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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  November 3, 2018 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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it's a bargaining back and forth. >> lou: president trump said very clear. very clear. it's a trade dispute. >> okay. there you go. >> lou: he intends to win it. paul bracken, great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> lou: thank you for joining us. congressman matt gaetz joins us monday. trish: u.s. troops have arrived at our southern border. our troops are actively guarding against and preparing for an expected onslaught of migrants trying to gain illegal entry into our country. president trump revealing more intel from homeland security. president trump: homeland security just confirmed members of the lawless caravan, the one you have been watching, come from 20 different countries and include among them criminals and gang members. trish: the texas resident who is not taking any chances.
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he's vowing to protect his country and himself. and he's rekriewghtd other members of his communities to join him. they are forming a militia to prevent members of the caravan from gaining access to the u.s. the caravan chaos unfolding as the democrats and republicans prepare to duke it out in the battle or congressional control. the dueling rallies. former white house press secretary sean spicer will tell us how desperate the democrats will, especially given that terrific jobs report we saw today. a trish regan primetime explosive. you will hear from vice president mike pence on what's
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at stake. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. breaking right now, president trump and president trump battling it out on the campaign trail with just four days until the crucial mid-term elections. one of the biggest issues for voters is immigration. u.s. borderer patrol a u.s. military preparing for what the president calls a quote invasion. and this just in. migrants in the caravan are suing the president and his administration alleging abuse of their constitutional rights. but vice president mike pence telling me exclusively who he believes, he says he knows, who is behind this caravan. >> this caravan was boirgd leftist groups in honduras, financed in part by venezuela. that according to president of
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honduras. but they were sent north for the exclusive reason of challenging the laws of the youths america by coming into our country illegally. the president made it clear we are not going to allow it. trish: joining me now, brandon judd, president of the border patrol council. you have got the it in arriving at the border this evening. the president is talking about sending more troops, potentially 15,000 if needed. let me ask you. is there any way to secure with our military this nearly 2,000-mile long border with mexico? >> what we can do is even sure the certainty that we arrest 100% of the people that cross the border illegal lire. what happens to them after they are in our custody is a different story. unfortunately the laws will force us to release them if they
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cross the border illegally with children we'll have to release them in 20 days. trish: the president said we are not going to catch and release. we are not going to release them. are you disputing that? >> unless he has passed an executive order that i'm aware -- i'm not aware of. there is nothing in law that allows us to hold parents and children in custody for more than 20 days. all you have to do is go back four days ago when the commissioner macland said we'll process them the same way we always processed them, which means the catch and release continues. trish: the administration made it clear they are changing the rules of asylum. you cannot come here illegally and apply for asylum. part of his goal is to basically try and process all these people
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along the border in a legal fashion where we can grant or deny their asylum request. do you think that will work? >> what he's doing is sending a message. we go back to 2017 and the message was clearly sent. and he personally cut the number of illegal border crossers down to next to none. he's going to do that again. but we'll have to follow through and insure we do not release these individuals. even if they don't ask for asylum, they will have to be put through deportation proceedings. it takes longer than 20 days. we'll need immigration judges and lawyer toins sure that happens. there is a lot that need to be done. but this is a marathon, it's not a sprint. we are putting the policies in place that need to be there. trish: frankly, you have got a lot of democrats right now that
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are singing a different tune than they sang years ago. we heard chuck schumer and barack obama and bill clinton all talk about better border security. suddenly it's racist paranoia fueling it as opposed to securing the borders. i don't know if you will get much success in terms of bringing people together given how split things are on capitol hill. >> the 9th circuit court of appeals allows us to put policies in place which we can do. it just takes the department of homeland security and customs and border protection to put the policies in place. that's what is being worked on today. we don't have to have congress. there are ways to make this happen. and we can make it happen. trish: we don't want violence break out at the border.
