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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 29, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> think defensively. we may see more value plays going forward into 2019. liz: which is susan li's point. you're seeing that rotation. [closing bell rings] thank you for everybody jumping in front of the camera what turns out to be virulently volatile day. dow closes 256 on the lows. connell: what a day, what we say this time about every day. this really was -- melissa: it was a roller-coaster connell: about that. melissa: there you go. connell, down 500 plus at one point. a 900 point swing. this is quite a day. looks like we'll close off by only 240 or so in the dow. we have a new report. the u.s. is planning on hitting china with new tariffs if the president's meeting with the president of china is not successful. tech has been a story again. nasdaq getting hit hard after four trait weekly losses. starts this week on a down note.
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s&p up and down. it end down. a decline of little more than one-half of 1%. i'm good to be with you. i'm connell mack -- mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." susan li on the floor of the new york stock exchange. what a day, susan. >> volatility the name of the gape -- game. news coming from germany, angela merkel and the christian democratic party. we saw a lot of rotation to buy after the dips. we saw last week. yes we are in correction territory for a lot of small indices like transports and also like the s&p and the russell 2000 with a small cap names. but, you know, afterwards we got downgrade for amazon on the news from the uk, and in terms of possibly imposing a digital sales tax. that started trickling down into the fangs now at six-month lows.
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we saw a lot of selling today. amazon dragging the likes of alphabet, google, apple, all the rest. we have deal news as you see on the screen. ibm buying red hat, 33 billion-dollar transaction. 63% premium for red hat. ibm falling in the session. red hat a bit concerning it didn't put up to the acquisition target levels, the acquisition buyselves we saw. tech shares really dragging the market. we saw acceleration lower after news hit from bloomberg, that we may see nor china-u.s. tariffs being imposed. melissa: susan thank you. connell: susan referenced the news about china. let's go to blake burman at white house. you had a chance in the briefing with sarah sanders to ask her about the possibility of tariffs. tell us about that. reporter: first briefing in 26 days with press secretary sarah sanders. right before it began came a story are bloomberg saying if
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the talks between president trump and china's president xi xinping, in argentina do not go well on the trade front that the united states could go forward, the president and his administration could go forward with a next batch of tariffs at $257 billion. sanders would not say whether or not that meeting will be an inflection point or not. watch this exchange. >> i'm not going to get ahead of the president's meeting and i hope it goes well. april, go ahead. sorry, go ahead. >> how important is that meeting? because you heard larry kudlow say last week or two weeks ago maybe there notmight not be a lot of detail that comes in terms of trade going back and fourth? >> as the president likes to say we'll see what happens. i will not get ahead of the conversation. you have a conversation between two most powerful leaders in the world and that is consequential
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and we'll see what happens. reporter: in theory a month is lot of time to get something done between now and then. united states and china a ways to go on a whole host of issues including i.p. theft. connell: the expectations were not very high before today for that meeting but maybe less so. thanks. melissa: our panel in to react. liz peek, jonathan hoenig, capitalist pig hedge fund, both fox news contributors. susan li is with us. i don't know why anybody should be surprised. there is a lot of territory and between china and the u.s. needs to be changed or fixed or updated. there is a lot of areas to go over. we see the market reacting. your thoughts? >> my first thoughts you can't get too excited even a 10% tariff on $257 billion worth of imports. the truth is that is small potatoes in a 21 trillion-dollar
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economy. everyone is concerned what lies around the bend, will this get worse? my view would be the trump administration is looking at china's slowing economy, the fact xi xinping is out touring the country talking up the stock market and the economy be, vowing to be faithful to private enter president et cetera. i think chinese are worry and trump administration is trying to strike when there is a opportunity to do it. i get it is hurting our market but there a long game. melissa: the inlex wall agreement between china and u.s. has been fraught with all kinds of disaster for a long time. it will be hard to right that ship. >> melissa, it is not being handled like a property disagreement where the property itself would be declared illegal and seized however. it is being handled in terms of taxes, as liz points out.
