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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 10, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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appreciate it, appreciate you at home. now here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, troubling new revelations about deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and enlarging questions about his role in what the "new york times" covered as a meeting designed to subvert the trump presidency. senior fbi officials now say rosenstein was very serious when he talked about secretly recording president trump. we take it all up with two reporters who have been at the lead in covering this story. investigative journalist sarah carter, and the hill opinion editor john solomon. also tonight, supreme court
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justice brett kavanaugh taking his seat on the bench. his first day at work. while the radical dems who tried to destroy him and his family are facing a massive backlash from angry voters all across the country as we head into the midterm elections. >> you had forces saying things that were evil. that were bad people, and he is a very, very fine man, and what was said about him should never have been said. lou: president trump to speak at a campaign rally tonight in council bluffs, iowa, later this hour. you're looking at the venue already crowded. we'll be bringing the news to you as the president is sure to make it. and a political windfall for republicans all across the country. not only is barack obama campaigning for radical dems, but today's development, ready?
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hillary clinton. she's talking again. and, of course, attacking president trump. >> but the president's been true to form. he has insulted, attacked, demeaned women throughout the campaign. really for many years, leading up to the campaign, and he's continued to do that inside the white house. lou: hillary clinton thrusting herself into these midterms and true to her form, returning to suck up as much political oxygen as possible that radical demcandidates desperately need for themselves. we take it all up with republican strategist ed rollins, former white house adviser dr. sebastian gorka. our top story tonight, the cracks are worsening in the deep state as high-ranking members of the corrupt department of justice and fbi turn on each other. we're learning that former top fbi attorney general counsel james baker provided testimony
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to congressional investigators last week about the aftermath of james comey's firing in may of last year. and a meeting a week later that included rosenstein as well as senior fbi officials. baker saying now that then-acting fbi director andrew mccabe and disgraced fbi attorney lisa page relayed the tales of rosenstein's comments which he told investigators he took seriously. and based on what he was told, baker believes rosenstein was working with two people in the administration to invoke the 25th amendment. there are memos of the meeting in question by former deputy director andrew mccabe, which republicans have subpoenaed the october 4th deadline for those documents, however has passed. the memos have yet to be delivered. when asked about baker's
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deposition, a justice department spokesperson telling fox news they stand by earlier denials. back in september, when the "new york times" first reported the allegations. rosenstein then released a statement saying -- president trump said he had no plans to fire rosenstein after talking with him yesterday about 45 minutes. aboard air force one. the president telling reporters this afternoon that he will intently monitor his deposition, that is rosenstein's deposition thursday before the house judiciary committee. >> well, i guess he's going before congress. we had a very good talk yesterday, and he's going before congress. we'll see how it all works out. in the meantime, as you know, senator richard burr came out recently and said there was no collusion. he saw no collusion, after a
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year and a half, and devin nunes, as you know, very smart people. he came out. there's no collusion, there is no collusion. that's all i care about. lou: joining me one of the reporters leading the coverage of this important story. investigative reporter, fox business contributor sarah carter joining us. sarah, good to have you with us. >> great to be with you, lou. thank you. lou: great to have you. it is an extraordinary development that the former fbi, general counsel relating the statements of these fbi officials who met with apparently rosenstein and have -- he has quite a different impression of what transpired. your thoughts? >> absolutely. it's highly significant, lou, that it's james baker. after "the new york times" story published and the accusations came out and the information about this meeting between deputy attorney general
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rod rosenstein and andy mccabe as well as lisa page, the d.o.j. tried to push it off saying, look, he was joking around, then no, wait a minute, he acted out, he was upset. he didn't mean it. it was just a statement that he made, and then they tried to blame it off on andy mccabe and lisa page, basically saying these two have lied in the past, particularly andy mccabe, under investigation and now under a grand jury investigation, but now you have james baker, the general counsel of the fbi. this is so important because after andrew mccabe and lisa page left the meeting, they met with james baker, and he believed exactly what they told him, that rod rosenstein was very serious about secretly recording the president and also very serious about invoke the 25th amendment. and did i hear as well that there were two people within
