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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 30, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, the battle lines drawn ahead of the most important made terms in decades. republicans rallying around candidates who embrace the trump agenda while the radical dems are moving ever further to the left from embracing a platform about borders, identity politics and yes, downright socialism. those emerging and here it is obvious in the gubernatorial race where congressman ron desantis who has worked tirelessly to expose corruption taking on radical leftists who outspent his democratic
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established opponent including the daughter of the former governor and senator from florida, bob graham. >> we want to keep florida grade and keep it going in a good direction and in the direction of ocasio-cortez. lou: ed rollins tonight weighing in on the latest primary results and what they portend for the midterms. also, disgraced department of justice official bruce ohr continues to cling to his job even as increasingly disturbing new details emerged from his closed-door testimony before congress about his central role in the department of justice and fbi attacks from the trump campaign and the president himself. it turns out investigators charged with rooting out corruption at doj hasn't even talked to bruce ohr. we take up the latest revelations of deep state
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corruption. attorney victoria toensing joining us tonight. as the stock markets continued to hit record highs, america's blue-collar workers are for the first time in a very long time optimistic under president trump. how well are americans doing in the trunk area? simply stated, it is a boom by any definition. our top story, and another night for candidates backed by the president and yesterday's primaries. the three republican candidates endorsed by president trump, and ron desantis in florida, rick scott and florida running for senator in arizona governor doug ducey all winning their races. the president also endorsing martha mcsally this morning after she won the republican nod in the arizona senate primary. president trump's endorsements, are you ready, the president is now 31 and two over the past year. he is nine for nine over the
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past three weeks. big wins for the trump agenda and those comments the dems continue to lurch to the left, further to the left and florida. tallahassee mayor and bernie sanders back socialist and to kill the state democratic gubernatorial primary, defeating the establishment candidate as they said he will face desantis in the november midterm election. desantis will carry the torch for the trump agenda against the left-wing platform, which includes increasing the corporate tax rate abolishing immigration and customs enforcement and replacing it with the department of justice and he wants medicare for all. joining us tonight, ed rollins, chairman of the great america pac, hall of fame political consultant served as reagan white house political nerve and it's great to see you. what a night it was. the president, his record endorsements come as racially when presidents are supposed to
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be doing primary endorsements, he has an incredible record. >> he has. the first one in modern times he got into primaries and the party is now his party. he owns this party. he has this agenda and anyone that runs as a republican will run on his agenda. you have the left-wing bernie sanders endorsed candidate is advocating all the things he talked about there, none of which any means to pay for it versus a fine young man basically as articulate over 130 times in the last year. if we talked about this race -- lou: you mean ron desantis? >> i think everybody watches the show knows who i mean. if we would've talked about this years ago would have been when graham, daughter of bob graham. not for this race for two years.
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these two candidates came from nowhere. and it's going to be a significant opponent of any socialist and it will set the tone. it is not congressional district. this is a big deal. it's going to be watched and will be a tremendous race. lou: it is pretty clear the way at desantis immediately today, the left-wing media, florida, and national organization, democrat attacking ron desantis. i mean going after him viciously. it was an extraordinary response, but basically it's a signal. he's going to run one of the nastiest, toughest campaigns we can imagine. it is scorched earth, straight from the democratic left wing playbook. >> florida has the 10 media
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state -- not to say you can organize. much today. it is going to be a tv battle par none with $150 million raised in the bottom line is to have every left-wing liberal putting money from bloomberg to every other -- lou: george soros. >> this is their chance. this is their liberal candidate. we've got one of the strongest candidates we could possibly have debunked this stuff and put them away once and for all. lou: desantis has an extraordinary story and kill them has extraordinary story as well. he has been a favorite, and a darling of the left and he's a young fellow. he is going to be attached. the left is really left in this country now. this desantis, there's been no
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one closer to the president running van desantis. he decided early and profoundly to stay with the president shoulder to shoulder through it all. >> if you're going to pick anybody out there i want ron to be the one in this race. he's going to carry the flag. not just for the president of the president carries his own flag. this is really intellectual battle an ideological battle. lou: when i hear a savant talking about an intellectual battle, that tells me there is going to be blood flying, scorched earth. >> no question about it, so talking about things that the democratic candidate is advocating, you know, they basically try and make ron desantis, and try to make in their races and every bad thing. lou: i wonder about that theory
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and that approach. i think you're exactly right. at the strategy on the part of the last to take an african-american candidate who is so attractive and then make race an issue and attack on that basis. i know in this instance they don't have much in the way of a record or an agenda or a platform for him. but this seems to me to be a real disservice to him. >> absolutely. he's a credible candidate to carry their message. as jobs before he came here was on the left-wing of the party and my senses -- it's going to be a perfect race to watch. it may not be close, but we will see. it's a close state, but a critical state. lou: and the arizona way. >> another critical race there, the senate race.
