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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 3, 2018 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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for more information -- and send us your property stories and questions at i'm bob massi. and i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] >> lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories. president trump responding decisively to the crisis at our southern border. today vowing to do whatever it takes to stop those migrant caravans. the president has ordered that broken immigration laws be fixed and the trump administration will encourage all who want to come to america to do so legally. >> president trump: this endemic abuse of the asylum system makes a mockery of our immigration system. displacing legitimate
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asylum-seekers. and there are legy mate asylum-seekers and rewarding those who abuse or defraud our system which is almost everybody. these individuals disrespect the foundations of american government by voluntarily choosing to break the law as their first act on american soil. >> lou: president trump also delivering a stern warning to the violent thugs and gang members who are aboard some of these caravans who might try to confront our military or border patrol agents. the president spelling it out for all who would even consider attacking our agents or troops. we'll have the latest from the president. also tonight, new developments in the trade dispute between the united states and china. president trump's strong stance on china is altering the relationship between the two countries and china appears to be readying itself
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to accept balanced trade in one way or another to end its theft of american technology and intellectual property. the president says he and president xi have constructive talks on tariffs, trade and north korea. we address the future of the u.s.-china relationship with top experts. president trump leading on every major issue and challenge facing the united states. and still he is tirelessly campaigning for republican candidates all over the country. he is leading another rally tonight in columbia, missouri. these are the lines and the people who have been gathering since early this morning outside the columbia regional airport. as many as 15,000 people are expected to be in attendance. the president expected to speak a half hour from now as he makes news. we'll be bringing it to you. the top story tonight, president trump taking on the open borders policies of the radical dems, the koch
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brothers and the pope. the president also insisting there is only one way for the foreign citizens to enter america. legally. mr. trump's policy would deny asylum to any who don't enter through a u.s. port of entry. fox news white house correspondent john roberts with the latest for us. >> president trump: these illegal caravans will not be allowed into the united states. they should turn back now. >> john: president trump keeping the issue of immigration high on the midterm agenda. now taking aim at the thousand of asylum claims made by migrants who enter the u.s. illegally. >> president trump: on average, once released an asylum case takes three and a half years to complete. other people tell them out, get out. other countries, get out. >> john: as fox news has been reporting, the white house is working on executive action to change the rules for asylum-seekers. >> president trump: under this plan, the illegal aliens will no longer get a free pass
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in the country by lodging meritless claims in seeking asylum. unstead, migrants -- instead, migrants seeking asylum will have to present themselves lawfully at a port of entry. >> john: if it passes legal muster, which president trump insist it will, people who cross the border illegally will nonger be able to claim asylum and they will not be released in the united states. >> president trump: we will hold them for a long time if necessary. >> john: president trump continues to use immigration as cujule. and tying democrats to twice-deported cop-killing immigrant. >> i'll kill more. >> john: the video drew the same outrage as the willie horton did in the 1988 election.
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>> he allowed first-degree murders to have passes from prison. >> that add up-ended michael dukakis' campaign overnight. president trump today warned there are more bad people in the caravans headed to the united states. he pointed out how some members of the caravans battled viciously with mexican police and the military and threatened the u.s. forces on the border, the board patrol and military would not tolerate violence. >> president trump: we are not going to put up with that. they want to throw rocks at the military, our military fights back. we will consider, i tell them to consider it a rifle. >> john: president trump insists there is a difference between true asylum-seekers and refugees and the united states cannot absorb everyone whon't whats to come here to make a better life. but the american civil liberties union is already on record saying whatever trump has planned for asylum-seekers, it's illegal. >> lou: that's why they make courtrooms. john roberts, thank you very
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much. as john roberts just reported, the president warning about the violent gang members and criminals, some of whom are aboard the second caravan. the president was repeating the warning from the mexican government. that is also worth noting. also tonight, four caravans that con vist mostly of central americans are continuing their trek northward with the intent of reaching the u.s. border. the lead caravan pushing some 40 miles further to mexico to matias romero. the second saying some of the migrants are gang members, criminals, violent. that caravan is about 200 miles behind the first. the third caravan is making its way through guatemala. the fourth left the capital of el salvador yesterday. the lead caravan is now some 850 miles from mcallen, texas. but it was slowed because the caravan leaders today couldn't find buses or trucks to carry
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the migrants northward. fox news correspondent william la jeunesse is traveling with the lead caravan and has the latest for us. >> reporter: a lot of confusion and disappointment. this morning some may consider a win for president trump. that could mean the caravan slows down, fractures, breaks up, fewer people in it. taking longer to get there. more people may be staying in mexico. i'll tell you why. there were buses this morning to take them to a town on to mexico city later on but the buses never showed. forcing them to go east to a town called matias romero toward veracruz. they were 600 miles from mcallen, texas, but 1600 to the destination of tijuana. we spoke to several people this morning who were frankly confused. >> what is going on right now, man? hey, we are supposed to go that way. a long way right now. i can't understand who is running the show.
