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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  November 9, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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ron desantis and rick scott. be with us tomorrow. thanks for joining us, and good night from >> we have some activists and democrat dc lawyers, they are done here for one purpose to steal the election. >> election showdown underway in the sunshine state, senator electric scott refuse to go back down to bill nelson, major legal step he's taking now to hold onto his senate win. lauren: dow gains 920 points this week but stocks are pulling back today as the fed promises more interest rates hike, nasdaq down 39. cheryl: oil in focus, we are watching oil this morning, crude has now entered bear market territory from recent highs, we are down 4 9 cents.
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lauren: i wonder if we go below 60. 3.22%. cheryl: in europe taking a look at stocks there as they finish off the week, downside major averages are slightly lower this friday. lauren: in asia stocks also lower with the shanghai composite down almost 1 and a half percent and hong kong the hang seng almost down 2%, talk about a super hero. >> how big did you get? >> my record? 21 feet. you? >> 65 feet. >> 65. cheryl: ant man and the wasp help disney make history, fbn:am starts right now. lauren: 501:00 a.m. in new york.
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tgig, i'm lauren simonetti. >> we begin with an election that really isn't ending, 3 days after voters went to polls looks like midterms are far from over, florida governor and candidate rick scott fileing lawsuits against top officials about number of votes cast and governor scott was on hannity last night fighting back. >> they found 78,000 new votes since election day, two days ago in broward county and 15,000 more votes in palm beach, we don't know how many more votes they will come up but this sure appears they will keep finding as many votes to try to win this election. cheryl: democratic incumbent bill nelson prepare forking a potential recount out of 8 million votes scott right now leads by less than 18,000, that's .22%, under florida law any race with margin of half percent or less does
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automatically go to recount. lauren: that's not all in governor's race in florida democrat andrew gillum's campaign is ready for possible recount. gillum did concede sort of to republican ron desantis tuesday night but since then race has tightened and we are looking at what's going on in arizona, another race too close to call, democrat there kristin sinema grabbing lead over more that he mcsally in senate race for the first time since election, up more than 400,000 ballots still need to be counted in arizona. cheryl: live report on that and analysts will be reacting to that story, also this morning president trump is going to be traveling to france, he's going to join world leaders to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the world war i this weekend. lauren: in washington top u.s. and chinese officials are holding security talks as the two nations remain locked in a
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trade standoff, that standoff affecting stocks, secretary mike pompeo and jim mattis will meet with their chinese counterparts at the state department. >> well, trump administration is rolling out a new immigration policy as the migrant caravan moves closer to the u.s. border, the first one anyway, under the policy any migrant who attempts to cross into the country illegally will not be eligible to claim asylum in the united states unless they do so at one of the official border crossings. >> the federal reserve has spoken leaving short-term interest rates unchanged but they say the u.s. economy strong, policymakers to set another, fourth rate hike of the year at their final meeting next month. the fed statement says, quote, further gradual increases in target range will be consistent with sustained expansion of economic activity. they also noted that business investment and business investment growth has slowed in the third quarter from its rapid pace that was seen earlier in the year right after the tax
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cuts but despite the slowdown at least 3 more rate hikes are expected in 2019 and the fed also did not mention the stock market volatility. cheryl: speaking of stocks, though, disney did not disappoint on earnings that came after the bell yesterday. lauren: tracee carrasco joins us with more on that and other headlines making news this friday morning, how is disney doing, tracee. tracee: better than expected earnings thanks in part to big movies like this. >> follow my lead. >> she seems more intense. tracee: ant man with the wasp boosted disney to best fiscal year in its history, results got a big boost by raising prices at theme parks, disney reported revenue rose $14.3 billion, shares of disney shot up 2% in after hours trading, meanwhile
