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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 1, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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neil: all right, the dow is up about 200 points. just on prospect we'll see favorable news on china. charles payne, thank you for all your hard work in my absence as well. charles: thank you very much, neil, you look fantastic. glad to have you back. >> thank you, my friend. charles: good afternoon, everyone, i'm charles payne and this is "making money." president trump is kicking off the final campaign, a ridiculous schedule, five states, 11 rallies. it may be paying off with early voting that the gop may hold off the blue wave. solid voting putting investors behind a really rotten october. what is to come. hundreds google workers walking off the job around the world,
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protesting the company's treatment of executives accused of bad behavior. we'll have live pictures in a moment as workers in silicon valley take to the street. all that and more on "making money". >> so you have to go out on november 6th, or sooner, who voted in who voted? [cheering] oh. wow. everybody voted already? [cheering] no kidding. let mow see it again, who voted? [cheering] then what the hell am i doing here tonight? good-bye. charles: well, strong early voting turnout in, has historically been a big thing for democrats. always gone in the democratic column. so far this year, pubs have been voting in huge numbers, especially in key states where senate seats are up for grabs.
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have calls for a democrat sweep greatly exaggerated? we have head of fighting back, herman cain. we learned about the last election, about so-called polls. how can we ignore early voting turnout numbers by republican voters? >> charles, i got to say it, no pain, no gain. okay? now let me answer your question. i'm proud of you for the new slot you have. i don't believe the polls other than directional. some people in the media want to make you sound as if they are accurate and to the "t." no they're not. like you said, back in 2016, we, they should have learned their lessons. if you see a direction a.m. movement of several points that is something worth noting, say a race is statistically tied, this person is one or two votes, that doesn't mean anything. what is means is, the voters
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can't take anything for granted, especially republican and conservative voters. get out and vote. don't believe the hype. they're trying to make people feel like this is a slam dunk. there is no such thing as a slam dunk in politics. charles: that would explain really amazing hardcore press, president trump, blitzing the nation, trying to achieve one thing you are talking about, get out and vote, don't take anything for granted. >> the president is sating the example of not taking anything for granted. he didn't have to do 11 rallies in seven days but he chose to do so. he is not taking anything for granted. he is hoping all of the campaigns and all of the republicans running around. country will not take anything for granted. he is hoping that these rallies and coverage that he is going to get, will also encourage voters not to take anything for granted. i'm optimistic about the early returns. i'm optimistic a lot of conservatives and republicans are getting out to vote.
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charles: i find it absolutely remarkable. you don't hear, you don't hear anything about it in the media, but the republicans, some of these states that they're showing up, they're voting early, i think that maybe goes back to the kavanaugh situation which maybe sort of slowing down in the media now but might have already had positive impact for the republican party? >> i think the kavanaugh effect is a factor, but i also think, another factor, charles, is the fact that people are seeing more more money in their paycheck if they take it home, and more money in the bank account if they have direct deposit. i learned surprising 70% of the people with direct deposit didn't learn they were getting more money until they went and checked later. i think a combination of the kavanaugh effect, tax cuts reductions and roll back of regulations. thisn sll capable of being energy independent even though worry selling some energy to other countries.