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obviously, sally had a great, great victory there. the president endorsed her. i have endorsed her. we are going to put all the money we can to make her a viable candidate. lou: not to on the spot, but how do you think that race is going to break? >> i think makes sally has a great record, great story to tell. another left-wing candidate congressman. arizona has changed somewhat, but it's not a democrat state in any way shape or form. i think former 22, veteran pilot. she'd be a good campaign here in official be a very strong candidate. i am betting all the money i have. lou: all right, we appreciated as always always good to have you here. it is going to be fascinating. >> these are the two big races.
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lou: absolutely. thank you so much. we appreciate it as always. up next, despite a central role in securing the anti-trump dossier, the fraudulent discredited dossier, the department of justice official bruce ohr hasn't been interviewed by the mueller witchhunt for even a second. not since watergate have we had this kind of a scandal in mueller wants nothing to do with it. he only wants to go forward from the fisa warrant, not back to find out it was invalid. lou: of course not, that would be inconvenient to the truth. mueller family special counsel who has been interested in finding out what is going on or deciding not to talk with bruce ohr. we'll tell you about who god is and much more. victoria tenzing joins us next. also, if you up on the so-called controversy surrounding ron
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desantis' remarks. really kind of a non-thing. stay with us. we
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lou: another blunder by scott back attorney general jeff sessions.
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we are now learning that the department of justice official, bruce ohr had not been interviewed, hasn't been in contact by the special counsel mueller or sessions choice to investigate fires up abuse. that is jon uber. it begs a lot of questions, but one of them certainly is what exactly are mueller and uber doing if they are questioning key officials at the day's who are obviously amidst conflict and great profound questions about their conduct and actions. joining us tonight with some of the more important answers is victoria tenzing. attorney, founding partner. it is great to have you with us. great to have you with us, victoria. >> good to be with you, lou. lou: i know you are not done by much, but surely the fact that bruce ohr hasn't even been
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contact david by huber or mueller is a bit shocking to you, even though you know the full dimensions of this deep state correction. >> mueller his mandate from rod rosenstein who did it very carefully was only the trump campaign in russia. i am absolutely shocked, shocked that john huber, u.s. attorney for utah has not talked to not only bruce ohr or nellie ohr, but my client doug campbell and uranium one. there's so much coming out. fall of 2017, republican members of congress were demanding special counsel, federal issues and uranium one the fisa wiretap. in november, the assistant attorney general rights to the congressman and says we are in
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charge, but a senior prosecutors on it and we are going to evaluate your accusation very quickly. not investigate, which is what i used to do at the department of justice. but evaluate in the highest standard of justice. march 2018, jeff sessions comes out and says guess who i have in charge of all of this. i had john huber whose the u.s. attorney. in charge of looking at all of these issues are uranium one and surveillance. and now, nine months later, not only has bruce or nellie ohr been interviewed, but my client says to send his regards has not been introduced. how can you even evaluate those two issues about talking in those three people? how? is a sham. lou: it's a cover-up from start to finish.
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>> i'm appalled. lou: it is your home. americans, all of us depend on a us to be something that it once was, but is obviously no longer. for jeff sessions the other day to say he will not be swayed by political considerations at the department of justice when all that is moving the department of justice seems to be politics and corrupt politics at that and efforts to subvert this president, his administration and simple decency of every corner. it is a rogue department. it is a government unto itself much like the state department has been for probably 30 years. >> i want to add something. congress men and who are listening, get the department to tell you why these people have not been interviewed nine months into the evaluation. lou: only a child in my opinion,
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victoria would think any of this as an accident. devin nunes has disappeared. he is the hero of the peace. he has in his committee unearthed more revelations but there has been nothing that comes from it. paul ryan, a lame duck and a man without any presence whatsoever, certainly no conscience because he has squandered the efforts of the entire congress that has been investigating. mitch mcconnell. we are talking about republicans and the attorney general. my god, this is a government -- it's the invasion of the body snatchers. >> republicans have never known how to kill. you've got to kill. you've got to know how to kill. lou: they don't even know how to win. >> got me.
