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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 30, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening our top stories, man charged in shooting death of 11 people, at a hittic pittsburgh synagogue appears in court facing 29 counts including murder, federal prosecutors are seeking approval from justice department to seek death penalty in the case. president trump and first lady will visit pittsburgh tomorrow to comfort the victims. while the dimms, rinos, and national left wing media try to
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blame the president. >> i think this president's whole modus operandi is to divide us. >> you talk about inclusive politics which tries to unify, does president trump practice those. >> sometimes he does, sometimes he does not. >> the president is obviously a racist. lou: new jersey congressional candidate jay weber been targeted for his little bit at views -- political views, he will join to us talk about it. >> pentagon deployed 5,000 troops to southern border. border. >> two other caravans are gathering in sphr central ameri, president trump vowing to do whatever it takes to secure the border. >> republicans want strong borders, no crime and no caravans, right?
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we're not having caravans. lou: no care vans -- caravans, we'll take up president's powers to stand illegal immigration invasion. with gregg jarrett, and sydney powell. with mid terms 8 days away president trump continues his campaign in support of republican candidates. >> republicans strategist ed rollins, michael goodwin with me on latest on how the trump effect if boosting republican candidates in the midterms. a deadly shooting over weekend in a synagogue in pittsburgh leaving 11 people dead, today
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the i suspect appeared in court. president trump condemning those attacks and calling for unity, they are to visit the since gol- since gosynagogue tomorrow. >> federal prosecutor have started process to seek death penalty against the man who is responsible for this horrific attack. 46-year-old robert bowers did not have much to say this afternoon as they rolled him court in a wheel chair. a few hours after release from hospital. federal madgest -- straight read the charges he is facing. investigator say that gahn man n caulked in saturday, and moved throughout synagogue shooting and killing as he went with
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anar--- 15. the victims were all jewish, gunman expressed his desire to kill all jews, many survivors say it is a miracle they are still alive, and largely thanks to response of police and 4 officers injured in the confrontations. >> we have a guy barricaded actively shooting at s.w.a.t. officers. >> code 4, in one room, one operate or down. >> barricaded myself, and 911 just, kept me through it, said stay there, police will come and get you. reporter: you can see here at tree of life synagogue an example of outpours of love and support, there has been almost a constraint supreme o stream of ,
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with flowers and cards, expressingly solidarity with the jewish community, tomorrow's funeral will be held for a pair of brothers. friends say they were inseparable. kindest people you would meet, and never missed the saturday worship. lou: thank you. greater tenney. >> man suspected of sending suspicious packages appeared in a courtroom in miami, they request he be held bought bond until his trial, high will return to court friday for a hearing to whether he should be transported to new york.
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>> and joining us, republican candidate for new jersey learn 1 congressional district, assemblyman jay weber, he has been endorsed by trump, and just days ago he received a violent threat toward his children. thank you for joining us. starting with this kind of violence and threats of violence, this sun is -- is precedented. >> it seems in many way fabric of our country is coming apartment. a different scale, where some creep sent a letter suggesting harm to my kids, my wife and i
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contact police, secure kids make them feel safe and determine we were not going to be bullied. not let violence ruin democracy, and tramp ol trample our first t rights. >> we're watching event, after event that appear to be driven by individuals who are either emotionaly disturbed or mentally ill, your thoughts on the society right now that seems to be doing very little to identify those people. before they can act. or act out to give them care and treatment, your thoughts? >> you are right. and we just saw a new jersey mom
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help stop a shooting in kentucky, last week, because she was vigilant about what she saw on facebook. was threatened by someone on facebook, reached to authorities and the authorities in kentucky think they frustrated a school shooting because someone was vigilant and spoke out. we have to look out for one another, when you see something disturbing or hear it say something. these days, you don't know what is going to happen next, we don't want next bowers or sayak to ruin someone else's life. lou: jay weber thank you, we appreciate your wise words. >> up next, president trump keeping his promise, sending more than 5,000 troops to the border. fox legal analyst gre gregg jart
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joining us, and president trump immediately denouncing the pittsburgh synagogue shooting that left the people dead, but many at cnn blame the president for the tragedy. >> he does have to take some responsible for type of climate we find ourselves in. >> a radicalization ino you are seeing now some consequences. >> division is what brought him to this point. >> his, model is divide and concur. which i do think that president is cul. >> president last week said he is a nationalist, all he had to do was say white nationalist. >> my god, more on left wing media irresponsible and vicious media irresponsible and vicious claims when we your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen.