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the administration, administration officials that he had spoken with, basically about invoking the 25th. this is really significant considering that president trump right now had come out just yesterday and said, well, we have no plans to fire rod rosenstein. will things change after this story? what are they doing and where is the investigation going? we know inspector general michael horowitz is looking into allegations and challenging these, investigating the fbi's handling of the russia probe, and know that john huber, the prosecutor is looking into number of allegations made by andy mccabe and others. this is really taking a big turn. lou: it's as if, sara, in part, we're looking at two specters, two phantoms in all of this, when you mentioned john huber and michael horowitz, the inspector general. we're expecting some result from their investigation, but true to form at the justice
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department that has arisen particularly from the obama years, highly politicized justice department. the justice department has become the place where truth goes to die, and die it does. further it is the benghazi investigation, whether it is michael horowitz investigation, even though he's produced an initial report of considerable both interest and importance, so much needs to be done, john huber, i mean, i can't even imagine what he's about, can you? >> no, i can't. and this is the reason why so many people, so many lawmakers are calling for a second special counsel, to investigate the investigators, and there's been a debate back and forth as you know, lou, as to whether or not that's feasible, how long it would take? but there really is nobody above. if you're looking at rod rosenstein, this is the guy in charge of the russia probe right now, right? we know jeff sessions recused
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himself from everything russia and appears to recuse himself from almost everything, everything. so right now there's enormous frustration about this and with all of this new information surfacing, rod rosenstein expecting to be before lawmakers october 11th. he answered their questions. this is something they think, you know, people are going to be pushing forward. how are we going to investigate this? how are we going to get to the truth of the matter? lou: let me ask you this. the other development is the relationship between michael susman, the attorney for the democratic national committee, the top democratic operative. the relationship between his firm, perkins coie, and fusion gps, the smear emergence behind with glenn reynolds, the christopher steele, phony dossier, that they used, they being the justice department
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and the fbi, to secure warrants for wiretaps from the fisa court. >> well, this is what's so incredible. this is the -- another big explosive part of james baker's testimony. he basically offered up, according to sources that i've spoken with, this relationship with michael susman, attorney for perkins coie, a cutout for the democratic national committee and the hillary clinton campaign that actually paid for fusion gps to investigate the alleged collusion between donald trump and russia. lou: for an estimated $12 million. >> absolutely. an estimated $12 million. and what we know is that michael susman delivered a hard drive and hard copy documents based on the russia hacking investigation to james baker. he basically delivered documents, possible offshoot of the dossier to james baker. james baker takes information and delivers it to the head of the counterintelligence
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division, none other than peter strzok working in that division and bill prestip, part of the division at the time. david corrin who delivered a dossier to him. there were all the dossiers floating around washington, d.c. they had similar information but very indifferent. lou: except they were fraudulent. >> and fed to the fbi. lou: sara, thanks for being with us, as we continue to watch this unfold. it is increasingly likely that there will be a lot of developments after the midterm elections. until then -- >> absolutely. lou: everybody should not hold their breath. it's just my wild guess. >> mine too, lou, thanks. thanks for being with us, great
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to see you. sara carter. up next, hillary clinton and the radical left, they have no plans to end their mob mentality and they're working against the republican party and, of course, president trump. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and/or the senate, that's when civility can start again. lou: politico basically in an article today said, you know, the democrats have got this thing. lot of interesting sources nar conclusion, but that shouldn't bother anyone at politico. a reminder since the 2016 election, republicans have been shot, doxxed, run out of restaurants, eviscerated before
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bitter that she didn't get the spotlight last night, telling cnn the ceremonial swearing in of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh was, oh, so political. >> what was done last night in the white house was a political rally. it further undermined the image and integrity of the court, and that troubles me greatly, it saddens me. lou: sad, sad hillary. apparently mrs. clinton forgot her own husband preside over a televised white house ceremony in the east room as his nominee, that's right justice ruth bader ginsburg took the constitutional oath of office. golly, i don't remember her saying anything about her husband's swearing-in ceremony. do you? president trump was quick to denounce hillary's comments while answering questions at the white house. >> i guess that's why she lost.
