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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  November 6, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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to missouri where he'll hold another rally where he'll ♪ >> does electricity like people have not seen since a date. 2016 -- >> a election is not going to change everything. but what it does mean is that things start getting better. >> better for which party? here we go. it is election day right now polls just opening in vermont, and polls at safe open an hour from now with complete election day coverage for you over next hour to kick off a big day here at fox business. >> investors mean business they're paying close attention to results ahead of voting.
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futures are down, dow is down 52 nasdaq is down 33. s&p is down 7. >> in europe investorses also keeping an eye on the u.s. midterms for our political future here europe all to in the right now. >> but in asia stocks mostly to upside in shanghai, in china down one outliar a quarter of one percent. >> plans for a second headquarters has taken a new and strange twist. fbn:am starts right now. ♪ >> happy election day, it is 5:01 a.m. in new york november 6 st gork to you i'm lauren simonetti. >> good morning everybody. i am cheryl casone. here we go, folks voters are heading to polls across the nation. today, the first polls just opened a minute ago in vermont. and the polls are going to open
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in an hour 6 a.m. eastern time and 8 other states those states include new york, indiana, and kentucky. now the last pollses are going to close at 11 p.m. eastern time in five states and some of those are swing districts and governor races california and hawaii, polls going to close at 1 a.m. eastern time and in alaska. president trump has now put immigration at the center of the midterm elections. he sat down for an interview with sean hannity last night. >> a hundred billion dollars year on illegal immigration. we with lose that in one year of if you spent money to build a wall it is a tiny fraction of one year. we have the worst laws we've got to get them changed to democrats won't give us any votes you can't we don't have enough republicans unless we elect a lot of republicans. house speaker paul ryan focusing on the economy, in an interview with bret baier. >> people do care about national security that's really clear that democrats want to abolish
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i.c.e. that is ridiculous and we think we should be talking about our strong economy because it has been spectacular and democrats are talking about rolling become and raising taxes more spending. they're proposals basically to undo progress that we've been having -- >> lauren blanche is in washington with more. >> the majority of states could have a new governor after americans cast their ballot. experts say tuesday's election is on track to be the most expensive in history. and in sol states voters turnout could rival a presidential election year. president trump tweeting and showing his support for republican ares with rally -- >> we are americans in our heart, bleed red, white and blue. of a rally -- >> everything we have achieved is at stake tomorrow. everything. because they can take it apart just as fast as we built it.
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as president obama making the democrats closing argument. >> one election is not going to change everything. what it does mean is -- things start getting better. and -- better is really important. already tens of million of votes cast early or by absentee ballot there are questions about about the security of this year's election. after the 2016 election was targeted by russia are, the homeland security secretary saying the infrastructure in place now is much stronger than two years ago. >> i do think it is safe to say this will be most secure election in modern era. >> department of justice says they deployed dozens of teams from the civil rights division to watch for voter fraud and make sure polling locations are following voting rights laws. in washington, lauren blanche aired fox news. stay with fox business for lou
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dobbs kicking it all off at 6:00 and neil cavuto will bring you results throughout the night and tune into our special coverage right here fbn:am tomorrow morning, it all begins at 4 a.m. eastern, maria bartiromo on mornings with maria start at 5 a.m. eastern to continue the coverage. >> there are now new signs this morning that foreign actors may have tried to medal with our midterms. facebook, blocking more than 100 accounts working to spread false information, 30 accounts were on facebook and 85 accounts were on instagram nearly facebook pages appear to be in russian or in french. of course those coming after facebook admitted russian state is actors use social media interfere with the 2016 presidential election. we're hours away from knowing which party will control congress next year. we bring in capri and chris tate to see what they're seeing expectses so far. capri is a former ohio state mairnt leader washington
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examiner. >> we are seeing in early voting numbers what do you think this is all about? >> you know whaing we're with really seeing, i mean, this is what is really interesting about this. is that midterm elections traditionally, obviously, have much e lower turnout than presidentials and democrats usually do not perform well do not turn out in midterm elections. but what we are seeing is -- really significant increases in early voting in the states that have early voting. i think it is saying as you said on both sides because we can't necessarily tell who the universe is that is out there early voting but there's no question that -- this is unprecedented as far as how the american people see the value of the midterm election. is it a check and balance or is it -- is it a referendum to continue policies of president trump? >> it is possible that midterm elections christianen we see
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more voters than we did -- for the last presidential election. i kid you not. there's anger also on both sides. what matter kristin do you think that anger is helping? >> i think trump is mobilizing both sides. you have the the gop who, you know, these voters love trump so he mobilize it is them but then you have democrats running on perceived hatred of trump so they're mobilized as well but these mid terms are a moment of truth for this presidency. if the republicans are able to retain congressional control, whether or not they are it is beginning to be a referendum on trump unconventional leadership style but also his policies and stakeses really couldn't be higher. if the democrats retake either chamber, the result is beginning to be a legislative stalemate and potential impeachment of trump by a house led by nancy pelosi someone who is probably not going to show much restraint given power. but right now -- >> i tend to disagree with that. take back the house and we'll see, though, at this point anything could happen. >> your prediction capri?