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lou: the caravan of central american migrants continues to makes it way through mexico, refusing offers of jobs, and medical help, making their way to our southern border. the leading group is traveling 6
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injur60 miles over weekend, and dollar 4 other -- there are 4 others on the way to united states. on guatemala and mexico border, migrant clashed with police from guatemala and mexico. this coming as pentagon today announced it is sending 5200 u.s. military troops to the border, they will offer support to border patrol and to other u.s. military forces. if there were ever any question, as to why our military was needed at this border, look no further than this previously dis deported man to explain why he wanted back. >> are you willing to break the law to get back to u.s.
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>> he said he wants to apply for pardon for felony he committed. >> what happen? >> number three. >> a third degree felony. in -- >> attempted murder. lou: he wants a pardon? joining me to talk about president's legal authority. gregregg jarrett fox legal anal, stunning moment there, with a migrant who wanted back in to get a pardon from the president of united states for felon of murder. >> this is the problem, we have thousands of people that we don't know who they are individually, many may have criminal records, as this
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individual does. some may be armed with weapons. because of the massive people, we don't have the ability to properly apply and screen them. media is ignorant it is not a violation of the act. lou: the national left wing media is wha is -- word. >> ignorant and obtuse. they don't understand the law. lou: just want that out there. >> the act prohibits military from engaging in domestic law enforcement functions. that is not what this is, look at the mass of people, this is a threatening, invading worse that may bash their way through our border the way they did through the guatemala fence. lou: these are the calmest pictures of that confrontation.
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these bullies have been pushed around, they had to fire tear gas in their defense. the some of the biggest rocks i have seen hurled in a demonstration or a riot whatever you want to call that. >> you have 2100 national guard, they are entitle to be there. that is not enough, president and the defense secretary, have ordered -- lou: you say it right, it is become a sort of a mantra within the national left wing media. saying that secretary of defense whom ever, the president of the u.sunited states has ordered it. >> president is legally entitled
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to do it, he must do it, he could close the border. reagan did it and bush did it. he could something like a travel ban. >> explain. your perspective. why is it that president has to defend his effort to move troops to the border to stop that caravan, and tens of thousands of other ill -- people who would be illegal immigrants who desire to cross the border? do you realize that is how far we've progressed as a society, president of united states has to explain himself when defending the nation. >> that is his primary constitutional duty. if obama did this media would be cheering, this is great. he is entitled to do it.
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but because this is trump, they are against him, and so is the aclu . lou: and the aba . >> yes. lou: the aba, most people think american bar association is a big deal. >> it was a long time ago when i was a member, but i quit. lou: they then became a partisan bunch of hacks. >> yes. lou: the aba, and aclu are left wing activist organizations. >> absolutely. lou: why do they have nonprofit stat us. >> they shouldn't. lou: why doesn't someone go after them. >> in early 80s, i joined aba, they were neutral it changed during reagan presidency. lou: they didn't like reagan either. >> no, and they done like the judges he was picking. they became activist political organization, and so it the aclu, they would never file a lawsuit against obama for doing
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this. they surely will with president trump. lou: what are we going to do with them, what are they doing there? as nonprofits, they are conducting governmental duties. in these consent degrees with police departments. >> i don't know is their exact -- i don't know their exact tax scastatus. but many of us have quit the aba . and they get their priorities state, and decide to protest civil libries and rights of americans not foreigners. lou: they are left wingers, they are hopeless, it is futile. >> if you say so, i trust your
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judgment. lou: as you should. we trust yours. do you believe that local state and federal authorities must do mormore to identify and treat te oh, mortheemotionally ill peopl. vote. >> up next, radical left is no stranger to politics of -- a delegate word, incivility. >> what they go low, we go high. no, no. whethewhen they go low, we wick. >> you cannot be civil. >> please, get up in the space of some -- >> if you see anyone from that cabinet. you tell them they are not welcome. lou: and oh, yes, guess who rino lame duck speaker paul ryan