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>> maybe you are going now to mcallen, texas, instead of tijuana? have they told you? >> i don't know. i think we are going to tijuana. i'm not sure. >> reporter: eventually, lou, the majority of the caravan were thinking about 4,000 people, 2,800 sought shelter in mexico and another 400 decided to go home. but the caravan made it here by a combination of walking, hitchhiking, paying a bus fare themselves of $2.50. the caravan continues again tomorrow. lou? >> lou: william, thank you very much. william la jeunesse reporting from mexico. stocks today rallied for a third straight session. the dow jones/industrials climbing 265 points. the s&p up 2. the nasdaq gaining 128 points. a good day on wall street. we vehicle more on the booming trump economy here in tonight's broadcast. up next, president trump on the campaign trail. he is making it clear what the
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radical dimms are all about -- open borders. >> president trump: they're for open borders, which means crime. they are against law enforcement. they are totally against i.c.e. a vote for democrats is a vote for open borders. i think i would be a failed politician if i had had really promote open borders. everybody comes in. the democratic party is openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our borders and overwhelm our country. a vote for democrats is a vote to liquidate america's borders. democrats want open borders. they want to invite caravan after caravan into our country that brings crime upon crime. >> lou: we take up the president's plan to secure our borders and to fix our broken immigration laws. we'll be joined by the former congressman jason chaffetz right after these quick messages. stay with us.
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>> lou: are you excited yet? only five days until the midterm elections. and the cook political report as the drudge report -- where is that? can i see the drudge report? there it is. dr. ballyhooing. maxine ready for the gavel. cook report, the dimms gaining -- look at that? that is more than forecasting a month ago. the new outlook could predict the dimms pick up 30 to 40 seats. you can see in the house. up from the forecast last month of 25 to 35. but the cook outlook may be an albatross for the dems if the results are like the last election forecast. here is their call the week before election day. november 8. 2016. the week before. cook had hillary clinton winning the presidency. wow!
10:15 am
they missed on that, didn't they? by 293 electoral votes. missing it badly. saying north carolina, pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, all leaning democrat. all the states that ended up in president trump's column. won. cook also predicted that week that democrats would regain control of the senate picking up five to seven seats. they picked up two. republicans held control of the senate. what about the house? cook was projecting 40 republican held house seats as competitive. in the end, republicans lost exactly six seats in the house. yes, they kept control. we will be here election night to tell you how it works out. it should be quite a night. we have the cook report's attention. we'll tell you how they did as well. here to assess the upcoming midterms and forecast which way the political winds are
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headed, the chaffetz report if you will. joining us, former congressman jason chaffetz. he served nearly five terms in congress, was chairman of the powerful house overnight and the government committee, also the author of the book "the deep state: how an army of bureaucrats protected barack obama and is working to destroy the trump agenda." great to have you with us. jason, let's -- >> thank you, lou. >> lou: let's take up the first thing. the cook outlook. it looks perilous for republicans. what is your sense of things? >> historically, the republicans are supposed to lose all these seats. but nobody, but nobody is predicting that is anybody will turn over the senate. that chuck schumer would become the majority leader. that is pretty remarkable at this point in the game. will the democrats win some of the house seats? yeah, they probably will some.
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i don't know. who pays the big bucks to the pollsters? what a con game that is. >> lou: it's like the weather. anybody can forecast it. people tend to forget the outlook the next day. we won't. we never do. i want to turn as well to this suggestion. that it is going to be overwhelming. one variable they are not considering this time is the same variable they didn't figure on in 2016. that is president trump. this is an historic campaign. no president approached anything, even a fraction of the appearances and the rallies that he is attending and driving in the midterm elections. >> i wish i had the fraction of the energy that trump has. with everything -- >> lou: we all do. >> the president of the united states and doing the rallies. he loves it. he thrives on it.
