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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 4, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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scalia will get zero democrats voting for him. melissa: he made the point he decided on side of environmentalist he takes cases as they come, we'll see. david: "evening edit" starts now. >> not move forward mr. chairman. >> i thorough understanding of the nominate he put before us. >> this is first confirmation hearing for a supreme court justice that i have seen according to mob rule. >> we believe this hearing should be postponed. >> i call for a debate or a vote. >> can't explain to you we're having a hearing, it is not in order, we're not in executive session. liz: supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh just finished delivering his opening statement, it was chaos today, dozens of protesters arrested, democrats demanding postpone am. we have fireworks and real see
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check coming up, and latest on nike firestorm, nike losing billions in markle -- market value after naming colin kaepernick as face in newest campaign. and trump versus trumka, president in a knock down fight with country biggest labor boss. this size a top democrat standing down, rahm emanuel not running for reelection in chicago. bob woodworth's tell-all book next week, we have for you tonight. round two in bernie sanders versus amazon fight. thank you for joining us, thank you for watching, money, politics, we've got the debate behind tomorrow's headlines, i am elizabeth macdonald. the "evening edit" starts right
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now. liz: news is coming thick and fast, first money stocks are slightly down, down 12, trade tensions with canada and china. but nike the biggest drag on do you, dow down to 25952. amazon hit that 1 trillion market cap today. >> but first, dozens of protesters arrested for disrupting senate nomination hearing for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh, democrats trying to postpone the proceedings until after the midterm, blaming a document compandumplate last night they y need to read first. reporter: there is a lot going on. he met with disputes,
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disruptions, and a lot of activity going on inside. protesters interrupted hearing, 63 times, that is just before lunch, 22 people have been arrested in first hour of this hearing. and moments ago president trump tweeting about the hearing and everything that happened today, he said, that the brett kavanaugh hearings for future justice of the supreme court are a display much how mean, angry and despicable the other side is, they will say anything and only looking to inflict pain and embarrassment to one of the highly renowned jurist to appear before congress. they are upset about the documents they received last night, they have a total of 488,000 documents, t president s withheld 100,000 because of
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executive privilege. >> i would not hire an inch tern in my office knowing only 9% of their resume there not a person here who would buy a home seeing 10% of the rooms. reporter: there are no rules there are this committee that says when a document dump has to come for a confirmation hearing, when judge gorsuch was confirmed, some documents came in after his confirmation hearing. no timeline on when the documents should come, kavanaugh is well aware of this, he said following the law is what he will do, he will set aside his feelings if he is a justice. >> for 12 years i have been on u.s. court of appeals for dc circuit, i have written more than 300 opinions and handled over 2000 cases, i have given my all in every case.
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i am proud of that body of work, i sta stand behind it i tell pee don't read about my judicial opinions, read the opinions. reporter: committee chairman grassley said he wanted a vote on kavanaugh by the end of the week, he is prepared to go through the weekend, he wanted all opening stages done today -- opening statements done today. >> i was hoping that the 10 minute rule would stand. everyone started exceeding their time limit, as long as we have to stay here and get this all done today, if we have to stay into the night we're going to stay. reporter: you can see how contentious it was for a while, tomorrow starts question and answer period, opening statement was finished just moments ago. liz: you will be busy tomorrow, great reporting, thank you.