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tariffs are taxes on americans. it was a 900 point swing. the market fell apart as blake burman said, news as the proposed tariffs came out. 2/3 of all s&p companies, liz, melissa, have mentioned tariffs as one factor in their business. ford talking about a billion dollars lost. melissa: yeah. >> this is making a big difference on the bottom line as well. melissa: it is true, susan, when companies report earnings they jump on whatever the bandwagon is, the weather, hurricane, this, that, fuel charge, price of oil. >> dollar, cfx. you name it. you heard over and over again so far this earnings season from companies talking about tariffs, talking about concerns about global trade tensions. i think a big one, i think an inflection point will be coming this week we'll hear from apple, arguably the most successful american company in china, to get 1/5 of their revenues coming from inside of china.
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what happens if there is a tariff on all the trade, imports and exports coming between the two and the largest trading relationship between the largest countries in the world? connell: let's broaden out the discussion. to jonathan's point this was in era of remarkable days, a remarkable trading day. susan i will continue with you. two huge headlines throughout the day. they are very different. boeing that was quite a selloff with boeing in the afternoon when the market was puking, technical term. >> very technical. connell: the other one was amazon. and amazon continuing from what we saw on friday, and i know it isn't a technical term, kind of joking around, was there any talk of that? maybe people did throw in the towel by the afternoon? a few buyers came back late. >> with amazon, yes we're in a
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bear market. we're down 20% in the past month. as i said to you earlier, let's keep things in perspective right? we're off almost 40% on the year. there are a lot of headwinds. you should be encouraged by the fact we don't have big volume chasing these declines. they're not selling into this. there is no panic at this point. growth trading -- connell: do you agree, jonathan with that? >> that is what concerns me. i think i feel a little more encouraged if we saw real panic. that is a sign of what they say is capitulation a real bottom. connell: down 500, you wanted to see, i know it sounds funny you wanted to see 1000, wanted to see it get out of the system as opposed to buyers coming back late in the day. >> ironically huge headlines the dow dumbs, that is big indicator. 30 new 52-week lows and 30 fifth new highs the trend for stocks
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is down. connell: liz? >> we are earnings up 25% in this quarter. we've got a lot of food economic news, including the con -- good economic news with the consumer continuing to spend being impacted by the tariffs. i agree, jonathan, a lot of companies talked about tariffs. they could stock about the strong dollar. connell: many of them did. melissa: not that much. connell: we have to run, appreciate it, suzanne, liz, jonathan, as always we'll see you guys later on. melissa: a nation on edge. another suspicious package addressed to cnn as the accused bombing suspect appears in court for the first time. what the fbi is saying about this potential threat. daniel linsky, director of kroll investigations and former boston police department chief is coming up. connell: migrant caravan we're waiting for update from the
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department of homeland security and the pentagon as the president prepares to send 5,000 troops to the border. can the troops block the caravan of migrants crossing that border? dan henning from the journal addressing that. melissa: president trump wrapping up campaign blitz as voters prepare to hit the polls in just eight days. what his impact could mean for the republican party's majority. blaise ingoglia, former gop chairman, coming up. ♪ and you're still not sure if you want to make the trade? exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies and answer all your toughest questions. sounds perfect. see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here, i've done my job. call for a strategy gut check with td ameritrade. ♪
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connell: get to breaking news. terry owe o'shaughnessy who heap the northern command, briefing reporters about the plan the administration has to plan to send 5000 troops, 5200 troops to the southern border as the
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migrant caravan makes its way through mexico. department of homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is expected to speak at the briefing. we'll bring you an update after she speaks but we wanted to tell but the general's remarks. melissa: the man accused of gunning down 11 people inside of a synagogue in pittsburgh and the man who allegedly sent pipe bombs to several high-profile lawmakers across the country. now tech giants are under scrutiny for social media's role in hate speech, trying to prevent these kind of attacks. deirdre bolton in the newsroom with more. reporter: melissa, after the pittsburgh synagogue community the community is shunning the social sight gab. godaddy, one example allows people or companies to register internet addresses. it hosted gab. it gave the company 24 hours to move to a different service,