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>> i do believe that the democrats are going to take the house. i do think that the republicans will -- narrowly retain control of the united states senate. i agree with christian that we're going to -- that's going to result in gridlock. i do not think that in in democs and republicans are at large we don't know if nancy pelosi will be leader but number two i don't think that it is smart and most democrats agree to go on hard impeachment plan as soon as they get into power. democrats need to figure out a way to work with president trump. if they want to have any shot in controlling the chamber, and be competitive in 2020 or agree to pay directly into president trump's hands and let's not forget trump has the toobility veto so nobody should be afraid that everything is going to get unraveled like tax reform. >> what specific races are you ladies watching -- that could change it all and i know in some pivotal house races particularly in virginia. there's rain -- there's rain in in the forecastn
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polling in 2016 what you think is going to happen doesn't happen, and then you have the weather as a factor. kristin. >> i'm looking at texas very closely, of course, ted cruz is doing better than beto o'rourke, however, there's so much enthusiasm for beto in texas that states that's very conservative so fascinated by that race but, of course, also florida -- we have missouri nevada is only republican up for reelection where trump lost and in the congressional races i'm watching virginia's 7 theth district in colorado's 6th very closely. >> and so are we kristin capri thank you so much. >> thank you we'll see what happens today. now to the midterms in your money. what result is best for investors jonathon is here. good morning. >> great to be with you cheryl. good morning. >> whether it is far that bank tech industrial and even consumer names that we followed there's an impact either way.
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what is your -- what is your best case scenario for investors? >> well historically markets should be pup a year from now cheryl no matter who wins elections today. i promise you. these results housers will move markets, as i said historically it is bullish on average since 1946 markets are up 100% at the time after midterms one year later regardless of who wins. but i think cheryl, this time, it is different. i mean, we are now nine years into historic expansion from everything from horrible october we have a stock market to trade, and tariffs, and interest rates innumerable factors facing this economy in particular that's why elections are so important. >> what are things that could happen with gridlock and this could be good for the pharmaceutical sector because even though president is talked about -- limiting and controlling drug prices, if it is believed in goldman sachs talked about this that actually if we get a blue wave for the house in particular, that that mean that
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pharmaceutical prices will stay the same and that is a good thing for that sector. do you agree? >> yeah. few sectors that are impacted by what happened in washington -- then pharmaceuticals as you said and interestingly cheryl even as -- technology stocks and even some of the material stocks auto makers selling off merck pfizer is also doing well so -- we're seeing some of rotation in to more it shall to say stable if you will parts of the economy. like pharmaceuticals, as election jitters continue to grow. >> it seems, though, when it comes to technology and internet names that it is really not going to matter what happens today and tomorrow morning. because either way regulations seem to be on the table. whether it is in europe or in the united states for the stocks in particular is that correct assessment there? >> yeah, that's really i think my fear a lot of market is that technology stocks cheryl they've been lead percent but even yesterday we saw more 52 week
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low it is than highs if those tech stocks again apple now in corruption territory if amazon, facebook can't get off the mat it is difficult regardless of who wins today for the market to put legs and as you said the fact regulation seems unevitable thus far means that election is even more important. >> i will tell viewers if you want to start geeking out watch futures at the 6 p.m. eastern time because we'll get results kentucky and indiana and georgia, florida, all of those states are beginning to kind of give us a sense early on of where we're going to go overnight i think that's going to be a early indicator. >> thank you john ton appreciate. let's take a look at how futures are shaping up on this election day we have a mixed bag yesterday. we do have a down market at 5:12 this tuesday morning dow down 48 nasdaq down 32. will president trump holding 11
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events in six days to rally voters what will that translate to trump bump for the goap and he was here on this very show back on election day 2016. where he was one of the few who correctly predicted who would take the white house. >> the swing of the pend lum in 20 years of election and 100 years of primary elections that point to donald trump as the winner. >> and professor is back with whether he thinks republicans hold or lose their grip in washington. you're watching fbn:am. - at athene, we think it's time for the financial world to stop acting the same old way. you need a partner that is willing to break free from conventional thinking. we are a different kind of financial company. we are athene, and we are driven to do more.