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it i a combination of all of that. the american people are not stupid. they understand prosperity. they are feeling it and i happen to believe many of the voters are responding to it. charles: herman, today, in georgia, perhaps the biggest star of them all, non-political, oprah winfrey gave a rousing speech, played by all the major networks. i want feedback from you on it. >> okay. >> the reason i'm a registered independent because i believe it is everybody should have the right to vote their values and vote your conscience regardless of the party. and i tell you, i have voted republican, and i have voted democrat and each time i voted i voted for the people who i felt represented my values. charles: real quick, herman, she talked about people who traditionally could not vote, blacks, women, things like that,
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getting out exercising the right to vote, and of course they're campaigning for stacey abrams. >> the best thing that she said was, i am a registered independent and i vote my values. believe it or not, that helps conservatives and republicans because when people open their eyes, charles, they're going to see black, hispanic, white, whatever color, that their values align more with republicans than they do with democrats. thank you, oprah. charles: herman cain, its always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> my pleasure, charles. charles: folk, we want to go now to silicon valley, life, you're looking at it, we're looking right now, live photo of google's headquarters, mountain view, california, walking out, protesting company's handling of sexual misconduct claims, workers around the world of the company, sending a message to management they want more transparency after a report came
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out that the company protected multiple executives of accused of sexual misconduct. we have jillian melcher and author of how do i tax thee, christian tate. the push back of silicon valley. it was fun place to work. skateboard ramps and turns out they're as greedy a any wall street second is tiff and they have issues they were sweeping underneath the rug, not being transparent about. >> this is one of them. the work with the chinese government, i think been very helpful for employees to have backlash about. but more broadly i think we have to look at this movement, as part of the social justice thing that has begun on campuses, spreading to corporate america. that has ramifications for profits, the way these businesses are run and our culture more broadly. charles: kristin, some of this associated with opportunity at
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the company. i don't have any data in front of me. i don't know how much is true or not. this is something i don't think we would imagine happening just a year ago? >> no, absolutely. and to your previous point, google used to be ranked as one of the top places to work on the planet. we know there has been sexual harrassment if not assault involving company executives, rather than step up to support women in the moo too movement, google tried to cover it up with golden parachutes and massive payoffs. this is hip pox chrissie at the highest -- hypocrisy at the highest level. a lot of people are concerned about this. chars, i don't think the walkouts will have big impact on going's earnings. google is too big of a company. it is part of our lexicon. google needs to start being honest about the behavior of his employees and politicization of its search results which as we know consistently suppress
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conservative viewpoints. >> ceo, jillian, says he supports the rights of workers to walk out, to kristin's point, do you see anything changing? i see what i've been calling corporate virtue signaling on variety of things. they do certain things, remove plastic straws, that is supposed to ease all the other issues. they have a lot to account for. they have been so arrogant. they didn't send anyone down to the senate hearing, with respect to the conservative stuff. can this, these kind of things eventually move the needle at the company? >> i think it can. i will point back to the campus activism. this is taking, move out of the campus playbook. they're walking out, making demand. those demands include things like addressing the pay gap. hiring of women. representation of a chief diversity officers as senior official. i think it is interesting this is happening at google right now. at same time women are saying we're being treated unequally. we had last year, james demore
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scandal that they were giving women more opportunities. charles: they were discriminating against specifically white males in the company. >> this is thorny thing for google to try to thread. at one point you want to give equal opportunities to employees. at same time google has a interest hiring the best and brightest, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, all the identity factors. as authorities try to make this about quota, affirmative action in the corporate world, that is something that will potentially threaten their ability to be innovative. charles: although, kristin, there is noted, until recently, a proud, you know, all boys network there of geeks, nerds, whatever you want to call them, their revenge against the world, they're on top. they're making all of this money. they always kind of wore this proudly in silicon valley. a bunch of guys wear glasses and probably got kicked around by the football team and now they're number one. can they brag about that
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anymore? >> i don't know. the culture is changing. google has to catch up. this doesn't look good for them. at the same time all of this is happening, google is actively losing trust from the users because of the politicization issue and the way it collects data, once enough users ditch google for competitors like bing, that is the beginning of the end for google. google is the king of the hill. if e was in the0's, bethlehem steel in the '70s. eventually they get arrogant and eventually google will fall. charles: do you think that is the same thing that this is possible? >> something not just google but a lot of corporations are dealing with. not about their ability to turn a profit or ability to innovate. charles: can we say all these things add up to one thing, arrogance and tin-eared management? honestly, a culture, a culture that thinks they're better than other people? >> yeah. to your other panelist's point, disturbing they have so much control over what americans read and see. charles: we're all worried about
