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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 18, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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he's next. keep it here. lou: good evening, everybody. our top story, president trump demanding the truth for the american people. the president this afternoon ordered the director of national intelligence, the department of justice and the fbi to release 20 pages of the fisa court application used to surveil carter page and the trump campaign. and all text messages as well related to the russia investigation, from james comey, andrew mccabe, peter strzok, lisa page and bruce ohr, and to do so without redaction. chris farrell and judicial watch have been at the forefront of the fight to expose fbi and doj
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corruption. he joins us here tonight. also, president trump has warned china to take seriously his intention to balance the trade relationship between our two countries, and for china to end its $600 billion a year theft of u.s. intellectual property. to that end, president trump has just slapped tariffs on another $200 billion of chinese exports to the united states. we will take up the details with white house trade policy director peter navarro tonight. and democrats trying to use a decades-old allegation of sexual assault to derail the nomination of judge brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. in a late-breaking development tonight, hearings for kavanaugh and his accuser are now set for monday. >> he's an outstanding intellect, an outstanding judge, respected by everybody. i wish the democrats could have done this a lot sooner, because
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they had this information for many months, and they shouldn't have waited until literally the last days. they should have done it a lot sooner. lou: and former vice president joe biden and former attorney general eric holder, well, they went on a tirade today against president trump, attempting to smear the administration and trump supporters. >> some of his most ardent right wing supporters from the ku klux klan and the alt-right. >> this sort of thinking, this make america great mindset, is not only flawed, it's rooted in fear. lou: can you believe what those two men said? former congressman jason chaffetz joins us here tonight to discuss the left's severe case of trump derangement syndrome and its extreme left turn in politics. our top story tonight, the president keeping his promise, ordering the director of
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national intelligence, the department of justice and the fbi to release the carter page fisa court application and all text messages related to the russia investigation from key players who helped launch the witch hunt. fox news chief intelligence correspondent katherine herridge is live with us tonight from washington with the story. reporter: good evening. according to this white house statement released late today, the records will include the surveillance warrant application for trump campaign aide carter page in june of 2017. fbi interviews of senior justice department oh fiesfficial bruce who became the back channel for the trump administration before and after the election and all the text messages without any redaction that relate to russia from former fbi director james comey, his deputy andrew mccabe as well as former fbi agent peter strzok, former fbi lawyer lisa page. this comes as fox news confirms new details about the russia probe's findings.
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during her closed door testimony, a transcript reviewed by fox news showed that former fbi lawyer lisa page said the fbi investigation had not yielded hard evidence of russian collusion nine months into the case, but special counsel robert mueller took over. certainly at this point, the case had been ongoing. we didn't have an answer. that's obvious. page told investigators with the house judiciary and oversight committees. republican congressman handled the questioning. >> lisa page's testimony, i can say, is consistent with a lot of other testimony to the point that neither she or neither strzok and the folks at the center of the trump/russia collusion investigation had any evidence of collusion with russians nearly a year into the investigation. reporter: this morning the president seized on the report, tweeting no evidence of collusion before mueller appointment. the case should never have been allowed to be brought. with page's revelation, three republican hill sources told fox they questioned whether the russia probe shifted last summer