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>> republican senator john core cornyn said that the hearing descended to chaos due to quote mob rules, dozens of protesters were ready to g arrested for disorderly conduct and disrupting hearings, and when they were let out, those waiting in line to come in interrupted, and they were arrested as well. and democrats too postponing the time. also hundred,00 thousand pages withheld from the white house, republican chairman grassley arguing there is an historic volume of records made access in. 490,000 pages of material. joining me now with his take, republican conference vice chair, representative doug
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collins. do the democrats have a point about this? no, they don't have a points, most of those a few months ago said they would vote no on any nominee, i am not sure what papers they read or documents they had, they just simply said we're voting no on whoever he sends up, this is not really what they want to read, they just want to delay and defer this nomination, because they don't like this nomination, let's just be honest about it. liz: mitch mcconnell pointed out there is such a massive paper trail on kavanaugh, he warned this could be a problem. but joe biden, back -- congressman in 1993, he launched what was called ginsberg rule that said did not have to talk about her personal views on anything, she was an aclu
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litigate or, arguing for illegalizing prostitution and more, kavanaugh may not have to say anything about any issue, his personal views. >> no, he is not, he should answer the questions as they are put forward and not give away what he may or may not do hype hitically in -- hypothetically in the court, we know their backgrounds, i love he said, don't read about my judicial opinions, read the opinions. democrats don't want to read the opinions, they just to play for 2020 presidential elect, but they knew they were not voting for kavanaugh to start with, they are just delaying it they don't like the fact this president trump won and this is is his appointment. liz: democrat want to push this to midterms. good-bye kavanaugh, and any other trump nominee, here iser
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whicchair grassily fighting with blumenthal today. >> i ask for a vote. i ask -- >> i should not have to explain to you we're having a hearing, it is off the order, we're not in executive section, this is proper form for motions. >> i ask we reconvene. >> we will not vote on senator blumenthal's suggestion. >> this process would be tainted and stained forever. liz: sir we know that this disruption and interruption play well to democrat base. senator dick durbin admitting
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that schumer had a condition a e call and battle cry was delay. >> i think we know is that there was a coordinated effort, chuck schumer orchestrated this, mr. blumenthal can say all he wants, if you talk about tainted, you talk about senators who said before president even nominated his nominee for this position, they would note vote t vote that is tainted. i am voting no because i am a democrat and i don't like this. he knows what -- they know who this is, they know he is a brilliant legal mind, they know they can do nothing about it but watch the process and pitch a fit, i commend mitch mcconnell, and chairman grassley for moving forward, not giving in to temper
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tantrum today. liz: let's get to next case, tech executives heading to capitol hill this week, starting tomorrow with senate intelligence committee chase book ceo, twitter, and google executive on hot see th seat bee lawmakers this week. those stocks today, facebook down more than 2%, and twitter and google ending lower, shares of snap, touching an all-time low. congressman, here is the thing, we know that the democrats need 23 seats to retake control of the house. the cook report said that 70 republicans seats are in play, we know historically that at midterm election, ruling party in presidency moves seats in house, how important is what the tech executives are say to congress, how important is this? >> i think it very important.
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most people look at their social media accounts, they have become new content piece, people have to understand that, they need to understand that. this is no longer folks in back of a garage making up a new product, they are dominant technology in content and how people dispurse news and information. perception right now it is tainted, that there is shadowing going on and which was ar whichf conservatives are not allowed to get their thoughts out. do they understand what their product is, do they understand how to correct it, do they understand how to be a fair arbitror of bulletin board, mark zuckerberg doing a terrible job on the hill, but it got to actual workings of his company, he fell plat flat on his face. they have to say they are not
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umpires calling balls and strikes. >> let's talk about your point mark zuckerberg, ted cruz grilled zuckerberg about facebook political bias. >> a great many americans, who i think are deeply concerned that facebook, and thoratec companies, are -- tech companies are engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship. >> i understand where that comes from, facebook and tech industry in silicon valley, this say left leaning place, this is a concern that i have, i try to root out in company making sure we don't have any bias in the work that we do. and i think it is a farrakhan certain. liz: okay, apology tour within away. what can congress do to ensure there not bias on social flat platforms, thig they are privaty
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run companies, can you step in and regulate them. >> you have to look at is what have they become as far as content, and dealing with it there is an issue of free speech, everyone should say what they want, that is what the first amendment is like, not for just things you like, there has to be a fai fairplaying field tt now dynamic has shaped -- -- >> what is battle plan here? you going to regulate them like a utility. >> i think it will be a concern, we don't need to look at from a regulatory stand point, you have to look at shining light in dark places, we see problem i believe that market will be great disinfectant. we have to show, i share the same concern, i don't share the concern he has just because he
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lives in so -- silicon valley, i share is because i see his platform. >> all right. thank you. liz: voter in 2020 will decide who will fill out remainedder of mccabmccain's term, that seat wl be up against for 6 year term, political stakes are high, jon kyl's first vote could be on whether or not to confirm kavanaugh on the supreme court. checking on your money. markets en on the down side. september is historic well -- a bad month for stock, amazon hit trillion trading mark today. let's get to the nicole petallides on the floor of the nyse. reporter: first trading day in september, we did come up off
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lows. dow finished down 12. lower by nike. colin kaepernick the new face of nike. and verizon and walgreens alliance. amazon hit the 1 trillion dollar mark. by comparison apple needed 183 sessions to hit that trillion mark after piercing 900 billion in november. you have jeff bezos gains in worth as well. back to you. liz: all right. thank you nicole. >> coming up bob woodworth anti-trump tell-all back next week and it is trump versus trumka, who is right? who is wrong? who won. liz: a nationwide boycott nike campaign, launching after they
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announced kaepernick as their ad face. customers are posting videos of themselves burning their nike products in protest, we'll have more on that after the break. >> sorry nike, i have been buying you for past 20 plus years, not any more. (vo) when bandits stole the lockbox from the wells fargo stagecoach, agent beekman was one step ahead of them. because he hid his customers' gold in a different box. and the bandits, well, they got rocks. we protected your money then and we're dedicated to helping protect it today. like alerting you to certain card activity we find suspicious. if it's not your purchase, we'll help you resolve it. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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>> okay, is this brand recognition nike wanted in first place? here is what is shaping nationwide boycott nike campaign launched on social media, after nike named colin kaepernick, face of 30 anniversary of just do it campaign. customer, posting video of themselves burning nike products in protest, nike new ad, with facial picture of kaepernick with words, believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. a protestor tweeting out image. cutting off nike logo from his socks. >> market lost big market value today. shaved over 17. five points off the dow, shares in footlocker also taking hit, 3/4 of its sales are nike products.
