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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 3, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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on the fox business network. it's been a pleasure. we are bringing the news to you tonight. charles payne is here now with "making money." charles: the markets higher on surging economic numbers. the dow with is 15-year all-time high. 230,000 jobs were added. that's the highest hiring rate since early 2000. another indicator of the booming economy that -- service 2/3, the larger part of our economy, much larger than manufacturing. it registered at 61.6.
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the highest yes ever ahead of friday's jobs report. lindsey, let me start with you. there was one great number after another after another. really phenomenal stuff. >> the market is always surprised by these great numbers. charles: the market has been going up. it feels like all the experts are always surprised. >> it's the experts and a lot of naysayers out there. everyone is waiting for the numbers, but it just keeps going higher. 20-year highs and a lot of different statistics. we are getting into earnings season, too. it will be the third quarter of over 3% earnings growth. charles: i remember the first
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quarter over 20% was supposed to be the high water mark. >> that was in 2010 when we were coming up against the financial crisis. but this is being driven by tax reform and fiscal stimulus and a growing economy reacting to all of that. charles: we unleashed something here. the animal spirits in this country where we no longer are okay with mediocrity. 230,000 jobs. wall street estimated 180,000. my favorite areas. dirty fingernails, goods producing. this is aphasing. for might goes -- this amazing. it goes back to the heartland. >> the whole dynamic is we were so afraid this would roll over. i think what the administration
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has tried to do is set up a dynamic. it's not just the jobs numbers. it's the pro growth agenda. i would point to the rollback of regulatory overreach that weighed on this economy for over a decade. charles: there are organizations out there. it doesn't roll off the tongue. by the has had a major impact. >> if you are looking for earnings, markets tend to follow earnings. we are looking at -- we can't sustain the 20% growth. but we can do 8%, 9% the next couple years. over the last seven consecutive quarters the average annual growth rate is 22.2% for seven quarters in a row. the previous seven quarters
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minus 9% quarterly. we have momentum earnings growth. consumers -- charles: where do we go from here. >> consumers are in excellent health. producers are producing because consumers are buying. >> 8%, 9% is pretty good. pretty good growth. charles: two other people jerome powell and charles evans. the head of the federal reserve and a key voting member of the federal reserve. what chairman powell has said really echoed. he says this is the best economy ever. but powell said this is unprecedented with respect to modern history. we have not seen this in recent years. it is something special. >> it truly is.
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that's why he has the room to move up the feds fund rate. you go back in history. you usually see the feds fund rate running in line with nominal gdp. the reason we saw the 10-year yield spike up to a seven-year high was because of growth. not because of inflation. charles: the bond yields are going up. investors are leaving bonds. but where does that money go? does it go into the stock market? >> it probably does. that's a challenge. you can't put all your money in the stock market. so we'll have to find what is the asset class that will offset risk in the future. one thing, every time the market
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gets so exciting. people assume there is a giddiness. bullishness is barely above bear i shallness. one of my great fears is so many people missed this rally. but is it too late? >> a lot of institutions have so much money on the sidelines, there is plenty of money to make the market go higher. charles: let's separate the markets from the economy. this impacts every one. so does the stock market. but the economic boom and what it means for jobs. we got the jobs report coming friday. i am suspecting coming into the week, consensus, 180, 200 in that area. the employment part of that all-time record. >> i think the number might --
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the reason the number is low on friday is because of the hurricane we just had go through the carolinas. that does impact employment and it will bring it down. that just makes today's adp number all that more impressive. it's an indicator what we can expect. charles: a big question a lot of our viewers have. if everything is so great, when do they start to see it in those paychecks? >> that's the mill dollar question. it's coming. i don't think it will come in a flood. it will be incremental gains. there are plenty of jobs going wanting for people to fill them. it's a matter of the jobs that needed to be filled and people not having the education or technical skills to fill them. that will keep wages a little bit subdued. f that means we'll have some inflation, but not enough to
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worry the economy. >> i think right now -- charles: you think 3% year overyear hike we could see that? >> i don't know about friday, but you will see it in the next couple. charles: it should have happened a long time ago. considering the job openings and dynamics. >> amazon is raising the minimum wage to $15. target is at $13. enough to move the economy. charles: the market, the economy, those big rigs. did you see the september number? the last quarter. the best quarter ever for big rigs. rev up those diesels. up 92% year-over-year. those are jobs. those are 45,000 trucks, 45,000
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jobs, 45,000 people to do maintenance on them. 45,000 people to clean them. those are american jobs. >> you are seeing them having a hard time filling those jobs. so they will probably have to increase the pay for some of those jobs. charles: the first year of one of the guys watching the show, i inspired him and he became a truck driver. a guy named quincy and he's doing well. the gop is doing well ahead of the election.