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disney also announced its new streaming service called disney plus is launching in late 2019, the streaming service would consist of disney studio content in addition to pixar marvel the star wars franchise and also national geographic, still unclear what disney will charge for the service. lauren: watch netflix stock today on that announcement. more details at least. tesla could be getting more competition from overseas? tracee: volkswagen plans to sell electric cars for less than $23,000 in an effort to keep up with tesla. vw plans to make 200,000 of entry-electric vehicles. cheryl: everybody going electric, another retailer has got black friday, early deals that we are still talking about? tracee: two weeks away from black friday, best buy just released its 52-page black friday ad but some sales start as early this sunday night,
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hundreds of deals including ipad pros, 4k tv's, other home, electronics, near 1,000 best buy stores in 47 states opening at 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving, most stores close at 1:00 a.m. and reopen at 8:00 a.m. on black friday. >> again, the big question this year online sales versus brick and mortar sales we will never know, tracee, thank you very much. lauren: so much for wall street big rally after soaring nearly 550 points on wednesday following midterm elections the dow posted modest gain yesterday and, of course, more than 3 and a half percent on the week, we ask what's next for your investments, we bring optimal capital director of strategy, good morning, francis, thanks for joining us. >> yes, good morning. lauren: i almost think that the stage is set for stocks to rally in 2019, look what we put behind us, the uncertainty of midterms and we have a fed who is very clear, we are basically hiking rates in december, so are stocks
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set to rally? >> well, they could if they can find some support and it's important to take out the previous high, of course, from a technical standpoint, however, we have to remember that the fed raising interest rates is actually putting a lot of pressure on the debt system and we have record amounts of debt everywhere in the system and the more they raise rates incrementally it's harder to service the debt, as long as the credit market stays strong, yes, stocks will continue to market, if credit problems will cause problems and that can put pressure on stocks, we will have to wait and see how slowly they do this and how big of an effect that they have. lauren: what do you make of almost record amount of s&p 500 buybacks, stock buyback that is we have seen this year? >> well, it's interesting, that's what happened in 2007 before the market high but i think companies are basically incentivizing shareholders to hold on to the stock despite
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heighten volatile. lauren: instead of investing in companies and employees? >> right, basically when they buy back stocks they are giving shareholders larger percentage of holdings, incentivize to hold on to the stocks that are being bought back if they sell other stocks when you have a heightened volatility situation. lauren: i want to talk about oil, there seems to be a shift in psychology that's affecting the market, it's now a bear market, it was what, october 3rd, 4-year high for oil prices going to 80 and now drop below 60, what's going on with the price of oil? >> oil is a bellwether for inflation and deflation in my opinion basically, oil going down is not a good sign and the fed should be paying attention to oil going down it means weaning demand and means slowing economy in addition to seeing how rate hikes affect the market, i think that oil has to be paid to, actually a deflationary sign meaning that the fed hiking rates and
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reducing balance sheet is taking larger effect than maybe they're anticipating. lauren: you sound pessimistic here, francis. [laughter] >> every time the fed has hiked rates in the history of hundreds of years of markets they've sold off traditionally so that's just sort of what happens when you reduce the money supply, the stock market is liquidity meter and it tends to -- tends to come along with that. lauren: thank you very much. >> thank you. cheryl: we are seeing a little bit of pressure on friday morning, again, you had a big boost for marks earlier this week up to midterms, dow is down 82 in premarket, s&p is down 11 and a half, nasdaq down 41 and a half. well, coming up, investigators are still searching for a motive in yesterday's mass shooting at borderline bar&grill, live in thousand oaks with first look at possible clues. and nancy pelosi is not backing down from her bid to become
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speaker of the house again. >> it's an urgency that i can't resist. >> you think they'll be another nominee other than you? >> doesn't matter. cheryl: doesn't matter, doesn't matter to some of her colleagues we will have the latest on pelosi grab for the gavel, you're watching fbn:am. - at athene, we think it's time for the financial world to stop acting the same old way. you need a partner that is willing to break free from conventional thinking. we are a different kind of financial company. we are athene, and we are driven to do more.
