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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  November 1, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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homes, great jobs for every citizen. lou: that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. thanks for joining us. good night fro >> the worst month and eight years. there's no better timing than the end of the month. will continue on the first day of the new month. they're hoping that the earnings after the bell today. have the market in the tech sector. we have again agreed to start to your (that is building on yesterday's a big rally when facebook or needs earnings helped boost tech shares. the nasdaq still fell 9% in october.
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those markets are actually starting november 1. and just moments ago. stock starbucks is making it official. the national debate begin. fbn a.m. starts right now. it's 501 a.m. in new york. november 1. goodbye october and good morning to you. i'm lauren simonetti. i'm cheryl casone and goodbye to october. what a rough month. even with the s&p rallying that last few days.
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october it was just such a volatile and down month. but today in november we have apple front and center for investors when they report their latest earnings after the close. they could signal a market turnaround. they suffer the worst october since 2008. they are expected to jump. it's expected to rise 17%. heading into the end of the year. they are considering taking a stake in i heart media. up at 26% so far. it took a little bit of a shave in october. looking at everything else. president trump is kicking off his campaign with the major
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rally in florida but lasting. putting democrats it could hurt the stock market. and that includes for president trump. he is trying to move into the governor's mansion. in just six days the people florida are going to send rick scott to suit senate floor is one of the three states that they will visit twice before election day along with indiana and missouri. part of the president's pitch down the home stretch as the u.s. economy. the envy of the world.
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an event telling read source. if they take control on capitol hill the stock market well had south. the midterms don't do so well for republicans. i think you're all get a lose a lot of money. people are waiting on the 4o1k and everything else. if it comes out good. i think the markets can continue to go through a time that we've never seen before. we are gonna start paying down the debt though he did not say how that would be the case. or when. back to you in new york. and a programming note trish regan well have a interview with mike pence. prime time at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. and make sure to tune to foxbusiness for a very term -- are very special coverage. he will be up all night.
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present trip is trump is heading to columbia missouri for a rally tonight. they show that missouri is one of two states. in the race in indiana has reversed since september. joe donnelly now at 45% while republicans are trailing 38% it's up by 32 points.
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a lot of us senate races are too close to call. the number of active duty troops could go as high as 15 thousand. that is more than a number of u.s. troops that are stationed in afghanistan. he is firmly pushing back on suggestions that this is a political stunt ahead of the midterms for homeland security. it's practical support based on the request with customs and border police. we don't do stunts in this department. it's currently about 900 miles from the border. it is the last thing standing. the record to report after the bill good morning.
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this is the last one and even the mighty amazon have a fault when they reported earnings and for this quarter. what he think about apple obviously it's all about the iphone for this company. we really need a strong report for apple. they will set the tone not just for where their business is going and where consumer spending trends are going. i think the key metric to focus on is the average selling price. it's on its way to 800. the closer we get there the better the signal is as can be for the broader market. and for apple in particular. it's only can have a small piece of the new iphone.
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it's just a few days of selling out of two of the three days of selling. you don't want to read too much into the early numbers. we know from previous lunches that even a few days worth of sales data is very predictive for where apple is going and were consumer attitudes are going. the stock is up at 22 percent for the year but it lost about 5% of its ground in october. do you think that if we do get a positive result from apple after the close that would actually lift not just the tech sector but those other stocks. al seems to correlate whether it makes sense or not. it seems like they all kind of go in like lock step. why is that. i would argue that it fell apart last quarter when netflix reported a dismal growth numbers.
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that really leaves you with apple and amazon. the valuation on apple is probably the most compelling for all of the stocks followed up by facebook. i do want to ask about the broader markets. not just for u.s. markets but globally. we saw a lot of pressure on our markets. there is no a safe haven. it usually if the stock market is under pressure they can go to treasuries they can find safe haven they were not able to do that in the month of october. does that signal to you that me with a nine year bull is coming to an end. they are all moving in
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lockstep. i think we see the volatility ratchet up. it's been a great nine-year run. and markets go up and down and that's why we enjoy the ride so much. the google's ceo has a message and for the workers that plan to stage a walkout. the employees well have the support of google if they wish to walk out. google is under fire that accusations that they covered up claims of sexual harassment. just a few moments ago starbucks released a new starbucks design. there is a bunch.
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i think they look a little bit more christmasy finally. this is a brand-new design therefore new cups and then they're bringing back six of the classic holiday drinks. the earnings out more importantly. we will see the criticism that is short there.