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shutting it down to the meantime. that deal for gab expires monday night. in you go to the site it is just not functioning. bloging site medium, doing the same as two other platforms. gab is removed from app stores and payment processing firms. gab interesting enough denying supporting violence. it says it backed up the alleged shooter's profiles, suspended his account and contacted the fbi. it put out a stadium. is under attack. we've been smeared by the mainstream media defending free expression an individual liberty for all people and working with law enforcement. to insure justice is served for the horrible atrocity committed in pittsburgh gab will fight for the fundamental right to speak freely. this site has 650,000 users. it does not have filters. it is up to users to
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individually brock what they find offensive. for comparison twitter has 325 million users, facebook 2.2 billion. they have sims in place although flawed to address hate speech. gab has in hot water with business community before. microsoft threatened to kick its off azure cloud computing service for hosting posts that'd advocated genocide of the jewish people. they deleted them. gab was able to stay on microsoft platform. in 2015 apple barred it from the app store citing pornographic speech and hate speech. i asked if they will be blocking gab from their platforms. twitter responded saying it doesn't comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons, referred me to a lot of corporate language how they judge, what their procedures r as far as facebook they essentially say they do not
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praise anyone who supports these hour risk deeds or commits them and says they are reviewing gab's presence on their platform. melissa, back to. melissa: deirdre, thank you. connell: liz peek and jonathan hoenig have been here on the show today. talked to a couple tech analysts. on the gab issue which a lot of people hadn't heard of until of horrific event in pittsburgh, someone made to the the point if they're taken down, didn't exist anymore, something well like it could pop back up if the companies crack down. >> i have no sense how many niche platforms are out there. how many subscribers each of them have or what kind of surveillance there is of any of these. you would hope law enforcement would have some sort of eye out on platforms like this which attract kind of kooks and people who are -- connell: on this platform,
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deirdre reported 650,000 users versus 10 of millions, hundreds of millions for others. jonathan, what is your view on responsibility big picture social media companies when it comes to this kind of thing? >> they are under tremendous amounts of scrutiny. some have stepped up to the plate. to offer various tools to allow people to quash or squelch messages but i worry, the response to some social media companies. facebook, new 52-week low today. we've heard calls for regulation from the left and right. despite their efforts to keep it off the sites, i fear more regulation coming for social media. connell: absence this issue we talk about when the earnings come out, liz and jonathan, thank you. melissa: securing the border, more than 5000 active duty troops heading to the border. 100 arriving on the scene ahead of the massive caravan making
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its way closer to the u.s. president trump issuing a warning to the caravan tweeting. many gang members and people are mixed into the caravan heading to the southern border. please go back. you will not be admitted to the united states unless you go to the through the legal process. this is an invasion of our country and our military is waiting for you. william la jeunesse is following the caravan. are they hearing the message? reporter: yes and no. mostly no. i will get to that in a second, melissa. we're in a catholic church. the line behind me is for food. other people are sleeping. they got up at 3:00 a.m. to make that 34-mile walk. there are definitely two competing narratives, melissa. one coming out of washington. the president closing the border, closing port of entry, promising troops. they are promising jobs, or people being released on tv. this organization nor the state
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department is here on the bullhorn giving these people a straight story so they can make an informed decision by themselves. for instance, as you know, mexico offered them asylum and a work permit. we talked to one guy today. basically melissa i raised this point regarding new terms and reality with president trump, he means it this time. not getting that message. we spoke to one guy today who had worked, in the united states. he actually was a dreamer. he had a pass. and yet he decided to join the caravan because it is only way he can now get in. >> i, i can say, look at this paper, this is my residence, my social security is, that is, that is why i'm going to there now. reporter: so he made the mistake of leaving the u.s., even though he had a work permit and daca status to see his mother in
4:21 pm
honduras, now he is out of luck. i will say this, wrap it up, the president is trying to send a message to this caravan but fourth other ones waiting in the wings, two in guatemala, one in el salvador, another one at the border. an individual was killed by a rubber bullet. people see they are getting through and think they will be treated the same way. back to you. melissa: where is the u.n.? william, thank you for that. the migrant. this caravan comes as a 2018 october surprise dan henninger is a fox news contributor. the caravan is kavanaugh nomination all over again. it forces voters think about immigration an issue democrats thought this was weaponnized this summer against republicans. tell me more about that? >> by this summer i meant last july, the extraordinary
