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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 10, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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western shocked to see that the dow fell 832 points. from the time he was elected, president trump has watched the markets go up 7,000 points. so a few dollars to account for. ken there are hurricane my knowledge is the strongest hurricane to make landfall in the united states. earlier this afternoon hurricane michael hit just east of panama i, florida packing winds of 155-mile-per-hour. there is still heavy damage in some of the surrounding areas. the storm surge in some places said to be up to 14 feet. peach downs along the -- beach
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towns along the coast flattened by the winds. hundreds of thousands without power. later tonight and tomorrow, it will start to bring lots of rain on areas reeling from hurricane florence. remember her? back in florida, the eye of the storm passed just east of places that's rely heavily on tourism. how are those places now? and how long will the recovery take? joining me is panama beach mayor mike thomas. let's talk about the citizens who stayed behind. you didn't have a lot of warning like they did with florence, did you? >> no, we didn't. we weren't expecting it to be a hurricane. but right after it kicked off, the governor and our local eoc got on us pretty heavy about
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leaving. it happened so quick, people didn't think it would be what they said it was going to be. we had a lot of people stay. kennedy: people in your area experienced many storms throughout the years. you said it was a feels sense of bravery. they actually when it really hit the fan and gets worse and those storm waters rise, they put first responders at risk, don't they? >> we don't do that. when it gets over 50, we don't send ours out. they have families too. we don't send them out to get hurt. kennedy: how far is this from the worst case scenario? >> it could have been a lot worse. we have a lot of cleaning you have and things we have got to do, if that would have been 30 miles west we would have been in
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three times the trouble we are in trite now. i feel blessed to have the damage we have got. some of our neighbors won't be so lucky, i'm afraid. kennedy: what do you think will happen to some of the areas in the storm's track. >> we have canopy trees in tallahassee and north of florida. they will have problems for a long time. and people getting hurt with trees. down here we don't have a lot of that. we have power problems. i don't have power at my house here. and i have got a couple of businesses and both much them got a little damaged. we all have something. but nobody got hurt that i know of. we could have had it worse. we just thank the good lord for small blessings. kennedy: we are looking at
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pictures of mexico beach, florida. it's almost impossible to get these shots because there is so much rain on the camera lens and windows as the brave photographers take pictures. have you talked to your counterparts in surrounding towns? >> i talked to the mayor of mexico beach and he was getting read why it best he could. there is not much you can do. it's a small community with very few residents. a lot of building tourists own. he knew he would get a lot of debris blowing around. the governor is doing a great job. they have personnel stationed all around these areas. every time something happens, he floods us with the systems. kennedy: who do you rely on most of at various stages of the storm? >> ourselves.
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you have got to take care of your own family and own self for 3-5 days. you better be prepared to do that and not expect government to come running to you all the time. that's the biggest mistake people make. kennedy: i think you are right. that's one of the things we can learn when we see these images and hear these stories. self-reliance is still very much the name of the game. in your part of florida, some of your constituents, do you think they internalize that mess major. >> we have a lot of newcomers. but a lot of us have been here a long time. i have been hereby all my life. i know my job is to make my family safe. it's the price we pay for living in a beautiful place. florida i love it, i spent
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several years there on spring break with mtv. i encourage people to continue to visit panama beach, florida. one person we have seen, he always puts himself in these perilous situations. i thought jeff flock was going to get hammered with falling debris from buildings that were coming apart before our very eyes. it's fbn's jeff flock in panama city beach. reporter: it always looks more dangerous than it is. i think that's true of hurricanes in general and this one in particular. it could have been a lot worse if that landfall had been 18 miles to the west. there is damage throughout the towns. if he had gotten that center of circulation with the intense eyewall there would have been more damage here.