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you're right. lou: these people -- to me, it is absolutely flabbergasting what we are putting up with. where do you think we are headed here? this has been going on 11 months of the fbi investigation and you put on top about the special counsel investigation approaching 2.5 years of investigations of trump collusion, when what is unfolding before us is corruption that is rampant and rancid throughout the department of justice. its leadership in the fbi and no one, no one is being held accountable. >> i feel like i'm alice in wonderland and i fell down the rabbit hole. investigating a collusion that wasn't fair and were not investigating a collusion that was clearly there. lou: give me your best judgment. what would take with any one of conscious and not department of justice, any one of our congressmen, senators,
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republican to say this -- the special counsel is a sad, pathetic joke and it is tearing the nation to pieces and it's got to end now. why is there not a single voice other than that of the president here? >> new leadership is what it's going to take. just who is a nice man, but just not fit for this job. jeff sessions is a nice man. he's a southern gentleman, but he doesn't know how to kill it all. all he does is defend. he's always thought nobody the justice department could do any wrong. they are protect in the institution. lou: does the president have to fire sessions, rosenstein? >> yeah, but not before the election, please. but reich cabinet go through, get a few things out of the way and then we can. lou: but doria toensing, i'm not
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going to get into an argument about win. the time i wanted authority passed anyway. up next, victoria, thank you very much. we appreciate it you come back soon. president trump calling out the hypocrisy of google. how he has accused the tech giant showing favoritism to the obama administration and yes, the radical left they think there should be free speech. a private company, you know. they just want to manage your life. much more after the break. best-selling author joins us here next. stay with
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they told me a bottle couldn't dream. that i would never become a superhero. [singing indistinctly] but i learned how to fly. just to come back in a new disguise, and be the hero i've always wanted to be. helping out when things go standing up's right.
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seeking the truth, and speaking our minds. not just making records, but breaking them. leading the way behind the camera, beyond the runway. and on the silver screen. not just making our mark, but making a difference? now that is a job for a girl scout. girl scouts. preparing girls for a lifetime of leadership. lou: white house counsel don mcgahn expected to leave his role. how many millions of people care about it the president has another attorney for a new attorney to replace the old?
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nonetheless, he will leave his role in the fall or the midterm elections. veteran attorney expected to replace mcgahn by joining the trump legal team in may. president trump blasting google for bias rick search results. the president released a video showing how google treated president obama, promoting the state of the union address. for years on its home page. not the president's speech. north state of the union address. earlier this year. well, really poor editorial judgment on the part of google. may i say that? gregg jarrett, fox business legal analyst and "new york times" bestseller, the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton. great to have you here. >> great to be here. lou: bruce ohr hasn't been
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acting a session sort of special counsel and bob mueller hasn't talked to him. by such disinterest? i understand why mueller has interviewed him. he is tunnel vision ticket trunk. it is inexplicable and outrageous that huber hasn't done it. bruce ohr should've been the first person he sat down with because ohr has the ability to be the whistleblower against call me and is confederates who engaged in rampant corruption. lou: you are saying that ohr holds the keys to the kingdom of corruption in the justice department. >> and he will sing because he is looking at several different felonies that is likely committing. jeff sessions and rod rosenstein are gone. you actually bring in real voyeurs who will present this evidence in front of the grand jury.
4:29 am
>> lawyers. i think you need maybe seal teams brought in. you want to volunteer? lou: i would prefer it be you. i am not looking for another job. i have neither the talent nor the patients. the idea that we would put up with this political theater any longer. all due respect, we all have been covering this story now for ages. the president has had to contend with the frustration, infuriating non-and an ignorance of his own party in addition to that of the special counsel and all the dems in the deep state. truth, not a damn thing has changed. nothing whatsoever. >> that doesn't mean you don't stop trying. lou: it means precisely that.