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and all of that falls away. (amazement & laughter) it's the experience of waking up and seeing things the way you saw them before they became ordinary. ♪i need never get old i'm looking for that experience of wonder. ♪ the balance of power is at stake and today's crucial midterm election. president trump making his closing arguments in three back to back rallies as he tries to help the gop keep control of congress. >> live in washington, d.c. with more on what to watch for today. good morning, garrett. >> cheryl and lauren good morning to you. there's a lot riding on today's elections for democrats, it is about retaking the majority in the house. they only need to pick up 23 seats to do that, and even some republicans now say they expect to sew that happen. in the senate, the gop is hoping to expand its majority by at
5:17 am
least one if not more. there are a handful of races that are still neck and neck, florida, nevada, indiana, arizona, and missouri are the ones to cope an eye on tonight. president trump is certainly been keeping an eye on them over last couple of weeks visiting those spending much of week holding rallies in those states yesterday spent nearly 12 hourings on campaign trail hitting up missouri, ohio, and indiana where he's making his final fitch to voters. >> is the radical democrats take power, they will take a wrecking ball to our economy and to the future of our country. you will be making a simple choice a vote for republicans is a vote to continue our extraordinary prosperity. >> in ohio, president told his supporters this election is a referendum on his administration. as well as the future of what america looks like. >> the keys you have to go out
5:18 am
to vote because in a sense i am on the ticket you have to go out to vote. and you have to protect your rights and your freedoms -- >> he capped off a busy day in missouri where he's hoping to push gop senate candidate josh hawley over finish line in his race against democrat incumbent claire mccaskill. >> for every family in every city, in town all across our land, we are going to work. we are going to fight. and we are going to win, win, win, and not stop winning. [applause] so while today is about majorities in both the senate and the house, it is also important the size of those majorities. that's something we'll be watching to see how big those majorities are because we've seen a number of times over last year even one or two speats can make all of the difference when you're trying to pass a bill or get a supreme court justice confirmed. cheryl and lauren. >> it is true garrett live in
5:19 am
washington. thank you, garrett. >> a surprising twist in amazon quest for a second headquarters. tracee carrasco has that twisty story -- and more headlines this is crazy. tracee -- >> i didn't see this one coming but wall street journal reports that amazon plans split second headquarters evenly between two locations rather than picking one city. the decision is reportedly to allow amazon to recruit more of the best tech talent and will also ease potential issues with housing and transportation under the new plan amazon would reportedly split the work force with about 25,000 employees in each place according to the journal amazon is in those advance talks with multiple cities including crystal city in northern virginia dlation and new york city but hasn't made a final decision on two locations it will pick. >> very interesting. journal has been doing a great job on that story. and answered to movie pass, is actually got some strong numbers. doing well amc theaters says its
5:20 am
alist subscription service now has 500,000 paid subscribers since debuting in june it let vibers see up to three weeks a week for 1995 a month and amc addressed speculation that it would end service if movie pass closed saying alist is here to stay. shares of amc celebrate up 1% yesterday following that announce m. all right elon muck's spacex has reached a new milestone what is that? >> well it has been nine months since spacex launched its falcon heavy rocket with a tesla roadster and it is driver starmen onboard remember that? spacex says sparman has made it past march orbit and he'll go further before looping back arranged toward the sun again and retreating its trip for who knows how long. >> big plans with big rendering if he can make them. tracee thank you very much. [laughter] all right, well again it is
5:21 am
election day. let's take a look at how futures are trading on tuesday, and it is o.c. november 6th routh dow is 24 s&p down four and quarter nasdaq down 22 and three quarters still ahead one of justice kavanaugh accusers does an about face is that going to help energize republicans? at the ballot box today -- and an amazing moment president trump missouri rally -- ♪ the powerful moment that will give you chills that is next. you're watching fbn:am. ♪ (vo) 'twas the night before christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring,