4:22 pm
incidents on the border with texas. they remember the family separations. images of kids in cages. it was tremendously bad publicity for the trump presidency and trump administration. they were thought to have been responsible for all that. fast forward to the caravans. i think politics of this melissa have completely flipped around. most people here in this country, watching images of these caravans are saying, what are we supposed to do? there is no alternative other than what the president is proposing send troops to the border, simply tell these people you cannot simply walk into the united states. melissa: so i would. i look at images, i feel like again and again we don't know how people perceiving them. you know how you feel about the image. what makes you think people are looking at it, saying what are we supposed to do? >> one thing we learned in july with the family separations is that the federal bureaucracy are
4:23 pm
simply are incapable of dealing with they can't deal with them. as the president suggests they come through normal points ever entry an apply for asylum. most of the people in the united states agree with that, they're not blaming the president on this score for these caravans. i think it is height of irresponsibility we just heard the organizers of these caravans have not told these people they cannot simply expect to walk into the united states. they may not have access to television but organizers of these caravans certainly do know what the game is. melissa: wow. we're watching images here. we'll see how it plays out. dan, always brilliant, thanks for coming on. appreciate it. connell: a wave of anti-establishment victories the way it is reported. look at some election results. president trump congratulated the winner of the presidential
4:24 pm
election in brazil, what does it all mean, in terms of the world economy and world stage going forward. we'll talk about that the president is really not slowing down when it comes to campaigning. if anything he is ramping up his schedule ahead of the midterms. we'll talk about what effect he can have particularly in florida. blaise ingoglia is the gop chairman down there. he is coming up next. ♪
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connell: let's talk midterms. heading into the homestretch. president trump adding an 11th rally in his final week of campaign blitz before the midterms. if you look at where he is going, we've mapped out some of the president's travel here, there are two stops in some key stops. for example, in the state of missouri, two stops. in the state of florida, two stops. many of these are senate races. tennessee is another example after close senate race the republicans think they can pick up. montana is one they think they can take away. many close senate races where the president is going.
4:28 pm
let's zero in on some of these right now especially in the state of florida because that obviously, and this is our what if map. i think we introduced this to you the other day, but if you start 51-49 republicans, democrats in the senate, gop has this map advantage, but they start taking some of those states, i mentioned missouri going there twice, that is the claire mccaskill seat, if you can turn that if you're republicans and turn florida, which is heavier lift from missouri if the poll numbers are right, you're in a 53-47 race or split without getting the state of north dakota. other scenarios will complicate that. for example, you have red states out west like nevada and arizona could easily go back to the democrats to kind of even things up. the larger point the advantage most likely will be with republicans on the senate map. doesn't mean that will turn out that way on election night. we'll see this used a lot come
4:29 pm
the election, take a closer look at the state of florida in general, nelson and scott race, "real clear politics" average of the poll is slight edge to incumbent senator nelson somewhere around maybe two or three points, depending where you look but in the average of the polls it is probably two or three points. so it is up now to governor scott to try to turn things around in the final days. how does he do that? for history sake here we continue to look to the presidential race. look at any presidential races in recent memory in florida to see how close it will be. president trump pulled it out barely, 49-48, if you basically round in the state of florida. there is still so much red strength on the west coast of florida then going across the panhandle. the idea for both parties, we'll talk about this in more details when we get closer where do you turn out the base? if the democrats do it in miami-dade county and other strong areas heavily populated
4:30 pm