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charles: well stocks are up for the third day in a row after disasterous october. the gyrations are a reminder that investor are grappling with a myriad of issues. are we wondering higher wages inflation going to trigger the fed to overreact? can the economic juggernaut last until 2019? can the trade war end or escalate? we have kingsview asset management chief investment officer, scott martin. scott, three days up in a row, can still feel palpable, the
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anxiety is in the air. what do you think? >> charles, that might get buyers back in. it might scare some short holders too, that is a good thing and get them to cover. you are right, you laid out some good topics there. what will happen with this trade war? what will the happen with the elections in matter of week or less? what happens with the job numbers? there is a lot of uncertainty, charles, feel need to go right or better than expected to kind of keep this rally going. charles: mitch, i'm watching yesterday's rally. looked like we would be up 500 points on the dow. but after the wages and salary number, 3.15ers best in a decade, we gave some of that back, half of it back. today we came out on like a juggernaut. productivity numbers and labor costs were more than expected. how much of a role does the fed linger as dark cloud, perhaps the darkest cloud out there? >> there is more suggestion there will be inflation coming
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our way. look at forward guidance coming out of companies, talking about how they raising prices. not letting increased costs due to trade erode margins. there is more headwind in our face regarding inflation and the fed's likely going to see that and -- charles: raising prices is not something a company can do, right? companies for a decade, they can say what they want, if no one wants your product, they will not pay more for it. >> no question. they have profits for the customer. the reality we have a really strong economy. if there was opportunity to raise prices you can do it, when your consumers -- charles: thinking consumer staples yesterday, clorox, today church & dwight, the guidance, whatever it is, depends what the product is i assume? >> no question. we talked about this before, there are forces at play that do have checks and balances that keep prices from not going up but likelihood we'll see
2:18 pm
inflation. charles: scott what happened earnings ultimately move markets? shattering expectations an in a stratosphere we were never at before? >> i think that lasts maybe a quarter or so, charles. the market probably took it too well. the market probably to that point got a little extended, to be honest with you. not over valued but got sanguine. you talked about some of the staples guidance and industrials. talked about pricing pressure. that seems to be taking a little bit harder by the market than was taken well prior to. you know, this from being in the market, as does mitch. probably reflection of market psychology which you know as well as i do, eventually will burn off. the market will take medication, even growing at double digits and earnings not a bad thing. charles: not a bad thing. i'm pretty optimistic myself. scott, mitch, thank you very much. coming back later. next, president trump he saves the failing "new york times." i have the charts. i have all the data.
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charles: president trump saves "the new york times." how is that for a headline for you? despite his frequent attack on a newspaper he calls the failing "new york times," now the paper has more than four million subscribers. check out this stock chart. back in 2006, is what we call the inflection point, right? that is when the stock turned around. in fact, when you go to november 7th, the stock was trading around $12 a share. now it is up 150% from there. joining me from "the hill," joe concha. joe, i have to tell you something, president trump saving "new york times," i don't care what anybody tells you, that is a fact.
2:23 pm
in 2006, they were in trouble. right? >> they had to sell off a mexican billionaire. charles: carlos slim, 17% stake in the company. >> sounds like somebody you want to play poker with. charles: never want to play poker with him. >> or the city. he saved them absolutely not being profitable. think what a hillary clinton presidency would have bought, hoe imagine -- homogenized president, that doesn't make news. completely unpredictable. "washington post," same thing, digital subscriptions way up. everybody in publications on national level way up. obviously television, caib news, you guys are up since 2016 which was election year 25%. charles: right. >> then i look at political books, charles. they're up 57% this year compared to last year. michael wolff, omarosa, bob woodward, write a book, put trump in it, you will make a lot of money. charles: an amazing amaze
2:24 pm
phenomenon. ironic is the word here. they are so bitter towards the president trump. "washington post," "new york times," they never right anything good. if there is something they can't refute, make it a bad thing, or try to make it a bad thing, make it a backhanded compliment. jobs are up but? it is remarkable. >> wages up 3.1%, highest in a decade. consumer confidence up to 18-year high. gdp above 4%, unemployment below 4%. how do you spin that in a bad way? every study i've seen show the coverage from those papers is 90% level of negativity toward this president, despite the fact his approval ratings is 45% at "real clear politics" average. how do you get to 90 when he is at 45. charles: good things happen under him for all americans. yesterday we found in the
2:25 pm
second quarter, wages are up 3.1%, fastest rate in a decade. that represents every single american. if it was under any other president, particularly obama, it would be front page news. at some point president trump won't be around. the pace he keeps, joe, it is mind-boggling. >> he is a young guy. he is71. charles: whatever is driving him, drive him another two or six years, it looks like these will be the golden years for media in general. >> i say when donald trump leaves the national page, it will be like the 2008 financial crisis. everything will go off the cliff. he is the center of everything. when you block out the sun and main protagonist out of any show any movie, i don't care who is president next, a lot of publications will be struggling. networks will struggle as a result because of negativity toward his coverage. they all talk about his persona. don't talk about policy. rhetoric over results, problem with media today.