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from russian collusion to an obstruction case against the president. may 2017 is a pivotal month. robert mueller was named special counsel eight days after president trump fired fbi director james comey. two hours after comey's ousting, then fbi agent peter strzok texted page, we need to open the case we have been waiting on now, while andy is acting. andy is a reference to then deputy director andrew mccabe, who temporarily took over for comey. page replied we need to lock in redacted in a formal chargeable way soon. in his public testimony, strzok did not clarify the text, sending a connection to mueller's work. >> consistent with the department's policy on ongoing investigations, i'm not authorized to discuss ongoing investigations. reporter: the former fbi official strzok and page did not respond to requests for comment. tonight there is no public timeline for the release of the russia records. in the last few minutes, we have gotten new information from a source who is familiar with the timing. they told fox news they expect
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some records to be released within days or sooner, specifically the fisa application records and bruce ohr302s. they expect text messages from the other fbi officials to come somewhat later just because of the sheer volume involved. lou: the sheer volume and of course, it is a direct, a direct order by the president of the united states to the dni, to the department of justice and fbi. they look to me to be on a very narrow precipice in terms of defying the president of the united states. reporter: everything i learned this evening indicates that they are moving as quickly as possible. i was told they understand that they are on a very compressed timeline. the plan as i have understood it from my reporting in the last two weeks is that they want to release records and the white house feels the same way, while being mindful of protecting sources. there may be some redactions on the records, but at least as far as the text messages, it looks like they will be absolutely clean and there are some key
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text messages to look at, specifically the one i just highlighted in my piece between strzok and page about opening a case and bringing a chargeable case against an individual whose name was not disclosed. lou: thanks so much, as always. terrific reporting. a big day of developments at the white house. more breaking news now. the trump administration is moving ahead with 10% tariffs on about $200 billion of chinese exports to this country. it will include more than 5,000 products. it will take effect september 24th. those tariffs will rise to 25% january 1st should china attempt to retaliate. president trump made reference to the move earlier today. and trump also tweeting this. quote, tariffs have put the united states in a very strong bargaining position with billions of dollars and jobs flowing into our country and yet, cost increases have showed thus far that almost
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unnoticeable. if countries will not make fair deals with us, they will be tariffed. the trump administration earlier this year imposed a 25% tariff on $50 billion of chinese goods, including farm equipment, motorcycles, electronics and plastics. china then retaliated with $50 billion on goods u.s. imports including aluminum and steel products, passenger cars and farm equipment. our first guest tonight, one of those urging the trump administration to move ahead on these tariffs. joining me now, peter navarro, assistant to the president, director of trade industrial policy and director of the white house national trade council. peter, first of all, good to have you with us. this is consistent with everything the president has said throughout. he means to balance trade, he means for it to be fair, and he means for chinese theft of u.s. intellectual property, some $600 billion a year, to end and end forthwith.
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>> what a courageous and visionary decision by this president. goes back to a campaign promise fulfilled now. china basically, as everyone knows, is just stealing our stuff. they forced the technology transfer when companies go over to china to try to sell into their markets. every day they engage in cyberintrusions. basically they are a predator. this president is standing up to chinese predation. so far the chinese have responded not by changing their behavior, but rather, by slapping tariffs back on us, and engaging in the bullying of our farmers. so today is historic. to be clear, it's 10% on $200 billion, roughly $200 billion now, and then january 1st, that goes up to 25% and the president has also said if the chinese retaliate against this round, the president will impose another set of tariffs on $267 billion at 25%.
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lou, that would then cover the entire range of exports that china sends to us each year. the problem, of course, is that that's a transfer of wealth when we run these huge trade deficits with them. lou: they are also a reduction in the national savings rate and a reduction in economic growth that has been a penalty the united states has paid now for three decades as the president has pointed out throughout his campaign and as president. yet there are so many in the national left wing media upon whose ears that falls somewhat in a sort of tin tone. they don't quite get it. are you starting to notice any education on the part of the national left wing media, the national -- well, the business roundtable, the chamber of commerce, the usual suspects, when it comes to free trade at any cost to the american worker?
