pm
they weakened the economy. they set themselves up for this. the confrontation in the u.s. set off a lira crash. if he loses on the economy, then he'll lose some of his support. people voted for him because they thought he was helping them. kennedy: andrew cuomo shocking a lot of people with his thoughts on the nation. andy? >> we are not going to make america great again it was never that great. we have not reached greatness. we will reach greatness when every american is fully engaged. kennedy: what the hell does that mean? and what on earth was he thinking? the new york governor spokesperson tried to temper his
8:36 pm
comments saying america believes america is great and her full greatness will be realized when every man, woman and child has full equality. could this be his moment of deplorables? the panel is here to discuss. the editor at along with jimmy failla and danielle mclaughlin. katie, this is like crumbs and deplorables. >> it's worse than that. you can disagree with president trump and his language and the way he talks about people and his unpresidential behavior. but to attack america is not great. president obama said america is great like the greeks think greek is exceptional.
8:37 pm
america has brought so many people out of poverty. so for him to attack the country in a diverse place like new york where ellis island resides. where my family came through in the early 1900s for freedom and prosperity. this is gosh make a better argument. kennedy: it's kind of heartbreaking. this also where the greatest atrocities on 9/11 were perpetrated. i know a lot of people who enlisted because of 9/11 because they love this country so much they want to protect freedom and maintain it. and they threw themselves literally into the battlefield for that protection. >> this is a big mistake. this is a gaffe that could get cynthia nixon up to 5% in the polls.
8:38 pm
she might break single digits because of this. his biggest political accomplishment at this point is not being in jail. everybody he has been associated with has gone up the river and made license plates. but this is the problem with having a policy that's an opposition to someone else. when you do, you wind up saying mindlessly stupid things. kennedy: this is someone who has presidential aspirations. >> i think this was him railing against the make america great again brand. kennedy: i understand that. but to say the country has never been great. >> we are the great economic power of the 20th and 21st
8:39 pm
century. but it will be like the deplorables. it will be truncated and stamped across his forehead for years. kennedy: what does fully engaged mean? if you are 100% voter engagement, are you saying america sucks and we should give up? >> the strategic analysis to get america to the place where he believes every man, woman and child is equal. >> he's running on an arranged marriage platform. >> it's bad enough that he needs to come out and clear up -- kennedy: michelle obama said for the first time in my life i am
8:40 pm
proud of this country. those things can come back to haunt you. because you give your enemies leverage. don't explain anything except for coming up we have millennial women. they have the power to sway the mid terms this november. but a new poll says that doesn't necessarily mean a blue wave is coming. re cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. brrrr! i have the chills. because of all those miles? and because ice... is cold. what's in your wallet? you might or joints.hing for your heart... and because ice... is cold. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory.
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kennedy: is the future really female? according to a new survey a shock number of millennial women don't actually align themselves with the feminist movement. 50% of millennial women don't consider themselves feminists while only 36% do. they feel they are not reflected in the current movement. the panel is back. katie pavlich, jimmy failla and danielle mclaughlin. these are interesting statistics that reflect millennials move to be the most of politically
8:45 pm
interesting group of people in the country and they don't adhere to the boxes and pens the establishment wants them in. >> the question is will they vote and make their voices heard. i thought the split between the age is interesting. and the split between democrat and republican. but they design them anything very differently. but republican associate -- 29% of republicans -- kennedy: it can feel that way. that's off-put if you are an individualist and you believe in the right of the individual regardless of gender or race or other i mutable qualities. >> i think that's what's
8:46 pm
stifling the movement. there is a lot of people hop want to be respect for their character. this something a lot of women say to me. they feel like modern feminism is infais infantilizing women. i'm talking about courtship being characterized as deviant behavior. they are treating women like they can't make their own decision. the fact i'm married and i don't have to pretend to be a feminist. >> for a long time feminism has been sealed as an all inclusive movement for many women. but that's not true at all. you hear all the time, womb convenient to support women.
8:47 pm
conservative women are not welcome in liberal circles. and as a conservative woman i don't want to tolerate the liberal feminists because it's coming from another woman. they want to be on their own and they reject this group think which is what feminism is. it presents itself as something you have to join or else you are a bad person. kennedy: thank you very much. what a great night. "topical storm" is next. stay here. -if you told me a year ago where i'd be right now... aah! ...i would have said you were crazy. but so began the year of me. i discovered the true meaning of paperless discounts...
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kennedy: a group of doctors warning vaping is more dangerous to your health than previously thought that's because when you do it everybody wants to punch you in the face. topic number one. we begin at dodger stadium where the home team lost last night. but they put up one heck of a fight. look at that. giants catcher said some naughty things and the good news is a dodger finally got a hit.
8:52 pm
the bad news is he'll probably get suspended by it. l.a. fans were shocked by the violence. but it was nice toss see people sphieght where besides donald trump's star on the walk of fame. major league baseball is pondering action. topic number two. a biker in san antonio has don't impossible. no, he didn't find the way to pay for bernie sanders's healthcare bill, but he did pull off his own crazy stunt. watch this. this trick is called the superman because the biker is flying on his stomach like the man of steel. if i had to guess i would say he's flying on a few other things. one pothole and superman will in
8:53 pm
the obit section of the daily planet. this isn't the most of dangerous stunt to take place on a motorcycle. there is one called the ben affleck where you dress up like a super star and you watch fans throw things at him. that is a masterpiece compared to ben affleck as batman. what a horrible choice. topic number three. let's head out to newark, new jersey where a tsa agent is going viral. a little boy challenged this together a dance-off and the result is a feel-good video. the dance-off won the hearts of most of americans, but north one
8:54 pm
* agrees on it. come on, man. you can't just go punching people you disagree with. this is a baseball game, not an antifa rally. topic number four. massachusetts has all kinds of fun things to do in the summer. but one family's vacations has totally jumped the shark. you watch your language. dad got a visit from a great white. there are plenty of things i could say at this point. back in college i lost all my clothes to a card shark. the best night of my life. the internet was amazed how the boy kept his compose our during the incident.
8:55 pm
but the kid doesn't scare easily. look at him riding his bike to school. for what it's worth the crops going to catch this guy soon. these days all superhero movies require a sequel. topic number 5. finally, two connecticut lunch ladies have been busted for reportedly skimming a half million dollars from their school cafeteria. that's a lot of bread. the women denied any financial wrongdoing and are referring all questions to their accountant, bernie madoff. investigators say they convinced cashiers to let them count all the money at the end of the day. and $478,000 went missing. both women were arrested and released on $50,000 bond which they paid with crumpled up
8:56 pm
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kennedy: thank you for watching the best however your day. please follow me on instagram
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@kennedynation and email me at i love you. [ gunfire ] she's the niece of the notorious bonnie parker. >> my aunt was known as that cute, little blonde bonnie. then she connected with clyde. >> clyde barrow was his uncle. >> once clyde had been accused of murder, he didn't turn back. >> their grandfather was a lawman who hunted them. >> two of the south's worst killers. >> your grandfather was the sheriff. >> killing bonnie and clyde was the ultimate. >> grim souvenirs, one strange inheritance. >> it was just like finding treasure after treasure. >> bonnie parker's three-headed snake ring. >> sitting there... >> right. >> ...all along? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ]


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