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it energizes him and it energizes the people out there and the record number of people. before he was the president it was like this. i remember in nevada, he sent out one or two tweets and there were 20,000 people that showed up. he is expected to speak this hour. standing room only. 15,000 people in the arena. there will be 10,000 and maybe more outside. the president pushing immigration forward. one thing i love about him because it's exactly the right thing to do and the policy describing here. he was advised by the establishment hangers on. the chamber of commerce, koch
10:19 am
brothers friends and paul ryan, of course, your buddy insisting he talk about the tax cuts and stay away from immigration. absolutely. your thoughts? >> i think it's good to talk about tax cuts but remember, it wasn't trump who started a surge of the people running north and the caravans. that wasn't his doing. it was thrust upon him. now it's prescribing policies that will push this back. this is human trafficking. i thought we were opposed to that. people who say they want a better way of life and they want a job and they want to be with the friends and the neighbors an family. those are nice. but it doesn't meet the standard of the credible fear that is needed for properly assigned, asylum seeker. i just doesn't. the president is doing the
10:20 am
right thing. >> lou: no question he is doing the right thing. the real issue here is why paul ryan, the rhinos, the koch brothers, the business round table, chamber of commerce aligned themselves with the radical left wingers and the radical dimms to insist on the open borders and amnesty. we are approaching 30 million illegal immigrants in the country according to the yale/m.i.t. study this year. it is preposterous to debate this issue. >> look, we legally and we awfully bring in 1 million people each yore. if that isn't enough people. democrats now, they cannot point to a single bill. the point us to a bill, democrats that you support to help solve the issues. but the democrats don't have one. democrats are opposed to the wall. >> lou: they don't want one. >> tearing down the wall, they want to get rid of the immigration customs
10:21 am
enforcement. scary to think what maxine waters wants to do as the chairman of the committees. >> lou: you brought up maxine waters. i have to share that maxine waters set to be head of the financial services committee if they were to win the house. this alone might interest people who have some interest in having the economy continue the rapid growth under this president. could we listen to maxine waters tell the financial industry, the banks, institutions and wall street of course, what is in store for them? >> what am i going to do to you? i'm going to do to you what is fair. i'm going to do to you what you did to us. >> lou: what do you think? >> if there isn't enough compulsion to vote for a republican, the fact that
10:22 am
maxine waters, the banking industry, credit unions. housing policy. consumer financial protection bureau. really. you are giving the gavel to maxine waters? that is unbelievable. >> lou: jason chaffetz, great to have you with us. thank you for being here. >> thank you, lou. >> lou: president trump continuing his commitment to end the open border policies of the radical dimms, the koch brothers and the pope. the koch brothers funded lubra initiative released a statement opposing the president's plan to end birthright citizenship. they said, "it goes against our principles." well, howdy do. my goodness. we wouldn't want to have the koch brothers upset because we are enforcing laws and protecting our borders and assuring the country's sovereignty. no, no. terrible thought.
10:23 am
guess what? pope francis also talking out, speaking in favor of freely allowing migrants to cross our borders, saying, "migrants build a country." wow! those are powerful forces, aren't they? well, so is the president of the united states. thank goodness. be sure to vote in the poll tonight. the question is do you support president trump's efforts to secure our borders, end chain migration, and establish merit-based immigration policies? cast your vote on twitter. @loudobbs. follow me on twitter and like me on facebook and instagram. follow me. @loudobbstonight. we separate fax from fiction about the false claims from the left. and the koch brothers. so-called experts about what the president can and cannot do about the 14th amendment. and birthright citizenship.
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>> lou: the national left wing media, rhinos and the dimms up in arms over the president's plan to sign executive order to restrict birthright citizenship. to put it in perspective for us, the united states and canada, here we go, are the only developed nations that now allow birthright citizenship. no european union nation allows it. countries that had it; such as, england and australia, discontinued the policy. joining me now to give us instruction and mentor and tutor us all. to discuss the true intent of the 14th amendment and the birthright citizenship, gregg jarrett. fox legal analyst. author of "the russia hoax." great to see you. >> good to be with you. >> lou: this is stunning
10:29 am
stuff. i want to set this up. put up a couple of things. the president alluded to some of this. if we could put up a couple salient facts that establishes the context. i keep stretching here -- there it is. the first is reference to the yale/m.i.t. study that reveals it's not 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. it's 22 to as many as 30 million illegal immigrants. also, there is 750,000 immigration court cases in backlog now that would take decades to resolve. and asylum cases as the president pointed out take 3.5 years to resolve. this is the context. we have an immigration crisis because of illegal immigration and open borders. the president couldn't have made it clearer. i think he is doing god's work. certainly the nation's work in dealing with this crisis.