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a lot of people stay here just as soon as the storm had passed, you saw people coming out of their homes. the buildings on panama beach are pretty hurricane resistant. there are a lot of high-rises of steel and concrete. kennedy: it's pretty incredible. there are so many high-rise buildings in panama beach. and i did see you wade out into the surf today. than was a woman on the balcony waving at you. i think she was waving good-bye. >> they all survived it pretty much. you know, we joke about the big storms. just so everyone is clear. the people on twitter can be sometimes unkind about your intelligence level standing out in a hurricane. kennedy: no! reporter: yes, believe it or not. i have been doing it for 35 years.
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i enjoy hurricanes and seeing the display of mother nature. kennedy: not an ounce of fear in your body. always bringing us incredible pictures facing mother nature. sunday she'll show you who's boss. i'm thankful for your reporting. as i reported earlier hurricane michael is bringing potentially lethal wind and rain into georgia and beyond. because the storm came up so fast, a lot of people were unprepared. steve harrigan is with us from macon, georgia. reporter: a big prize for people in southwest georgia. the storm crossed the border from florida with sustained wind of 115 miles per hour. this is something that has not happened in this case for half a
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century. many team looked at the storm early on and dismissed it. but it got more powerful right before landfall. now it's making its way up through georgia it's about a 1 now at 100 miles an hour. but it's still strong enough it will continue throughout this night to cause serious structural damage. kennedy: so, steve, you are in macon, what do you anticipate throughout the night? >> reporter: i think we'll be on the edge of tropical force wind. rains could get over 6-10 inches. the governor declared a state of knowledge in 92 counties and he called up the national guard. but i think a lot of people were surprised. we heard from the fema administrator saying georgia has to wake up to the danger of this storm. a lot of people are realizing
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this will be a tough night. kennedy: we are thinking of all the georgians, steve, thank you so much. meanwhile, hurricane michael is shaking up the campaign trail in florida less than a month before the election there. democratic gubernatorial candidate is up against ron desantis. now hurricane cleanup could become a major election issue. joining me, ron desantis joins me. welcome back, sir. how are you responding to the storm in light of the campaign that you are fighting? >> well, we did both yesterday and today, we converted our planned campaign rally into supply drives so we could get water, non-perishable food and other supplies into a big
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u-haul. then we'll drive that u-haul to wherever in northwest florida it's needed. we have water, diapers, anything people may need in this situation. we felt that was the best way to be able to help out. obviously the campaign will eventually go on. but we thought it was the right thing to do. kennedy: what are you already being your candidacy as you face a natural disaster? >> being in the congress, we dealt two years ago with hurricane matthew that affected my district more than anybody else. a couple things i learned throughout that process is we have great law enforcement and first responders in florida. when you are doing it in florida this is part of the job. also governor scott exhibited strong leadership throughout a number of these storms. i think he's doing that again today. when matthew came, we set up
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disaster recovery centers after the storm passed where all the agencies, state and federal were there so people could get the claims processed. if you look at the property damage, there will be a lot of people who will need temporary relief. it's important that that's set up and can be processed quickly and doesn't get caught up in the bureaucracy. kennedy: what about your opponent who received criticism for the way he handled hurricane hermine? >> i hope on this storm everyone gets the help they need. hopefully if there is help available, the local officials will welcome it. the first thing will be, let's see if there is any need to protect life or save lives. everyone was under a mandatory
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evacuation order. but a week ago no one thought anything of it. even a few days ago, it got intense very quickly. those who didn't evacuate, hopefully they hunkered down. i think you will see first responders on the ground. then the process of getting the ordinary re -- relief to people. you can't bring somebody back to life, we can rebuild a building. kennedy: you have to day safe and keep your family safe. when the governor issues an evacuation order, you should listen to it. so the storm has been downgraded to a category 1 which is good news. but not everyone is out of the wood, correct? >> a category 1 store going
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through south georgia is a big deal. particularly in some of these areas where there is a lot of trees where the power lines can get knocked out. it can be difficult to get that back on. throughout the southeast, you are going to be experiencing at least tropical storm force winds. and that will continue for the next couple days. with this storm -- with irma it seems like we were watching for that for two weeks. this thing came very quickly. and i think that may be one of the reasons -- if enough people didn't evacuate it's because three, four days ago nobody thought we would have a category four hurricane. when people give the orders you have got to heed it. they are making the best judgment they can make, having a lot more facts and the rest of us do. kennedy: did you suspend your campaign during the storm or did you continue running attack ad? >> we pulled ads down from the
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affected areas. we canceled our fundraisers, and as i mentioned we converted our political rallies into the supply drives for the people affected by the storms. kennedy: are you sure you want to be governor? man, this is a messy job. >> it's an important job and governor scott has done a good job. we want to continue in his tradition because this is the time when people look for leadership. kennedy: congressman ron desantis. perhaps future governor. we'll know in a month. we reached out to his opponent andrew gill u gillum, but we dit hear back in time for this show. lawmakers on capitol hill want answers from deputy attorney general rod rosenstein.
