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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 25, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: breaking news. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh moments ago speaking publicly for the first time since a woman accused him of sexual assault. and he denied everything to martha mccalming on fox news. watch. >> the truth is i never sexually assaulted anyone in high school or otherwise. i am not questioning that dr. ford at some point in her life was sexually assaulted by someone in some place. but what i know is i never sexually assaulted anyone. kennedy: a college professor claims kavanaugh groped her at a
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high school party. she wrote in part, kavanaugh physically pushed me into a bedroom as i was headed for the bathroom. they locked the door and played loud music, precluding any successful attempts for help. kavanaugh was on top of me and' judge jumped on kavanaugh. they both tried to disrobe my in their highly inebriated the state. martha maccallum asked judge jue kavanaugh if this mess has given him second thoughts about staying in this fight. >> have you ever looked at one another and said this isn't worth it? >> i am not going to threat
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false accusations drive us out of this process. we are looking for a fair process where i can be heard defending my integrity and lifelong record of promoting dignitien in equality for women starting with the women who knew me when i was 14 years old. i am not going anywhere. kennedy: this story continues to change by the hour. so what happens next? edward lawrence is live in d.c. with more. >> a possible hearing thursday likely to happen. the timing of the accusations have democrats and republicans demanding different things. we have two accusations, one from high school and one from when he was a freshman at yale. kavanaugh denies both of those as character assassinations. he would a letter before he did
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that interview. the letter was going to senator chuck grassley. in that letter it says i will not be intimidated from withdrawing from this process. the coordinated effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out. the vile threats of violence against my family will not drive me out. chris teen * who accused him of sexual assault in high school at a party wrote to the senator grassy, my fear will not hold me back from testifying and you will be provided with answers to all of your questions. senator joe manchin says all of the accusers have the right to be heard. >> judge kavanaugh is taken outstanding person, i am with him all the way. we'll see how it goes are the
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senate and how it goes with the vote. there is a chance this could be one of the single most of unfair, unjust things that happened to a candidate for anything. but i'm with judge kavanaugh and i look forward to a vote where people have come out of the woodwork from 36 years ago and 30 years ago, and never mentioned it. all of a sudden it happens. in my opinion it's so political. reporter: senator lindsey graham says what we are witnessing is the breakdown of the process for a supreme court nominee. the president would like to see a vote quickly after that. kennedy: unreal. we are expecting a white house visit between rod rosenstein and
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the president. the he said-she said drama deinvolved into a political circus down in d.c. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell blasted democrats for playing games. mitch? >> senate democrats and their allies are trying to destroy a man's personal and professional life on the basis of decades old allegations that are unsubstantiated and uncorroborated. this is what the so-called resistance has become. kennedy: the other side isn't handling this much better. democratic hawaiian senator hazy hirono says he shouldn't be considered innocent because of some of his past opinions? >> i put his denial in the context of everything i know
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about him in terms of how he approaches his cases. he has an ideological agenda that's outcome driven. >> it sounds like you are saying because you don't trust him on policy and you don't believe him when he says he doesn't have an opinion on roe versus wade, you don't believe him on what he intes this party in 1982, right? >> there needs to be an investigation so there is an effort at collaboration. kennedy: are democrats for interested in myth political theater than the truth? let me ask tim carney. >> i think that moment with hirono was telling where she said in effect the implication is if you were a judge who supported roe versus wade that you would get more of the benefit of the doubt and they
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wouldn't be as interested in these charges. that's pretty perverse. but what this reflects is how it's about politics. they have repeatedly taken action that show not only are they opposed to kavanaugh, but they are more underred in political theater. kennedy: it seems like some of this on the part of dianne feinstein and some of the people she showed the letter to from dr. ford, that this was a last-ditch effort. it's unfortunate. now the process is rushed. and you can't have an endless timeline on this nomination. i understand that democrats are just trying to get back at republicans for the merrick garland disaster, something they see as a fiasco. but democrats could be doing themselves a disservice by riling up republican voters.