10:30 am
>> it's amazing the media automatically says oh, he can't do this. well, of course, he can. barack obama was cheered by the media when he dramatically altered immigration policy with his daca program affecting 1.76 million people here all legally allowing them to stay. so the media is either ignorant or hypocrites or both. but they don't know what they are talking about. >> lou: i don't want to limit it. i think they are all of that. i think it's also important to say they are complicit. >> right. >> lou: ideologically, they are reinforcing force in this public arena now. let's go to the issue of the 14th amendment. >> sure. >> lou: and the issue is the phrase of the founders -- well, let's go again to another full screen. guide us through this. all persons born or naturalized in the united
10:31 am
states and subject to the jurisdiction thereof. and this is where gregg jarrett shows his stuff. citizens of the united states and of the state wherein they reside. that phrase. educate us on subject to the jurisdiction thereof. >> it is not superfluous. if the framers intended that all people born in the u.s. was citizens they wouldn't have added a qualifying phrase. what does it mean? go back and reread the legislative history. the authors of the 14th amendment excluded children born in the u.s. of foreign citizens. >> lou: right. >> and then the u.s. supreme court -- >> lou: like diplomats for example. >> yes. then the supreme court weighed in elk versus wilkinson. they said the 14th amendment excludes children born in the u.s. of foreign citizens. that was the law of the land for almost 100 years until the 1960s when the executive
10:32 am
branch liberalized the meaning of it incorrectly. >> lou: and did so in concert with what -- it wasn't a coincidence, was it, that that was the explosion of the great society wealth? >> exactly. >> lou: which entitled illegal immigrants if they claimed birthright citizenship to participate in the welfare system. >> under article 2 of the constitution, the president is duty-bound to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. the word "faithfully" means something as well. it means correctly applied. >> lou: can we impeach past presidents? i guess that would be to no effect. >> you kind of which we could, don't you? one was impeached not so long ago. if the president looks at a particular law, the 14th amendment, and says this is incorrectly applied and misinterprets, -- it's misinterpreted and i'm going to correct it. he is allowed by the constitution to do that.
10:33 am
>> lou: not only allowed, he is duty-bound to enforce the laws. other presidents notwithstanding. this issue comes up, then. what can he do with an executive order? it's clear, is it not, he is establishing foundation for supreme court challenge. >> he is. it is the only way to do it. you can't wait for the congress to do it. the president is taking the lead, as he always does. yes, this will be challenged. they always are. but it will go to the u.s. supreme court where i'm confident the textualist, the strict instructionists will interpret it as explained. it's the meaning. >> lou: this was the intent of the author of the 14th amendment. >> correct. >> lou: gregg jarrett as always. great help. great instruction. >> thank you. >> lou: up next, president trump threatens to put more tariffs on all of china's imports, exports to this country. whale president xi tells his
10:34 am
military to prepare for war. wow! we'll take all of that up with dr. michael pillsbury joins us next. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back and you won't want to stop for anything else. [ barks ] ho! lease the gla 250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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go to >> lou: we are delighted to be joined by dr. michael pillsbury. author of the "new york times" number one best-seller "the 100-year marathon, strategy to replace america as the global
10:38 am
superpower." dr. pillsbury, good to have you with us. let me start with first the continued escalation of rhetoric. as president xi today making threats to the military commanders. the united states navy talking about further actions to keep freedom of navigation operations going in the south china sea. where is that headed? >> well, i think both sides, both beijing and president trump are playing to the same audience. it's the ten nations who belong to something called osion for short, the association of southeast nations. these are the swing votes. they are not sure of who will be the future power in the world. us or them. president xi says things every now and then to show his toughness. the same time, the united states runs the patrols through disputed chinese territory. i think that is what we are seeing more and more of. the shadow boxing going on.
10:39 am
i don't think war is going to break out in the near future. >> lou: i hope not. >> there is an audience to play to. >> i'd tell you first, lou. >> lou: i appreciate that. any heads up would be appreciated by the audience, which i will promise to alert. >> no war. >> lou: straightaway. >> we're not even having a cold war, by the way, with china. that has been an exaggeration out of beijing. seeking a cold war. that is not true either. >> lou: that is a great piece of propaganda for the chinese because it suggests that the world that they are in some sort of parity with the u.s. military and they are far from it. and the russians, however, are not. a fiction, when it comes to a cold war. putin seems to be making every move possible to provoke and then want to discuss things over with this president. i can not read putin to save me. i know that you could.