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kennedy: the dow taking a major tumble today. falling 800 points. do you need to be worried about your money? what is going on, christina? reporter: just like you mentioned, you are seeing the dow down, the a & p. today 17 of the stocks closed in the positive. you are wondering what's happening? there are a few factors that play into today's drop. interest rates are set to climb higher. the federal reserve has talked about raising interest rates and what this means for nut near future. once interest rates climb higher with the federal reserve. in the near future you will start the see your loans and the
8:21 pm
interest rates you have to pay climb a little bit higher. the other issue, you are seeing a tech sell-off. that's showing signs of chinese tension. tension with china. there have been security concerns and talk of a bloomberg story of china spying on google and amazon. so that tension is coming on. you have tech selling off because it's seen as a scary sector. so you have investors moving their money into safer bets like utilities. then you have the increasing debt. the government debt right now is set to hit $1 trillion by 2019. consumers have more debt than ever at the moment. when you see interest rates climb higher that will be a problem. we have housing debt and car debt and that's a big concern.
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we have seen the market climb 23%, and there is concern the economy is growing. once interest rates climb higher it could upset what you owe. kennedy: but i like money. you want to keep the money. this might be a small blip. we all like money. we need top always be prepared. that's a whole other topic of how to be prepared. kennedy: i'm sticking with the canadian cannabis stocks. >> tilray is one of them. kennedy: rod rosenstein is off the hot seat for now. he's the attorney general for all innocents and purposes. he was scheduled to meet with two house committees tomorrow to discuss reports that he wanted to wear a fire to invoke the
8:23 pm
25th amendment against the president. two senior fbi officials told the bureau they think he was quite serious. now a handful of house republicans are threatening to subpoena him. sebastian gorka is here. he's the author of the book "why we fight." he's not apologizing about the fact it's on sale now. let's talk about this. do you believe that rod rosenstein was trying to overthrow the president? >> i do. i met him. each's weaselly? >> i cannot confirm or deny that allegation. he's the quinlt sense brewe bre-
8:24 pm
bureaucratic survivor. that statement was a non-dee nile denial. ken are said, i was joke. >> the deputy attorney general joking about the 25th amendment and wearing a wire into the oval office? you don't joke about that whether the president is a democrat or republican. the decision not to go to that hearing is clear. he would have to perjure himself if he went to that hearing. as a result he's doing the cowardly thing and he's duck for cover. kennedy: what role does former attorney general james baker play in this. he is essentially corroborating the story having heard first-hand accounts from andrew mccabe and lisa page. >> this an individual the highest level of the non-political appointees in the
8:25 pm
fbi and the doj is confirming the rot went all the way to the 7th floor. this is why rod decided not to testify because he knows he's in trouble. what we are seeing on mccabe and everyone else, the rats are turning on each other. kennedy: they are not going to give it up. it's being taken by force. that's the position members of the house and senate are in right now. that's why rand paul went after christopher wray today. >> it's not just about the senate. it's about the congress. there are people in little rock that are federally investigating the clintons and the obama administration. so there is a reason they have been there for almost a year investigating. the trouble is the attorney general, what is he doing? in the meantime rod is basically the acting attorney general. kennedy: there are so many conflicts of interest there.