4:30 am
einstein said the definition of insanity is to continue the same process without achieving it. >> but i'm suggesting we try a different process with different people. and that is the solution to this. clean house at the department of justice and get rid of the people who are abstract injustice because they are covering up their own. lou: that is terrific or there's just one problem. there seems to be no appetite anywhere to do that. there seems to be no clever cabal waiting in the wings to counsel the president or the republican leadership as to how to get this done. they have said it in motion a machine of destruction, political distraction the political council and have them. they lack the intelligence in the gut to come up with answers for this president. >> you're talking about the leadership.
4:31 am
i am talking about the people who are taking the bull by the horn. lou: who is that? >> meadows emma jordan. lou: come on. they were all in their doing tough questioning. lou: lost their job because of anything. >> you're impatient. lou: my ideas democracy is is fungible and to watch this is just stupid. jim jordan and mark meadows, all of those guys are terrific. the limitation of what they can do, and you know this is extraordinary. they haven't got that kind of power. >> if they continue to expose corruption and they are going to do so eventually there will be some just this. lou: it is a fairytale. you cannot persist in this sport to .5 years without any. what rational human being, what
4:32 am
american citizen will put up with the government were to .5 years producing absolutely nothing. >> what's your solution? lou: you're the one in charge of solutions. >> i would counsel patience. get rid of sessions and rosenstein. don't engage in windowdressing with a guy by the name of john huber in utah when all the witnesses and the evidence. lou: i have been calling for the special counsel for a very long time. >> is a letter of resignation from jeff sessions. it's probably in the top drawer of the president desk of the oval office and i suspect the day after the election just sessions will be standing outside the doj with a box of his tchotchkes trying to hail a cab because he will be finished and rod rosenstein will be
4:33 am
standing next to him. lou: have got to be honest with you on this. my solutions are much more immediate and much more pointed than the fact this country has to grow up. to sit here and watch this nonsense, it is a joke. this president has put up with all that any man should ever have to put up with. >> i would agree. he is an incredibly resilient guy. he doesn't let it get him down. i think he is looking at the long game. he is not being inpatient and i think that he is leading the mueller investigation take its course. lou: all clustering around the president, speaking profoundly about patients will not in any way alter the fact that a special counsel in this investigation and the leadership
4:34 am
of this republican party, not talking about mcconnell. i'm talking about ryan. every day they lit these fools build instead of destroy corruption in the department of justice, and it is ridiculous. >> i agree with you. there's no justice at the department of justice. lou: gregg jarrett, and author of the russia hopes. up next, the national left-wing media takes the lowest ground possible, choosing to misconstrue congressmen ron desantis's words and they attacked him viciously. i'll share my thoughts on all of that and much more when we come back. stay
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lou: what a day. the left wing media with its highly polarized atmosphere while attacking the republican gubernatorial nominee, congressman ron desantis for using the word they deemed inappropriate and been endorsed by president trump. they didn't talk so much about that, but that is the powerful motivation within all of this drama. no more egregious examples and the hill. the hill wrote this headline, which reads, desantis a florida voter shouldn't monkey this out by voting for sunday.
4:39 am
the problem is he didn't say anything close to that. you want to know how i know? listen to what he actually said. >> we've got to work hard to make sure that we continue a good direction, build up governors have. the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases in bankrupting the state. lou: he was talking about policies. the left doesn't like resident trump, so today they made it clear what they think of desantis. they ignored the meaning of his words and their usage. desantis made it absolutely clear that he was referring to the socialist policies that he believes would destroy florida's exceptional economic prosperity and progress under this president. desantis was talking about policy and ideas for what you think the left-wing national
4:40 am
media should credit him rather than attacking. but that would be politically and strategically inconvenient to their ends. that leads us to tonight's poll question. do you think the national left-wing media is largely responsible for creating and fostering the current toxic local environment? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. joining us tonight, james freeman, assistant editor of "the wall street journal," fox business contributor, co-author of the highly successful new book, borrowed time of booms, busts and bail out at city. great to have you. >> angstrom agreed to be be here. lou: a wordsmith as well as so many other matters of distinction. did i miss something, a verb, monkey this up? what in the world seems to be the problem here? >> i think he is completely accurate of these famous
4:41 am
socialist policies will lead to higher taxes and big spending. in fact, i think his opponent sat on your sister network today, and obviously the history of socialism around the world is hard to think of at the time that would be too harsh to describe it, isn't it? you talk about the misery that then inflict did over the last century. lou: no discussion of the balance at stake here. socialism versus free enterprise capitalism. socialism versus the constitutional republic. the idea that these two men, they are going to have a contest here that is truly about ideas. national left-wing media wants to join the fight early and have a scorched earth policy and make it, my god, about race.