10:40 am
helps out. >> i want to point something out that president trump authorized john bolton to do. propose talks with putin about the china threat to send a message to the chinese that we and the russians can talk about the technology theft and a lot of things that china does to the united states, they also do to russia. we need to make sure they don't align themselves together, number one. number two, we need to try to increase russian suspicion of china. i think putin is a suspicious kind of guy because of his career in the k.g.b. so i think john bolton's proposal is going to work, frankly. >> lou: let's hope so. and the reality is that the trade dispute with china, the president has chosen a strategy that leverages a declining economy in china. leaves china vulnerable.
10:41 am
how does it end? how soon does it end in your judgment? >> it teaches chinese, they often talk about president trump in a flattering way. they are scared of him. chinese phrase i heard recently is -- [speaking chinese] "we have underestimated president trump's determination." >> lou: i didn't catch all of that. i got the "under estimation." >> i think the chinese were misled. they allowed old friends in washington and new york and thought they would turn president trump around. that was wrong. then they thought in the last few weeks that they could kind of find out what the bottom line was to make a low ball offer. that hasn't worked either. so the chinese are deeply puzzled and not sure what to do next. they have the clock -- >> lou: you know, if the chinese are half as smart as they pretend to be, well, if
10:42 am
they were half as good as international relations as they were at stealing our intellectual property they would have comprehended the steadfastness of our leadership sooner. >> i think you know, they were counting on henry kissinger to stop this. >> lou: we have to run, dr. pillsbury. good to see you. come back soon. well, up next, six days to go until the midterm elections and the national left wing media is hard at work. >> he is willing to score antisemitic and racist points when it benefits him. >> to the southern border, and it is disturbing because it's about a racial ethnic agenda sneaking in the republican party. >> the all-in campaign of the fear and loathing focusing on the migrants and marauders. >> i'm a journalist. i have to give the fact and the truth. the truth and the evidence points to him being a racist. he is a racist. his policies and his words are
10:43 am
racist. end of story. >> lou: stay with us. we'll be right back.
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10:46 am
>> lou: a new study for the center of immigration studies revealing that 1,750,000
10:47 am
immigrants entered this country in 2016. that ties an all-time record for immigration and it continues what has been a major surge in immigration beginning in 2011. if you wonder how many are illegal, so are we. we called the c.i.s. they said they base the study on the u.s. census. the census doesn't distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants. but it could in just two years. president trump has ordered a citizenship question to be added to the 2020 census. and the supreme court has supported the commerce department in doing so to this point. a new yale/m.i.t. study puts the illegal immigrant population in this country at more than 22 million. perhaps as many as 30 million. far more than the dimms and the rhino, the national left wing media and, of course, the business establishment have
10:48 am
suggested were in this country. by a factor of somewhere between two times as many to three times as many. and workers have their highest wage and salary increases since 2008. up more than 3% in the third quarter. consumer confidence also surging in october to the highest level since september of 2000. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. turkish prosecutor saying russian post columnist jamal khashoggi was strangled and dismembered inside the saudi consulate. khashoggi disappeared after entering the consulate in istanbul back on october 2. meanwhile, the younger brother of king salman making a surprise return to saudi arabia after a two-month visit to london. reportedly he will challenge crown prince mohammed bin salman who is criticized roundly for his handling or involvement in the khashoggi
10:49 am
murder. and ten chinese spies have been charged with hacking u.s. companies trying to steal jet engine technology. federal prosecutors say the chinese spy ran the cyber attack for five years that began in 2010. just five years. this is the third time since december that the department of justice charged chinese intelligence operatives with intellectual property theft. the chinese, by the way, are said to steal as much as $600 billion worth of our intellectual property every year. the council of foreign relations member, yale professor paul bracken joins us next. stay with us.
10:50 am
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>> lou: joining me now to talk about all of this, the theft of intellectual property, the upcoming g20 meeting that will feature a meeting between president xi and president trump, professor paul bracken. professor of political science and business at yale
10:54 am
university. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> lou: lousy way to start a meeting, with the arrest of the chinese spies. there are all sort of front companies that the chinese keep operating here. we are only now beginning to take action against them. >> it's only really in about the past year, maybe the past two years that this issue has surfaced of how much intellectual looting that has occurred for decades, really, from american companies, particularly american and the japanese companies operating in china. where people would walk out the door with a usb stick with the intellectual property on it and open up a competitive organization next door. >> lou: the chinese have built an economy on doing precisely that. >> it's really quite interesting. they have taken a lot of the designs going directly head to head against us. look at high-speed rail transit. the chinese have stolen design s from bombardier and others.