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lou: outgoing, lame duck, house speaker, paul ryan, let me size that outgoing. breaking his midterm silence over the weekend, taking a shot at conservatives and the president and used the word tribalism. >> i worry about tribal identity politics of the new norm, as conservatives we thought it was a left winglinsky thing, but the right wing practices that as well, day in age, technology,oidoi identity politics and working. >> you talked about inclusive
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politics which trying to unify, does president trump practice those. >> sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. lou: joining me now to take up who is really to blame. for the toxic political crime at. fox news political analyst, ed rollins. fox business contributor. michael goodwin. i want to start, ed, on paul ryan, we don't hear from him, then he is south talking about tactics on part of the right. >> if i close my eyes it could have been a statement by nancy pelosi, paul ryan, supposedly leader of conservative movement. lou: supposedly. >> vast majority have conservative principles of the
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president, he cannot lead them. that is why just as well, threes going off to where ever he is going. lou: your reaction. the tactics of left, radical dems, day in, and day out. in concert with the media. >> my view of last two years, is different from paul ryan's would be, which is that. everything that happened since elect of 2016, is about bringing down president trump. various ways, but a sense of unhinged movement to bring down this president. for paul ryan to say, well both sides are playing this game it really a total misreading of what has been happening. lou: i would agree, it would be a misreading, but in his case it is more misrepresentation on his part. hknows better. >> i am not sure he does.
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>> he is that be o obtuse. >> i think if he did, he would still be speaker, leading the house to a future, he is give us up the fight, he does not like the fight. >> remember his original goal he was vice presidential nominee on the romney ticket. the party moved away. and that is where he is today, he needs to retire, and deer hunt all year round in wisconsin. fish. lou: there is a lot going on in wisconsin. judging by scott walker camo jacket in middle of milwaukee. >> cheering for shot walker. lou: i was cheering for the camo jacket. this is a horrible time the. president is being attacked. we focus on cnn, nbc, and
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others. attacking him for what happened in pittsburgh. it is -- at one point i would have said it was unseemly, now thithis is unhinged, they know better. what are we to take of this? directed they have taken left wing media, in these final days of the midterm campaigns? >> well, i think they are trying still to unwind 2016, everything is about president trump is illegitimate president, therefore any means necessary. i think we're seeing that day in day out. of it at tragedy there would be a time when politics would not take city stage, this one did instantly. lou: and this is become group and identity politics and also
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herd of a vicious left w wing media and vicious political battle in the arena. but the left is subversive and toxic at every turn. >> historically, former presidents don't go out and campaign, we have obama. we have bill clinton, jimmy carter getting involve ised, and mrs. clinton to wants to run again. lou: she said she want the to be president. >> you have to run for it. >> and eric holder every day, every day they point finger on the this president, if you go back read remarks that president gave when this terrible tragedy occurred, they were remarks any president, reagan, bush, clinton even obama, asking for
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compassion. lou: why is there no left wing media, reaction to a former president attacking his successor? this is just never been done. here we're watching the ex president, with a little -- a huge political activist organization behind him, he is carrying out a subversive campaign against a man he tried to destroy as a candidate. now, we have learned far more about the corruption, political corruption of the obama administration. >> yeah, look, i think that what the media has done is to declare donald trump not worthy of the usual standard said of fairness, they did it in 2016. lou: of fairness? >> right. so that trump is not worthy of them, therefore -- >> what are they worthy of? they are the one that corrupted, the president, former president.
4:33 am
destroyd department of justice, high did the same with fbi. >> that is why madial not -- why media will not criticized president obama. they believe donald trump is not respect of any other president that is the decl declaring a of. lou: you believe that is -- >> they believe this, they are serious? >> they don't believe? >> when mrs. clinton said that republican party and this president deserves no civilness because they disagree with her principles and why she lost is beyond me, there is no graciousness. lou: republican va to do what the president said, vote republican, this is for it all. >> bring a friend. and a neighbor. >> three to 5 others as well.
