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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 3, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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and send us your property stories and questions at i'm bob massi. and i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] next. lou: our top stories, president trump seemingly he where today working through the morning and early afternoon at the white house, then heading for west virginia and talking to the media as he walked to marine one. another continuing jobs number, a quarter million jobs created. wage growth above 3%. president trump: it will be an exciting five day. we are doing numerous trips to
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numerous great places, great states, and i hear we are doing very well. but we'll let you know open tuesday night. >> huntington, west virginia. look at that. president trump greeted by this revved up crowd. the president reminding the assembled throng of supporters why northeast they need to keep voting republican. >> under republican leadership america is booming. america is thriving, and america is wing. winning like never before because we are finally putting america first. lou: the whipper-in-chief off to indianapolis on board air force one. in a few minutes we'll be bringing you the president's comments. we'll also assess the republican
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chances in the mid-term election just four days away. ohio congressman jim jordan and republican strategist ed rollins among our guests. the caravans of central american migrants continue to move forward ignoring the president's vow to do whatever it takes to keep them from entering the united states illegally. just how out of control is the border crisis? central american migrants in the lead caravan suing the trump administration. that's right. they are suing. they are arguing their u.s. constitutional rights have been violated by our president who secures our border and enforces our immigration laws. quite a time we live in. shreveport it? there is a lot behind that outrageous claim. we'll have the latest on where those caravans are head and what
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is next. president trump leading not one, but two big rallies. the president's events today among the 9 scheduled events he has through monday. no president in american history has ever done more to help his party win a mid-term election. president trump celebrating his administration's extraordinary accomplishments. fox news senior white house correspondent john roberts at the white house with the latest. president trump: the numbers are about as good as you will ever see. >> president trump departed the white house with campaign rallies with another issue to take to voters. another move strong job creation and low unemployment. >> the economy is on fire.
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i think it may be the greatest economy our country has ever had. i hope people realize that when they go out on tuesday or do early voting. reporter: he also kept up the drum beat on illegal immigration. >> caravan after caravan is forming unvetted illegal i williens trying to flood into our country on your dollar, overwhelming your schools, depleting your resources, and endangers your community. reporter: the migrant care vans are nowhere near the united states, but today a dozen migrants in the caravan sued president trump for ignoring their due process rights under the constitution saying they have a right to request asylum. >> they let their people couple and form their caravans in the
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country. they are doing nothing. we are paying them hundreds of millions of dollars. just watch. that money is going to stop very soon. reporter: the president clarified a tape yesterday that raised eyebrows when he seemed to suggest the u.s. military might use lethal force. president trump: they want to throw rocks, our military fights back. i told them, consider it a rifle. reporter: today president trump said it's not his intention to have anybody shooting anybody. president trump: no, no, no, no, no. but if our soldiers or border patrol or i.c.e. are going to be hit in the face with a rock. we'll arrest those people quickly and for a long period of time. >> president trump confirming he'll meet with president xi at the g20 in buenas aires later
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this month. president trump: they have much want to make a deal. their economy weren't way down since we have been doing this skirmish. i spoke with president xi yesterday, they haven't want to make a deal. reporter: while the * is optimistic about the chances. he's' also prepared to take up baseball baths an bath -- basebs and placing more tariffs on chinese goods. lou: the president says he hopes there be no melding or intervention in our elections.
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>> what we haven't seen is any successful activity or activity we can attribute to a foreign nation. reporter: kirstjen nielsen will oversee the data room on election tonight. >> we are going to have the most of secure election modern age. reporter: she spoke with fox about the new security measures. a day after she and christopher wray briefed the president. >> elections are the heart of our democracy. it's important americans have confidence in them. >> the international command center covers 90% of registered voters. dhs says half all states have completed vulnerability assessments. >> if there was an attack on the
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voting tuesday there would be a u.s. government response. that's the government's position. there is a lot of reporting there would be cyber response. is that on the table? >> everything is on the table. reporter: last cycle a russian troll factory masqueradedon line as awful s. citizens. this year they sponsored pro china ads to influence farmers. >> we have seen efforts to influence the way americans think to perhaps change our policies. >> she warns they til exploit election night. >> sow confusion, and misdust by placing stories on media that something was wrong.