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>> i think they see the political calculation works out in their favor. the longer they drag it out. the more money they get. they are doing a good job of ruling up their own base on this. even if it's riling up the others, i think they see a political advantage in keeping the fight alive. what they don't see an advantage of is the questioning of kavanaugh and ford in circumstances that will make the truth easier to ascertain. if you had -- they opposed having staff lawyers go out and do that. they prefer the imagery of a bunch of white guys asking. would you rather have a professional staff lawyer interviewing these two people or a bunch of politicians doing it. kennedy: that was the point lindsey graham made. some of the senators on the judiciary committee are 20 years removed from the courtroom.
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they want a litigator who is more sensitive and more adept at getting to the truth. i think that's inconvenient for democrats and it's hard to see how dr. ford's legal team is not almost entirely politically motivated. >> that's right. if they wanted to have a good -- if they believe their case and wanted a good examination of the case, they would have agreed to something a long time ago. whether they wanted it to be on tv where the public could see it or not be on tv. they haven't been behaving like people who want to get at the truth. kennedy: they are also behaving like people who don't understand due process. one of the things a jurist is most of impressed on when it comes to supreme court confirmation is the constitution. one of the requests that her
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legal team had of the judiciary committee is he goes first, and she gets to respond to that. >> he would be asked to respond to accusations that were only made after way in a letter or leaked out to a reporter. it doesn't work that way. the bottom line we had is so far whoever has gone on the record and spoken under oath have rejected her accusations. every time she delays you think why is she avoiding going under oath? kennedy: what is the worst case scenario for judge kavanaugh thursday. >> i'm open to the fact that when she testifies, she'll have responses that are not convincing. if they bring out his friend mark judge who by all accounts, his own accounts of his own life is he hasn't lived an
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outstanding life in high school. everybody should be watching to see who is more credible. the woman making the accusation. we all should have an open mind. i'm hoping a handful of senators can be swayed and this can end one way or another. kennedy: i hope they are looking for the truth and suspending their judgments until after both people have testified. >> just when you thought the story couldn't get any crazier, michael avenatti gets involved. stormy daniels' lawyer claims he has a new claimant against judge kavanaugh. he has not disclosed details. but he told "politico" she is a former government employee who
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hold security clearance. he says she'll come forward via a tv interview. kavanaugh categorically denied all these allegations in his interview with martha maccallum. does anything michael avenatti says hold any water right now? steve hilton is here. and "reason" magazine editor at large and host of the fifth column nod cast is matt welch. michael avenatti, what is he doing? what's going on? >> i have got to tell you what. he is doing a disservice to women by parading and using the #metoo move. as a football for his own professional career. we can see through this. what he's trying to do.
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stormy daniels, he's pretty much using her as a political football because of his dislike for trump. i'm sorry. i feel like we have used the me too movement to put away monsters. i feel like when you get someone like avenatti who is someone who is actively work on politics, seeing something like this is nothing but a circus it's a side show. i resent that for the victims that had to come forward and struggle with coming forward and put something one behind bars. kennedy: it's not about victims and it's not about getting to the truth. it's about advancing his own political gain. and it's really gres. some of the language he has been using to describe brett kavanaugh is slanderous. when brett kavanaugh when he is
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confirmed or ruined, the first thing i would do is file a massive lawsuit against michael avenatti. >> i think what he's doing is a service to brett kavanaugh. it shows one thing. this will tip the balance of judgment in the senate in favor of brett kavanaugh. this intervention by avenatti who is so clearly politicizing it. i think it actually will help. kennedy: what he does is he shows a lot of this has become so absurd. if there were -- if these were such grave allegations and so important to air out, i think we would have heard about them earlier on in the process. >> avenatti's intervention makes it so clear. it's all about politics and the spectacle. i think that will in the end, if brett kavanaugh gets confirmed, he can thank avenatti and ronan
12:15 am
farrow. kennedy: the "new york times" said they turned the story down because they called the people who were named as eyewitnesses and they said we never saw anything like it. >> something interesting happened in that moment. just judging by the scientific method of look at my twitter stream. conservative response was no more. that's when there was a sense of drawing a line in the sand. you see this with poll numbers both in terms of gallup is showing the largest support for republican party since 2011. fit waltz sense of oh, come on. and there is a rallying point. two side who want to have this war. when you want to have that war. avenatti is a talented gifter of
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the resistance. he's running for president in 2020. he's always getting himself in front of a camera. so we are going to see a lot of really bad behavior on both side and third and fourth side because people want to have the story. kennedy: kirsten gillibrand, her circular reasoning about why she believes dr. ford. she is telling the truth because she told her story, therefore she is telling the truth. that doesn't make any sense. that's the definition of begging the question. first up, is rod rosenstein out of a job? it depend on who you ask. we'll look at the convenient time around the controversy.
