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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  November 2, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. among our guests tomorrow night, congressman jim jordan joins us. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new >> i think they are setting up to beat 3 months from now if they possibly can help it. cheryl: apple not helping shareholders warning about holiday sales, stock down more than 5% in premarket. lauren: dow futures are higher and higher by 213 point, investors optimistic about potential u.s.-china trade deal. cheryl: taking a look at europe, easing trade tensions really pushing european stocks higher at the open every major index in the green right now. lauren: potential trade news helping asian stocks certainly today in shanghai, stocks
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jumping almost 3% in hang seng and hong kong up 4.2%. cheryl: hbo no-go, dish pulling hbo off the air, forget about it. fbn:am starts right now. ♪ lauren: r5 -- 5:01 a.m., good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lots of big stories. lauren: nice impression, forget about it. cheryl: two big stories we are following, we've got trade and we have apple and while company lost mojo, they issued disappointing guidance for the third quarter which includes the holiday and that raises questions weaker than expected demand for more expensive new
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iphones which, of course, they won't giving us numbers anymore. lauren: unexpected said said they will stop disclosing unit sales of products, something closely watched by investors to see how popular the products are. apple ceo tim cook playing down the charge, the change during the conference call with analysts. >> this is like you go to the market and you push your cart up to the cashier and she says or he says how many units you have in there, it doesn't matter a lot how many units there are in there in terms of the overall value of what's in the cart. lauren: well, the overall value for the iphone went up to average selling price 793, the holiday forecast is actually one of the reason apple sales are sharply lower the premarket. down 5%, those losses continue as i just noted, we are looking
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at am dow component, on track to shave about 80 points for the dow jones at the open today. cheryl: all right, also, we will be getting big market news today as well before the open, october job's report coming out with the midterm elections just four days away. here are the predictions, economists looking for 190,000 jobs which would be sharp improvement from september's disappointing 134,000, tun employment rate expect today hold steady at 3.7%, 49-year low. lauren: investors would be looking at wage growth with hourly earnings expected to jump, of course, we will have complete coverage and analysis of the job's report on mornings with maria all that started 8:00 a.m. eastern time. cheryl: trade front, big market story, president trump saying that he had a, quote, very good conversation with xi jinping signaling progress in the trade dispute between the two nations. >> i spoke to president xi, great guy, great man from china and he is the boss, she's the
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head of china, we spoke and i said, look, we have to make a friday deal. he wants to do it, we will make lots of great things happen over the next short period of time. cheryl: while the president has reportedly ordered cabinet to draft possible trade agreement with china, two leaders expected to meet at g20 summit in argentina later this morning. lauren: larry kudlow expressing optimism. >> number one what's important number one the call itself and i don't think they've spoken in a while and number two, they did talk about trade and number, three, the trade talk let me say had a positive tone, in deals, no nothing like that. lauren: in an exclusive interview with maria bartiromo, barry dillard weighing in. >> the trade practices have to change and us being tough-minded
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about it, i think it's sense i believe, i think us being outrageous and -- and -- and excessive about it is dangerous. i think the trade wars -- if you let an unfutterred trade war actually take place which is in our control, it would be disastrous for everybody. lauren: 6:00 o'clock eastern time. cheryl: just hours after the phone call from china, unveiled indictment one base in china and one in taiwan. the chip maker in the u.s., $8.8 billion worth of research and development on chips.