yeah they can take that senate seat but florida, like it always is, is always up for grabs. we'll look at one of the big states we watch heading into the election. more looks as we get closer to tuesday, melissa. melissa: very cool. we've been following the briefing on u.s. officials on the migrant caravan heading to the u.s. border. we have headlines you need to know coming up next. ♪ if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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melissa: breaking news. u.s. officials just briefing the media on administration plan to send 5200 troops to the u.s.-mexico border. kristina partsinevelos has all the details. kristina. reporter: what they're saying they are seeing 3500 in southern mexico coming up to the united states. they're also tracking an additional group. this is 3,000 people right now, migrants near the border of guatemala and mexico and they continued on later in the briefing saying they are looking at other groups possibly forming in el salvador as well. one of the statements they made they are forcing, facing right now border security and a humanitarian crisis at our border. they're noticing half of the family members and unaccompanied children are traveling along, paying up to $7,000 just to enter the united states right now. so what the u.s customs & border patrol agent are saying, a message to the participants is that we will not allow large groups to enter the united states in a unsafe manner or
4:35 pm
else we will apprehend them. the department of homeland security asking for help from the department of defense. what do they need that help for with these 5200 extra troops? they need help in air, ground transportation, engineering, medical support and mobile housing and extensive planning support. these troops under the posse comitatus act are not allowed to act as law enforcement. a reporter asked about this they are staying within that realm but will not go against that act. we know 5200 troops, and it could be more. i will end it here, that is just the start of the operation. in addition to the 2092 already there. so you have 2100 there. 5200 possible troops coming up over the next few days. melissa: wow, kristina. thank you for that. connell: want to get back now to the midterms. we were talking a few minutes ago about the busy campaign schedule the president has,
4:36 pm
bring in florida republican chairman blaise ingoglia to talk more about the all that as we were getting your microphone hooked up i was looking at map, what ifs we'll see on election night. in your state in particular it is always fascinating politics, but it does seem if the polls are right, the senate candidate rick scott and governor's candidate desanity its have a little -- desantis have a work to do. it's a true toss upor maybe down a point or two. where or what can the president help the most? >> president will be here on october 31st. we're expecting him to be here later on in the week to turn out the base. this is highly partisan election. it will turn out to turnout. i will tell you that i personally believe these polls are way off, because they're not modeling the turnout correctly. we're seeing not any semblance of a blue wave whatsoever. in fact what we're probably
4:37 pm
seeing a red wave. we're seeing more republicans come out at higher clip than what we're seeing democrats turn out. connell: one of the things if you hadn't made that comment three years ago, people said, come on, but people do have 2016 in their mind. you ma i be right. some of the turnout models that the polls were off a point or two. all it takes in a state like florida. that was the case. what is driving that enthusiasm? is it kavanaugh? is sitting else? seemed like it picked up in other states after the kavanaugh hearings? >> well the kavanaugh effect definitely had an effect here in the state of florida, what is really having an effect here, we have a great story here. low unemployment. a lot of republican success. we've had success here with donald trump and we have this dynamic where people want to continue that. we'll have that with ron desantis. republicans are really fired up right now. we're heading to the polls in
4:38 pm
droves. i expect that to continue from now up until election day and on election day. connell: desantis seeing numbers with gillum up a couple points with realpolitiks average. similar on the senate side of things. i spoke to karl rove, i was speaking about the president, he is going through the president's supporters. 2/3 are all in, they love the guy and love policies. but it is that 1/3 of president trump's supporters according to karl do like policies but are not sold on the guy? how does that affect dynamic in florida, especially in some suburban areas? >> floridians we like results. we like a great booming economy. we like people visiting the great state of florida and spending their money. even a lot of democrats love the fact that we have a great economy here. president trump and deregulation and everything that you're seeing out of the economy, 3.5% low unemployment rate here in the state of florida. that is what is driving a lot of this. we thank the president for
4:39 pm
everything he is doing. we thank republican leadership for everything they're doing in the state. a lot of that is driving republicans out to the polls. connell: he will be there, the president, as you said, twice before the election. we'll watch florida closely. thank you,. >> my pleasure. melissa: a nation on edge. the fbi confirming the latest suspicious package sent to cnn today, is similar in appearance to the 13 other received all over the country last week. as the suspected mail bomber appears in court for the first time today, a live report from the courthouse next. ♪ ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to.
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connell: the third suspicious package addressed to cnn, this time at the headquarters in atlanta has been intercepted by law enforcement. fbi confirming that package similar to appears 13 others received around the country last week. the accused send der, 56-year-old cesar sayoc appeared in court.