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>> that's a great question, and you were one of the pioneers along with donald trump years ago warning about this, but i have seen a sea change. i have seen a sea change on capitol hill, where there seems to be a bipartisan consensus that china is ripping us off and we have to stand up to them. the business roundtable, american chamber of commerce, they have been complaining now about chinese theft of intellectual property, about strict -- preventing access into the chinese market. we are seeing i think a greater awareness and the puzzle to me is how did this go on for the last 17 years after china joined the world trade organization, and just destroyed this economy. it took five million manufacturing jobs away, shut 70,000 factories in america. this president, donald j. trump saying no more, that's not going to happen, and he's standing right up to the chinese on this. these tariffs are going to be good for america. they are going to strengthen our
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economy, they are going to strengthen our manufacturing base, they are going to strengthen our defense industrial base. good for president trump. lou: good for president trump. great for america. >> great for america. lou: i want to ask you one last question here. the 27th and 28th, there are talks tentatively scheduled with china. have you got an indication whether those talks will soon go forward? >> i have no indication, lou. the invitation is open. the chinese wanted to talk and we are willing to talk if they want to come. lou: thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. up next, president trump questions the timing of unfounded allegations blocked by the radical dems against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> this is something that should have been brought up long before this. they had the information in july, as i understand it. that's a long time ago. and nobody mentioned it until the other day. it's very, you know, it's very unfortunate they didn't mention it sooner. lou: we will take up the very
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for the nominee, brett kavanaugh, as well as the woman who has accused him of sexual misconduct, as all of the controversy surrounding his confirmation has been racheted significantly higher. this is an escalation even by the extraordinarily lousy standards of late in confirmation hearings. kavanaugh's accuser is dr. christine blasey ford, who has taken part in events including a science march in california last year. ford's attorney is deborah katz, a major democratic donor, who has supported the likes of barack obama, hillary clinton, elizabeth warren. she is also notably downplayed h past sexual misconduct allegations against others including former president bill clinton and former minnesota senator al franken. katz argues kavanaugh tried to force himself on her client more than 35 years ago at a high
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school party in maryland. kavanaugh calls the allegation completely false, spoke at a conference call with senate judiciary members today about the false claim. in a statement afterwards, senator orrin hatch's office said kavanaugh told senator hatch he was not at a party like the one she describes, and that dr. ford, who acknowledged to "the washington post" that she quote, did not remember some of the key details of the incident, end quote, may be mistaking him for someone else. despite the efforts by the radical dems to stop the kavanaugh confirmation, president trump telling reporters today he believes kavanaugh is still on track to be confirmed. >> oh, i think he's on track, yeah. i think he's very much on track. i wish the democrats could have done this a lot sooner. they shouldn't have waited until literally the last days. they should have done it a lot sooner. lou: joining us tonight, ed rollins, former reagan white house political director, great
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american pac choirmaairman, mic goodwin, fox business contributor. thanks for being here. ed, we have seen something very similar to this just about 27 years ago with clarence thomas. >> it's outrageous. this man has been vetted multiple times. he's had at least four or five major examinations by the fbi which goes back to your kindergarten days. he's gone through this massive long hearing. and all of a sudden at the last minute, as he's about to be confirmed, something that occurred allegedly 35 years ago. it's just absurd, outrageous and very detrimental to the process. lou: this is a process that has become increasingly uglier over the years. this is all but unprecedented. you have to go back to clarence thomas to see anything approaching this. remember when obama said that
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when republicans go low, they go high? that has been breached, i believe, slightly. >> i think he meant for the jugular. i think that's what happened here. as dirty as all of this is, and i do believe it does feel dirty -- lou: filthy. it reeks. >> what really strikes me is the way several republicans have surrendered at the mere sound of the gunfire. jeff flake and bob corker, to name two. others are rumored to be having their doubts. where are the democrats who are joining kavanaugh in saying this is unfair, this is a late hit? there are no democrats. the democrats stick together. republicans one by one, they surrender thinking that maybe the "new york times" will be nice to them the next time. this is foolish. this is why donald trump was elected. the people who voted for donald trump are sick of the jeff flakes, sick of the bob corkers.