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>> we will not allow our sovereignty to be disrespected, our intellectual property to be stolen or our people to be robbed of prosperity. part of crack-down against alleged chinese espionage against american companies. lauren: back to apple, record revenue, record profit, beating expectations but the company we bring todd and ian about why it was so bad? >> the company financials are sound that they see elasticity
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and they can go charge more for other products, they kind of lower expectation for holiday and number two they are missing some of the magic they used to have and that's where you see the lost of steve jobs. the most amazing things they have come up with is airpods, oh, my gosh, i must have the products it'll be just a great company but missing the magic. lauren: todd, 5.2% drop in apple stock in premarket is justified by what you heard last night? >> good morning, lauren, yeah, i do think it's justified, i mean, apple held up extremely well through all the selling going on, it's really only down 5 or 6% from all-time high, i think, you know, when you guide lower or what they are really telling you, not only do they have new innovation but you also have the problem that they think maybe growth may slow down, they may see some problems in the first
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quarter and apple notoriously underpromise and they can deliver better later. lauren: they are setting themselves up for upside surprise at a time, ian, when we have a shift in how we buy and how we handle our smart phones, we might pay more money hence $800 but we will keep the phone longer, does apple understand that? >> i think that's really -- lauren: ian. >> ian. >> they know their company better than anyone else. they are like a luxury good now. they have -- the brand has been good place but the product offering has changed. people studied this, they change their phone every 2 years, they can kind of predict it and you've got kind of other players coming in with interesting products but as i said, i think the real interesting thing is
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they are way behind. tim cook talks about data privacy and they don't take their data but amazon and google have great speakers like alexa and chrome speaker, home pod is a speaker with no intelligence in it. they need to catch on quickly to be fair competitor. lauren: i assumed that many guests on the show said that apple is immune from some of the problems that facebook or apple -- amazon might face. is apple still immune here, todd? >> i think they definitely immune. they are a delivery of product and, of course, they have more intention of getting into deliver content as well but they're not delivering the same kind of content as a facebook or the others that would create regulatory issues, apple's biggest problem if trade wars and tariffs continue to move
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which might event mutually start to affect them. as ian said lack of innovation, they are as solid as they get, people are buying less phones and not turning over as fast because the company companies are not offering them every 3 years to go back and keep it. apple loves to underpromise and overdeliver. lauren: the dow would be up 300 points, it's shaving 80 points, todd, ian have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: bad news at&t warner media accusing justice expect collaborating with dish network, warner media issued statement saying, quote, the department of justice collaborative closely with dish in unsuccessful lawsuit to blocked our merger, collaboration continues to this day with dish's decision to drop hbo not the other way around, for the first time in history
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warner media hbo went dark after disagreement after a any distribution deal, you hear the threats, you hard ever ever -- hardly ever see them go through and approving at&t's deal by time warner. lauren: google with protest, walking off the job, the organizers of the event calling on the company's lead toast make it safer for women to report sexual harassment and to make that process more transparent. they published a letter saying in part there are thousands of us at every level of the company and we have had enough. cheryl: well, spotify is including use toaster get out in vote in midterm elections with the help of some state-inspired songs.
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♪ cheryl: music launched get vocal play list which got songs that are popular in each of the 50 states, cardi b along with lady gaga and tennessee with country, taylor swift, whiskey, talking about whiskey, that will get you to polls. lauren: i could use whiskey right now. long week but great week for the stock market, solid 3% gain for the broader market, this morning take a look at this, set to rise 7%, also higher this morning, coming up vacation turns into a nightmare as passengers are left fearing for their lives. >> we felt like it was titanic, for real, we thought that this might be it. >> the terrifying moment as the
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cheryl: welcome back, let's get you caught up on what's happening now. optimism about possible, a possible deal with china and the u.s. is helping futures this morning despite apple effect, dow up 222 in premarket. nasdaq up one and a quarter. well, the final victim of the pittsburgh shooting massacre will be laid to rest, 97-year-old rose oldest person killed in that attack, suspected shooter robert bowers pleading not guilty and demanding trial by penalty, could face death penalty. chaos after carnival cruise shift after it violently shifted to one side, take a look at main dining room, broken glass, china, spilled food all over the floor, the tilt was due to a electric switch board malfunction, apologized and offered every passenger
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50-dollar credit and hopefully a new dinner. here is a place you need to add to your travel list, lauren, this is underwater villa, split level suit, floor to ceiling glass you can enjoy beautiful underwater views of the indian ocean water life upstairs seen above ways while taking advantage of private jet and hot tub, all yours 50,000 a night. lauren: i get it, that was beautiful, you to pay for that beauty. president trump plans to sign executive order that could keep migrants including asylum seekers at the border until legal cases are heard. >> polling from all across the country shows the number one issue for republicans heading into midterm elections is immigration. thursday afternoon from the roosevelt room at the white house the president gave what essentially amounted to a closing argument as to why he believes the southern border need to be sured up especially in light of the latest caravan