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we could have three days of gains in a row. healthcare is the number one midterm issue. and democrats had been telling that since day one. everyone is should receive the health care that they need. wait until you hear the price tag. an airline worker took that to a whole new level. you're watching fbn:am. . and this is laura's mobile dog grooming palace. laura can clean up a retriever that rolled in foxtails, but she's not much on "articles of organization."
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good morning let's get caught up on what's happening now. we are seeing nice gains once again. attend child has died after a viral nursing facility. it is most harmful to those with already weakened immune systems. maybe navy divers recovered
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one of the two black boxes. minutes after takeoff on monday. the device was buried under mud and debris on the seafloor. it was two months old. unfortunately all 189 people on board are presumed dead. secretary of state mike pompeo will hold a summit. he confirms the meeting. but does not mention a location for the meeting. he said the u.s. hopes to have the second summit early in 2019. and an american airline's baggage handler getting drug drunk on a plane a whole new meaning. he was flying from kansas city to chicago in the cargo hold he passed out drunk on the job. the same he actually flew in the camp cabin.
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there is a junk -- drug man sleeping in the cargo. before we get a break let's take a look at this. we may have another positive day for your markets. it could be three days in a row. coming up also a week away from the midterms. we are five day away from the midterms. and president trump is making a big healthcare promise. it is a familiar trent -- chant. but the same and they're not talking about hillary. the florida democrat could be an even more hot water this morning.
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>> today kicks off enrollment for obama care. there's just six weeks just to sign up. it all comes as president trump makes this promise on twitter saying republicans will protect people with pre-existing conditions far better than the dems. as healthcare ranks among the top issues. they are pushing for medicare for all. we are in washington with all the details. we must end the international embarrassment of the united states of america being the only country on earth not to guarantee healthcare.
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>> in addition to bernie sanders 120 members of the house democratic caucus have close sponsored medicare for all bill. according to a recent fox paul 46 percent of registered voters agree. they are going to be horrified to finance medicare for all. it would reduce household income by 19%. put in perspective that could buy 2500 new aircraft carriers for the navy. i want to ask those people how the hell does it happen that we've spent twice as much per capita on healthcare as the people of any other nation. fifteen cosponsor the bill.
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a majority of democrats on the ballot of congress had already signed up for a government takeover of healthcare that would obliterate medicare. they have radically different views. ranking among the top three issues this election. on the first day of the new month it's looking a lot better. larry says don't worry about it. economic growth does not cause inflation.
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if you are a trader or investor we are not out of the woods yet. certainly be very cautious going into november. in november is here. all eyes today on apple earnings. his apple can is apple to make or break the market. they are gaining about a third of 1% each.
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facebook a big story there. the nasdaq jumped 2%. still down 9% for the month of october. in europe these are how the markets are starting november. it was a really rough october for asian stocks. we will see how this month shapes up. you can see they lost more than 1%. and netflix has its eye on the oscars. we are gonna tell you about a strategy to win. fbn:am continues right now. is coming up on 5:30 in the morning. it's thursday november 1. i met goodbye october. what a month october was. we can't say bye to that month faster.
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there was the worst october since all three indices. today with apple. they're coming out with their earnings report after the close. it could easily be the most anticipated earnings report this season. it's one of the most widely held stocks. they do say a good result from apple today could spark an entire marketplace. that is why apple is worth a trillion dollars. we're joined now. why is so so much emphasis on apple. it's just been a route for the last few weeks. the tension will be on what the forecast is for the all-important holiday season. it could be an early christmas present here in november. he said it all comes down to their pricing. the bread and butter of their company is the iphone. and how much they can boost those average selling prices.
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if it jumps. it's on its way to 800. and for apple. i thought we were holding on to our phones much longer these days. is really been a challenge for companies like apple. it's getting closer and closer to every three years. that's why they're really focusing on trying to get more money and of those phones. raising the price. it's about $250 cheaper hitting the markets in the last few days. really going to try to drive the sales in the holiday quarter. we will get a taste of the last few weeks. really it's about driving the average sale price higher and
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higher. that segment could top $10 million for the first time. that's can be a big moneymaker for the company as well. this is a key part of that strategy. the ecosystem of being an apple world. if you're buying every three years. they need to figure out a way to get more money out of you. i know that they have to worry about it supply-chain. plus concerns about that iv consumer. in the next year as many as 70 million apple customers has to be good for the company. china has been a huge growth driver for the company.