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lou: these are mitch mcconnell's friends, paul ryan's friends. these are tools of the chamber of commerce, the business roundtable and the corporatist class in this country. it is awful. >> gutless wonders. the tragedy here, this man has a very distinguished career both on the court for 12 years, second highest court in the country, did an extraordinary job as white house secretary to president bush. never been charged with anything in his life. lou: as the president said, he didn't have even a slight blemish on his record. now he's being dragged through the muck by the likes of chuck schumer and dianne feinstein. where is the investigation of these senators who are the luminaries of the left in this country? it is breathtaking, the audacity. >> chowhat about the chinese spn feinstein's office? what about keith ellison, accused of beating up a water,
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dragging her. it's on video. nothing. no interest. lou: the hypocrisy, what i love are those trying to say this is hypocrisy of two parties. this is the filthy low-down scum tactics of the left, period. that's it. it is not a republican tactic. it is not something that republicans stoop to. it is disgusting and the leadership of the house and senate, republican leadership, will not hold them accountable. they being the leaders of the democratic party. >> they better do it because otherwise this is going to continue. lou: grassley has already rolled over. >> i hope not at the end of the day here. the reality is this is an honorable man they are making into something he's not. i think to a certain extent, who will want to serve in government again? who wants to be a judge again if you have to go through this stuff? lou: every democrat in the country. every democrat in the country because they know they have nothing to fear from the gutless
4:23 am
wonders who lead the republican party. >> i agree. i couldn't agree any more. lou: let's turn to a brighter moment and hope that justice prevails here for judge kavanaugh. that is the president of the united states doing what he promised, being open and transparent, ordering the declassification of the fisa application, 20 pages of it in the case of carter page, also the texts, unredacted in the russia investigation. this is a bold step and already adam schiff, another shallow lefty, clucking away about sources, methods. >> yes. suddenly the democrats love the fbi, they love the cia. look, i think this was a long time coming. i'm glad he's doing it. i hope this is just the beginning. seems to me that if you really want to drain the swamp in washington as the president
4:24 am
says, transparency is a very big part of that. the deep state lives in secrecy. we don't know who these people are. we don't know what they have been up to. but it turns out they wrote a lot of it down, so releasing documents, opening the vault i think is the best disinfectant for this government. lou: i think you are exactly right. i also strongly believe that the president means to do precisely what he's ordered. what i'm concerned with now is the fbi making it clear they're not going to produce any documents this evening. this is a direct order of the president of the united states. we have not heard yet from the department of justice. we have not heard yet from the dni, director of national intelligence. there should be at least a response acknowledging that the commander in chief has given them an order. >> if i was the commander in chief, which obviously i'm not, or adviser to him, i would say mr. wray, i want those documents tomorrow morning and if not,
4:25 am
your letter of resignation. lou: they already started the nonsense to produce the documents which they are intimating are voluminous and would take quite a long time. >> they have had a long time. this thing has been going on forever. from a historical perspective, his presidency will be over before they get the documents. lou: i'm just praying the american people understand the constraint, the restraint of this president in dealing with the deep state and a democratic party that mean to defy him, mean to obstruct justice and also, his presidency in every way. it's subversion by any other name. it is subversion and it is appalling that the american people are not demanding accountability from the left, from the deep state and from the judiciary as well. >> time for restraint is over.
4:26 am
president has given an order. they better follow it. lou: the president, thank you, mr. president. ed rollins, thank you. michael goodwin, appreciate it. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe the corrupt leadership of the fbi and department of justice now understand, now realize president trump means to end their efforts to subvert his presidency? cast your vote on twitter. up next, joe biden, eric holder. there's a tag team for you. attacking president trump. >> on november 6th we have the opportunity to send a message to the present occupant of the white house. i never call him the president. >> barack and i agreed to remain silent for awhile to give this administration a chance to get up and running the first year. god forgive me. >> instead of trying to build consensus toward common goals, they try to build walls.
4:27 am
>> the president uses the white house as a literal bully pulpit. lou: is in accordangnorance in . stay with us.