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that's headed that way as he has for weeks into months on the campaign trail the president blames democrats. >> we do a very good job considering the laws are so bad. they're not our chaotic, they are ib -- ib -- incompetent. it's only republicans in unison that want to change. the president revealing that he wants to change how asylum should be handled across the border. >> they will not launch to our country by meritless claims instead migrants seeking asylum will have to present themselves lawfully at a port of entry. >> the president saying he will take up that issue with executive order that he says will be coming out next week. back to you in new york. lauren: well, monday or wednesday is the question
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because tuesday is the midterms and vice president mike pence sharing his views on the caravan in exclusive interview with trish regan. >> this caravan was organized by leftist groups in honduras. financed in part by venezuela that all according to president of honduras who told me those things personally. >> he has any money to do it? >> that's right, sent north for the exclusive reason of challenging the laws of the united states of america by coming into our country illegally and the president made it clear we are not going to allow it. lauren: president trump is traveling to west virginia and indiana today so please tune fox business for midterm coverage on tuesday, catch lou dobbs at 7:00 p.m. and neil cavuto will bring you election results as they happen and fbn:am will start at 4:00 a.m. eastern time an hour earlier wednesday
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november 7th. cheryl: cannot wait, futures this morning, i want to share what's happening, you have the dow up 213, 212, a lot of optimism, apple is down 5%, component, of course, that's taking about 80 points as we mentioned off the dow, s&p up 20, nasdaq up 14 and 3 quarters. well, coming up a crowded u.s. senate race in one state could set the stage for weeks of nail-biting. >> please don't put me in that position, i think we will be in really good shape and another month involved in it but that's okay. cheryl: so-called jungle primary could decide who control it is senate plus nancy pelosi could be in hot water on how she plans to, quote, negotiate with trump if democrats take congress and how the president is firing back, you're watching fbn:am we all want more time with our dads, brothers, partners,
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cheryl: well, control of the senate could come down to mississippi if none of the four candidates get more than 50% of the vote, top two will have to have runoff election. lauren: sounds confusing, peter doocy. >> it'll be about another month involved in it but that's okay. >> the reason it's so hard for incumbent republican senator to get to 50% and avoid a runoff after thanks give asking the field is crowded, two democrats and two republicans, recent nbc polls heid smith in high 30's flood by former clinton official mike and another republican
5:25 am
chris mcdaniel. toby trails mike espy by large margin. >> people need help with health care, people need to be able to afford high drugs and keep doors open. >> espy hopes to shock the south as democratic senator doug jones did last year. >> i'm asking to vote democrat from republicans, from independents those who never voted for barack obama. >> if map is turned occupy side down this runoff could determine senate of power, all eyes on senator hyde smith for three weeks. >> my prayer is please don't put me in that position, by the time this race is determined that we will already have that majority. >> undecided voters are polling in double digits here and if they wait until they get to ballot box things could get interested because in this special election ballots will not mark which candidates are
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democrats and which candidates are republicans. in jackson, mississippi peter doocy fox news. lauren: all right, let's take a look at how futures are shaping off on the job's friday, nice rally for the week and for this friday morning dow is up 209 points despite a major loss from apple stock this morning. s&p futures gaining 19, nasdaq up 7 and a half, still ahead futures might be getting a boost on a possibility with a trade deal with china but larry kudlow says the trade war isn't the root of all the volatility lately. >> is the president's trade war responsible for the dip? >> i doubt it very much. i think a lot of the big, big tech stocks, the fang stocks got -- they were due for a correction. lauren: what do investors think about that, is that the trade war or tech stock hurting the stocks?
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cheryl: some think they are
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♪i believe, i believe ♪believe we're still worth the fight♪ ♪you'll see there's hope for this world tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe ♪yeah ♪rock guitar
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>> and today i spoke to president xi, great guy, great man from china and he's the boss, he's the head of china, we spoke and i said, listen, we have to make a fair trade deal, he wants to do it. lauren: but will he do it, investors optimistic for trade deal, that's lifting stocks but also weighing holiday sales warning from apple. cheryl: outlook from apple hurting stocks overnight. apple down little more than 5% in premarket. lauren: look at, this dow futures are higher in big way, up 212 points ahead of october job's report, that's due in just a few hours. cheryl: all of this moving europe as well, easing trade tensions reported on between u.s. and china pushing european stocks higher at the open, all of those indices are
5:31 am
substantially higher right now. lauren: in asia, shanghai, stocks jumping almost 3% and in hong kong up 4.2%. cheryl: tsl, pumpkin spice latte might have been a treat for shareholders, fbn:am continues right now. ♪ lauren: 5:31 a.m. in new york, it is friday november 2nd i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everybody, i'm cheryl casone, i might need psl for the markets today? [laughter] lauren: i think they already had a psl because there's certainly a charge this morning, it's a good week. cheryl: yeah, has been a good week, investors -- let's start with rougher news here, investors would hope investors rally instead apple warned that future revenue may not be as