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she doesn't get it. she never did. i knew that a long time ago. hillary never got it, that's why she lost. lou: well, very succinct and right on point. more than a thousand people, including illegal immigrants may have been incorrectly registered to vote, incorrectly in the great state of california. the state's department of motor vehicles revealing it registered 1500 noneligible people to vote between april and september despite assuring the california public for years that it has safeguards in place to absolutely prevent that from ever, ever happening. this on the heels of a recent study from m.i.t. and yale showing that there are at least double the number of illegal immigrants in this country than generally reported. the real number, the real number likely sitting at 22 million, up to 30 million as
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opposed to the number that is now currently en vogue, 11 million. that's been the number for a very long time. joining me top republican strategist for great american pac, former reagan adviser, fox news political adviser and strategist ed rollins, good to see you. >> nice to be here. lou: here comes hillary again, and there's a picture of her and her husband. that's right, a picture of her and her husband at oktoberfest, getting ready for a speaking tour, are you ready for this? >> $700 a ticket. i don't know anybody that wants to pay $7 or 70 cents for the ticket. i'm sure people are going to do that. but i think the truth of the matter is it's going to be very ineffective. we've heard everything we want to hear from the clintons and they should retire. lou: that was years ago we heard everything we want to. what's confounding is how the democratic party is led by a
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radical leftist, you know, in tom perez. you have keith ellison is the vice chair immersed in his own sexual misconduct scandal, and the entire democratic party. i used to say radical dems, but right now demand radical are synonymous. >> synonymous, and the performance in the kavanaugh hearing, the three or four, are outrageous. >> you don't think they helped themselves snout. >> they didn't help themselves. if i was on the national committee, which i'm not, i'd buy that tape and run it all over the country and remind people over and over again. lou: first, nikki haley's resignation as u.n. ambassador. your reaction, there seemed to be a lot of kerfuffle on the left. >> thank you for your service. two years is a good tenure, she
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has young children and wants to go south carolina and do whatever. the president can find someone else i'm sure. she's a very capable woman, and the way they handled it today was very nice. lou: and mccarthy coming up with the majority leader coming up with the idea of introducing a bill to fund the president's border wall. how badly do you think he wants to be speaker? >> pretty bad. i wish he would have done this seven months ago and had it to the house at this point in time at this point, i'll take anything that moves towards that agenda. lou: is this a ruse? it has a vague shape like paul ryan would have come up with. >> he was never in favor of the wall. we need to keep talking about it, if they can get through in the next congress isn't here, the house members aren't here. if it's the first item when they come back, it's a positive
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thing. >> i want jim jordan to be speaker. >> i do too. >> i think kevin mccarthy, to put it plainly, is sort of a -- he's a paul ryan figure. now with a piece of paper. he doesn't have the piece of paper, he's coming with the piece of paper. >> doesn't have it. with jim jordan, we know it will get done and obviously be fighting and we need a new. and i like mccarthy, a good guy, but he's had his chance. part of the leadership, that's been pretty weak. lou: all right, ed rollins as always. great to have you here. >> thank you, sir. >> with all respect to john bolton, frankly, i didn't know the u.n. ambassador post was such a big, big deal, but the radical dems of this country convinced me of such. nikki haley announcing her resignation today. she will remain on until the end of the year. it's clearly an orderly transition, but if you listen to the national left-wing media, it sounds like mutiny on the bounty. she served for almost two years
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at the united nations, six years as governor of south carolina, and the radical dems are acting as though haley is an independent operator rather than ambassador and spokesperson for the president. it's important to remember that her job and her position was to represent the foreign policy of the trump administration, not to actually author it. turning now to what's coming up here next, be sure to vote in tonight's poll, do you believe republicans are taken seriously enough? the threats against the administration, the supreme court, and doing everything necessary to ensure only registered voters are casting ballots in these upcoming midterms. cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. follow me on twitter, "like" me on facebook, follow me on instagram. i love instagram. i like it all. "lou dobbs tonight." up next, the trump administration opposing a plan
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by the city of chicago to reform its police department and working with the aclu. the aclu. not a government entity. the aclu. what's going on in chicago? what's going on in this country? we take up the move with judicial watch's tom fitton and much more, when we come back. stay with us.