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the new more expensive the phones at the last three quarter. they really help turn things around. also does concerns about the general chinese economy. they really could appeal to that market. and really could resonate especially during the chinese new year. thank you very much. good to see you. and you know apple's earnings report that's not the only thing that's can be affecting the market. the october jobs report is due out this learning. expectations for hundred 90,000 jobs created. it is expected us at 3.7 percent. there are several signs now the inflation.
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and while this is great. with the tariff right with china. how are you worried with that u.s. economy. they had been running below 2% for the prior years. when you seek commodity prices come down. producer prices for intermediate goods. i have to push back here
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little bit. we are right in the middle of earnings season. there is inflationary price pressure trucking costs are going up. manufacturers are saying that our aluminum costs are going up 8%. prices are up for us at me again had to raise the prices for the american consumer. look at what is happening with your mcdonald's. there may be small numbers in the grand scheme of things. shoes and purses. is a lot more of those things. in most companies are not able to pass on all that much of
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the higher costs. the margins are getting squeezed. the harsh selloff over the last 30 days. they are worried that they won't be able to pass through all of their higher cost onto their end consumers. i really don't see that when it comes to fast food companies though. a larger proportion of their costs are labor. when we get the employment numbers tomorrow. they're likely to be of 3.2 percent. i think reaching that 3% number they are pretty flat. if you are selling a good you very little prices there.
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in my net be until the first quarter. there is really no way for them to get around that right now. at the start of the year. we've a lot of companies that boost prices. and then over the course of the year they that a skill that back a little bit. and almost kind of bakes in that move for december. netflix will release three original movies in theaters before releasing them online. they will get runs afflicted across the country.
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it is hoping that this will help to shake off the feel of its movies. and also got a lot of attention. it was released on netflix. with some good stuff to show you. we've another higher pointing market. the futures are gonna say we have a nice day. up next, the ugly ending to the boston red sox. and now that halloween is over. it turns out it's right when he it gets to holiday cheer. i reason to turn down the
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>> welcome back. we lost a baseball legend yesterday. one of the great ambassadors
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to baseball in the bay area willie mccarty. he was known as stretch. thirteen years with willie mays. when he won national rookie of the year. he had 521 homeruns. the most ever by a lefty in the national league until another giant. into a section of the san francisco bay. bonds shares several tweets about the national league mvp. even when you told me not too. i remember asking you what i would do without all of you around and you told me when that day comes and it will one day to keep the tradition of giants baseball living forever.
5:42 am
what do they always say don't play ball in the house. right because something could go wrong. they got damage yesterday. one day after they were reinstated as had coach. he was fired. he had been unpaid administered of leaf since august. this is in the wake. he passed away in june. widespread backlash to the reinstatement of dj durkin. remember derrick rose once the mvp. derrick rose is back in scoring 50.
5:43 am
was some of the best halloween costumes and sports. i like aaron gordon of the manic check dresses up with the new york yankees. putting on the best costume to go after the nhl i saw a bunch driving just a short while ago. thank you jarrod you can catch it on the sports report. 247. s&p up eight and three quarter. the nasdaq up three and a quarter. as a neck and neck in the senate race. and the democrat is not doing herself any favors. >> they walk in restaurants and screen and elected
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officials. i don't do those things. i'm not somebody who thinks that we should ever be uncivil. if you are already stressing. jack daniels has a way to get you through the holidays.
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i want some more what's he doin? please sir. i want some more more? he has asked for... thank you well he did say please yes he did and, thank you (all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you.
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welcome back let's get you caught up on what's happening now. we could have at their day in a row of games for your market. the snp up at nine and three
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quarters. florida's democratic gubernatorial candidate may have broken state lot by using city funds to finance a private round-trip flight. the expense of broadway tickets from an undercover fbi agent. they want to take a wrecking ball to one of the most successful economies in the world. it would destroy your state. president trump heads to missouri for another rally tonight. jack daniels is gearing up for the holidays has 23 mini bottles of jack daniels.
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and then let say it was christmas. for those of you already getting in the spirit. listening to too much christmas music can be bad for your mental health. it can stop us from be in able to concentrate. i thought that was the point. we haven't even have thanksgiving yet. we are already talking about that. we are ready to roll. the midterms are tuesday. and they are trying to flip the senate. with states that they 12 years ago. often by double digits. it shows at least one of those races is a dead heat. majorie -- missouri. they are fighting for a third term. both of them are pulling 43 percent.