5:22 pm
bring in for his take, ceo of wealth management ty young and kevin jackson with a new movie coming out, bleeding blue, looking to reports he calls fake news, he told me about so-called quote epidemic of police attacks on minority, kevin said that is wrong, ty, nike is big drag, did nike get what it wanted? >> they certainly got a lot of publicity, i don't know if it is what they want with people burning their shoes on social media, i don't know that is good. here is the bet that nike made, they bet that the average trump voter is 45 or older. the votes for hillary clinton were under that age, a vote against trump was a vote for kaepernick. and for nike. i am not show sure that was a -- i am not sure that is a good bet, i am sure when they did focus groups that would be a
5:23 pm
good idea but it was not. >> nike putting itself as re rebellous brand. >> unless their new shoes float or do something spectacular, they are going to take it in the shorts, i believe that nike believes this era of obama still exists, there is a muscle memory going on with people believe it social justice warrior movement it has impacted nfl negatively, and kaepernick a carreer is in shambles, and people who support that are going to be in trouble. liz: why. >> people, this is a shift, making america great again. it did suffer in last decade or so, i think a lot of americans looks at this say, buy go for
5:24 pm
it. liz: ty, what happens to nike shares? >> they took hit down 3%, i'm not sure this is over. nike is in a multiyear contract to provide uniforms with logo on it. and kaepernick is in a lawsuit with the nfl for collusion. not sure it is a great idea. liz: let's get to this story. controversy over new neil armstrong movie, first man. they did not show astronauta. strong planting the american flag, star ryan gosling defending that opinion, saying it was regarded in end as a human achievement and neil was humbled, i don't think he viewed himself as an important hero. we want to a film to reflect neil. this is a factual problem with
5:25 pm
the movie. there was a major space race at the time of apollo 11 between soviet union and united states, soviet union beat u.s. with sputnik in 1957 with first human in stac space in 1961, kevin. factual errors. >> you look at people that believe that leftist narrative is what people want to see, a revisionist of history, it is so antithreat cato what people see,er weeing is with polling for example with trump, people see is he is in 40s, these types of things are noticed, maybe they could have gotten away with this during era of obama, this is going to make this move-suffer, hollywood
5:26 pm
against is not listening to the morn people. liz: is it good for the bottom line? >> neil armstrong was a hero, he is a hero, and this particular controversy, i think will keep a certain segment of movi go movis out of the movies, to protest that american flag did not get put down in the movie. i think it was a bad move, i really do. liz: kevin and ty thank you. >> thank you. liz: let's get to this story. earlier democrats admitting that they were on a conference call led by senator chuck schumer about how to disrupt and delay the hearing, coming up, former republican congressman jason chaffetz here is fired up to talk about this president trump in a big might with union leader richard trumka, did manufacturing jobs fair better under trump or obama, w we bring
5:27 pm
in brad blakeman, he said watch out democrats, have you blue collar votes in midterm that may not go for you, he will tell you all about that after the break, stay there. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro.
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>> it's pretty hard to see how that would work without having canada in the deal, nafta had a devastating effect on working people here for 25 years, yee have an aggressively pursuing an agreement to work for the workers in all three countries, i can say we're not done yet. liz: president trump really went after afl-cio president trumka for quotes like that, saying, he represented his union poorly on tv this weekend, some things he said so again working men and women of country, and u.s.'s success, it is easy to see why unions are doing so poorly.