2:26 pm
they focus on the long things. charles: been a long time. great to see you. >> great to see you, sir. charles: word is rampant the trade spat with china could somehow trigger a cold war. here is a news flash, folks we're in a cold war for a long time. beige jing has been with us for a long time. the espionage you never heard about. hear about it next. ♪ - [voiceover] this is an urgent message
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charles: attorney general jeff sessions announcing a new initiative to stop chinese espionage. two chinese intelligence officers were indicted for stealing u.s. aviation technology. third time since september that chinese officers are accused of stealing information from american corporations. deirdre bolton is here. >> charles, the u.s. justice department unveiling an indictment you talked about, against two companies, one based in china, one based in taiwan, three individuals for stealing trade secrets from micron technologies. this really goes to the point about, research and development of dram chips. so these memory storage devices. this is the fourth time that the u.s. justice department basically since september has been issuing indictment the. this is part of a broader crackdown against chinese, alleged chinese theft, u.s. ag
2:31 pm
jeff sessions talking about taking a stand. >> we will not allow our sovereignty to be disrespected, our intellects wall property to be property to be stolen or our people to be robbed of their hard-earned prosperity. >> charles, if you look at micron's chart today it is actually moving up on the news although i do want to signal as a lot of tech stocks this year, it is down a little bit, down 3 1/2% year-to-date. of moving higher on the news. u.s. ag jeff sessions talking about, more than 8 1/2 billion dollars, closer to nine billion dollars was stolen. that is is the doj estimates. in addition to just talking about the theft, company by company, he also spoke about non-traditional targets and how widespread the theft is. here he is. >> today which see chinese espionage, not just taking place
2:32 pm
against traditional targets, like our defense and intelligence agencies, but against targets like research labs, universities, and we see chinese propaganda disseminated on our campuses. reporter: we know, charles, all of this is taking place as president trump tweeted earlier he had had positive discussions with chinese premier xi xinping. and emphasis on trade, making progress. these indictments one more piece of the puzzle of the business relationship between the u.s. and china of the charles? charles: deirdre, thank you very much. so the u.s. and china, are we entering into a cold war or how long has one actually existed? joining me, gordon chang, author of, the coming collapse of china this is fascinating, with the conference why seven sessions, micron technology the stock is up two bucks, i read a detailed report how they met with the
2:33 pm
worker and how they seduced him working for them. it is amazing how blatant it has been. they have been blatantly doing this a long time. >> since the 1980s. the big story here, the chinese have been stealing u.s. intellectual property, hundreds of billions of dollars a year, that's awful, but the point is we allowed them to do that, charles, we had administration, republicans, democrats, that have not placed much of a priority stopping chinese theft. only a few years ago were we thinking about the this stuff and only trump administration having an american president do something about it, that is the tariffs. charles: i like that and the string of indictments we're having. i don't remember any headlines where chinese nationals or americans were working as spies. i want to share with the audience, this is almost like a spy novel, folks, how they go about this. five steps for recruiting these spies. takes you back to the cold war with russia.