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. lou: breaking news tonight, at least 120,000 people along the florida panhandle ordered to clear out, to evacuate, as hurricane michael is rapidly picking up force in the gulf of mexico. it is closing in, packing winds of 110 miles an hour with a potential storm surge estimated at 12 feet to make landfall tomorrow evening. three days after a fierce battle over his nomination
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ended, justice brett kavanaugh joining husband colleagues on the supreme court bench for the first time today, taking a seat on the far right side of the bench. this comes after a ceremonial swearing-in last night at the white house in which justice kavanaugh provided one of the classiest thank-yous to president trump by a public official. >> mr. president, thank you for the great honor of appointing me to serve as a justice of the supreme court. i've seen firsthand your deep appreciation for the vital role of the american judiciary. i am grateful for your steadfast, unwavering support throughout this process, and i'm grateful to and you mrs. trump for the exceptional, overwhelming courtesy you have extended to my family and me.
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mr. president, thank you for everything. [ applause ] >> justice brett kavanaugh. joining us now judicial watch's president tom fitton. tom, good to have you with us. >> hi, lou. lou: you were at the hearing room, you got to witness some of the acrimony, the venom, the viciousness of the left. your thoughts now as you contemplate what the future of the court is with justice kavanaugh seated. >> well, i was honored to be there last night, it was pretty cathartic to sit there and celebrate the victory of the rule of law over mob rule, and that's going to be the fight from now on. are we going let leftist violence run our government and country and intimidate -- lou: what are the republicans going to do about it, tom? what are they going to do about it? >> everyone knows what the phone number for the republicans and senators are. 202-224-3121. are they going to expel senator
4:31 am
booker for violating the rules. investigate senator feinstein in the serious ethical way to figure out if she leaked or people on her committee leaked information improperly on dr. ford. are they going to clean out her own house? one thing to have the leftists come in and threaten and intimidate senators, which is a law enforcement matter, but the senate needs to say are we going to allow our own members to blow up the senate? lou: i've lost you here. you're talking about republicans? >> i'm talking about republicans and honest democrats who recognize that there was a bridge too far in the kavanaugh smear campaign. lou: a bridge too far. you've got to be kidding me, tom. that was vicious, plain-out, scurrilous conduct on the part of the left. you sound like one of those republicans, for crying out loud, that you're trying to motivate. this is not a time for bridges too far. this is about what the republicans are going to do about it. are they going to look like the
4:32 am
fat cats that they've become, or show street smarts and get energized and organize and get the vote out on november 6? i mean, it scares me to watch you guys out there with your sort of very laid-back approach to what is a real, real war. the truth, it's a war on the country, a war on our values, and it's not something where you say call your congressman. it doesn't seem right. >> the senators aren't going to do anything if they don't hear from the voters, lou. lou: that's reassuring, do you. that's reassuring. >> that's why i'm asking for the activism here. and to be clear, the left sought to overthrow the senate these last two weeks. it was pretty serious, and it can't be business as usual from now on, and there are only so many things within the senate that can be done, but they
4:33 am
don't want to do the basic things. senator booker, everyone knew he violated the rules, he admitted he violated the rules and only judicial watch filed an ethics complaint against the guy. it's important the viewers push the senate to do the right thing because the other side is threatening them. they have to hear voices from the lawful as opposed to the lawless. lou: i think that's well said and i think you're exactly right, including the phone number. i also think there's got to be a lot more done. we're looking at record registration numbers surging in texas. nobody knows who they are, how they're going to vote or even if indeed in many cases whether they are lawfully going to vote. >> as president of judicial watch, i don't tell anyone how to vote or oppose candidates, i'll defer to you on that. lou: i didn't tell anybody how to vote. >> people have to decide whether they're going to be active in terms of