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kennedy: president trump is embattled with the deputy attorney general on a collision course. now we know they will meet thursday. the question is, will the president can him?
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rosenstein reportedly told friend he expected to be fired today because of a "new york times" report that says he offered to record the president. president trump: we'll be meeting at the white house and determining what's going on. we want transparency, openness, and i look forward to meeting with rod at that time. kennedy: firing rosenstein could have major implications for the russia probe. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle pressuring the president to keep the deputy a.g. but will rosenstein keep his job or is he about to head off to the dancing with the stars in the sky. how does this landscape look to you, andy? >> it looks like he hangs on at
12:22 am
least through the mid-terms. i think what the people around the president are trying to promote is a sense of stability. plus they know if they can rosenstein as much as he deserves it because of his inyou both nation, there will be big stories about how trump is obstructing mueller's investigation. they think mueller is nearing the end of his investigation and they don't rant to give him a reason to continue. kennedy: i think you can fire rosenstein and allow the investigation to continue at the same time. you are right about the timing. mueller is nearing the end of his probe. even james comey said the exact same thing. so the question is, if you can't get fired for trying to create a palace coup to have your boss
12:23 am
impeached or thrown out on the 25 amendment, what can you get fired for? >> that's a good question. fit was my call he would have been gone a long time ago. i don't know how it's tenable to carry on when there is not only credible allegations where he talked about wiretapping and the idea the president was not suitable for the duties which is the whole idea behind the 25th amendment. i should tell you i don't believe rosenstein was serious about the 25th amendment. that's such a frivolous legal claim i can't believe a lawyer as good as rosenstein would have thought that. but i think he miscalculated this memo he wrote to support the firing of comey. he those would be praised for it and he was roundly condemned for
12:24 am
it. kennedy: he's certainly upset about that. but there are many conflicts of interest for rod rosenstein as there are for jeff sessions. after the mid-term the department of justice could look very, very different. conceivably the mueller probe will have wrapped up. and the president could fire jeff sessions and rod rosenstein. what would that do to the doj? >> if they can work it out in a way that seems that these guise are resigning. it's a normal amount of time in an administration. i know this is a hard thing for these guys. if they can take the ugly out of this and make it a normal transition. they would get a more welcoming approach from the senate in terms of giving them new
12:25 am
appointees. kennedy: if you see that memo bob goodlatte is trying to get from andrew mccabe. >> i think we need to see all this stuff. we have an investigation not only of what's going on with trump and mueller. we also have the investigation of the potential abuse of investigative techniques. i think it all ought to be out there. i was disappointed to see the president do a 180 on the fisa applications. i think all of this stuff need to get out. kennedy: thank you very much. coming up, the left is throwing everything including the kitchen sink and lawn darts in the way of judge kavanaugh's nomination. what if they are successful? what happens next? democrats ought to be careful what they wish for in my monologue next. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere.
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kennedy: as more flimsy accounts of adolescent idiocy surface, it appears the nomination may be in trouble. but they should keep the champagne on ice because it may not be anything to celebrate.
12:30 am
thursday the hearing will be held between his accuser dr. christine ford and judge brett kavanaugh. if she is believable and collins and murkowski believe her. if the republicans feel their guy is railroad out of the that pick, it could mean the takes are high the next time a democrat is nominated for the supreme court it's no stretch to see several more lives ruined by there is mob-fueled moralism that will down the road bite donkeys in the ass.