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lou: creepy uncle joe and his pal eric holder using a human rights fund-raiser dinner this weekend to, well, malign the president and insult his supporters. >> this make america great mindset is not only flawed, it's rooted in fear. >> this time, they, not you, have an ally in the white house. this time, they have an ally. they are a small percentage of the american people, virulent people. some of them, the dregs of
4:32 am
society. lou: both men are okay with pandering to a crowd of lgbt advocates about inclusion, but then don't want to include supporters of the president. they don't hesitate to smear the president. quite a performance by those two. joining us tonight is jason chaffetz, former republican congressman from the great state of utah, fox business contributor, and author, let me see that book. let me see that book. the book is "the deep state, how an army of bureaucrats protected barack obama and his working to destroy the trump agenda." it's available for purchase tomorrow. we recommend it to you highly. so highly, in fact, we suggest you preorder it tonight, get a jump on all the other folks who will be coming to the party. congratulations, first of all. >> thank you, appreciate it. lou: great to have you here. let's start with the fisa documents. this is historic. he has kept his promise,
4:33 am
openness, transparency and declassifying those documents. what's your reaction? >> hats off to the president for doing this. you have had the intelligence committee, the oversight committee, house judiciary committee, members that have looked at this stuff, wanting and pushing for openness and transparency, something that adam schiff and the democrats don't want to have happen. but it's going to illuminate what was happening at the upper echelons at the department of justice. and they never thought that was going to happen because they all thought that hillary clinton was to become the president. but now it's president trump. it's going to illuminate what was really going on. that's why oversight is so imperative. lou: 20 pages. this is oversight instituted by the president himself. it's too important oversight to leave to the congress, obviously, and the senate, because they have done a terrible job. there are exceptions to it and devin nunes and his committee have done a great job. but for the most part, without this president, without the oig
4:34 am
at justice, we would know very little. >> no, and that's why it's important, because those members who may be seeing this information can't talk about it publicly. by declassifying it, putting it out there for the world to see, this is a case that is closed, that is old, that's why it's so important to look at and look over the shoulder of these upper echelon of the department of justice, because there's a lot of nefarious activity going on. lou: we know most of it, we know the people who were involved. we have named them. the president names them in releasing, ordering release, the texts unredacted. i want your judgment, because this is a question on the minds of every republican in the country. will these documents, will these texts, be enough to alter the outcome of the trajectory of the midterm elections appear to be on? >> i don't know that it necessarily pushes it over the edge, but i do think the american people, those that are
4:35 am
legitimately looking at this election, do you want to do what james comey and the democrats want, remember, comey's out there advocating elect democrats because this investigation then drags on. what you want to see is radcliffe and the people, devin nunes, continue on with this investigation, root it out, fix the problem because we have to entrust the fbi but we can't right now until this gets turned around. lou: i don't know when it's going to be turned around. i want to tell you, we had a remark from chuck schumer today saying that the reason the fbi needs to be investigating the kavanaugh accusations, you know, is because the fbi is truth seekers, acting as if there was no question about their integrity, when the leadership of the fbi and department of justice are nothing but a toxic cesspool of political corruption. >> that's why we have to clean
4:36 am
it up. my grandfather was a career fbi agent. i grew up in an atmosphere and household that just believed in the integrity there, but when you look at ohr and strzok and page and mccabe, you just start going down the list, this is literally the seniormost leadership and they have either been fired, had to have been dismissed and there was a reason why. lou: there's a reason why again, in addition to everything that you mentioned, this republican party needs to stand up on november 6th partly because biden and holder, by the way, the only guy, talk about corruption, the only cabinet officer in history, cabinet secretary in history to be cited for contempt by the congress of the united states. isn't that a beautiful thing. but there's a president who needs all of the support he can get in the house of representatives as well. jason chaffetz, great to have you with us. america's a better place for having a new book.
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we recommend it to you. up next, the fbi issues a response to president trump's decision to declassify those fisa court documents. we take it up with chris farrell of judicial watch when we come back. stay with us. hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these.
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lou: breaking news now. the department of justice responding to president trump's decision to declassify documents and texts related to the mueller
4:41 am
witch hunt, saying quote, when the president issues such an order, it triggers a declassification review process that is conducted by various agencies within the intelligence community in conjunction with the white house counsel to seek to ensure the safety of america's national security interests. the department and federal bureau of investigation are already working with the director of national intelligence to comply with the president's order. what does that sound like to you? well, me, too. let's find out what chris farrell says. joining us now, director of investigations for judicial watch. chris, great to have you here. your reaction to the statement from the department of justice, a missive it seemed to me from the heart of the deep state. >> it's a very sort of perfunctory bureaucratic response. look, for more than a year, we have been suing to get these very same records. they have all been processed
4:42 am
from the freedom of information act, they have been processed under federal court order so this notion they have to go back and start all over or look at it again or review it, it's a false and misleading statement by the justice department and the fbi. they already have all the documents compiled. they have already been reviewed because of our litigation. they simply need to release them. they are going to slow-walk it. they are going to foot drag because it's not in their interest to reveal the incredible level of corruption in both the doj and the fbi. lou: robert mueller is sitting on top right now of over two years of investigation by both the fbi and special counsel, some 17 angry democrats, as the president refers to his staff. they have been going, they have no evidence of collusion, they are beyond their charter in everything they have done. they have prosecuted, but they have prosecuted nothing under the rubric of the scope memo, whether you are referring to the one in august or the one in may.