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communicating with senators. voting the issues that they care about. right now, the big political movement in washington, d.c. is one based on violence and intimidation and you raise a fair point, do our institutions here, are they prepared to defend themselves or republic from this assault. lou: by the way, now i am going to tell people how i really believe. i'll just put it this way, how i hope it come out. i hope it comes out that the republicans stave off this so-called blue wave that the left is reporting on in the national left-wing media, and i hope that there are an additional half a dozen senators who are republicans who join the current senate. i hope that there are maybe, you know, 20 extra, in the majority of the republican controlled house. is that -- does that seem clear enough, tom? >> sounds very specific. i hope republicans enforce the
4:35 am
rule of law, no matter how many of them are. majorities are never enough, they need a back bone as you point out and what we need do is hold those accountable who broke the law and broke the rules whether it be in the senate or in the house. you have maxine waters advocating violence, have you cory booker happily violating the rules with the support of his colleagues. something's got to be done to protect both houses from the violence from within. lou: how about chuck schumer? how about dick durbin? we're watching a vicious democratic establishment that is fully radicalized and radicalizing their party. tom fitton, always great to have you here, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. lou: tom fitton. up next, former top fbi official raising serious questions about the fbi's motives in redacting documents in the trump-russia collusion probe. you know, collusion. what the democrats and the
4:36 am
russians may have done. is there an investigation? we'll take that up with the hill's john solomon. he's here next. stay with us, we'll be right back
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. lou: breaking news tonight -- president trump taking the stage in council bluffs, iowa. this is the president's fourth stop in the state since winning iowa in 2016. president trump expected to
4:40 am
announce tonight a long-expected initiative. to lift the seasonal ban against high-ethanol gasoline blends. that by the way, would be very important to a lot of people in that audience who are farmers or depend upon agriculture in the state of iowa. might annoy a few people in the oil business, but there it is. the president throwing his support there in council bluffs behind congressman david young and governor kim reynolds. the president is -- i mean, he is tireless. he's been in kansas. i mean, he is going -- it seems like almost every other day itinerary. he meant business when he said he was going to campaign relentlessly for the republican party going into these midterms now 29 days away. here is president trump. ♪ god bless the usa
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[cheers] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> hello, iowa. it is great to be back in beautiful council bluffs with thousands of hard-working, great, great american patriots. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> this is truly a historic week for america. [cheers] >> and you know what i'm talking about because yesterday at the white house, we proudly
4:42 am
swore in the newest member of the united states supreme court, justice brett kavanaugh. [cheers] >> and today justice kavanaugh took his seat alongside justice gorsuch to defend your rights, your constitution and your god-given freedom. [cheers and applause] >> and i want to thank our incredible republican senators for refusing to back down in the face of the democrats' shameful campaign of political and personal destruction. [booing] >> i especially want to thank an iowa legend -- [cheers and applause] >> whose back bone and leadership made this great
4:43 am
victory possible. chairman of the senate judiciary committee, a very tough cookie, chuck grassley. thank you, chuck. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. great man. great person. from the very first minute, brett kavanaugh was nominated radical democrats were on a mission to resist obstruction -- lou: president trump reviewing the individual days of what has been, as he put it, a historic week, and certainly has been. we're going to -- right now we're going to turn to another part of history, and that is what is going on in what the president refers to as the witch-hunt and the mueller special counsel investigation. joining us tonight is john solomon, the opinion coordinator for the hill, and
4:44 am
he is reporting the fbi redactions at least in a number of instances, protective political embarrassment rather than national security and it is an extraordinary story as we are learning more how broad, how deep and insidious the so-called deep state truly is. john, great to have you with us. >> great to be with you, lou. lou: let's turn to, first, you had me anxiously go back to the footnote 43 in your article. >> sorry about that. lou: and i come back scratching my head to think that we are watching the justice department, the fbi once again playing the same games as you point out, that they played throughout country's recent history, and that is to redact, to cover up and that is what we've seen once again. >> you're right. you're 100% right, lou. there's no plausible argument