8:26 pm
>> just on the fisa. this is the man who signed the warrant that we all snow led to exculpatory information. this man is a constant interest by the mere fact that the day before he appointed robert mueller. he escorted his friend to the white house to interview as fbi director. he wanted the job back. he failed and completely went down in flames. and the next day his buddy makes him the investigator of the president where he failed the job interview? kennedy: talk about the wolves watching the hen house. "why we fight." you say know your opponent. you say the democrats are guilty of willful ignorance. >> the democrats have no idea who they are dealing with. the way they dealt with
8:27 pm
kavanaugh. in "why we fight," i talk about kavanaugh before kavanaugh. if anybody was surprised by what they did to that godly man, hop a history book and read, "why we fight." in 1948 they did it. whitaker chambers stood up to the truth in the first televised senate hearing. he said alger hurricanes ss. they had accused him of being responsible for the death of his brother. all of it was lies. 30-40 years later we find out it's true that he was an agent in the swrrks enona decript.
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kennedy: president trump is warning about the dangers of socialized medicine. medicare for all is a nightmare for all. but did the republican party even couple with a plan? my monologue is next.
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kennedy: we can't go into the
8:32 pm
mid terms without good old-fashioned fear mongering. democrats have been calling for incivility. eric holder said of republicans, when they go low, we kick them. how classy. leave it to the president to hone in on discord. writing an op-ed full of dire consequences for seniors. socialized medicine is full of abhorrent unintended consequences such as out of controlcrosses and limited care that naturally lead to rationing. the president takes it a step further writing that the democrats plan means senior would no longer be able to depend on the benefits they were promised. and he was able to die open borders to the open wound of
8:33 pm
socialism adding democrats commitment to end enforcement of our immigration laws by abolishing i.c.e. means millions more would cross our borders illegally and take advantage of healthcare paid for my american taxpayers. socialized medicine is bad enough without making the case that single payer is unacceptable when the government is doing the paying. bernie sanders didn't take this red baiting lightly. he responded with quote he's trying to frighten seniors and suggest medicare for all would cut back the benefits they have. the truth is it would expand the benefits they have. it should not surprise the american people it's full of lies. kennedy: it would cost considerably more than the
8:34 pm
generous estimates that already make the plan untenable. but it's good to see bernie still has fire in his fedora. all that remains to be seen is if the republicans remain in power to fix the broken system they didn't have the stones to tackle when they had the hat trick. that's the memo. healthcare shaping up to be one of the biggest issues for voters in the mid terms. will americans side with bernie's government-run healthcare plan or give trump and republicans a second shot. from young americans for liberty where he serves as president. cliff maloney is here.
8:35 pm
leslie marshall is in the middle and the associate editor of, robby soave. this socialized medicine, the jag people are on. i understand healthcare is polling very high as the biggest issue for many voters going into the mid terms. and single payer understand is also polling well. but the idea of single payer understand is attractive to those who want to take care of people who can't take care of themselves. but the reality of it i don't think will play so well. >> it will be tough to say. providing people things, being good to people, saying we are going to give you this stuff, it doesn't surprise me that it's popular with people on the left. but when you talk to people about how do we bay for this. even the existing system.
8:36 pm
medicare like it is now, we don't know how to pay for it february years out. we are already having problems taking care of our entitlements. and what the bernie sanders plan wants to add to it is crazy. but trump didn't do a good job of explaining why his vision is different and his is fiscally responsible. kennedy: and it's not necessarily a plan. that's one of the biggest problems republicans have. just like democrats can't explain how to pay for it. you are going to have big cuts in what doctors and hospitals are paying. and in the most of modest proposal. there is a 40% cut in their payout. so there is not an incentive to become a doctor in this era of socialized medicine. >> my his an orthopedic surgeon. kennedy: he gave me my new knee.