5:50 am
good to see you gentlemen. i cannot want to start with you here. what he do you think you think of this race in missouri is so tight. it's obviously difficult to defeat and come it anytime. in this case i think claire mccaskill has some real things to be concerned about. have been doing campaigns for over 15 years. i think there were two ties. it has it up 2%. in the air somewhere between 43 and 46 percent. she is quite a distance from 50. undecided voters if they have not decided they are to be for the income that late.
5:51 am
it's very close. president trump is spending two of the final six days of the midterm in missouri. he will be there today pushing for that. i wanted to ask your input on the type of democrat that claire mccaskill is. i'm not one of those crazy democrats. she was referent seen the state senator. that state senator went on twitter. a piece of i cannot say the word on tv instead of knowing why they are angered by this administration. she chooses to put us in our families. is that good look for democrats days before the midterms. it is a really close race.
5:52 am
even with the fox news poll. how are they going to break forward. when it comes to the soybean crop. that is really can see what happens around there. do you think the rural community will swing and give their support to claire mccaskill. i think they have endorsed holly . they have a massive margin and mute missouri. 18.5 percent. and that was driven by the rural areas. it is one of the big questions about this midterm. as a support they got two years ago. transferable to other candidates.
5:53 am
is clear that the opposition from trump is probably transferable but is not clear whether it's clear in the other direction. as part of the reason why they are spending so much time here in the closing days. spending the next six days on the campaign trail. the latest fox news poll released just last night. he said the president's performance and how he is viewed in missouri is at 54 percent. it's actually increase in the past month. does that help. a good number of the voters who work in becoming out are going to be women. and they are unhappy across there. the other thing to watch her as it comes on the economic factors. the two biggest concerns our healthcare in the economy. i think when you look at that overall.
5:54 am
we will be watching it closely. thank you. there would be rallying in columbia missouri tonight. please stay with foxbusiness for a special midterm coverage. he starts at 7:00 p.m. and then he will bring you all of the results no matter how late they come in. we will be live at 4:00 a.m. wednesday morning november 7. could the earnings trigger a turnaround for local markets.
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cheryl: well, the dow, s&p 50 and the nasdaq suffering the worst october since the year 2008, rough month but could apple's earnings be make or break moment for our markets in particular the global markets, let's bring in jane foley, good morning to you. we are watching apple because there's been no safe place for october, what do you think about the report coming out on apple?
5:58 am
>> well, certainly extremely key, the market cap of apple is so huge that the performance would have influence not just on the tech sector but also on the mainstream indices, s&p, the dow jones, but it would give us a nice clue as to the u.s. consumer and how companies are performing overseas as well. lauren: final 10 second, how important is china to apple? >> it is important, we have to remember that the value of the dollar is strengthening and apple no longer the number one hand set provide ner china, that's been the case over a year now. lauren: thank you, jane foley, very much. cheryl: as we were mentioning, obviously a lot of volatility especially when it came to fang stocks in the month of october even the behemoth got hit. dow is up 16, s&p sup 11 and a
5:59 am
quarter and the nasdaq and this would be key the watch with apple's numbers, lauren, 23 and 3 quarters right now. lauren: fang stocks $400 billion in october, they try to crawl back today, apple the key report to watch, it is 4% of the s&p 500, 6% of the dow, and 13% of the nasdaq, emphasis is waiting, it's heavy and very important. cheryl: we are looking at performances for fang stocks as well that we are getting earnings report today, starbucks is after the bell, apple after the bell today. lauren: dow dupont. cheryl: good mix of earnings coming up that we will be watching. now we will be watching mornings with maria. maria: thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, thursday
6:00 am
november 1st, yes, happy november, top stories right now before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. markses pointing to another day of gains this morning, take a look at the markets here with the dow industrials up for triple digits, up 120 points, s&p 500 is up 12 and nasdaq with gain of 27 points, that's one-third of 1%. after markets closed gains yesterday, dow industrials pretty powerful rally, up 240 points, s&p picking up better than 1% on the session, 29 points higher and nasdaq up 2%, 144 points higher yesterday. for the month, major indices were down sharply as you know, here is what it was when all said and done at the close yesterday, dow industrials for the month of october, down 5%, s&p 500 down almost 7% and nasdaq hardest hit for the month, down 9 and a quarter percent. president trump touting the economy with just 5 days to go before midterm elections.


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