4:43 pm
phil keating live on the scene with that story for us. phil? reporter: the hearing was over in four minutes, really, really fast, initial appearance for the mail bomb suspect. he appeared somber and solemn in the courtroom, clearly realizing he is in a significant amount of trouble right now. he turned around in the standing-only courtroom spotted his sister, tearing up little bit. the bombing suspect hardly spoke invoking his right to remain silent. as is always the case with initial appearances for defendants, magistrate he had win torres red all five federal counts. sayoc was shackled and wearing prison scrubs. they took him in custody after matching his fingerprint with a latent fingerprint on one of the pipe bomb packages. he has a three-man team of lawyers, some who represented him before in his dozen or so other run-ins with the law. >> if you were in custody facing probably or potentially the rest
4:44 pm
of your life in jail you cannot by definition be doing good. reporter: he is accused of mailing 14 bombs to prominent democrats and possibly a 15 discovered today in atlanta and addressed to cnn his van was plastered with right-wing and conservative messages glorifying president trump including a face of hillary clinton in cross-hairs. he was a bouncer and sometimes d.j. in the last seven months he had two pisa delivery jobs. he was not only delivering in the notorious white vans and possibly building bombs inside of it, he was driving it all around south florida showing up at people's houses to deliver their pisas, and nobody thought it was alarming to notify authorities. connell: amazing. phil keating live from miami. melissa: here to react is daniel alinsky, managing director of kroll's investigation, former
4:45 pm
boston police department superintendent and chief. let me start with that fact that is something that so many people talked about he is driving around in the van, which looks really crazy. i don't know how you can see out of it in order to drive it. what if someone called the police and said someone is driving around in a crazy van? would that be enough to put him up on the radar or he hasn't done anything illegal? what would happen? >> it's a minor offense. looks i can he obscured his windows. that is citation where he can be given a fine, if he doesn't show up in court, it might get law enforcement to have initial stop. when you go back to timothy mcveigh, the reason he got caught he failed to put a license plate on his getaway vehicle. sometimes small things like that can get law enforcement involved. one thing can lead to another. in of itself, not a big deal. people have the right to express their first amendment right. the fact he is obscuring his windows is completely is concerning for public safety as far as vehicle law.
4:46 pm
melissa: one thing he had in common with the other person involved in that horrific synagogue shooting, the idea they were online saying things. you know is that, is there a way for law enforcement to see who is serious and who is going to act from that type of speech that might happen online in social media, or is that really only valuable as evidence after the fact in the trial to kind of prove what they were thinking but it is not necessarily -- is there any way to make it predictive of who is going to act? >> there is. , are ways to do it. it is controversial. do we want law enforcement looking at people's first amendment issues? there is balancing act. there is technology, out there, the language of harm where you can determine, matrixes and keynotes and key words where together, put together with certain pictures, what have you, red flags can pop up and alerts can be sent out. there is no way to go through
4:47 pm
trillions of tweets, texts, messages people send every day but there are ways you can flag the language of harm that can occur needs to be identified most. follow up on those issues and concerns. threat assessment teams in schools and college universities, across the country are doing that daily as we speak now. melissa: yeah. i mean, the man who went in and did the shooting in the synagogue, the last words that he said on there were apparently i'm going in. do you consider that a throat if looking at it? the ceo of website is saying how am i supposed to know that was a direct threat? >> that was a direct threat. you can tell that by actions he followed up after posting it. we saw that in the case of two new york city police officers, where the individual from baltimore put on line he would put wings on pigs. these things are fast moving, fast breaking. we have to have robust systems out there when they do pop we need systems to identify who
4:48 pm
they are and where they are. melissa: based on what you just said, you knew i'm going in based on actions afterwards, if he just said that and said going in, you feel like that is a threat i need to find the person? >> if that came across my radar screen, this person has been spewing hatred, especially anti-semitic hatred, he made an action statement, who is this person, what is he about? if we did research and database research he has access to ar-15s and weapons, he had a history of this type of vitriol spewing on social media he is somebody has to go to the top of the list for somebody to do an intervention is. melissa: in your mind is that somebody that to got away to shd have been teched? >> i think it is. we have to be right every day and the guy has to be right once. there is possibility he could have been intercepted earlier on.