5:32 am
robust as we are used to. that's dragging down the stock, dow down more than 5%, that would show up with the broader markets but overall futures are pointing to a higher open because the u.s. and china are in trade dispute, a lot going on to the markets and let's bring in michael lee. mike, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: where to begin, let's talk about the trade war about china and the united states that seems to be the broader story, apple a piece of it we will get to in a minute. if you look at what's going on in china, there's hope from the president that he and xi jinping will sit down in buenos aires and hammer out a deal, he's telling cabinets to work on things, to work on broader trade talks, agenda but still the doj is now suing taiwanese and chinese companies for intellectual property theft, what's the message from the administration on china? >> every time it seems like
5:33 am
there's progress with a trade deal in china the markets rally and i would -- i would not put it past the president to put out positive news about trade war to recover from volatility of stocks we had in october leading to midterms, i think this will be a long dragged out fight, chain sea the number one enemy of the united states with the way that they just want to take as much of our intellectual property as possible, the charges against crime, these sorts of things aren't going to stop, i think it's going to be a long dragged out discussion not necessarily a war because the fact of the matter china and the u.s. need to exist together but the u.s. can do a lot better in terms of trade with china. cheryl: reports from several news organizations that the real issue here again is ip theft problem and that's technology, the united states' largest chip maker, stock rallied on the news overnight but at the same time it doesn't seem like any rhetoric that's coming from
5:34 am
china signals that they are willing to actually change anything with that because this is xi jinping's big plan, china 2025, made in china and chips are a big part of his overall plan for china. >> yeah, absolutely, listen, china -- china is on a quest for world domination, they are essentially controlled economy, communist, we will get small vct ris here and there but this is going to take many years to iron out, i'm glad to see positive headlines and the markets recover on what's been pretty awful october but i don't think this is near tend of it. cheryl: cheryl real quick, apple up year to date 20%, thought on apple real quick. >> average selling price for iphones just exploded and so they had a huge beat on revenue, huge beat on bottom line but the street was focus on number of iphones sold and missed on the
5:35 am
number, i don't think it's a problem, apple guides lower and outperforms, if you like apple high-quality name, highest quality out of fang stocks, opportunity to get involved here. cheryl: there you go, thanks, michael. good to see you. lauren: other market miewr is job's report, coming 4 days before americans head to polls giving us final strength of u.s. economy, 190,000 jobs created, unemployment holding steady at 3.7%, the 97th straight of month gains, former advise the other federal reserve of quil intelligence, good morning, daniel. >> good morning. lauren: do you think a solid, big number for headline job creation can kind of kill the rally that we have seen in the stock market this week? >> there's a good and the bad, what we saw earlier this week with employment cost index
5:36 am
figures was wage gains were over 3% growing at over 3% gain, but also the highest rate since 2008 and that ignited fear that is the federal reserve is going to continue on tightening path and that does certainly spook the markets especially in light of what we are seeing coming out of analysts expectations this morning and that's what we will see average hourly earnings print, again, this could spook the market but if you look at premarket trading this morning, they -- the concerns do not seem to be there right now. lauren: nor do the apple concerns. i think this is all a trade market and of course trade war does bring inflation but talking about the inflation that we are seeing in paychecks, getting a 3% year over year growth rate for earnings, that's psychological barrier that we would have past. isn't it good news for the economy? do you think that the fed might try not to be behind curve and
5:37 am
try to get ahead of it and if they they do hike interest rates too fast to contain wage growth, they might hurt any expansion that we have seen. >> that's the problem, there's a yin and the yang of it and labor is the most, the largest line items for companies to weigh, labor costs, the concern is there, companies might be force today begin to lay off employees and, indeed, early yesterday morning we got the challenger information and was up 153,000 over last year, it's kind of surprising to see these figures given the strength of underlying company. lauren: i know. >> you have to start wonder if companies are getting jetery about making profits. >> in some way these are all high-class problems, you want company that pays workers a lot
5:38 am
of money, 7.1 million job openings, that's more than 6 million people that can fill them, so you can negotiate a higher sally and we should want people to do that. we will see, we get the job's hour an hour before markets open. thank you very much, reminder to viewers we will have complete coverage and and his at mornings with maria 8:00 a.m. eastern time. cheryl: investors this morning enjoying cup of starbucks, stock higher, sales gained more than a year, up more than 8% in premarket. this comes entirely from by the way rising prices of 5%, the company is still struggling attract more customers to stores. the number of transactions fell 1% from a year earlier. there is the stock in premarket, 63.51, up more than an 8 quarter percent. stock the watch. lauren: from coffee to beer, limit for what used to be bottom
5:39 am
less kegs tenants. four beers per person each day. the change was determined by software to help manage its beer supply, new york largest market, recently surpassed jpmorgan as private occupant of office space. of course, bottomless keg. cheryl: bottomless keg, now we find out. lauren: how did we not know that. cheryl: pretty good news overall, apple will be issue for the dow, about 80 points been shaved off but the stock is down, dow is up 234 in premarket. a lot of hope about china and the u.s. and the possible trade deal with the 2. all right coming up next, congressman maxine watter is on a mission?