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reporter: secretary nielsen says americans should not jump to conclusions if there is a problem and wait for an independent assessment from dhs and the intelligence community. lou: those four caravans of mainly central american migrants are on their way to the u.s. borderer. the closest port of entry is mcallen, texas, 600 miles away. it's a contentious, violent bunch, the mexican government tells us. a third caravan has reached the guatemala-mexico caravan while a third caravan leftal salvador wednesday.
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within those caravans, migrants who have sued the president and his administration. they are claiming their u.s. constitutional rights have been violated, even though they are foreign nationals and they are not in the united states. the lawsuit claims this. president trump continues to abuse the laws to deter central americans from their lawful right to seek asylum in the united states. there are 270 people in the caravans that are known to be gang members with criminal records. president trump on the campaign trail saying what voters will receive if the radical dimms were by some chance to gain control of the house and the
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senate. here he is. president trump: the democrats want to raise your taxes, restore job-killing regulations. democrats want to erase our prosperity and reverse our progress. a majority of democrats on the ballot for congress have signed up to support a socialist takeover of healthcare. democrats also support the insane policy of catch and release which created our border crisis. they want to take away your second amendment. democrats want judges who will rewrite the constitution to impose their own radical views. democrats want open borders and want to invite caravan after caravan into our country. overwell with manying your schools, hospitals and communities. the democrat agenda is the agenda of the extreme far left. they have gone crazy, folks.
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lou: congressman jim jordan joins us tonight. we'll be talking about those radical dim ms and their plan to unwind prosperity amongst other agenda items. and he'll also respond to new insults being hurled as him and his republican colleagues by a co-founder of fusion gps. it just gets better and better, [piano playing slow tune]
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lou: foreign citizens trying to sue the president of the united states because president trump is securing our border and enforcing immigration laws. now the co-founder of the phoney anti-trump dossier, he has written an op-ed in the "new york times" protesting congressional oversight and actual investigation of the controversial smear merchants at fusion gps. he wrote this. quote. the republicans abused their seen a powers to harass administration critics, undermine the justice
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department's inquiry into the trump campaigns possible collaboration are russia in 2016 and helped the president's lawyers create an alternative narrative. that's beyond absurd, even by fusion gps standards. that's chutzpah. my next guest will talk about how fusion gps abused their got power to spy on the trump campaign. joining me is jim jordan, the co-chair of the house freedom caucus. i have been dying ask you this question all day. how do you feel about fusion gps
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protesting house oversight of the justice department and the fbi. it's outrageous. >> you would half it wasn't so serious. clinton campaign paid them off through perkins coie. they went and hired a foreigner, christopher steele who created the fake dossier which was the basis for securing the warrant to spy on president trump's campaign. it was just a couple weeks ago glenn simpson was subpoenaed to answer our questions and he took the fifth. you take the fifth only when you think you face up. i would have loved for him to answer my questions and he didn't. now they are writing an op-ed and lecturing us. to take one party's opposition
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research document and dress it up to use to get a warrant to spy on on the party's candidate? lou: because they got caught and they have a level of arrogance that's been unmatched in several decades. i want to share with you and the audience the last sentence of his tree treatise. the. >> ed: in the "new york times" -- the op-ed in the "new york times." we hope the next congress puts country before party and focuses on the real villain of 2016. the president of russia, vladimir putin. i would say the real villain was a fella by the name of barack h. obama. >> thank goodness president
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trump won. if he didn't, we wouldn't know anything about this. there was one party working with the russians. he worked with russians to create this fake dossier. this is always important to remind people. james comey, direct university fbi fired. andy mccabe lied three times under oath, fired. james baker demoted and left. peter strzok deputy head counter-intelligence demoted and fired. these were the top people who ran the clinton investigation. we know how they handled that. and two of them went on bob mueller's team before he had to kick them off. this is the worst thing i have ever seen. for them to try to lecture us and say they hope democrats will
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take control? this is why it's important that we win so we can get all the answers for the american people. >> the reason i said the real villain is barack h. obama are because all those folks were in his justice department and he politically corrupted them in ways we could not have imagined boulevard he took office in 2009. it is stunning. what they pulled off here is remarkable. and there is still no accounting after over two years of investigation by originally the fbi, then the special counsel. and what a farce it is, and we are told to expect it to go on. that's hard to stomach. >> if they take back the house next tuesday. it will the be ally gentleman