5:31 pm
american manufacturers growing fastest pace in 14 years, about 400,000 manufacturing jobs created under president trump. top two sectors mining and logging, up double digits, 13.5%. and construction and transportation to grow 11%. from 2016 to 2026. take it up with former bush 43 deputy assistant brad blakeman. trumka sounded like hig he was agreeing with trump about nas na and but it was about infrastructure, the president has a plan. >> he does, if he could only get it through congress. he is trying to pass a comprehensive infrastructure program that amortizes cost, but
5:32 pm
trumka and trump on the same page, you heard it from union president it has been bad for the unions since the inception 25 years ago, my advice to unions get onboard trump trade with regard to nafta. we have outline of agreement with mexico, canada is coming to the table. we have to do it together, more leverage we have with labor and president, white house, better how far it is, we'll make a better deal if we're united than if divided. >> congress has to sign off on this. >> now senator bernie sanders, he ramped up his criticism of amazon bezos over the weekend, saying to owners of walmart, and walton family, and all billionaires running large corporations, we're not going to subsidize you any more. pay your workers a living wage. amazon saying, sanders claims are inaccuracies and misleading, it has created over 100,000 new
5:33 pm
jobs last year and gave employees stock and incentive bonuses. >> this is a losing argument, i remember a time not long ago if you called a democrat a socialist, you defame them, now they get mad if you don't call them that the fact is we live in a capitalist society. liz: are these good paying jobs, they come with benefits. >> they are good paying jobs. liz: it looks like amazon, said including stock and incentive bonus, stock option rather don't -- worker bosses decide incentive bonus, maybe there are questions on both sides. >> it is a matter of what market bear, and pay. and what is good in california, necessarily is not good in iowa. and bern ber bernie sanders hast created any job. he has been on public dole his entire life, i have more
5:34 pm
confidence in workplace than in washington. liz: brad thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: we'll be right back stay there a dry mouth. plus, it freshens breath. biotène. immediate and long lasting dry mouth symptom relief. more and more people in a chevy for the first time. ♪ you can too during the chevy labor day sales event. now through september 10th, use labor day cash and trade up to this silverado to get a total value of $11,000 when you finance with gm financial. this labor day, discover why chevy is the most awarded and fastest growing brand the last four years overall. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. money managers are pretty much the same. all but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them.
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5:38 pm
much ashley. >> regular orders. >> turns this hearing to a sha - charade and mockery of our norm. >> 70 protesters arrested today at hearing, senator durbin did admit on nomination of judge brett yebrett kavanaugh he and r democrat did cart pay th -- pare in a conditio a conference call. >> thank you. liz: your reaction, do democrats have a point they should be able to read these documents, 42,000 revealed last night and 100 thousand revealed by white
5:39 pm
house. >> they don't have a valid argument. liz: why? >> they have been given access to hundreds of cases he had, there is executive privilege rightly put into place. it any sim len semblance of decs thrown out the door, they refused to meet the nominee, they already announced they were voting no, then making a mockery of the com commit i, committee. capitol hill police did a her horrendous job. the person that was able to get so close to judge kavanaugh should have never happened, and idea that the democrats business to be part of the resist movement is make a mockery.
5:40 pm
>> judge napolitano said, they know they don't have the votes. >> if you don't have a valid argument against the nominee, you have poured through his writings,. liz: we'ring about roe v. wade, his position on torture, not revealing documents makes democrat upset there may be something in documents hidden. >> no, you talk about being staff secretary to president of united states, you movie paperwork through the president's desk and back is not something that will be a reveals as to how this person thinks, he has enough years on the bench, i heard take the last 5 nominees, combined they provide more documents than all this ask probing questions, but whether they delay, and just blow up the hearing and make a mockery of it, i don't think that democrats who try to portray them -- themselve as we're going to be the adults in the room, that is
5:41 pm
not consistent with a winning message. liz: a anti-trump tell-all book hitting store shelves from robert woot woodward, claims to reveal a nervous break down of president trump's term in office, he claims that congressman that chief of staff john kelly describes trump as an idiot, and trump's personal lawyer described him as a blanking liar, kelly and dowd deny these claims, your take on the book? >> it is -- look, i vide i havet time with chief of staff mr. kelly, he is an honorable person, i believe him, he say he didn't say that, it sounds likellike-- he said, she said, e they want to portray the unconvental approach that trump has, they will continue to mock that, but i believe general kel
5:42 pm
snow thank you very much congressman, you are great on news thank you. >> thank you. liz: nbc news -- on the hot seat defending his network handles of harvey weinstein reporting, coming up, hear what he said. >> former obama chief of staff, chicago mayor rahm emanuel, surprise announcement today saying he will not run for reelection next year. find out why after this. >> as much as i love this job, and will always love the city, i have decided not to seek reelection.
5:43 pm
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>> much as i love this job, and will always love the city and its residents, i have decided not to seek reelection. this has been the job of a lifetime. but it is not a job for a lifetime. you hire us to get things done.