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that's of utmost concerns. speaking of that, and the concerns about violence. civilians are take matters town their own hand. they are trying to protect their southern border. one man doing that in brownsville, effects as. president of the texas minutemen. shannon, what are you doing? >> we are look at different areas. we looked at laredo, we looked that brownsville and we went out to the ocean to look and see if there has been any activity. right now we are preparing to assist border patrol or the military if they need to us do anything. and we'll support themf with our eyes and ears and notify them of any wrongful acts to stop the illegal immigration. trish: i understand you are trying to recruit members of your community to join you in the effort. >> we started in el paso in
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2005. we were very successful. won the hearts of border patrol in that region. trish: what do you say to people who look at you and are displeased by this. they think you are take matters unto your own hand. we have border enforcement and u.s. troops. 5,20 off them arriving -- 5,200 of them. why do you need to be there? >> we have always been there since 2005. when the border patrol has to run due to diversion or tactic. we notify the border patrol there is activity in the region they just left. trish: the fact that you need to be involved, what does that tell you about the lack of security at at border to begin with. you shouldn't have to do this. we have law enforcement.
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it's not for you as a citizen to group together to be patrolling the border yourself. >> correct. but i went to arizona in 2005, they said they had a 6-strand barbed wire fence. it was laying on the ground. they just stepped over it. that's what made me have the need to get involved, and that's why i have been involved for 16 years on the texas border with little or no response from the government or congress. trish: why are you doing it? you he can explained it was very easy to cross over. what is your fundamental concern. why do you feel we need stronger borders and why do you feel the need to be doing this yourself. >> my fear is 9/11 brought us the patriot act. what is the next terrorist act going to bring us. let's get the wall built and get
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the border secure, that way we can cut down on the drug flow hopefully and illegal immigration. and we need to pursue expired visas within the united states. that's a problem as well. trish: when you are out there patrolling the border, are you armed? >> it's texas. trish: i guess i should assume that's a yes. >> we have never shot anybody and we have never had anybody crazy enough to attack us on the border. trish: good luck to you. straight ahead, the crucial mid the perm elections just four days away. president trump and barack obama holding duly rallies. president trump warning a blue wave would mean. president trump: democrats want to abolish ice and turn america into a giant sanctuary for ms-13
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killers. trish: up next, former white house secretary sean spicer on the desperate tactics democrats are employing to prevent their blue wave from crashing. the democrats are getting a helping hand from the main real media. media critic joe concha has the stories you probably wish you didn't have to hear. but you need to.
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>> just four days until the mid-term elections. you are looking at live pictures of dueling rallies. president trump in indiana, and president obama in atlanta where of course there is a big race going on in georgia. we were just there yesterday speaking with the vice president of the united states. so will republicans be able to keep the house or the senate or will there be a big blue wave.
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here is sean spicer with his predictions for tuesday. >> the show kicked off very, very well, congratulations. trish: we thank the viewers. we are number one at 8:00 p.m. against the competition over there on those other business networks. but what's going to happen, speaking of competition come tuesday. where do you see this going? >> the president you can see him sprinting to the finish. he has done two rallies today. he's going to run through the tape so they say. we have almost 3 million dollars invested in the indiana race. millions invested in west virginia and montana. we have four seats in the senate that democrats are trying to target where republicans hold the seat. arizona where martha mcsally
quote quote quote
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will win that race. ted cruz will breeze to victory by double digits. marcia blackburn will win and hold the tennessee seat that was held by bob corker. and in nevada dean heller continues to show great progress. he's being challenges by congress wom and jackie rosen. i think we have a significant number of parties, that will be a pickup for us. you will see senator mike braun defeating now senator heitkamp. you have got indiana, missouri, west virginia. i think rick scott pulls it off in florida john james in michigan is a phenomenal candidate. he cut the lead from 23 a month ago to low single digits. he'll be the race to watch on
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election night to know whether we have a red wave in the senate. in the house i think we have a different lay of the land. they need 23 seats to take over the majority that's currently held by the republicans. the big problem we have is we have 44 house republicans not seeking reelection. where you had an incumbent with name i.d. and a history of good constituent service is washed away and you have an open seat. and history doesn't favor us. i think the way the tide turned we hold the majority by one or two seats. but it will be a late night and possibly a long couple weeks as we figure out some of these races. trish: yesterday in georgia you
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had oprah winfrey playing a lot of identity politics. i don't like it. >> you interviewed mike pence. i loved the line he said. i think these guys think they can bring in hollywood folks. it's georgia. hollywood doesn't play in georgia. the people of georgia are rich in tradition. the idea that rich hollywood elites will come into georgia and tell them how to vote and what's best for them. the novelty of twoongt see will farrell and a few other folks come in. trish: hillary clinton did not benefit from something some of those hollywood types out there. it alienated some people. i think' some will play into we see in mid terms. that's the immigration crisis. there is a lawsuit that was just filed by 6 honduran nationals
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against president trump. we have honduran nationals suing our president, they are suing i.c.e. and the u.s. borderer patrol. they are not even here yet. they are part of this caravan trying to make their way. they are saying that they want to make sure they have this opportunity to apply for amnesty as they head north towards our border. they are accusing the trump administration of abusing their constitutional rights to seek asylum. what's your take on it? >> i'm no lawyer. my legal experience is watching multiple episodes of law and order. but i didn't realize folks from other countries have constitutional rights. they have protections they have when they are in our country. trish: i hear you.