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>> thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: as we mentioned, failed president am candidate hillary clinton hinting sh hint she wouo be president again, say by 2021. >> do you want to run again? >> no. >> it was a pause -- >> well, i would like to be president,. >> work would be work i feel very well prepared for. having been in senate for 8 years, and a di i did diplomat,t going to think about it until we get through november 6. lou: there she is. if hillary clinton decides to run it would be her third failed presidential bid, count them, three. >> wir we're coming right back,y
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with us.
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lou: on wall street's sell-off stocks closing lower on the day. volume on big board still heavy trading. reminder too listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network.
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>> president trump's attorney rudy guliani predicting serious discussion can council could occur after the midterm election. guliani said a face-to-face interview is off the table for now. more discussing ahead. >> joining me now to talk about russia witch-hunt and president's authorities to preserve the safety of american people, we're joined by former federal prosecutor sydney powell. yoauthor of licensed to lie. starting with special counsel, does this suggest that guliani and president are ready to give a written answers to the special counsel after the midterms? >> yes, lou. i'm sure they are. i would expect those answers to be short and.
4:40 am
i think that mueller probe will wrap up shortly after the election. before the end of the year. i have an article from daily caller saying that mul mueller'g is up. and i would like to see the president declassify all of those documents for a number of reasons, not least of which the public is entitleeled to know. lou: a complex matter for the president, for the justice department. i happen to agree. i think most americans would agree. we would love to have those things. president interest to be transparent. do you have a sense of why he has not done so. >> i think he has all of the leverage right now, the white house knows what is in the documents. as long as he has leverage he can use it the way he deems
4:41 am
appropriate. i think that is one reason he has not sat down with mr. mueller, and does not need to do so, probably why mr. rod rosenstein has not felt a need to sit down with congress, and reason where -- >> my guess is he is scared to do, that i think that rod rosenstein is running out of clock. he is hiding out as long as he can. and he is waiting the whisper of theax at the hands of president, this is me guessing. >> right. lou: maybe. >> but i think you are right. lou: maybe my over powering wish. but nonetheless i would like to believe that is the direction we're headed. turning to border president orders dispatched 5200 troops to the border, your thoughts. we heard from various left wing organizations, national left
4:42 am
wing media, and clucking, clacking of the radical dimms on capitol hill, saying that president can't do this, this is wrong. this is illegal. blah, blah, blah. that means it must be the right thing, uniformly and left in all sectors decided to abjec to the president's -- object to the president's decisiveness and promises made and promises kept administration. administration. >> of course it is the right thing to do, he has authority, title 8 -- gives him the authority to stop all immigration with one executive order, he could declare it is in the national interest to stop all immigration right now. he can do that with a stroke of a pen and a one paragraph border. he could do that. with affirm by supreme court and
4:43 am
trump versus hawaii decision he has that authority, that would stop any asylum claims, he could enforce it with military. the. has nothing to do with this. this say foreign invasion. so, yes, he could sense national military down to protect the border. i'm glad sh he is doing that, ts is a strong stance, it must be taken. we cannot tolerate continued invasion of this country when americans suffer every day, national debt is exploding, we have diseases spreading that cause polio-like power paralysis of our children. lou: you can't very well blame that disease on the immigrants, we do not know that for a positive. but there are reasons to keep the country secure.
4:44 am
including, making sure everyone that is healthy whether they are brought in without question is, that fair? >> that is fair. but that is part of the problem, we don't know where the diseases are coming from. lou: you know, i think that with that we'll leave it. we have decided we don't know is what we don't know. and always good talking with you. and finding out what we do know. sydney powell, knows a great deal, thank you, great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: president trump offering og commentary over week about world series, questioning how l.a. dodgers were being managed, scarborough claims that president's tweets were more nefarious. >> sending a message by time again tweeting about baseball or talking about his bad hair day, that was done intentionally.