2:34 pm
they spot you, right. they assess whether this person would be a good spy. they develop them, recruit them. finally when they recruit them, they start to handle then. this happens over and over again. to your point they have been doing it so much, so out in the open, there hasn't been any fear. >> i think critical line from attorney general sessions was, violating our sovereignty. we allowed chinese agents on u.s. soil to do all sorts of things, including steal our stuff. we allowed chinese agents to intimidate american citizens or american residents, all sort of things. this has been going a long time. chinese think, yes we can do this because previous administrations let us. you have an attorney general and a president saying no, i will not allow to occur anymore. that is an important step. we have a lot to do, nonetheless we made the pivot, intellectual pivot, we'll do something to protect ourselves. charles: earlier today, president trump tweeting he had
2:35 pm
a pretty good conversation with china's president. we have it right there on the screen. discussions moving along nicely. a meeting is scheduled at the g20 in argentina. also had a good discussion on north korea. sometimes this negotiating out in public, it has a lot -- serves multiple purposes. what do you see there? because i know we're playing hardball with china. president trump though always respectful with respect to president xi? >> he is doing this quite some time n public all the conversation is very pleasant. to a certain extent you have got to do that. behind the scenes, this administration is disentertaining link, we're disengaging from china. administration realize you can't change china. they are doing things iniimcal. they are going of your economy this is crucial to national security and other things. the administration said we're not changing china. what we can do is do something
2:36 pm
effective, get supply chains out of china so we're not hold hostage to their theft. charles: how will this resolve itself? >> it will take a long time. xi xinping has no way to back down. he owns the crisis with the united states. he deinstitutionalized the communist party. there are no rules to protect him. if he loses, he will lose not just power. for him he will take china over the cliff with him. charles: gordon chang, always great seeing you. >> thanks, charles. when we come back, president trump on a campaign blitz. we're talking five days to go before the midterms. jason chaffetz weighs in on the president's latest focus. so don't go away. ♪
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charles: five days to go before the midterms. president trump upping the game with dazzling 11 rallies. each of them he is hammering
2:40 pm
away at immigration. talking about the number of troops deployed to the u.s. border. yesterday he said it could reach 15,000. set to make remarks on this. joining me fox contributor jason chaffetz. feels like some of your republican colleagues on the senate side a little queasy with this issue, not necessarily sure they want president trump to go down this road? >> yeah, they are showing a little queasiness. i think they will play a political price for it. the president has a duty and obligation to protect the integrity of the border of the united states of america. this also offers, i think, charles, the greatest contrast between democrats and republicans because democrats wanted to abolish immigrations and customs enforcement. they don't want to fund the wall. many want to get rid of the wall. they have been encouraging human trafficking bringing people north. donald trump and republicans have been exactly the opposite.
2:41 pm
vote for a democrats if you want open borders but it is not good for the country. charles: it is so unfair or disingenuous when they conflate legal immigration with illegal immigration. do it all the time under one umbrella. >> that's right. charles: we have the caravan heading this way. we're not how how many people ultimately arrive. the criticism these are malnourished folks impoverished, they're all all again asylum-seekers, that this is mean-spirited thing, sending troops to the border? >> well, look, in order to establish successful, credible -- in order to successfully get asylum you have to establish credible fear. credible fear is not i need a better job, i want to be with my family, i don't like honduras. those are not excuses for credible fear. there has to be imminent prosecution, genocide underway. none of those things are happening in central and south america. and so, people are ill-advised
2:42 pm
to come north. i think the democrats should join the republicans in encouraging these people to stay in their home country. if they want to apply for a particular visa, they need to do so in their home country. if there is real fear that you know, they're going to be persecuted or die in their life, their life is in imminent danger, you go to the next country where you get that safe harbor, such as mexico. you can't just say, well we want to leapfrog and get to the united states, wow, it is really, it is really nice in las vegas. i would just like to be there. that is not a good excuse. charles: seven million job openings is pretty attractive lure as well. jason, i have to ask about the midterms. i'm really impressed with early voting turnout by the republicans. i cannot believe how significant it has been. it's a trend. i don't think we've ever seen before. usually where the democrats dominate. it suggests maybe these polls could be wrong? >> yeah, voting is going on for a good three, sometimes four
2:43 pm