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>> what i'm going to do is fair, i'm going to do what you did to us. cheryl: political payback the lawmaker is now planning against wall street, big banks and, of course, the republicans. plus, is it too much botox? is this too much alcohol, what is going on? lauren: you keep getting alcohol -- cheryl: it's friday. the new emoji the internet can't seem to figure out. nobody seems to know. lauren: sign of confusion. the same iot technology on the ibm cloud that helps race teams improve performance and safety. bye. girls, don't wave at strangers. can now be built into everything we drive.
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lauren: investors might have found bottom for stock market on monday because we have been higher every day since then including today, nasdaq up 6 and a quarter. the crown prince of saudi arabia called murdered columnist jamal khashoggi a dangerous islamist, that according to washington post, mohammed bin salaman made comments after jamal khashoggi murdered in istanbul. saudi arabia denying the report. do you remember when nancy pelosi how she would neesht with president trump if democrats take back congress? president trump slamming pelosi over the threat. he told the washington times that her statement was illegal and he will take her all the way
5:44 am
to the supreme court. and maxine watters is vowing political payback after the midterms. >> i will be the first african-american, the first woman the chair the powerful financial services committee, that's all of wall street. that's all the insurance companies, that's all the banks, what i'm going to do is fair, i'm going to do to you what you did to us. [cheers and applause] lauren: watters rallying in front of constituents in california hope to go regain control. we should look at fang stocks this morning and apple coming out with strange new emoji, here it is, but what is it? the internet is going crazy with this one, this is one user tweeted when the probiotics hit, this is the face you made in third grade, i don't know, it looks like a confused emoji. cheryl: or drunk. lauren: there you go again, cheryl. cheryl: that's what the internet said anyway. i was reading the internet. [laughter]
5:45 am
cheryl: well, here is something else the internet is buzzing about right now, oscar meyer weighing in on an intense internet debate, is a hot dog a sandwich, took the twit the other definitive i will say that a hot dog is a sandwich, now the internet not convinced. here is what one twitter wrote, the independent pieces must exist. why isn't it a sandwich? this user says because there's no lettuce. #change oscar's mind. they are letting people on social media give them a call, pick up the phone and try to change their minds. this is the big -- is it a sandwich lauren? lauren: no, in my opinion. cheryl: it's a hot dog. lauren: dow futures gaining more than 200 points, it's getting nasty in big sky country.
5:46 am
>> the only thing he understands about farms is how to turn them into real estate developments. >> montana will never fallowed of bull. lauren: republican challenger matt unseat democratic incumbent in montana, u.s. sanctions go into effect next week and europe is considering sanctions against iran. live to london.
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cheryl: midterms fowrp days away a surprising endorsement in the senate may turn it upside down. republican rosendale trailing democrat but this was before
5:50 am
libertarian candidate pulled and indoored rosendale, a state that the president won by 20 points, rosendale on hannity talking about anonymous campaign mailer that forced the libertarian candidate to drop out, listen. >> sent out illegal mailer and helped us unify the libertarian, independent and the republicans in the state of montana, he's the number one recipient of contributions from lobbyists in the nation. cheryl: joining us more on the latest twist and highly contested seat pollster lee carter is with us and democratic strategists howard franklin, guys, good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: howard, turn of events against mr. tester, democrat, this kind of hurts, doesn't it howard? >> maybe another cycle or two before it would have hurt him but i think with the early turnout from early voting which i think has been going on since october 9th in montana and
5:51 am
tester is a proven commodity on ballots in montana i think he won the seat by beating incumbent, i think he will be fine. cheryl: what do you say, lee, you're a pollster, we don't have any current polling because this just happened with the libertarian backing out and endorsing. >> this just happened and we are looking at 4 point difference. so what this does puts us in dead heat assuming every person was going to vote for libertarian candidate is going to vote for rosendale, the key is voter turnout, who will be more enthusiastic, traditional polling might not apply, we are not looking at likely voters, we are looking at highly voters. slight edge to rosendale, obviously the president knows
5:52 am
that, he's going there for rally. this is a very important race, neck and neck and i think this does give slight advantage to rosendale but we will watch closely. cheryl: the president is very focused on montana and his son is there but also the president seems to have real vanned eta against john tester and you can't blame him, he blames john tester for destroying ronnie jackson, he put up a tweet about it, the president tweeted, ever since vicious and totally false statements about admiral ron johnson, highly respected doctor for obama and me, seems to be in big trouble in the great state of montana, he's going after tester, does that work in a state that trump won? >> yeah, i guess traditionally you might imagine that 20-point victory for president trump would signify a lot of folks listen to him. i think lee's point is very well taken, the libertarian is not in a position to deliver his 3 or
5:53 am
4 percent to rosendale and trump brings attention to the state, he's traveled 3 to 4 times in the last several months. a real vanned eta for tester. cheryl: he's going this weekend, real quick before i let you go, $45 million has been spent, the most expensive race in montana history but in your experience does money equate to votes? >> it doesn't at this point. what we have seen a lot of small donor donations actually matter more than some of the big numbers that are being spent so this is -- this is a race, it's very unpredictable if you look at the numbers, if you look at the apology, i think the president going there and, you know, he's going to attack tester and his attacks often stick, so let's see what he's going to say, let's see if it turns out the voter, we have a candidate in tester, he has more than 56% approval rating in state, that's fairly good considering senate rating.