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cheryl: new alarming clues as investigators piece together why a former marine stormed california country music bar and killed 12 people, now terrifying video paints dark picture of what exactly happened inside the bar. >> jonathan hunt live in thousand oaks, california with the latest for us, jonathan. >> lauren and cheryl, good morning to you both, it is a very disturbing video that has emerged overnight shot on a cell phone by one of the customers at the borderline bar&grill, it is disturb to go watch but it gives a very real glimpse into the terror that those 150 to 200 customers must have felt at the time of the shooting, watch and listen here. [shots fired]
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>> it was college night at the borderline bar&grill and many customers were young indeed, early 20's when ian david long, 28-year-old former marine burst in clad entirely in black and carrying a glock 21, 45 handgun, served in afghanistan from late 2010 to mid-2011. and apparently returned with some mental health issues, that does not necessarily, of course, provide any motive or any real explanation for this despicable act he carried out but fbi investigators say they will keep trying to find answers for the victims' families, listen here. >> it's only been a few years, we will follow all the leads that are developed through
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witness interviews, evidence recovery, the forensic evidence, any digital media that we recover and we will be sure to paint a picture of the state of mind of the subject and do our best to identify motivation. >> we are now also learning the names of most of the victims, they include, of course, the hero in all of this sheriff sergeant ron helus who died as he went into the borderline bar&grill but according to officials undoubtedly saved lives, lauren and cheryl back to you. cheryl: jonathan live in thousand oaks, california, jonathan, thank you very much. >> sure. lauren: let's take a look at futures this morning, it's been a very good week, strong week for the stock market, we saw slight pullback yesterday which is intensifying this morning, s&p down 11, nasdaq giving up 41, still ahead on fbn:am, the midterm election far from over, and a showdown in the sunshine
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state is just beginning. >> he's down here for one purpose, steal the election, i will be the u.s. senator, i will fight this all the way and we will win this. lauren: are democrats really trying to steal the election down in florida? we do know that democrats took the house and the political landscape is vast here, what are business executives hoping to get out of this new congress when we return. liberty mutual accident forgiveness means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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cheryl: welcome back, let's get you caught up on what's happening now, we are closing tout week in the green for all major u.s. averages, more than 3% on the dow for the week but we are down this friday, dow is down 89, s&p is down 12 and a
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quarter and nasdaq down 44 and 3 quarters, we want to look at oil real quick, we have gone below $60 a barrel, news with regard to opec this week but oil is now in bear market territory, loss of 20% off of the highs which oil went into yesterday. also headline this morning, fast-moving wild fire ravaging a town right now north of san francisco, all 27 residents of paradise are racing to escape of roads that turned into tunnels of fire, at least two firefighters have been injured, officials say a couple thousand structures have been destroyed and more than 28 square miles have been burned so far. construction of the 8 million-dollar project must stop until further environmental analysis is conducted, this is a setback to -- who signed execute
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order. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg was hospitalized on thursday after fracturing 3 ribs in a fall at her office at the court, ginsburg went home but admitted to the hospital several hours later, she's not new to health scares, the liberal justice had two prior bouts of cancer and broken ribs in 2012 but she has yet to miss day of argument, she broke 3 ribs in the fall. now democrats are back in control of congress nancy plos write poise to return despite opposition from newly elected democrats, she's pretty confident she will get gavel. >> an urgency i can't resist. >> do you think they'll be another nominee? >> doesn't matter. cheryl: might matter, hopes she
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doesn't go unchallenge. >> views of the members coming in that stated in campaign that they were not going to vote for leader pelosi, that their views are represented. cheryl: well, pelosi becomes speaker she will replace current house speaker paul ryan, that's what's happening now. lauren: sure is from chilly reception from pelosi's colleagues to bitter cold coming this weekend for parts of the country and i felt it already coming in this morning. cheryl: janice dean, we missed you by the way. lauren: give us the bad news. janice: segue was impressive from nancy pelosi to cold weather across the country, let's take a look at current temperatures, it is happening, my friends, winter is coming and you've got the cold air from the northern plains across the great lakes into the northeast and the snow is going to supply especially across the great lakes, the lake effect snow
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machine up and cranking, several inches of snow 12 to 18 hours as the system moves east ward and sweeps across the great lakes so we will get -- lake effect snow advisories in effect, heavy rain along the coast, so we have flood advisories for places like new york city as the system moves in and i know you touched on upon wild fire danger in california, exists today for much of the state with those offshore wind and very dry conditions, so those are the stories we will be watching as we head into the weekend but happy friday. lauren: happy friday, i can't take credit, the intro was producer jessica. cheryl: loves cold weather, she's alone. thank you, bye, have a great weekend, janice. as we go into weekend we will see how markets are shaping up, strong week, major averages are up for the week, right now the dow is down 90, s&p 12 and a