4:45 am
in which a lawyer for the democratic party providing information to the fbi in the midst of an election derogatory information about the candidate they wanted to defeat that, that should be considered a classified national secret. it was redacted from the house intelligence reports that we would be kept in the dark about the relationship between james baker, one of the highest-ranking officials in the fbi, the general counsel, the chief lawyer of the fbi, commiserating and receiving evidence outside the chain of normal evidence, and then funneling it into the russia investigation a few weeks before the election. dirt on trump, dirt on russia, alleged tacking stuff and we're going to call that a national secret it. insults all the men and women of the national security apparatus when you see the classification used for that sort of stuff. lou: and the expectation is, in part of the folks frustrated for these almost two years of
4:46 am
investigation on capitol hill. they're expecting the redaction. some have seen unredacted copies, thank goodness, but where are we headed? rosenstein on his way to capitol hill thursday where he'll be testifying. >> that's right. lou: there are all sorts of contradictory testimony already about what was said in the meeting. "new york times" broke the story last month. >> right. lou: this is a mess that just gets messier, but meanwhile there's been -- i can't even think of what has been the result from any of these investigations in removing the corruption, the toxic political corruption at the top of the fbi. at the top of the justice department. >> yeah, listen, we've already had eight people resign or be fired in the fbi in the last year. when is the last time can you remember that many people at the top of the fbi? i wrote the story sunday about
4:47 am
the redaction and the misuse of national security. i broke the story this morning about baker and testimony that rod rosenstein was serious that the fbi was seriously considering removing the president on the 25th amendment, and i happened to bump into an old fbi friend of mine today and said what do you think of all this? he said i think we have to rebrand ourselves, the federal bureau of politics. we've lost our way, we're too involved in politics. i thought that was such a profound comment. federal bureau of politics. the fbi doesn't belong in a 25th amendment discussion. they don't belong taking research from the democratic national committee election. lou: the attorney general running the justice department in point of fact. >> sure, the man who gave us the special counsel investigation, the man who signed the fourth application for the fisa warrant that we now know was based predominantly, that's the fbi's own words, predominantly on
4:48 am
uncorroborated political opposition research document known as the steele dossier. he faces a lot of questions on thursday. maybe he thought it was a joke, but we know from baker, from mccabe and page, they thought it was serious and the mere fact that the fbi thought it was okay to talk about removing the president capturing a recording, not for criminal purposes but political purpose is jaw-dropping. lou: let me ask you, why did mccabe, why did lisa page go into jim baker's general counsel office after that meeting to have a discussion about it to which he testified but did not, as far as i know, explain the motivation for the meeting. how it came to pass? >> yeah, it's amazing. also it's a sign they believed what they heard. he thought it was a joke, he wouldn't have a meeting with baker to talk about a joke. here they're having a postmortem meeting to talk about it. you have to put it in context,
4:49 am
it's may am the fbi just had fbi director fired, james comey. we know for good cause from the ig report, and looks like they're trying to get retribution from the president. that's not what the fbi and justice department is supposed to be doing. focusing on counterintelligence crimes and threats, i go back to what the agent said to me today, the federal bureau of politics, all ought to pause and think how dangerous that is if the fbi sees itself that way now. lou: frightening to think how the fbi must consider itself. if truth has gone to die, truth has gone there to die. the fbi doesn't do reports. they don't give you conclusions. they don't prosecute the bad guys, and by that i mean the bad guys within their own ranks. >> right. lou: do you think that will change in the next few months? >> i think the inspector general's report, there's a lot
4:50 am