12:31 am
brett kavanaugh's replacement won't be merrick garland. it will be an ideological originalist who happens to be the darling of christians. amy coney barrett is more ideologically conservative and brett kavanaugh. beware of your dreams hippies. if you push hard enough you will get a bench full of a salia clones thanks to president pence. that's the memo. multiple democratic senators called on kavanaugh to withdraw. but if feinstein and company get their way they could soon get a case of the remorse. with us, host of "the greg
12:32 am
gutfeld show" *. it's funny. these protests, the anger, the accusations, it could lead to a sad place. >> they obviously have been doing something if trump. you get mike pence who makes trump look like che guevarra. i think she reads the "manned maid's tale" to her kids. i'm just kidding. shes very ridge, the left hates religious people. and she is pro-life. but i think they will be galvanized. kennedy: if they push against trump it won't be hillary in the wings. it won't be merck i can garland. this could be -- it won't be merrick garland. she has been through the
12:33 am
process. she was one of the president's top three picks. greg: you know what scares me? all criminals have three names. but you know -- she is obviously eminently qualified, smart lady, blah, blah, blah. but a lot of people aren't talking about my choice which is judge jeanine. i mentioned it today on "the five." imagine if she said that's it, judge jeanine. could you naj imagine her in the hearings? no one would get away with anybody. she would just grab guys by the collar. she scares me oh she is on "the five." kennedy: that's polite territory. it's not even hostile territory. i thought the next time around
12:34 am
would be the dirty, filthy scummy contentious time with the loud protests and pulling out all stops. i am surprised to see it happening here. i understand the balance of the courts rest with this nomination. greg: i get the idea that merrick garland, that was a political move on the part of the republicans. but merrick garland's life isn't being ruined. he may even get another chance at this. they are basically saying everything is permitted now. the politics of personal destruction doesn't matter. they are using that as justification. the timing is strange to plea. the fact that like necessity delay, delay, delay, it happened thursday and then it dropped on sunday.
12:35 am
it throokd me lining it was orchestrated. kennedy: the rod rosenstein was clearly orchestrated. it was a lazy dog whistle that was blown and swallowed. they were assumed he was going to be fired it's like we are watching an ongoing episode of "the bachelor." greg: i'm on rosenstein's side. i think as a human being who is sarcastic 80% of the time. if i say i'm joking, you have to take my word for it. people are saying "new york times," terrible op-ed, but this anonymous piece, you have got to believe it. kennedy: if you don't like
12:36 am
woodward's anonymous sources. greg: you can't weaponize sarcasm. kennedy: greg gutfeld, the legend. greg: just in this studio for four minutes. kennedy: thank you so much. at the president's latest rally, he said the mid terms are a referendum on him. president trump: a poll came out that said everybody is going out in 2020 because they want to vote for you, they want to vote for the president. but they may not be coming out in 2018 because you are voting for me in 2018. you are voting for me. kennedy: the president may be right to frame it this way and the nbc news "wall street journal" poll show the republicans have nearly caught
12:37 am
up to democrats on enthusiasm. 65% of democrats said they are very interested in the upcoming democratic elections compared to 61%. the gap has been shrinking for months. where will we be in november. and should the left be worried in the panel is back. steve, i'll start with you. i worked on a number of campaigns. it seems for these november mid-terms it's all about passion and enthusiasm. how do both sides handle that and get people to vote? >> how surprising donald trump want to make it all about him. but he's right. because he is as we know the most of animating force in american politics right now. he's already animating the democrat side, that's why they are fired up on the left. they are fired up with the
12:38 am
resistance and fighting donald trump. to insert themselves into the republican side, he is the person that i think can get them out. he goes out there and dominates the airwaves from now until election day that could work. kennedy: if kavanaugh's nomination is withdrawn. he does it himself or the president loses faith, lower aren't enough republican senators to vote for his confirmation, does that help the republican base? >> i don't think so. but it depends on how it gets done. if kavanaugh withdraws, then all these people who are so mobilized, them feel let down. kennedy: i don't think he'll do that either. >> susan cal rinse or lisa murkowski or jeff flake, you can imagine them flipping and
12:39 am
republicans can be screw this party, it's not good for us anymore. or we need more people not like them to be republicans. i'm not sure it will help them depending on how it plays out. kennedy: if they can keep the democrats as the enemy. if they are playing dirty tricks and pulling stuff out in the last hour. that can help republicans. they have been apathetic. they don't have the resistance passion democrats have. >> i think one of the things you are going to see, i work in active races. one of the things we have to our advantage is we have outraised the democrats. so we have more money. we have a better shot to get our message out because we have mormony than they do. kennedy: some of the messaging has been bad for republicans. it's bad on healthcare and there
12:40 am