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>> welcome back let's get you caught up on what's happening tuesday, election day and markets are looking a little bit lower as we go into polling stations now opened in some parts of the country. u.s. futures right now dow down 32 s&p down five and quarter nasdaq down 25.5 they are voting in vermont right now. well tough talk from iran, as the u.s. reimposes sanctions on iran. u.s. placing a ban on imported oil along with sanctioning more than 700 iranian banks businesses and individuals. president rah man knee denouncing move saying country will proudly break the sanctions. ceo says he's not prepared to cut this business tie with saudi arabia despite condemning the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi and one vision fund backed by a investment from the saudis. mr. sun says he has a commitment to help the kingdoms economy. and report released by senate
5:26 am
judiciary committee has key details about against justice brett kavanaugh. report summarizes statement from a man who believes he was the one christine blassy ford had alleged encounter with at the high school party. another report found possible evidence of witness tampering, and cases of mistaken identity, yet another accuser has admitted to making up her allegations of rape against kavanaugh. and finally an inspiring moment a campaign rally in missouri last night, a woman passed out in the audience and that prompt ptd president trump to put the rally on hold for several minuteses then the audience lended their thoughts they started to sing. ♪
5:27 am
can't tell that was a beautiful rendition of amazing grace lauren, really nice touching moment. >> absolutely you can tell what that was. beautiful. let's take a look at your money on this election day -- down across the board dow is off 58 points s&p off 8 nasdaq off 35. but stay tuned to fox business anything can happen. with the markets today, and most likely will some americans already casting their ballots this morning. turnout is expected to be historic, and president trump says you can thank him for that. >> you know the midterm elections used to be like boring, didn't they? now it is hot pest thing these guys are making a fortune because of me and you -- >> well the midtermses are costing both parties a fortune but will it make a difference in the end? and historic turnout isn't only thing that you can thank the president for. the new record high many favors may be enjoying thanks to trump
5:28 am
economy. we'll be right back. ♪ it's great. mm-hmm. yeah, and when you move in, geico could help you save on renters' insurance! man 1: (behind wall) yep, geico helped me with renters insurance, too! um... the walls seem a bit thin... man 2: (behind wall) they are! and craig practices the accordion every night! says the guy who sings karaoke by himself. i'm a very shy singer. you're tone deaf! ehh... should we move on to the next one? it's a great building! you'll love it here! we have mixers every thursday. geico®. it's easy to switch and save on homeowners and renters insurance. cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas and i went to baghdad, iraq. we were transporting a bomb sniffing dog to the polling stations. we rolled over two anti-tank mines, it blew my humvee up, killed my sergeant.
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♪i'm comin back home >> we have to elect a republican congress. we have to do it. you're going out there to make sure that people vote -- [inaudible conversations] >> now rest in voters hands polls just opening in vermont and polls in eight more states. open in a half an hour keep it here for complete election day coverage. >> yeah investors are paying very close attention throughout the day and overnight to the results right now futures bouncing arranged a little bit. now the dow is down 55. a little bit of an escalation selling is down 7 and three quarters nasdaq is down 32. midterm elections also being watched in europe stocks there down decisively by a third of one percent. asia higher and shanghai stocks down a quarter of a percent. kanye west may be backing away from politics but he's drawing
5:32 am
wrath of burger king and we will tell you why. fbn:am continues right now. ♪ >> 5:3 2 in the morning in new york election day november 6th thank you for joining us on this very important day i'm lauren simonetti. >> good morning everybody i'm cheryl casone. and this year midterms may generate a record high turnout and it is also looking like this is going to be the most expensive election in u.s. history. the centers response of politics estimates 5.2 billion in spending on congressional races alone dwarfing previous record back in 2014 is this well spent? bring in han and john thomas guys good morning. >> great, good morning. >> john i want to start with you because democrats have outspent republicans in this election
5:33 am
cycle about 5.2 billion spent by dems to the 2.2 chain of spending from the republicans. is that a problem, john democrats are fired up. >> there's no doubt about it on the candidates side that democrats have had a fundraising advantage but i always tell my clients you don't necessarily have to have more money than your opponent but enough to get your message out and ill tell you this. that message always trumps money. and in this case, the republicans have a great message which is -- you're better off now than you were two years ago. so i wouldn't count republicans out and there's one other key component in spending battle to watch and that's what different parties are spending you look at the what the republican national committee has raised and spent compared to what democratic national committee has spent there's a 10 to one spending advantage that's because parties are ones that do the field organizing, that move people to the polls on election day. and you're looking at so many tight races across the nation