weeks. in my own state of utah, many of our counties moved to a process they can only vote by mail. they don't have a polling facility except for one or two spots. that has pushed the numbers. people, particularly after the kavanaugh hearings, really understand the depth of what is happening here. it scares them to death to put maxine waters in charge of financial services. do they really want that to happen? a lot of people that watch your show, other shows that are just like, wow, you know, maxine waters is really the chairman of financial services in this nation? that just can't be. charles: before i let you go, reports that heather nauert is offered u.n. ambassadorship job at the u.n. former colleague here at fox. what are your thoughts? >> she is going to be wonderful. that is indeed the case. all you have to do spend a little bit of time with her, you quickly are impressed with her depth of knowledge, her tenacity, her energy. and i think the personal
2:44 pm
relationship with mike pompeo is a very important one. and the president. if they, if she enjoys their confidence, that's what you need at the united nations. i think she would be great. charles: i'm thrilled, i'm beyond thrilled she is getting this opportunity. congressman chaffetz. thank you. always great talking to you. >> thanks, charles. charles: vice president pence focused on issue of immigration. our trish regan spoke with him a moment ago. >> this caravan was organized by leftist groups in honduras, financed in part by venezuela, that all according to the president of honduras who told me those things personally. >> surprised venezuela has any money? >> they were sent north for the sole and exclusive reason challenging laws of the united states of america, coming into the country illegally. the president made it clear we're not going to allow it. charles: see the whole interview 8:00 p.m. eastern on "trish regan prime time" here on
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fox business. apple earnings out after the will it lift the tech market? will it lift all of the markets but will it fall like other big-time tech names. we'll give you a preview next. what if numbers tell only half the story? at t. rowe price, hundreds of our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. ♪
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we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. charles: a big week, a big day, a big night for apple. after just announcing a its newest products the tech giant will release the earnings right after the bell. the company is expected to post strong earnings with share prices going up 33.8%. revenue up more than 16% from last year. joining us now to discuss is the chief technology analyst and founder of disruptive tech
2:49 pm
research. lou, all eyes on apple. what do you -- first of all, let the audience know you are bullish, you are very bullish on apple. what does the street expect and what does lou expect? >> all right. i've been unapologetically a apple fan boy since 2014. got called brain-dead for no-brainer buy, been vindicated. there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be bullish on apple. they're a goliath running around the world without any davids. they will put up double-digit profit growth, double-digit sales growth. focus on the average sales price. from $600 to over $700 last quarter. some think it could go as high as as hundred dollars this quarter. the street is expecting a so lit report. i think there is potential for upside surprise. this report for apple, is all the more important given what's happened in the month of october in the tech sector. the last fang stock to report will set the tone for the tech
2:50 pm
sector as we close out this year. charles: to your point, last quarter selling price were up 19% year-over-year. even though they don't break out the most expensive phones. iphone x, obviously when you see that, when you see that go up, people are buying these iphone xs. amazon, the reason that stock got hit, they gave guidance for the current quarter, holiday quarter was going to grow 20%. last year it grew 30%. some took it as indictment of overall holiday sales. i took it as an indictment of amazon and overall competition. how critical is guidance going to a holiday season where amazon casts some doubts? >> i agree with you, that it is isolated to amazon but we'll get proof in the pudding when apple issues guidance. analysts are expecting 77.7 million iphones will be sold in this holiday quarter a guide above that will be contrary to what amazon is saying. apple is 6% below its all-time
2:51 pm
high. we're within spitting distance hitting that on upside surprise today. charles: china is always intangible. more and more a critical part. i don't think tariffs had any issues there. we know china's economy floated a lot. heard from luxury watchmakers and goods seller like louis vuitton issues are bad with the chinese consumer. how critical is that? will we see a let-down? >> go back a year or two apple struggled with china. they returned to growth. last quarter up 18 percent. it's a key factor. the tariff issue is much ado about nothing in terms much iphone. apple is all about the iphone. we know tariffs are not impacting that product. from that vantage point china is not a concern. from the growth vantage point, we'll find out in less than two hours. charles: lou, fan boy, we'll see what happens. i will think about it when the number comes out. i have it in my retirement account. >> amen, charles. charles: in the green, it was a
2:52 pm
horrific october. the question, this rally going into the final hour of trading this is the most pivotal time of the day, so stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. fidelity. if these packs have the same number of bladder leak pads, i bet you think bigger is better. actually, it's bulkier. always discreet quickly turns liquid to gel, for drier protection that's a lot less bulky.