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life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. charles: we have big developments in new fox polls. republicans make huge gains in senate races. heidi heitkamp is the most of vulnerable. she is losing ground big time to kevin cramer. he now leads heitkamp by 12 percentage points. lee, the heitkamp number sticks out because she is one of the vulnerable democrats who has to make a decision with the
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kavanaugh nomination. how do you ex blaine this? is it economics, politics for a combination of both. >> i think it's a combination of both. i think the last week has been so jarring. it has been an emotional time. you are engaged right now in a way you never have. you have 30 million people tuning in to watch this testimony live during the workday. you know people are engaged. it's lining up along party lines. republican enthusiasm was down leading up to this for several weeks, now it's back. charles: even npr put out a poll shows from july to october gop men went from 66% enthusiastic. republican women to 73%. >> president trump's name isn't on the ballot, but his america
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first agenda is. and the supreme court pick. there are only really two names on the ballot in november. winning or losing. the americans will go to the polls and pick the america first agenda. women came out in strong numbers in 2016. charles: you think that repeats itself? >> absolutely. if i were to bet, i would bet it all on trump. let it ride. charles: you agree this is a referendum on president trump. >> i think it's a reaction to what's been happening to judge kavanaugh and dr. ford. in talking to folks last week a lot of them were very angry at the existing senators. very angry at dianne feinstein for waiting so long to get this out there. 75% of the americans are blaming dianne feinstein for where we
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are right now. people are saying i don't like the way things are being done. everything is politicized. we want something different. the trump agenda is fighting politics as usual. charles: drain the swamp and get me a job. the q poll, quinnipiac. 28% republican, 31% democrat and 34% independent. this number has shah rupg considerably -- has shrunk considerably and this is during the kavanaugh saga. you would think it would be the exact opposite. >> americans are being told what to think and how to feel. charles: kanye west right now. don't tell me to take off the hat. >> there are 20% of americans
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saying i don't know what to believe. and you guys have decided and you are telling me what to think. and you are ruining people's lives. people are tired of the politics. >> i think the independent will start leaning more right. charles: we always say ultimately we vote with our wallets and pocketbooks. >> that's on the ballot for november. it's the economy, people's pockets, and also the rule of law. what we see is multiple issues -- i'm not disparaging blasey ford. obviously she is impacted by some traumatic experience. but she named four witnesses, one of which is a lifelong friend. and her lifelong friend said she never metcalf thank you and doesn't recall the d she he never met kavanaugh. and doesn't recall the event.
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we need to get back to fairness and striking a balance. i think that's the discourse that will be going to the ballot this november. charles: great time to be a pollster. meanwhile apple ceo tim cook taking serious shots at facebook and other big companies saying you don't need to collect everybody's data to provide a service. we'll discuss it next. mine invet opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story.
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tim cook took not so subtle digs at these tech companies. >> when we collect, we challenge ourselves to make it not identifiable. we don't read your email. we don't read your messaging. you are not our product. we are not forming a detailed profile then allowing other companies to buy the opportunity to target you. that's not business we are in. charles: he specifically called out the practice of data collection and selling information. joining me now to discuss, liz peek, he says, he doesn't believe they have to take your data to make the service better. he says whoever is telling you that, it's a bunch of bunk.
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>> you want to know what? i think apple's tim cook is raising some great questions here. basically they say we need this because we are going to make the product better and service better for you. if i'm congress i should be completely concerned about how they are going to buy and sell this on the secondary market. if you look at some of their user agreements they say the third party vendors are service providers. they should be concerned about big effect's ability to tip an election. charles: others are saying don't do business with these folks if you are so afraid of this happening. it's the price of admission which often is free. >> it's almost impossible not to do business with google. facebook less so. tim cook and apple has you a different model.