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quarter, we are also watching oil which is below 60 bucks a barrel. coming up, you can board a plane early if you're a service member or you're traveling with a family but now one airline is adding another group to that list and it may not be who you'd expect and if you can change your sex why not can you just change your age? the extreme length that one man is going to just score a date, you're watching fbn:am. ture was, but everywhere else... there are chefs, bakers and food order takers. doctors and surgeons and all the life savers. the world is alive as you can see, this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best,
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>> i've asked the florida department law enforcement to immediately do an investigation, we filed lawsuits, we are going to fight this and we are going to win. lauren: battle for florida senate gets as democrats try to
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steal election. cheryl: dow up for the week and futures down 97, s&p down 13, nasdaq 46 and a quarter. lauren: oil price, down 20% from recent high, below $60 a barrel at 59.89. cheryl: energy stocks we should watch those today, that has hit 7-year high, concerns about borrowing 3.21%, lost of 2 basis points, critical number there. lauren: down market in europe, all three major inic's in the red led by paris market it's down 3 combaurt quarters of 1%. cheryl: hang seng lost over 2%. lauren: american airlines is offering new perk to some passengers with allergies, fbn:am continues right now.
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♪ ♪ lauren: i'm lauren simonetti. perk with people with allergies, midterms far from over, officials accused by rick scott accused of trying to steal election from senate. cheryl: latest on what scott is calling especially last night ramp it fraud. >> here we go again in the nation's recount capital of florida, in race of senate rick scott narrowing out of 8 million scott leads by 18,000 points or .22% as nelson prepare for potential recount governor scott is suing the democrat election supervisors in broward and palm beach county and calling on the florida department of law
5:31 am
enforcement to investigate. >> we won, i'm going to be the u.s. senator, i will fight this all of the way, we are going to do everything we can, we are looking at every legal remedy we can exercise, we will fight this and we are going to win this. >> under florida law any race with margin of half percent automatic goes to recount and in race for governor also in the razer-thin recount territory ron desantis leads tallahassee mayor gillum 4.4%, gillum is also gearing up for a fight according to his lawyer. >> he's just waiting for the system to play itself out, this is part of the electoral process. it's part of the vote counting and he'll accept the results. >> florida 67 counties have until noon tomorrow to submit unofficial vote totals and in georgia's governor race democrats stacy abrams is counting on uncounted ballots to
5:32 am
force runoff with republican kemp but fewer than 22,000 left to count, not enough to force a december runoff. kemp stepped down as secretary of state yesterday. lauren: griff jenkins, later in the show because this is far from over, the panel will take a closer look at the turmoil following the midterm elections. still counting. cheryl: balance of power in washington, well, speaking of that democrats taking control of the house, republicans retain the majority in the senate that was, of course, on tuesday night and wednesday but what do business leaders want from the 1,116th congress come january in let's bring pwc partner mitch roschelle joins right now, good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. cheryl: big report about this, you have found and research on your firm that it's about cybersecurity, this is what business leaders are talking about the most. let's go through most, they they
5:33 am
are saying what they want, trade tax, an interesting list, mitch. >> it is, what's really interesting about it is this was done before the outcome but i think business leaders, expected the outcome that we've got and senate staying in republican control and house to democrats, these are the priorities that they think are bipartisan and can be done by 11th congress. cheryl: richard kneely expect today run house ways and means, kind of in charge of this, is there a concern from the technology executives and i know some republicans have voiced concern that there could be too much regulation put on technology companies that there's going to be another overstep? >> it's begin to happen, california passed legislation in june, consumer privacy act that addresses some of those issues, there are other states that are
5:34 am
in basically democratic concern in new york and illinois that are considering measures, in europe you have it. regulation in the industry may just be inevitable, if you listen to some of the rhetoric coming from republicans when they call ceo's to testify, even republican senators and congressmen and women say they should regulate industry. it's a concern around the globe. cheryl: let's talk about, these are stocks to watch, i mean, as we move into january whether it's your facebook, your google, your apple, your twitter, these are all -- you mentioned california and the change in law there that's upcoming, these are all california-base companies and i think that that's crucial, though, what about the other issues, the big one i think is trade and i think this is interesting because trade and china -- if we end up in a stalemate with the chinese business executives are going to have to well to use your word
5:35 am
capitulate. >> the usmca that has to be ratified by congress, one of the first things that congress does in january which is to take a look at trade deal and that may give us a sense of the way congress is viewing trade, we know the white house is viewing trade, this would give us sense of how congress is viewing trade and the concept to get typical trading partners, allies to agree to a new trade pack and have the collective globe start to put pressure on china, some of china's practices which are unfair here are also unfair with other countries. cheryl: democrats have said and research shows this as we'll that part of strategy is rigorous oversight of trump administration, they will focus on cybersecurity and a lot more, it's going to be contentious, mitch roschelle, thanks for being here, sir. >> have a good weekend, cheryl. lauren: coca-cola's latest idea is not sitting well with monster energy.