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charles: taking a look at major averages heading into the final hour. we're looking pretty good in this third day of the rebound. we're shaking it off. now here to discuss where this market goes today and also a preview of tomorrow's jobs report, melissa back with us. let me start with three days in a row, 450, 250, maybe another 250, not bad. not bad. where we looking? >> this is playing out to be better than expected for this week considering last week. remember ideally wanting google to report well, amazon, they didn't. let me tell you, from the dropoff we've had, everyone
2:56 pm
talked about october with the selling, we traced 50% of that, more than 50% of that i think today into the close of the market so that's a good sign. it's a positive sign. charles: 15% retracement, you go back the other way. >> i don't think that's going to happen and it won't happen. charles: it's going to be a nice straight v-shaped bounce. >> this doesn't bother me at all. charles: i don't think it bothers anyone if you're in the market. good news to hear. in two or three weeks we will forget october ever existed. >> i think by tomorrow, certainly on tuesday, people are going to forget that october existed. charles: you think the midterms are that important? >> the midterms are very important. i think businesses care about it. even the main street investor cares about the midterms. tax reform is an important thing to drive this economy forward. charles: let me throw a couple scenarios at you. dems win the house, gop keeps the senate, what does it do for the market? >> i think gridlock is probably as crazy as it sounds, okay for the market because that would create status quo.
2:57 pm
however, if there's a lot of uncertainty around the presidency and a lot of investigation, that could create a lot of anxiety. charles: let's take a look at silicon valley. mountain view, the employees of google/alphabet going out on a walk, protesting management's treatment in this particular case of women, the coverups and just the lack of transparency there. a lot of issues for this company, melissa. just a torrent of issues. i think it centers around a very arrogant board of directors, little clubbiness there. what does that mean for the company and the stock? you just mentioned they had a miss already. >> they had a miss. i talked about it last week as well, because google was the one to watch because if it reported well, would have been an immediate buy but they didn't. google has dragged itself ever since july. this does not look as good as amazon looked. it did not make new highs when the dow made new highs like amazon did. it certainly doesn't look anywhere near as good as apple and apple is near the highs no matter how it reports tonight, apple is one of the strongest stocks in the market. google has some troubles.
2:58 pm
i don't know what all of those troubles are, internal or otherwise but just looking at the stock, you can tell the stock has troubles. charles: here's my thesis. i watched amazon report. when the conference call began, the stock dropped five bucks as they talked about how badly they were going to do, how much money they had to spend. as the call went on, the maturation of mark zuckerberg took the stock up 11 points, a $38 billion reversal to the upside. google needs that kind of message of management, of leadership. >> this is an industry that we talked earlier about what could happen if you have the dems versus the republicans control. this is an industry, social media, that could get a lot of focus and attention in washington, d.c. and i think that's weighing on them as well. >> really quickly, here's what you want to see tonight. look for apple up at all. anything apple is up, five cents, ten cents, a dollar. apple is a buy. charles: what could be higher? >> good earnings, a good call.
2:59 pm
buying. you want to see buying. charles: you want to see the reaction to the stock? >> i want to see a difference. i want to see the stock tonight in the pre-market and the post-market tomorrow morning at a higher price. it could go down. you don't know. charles: what's apple going to do? >> i think this is one -- this is a company that's standing out differently from some of its peers. i think you are going to see over the months to come a lot of these companies behaving differently in the market. charles: the bar is very high, right? we just had a prior tech analyst saying they expected to sell 78 million iphones in the holiday corridor. they have to articulate that tonight. think they can do that? >> i think the consumer is pretty strong, confidence is strong and that's going to drive all the sales. charles: jobs report, you want it to be good, will it be good? >> i think it will be good. we want to see job creation and we want to see the work force -- charles: will it be good? does the market want it to be good? >> the market does. the market wants the jobs report
3:00 pm
tomorrow rally into this and pretend october never existed. charles: here's my theory. apple, the most inexpensive stock in the entire market if it goes up or down, i think you want to chase it no matter what. we will blow away the job numbers tomorrow. thank you both. all right, liz. again, the c.p. effect. i'm giving you a rally. liz: c.p. and the l.c. in the house. charles: i like that. couple more verses and we can go into the studio. liz: that's right. you and me. we are always singing in the hallways. that's what you don't know about me and charles. we are always singing motown in the hallways. breaking news, markets look to kick off november with a win in the final hour of trade. stocks up for the third straight day as pretty good earnings reports abound and industrials gain as president trump reveals he had a constructive talk on trade with china's xi jinping ahead of the g-20 meeting in argentina. but in a classic case of good cop/bad cop, just hours after the


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