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they make money from selling iphones and watches, but they don't have to do the data mining that facebook and google do. i think this is a serious problem. i think the companies are either going to have to charge for search mechanisms and other kinds of procedures which nobody wants them to do. you don't want them to go on google. or they are going to have to get serious about privacy. i think that's the problem facebook has now. they have not gotten serious. we had two huge data breaches. this one 50 million. that's a lot of folks' data out there possibly for sale. we don't know. charles: ford, you mentioned the government taking a closer look. it's hard to look at these companies and not think at some point anti-trust will come up. even if it's a barrier to
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competition. at some point some government is going to look at these companies and say you have too much power. you said they can sway elections. could you see them getting into being broken up to a degree? >> i think there will be government intervention. i think we are starting to see that in the e.u. >> we know the europeans, the e.u. does that all the time. they replaced that with innovation. could it go further than that? >> i don't think in america we want to do that. and i don't think a lot of people realize the power goomg and facebook have. 60% to 70% of all u.s. searches on the internet begin with google. their ability to control things and sway opinion is ridiculous. 60% of adults are object facebook. their ability to show you what you can see and form your
6:26 pm
opinion is very, very dangerous. they could become a government in and of themselves. charles: big brother, i think they are more of a possibility of big four or five tech companies being ultimately big brother described by information well. >> it's unnerving that even in these situations where you are able to turn off the apps and tell them what you are looking at, et cetera. it's not true. they still know what you are doing on the web. tim across took the high road because they brought out in june various features in their new apps and new phones that would prevent the apps from doing that. he also took a swipe at facebook by implementing features where you can monitor how much time you spend on facebook and turn it off. charles: we have got to leave it
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there, ford. but the bottom line is this issue will only get worse as they creep deep and deep into our daily lives. charles: the fbi report will'' submit their report to capitol hill as early as tonight.
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>> judge kavanaugh has went in public eye for 12 years and 60s background investigation. never even an inkling of of any those things have couple. despite the fact i was a major prosecutor for ken starr. none of these things came up. when i was nominated for the federal bench none of these things came up. there has been a lot of opportunities for people to raise the issue and it never has. now at the 11th hour the democrats have ex employed the process and it's a shame. charles: that was white house press secretary sarah sanders passionately defending supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. in the ordinary course of business are expecting to see that fbi report as early as tonight. with us to discuss, madison and
6:32 pm
jessica. madison, what do you make of it all. we are starting to hear it many too fast, it's too soon. key witnesses haven't been interviewed. >> last week when they decided to conduct the investigation, regardless of how they handled it, i knew people would come forward and say it's not enough time. they want to delay. i suspect we won't receive much information if any at all when it comes out tonight or tomorrow. it won't be enough for them regardless. mark judge submitted a statement under penalty of perjury and they reinterviewed others. nothing new is going to come of this. they will continue to delay and destroy the career and life of a good man.
6:33 pm
charles: it feels like a lot of this stuff should have been done before, this letter and the accusations should have been made public a lot sooner. we are where we are right now. what do you think the democrats will be? >> i agree with madison so far as there will continue to be complaints made about the procedure. we saw dr. ford and judge kavanaugh haven't been interviewed by the fbi. but we are getting to a little bit of a game-playing stage. three votes, the republican votes are very upset about president trump's comments last night where he was mocking dr. ford. we'll see how that goes. but at the end of the day i think judge kavanaugh will get confirmed. it's been energizing for the gop. charles: what do you make of that? are you shocked by that? >> i can sight going both ways.
6:34 pm
rush limbaugh said if judge kavanaugh doesn't get through, it will suppress gop turnout. but i could see the flip side of it which is the revenge element. with democrats having a 30% chance of taking the senate. i could see it energizing the base which is what you are seeing with the enthusiasm gap closing. charles: last night when the president brought this up, those in the crowd said he was mocking president trump. he did say she was credible after her testimony. he still believes noise corroboration in that he's sticking with dr. ford. way find interesting is the republican universe which had broken off into splinters. a lot of the never trumpers and
6:35 pm
iffy trumpers have come together over this one particular issue. universally it feels like paul republicans, even though that don't like president trump's style are backing kavanaugh. >> catch nays an excellent -- kavanaugh is an excellent conservative jurist. charles: are you concerned if he is confirmed there will be a taint or dark cloud over his decisions. >> to be honest, what difference does it make? i imagine he'll conduct himself with the ongoing dignity and character and honesty that's characteristic of his last 12 years. i don't think the so-called taint will have much impact on his service. >> i don't know about the impact on his service. when clarence thomas went through this in 1991, it was a
6:36 pm
different time. the trump rally, they didn't sight as mocking. she did know where this happened. she newt layout of the house. he was mocking her. >> he was suggesting -- charles: madison, senator collins wasn't happy with what she saw last night and she is on the bubble. do you think kavanaugh will be confirmed? >> i think people are getting confused here. this isn't about president trump, this is about judge kavanaugh. we need to focus on his record and his career, and what he'll be able to do as a supreme court justice. i don't believe there is any corroboration that will limit him to step forward in this process. i don't care whether people like how the president talks about things. i don't think was mocking her. that's not what was happening last night.