5:36 am
cheryl: tracee carrasco with that news and other headlines, good morning. >> biggest investors is coke, falling as much as 11% after monster ceo revealed that coke plans to launch two energy drinks of its own, coca-cola energy and monster claims this violates 2015 partnership between the two companies, the case has been submitted to arbitration. cheryl: all right, well, let's talk about american airlines, this is a new perk that they are offering and it's preboarding; is that right? >> yes, for a very specific group of people, though, starting on december 12th, american airlines will allow people with peanut allergies to board early to wipe areas. lauren: okay. they don't serve peanuts
5:37 am
anymore. tracee: they don't serve peanuts but you can still be exposed -- lauren: why does the man in the netherlands want to change his age? tracee: 69-year-old dutch businessman is looking to legally change age by 20 years because he says dating apps discriminate against him due to his age. he didn't, feel, quote, comfortable with birth date and wants to change it from march 11, 1949, from march 11, 1969, claims biological nature medical world is 40 to 45 years. cheryl: look, buddy, you look good, does it matter what number is on your birth certificate? lauren: you can't lie about it. tracee: that's why i say, why go through legal process? cheryl: women have been doing this for years, tracee. lauren: you can change your sex, you should be able to change --
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larger discussion. he looks good, though, tracee, so do you. this does not look good, futures on wall street, down more than 100 points, nasdaq futures down 48 and a half. lop-sided victory in thursday night football at pittsburgh steelers square off against carolina panthers and it's that time of the year when victoria secret models hit the runway but this year's show is getting going to get emotional. cheryl: big night in new york. lauren: big night, you're watching fbn:am. i'm at this wing joint telling people that geico has been offering savings for over 75 years. that's longer than the buffalo wing's been around. dozen wings. and did you know that geico... (lips smacking) offers mo... (coughing) motorcycle insurance? ho-ho... my lips are burning.
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(laughs) ah... no, my lips are actually burning. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. see how much you could save at it's too hot. oh, this is too hot, mate.
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cheryl: famous victoria secret fashion show return today new york with a big splash after two years oversees stunning models left the cat walk in manhattan bringing together the best known stars in fashion and modeling world but the night turned out to be bittersweet marking end of angel aadriana lima, retiring, the victoria secret fashion show holiday special will air sunday december 2nd. lauren: well, to some sports now and we say good morning to jared max. cheryl: thursday night football. jared: great game we had in
5:42 am
football but let's begin also with some of the serious side in sports and hockey, players on the la kings last night, minnesota wore patches on jerseys, one sentiment, enough, the kings with other prosteams shared sympathetic thoughts from charringers to rams who is training facility is in thousand oaks, prayers were heartbroken, lakers, kings, anaheim ducks, la galaxy, at the king's game a blood drive held outside of the arena, held 50-50 ralph, proceeds to ventura family foundation and fans held signs enough that mirrored the patches on the players' jerseys, thursday night football, first time in a long time, great match-up nfl week 10 underway in pittsburgh, afc leading, first play from scrimmage, nfl record 3 touchdowns in span of 23
5:43 am
seconds of the game and steelers set field record 53 points, 52 to 21, pick up sixth win of the season. ever pick lottery numbers based on jersey numbers of favorite players? cheryl: all of the time. jared: not only did jim get to see red sox win world series record, a hundred thousand dollars in mass cash lottery in massachusetts, he chose the numbers of red sox players, jackie bradley, jr., rick and world series mvp steve pierce, but we say move over, junior, say hello to 99-year-old, world war ii veteran who sang national anthem last night in tampa. [cheers and applause] jared: u.s. army air corp. joined by retired u.s. sergeant
5:44 am
and military appreciation night at the tampa bay lighting game. cheryl: sounds great. i feel like we are in the sports time of year where it's everything under the kitchen sink. we have baseball behind us but the next few months will be exciting. jared: yeah, that leading to monday being veterans day so collective thank you. lauren: jared max, thank you, you can catch jared sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115. cheryl: before we go to break, markets are up for the week after the midterms but the dow is down in the premarket, dow down 127, s&p down 15 and a quarter, nasdaq down 54, we are watching oil as well. coming up, wal-mart thinks its finally figured the next big thing for retail and it is just at fingertips, plus latest crack-down on mango and cucumber flavored e-cigarettes, are they going to become a thing of the past, you're watching fbn:am.