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comes on oversight. and they will turn everything on the president. it will be two years in american politics dominated by impeachment talk. lou: you know what else is not supposed to happen in this country? when a president and a party have accomplished as much as they have in 21 months under this president it's unprecedented it's extra ordinary. we are looking at the lowest unemployment rate it's true prosperity. the lowest unemployment rates in history and you are telling me that democrats, not you. but others are telling us that they have an edge in the seats and the house right now. of course, they said the same thing about the presidency, the
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house and the senate in 2016. >> they are the party of the crazy left, kaepernick, cuomo when he said america was never that great. contrast that vision with as you said, what has happened in 21 months under the leadership of the president. quarter million jobs added last month. lowest unemployment in 14 years. gorsuch and kavanaugh on the court. hostages from north korea and there is a new nafta agreement as well. when i think of americans going into the voting booth. they will look at those two directions for the country and they will vote republican. north korea has not fired a missile in almost a year. congressman, and there are others. the list goes on.
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and the american people get a chance tuesday to prove to the democrats they are not half as dumb as the democrats insist they are. congressman jim jordan. great to have you with us as always. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you think the president's tireless high energy campaigning on behalf of republican candidates will set the standard for how future presidents must campaign in all elections? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. up next, early voting numbers suggest turnout for the mid terms could be at an historical high. the dean himself ed rollins joins me to talk about what all this means. republicans or dimms. who mines when we continue. we'll be rig
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lou: washington, d.c. may have some of the youngest voters in the country if approved new ordnance and law. it would permit 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in our nation's capital. lowering the voting age in d.c. would be remarkable. only 42% of the high school seniors are on track to graduate as of the last school year. that's down from 72% before. but it turns out there was not only an issue of how well they
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educate people, certainly that should be completed boulevard they even think about giving 16-year-olds the right to vote. the u.s. election project showing early voting at higher levels than the 2014 mid-term elections. it's apparently going to be a highly intense election. 27 states have increased in early voting so far. rising to 30 million. that's up from 27 million. we have a few days to go here. it's below the 47 million who voted early in the presidential election. here to take up the president's unprecedented support for republican candidates in the mid terms. former reagan white house political director, fox news political analyst, ed rollins. i have got to get to this early
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voting. we are talking nearly 30 million people. how many people are likely to vote this year? that's got to be approaching half? >> the least half. hopefully there are a lot more people voting. lou: i'm for the right people voting. ed: this president created an energy. up like any presidency, this election is all about him. democrats are beating on him and republicans are getting enthused by him. democrats are talking about the old healthcare issue which we beat twice back. john mccain didn't get to repeal it. immigration which was a critical issue for him two years ago, he made it front and center with the assist of the tribes coming up from latin america and
4:32 am
crashing through fences. lou: from the time he entered the presidential campaign in 2015, he has set the agenda. he has driven every issue, every original idea belongs to this president. if there is anybody out there in the national left-wing media who can refute that, please have hadl at it -- please have at it. it's amazing to me. they will not credit him with anything. >> the great economic news today again, 250,000 new jobs. >> the lowest in 49 years. >> those are things that shouldn't the frosting on the cake. lou: to me that's critically important. every working man and woman within every working man and woman, every middle class family and every family that aspire to the middle class.
4:33 am
all americans should be applauding this president. instead you have these fools running around in the left-wing media talking about the way in which he pronounces a word or his demeanor. who the heck are these people? >> advocating the stupidest healthcare system. we have a 4.2 trillion budget. they want to add $3.2 trillion to give medicaid to all. >> one thing want is a democrat in charge of healthcare. those are the same fools that brought this disaster. >> most of of the people turning out are basically the new voters are energized by him. >> the president going to indiana, going to west virginia tonight, why not. two rallies. this afternoon and evening. but here are the polls. he has begun to speak there.