5:34 am
that are come down to turnout. >> bring in han to start with what is spent money on senate races across the country because the president really focused in all of these rallies that he did over the last week on the senate race is look at the money spent in texas, florida, missouri, all of these are seats for the senate. the democrats need two net seats to take the senate. is there a chance, are you still bullish this morning? >> i'm always bullish like i've been beaming ever since i got on this morning i'm excited to be honest with you. going to take back the house the senate might be difficult this time arranged but in two years take back house and white house and country from republican -- >> on the house also the money that is being spent in the house really quick again you know a lot of analysts are saying we're going to get a blue wave in the house and respond to that in a second. california, maryland, pennsylvania, california, montana key district ares were a lot of cash has been spent. really quick what is important
5:35 am
to you in that list i just gave you? >> i said maryland i'm from maryland greatest state in the country and david will destroy this election he's got a great message strong teaming he's got humble roots back home in maryland in sixth district to important to watch. california is something to watch a lot of districts were mee mee waters and moderate republican who is saw hillary clinton that will come in play as well. i think that democrats will take seats up there. as well with add to their total to get over 23 to take back. >> democrats need 23 states three excuse me and something else broken in the news cycle that is this grassley report that came out of the committee on the kavanaugh hearing. is that something that's going to -- really energize republican voters because now we're finding out one person recanted their story. there's a case of mistaken identity in that report a man says you know what i think i'm one she's talking about. at the high school party --
5:36 am
is that something that voters are going to take into the boots today, john? >> it is actually outrageous and we saw prior to initial kavanaugh hearings there was enthusiasm gap between republican and in thes only a 20 point gap in some polls. kavanaugh confirmation hear physician neutralized that gap both sides are charged up but in this home stretch, literally whether they are people in the republican party that are speaking about whether they stay at home or sit on couch or go to vote and this news shows you there's something at stake because there's very likely in next two years to be one more supreme court vacancy, that we may go through this drill again, and if republicans lose control of the senate judiciary committee and financial services i know -- no, a lot at stake. really is. and we're out of time but john if you're party is energized as you two are are morning it will be a heck of a day. thanks for having us.
5:37 am
>> let's check in with energy level of michael lee the we also photo manager and market strategist he joins us now. michael we want to talk about how all of this affects the investor. how does it affect your money? what do you think stock do today? >> you know, i think we get a whole lot of nothing today. boring some major news. the u.s. economy is on fire, and regardless of who wins it takes a lot to make that either again much better or much worse. so i think we're in pretty good shape regardless of the outcome. a whole lot nothing today well let's -- most people will tell you wall street has already baked in the fact that the democrats take the house. but what are the chances and what would the reaction be to a surprise outcome? >> so i think if the democrats take both houses -- we get a pretty -- we start looking at a selloff because then the talks of impeachment and really shutting down government and kind of moving backwards from the progress that we've made last
5:38 am
couple of year -- i think that could get a little bit ugly. the best outcome for stocks historically has been a divided senate in congress. gridlock is good. because the market knows what to expect because problem most likely very little change and in this day and age i don't see much compromise. i think if we wake up tomorrow on republicans hold the house and they hold senate, you will see a short-term equity rout. prchg seeing record balances and 401(k) of 106,500 we're see the number of 401(k) millionaires also at a record at 187,000. a lot of people are saying today yeah, we are doing better now than we did two years ago and we want this to continue. >> look, what i would say is what changed control in 2010, you know there was exploding budget deficit, obamacare a stimulus that didn't really work and economy that hadn't fully recovered from a crisis in 2006, last time we have a major change unpopularity of iraq war all