4:49 pm
cases where people putting this type of thing on social media they can target them for investigations. a boston police captain son who unfortunately had mental health issues. getting online, radicalized, started taking action. his father reported action with the fbi and made a case against him. fortunately no lives were lost. he will serve a significant amount of time in jail. melissa: daniel, thank you for your insight. always terrific and thoughtful stuff. we appreciate it. thank you. >> thanks, melissa. connell: now there is a lot of interesting developments in global politics. brazil, especially with that election. some say the trump effect takes over the globe and anti-establishment movement, whether or not it is spreading to other nations or working in reverse. we'll talk about what it all means especially nor global economics in just a moment. ♪ go ahead, ask it a question. tecky, can you offer low costs and award-winning
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connell: boy this was quite a victory. shock to some in brazil for jair bolsonaro. he defeat ad socialist candidate in a runoff. latest in a wave of what you call anti-establishment figures winning victories. starting possibly with "brexit" 2016 and election here in the united states of donald trump. speaking of the president, he did reach out to bolsonaro. this is tweet. had a very good conversation with the newly-elected president of brazil, jair bolsonaro who won his race by a substantial margin. we agreed, brazil and united states will work closely together on trade, military and everything else. excellent call. wished him congrats. let's bring james roberts in research fellow for economic freedom and growth at heritage to talk more about this. what is the message, james if you think there is one about this, of the continuing of rise of anti-establishment figures like donald trump or is message
4:54 pm
more for people speaking out against governments? what do you read what happened in brazil? >> you know i think when you're talking about the establishment, in this case the establishment was latin american socialism. connell: yeah. >> that is what the people of brazil rejected strongly. this is hugely positive development for brazil, for latin america, and for the united states i think. the people were -- connell: talk about how -- sorry to interrupt. talk about economics which i was going to say because everything i've seen written about this guy basically is focused on his social views. he said some outlandish things in the past. that is where i think the far-right label has been attached in many newspapers articles and what have you. i'm told he said he would rather have his son die in a car accident than be gay, this kind of thing years ago. what i haven't seen as much of what type of president he is going to be. this matters to the united states from a practical standpoint when it comes to economics. we have interests in brazil, oil, what have you.
4:55 pm
what kind of guy is he? >> i think many politicians, especially people who have been around as bolsonaro who has been in congress 30 years have said things they later reget. those things were used by the opposition to smear him during the campaign. the reality he is talking about bringing more economic freedom to brazil. increasing opportunities for the private sector. establishing better a rule of law. cracking down on the violence in the streets, and corruption that was massive in the government under the workers party he defeated by a very clear margin. so he has a good, very good new finance minister, who comes in, phd university of chicago economics, will privatize companies to bring money investment in brazil. do deals with the united states. he is skeptical of china. he shares skepticism with trump. i think this could be a very good thing for brazil. connell: as a final quick point, we don't have a lot of time,
4:56 pm
james, not just brazil, pro-market governments in other areas of south america, argentina, colombia, ecuador, is it better relationship time for united states that part of the world? >> definitely a time. chile, argentina, colombia for sure, they can together really try to put pressure on this brutal dictatorship in venezuela where people are suffering and fleeing the country, starving to death without medicine. there are many good things that can come out of this victory. connell: we're out of time unfortunately. we'll talk more about the subject as time goes on. james, appreciate it. >> sure. melissa: all eyes on apple. the tech company taking over new york ahead of a major product launch tomorrow. we have a preview next. ♪
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4:59 pm
no washington wall street. quick look what is on deck. apple takes over downtown brooklyn holding second launch event at the brooklyn academy of music.
5:00 pm
expected to come out with the new mac computer and new ipads. melissa: amazon, $15 minimum wage takes effect for all employees. >> labor report from the department of labor for month of october. melissa: that's it. i will buy new apple products this week, right? probably? maybe? >> thanks for joining us. melissa: here is "bulls & bears. david: another wild day on wall street. we're talking about top i cans that matter most to you and your money. this is this "bulls & bears. david: hi, everybody, i'm david asman. joining me on the panel, our very own gerri willis, jonas max ferris, robert wolf. both john has and robert are fox contributors. look who is


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