4:34 am
5:38 saying indiana is 17.9% more republicans than the nation. but the average shows the democrat donnelly in the senate race plus 1 and west virginia is leaning democrat. how do you explain that? ed: in indiana i can't is plain it. manchin has been around a long time. i think trump is the only one who can knock him out. if we win that race -- lou: that wasn't a forecast, that was a clever dodge. i would expect nothing less from our savant. >> but we are going to win mccaskill in missouri. lou: the best to your wife, sherry, and get well soon.
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president trump taking the stage in indianapolis. he's campaigning for republican senator mike brown. we'll be bringing you the president's news as he make its. stay with us.
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lou: the nasdaq fell 77. volume on the big board heavy trading. it's been quite a week. dow and the s & p gaining more than 2 1/2% this week. the nasdaq gained nearly 3%. the trump economy if you haven't noticed, is booming. 250,000 new jobs created in october. the unemployment rate remains 3.7. since 969, for almost a half century. wages up 3.1%. the highest increase in a decade. who would want to change this? we are going to find out tuesday right here. hope you will be with us. glad you are with us tonight. remind tore listen to my reports
4:40 am
coast to coast on the salem radio network. bill murphy doing senator cory booker a big favor. he signed corey's law. it allows a sitting u.s. senator who hasn't got the courage to make a decision to run for reelection and run for president simultaneously. that's good because you want wouldn't want to lose the services of a cory booker. that's good news for spartacus. now he can keep his senate seat if he loses his presidential run in 2020. gina loudon, member of trump's advisory board, and author of mad politics which we urge you
4:41 am
buy and read. and charlie hurt. gina. let's start with you. this is -- when have caravans approaching the southern border, and some dimms think it's a strange idea that the president has which is to defend the border and secure the border and enforce immigration laws and try to make sense of our immigration laws. what say you? >> i can't believe the left keeps playing into this narrative that isn't settling well with the american people. nobody wants to us have no borders. the very idea that people outside of our country who should not be protect bid our constitutional rights. they have never even been here before, can sue our government, our president for trying to protect his sovereign borders. like every country, every other
4:42 am
country -- lou: you think american citizens should have rights, but not foreign citizens. it's madness, is it not, charlie? >> it is. the thing i so admire about what trump is doing here. yes, he wants this election to be about immigration. and so he's make it about immigration. and of course democrats are scandalized by this. but he wants it to be about immigration. that's the way politics is supposed to run. >> it's also supposed to be about choosing policies wisely and enacting laws and carrying out policies that make american lives better. if you -- are you better off today than you were 21 months ago? the answer would be yes, yes.
4:43 am
we have the highest economic growth. what do you people want? >> that's exactly right. they talk about equality it's this president whose actions have established equality. we have the lowest unemployment for blacks and women. the democrats have been setting up this election buffet. and every time they do the president reaches over and plucks it off their plate. he did that today with the wage growth. we have unprecedented wage growth. now what are they going to say. what can they possibly complain about now? i don't know. we live in the best, most of prosperous times in the history of the world. lou: there is nothing you can say about this person who inhabits the white house other than i heard a number say they
4:44 am
think he should speak in compound sentences and improve his syntax. this man ran against elites. he ran against the orthodoxies that created the disaster at our borders and in the national debt. this is a man moving heaven and earth to destroy the american dream. >> if you took out the trump derangement syndrome and had a -- gina pointed out the lowest black and hispanic unemployment, and was trying to fix the border in a way that would satisfy the vast majority of americans, you would -- there would be. lou: he has a constitutional duty to enforce immigration law. >> because the media has been
4:45 am
able to feed off this donald trump derangement syndrome they are able to feed off that. lou: these fools were deranged long before donald trump ran for the presidency. they are a special group of people. offering no program, no agenda whatsoever to all of us who are going to the polls come tuesday. gina, great to have you with us. >> now, you know why i wrote the book "mad politics." lou: i wish you would have talked to me. that title doesn't suit our political environment right now. good to have you with us. we do recommend the book. well done there working that book in. get that book ready, would you? i hate unbalanced
4:46 am
recommendations. anyway, good to have you both here. president trump remains on the campaign trail today. think about the energy of this man. there is no one, no one who can keep up with him. his energy is extraordinary. he has been touting the success of his economic agenda as he certainly should be. president trump: we have the greatest economy in the history of our country. and what job numbers did we have. did you hear? the unemployment rate just fell to the lowest levels in 50 years. we have more americans working than at any time in the history of our country. that's pretty good. 3.7 unemployment. we have many, many companies moving back into our country. african-american, hispanic-american and asian-american unemployment have also cheefd their lowest level in recorded history.