5:39 am
corruption scandals of republican congress so today, you know things are better than they were two years ago. so you know, i -- yeah, i kind of think that -- things are going to be same tomorrow as they are today. so -- >> we will monitor every -- every second of wall street today minge michael lee thank you very much. bringing up 401(k), millionaires in the same senate. big boost for the third quarter. [laughter] >> tracee carrasco has the details on that story and another news making news this morning. tracee. >> good morning yes a number of 401(k) millionaires hit a record in third quarter as investors got a boost from stock market fresh high. the number of people with 401(k) accounts that investment with balances over 1 million dollars grew to 187,400 over up 41% from the third quarter of 2017 and beating the previous record of 168,000401(k) millionaires in the second quarter number of ira
5:40 am
millionaires set a record of 170,000. good news flipping burgers may no longer be a summer job for teenagers. no, according to a bloomberg report fast food chain are now increasingly recruiting from senior centers churches and groups like aarp in a competitive job market employers are finding that seniors have better social skills than their millennial or counterparts. i can see that. >> i can see that. real quick kanye west has some beef with a burger chain. >> yep kanye west got boiled on twitter pulled by burger king after he tweeted, quote, mcdonald's is my favorite restaurant. burger king's response explains a lot. the tweet going viral with 133,000 retweets 488,000 likes, countless comments they're pretty funny comments that's pretty priceless for social media for both --
5:41 am
and usually burger chain that trolls people. but burger king taking note. >> stepping up their game. tracee thank you very much. all right, well taking a look at futures reminder it is election day, november 6th today, and right now futures are pointing a little bit lower as voters go to poll this is morning down 52 s&p down 7.5 down three and quarter. well coming up, all eyes on the sunshine state where the race for governor is extremely tight. but the gop candidate is not worried. >> but i think we're going decisively win election day and i think that will put us in a good position to win the race. >> we're going live to a florida diner to see if voters there agree with him for breakfast and college professor that is successfully predicted a presidential election since 19 3 is here. to tell us if today is going to bring a blue or red wave. you're watching fbn:am.
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goodnight clocks goodnight socks goodnight stars goodnight air good night noises everywhere
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time to say goodnight. goodnight
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>> good morning everyone. it is election day, and polling stations are set to open at 7 a.m. in florida. which means we're an hour away until sun shine state residents began casting their vote. griff jenkins is live in lakeland florida will voters will soon pick their next governor and senator griff these are two fight and expensive race. good morning. >> hey, good morning, yeah we're
5:45 am
at the brunch box in lakeland florida along that i-4 quarter with most number of swing voters are in florida and already a record number of voters more than five million floridians have already voted early. we're going to get pulse of what they think. but these two races just couldn't be closer. first, starting with that govan race, mayor of dallas see andrew gillum first african-american governor of the state on the democratic ticket. was at a rally up in northern part of the state with in stance closing his closing art here's what mayor gillum said. listen. >> fine and straightens soldiers to the task of what it means to build a kind of state where all of fuss are seeing. all of us are heard and all of us are respected so if you believe we dweive that kind of state, i need you to vote. >> but congressman ron desantis gop ticket not wanting to give up. he is trailing just a little bit. but he was talking also yesterday he was in this middle central florida area he was
5:46 am
talking about he believes the vote may help him. here's what he had to say. >> but we will definitely do very well in dave county with hispanics down there so i think all in all -- you know we're going to be very competitive with this hispanic vote we have a good shot to win it but certainly income and neck statewide. >> but it is also that senate race here that is one of the most expensive watched in the nation and you've got governor rick scott trailing behind incumbent bill nelson both made closing arguments yesterday. attack a listen. >> there's so much energy this is why we're going to win you look at in blue wave there's a red wave right now. we just all have to continue voting to change direction of this country by focusing on what's good for florida. >> you're seeing a lot of response on both sides. but especially you are seeing the democrats come out wants someone that they trust.