4:45 am
to send a message to while the e nationalists, this does not bug me that much, i'm going to watch a baseball game, tweet about baseball. lou: the president of the tweeting about baseball. scarborough living in a growth -- fantasy world. scarborough, tweeting about the game 6 times. each one was a dog whistle of some kind. we'll find out what messages were received and in good order by national left wing -- well, i don't know what they would be. what is opposite of nationalist? that is who they are. vote if our poll tonight. do you believe that local, state and federal authorities, must do more to identify, and treat oh,n
4:46 am
tal -- mentally ill people and make their care a priority for this country. cast your vote. >> up next, president trump threatening to put more tariffs on all of china's imports, exports to this country, while president xi tells his military to prepa prepare for war, wow. we take that up with dr. michael next, stay with us, we'll be right back. i am a family man.
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lou: breaking news president trump threatens to impose more tariffs again all of china's remaining export with u.s., if talks with president xi fail in november. president trump and xi to meet at the end of november at g-20 summit in argentina. president xi calling on his military advisers for preparing for fighting a war, making those comes visits last week island in south china sea. >> joining us now to take on the issues and tell us where this
4:51 am
tariff dispute in his judgment, trade dispute between u.s. and china headed. we are delighted to be joined. author of "new york times" number one bestseller. -- as global super power. thank you. let me start with continued escalation of rhetoric as president xi today making those threats to his military commanders, united states navy talking about further action to keep freedom of navigation operation in south china sea. >> i think both sides, beijing and president trump are playing to same audience, 10 nation of of asean, they are swing votes,
4:52 am
not sure who'll be future power in world, us or them. president xi says things every now and then to show his toughness, at say the time, u.s. runs these. i don't think that war is going to break out in near future. lou: i hope not. >> i would tell you first, lou. lou: i appreciate that. any heads up would be appreciated by this audience. >> no war. not even a cold war. >> that is a great piece of propaganda for chinese that suggests to world they are at parody with u.s. military, they are far from it. >> right. lou: and russians are not. a fiction with cold war, this
4:53 am
putin seems to make every move possible to provoke and then want to discuss things over with this president. i cannot read putin to save me. i know you could. help us. >> well, i want to point out something president trump authorized his national security adviser john bolton to do, that is propose talks with putin, about the china threat. to send a message to the chinese, we're and russians can talk about your economic threats, your technology theft, a lot of things that china does no u.s., they do to russia -- does to the united states they also do with russia. we need to make sure they don't align themselvessin together. >> i think this putin is a suspicious kind of guy, because of his involvement in kgb .
4:54 am
lou: if the reality is that the trade dispute, with china, president is chosen a strategy that really, leverages a declining economy in china and leaves china vulnerable. how does this end? how soon does it end? your judgment? >> well, teaching some chinese, they talk about president trump in a flattering way. they are scared of him. chinese phrase i heard is -- we have underestimated president trump's determination. lou: i did not cas catch all th. >> they think they -- i think that chinese were misled, with old friends in washington and new york, they thought these people would turn president trump around, that was wrong. then they thought they could
4:55 am
kind of find out what the bottom line was and make a low ball offer, that has not worked. chinese are now puzzled, not sure what to do next, they have the clock -- >> you know if the chinese are half as smart as they pretend to be, if they were half as good in international relations as they were at stealing our intellectual property they would have comprehended stedfastness of our leadership but sooner. >> they were counting on kissinger to stop them. lou: we have to run, good to see you. >> china is not going away. lou: next. president trump sending trooping to border, we take up that, stay with us. hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable,
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lou: last week we asked, do you think president trump's unparalleled success and achievements will determine the outcome of the mid-term elections. 88% of you say yes. the pentagon has been ordered by the president to deploy 5,200 troops to the border to stop migrant caravans. that's it for us tonight.
5:00 am
we thank you for being with us. let's take a look at who's coming up next. you know what? i'm going to say thanks for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. >> 250 billion or dollars. 250 billion dollars and 267 billion dollars waiting to go if we with can't make a deal. esmght deal or no deal. president trump getting ready to slap new tariffs on chinese goods if there is no deal on trade. stocks selling off hard. >> a trade tension leading to wild i had trading day with dow swing other 900 point from high to low ending down 245. yesterday session now to the big story. the focus is going to be on technology today. took is reporting their latest quarterly numbers futures right now pointing to a hig


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