4:42 am
>> i hope it is about ideas. one thing we saw in 2016 is bernie sanders because people didn't take him seriously was not treated as a serious candidate, was not given the normal scrutiny and his polls were already pretty good. in this race i would hope that voters would get a real discussion of the policy differences between the two candidates. lou: i've got some good news for you. the democratic national committee will not have a lot of influence on sunday's results and he will have a organization that betrayed sanders, who by the way didn't seem to mind a bit. >> he is a funny relationship, which i think today -- he's arguably the most in their party, which is frightening. lou: let's get to the fact sonatas for .2% gdp growth.
4:43 am
that is not the new normal that president obama promised us. we talked about socialism. what about venezuela? how is that going? what is the contest here? the lowest unemployment rate for minorities in this country and are his or he and the best they can do is try to turn it into a scorched earth campaign who knows what's going to happen in the other states. >> addition to see what happens when they move towards the opposite of socialism, less direction from washington. we got the second quarter was great when the first number came out, for .1%. turns out it was a little greater come with her .2% and 2% and you get to meet the headline and it is bigger business investment and this is exactly what the white house wanted with the tax code. this is the whole theory behind it. lower tax rates in u.k. business investment that makes workers more productive. they can earn more money and
4:44 am
it's happening. lou: it is happening because of strong brave leadership. is that a correct assessment or would you like more extractions? >> we can talk about [inaudible] >> on the tax issue he's been right on. this is a fundamental report. lou: really? how about deregulation increased business from the environment. how about delivering prosperity for all americans? how about moving ahead with reese doran manufacturing. the journalists among them to be competitive internationally. turns out that is untrue, isn't it at least at this point. >> what is really working, what she's singing with president trump gotten phenomenal result
4:45 am
reducing governments in the united states. i think you should appreciate the same great results when you do that across our borders. lou: that is old. you have had a 50 year experiment that has resulted in reducing economic growth. james coming you know this. her entrance of dollars. >> i think he is largely solve the competitive problem. lou: the trade deficits got into the national savings rate, that also they reduce the rate of economic growth. he won't acknowledge that? >> no, they don't. they don't shrink our economy. lou: and i didn't say yes they shrink our economy. they reduce our economic growth. you know when you understand the relationship between the national savings rate and economic growth. it is an obsolete truism. >> i think what we've seen is many during the reagan years, big trade deficits and economic growth.
4:46 am
we are heading towards this north american deal and are candidates going to come in and that's good news for everybody. lou: which candidate? >> not a perfect elbow could be a lot worse. we should have a deal soon. lou: let me see. you don't believe in balanced trade relationships. >> i think sometimes they will buy more trading paper for stuff and that's fine. and with sovereignty. >> no, no. james freeman, great to have you here. lou: thanks, good to be here. >> i think he wants me to hock the book. up next, the trump economy and sitting well with american workers. imagine not.
4:47 am
>> our economy is booming. jobs are pouring back into our country. we are bringing back those companies that last they want to come back. this is where the action is. [cheers and applause] lou: that's the guy leading the action. we will take up the newfound economic optimism and it's extraordinarily robust impact on our economy. economic growth, and christian britain during this here
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lou: a new harris poll by the blue-collar workers in this country in very good. under the trump era. a resounding 85% of these workers are up to mistake about the direction of their lives. 86% are satisfied with their jobs. 55% are better off today than five years ago. all of this with christian wit and, right after this quick messages. we are coming right back. we are coming right back. stay with i joined the army after 911,
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cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas and i went to baghdad, iraq. we were transporting a bomb sniffing dog to the polling stations. we rolled over two anti-tank mines, it blew my humvee up, killed my sergeant. after the explosion, i suffered a closed head injury, um, traumatic brain injury, loss of a limb, burns to 60% of my body. when the doctors told me i reached my plateau, i did not want to hear that because i do not believe i have a plateau. so, i had to prove 'em wrong, which i am doing to this day
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and i will still do until the end of my days. i've gotten to where i am at because of my family. and, the wounded warrior project has helped me more than i can ever imagine. they have really been there to support me in my endeavors. my number one goal, basically, is to get close to where i was. i am more than ready to work hard to get to that goal. i am living proof to never give up and i will never give up.