6:37 pm
he was talk about many of the frustrations people feel across this country with some of the things the president has said. charles: the dow hits its 19th record of the year. let's talk about risk. this has been one heck of a ride.
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charles: you remember on the campaign trail candidate donald trump kept telling crowds, you will get so tired of winning, you will say stop it, i can't take it. well, guess what, today that theory was put to the test. the stock market had difficulty maintaining gains after a series of economic data. we saw the private sector, the adp report, 220,000 jobs. wall street thought it would be
6:41 pm
180,000. the non-manufacturing, the service sector came considerably ahead of wall street consensus. the employment hit an all-time record. the 10-year yield tickled up and knocked the wind out of the rally. so let's take a look at where the rally goes from here. too much wing and too much giddiness comes back to haunt it. sean, let me start with you. the yield, remember february. people don't remember because the headlines have people confused. tariffs hurt us. february, three to four of the worst days of the year. we are way over it now, and everyone is scratching their heads. when do we get to the point.
6:42 pm
3.18. stocks went down. >> you called february, it was horrible. it went over 3% for the first time on the january jobs number which was wage gains of 2.9%. but i'm expecting them to be high. what happened today, talking 318. i don't think the yield will be a problem. i don't think the fed will be able to raise rates enough. they won't be able to move the fed fund. the banks have too much money to lend. i don't think it will be a problem. >> i think it's an issue for sure. i think the biggest fear in the marketplace is will the fed make a policy mistake? that's always the fear. i have a lot of confidence in powell. he noticed inflation is targeted at 2%. if there is a risk out there,
6:43 pm
it's not in this country, it's overseas. charles: when we look under the hood, it's disturbing. many more stocks are making the 2-week close. there is more down volume than up volume. more advancers and declearance. yellow flag, red -- flag? >> a lot of it is being bought by the etfs and index funds. the stocks that aren't doing so well are outside of the major indexes and what the etfs are packages because they don't have the earnings to produce. >> i think you are seeing a change in leadership. it's not just the amazons and the googles. you are looking into the industrial sector. you are seeing sales growth.
6:44 pm
it creates a huge turmoil. big unwind of the fear of a trade war out there. that's why small cap -- charles: what are you worried about if anything? >> i'm worried about mechanical failure. if something happens where there are some fat fingers somewhere. a couple hundred thousand s & p sell orders. that's what i'm worried about. fundamentally i don't have anything to worry. in the end, emerging markets and developed markets. there are customers -- charles: we do have a -- we
6:45 pm
don't have a moat. before we go, i want to give a shout-out to my friend quincy johnson. i mentioned him earlier in the show. i want to congratulate him. four years driving a big rig. quincy, you are the man. we told but the chinese navy harassing american warships in the south china sea. tonight we have amazing photos to show you. stay tuned.
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charles: take a look at this photograph it's a chinese warship harassing an americanship. it came within 45 yard of the
6:49 pm
u.s. warship that forced it into a maneuver to avoid what would have been a dangerous collision. amber, we keep hearing more and more about the provocations. i think lost in the debate about the china trade war and north korea. has been their military ambitions which have been extraordinarily aggressive. not just the man made islands which have been militarized now. but the way they are reconfiguring their abilities to strike even at the u.s. >> this is absolutely a very big deal. you have seen chinese military aggression and altercation with the united states military. but normally it's reserved for the u.s. military wandering into chinese waters or air space. this ship altercation was such a provocative and aggressive act by the chinese military we
6:50 pm
haven't seen. and those images of within 45 yards of and u.s. navy vessel is unreal. that navy vessel had to make evasive maneuvers to avoid a collision. it was on a routine mission, freedom of navigation which is very common in disputed areas which it is in the south china sea where china is claiming some of this territory that the united states does not recognize. the u.s. is there to promote lawfulness no in a disputed area it shows how tense things are between the u.s. and china. charles: how do you curb this? it's their ambition. we know a lot of these islands have been disputed. we know a lot of these countries from the philippines on have said, america, we need your help. but china is not missing a beat.