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lauren: welcome back, what happened to the rally, wall street is selling off this morning, dow futures down 140 points. google says it will no longer make employees settle claims of sexual harassment through forced arbitration, prevents work fester suing their bosses in open court. the move comes after last week's staged walkout protesting google's handling of sexual harassment. sears will close doors on another 40 sears and kmarts in february, the company recently filed for bankruptcy protection
5:49 am
after plunge in sales, sears once the world's largest retailer likely to emerge from bankruptcy significantly smaller company. well, the fda is planning to sharply restrict the sale of flavored e-cigarettes, removing them from gas stations an convenient stores, also plans to roll out strict age verification for online purchases. the move is aimed at reducing the availability of e-cigarettes to minors, they are used among kids quite frankly in middle school and high school surged in recent years and wal-mart now betting on the trend of shopping via text, the company wants to expand jet black, text to order shopping service that allows users to text orders and receive them on the same day. the features being texted right here in new york city but wal-mart thinks it can become the next wave of retail, should we call it text commerce? cheryl: another story in
5:50 am
florida, 3 days after election still important races that are undecided ballots are still being counted right now in arizona georgia and florida, there's been a stunning turn around by the way in arizona where kristin sinema has jumped out to lead overnight and dejavu in florida, two biggest races of 2018 midterm elections heading to recount and broward county is one of those, michael barns former advise the other george w. bush and democratic strategists mustafa, here go again. >> good morning. cheryl: here we go again. michael, i will start with you on this one, let's go to florida and what's happening with rick scott, he was on hannity last night, talking what about he will do with regard to senate seat, 3 senate seat that is hang in the balance right now, listen to rick scott. >> i will not sit by while unethical liberals try to steal the election, the goal to keep mysteriously find more votes so that the election turn it is way they want.