4:43 am
it is a preposterous, just to me, nauseating effort to thwart both justice and the values of this country. >> correct. also, remember, rosenstein signed one of those renewals contemporaneous with the appointment of the special counsel. this is a wonderful opportunity once that information is released for the president to say mr. rosenstein, you no longer enjoy my trust and confidence, you are dismissed. if mr. wray drags his feet as well, there's another opportunity. rosenstein needs to go. this is the perfect opportunity given the context and given the amount of information that's going to be revealed, that he is actively suppressing this criminal conspiracy. now is the time for mr. rosenstein to be fired and this documentation when released will only confirm and compound that. lou: i know you have expressed your view on their slow-walking whether at the department of
4:44 am
justice or the fbi or the dni, the intelligence community. so i'm asking you more of a political question now, and that is to assess whether that slow-walking will mean that we see documents in a week, whether we see them in a month, or will we, god forbid, see them after the election sometime because that looks like what this is a preface to, this statement from the department of justice. >> right. well, the deep state political operatives will drag their feet to kick it past the election, but i can urge and compel the leadership in those organizations, those agencies, as well as president trump, time is of the essence. they have already processed all these records. they can release all of them within a week if they wanted to. and that's the key. there has to be a sense of urgency, this compulsion to do it now, not the way the deep state wants to do it. they are all available and they can be released in a week. lou: i want to interrupt you for
4:45 am
just a second. we are out of time. i want one question for you to address, if you would, and that's a text, another text that's been revealed between strzok and page. this one from strzok saying this. we need to open the case, this is on may 9th, 2017, we need to open the case, if we've got the full screen, please put it up, okay? i'm going to wait for you to get that up. you got it? we need to open the case, we have been waiting on now while andy is acting, referring to andrew mccabe. page responds we need to lock in redacted in a formal chargeable way soon. effectively acknowledging there's no evidence, they need some sort of contrivance it seems. your judgment, your interpretation of that exchange? >> mine matches yours. it's a pretext. they know andy mccabe would essentially conspire with them and since he was the acting, he
4:46 am
could sign off on it. this is another deliberate targeting. this is incredible abuse of power targeting president trump personally and all those around him. this is the greatest outrage and abuse of authority of the fbi the country has ever seen. lou: chris farrell, thanks for being with us. up next, south korea's president goes to pyongyang tomorrow for a third summit. we will take up the prospects for that summit with kim jong-un, what it means for a denuclearized korean peninsula. that's next. stay with us.
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lou: south korean president moon leaving moments ago for the first trip by a south korean leader to pyongyang in 11 years. president moon hopes the three-day summit with kim jong-un will aid denuclearization talks between the united states and north korea. moon also meeting with president trump next week on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. joining us tonight, gordon cheng, author of "the coming collapse of china." good to see you. let's start with, first of all, the new round of tariffs that have just been slapped on china by president trump. >> great day for the united states, lou.
4:51 am
the chinese threatened the president, the president called their bluff, now beijing's next moves only hurt the chinese more than they hurt us. lou: when you say threatened, what do you mean? >> two threats this week. one was to say if you impose the tariffs we're not going to come to washington to talk. well, that's okay with us. lou: the talks that they requested. >> that they requested. lou: they asked for them. >> right. the other thing the chinese threatened was to go after u.s. companies in china, not to sell them products, and they also made a threat against apple. now, if they do that, what they are saying to the rest of the world is move your supply chains out of china. that's actually happening. we saw japanese and south korean companies move their supply chains. lou: there are still a lot of people who don't understand the chinese are stealing $600 billion of intellectual property from the united states from our military industrial firms, from those organizations. $600 billion a year.