4:47 am
we created 4.5 million new jobs since the election. a number that was unthinkable if i would have said that during the campaign. lou: we'll have much more on the president's message for the mid-terms. you have got to wonder why every republican running isn't out there touting the accomplishments of this president who leads their party. when we come back yale be talking about pastor robert jeffress about it all. jeffress about it all. we'll be right
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lou: i have been look forward to took you my next guest all day long. robert jeffress, the pastor of the first baptist church of dallas and author of "choosing the extraordinary life." this president and all he has accomplished. and suddenly we are hearing from the pope. it's not and coincidence the pope would be saying things like immigration should be -- we should permit immigrants to cross your border no matter what
4:52 am
in shouldn't be any obstruction whatsoever. is he right? is that some sort of biblical statement of truth that we should be repairing to? >> no, it's exactly the opposite. the bible teaches god is the one who designed countries. acts 17 says he designed' boundries in which countries exist. it's not a one world'' that the pope seems to be longing for. immigrants are suing our nation for their so-called constitutional rights. the only thing more absurd man that are globalists like the pope defending their rights to do such a thing. i think you will see pinheads on
4:53 am
msnbc trying defend this. lou: the pope is rolling it out this week in advance of the elections. at least michael moore is helping him. there is something confusing to me about the pope and michael moore having a discussion. michael moore said the pope said capitalism is a sin. what do you make of that? >> he doesn't know the bible very well. there are all sorts of wealthy people in the bible. you. there's' nothing wrong with that. lou: ronna mcdaniel says the
4:54 am
republican party has never had a stronger ground game than the one ready to go to work to get people there this coming tuesday. how about the evangelicals. how are you all doing, and what do you think will be the result? >> i helped out with the rnc on a conference call for religious leaders around the country. there is unprecedented enthusiasm for this president. he did a 51% approval rating for rasmussen. his ratings with evangelicals is stratospheric. congress' approval rating is around 18%. love for the president doesn't always translate into love for congress. people have to understand if they want to see the president's policies continue, he needs a
4:55 am
congress that will support rather than oppose him. and that's what this election is all about. lou: president trump on the campaign trail, ceaselessly, relentlessly campaigning for republican candidates. we'll take that and more. stay with us. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. i love the custom ink design lab because it's really easy to use. they have customer service that you can reach anytime. t-shirts help us immediately get a sense of who we are as a group. from the moment clients walk in, they're able to feel like part of the family. - [spokesman] custom ink has hundreds of products for your business and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at upload your logo or start your design today i just got my ancestrydna results: 74% italian.
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lou: in our poll question last night we asked you this, do you support president trump's efforts to secure our borders and change bracing policies? 97% answered yes. that ought to settle the mid-term elections. monday, another busy day of campaigning for the president. he's holding rallies in west virginia. moment moments ago in indianapolis he touted the latest jobs numbers. how were those jobs numbers today? america has the best economy in the history our country. can you believe this? can you believe this? way ahead of schedule. lou: i think the president was
5:00 am
saying effectively the best economy in the history of the world. the 3.7% unemployment rate. the best in almost a half century. that's it for us tonight. announcer: from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: happy weekend! welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. coming up in just a few moments, my exclusive interview with the chairman of iac interactive and former paramount pictures head, founder of the fox news company, barry diller in an exclusive interview. and all-star panel to talk about the volatile month of october, apple, earnings report and look ahead into 2019. susan li has


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