8:37 pm
>> when you -- this plan that is putt put forth, single payer is the sanders plan. but one of the things it does do for seniors. one of the things seniors like by the, and it's not just democrats, it's republicans too. they can have dental and vision and hearing aids covered. a lot of people don't look at the costs because they are like hey, i pay taxes, i want my government to pay for it. other governments pay for it. why shouldn't we get that. i am concerned about the cost. but i'm also concerned about without a real reformation of healthcare -- kennedy: it's hard to undo. that's the brilliance of obamacare. it's hard to extricate from obamacare.
8:38 pm
>> we have to. right now we are headed -- the reality is with the baby boomers becoming seniors, we are not going to have the number of professionals to take care of sick people. kennedy: the government has screwed up so much already, why would we hand them total control over something so sacred and important. >> medicare for all i call it mcfrom hell. don't expect the republicans to step up and have the courage to do what they campaigned on. kennedy: that's what they ran on. they pushed that as a number one issue, repealing obamacare. and singing the deficits of obamacare, the ones naturally built in. but not having something to replace it. to me that's still shocking. >> i agree with leslie. how can we make healthcare itself cheaper.
8:39 pm
not worried about coverage or what we'll provide. but if we can make the goods, the service a cheaper thing by reforming the process that gets drugs to market, maybe tort reform that makes it less costly. kennedy: as many golden americans are living in states where recreational cannabis is legal and plentiful, they are realizing they don't have to spend as' on some of the steroids and pain relievers and anti-anxiety medication and stomach medication when they can go to a dispensary and talk to a doctor and find something with a single ingredient that costs less money. >> there are a lot of people who go to tijuana who aren't getting margaritas. they are getting cheaper
8:40 pm
pharmaceuticals. but you have to get the cost under control. another thing is, i know people will say leslie, it's because you are married to a doctor. you have no cap on malpractice. the society is so litigious now -- the republican party -- they have never gone to bat for that. kennedy: it's the lawyers who filled the coffers of democrats for so long and helped jack up those malpractice rates. that forces a lot of doctor out of the profession. >> this is something i tried to scream about. the system is so confusing to so many people. how much does it cost. when you go to the doctor. i jokingly say i went to petsmart and they said it will cost $29.99. if i had an ear infection and went to the doctor.
8:41 pm
>> time out. kennedy: we are out of time. this is a valid conversation to have. i think you are on to something. the counter to that is we should have one price for everything is not acceptable in a free market. the and will return after the break because we'll talk 2020. nikki haley shooting down claims she is running. we'll be right back to discuss.
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kennedy: great record. is america ready for a second new york city billionaire in the white house? billionaire business mogul, michael bloomberg, changed his voter registration to democrat. he has his eyes on the 2020 run. he hates president trump. he's spending $20 million to help democrats in the mid-terms. there is no telling what he would spend on his own campaign. this comes as former vice president joe biden toying with his political ambitions saying he's not running at the moment, but he'll revisit the subject after the mid-terms.
8:46 pm
outgoing u.n. ambassador, nikki haley, denied interest in running. leslie, hillary is on this big speaking tour. she is a loser. she is annoying. she has no business leading her party. i know we are talking about michael bloomberg. he has an ax to grind. the most of interesting democrat is eric garcetti. >> i like him a lot. my mayor. i don't think he's the guy for the job. kennedy: he's an astute politician and i think he has more likability and he's more moderate than gavin newsom. >> it's not going to work. joe biden is the only democrat that can beat donald trump.