of evidence that there's a criminal case built against mccabe. that would be historic. you have the question of whether james comey leaked classified information ala hillary clinton, that's a big issue and you have the possibility that the entire fbi conspired to mislead the fisa court. the only way we're going to know the answer to that is if the president declassifies the documents. who is the person trying to stop them? the same justice department with the other woes. the president should declassify the documents, give the americans the transparency we deserve and we'll learn a lot about whether there was the real conspiracy wasn't between russia and trump, it was the justice department and the democratic campaign to defraud the fisa court of america. lou: it's quite a mess to fix and quite a web. >> yes, sir, it is. lou: to unwind. john solomon, great to have you with us, thank you so much. opinion editor for the hill. joining me dr. sebastian gorka, fox business national security strategist, former strategist to president trump,
4:51 am
author of the brand-new book, where is that book? right here. why we fight, recovering america's will to win. available everywhere. here it is. seb, good to have you here. >> great to be here. lou: congratulations on the book. >> thank you. lou: let's start with first of all, the idea that suddenly astronaut scott kelly has to apologize for referencing winston churchill, one of the great leaders in his tweet he writes one of the greatest leaders of modern times, sir winston churchill said in victory, trying to put he. . 20th century. the man who predicted the rise of hitler who was sent into the wilderness in the 1930s when he
4:52 am
was called a radical and a loon. a man who saved the united kingdom, who convinced an isolationist administration here in washington to get involved in the war with land lease, winston churchill, to apologize to them, i tweeted out immediately, this is pathetic, commander. lou: it's just sad what is happening on social media in this country and he would simply roll over. >> yeah. >> if you haven't got enough spine to do that after you have trained and flown as an astronaut, what in the world is wrong? there's got to be, there's got to be back bone in this country and ought to be able to find it in every walk of life, but especially among our astronauts. >> right, and especially after the last six weeks of justice kavanaugh. if there's somebody who has shown us never give an inch,
4:53 am
never let them smell fear, never, never dilute the truth, it is associate justice brett kavanaugh. lou: it is so nice to see him there, and it's wonderful that his first clerks are women, which he told the entire senate that's what he'd be doing, and the country, for that matter, and to have his wife and daughters there. it is so nice because the truth is this family has just been dragged through hell by the radical dimms. i want to turn very quickly, we're watching right now this president contending with china, contending with russia and iran, as no president before, but the support seems to be very diluted on the part of the left. they have wanted to politicize
4:54 am
national security to the point that they're not being supportive and not being helpful. how can it be turned around? >> is there anything they will not politicize? whether it's the supreme court. how can it be done? the way donald trump does everything. demonstrate through leadership. if you look at the way he's dealt with the europeans, what the europeans doing? they're following our lead. bmw announced this week that bmw will no longer do business in iran. we have got to show the way to proceed. lou: yeah, the president is doing just that with an extraordinary record of achievement already. 21 months, not bad, huh? >> pretty impressive. lou. lou: dr. sebastian gorka, great to see you. >> thanks, lou. lou: a reminder, his book is why we fight, we recommend it to you highly. coming up next, president trump rallies voters in council bluffs, iowa, telling them to vote republican.
4:55 am
good idea. and defeat the totally unhinged dimms. we'll have much more from the president. we're coming right back. hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these.
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lou: president trump in council bluffs, iowa blasting the dimms ahead of the mid-terms. county * in their lust for power
4:59 am
the democrats have become totally unhinged. they have gone crazy. now the democrats or some people would say the dimms, the dimms, who says that? lou dobbs. the great lou dobbs. he says that, right? lou: the president -- thank you for that, mr. president. appreciate the shout-out. radical dimms they are. he's scheduled to lead rallies this week in pennsylvania, ohio and kentucky. the man is tireless and invincible. two senior fbi officials telling u.s. attorney they believe deputy attorney general rod rosenstein was serious when he talked about wearing a wire and
5:00 am
recording president trump. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. good night from new >> let me be clear hurricane matthew is a monstruous storm. cheryl: hurricane matthew category 4 storm, national hurricane center warning michael could strengthen before making landfall. lauren: another wild ride for stock market. dow down over 150 points. the nasdaq found green, rising 2 poin


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