4:52 am
the president is ending that. he's ending half a trillion dollars in deficits, for crying out loud, and they still don't understand that this president's insistence on fair trade and the end to theft of our intellectual property is critical to the nation's future. >> it's absolutely critical, lou. you know, when we think about the united states, we have an innovation based economy now. about 30% of the s&p's value relates to tech companies. that's going to go up to about 40% in a half decade. so if we can't commercialize innovation we don't have very much of an economy. the one point you raise about the theft of u.s. intellectual property is absolutely critical, because people may not like tariffs. i don't like tariffs. but the point is, we have got to do something to stop the chinese theft -- lou: i don't want to be ripped off, either. i don't like huge deficits and i don't like losing trillions of dollars in economic growth. it shouldn't be too complicated a concept for the business roundtable and chamber of commerce to get through their rather thick and committed
4:53 am
biased brains. >> now we have a president who understands what's at stake and yes, americans are going to have to suffer a little bit but that's because previous presidents -- lou: it's a possibility that they will not suffer anywhere as much as having $600 billion a year in intellectual property stolen from this country every year, running deficits in perpetuity for another 40 years. that's madness. >> yeah. the thing about supply chains is that we are going to move our supply chains out of china as well so as you say, we're not going to suffer that much in the long term. lou: russia and china just wrapping up, china had a negligible presence but nonetheless, participating in russian military drills, 300,000 troops, 1,000 aircraft involved. of what does that portend? >> china and russia military drills, it shows basically that they were sending a message to the united states, look, we don't want you in asia.
4:54 am
we are going to stay there and this is important because that's our western defense perimeter. lou: japanese submarines operating in the south china sea as well. take that, president xi. it's going to be fascinating to watch, and important for the president to prevail in all of this. gordon, thanks for being here. good to see you. up next, the president blowing the doors wide open on robert mueller's witch hunt tonight. we'll have more on his decision to declassify important fisa court documents and oh, yes, unredacted texts from the major players in this absolute atrocious scandal of corruption at the uppermost reaches of the fbi and the department of justice. (nicki palmer) being a verizon engineer is about doing things right. and there's no shortcut to the right way. so when we roll out the nation's first 5g ultra wideband network, it'll be because we were the first to install the fiber-optics and small cells,
4:55 am
and upgrade the towers that will change the way we learn, work and live. and i'll always be proud that we're not just building america's first 5g network. we're doing it right. cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas and i went to baghdad, iraq. we were transporting a bomb sniffing dog to the polling stations. we rolled over two anti-tank mines, it blew my humvee up, killed my sergeant. after the explosion, i suffered a closed head injury, um, traumatic brain injury, loss of a limb, burns to 60% of my body. when the doctors told me i reached my plateau, i did not want to hear that because i do not believe i have a plateau.
4:56 am
so, i had to prove 'em wrong, which i am doing to this day and i will still do until the end of my days. i've gotten to where i am at because of my family. and, the wounded warrior project has helped me more than i can ever imagine. they have really been there to support me in my endeavors. my number one goal, basically, is to get close to where i was. i am more than ready to work hard to get to that goal. i am living proof to never give up and i will never give up.
4:57 am
4:58 am
lou: the stocks closed lower as amazon and apple got clobbered panhandle. listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. president trump today ordered the declassification of sky fisa court documents and tickets amongst the principles in the justice department and fbi surveillance of the trump
4:59 am
campaign. all text messages related to the russia probe, james comey, the deb director of the fbi, andrew mccabe and bruce ohr. 10% tariffs go into effect october 1. 1. >> the courageous campaign promise made by the president. china is stealing our stuff. they are a predator. this president is standing up to chinese presen predation.
5:00 am
lou: tomorrow sidney powell and byron york among our guests. i join tucker carlson in a few it will be a lot of money coming into the conference of the united states of america. a lot of money coming in. >> a lot of money indeed, the president slapping tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of chinese imports like handbag, and shorthand leers. china vowing to retaliate. >> investors expected announcement which came after close of the bell the dow lost 92 points and nasdaq down 114. >> futures initially sold off overnight. but now we are seeing modest gains across the board. >> yeah, futures and pull those up in the green right now. there you go. dow 42 in the premarket taking a look at europe. stocks opening mixed as you can see the flat and higher. stocks


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