8:47 pm
joe biden with betoio rourke with him. kennedy: if beto losses the senate race, his national ambitions are gone. >> the democrats who are energized right now, the young millennial socialist contingent like old candidates, bernie sanders. i think bind would do well in the general against trump. but to get there it would be someone like sanders. kennedy: he had the passion. i think bind and sanders are both 2016. >> i think the problem is, how does he get the nomination? kennedy: could hillary get the nomination? >> i don't think so. i do think they have one opportunity in 2020 to get away
8:48 pm
from emotionally-driven politics to win. and i think joe biden would be one of the more viable because he could pander to the crowd, it's all about emotion. kennedy: he has no shortage of goodwill. >> i don't know how he gets through the primary. >> his appeal is very, very strong among the blue collar workers. kennedy: robby, leslie and cliff. coming up, hurricane michael walloping the florida gulf coast and heading towards the carolinas less than a month after florence caused so much damage there. how is the federal government going to pay for back-to-back national disasters? i'm ray and i quit smoking with chantix.
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so, howell...going? we had a vacation early in our marriage that kinda put us in a hole. go someplace exotic? yeah, bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. what? what happened? i got a little over-confident on a moped. even with insurance, we had to dip into our 401(k) so it set us back a little bit. sometimes you don't have a choice. but it doesn't mean you can't get back on track. great. yeah, great. i'd like to go back to bermuda. i hear it's nice. yeah, i'd like to see it. no judgment. just guidance. td ameritrade. kennedy: look at that hurricane alert. one person reported dead after hurricane michael made landfall in florida as a category 4 storm. we are told it could cost up to $30 billion in damage. how are the feds going to pay for it all? joining me now, florida
8:53 pm
republican congressman ted yoho. he joins me from gainesville, florida. how are you doing there? >> we are doing good. coming from florida we are kind of used to these things, you know, a couple years ago we had matthew and hermine, then harvey then florence and this one. so these are things they come and mother nature, the force of mother nature and the water damage it does along with the wind is totally destructible. kennedy: it's a destructive force that's unpredictable. what we can predict is taxpayers who don't live in these parts of the country, they are the ones footing the bill. this something unfair about that
8:54 pm
process? >> that's not totally true. if you look at the national flood insurance program. florida pays 55% of those premiums but get half of that back. florida is a donor state for the national flood insurance program. overall all the states contribute to the disaster relief we are seeing right now. when you look at the wildfires out quest, those are billion dollar fires. hurricanes of texas or flooghtd mississippi valley there is plenty of disasters around the area. you look at the tornado belt. so there are a lot of places that have this going on. but when it comes to the flood insurance. florida pays 55% of all the premiums in the nation. kennedy: that program you are talking about is insolvent. so on a more treacherous collision course with disaster than we previously thought.
8:55 pm
but do you believe in global warming? do you believe this stuff is caused by global warming? >> i believe in climate change. it's pretty effort. i am a guy who worked outside all my life. i can see it through my lifetime. i think week adapt to what's happening and change policies that are common sense. but not policies that put americans as a disadvantage to the rest of the world like the paris climate accord that president trump wisely pulled out of. the american people were going to foot the bill, yet india and china didn't have to comply with that for 15 to 20 years. so i think what president trump did is smart and i think we should look at all the things attributing to that. the human cause of climate change versus the natural, you
8:56 pm
know. if you look at some of the websites. if you go to nasa, 50% of the changes in the climate they attribute to the sun. kennedy: thank you so much for being here. stay safe. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. (guard) whacontrolled fury.... freakish intelligence. wicked seduction. these endeavors will rattle your soul...
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9:00 pm
instagram @kennedynation. tomorrow night on the show, shannon bream is here along with ned ryun and brian brenberg. good night. >> grandpa would go with a young gorilla on a motorcycle, go get a slurpee. >> grappling great apes. >> people would come and watch people box and wrestle. >> but, this whole "gorilla magilla"... >> people would come and picket the facility. >> no barrel of monkeys. >> i was told "don't open this envelope until i pass away." he's a good boy. >> that sounds like an ultimatum. >> it was. game on. ♪


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