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lou: joining us tonight, christian whiton, it's good to have you with us. we've just, we've just learned that california's going full-on sanctuary and also providing free health care to all illegal immigrants. do you think the country's going to tilt in that direction as illegal immigrants rush off to california? >> yeah. i think it'll end up being a tale of woe. this comment came from the democrat nominee for governor who was mayor of san francisco where he's bragged just yesterday, day before to a left-wing podcast that he brought universal health care to illegals in san francisco.
4:56 am
he wants to do this for the state. unfortunately, it's not just california that would suffer, because he would expand medical, and the federal government pays for two-thirds of that. lou: those are insignificant considerations for a vast political mind like gave newsome's as long as the rest of us willing to be chumps, we'll foot the bill, right? >> yeah, that's the calculation. california's great at running up bills. it has a lot of, it's bragging about a small rainy today fund, meanwhile, hundreds of billions of unfunded pensions, huge debt, rising crime rates already that'll only get worse. lou: both for the state government and for the municipalities throughout much of california. it is $1.3 trillion in debt for the state alone, it's stunning, the indifference to fiscal
4:57 am
responsibility there. but then it's kind of stunning to me, to be honest with you, christian, stunning indifference to fiscal responsibility many our federal government. >> yes. well, it's not setting a good example. you know, there's also the theory this will cause a magnet effect, it will draw more illegal aliens to california and in the united states. california has been throwing money at its homeless crisis, l.a. passed a $1.3 billion bond to pay for new social services for bums in addition to existing services, they passed that in 2016. what do you get two years later? more bums. so we've sort of seen this movie before -- lou: sounds like paradise, doesn't it? [laughter] let me turn to, right now, canada. justin trudeau's, canada's prime minister, has apparently has an epiphany. he's dispatched his foreign min sore to washington to --
4:58 am
minister to washington to engage in trade talks. that's very flattering, i'm sure the president is thrilled. >> yeah. this is just proof, contrary to previous guests and the negative nancys at "the wall street journal" page, trump's approach to the trade actually is working. [laughter] the idea we have leftage over people, that -- leverage over people. you know, the canadian foreign minister priestly when she came -- previously when she came to town, she was too busy up on capitol hill lobbying governors. now in town today she spent two hours at ustr, and they are negotiating seriously because they're going to be left behind otherwise. lou: and that's a shame because canada is a great country. it's not a populist country, it is a reasonably wealthy country, and it has the great good fortune to be just north of america in immediate proximity. i just don't understand why
4:59 am
somebody hasn't explained the facts of life to justin trudeau but lighthizer has had an immense impact. it's great to have you with us, christian. thanks so much, come back soon. >> thank, lou. lou: we appreciate it. well, as we look out over the day, that's it for us tonight. we hope you'll be with us tomorrow. we're going to be talking with judge jeanine pirro and the washington examiner's byron york about, yes, the deep state and heavy politics, nasty politics. and in just a matter of minutes, get ready. i'll be with tucker carlson tonight over on the fox news channel. we hope you will join us, because we're going to talk about fun but, oh, such profound things as well. please join us. thanks for being with us tonight the. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> i think canada very muchments to make the deal. >> l and we are by the progress they made. cheryl: progress made as negotiate force get to meet again and can they make that friday deadline? >> listing stocks again with with dow up up 60 points and s&p 500 as well as nasdaq and russell 2,000 record highs for day number four. cheryl: stock market futures right now seeing bit of pressure remember volume is lighter but again a dispute around world continue down on 85 a, s&p 8 6-and nasdaq down 17. >> amid this global uncertainty you


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