10:55 am
we know this. but they are reverse engineering it for a global market. so they will steal a lot of medical technology, stents, implants. reverse engineering toic ma it much less reliable and cheaper to produce. then sell it in latin america and africa, going head to head against our country. >> lou: corporate america has not done nearly enough. the u.s. multinationals haven't done enough to protect the intellectual property, technology, you name it. >> that is correct. they feel that the government, the u.s. government has not supported them. if i had a nickel for every multinational who has come to me and said we ran to the ambassador in beijing, the u.s. ambassador to complain about the theft. my reaction is well, good luck. you might hear from them in two or three years. we issue diplomatic protests but they would harvest more intellect property.
10:56 am
>> lou: we really such fools that for the past 30 years, we would put, you know, write a little peace of paper and put a protest on the desk of the chinese ambassador? or the, you know, the chinese government in beijing? we're just abject fools, aren't we? >> we have been fools but being foolish has worked because the american economy until the last ten or 20 years was going well. >> lou: until the last 10 or 20 years. >> the performance of the economy. middle class, flat wage growth. i took 20 years to build up the pressure and look at the world in a different way. >> lou: and donald trump. >> and president trump to be fair. >> lou: and the policy elites in washington. >> i'll give you an interesting statistic. most people don't know this. most think tanks were created after world war in the cold war. in the last ten years, every single think tank of any
10:57 am
consequence moved inside the washington beltway. >> lou: right. >> and -- >> lou: looking for crumbs. >> working for -- looking for crumbs and also look at a very short-term set of issues. larger issues like how technological innovation can be borrowed, unquote, i.z -- i.e., stolen and used to ramp up your own gross domestic product, like china is doing, it's received very little attention in the think tank world. >> lou: the think tanks world does precious little thinking is my experience. the second thing, i'm not sure who they are working for. h.r. mcmaster working for a think tank for ten years while a senior officer in the united states military. that is mind boggling to me. that that could be not only permitted but encouraged by the pentagon. >> there are real issues for the think tank.
10:58 am
if not locust of new ideas for them, where do you get them? one answer is the universities. that has some issues there. the issues are hitting of such a scale you can't control them anymore and they are bursting on the scene like the chinese intellectual theft. >> lou: we'll touch on this lightly, the fact is that the ideas, origination of the intellectual capital, a great deal of it does occur on university campuses. but there is not the same vigor has there once was. there is an educational complex that has grown up and it continues the orthodoxy that is u.s. business. >> i'm not here to u.s. academia. >> lou: you're not? i was going to give you the issue.
10:59 am
i knew you would leap at the opportunity. >> there are some real issues here. >> lou: yeah. >> at the default, if it doesn't occur in the universities, that actually gives the think tanks a larger role, which they are not taking up. >> lou: yeah. by the way, i'm not disappointed in that at all. i think there should be fewer think tanks because most of them end up being either supplicants at the public trough or i think we should say with a conjunction here, lobbying organizations in the guise of, quote/unquote, think tank. >> they have become partisan. >> lou: more in the tank than think. you are a great thinker. we appreciate you sharing your thoughts. >> thank you. >> lou: what do you think of the xi-trump meeting? >> i think it will be very interesting because the potential if china and the u.s. were to get together on even a partial trade deal, would have such an immense impact. they don't even have to get together. just have to talk as if they are getting together.
11:00 am
i don't think what is going on is a trade war. it's negotiation. it's a bargaining back and forth. >> lou: president trump said very clear. very clear. it's a trade dispute. >> okay. there you go. >> lou: he intends to win it. paul bracken, great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> lou: thank you for joining us. melissa: have a great weekend. "bulls and bears" starts now. ♪ ♪ david: this is "bulls and bears," i'm david asman, jonas maxer if race, dagen mcdonnell, gary b. smith and jonathan hoenig. a rocky day for the markets as concern grows over whether president trump can reach a trade deal with china. now, the president trying to the ease those fears this afternoon. take a listen. >> spoke with president xi yesterday. they very much want to make a deal. i think we'll make a deal with china, and i think it'll be a very fair deal for everybody, but it will be a good deal for the unit


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