6:51 pm
they continue to be very aggressive in the south china sea. >> you are absolutely right. it's unfortunate that chain today recently canceled talks with defense secretary mattis. we need to bring the chinese to the table and have an. >> dialogue about their ambitions and aggression we have seen in the south china sea. but they are very unhappy with what they are being faced with when it comes to trade and sanctions. so they don't want to have those conversations. i think we'll see a more aggressive china. one that doesn't want to come to the table and have negotiations and talk which will make it that much more difficult on the united states. we always wants to do things diplomatically and handle things that way if we can. charles: we had an incident with kay bailey hutchinson, she had to walk back comments after a
6:52 pm
russian spokeswoman talked about the possible destruction much russian warheads. they said it's a dangerous thing. but russia is going ahead, they are violating these agreements and working with these warheads. what do we do snpt belligerence whether it's china or russia. putting us in an awkward position. >> russia is violating the cold war treaty that prevents them and partners from developing mid-range missiles that are capable -- charles: they are developing them, aren't they? >> they are. and we had intelligence as per the ambassador to nato in her remarks. we have known for years that they are developing this. and so i think what you are going to see is the united states has known about this, but they are saying enough is enough. either we would like to bring you to the table and talk about
6:53 pm
it, but if not we'll up our own defense posture and deter it to make sure we are on a level playing field. charles: i woke up last night at 1:51 and asked myself, whatever happened to the robert mueller investigation? so i tweeted it out. where is robert mueller?
6:54 pm
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when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ charles: well, two more prosecutors temporarily assigned to the special counsel robert mueller's probe have returned to actual posts, those prosecutors worked on paul manafort's criminal cases. special counsel's spokesman telling one media outlet that he could not say whether or not
6:57 pm
that signaled that this whole thing was rapping down. here to discuss jessica, ford o'connell. ford, just hit me last night in the middle of the night, what is heck is going on, what happened to the mueller probe, the big-time mueller probe, it's been going on for a long time? >> just so you know i was one of those people at 2:00 a.m. who essentially liked your tweet and i should probably get a life. [laughter] >> that said it does appear to be winding down. no one outside of the special counsel other than robert mueller knows the direction that this is going. the guy who is investigating election interference actually interfered in midterm election with major bombshell, i don't think we will hear after midterms. charles: could it be a surprise? >> i don't think so with what happened with comey, i didn't
6:58 pm
mean that, robert mueller will not play that game, he's not that kind of guy, taking this seriously, we have seen unprecedentedly low number of leaks out of the probe itself, all speculation about it. i think ford is completely correct, it won't happen till after midterms, we have no idea what's going on. they haven't been consistently many steps ahead of us. michael cohen is flipping, they already had all of the stuff. we don't know -- charles: the original intent, russian collusion part of this, can you connect any dots from anything that's been done so far to that? >> well, in terms of -- there have been what 23 indicts, obviously 13 of those were russians. charles: with respect to the trump organization -- >> focusing on three areas, russia, collusion, obstruction of justice and financial crimes. so we have seen things in that area, we don't know what's going on with john, -- don, jr. or
6:59 pm
jared kushner. doesn't mean that the probe has veered off track. charles: although, ford, i guess there is no track, that's the point. >> that's the problem. this is getting to be like the kavanaugh probe. the democrats move the goal post. that's misleading, this did start about russian collusion, we do not seem to have that and now she's talking about financial crimes, who cares about financial crimes because financial crimes didn't sway the 2016 election as democrats originally posed. charles: do you think there's pressure now because millions of dollars have been poured into this, the public opinion that he's got to come up with a few more scouts to matter what it is justified at the very least? >> there's no question about it. on top of that they will give report to both parties to keep at bay and democrats and republicans will be screaming at one another and nothing will get accomplished. >> i wouldn't go that far but if trump pays 210 million in back
7:00 pm
taxes that -- charles: all right. >> i had to get it in. charles: we are doing very well because of you, i appreciate it. the man himself, lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, top stories, the supreme court confirmation battle has hit a fever pitch, the findings of the fbi investigation of judge kavanaugh could come at any moment as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has declared there will be a vote by the end of this week. meanwhile, significant questions remain unanswered about the testimony of kavanaugh's accuser christine blasey ford. >> and a man's life is in chatter, his wife is chattered, his daughters are beautiful,


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