isn't a solid strategy. i have done what i can on this show to counter the positive message of socialism because it's garbage it's an absolute lie and i don't think republicans have been good at standing up for capitalism. >> capitalism is working right now. so like president trump, don't like president trump. you can't deny the fact that capitalism works. look at the markets, all-time high. look at job creation and the lower regulations. kennedy: that means more freedom. thank you, panel. coming up, last year the president called kim jong-un little rocket man in his speech at the u.n. now we are on the verge of a second summit. could a similar tack twik work with iran? the day after chemo shouldn't mean going back to
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and we're trying to figure that out now. if i had had a little advice back then, i'd be in a different boat today, for sure. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. kennedy: president trump is in new york for the united nations general assembly and he announced he'll have a second summit with north korean dictator kim jong-un. president trump: quick has
12:45 am
been -- kim has been open and terrific, frankly. i think he wants to see something happen. kennedy: these comments are in stark contrast to what he said a year ago. president trump: rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime. the united states is ready, willing and able, but hopefully this will not be necessary. kennedy: tomorrow the president is expected to discuss iran. can a hard line with iranians work the way it did with north korea? joining me, mike baker in the house. what do you expect from the president at the general assembly? >> discipline, discretion in messaging. kennedy: staying on message. he's giving his speech tomorrow, tuesday. if we think about where we are as you pointed out in the opening from now until last
12:46 am
year's general assembly. on the two major issues from our perspective. iran and north korea. nobody could have predicted this. we could have predicted we would be out of the nuclear agreement with iran. but the turnaround in the situation with north korea. nobody predicted it. anybody who said they did is just lying. we are nowhere near getting close to a final solution with north korea yet. but we are in dialogue. and we have turned that dialogue around, whatever that full circle is. from last year. so i expect tomorrow what he's going to do is tout the success we have had so farb with north korea. -- so far with north korea. i think he'll ask the allies to stick with us, hold the line on sanctions because now is not the time to ease up on sanctions.
12:47 am
and i think he's going to cover iran. i think he'll talk seriously about iran in terms of how the ally vts to come together. we have to work harder to pressure iran to do a few things, to stop the ballistic missile program and give up their nuclear weapons program. he'll push. it will be interesting to see how disciplines he does all that. kennedy: you have to look at the reax last -- the reaction last year. people were hysterical and angry with the president for breaking protocol and using the language he did at the u.n., similar to what he would say at a rally. but you have to look at where we are. we are not on the brink of world war iii. north korea and south korea are meeting. and north korea wants the united
12:48 am
states to walk back some of those sanctions. mike pompeo says they are not going to do it. it could be a template for iran. >> i would say one thing if i could. the iran situation is much different than north korea. we have to be aware of that in terms of using the same template with iran. with iran. kennedy: "topical storm" is
12:49 am
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kennedy: legendary actor al a chino is reportedly dating an actress half his age. he is 79, she is 38. any woman can fall for the godfather. it takes a keeper to go for the grandfather. make me and offer i can't refuse. this is the "topical storm." two road raging drivers got caught driving the race cars. buster and bingo were competing for the world's fastest guinea pig.
12:53 am
come on, step on the gas. people have big money on this race. tough break for bingo. buster will advance in the guinea pig tournament. but if you would still like to play bingo, hang out with bernie sanders. topic number two. commercial airline passengers are no strangers to harsh treatment. but just when you thought it couldn't get worse united air libraries giving them the bird. this guy delayed a flight. the bird took off the minute it saw the baggage fees. and they were flying to newark. newark is so lovely this time of
12:54 am
year. the meth labs are in full bloom. nobody endured a bigger letdown than 49ers fans. that's in reference for the quarterback tearing his acl. another player who can't stand for "the national anthem." topic number three. the makers of scrabble found a way to do the impossible. no, they didn't get samantha bee to say something funny. they did manage to get people talking about their game again. the scrabble dictionary added new word for the first time in four years. the terms include, okay, betsy and twerk. but if you going the twerk, every story is about stormy
12:55 am
daniels. he's a bigger fan of candyland. the club, not the board game. in total scam bell added over 300 word including domboid. topic number four. let's head to toronto where a dinner party guest was behaving like a real animal. i won't take you're english. i can see this raccoon from my house. the raccoon crashed a woman's dinner party and she couldn't ask him to leave because it would be rude. this looks like a scene from the great outdoors. canadian wildlife officials are
12:56 am
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