5:54 am
cheryl: i'm assuming we might not get more polls? >> we might get something on monday. cheryl: great discussion in what's turning to a fun race to watch. you want to make sure to tune in with fox business for midterm coverage on tuesday night, lou dobbs kicking things audiotape 7:00 p.m. eastern time and then november 6th, of course, that is when the midterms will be, neil cavuto will bring you all the results throughout the night. no matter late they come in, neil will stay with you on the air and tune in fbn:am wednesday morning, special coverage right here 4:00 a.m. eastern time we are ready. lauren: coming up the eu is weighing possible sanctions on iran, we are going to take a look at the impact on global markets and oil markets straight ahead.
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lauren: european governments are looking to save iran nuclear deal but also looking at slapping iran with sanctions, chris beachum joins us now, chris, u.s. sanctions against iran take effect next week but europe might be considering its own sanctions? >> i think it's highly likely europe will fall in line behind the u.s. and this really does play into whole trade negotiation at the moment. the chinese begin to go say they will stop reporting from iran as well, that comes crucial point
5:58 am
of negotiations there and europe doesn't want to antagonize the u.s. and have to fall in line with the u.s., iriranians have a tough time against them. we should see compliance next week. cheryl: iranian economy certainly taking a hit and much worse for them. what are traders saying about disappointing guidance from apple, it's all about the holidays, technology, of course, important to european investors as well? >> yes, vital and a bit disappoint, what's concerning is move away from transparency and stop reporting on iphone numbers, moving from hardware to services company, the market is not there yet and first step but it will take time so not surprising the see the stock down after earnings. lauren: chris beachum thank you very much. cheryl: now to maria bartiromo, good morning, maria. maria: good morning, everybody, we will see you in a little while, girls, thank you, i'm maria bartiromo, happy friday,
5:59 am
friday november 2nd, top stories right now just before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast major market moves this morning, apple shares sliding today, week revenue guidance -- weak revenue guidance that the stock would no longer produce sales, risk at losing the 1 trillion-dollar market valuation, the other big stories to the markets the job's report, october's job report will be out in two and a half hours, the expectation calls for jobs of 190,000 added to the economy last month, month of october and tun employment rate expected to hold steady at 3.7%. we are taking a look at what that means for midterm elections now just 4 days away. we are taking a look at the rally at the open this morning meanwhile despite the drag from apple shares, stocks are expected to open big up 200 points on dow jones industrial average up 17 on s&p 500 and higher by 10 and a quarter points on the nasdaq this morning. this after the major indices
6:00 am
yesterday posted their third day of gains in a row, it was a pretty good day at the close, take a look, up 264 points on the dow industrials, better than 1%, finishing near the highs of the day, nasdaq 128 points higher yesterday. checking global markets this morning, we kick it off with europe, european indices higher across the board, ftse up and cac quarante up better than 1% and dax index in germany better than 1% as well. in asia overnight, markets higher across the board, best performer there, china, actually korea, kospi index up 3 and a half percent but china very strong up 2.7% on shanghai composite. we will hear from oil giants and dow components, exxon mobile and chevron today. plus alibaba, numbers and analysis and give us window as to what's going onto chinese consumer as well. president trump speaking with chin


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