5:47 am
>> remember what they said two years ago -- florida, florida, florida well it is exciting day today. the polls open in just about an hour. guys. back to you. >> rick scott spent 69 million on that race griff i can't wait to see it griff jenkins live florida. thank you, griff. >> let's check out your money this morning futures are down across the board we're seeing the dow 43 points s&p down 6 and nasdaq down 25 coming up, will it be a blue wave or red tide? professor helmet is back with his predictions can't wait to hear them. leave it here. your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ president trump victory in 2016 will go down as one of the most surprising election swrowt comes
5:51 am
ever virtually all of the polls, all of the pundits predicted hillary clinton win but helmut norpoth defied wisdom on this very show. >> the swing of the pendulum and 100 years primary elections said point to donald trump as the winner. >> the professor predicted six consecutive presidential elections accurately so we thought we would bring him back today. to get his predictions for the midterm this is year. professor welcome back. >> good morning. thank you for having me on. >> what do you think the outcome is today? >> well i think the republicans should expect to -- to -- [inaudible conversations] it is pretty much a nature of things of a midterm election if a president in the white house of approval rating below 50% of donald trump -- has been having, you should expect about a loss of 40 seats
5:52 am
give the house to democrats. party in power loses house streets historically in 35 out of the 38 since civil war got it that's what you expect there. but what about the senate? do republicans hold it? >> well senate is a little bit more difficult to predict i think we don't have the kind of medicine that we have for the the house depends so much on the -- seats and play, and my, my guess is -- my hunch is hinge on three race, the one in nevada, arizona, and missouri. if republicans hold -- [inaudible conversations] >> uh-huh professor i think we're losing your reception right now. but as a professor was say -- nevada, arizona, and missouri may determine it for the senate, the president was campaigning in missouri seven times so that shows you how important we have you back that race is. garrett our reporter earlier was telling us it is the majority of seats that can be picked up that is important right now.
5:53 am
you don't see any number bigger than three here do you for republicanses in the senate? >> i -- i don't. i think these -- i think they have other close ones that is not deny that. a lot of things are close, florida is close. indiana is close. but from what i see now i would think those states will stay in democratic hands and so i think it is like nevada particularly -- hillary clinton won that, won that state in 2016 is a possibility. >> all right professor norpoth thank you very much. >> thank you. we have a lot more coming up this morning. iran threatening to break newly imposed u.s. sanctions on the country we're looking at oil down a quarter of a percent and traders take on what's next. be right back. - at athene, we think it's time
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. . cheryl: well, oil is pulling back, let's bring if scott shellady, he's at the cme in chicago, scott, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: welcome home again, is iran going to feel the pain or
5:57 am
not with the sanctions and what's the story with pump prices for americans? >> you know, yes, i think they ultimately will still feel the pain. i don't think we are going to see lower for longer. here is a trader psychology for you, a lot of guys jumped in and bought oil that for the right reason we had bullish news around the corner, remember 80 to 100 calls, well, when you do that, if you want to buy fundamentally or technically, there has somebody somebody that comes in behind you and will buy it for a profit. you want the market to go up. you need somebody to let you out of trade. we haven't attracted new buyers. the folks that bought oil have looked around and there hasn't been anybody to sell it to.
5:58 am
that's what happens. they all need new people to come in the market and let them out of positions and that's what's going on now. lauren: yeah, basically the unexpected and real quick, scott, any predictions for what happens today as americans head to polls, you're in chicago in. >> yeah, i like your last guest, the house will go to democrats and the senate will still be republican and markets have digested that, if both republican the market will kind of like that and if both democratic the market won't kind of like it. after the numbers we got last week things are going well, economy is strong, it'll be okay. cheryl: scott shellady in chicago, thank you very much, we send it over to maria bartiromo. maria, happy election day. maria: to you, thank you so much. we will see you in a few minutes. good morning, everyone, time has arrived. i'm maria bartiromo, tuesday november 6th, election day, your top stories right now before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast on what promises to be a busy day,
5:59 am
it is election day in america, polls opening in at least 7 states this hour, 6:00 a.m., president trump and former president obama making their final cases to voters about what is at stake in midterms. >> if radical left takes power, they will take wrecking ball to our economy and future of our country. vote for republicans is a vote to continue our extraordinary prosperity. >> we are digging ourselves out of big economic crisis prompted by some of the same policies that we are now seeing in this congress pursuit. maria: we are looking at key races to watch this morning with balance of power in congress up for grabs, facebook fighting this information, social media giant taking down more than 100 account trying to suede voter opinion, that's just yesterday. investors are watching midterms, take a look at futures, dow
6:00 am
industrials to be down 70 points, s&p 500 showing decline of 9 and nasdaq right now down 35 points, one half of 1% after mixed session yesterday in wall street, the dow industrials finished 193 points at the close. s&p 50 picked up 15, nasdaq yesterday at the close down 28 opinion a third of percent. this morning declines across the board, ftse and crack quarante down, dax index down a third of a percent, 45 points lower. in asia overnight markets mostly higher. split decision for amazon, two locations for headquarters in new york city and virginia, actually in queens and virginia, why the company is making the move? coming up this morning, kanye west is loving it, mcdonalds is his favorite restaurant but now this, burger king is


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