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>> but the legal stuff aside. on a purely political standpoint this is the equivalents of jumping the shark. the more they make a big deal out of this, the moisture reminds people we are a country of laws and a country of borders. the president is being clear we are a nation of laws and he needs to protect our border. if people have true concerns about their safety of course they have should apply for asylum. we are a loving, caring and generous country. that what's brought all of us here beef sides the native americans. but when you have thousands of people coming up from the border and you see interviews folks have done talking about the fact that they are not coming, they just want a job. trish: that's no reason to seek asylum.
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our very much said they have an opportunity to apply for asylum in the nearest country, that would be mexico. so why are they continuing this onward push. i have to leave it there. but i look forward to talking to you in the coming days as we see what happens. the left ratcheting up its attacks against the president just four days out from the mid-terms. but, you know, i think it's because they are getting desperate for some kind of narrative. the narrative that americans are realizing and understanding is our economy is doing well. we have record job numbers today. consumers are feeling more confident, and that's message is scaring democrats. so what are they doing? they are resorting to vicious name calling. my exclusive interview with the vice president of the united states, mike pence. his warning on what will happen if democrats win back congress,
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>> the biggest terror threat in this country is white men radicalized to the right. her public and party tolerates and benefits from it. mainstream conservatives don't want us anything about jewish people out right but there are other words they use bicoastal elite, globalists, hollywood larose. trish: four days from midterms and the hysteria has reached a tipping point here. they need to start examining their own rhetoric whether it samantha bee attempting to co-opt the term coastal elite insisting it's a dog whistle for anti-semitism is nuts or "cnn" blaming the white man for all the division we have in society today or "msnbc" and "the news york times" trying to convince americans that donald trump is
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akin to adolf hitler. is this irresponsible. this is intellectually dishonest and it's just wrong. it is clear that the democrats are desperate in the mainstream media is right there ready willing and able to help them perpetuate these disgusting lies , mischaracterizations and hate. because you see when you get a jobs number like the one we got today lowest unemployment rate since 1969, lowest ever for hispanic americans and wages going up, that's good news and it's tough to fight good news like like that isn't it? these are facts so what does the left do? engage in vicious name-calling. anyone who supports the economics or security policies of this administration is somehow supporting a racist or anti-semite. they must be one themselves.
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do you realize how pathetic that is? i want to emphasize something right here right now tonight. i'm not one to pretend there are bad people in the world. their antiquated individual's antiquated institutions and antiquated biases out there against women, african-americans hispanic lgbt community. hate speech discuss me and whenever he are one of these i shut it down fast but let me be very clear there is no room for racism, sexism, anti-semitism or any other kind of discrimination in our society today but here's the thing. it goes both ways. conservatives deserve tolerance. they deserve respect from the left and the left they just won't do it. here they are anyone who thinks
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differently to them is either or racists. they go on and on about diversity but the truth is they have no real appreciation for diversity. they have no appreciation for diversity of facts. they want me to think i can't get ahead because i'm a woman. or because of the color of your skin. their goal is to ensure equality through a socialist style redistribution of wealth. it's a lousy message but i guess when the economy is doing as well as it's doing right now it's all they have got. joining me right now "fox news" contributor former advisers to bill clinton dog trot along with brie vents in. didn't used to always be like this and i hope and i don't think you will try to tell me that somehow every conservative


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