5:46 pm
and pass the torch who you have done our best to do what you hired us to do. liz: that is former chief of staff, of president obama, chicago mayor rahm emanuel. he made a surprise announcement today, saying he will not run for reelection next year, rahm emanuel decision marks a political reversal. for better part of last year he said he would run for a third term, rahm emanuel raised over $10 million, here is what else is going on, chicago had a violent labor day weekend, 6 people dead, over a thousand shot since memorial day. marie, what do you think of rahm emanuel saying he did his best. >> chicago still has a lot of
5:47 pm
problems, he has done a lot of things well, on school he has turned aunder some under performing schools and budget issues but crime and safety chicago has a long way to go, i don't know what prompted him to make this decision, but we'll see this week another trial about police brutality, on those issue, criminal justice. liz: and gangs. >> right, probably time for some new leadership. liz: what do you think, chris? chicago shootings, do you think that played a factor of rahm emanuel changing his mind. >> no, that is weird. because violence is down in chicago, but the gang violence is plaguing not by that much, still more dangerous to be a civilian in chicago than a u.s. soldier in iraq to put that in perspective. the thing is the 17-year-old who was shot by police.
5:48 pm
the mayor fought hard to make sure that video was not released. when video was released it showed he had not lunged, he stumbled before he was shot. mishandling this police shooting not 6 people who were killed over weekend, but this police shooting has caused him to have at least a dozen primary challenges. liz: marie this problem is so long in the making and still a problem, what is going on in chicago, how do you fix it. >> if there were a simple answer, i think rahm emanuel or other mayers would have tried it, there are serious problems, there are gang problems, there are weapon flows coming in indiana, where there are fewer regulations. and there are a lot of problem, and a middle class flight in part out of chicago.
5:49 pm
people are wealthy by middle class looking to suburbs, there are complicated problems managing the city, i don't think one person has a perfect answer, but clearly there are other people who will try. liz: chris and marie thank you so much, look at this story. general mills stock with a hit, why? general mills dropped 100% natural claim from nature valley granola bar label after a lawsuit alleged they contain a pesticide, with an ingredient linked to cancer, we'll look at this story next. next. >> his defense after the break. xfinity mobile is a new wireless network
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liz: welcome back ford, scrapping plans to build a china build ford focus. true to president trump's tariffs. ford stock in the red today. >> next case, nbc news boss defending his handling of harvey weinstein reporting that won a pulitzer. quote, we spend 8 months pursuing this story, like plane others still did not have a single victim or witness willing to go on record. comcast closing the day in red, my panel is back. to you chris. producer now says, i was told not to do the interview. i was ordered to stand down,
5:54 pm
killing the story, this producer chris saying that was unethical and a massive breach of inti greaty, what is your take. >> rich and ronan said that rose mcgowan was rollin responsible willing to go on record, and middle according to rich of planning a trip to los angeles to interview someone with a quote, credible accusation of rape. a lot of -- did drop the story it is true a lot of times it can be frustrating as editor, you have a reporter who condition naiconditionnail it down, but, e with the story, saying they are lying about this, they killed story, that seems likely, it huge breach of trust. >> story, is nbc's president op
5:55 pm
oppenheim alleged to have had a relationship with harvey weinstein your take? >> it is stunning, nbc has a lot of questions they need to answer, ronan was able to get a pulitzer prize winning story with multiple women on the record, thank god he kept her pursuing the story even though it looks like nbc may not have wanted to. he pushed forward, he did what a reporter should did, he got people on record, produced a story, it changed how we talk about this issue. nbc should answer the questions if they did kill the story, they should be ashamed. liz: also, emily nester, a lady said she was disappointed, she was ready to go on record, here is president trump saying uniqueuniques -- nbc fake news.
5:56 pm
probably highly unethical conduct. i have long criticized nbc, worse than cnn, look at their license. he is too quick off the mark to go after the press, your take about that comment about looking at license? >> you don't lose our license. you don't lose our license for killing a story, you don't lose your license for killing a story with misintent. but do lose your most important asset that is publish's trust -- nbc news joined many others appearing to do favors for powerful friends. >> thank you. liz: thank you. liz: lawmakers to grill on capitol hill, more on that after the break stay there. >>
5:57 pm
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liz: jack zoarsy and sheryl sandberg on the hot seat tomorrow answering questions about censorship of conservatives and so much more. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: stocks struggled to find firm footing today. but there were great signs for the economy. amazon become the second company ever to hit the $1 trillion market cap. ed the big explosion down on capitol hill. the judge kavanaugh supreme court confirmation hearing


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