5:51 am
>> michael unethical liberals, broward county, palm beach, here we go again. >> it does find shady they are finding tens of thousands of votes and i think it's very fair that governor scott as he runs for u.s. senate and tries to claim the seat says let's have law enforcement or let's have the judiciary branch look at making sure that the votes have been issued and are being processed consistently and there's transparency, this is where there needs to be objective arbiter to look at the law and the facts and make sure that the votes are being counted in the way that reflects the intent of the people. cheryl: mustafa, i want you to get take on tweet, law enforcement is looking into another big corruption scandal having to do with election fraud in broward, palm beach, florida voted for rick scott, law enforcement mustafa, this could be long-drawnout battle is this worth it for democratic party,
5:52 am
dc lawyers that are flying down there? >> look, we have been there for presidential election, this election administrator in broward county was pointed by jeb bush and we should count all the votes and when votes are counted we should announce who won, it's great that governor rick scott believes that he's still in middle of campaign and wants to be strong and president trump wants to talk about law enforcement but at the end of the day we live in a democracy and until all the votes are counted, you can't declare victory. >> even if there's no transparency and right now we are seeing that there's a lack of transparency in palm beach county as well as broward county, how can you know that the votes are being counted fairly if you're not allowed to have your observers there to be part of the process? cheryl: mustafa allegation that is the votes are being counted based on what the officials in these counties think some of the possibly damaged ballots, where they think the voter --
5:53 am
>> without consistency by the way. >> well, the republican legislature in florida created a law that had to verify the signatures and signatures have been be verified that the ballots are correct, look, if it was the other way around you would want a count to be done before you declare victory. now it's because democrats are behind you want to declare victory -- >> absolutely not. in each of the states you want to make sure that there's consistency, that's what's lacking in florida and the same claims might exist in georgia if it turns out that in georgia there's a possibility that there's inconsistency in the issuance in processing the votes there should be litigation there or arizona, this is not about partisanship this is about ensuring the validity of the election. cheryl: mustafa last word on arizona possibly a win for your party overnight, kristin sinema pulled ahead even laura engram said this might be tough for mcsally to win this seat,
5:54 am
mcsally has good sense of humor she put herself at the den his, -- dentist. >> look the maricopa counts are coming and votes are counted accurately and people that won get to be our dually elected officials whether it's arizona, whether it's florida, whether it's georgia, we want to make sure that counts are done right and the people right people are in office. cheryl: we will have to wait, michael barns, mustafa, thank you very much. lauren: what happened to oil prices, they are now below $60 a barrel officially in bear market territory, can opec meeting this weekend do anything to reverse the slide, we will go to a trader in london to weigh in. this is a tomato you can track from farm, to pot, to jar, to table.
5:55 am
and serve with confidence that it's safe. this is a diamond you can follow from mine to finger, and trust it never fell into the wrong hands. ♪ ♪ this is a shipment transferred two hundred times, transparently tracked from port to port. this is the ibm blockchain, built for smarter business. built to run on the ibm cloud.
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5:57 am
>> check out the price of oil falling below $60 a barrel pushing into deeper bear market territory, let's bring in peter dixon, globalist economist at commerce bank, peter, do you think opec can do anything to reverse this slide in oil prices? >> i would rather suspect not, opec -- not the power that they ones were particularly in view of the fact that you know how
5:58 am
the u.s. is arguably the biggest producer in the world and with output being ramped out there are fears of a global supply glut in which contrast with a few weeks ago when we were expecting supply deficit. cheryl: what do you make about the saudi role in all of this? >> well, the saudis are in interesting position, clearly they are still big and still important but they are -- they don't have quite the same power that they once did. i think the extent to which they can ramp is been questionable that supplies have been ordered for many years and also political die -- dimension because they are in dispute with u.s. as well, role more complicated politically as much as it is in terms of what they can do with regard to oil market.
5:59 am
lauren: yeah, well, peter dixon thank you very much for joining thus morning. cheryl: we send it over this friday to maria bartiromo. good morning, maria. maria: good morning to you and happy friday to you, thank you so much, good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday november 9th, top stories right now before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. investigators on edge this morning take a look at futures indicating a decline in the triple digits at start of trading down 129 points on the dow jones industrial average, one half of 1%, s&p 500 is down two-thirds of a percent and nasdaq down almost 1% as you can see there. meanwhile yesterday's close really mixed, the federal reserve kept interest rates unchanged as expected. some thought central bank would signal dovish tone, markets were flat when all said and done, dow industrials up 10 points, s&p up about 7 and nasdaq at the close down about 40 points, one half of 1% lower yesterday, global markets this morning lower, as you can see ftse down two-thirds of a percent.
6:00 am
cac quarante down almost 1%, 43 points lower this morning and dax down 70 points, two thirds of a percent. overnight in asia, decline as cross the board, worst performer hong kong down better than 2% overnight. oil entering bare market, markets are down 20% from the most recent high, why it could be a warning for global economy, we will take a look at price of oil this morning and as you can see it is trading lower, meanwhile google ending forced arbitration over harassment claims, ceo sundar pichai detailing new policy following massive employee walkouts this month, e-cigarette crack-down, food and drug administration essentially pulling flavored devices for most shelfs, most stores, more on new roles on how they are trying to curve usage for children. record for disney, company revealing new details about upcoming streaming service, joining know break it all down fox business network dagen


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